November 21, 2017

Sunday Open Thread- Cassandra Wilson

Happy Sunday fellow Obots! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! Your Sunday jam session is from Cassandra Wilson. Harvest Moon- 1996 Cassandra Wilson(born December 4, 1955) is an American jazz musician, vocalist, songwriter, … [Read more...]

Rants From Atop of My Soapbox: White Male Privilege, Pink Tutus, Liberals can be bigots too! Oh and Michael Moore is fat.

This is a rehash of  an older blog, it is apropos, considering the latest crap that Michael Moore said about the President on The View recently.   It was 6 am on a Saturday morning, and because I couldn't sleep, I started browsing YouTube … [Read more...]

The Evolution of WeeSeeYou to Pragmatic Obots Unite!

Okay fam, WEE mysteriously disappeared for almost a week last week and you all want to know what happened. The truth is, we were left "homeless" just like you were and had to find a new home. Hopefully this post will (put this matter to rest) give … [Read more...]

The CBC on a Leash

*** P.O.U. Family, this is a repost***On Wednesday, Rep. Maxine Waters- (D, CA) stood in front of a frustrated crowd of unemployed African-Americans in Detroit and asked them to "unleash" herself and the remaining CBC members on President Obama for … [Read more...]