November 20, 2017

ACTION ALERT: “I’m Going Blind – I Need Your Help”

RiPPa, editor and publisher of The Intersection of Madness & Reality, is facing a medical crisis and is in need of our help.

I’m Going Blind – I Need Your Help

Breathing is one of the many things in life that we all take for granted. Good health and sight are two more. Even though I’ve lived with diabetes for years, I never envisioned a time where I would be contemplating what life would be like if I could not see. Even with the progress made by the ACA, there are still many like myself facing surgery and medical bills that no one could forsee or plan for. Right now I am facing a major one.

Those of you familiar with diabetes and the ancilliary health issues that can arise will know what the struggle with eyesight is like. In less than a week I was told that I had lost 90″% of the vision in my left eye and that it is irreversible. Now I  am facing major surgery to relieve the pressure in my right eye which is dangerously high and the only way to alleviate it is via surgery. I was told after consulting with my Doctor that the surgery needs to be done ASAP and that the longer we wait the more damage that is irreversible that would be done. It would be the first of a few proceedures to at the very least forestall the damage to my eyes. In order to do this we have to pay the hospital up front. If invasive surgery is not done to alleviate the pressure it will cause irreverisble damage to the optic nerve and will result in blindness.Not having a rich Uncle Louie or the numbers to the next powerball jackpot means seeking help by other means. While many themselves may be struggling it is my wish and the wish of my family that you give what you can, and if you can’t give that you at least share this link with your friends and family.  I thank you for taking the time to read, share and do what you can to help. My wife and my daughters, who it is my sincere wish to see grow up into wonderful women all thank you as well….UPDATE:

I am so profoundly moved and touched by the incredible outpouring of support from everyone. Words for one of the few times in my life fail me. What has been done in 24 hours through the generosity of strangers is the stuff of legend. It is those stories that we read about but never think it could happen to us.

I decided last night that whenever I reached my funding goal that I would leave the campaign up and donate any excess funds to the local St. Judes Children’s Hospital here in Tennessee. I will also be making a donation to the American Diabetes Association. Both organizations are fitting recipients of the generosity that I have been fortunate enough to partake of and are engaged with dealing with issues of health with obvious societal overtones – so please if you planned to give still feel free to do so with the knowledge that your support will go to help someone.

Please know that on behalf of myself and my family we as a body are truly, deeply and eternally grateful for the support no mattter what form it takes and we all Thank you !

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  • TyrenM

    Wow. I haven’t always agreed with Rippa over the years, but I’m glad he’s getting what he needs.

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – –GOOD MORNTIN’ Sepia♥ —***BIG HUG*** — – -Sending PRAYERS 2 “RIPPA” annnd Family”♥ – —

    – –THANK U Sepia♥ 4 this COMPASSIONATE appeal. :>) POU FAM♥ –shows it’s OUTREACH 2 those in need[Made a donation♥.]

    — — –AMEN♥ annnd AMEN♥

  • creolechild

    Good morning POU.

    Thousands more students to get free lunch next fall

    [….] The program has seen a slow state-by-state rollout since 2010. Certain schools in three states (Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan) were eligible first, based on need and their data-sharing capabilities. Last year, 4,000 more schools in 11 states participated. But all states will be covered starting this school year. Now the question facing district officials in newly eligible states is whether it makes financial — and political — sense to participate.[….]

    Under the community eligibility provision, the federal government
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    H/T Jack Grovum

  • creolechild

    Obama EPA Gets Partial Court Win on Climate-Change Permits

    The U.S. Supreme Court partially upheld one of President Barack Obama’s early efforts against climate change, saying the Environmental Protection Agency had authority to impose new permitting requirements on some power plants and factories. The permitting rules apply when facilities are built or expanded.

    They are separate from the administration’s more comprehensive climate-change regulations, including the plan released June 2 to cut carbon emissions from existing plants by as much as 25 percent over 15 years.[….]

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    H/T Greg Stohr

  • creolechild

    Blocking Science: How Congress and the DEA Have Thwarted Official Research on Pot for 40 Years

    Ever wonder why, despite millions of personal anecdotes about pot’s healing effects, there is a stark lack of government-approved, clinical studies to back up that human experience? The research gap is no accident. Cannabis is the only illicit substance with an extra set of governmental requirements specifically intended to prevent independent study.[….] Stacks of research have affirmed the extraordinary potentials of the cannabis plant, but none received the official approval of the U.S. government.[….]

    The US Drug Enforcement Administration has effectively blocked government approval of all independent scientific studies on pot for four decades.[….] This has allowed the DEA to restrict the production of cannabis allowed for federal research to the point of near non-existence.[….] The DEA is exceedingly quick to prohibit certain drugs….but takes its time responding to evidence that it should reconsider the strict classification of certain drugs. For example, the report notes that the three times the agency has been presented with a petition to reschedule marijuana, it has taken between five and 16 years to respond.[….]

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    H/T April M. Short

  • Alma98

    I’m glad he made his goal, my mother lost most of her sight in her right eye years ago to glaucoma. She had the surgery he needs on her other eye and has been doing very well since. Sending healing light and blessings to him and his family.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Ohhh – –ALMA – – –***☺

      – – –With PRAYERS♥- – -AMEN♥– – –

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          Alma — –B BLESSED♥ – –U♥/Mom♥/Family♥ –AMEN♥- -:>)