October 20, 2017

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Monday Evening Thread: End Of The Road

Well, this song is surely appropriate! LOL, we are ending 2012 and its the end of the road! Fiscal cliff, HERE WE COME! … [Read more...]

Live Stream: President Obama Speaks About The Fiscal Cliff (Updated w/Video)

[Read more...]

Monday Open Thread:African-American Female Entrepreneurs and Executives

This week's open thread will focus on African-American female entrepreneurs and executives. Ann Marie Fudge is the former chairman and CEO of Young & Rubicam Brands, a global network of marketing communications companies. In early 2010, Fudge … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon Thread: Watch President Obama Talk To An Idiot on Meet The Press

David Gregory continues to be a complete and utter disgrace. … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread – End of the Regular Season

The rookies did their thang this season: Let's see how they end the regular season as we get ready for the playoffs! … [Read more...]

Sunday Brunch Open Thread: Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam

Happy Sunday Obots! I decided to go ol' school 80's and highlight the musical stylings of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.    Lisa Lisa (born Lisa Velez, January 15, 1966) and her band Cult Jam were an urban contemporary band and one of … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Thread: Best Political Moments of 2012 – Your Turn!

Still wanna know all of your favorite moments in 2012! Here is one that no one will forget! The total "I will kick your ass right here and now in front of 70 million people if you so much as blink" look that President Obama gave Mitt Romney in that … [Read more...]