April 25, 2015

Saturday Open Thread: The History of the Gullah People


This week's posts have highlighted the history and cultural significance of the Gullah Peoples of South Carolina. American historians now recognize that the Gullah people of South Carolina and Georgia have come in large measure from the … [Read more...]

Thursday Open Thread: The History of the Gullah People


Happy New Year! Over the years, the Gullahs have attracted many historians, linguists, folklorists, and anthropologists interested in their rich cultural heritage. Many academic books on that subject have been published. The Gullah have also … [Read more...]

Wednesday Open Thread: The History of the Gullah People

gullah 2

When the U.S. Civil War began, the Union rushed to blockade Confederate shipping. White planters on the Sea Islands, fearing an invasion by the US naval forces, abandoned their plantations and fled to the mainland. When Union forces arrived on the … [Read more...]

Tuesday Open Thread: The History of the Gullah People


  The Gullah people have been able to preserve much of their African cultural heritage because of geography, climate, and patterns of importation of enslaved Africans. Taken from the Western region of Africa in primarily the Krio and Mende … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: The History of the Gullah People

This week's open threads will focus on the Gullah people and their culture. The Gullah Wars The Gullah are the descendants of enslaved Africans who live in the Low country region of the U.S. states of South Carolina and Georgia, which … [Read more...]

Sunday Jazz Open Thread: Cyrus Chestnut, Jazz Pianist


Cyrus Chestnut (born January 17, 1963) is an American jazz pianist, songwriter, and producer. In 2006, Josh Tyrangiel, music critic for Time Magazine, wrote: "What makes Chestnut the best jazz pianist of his generation is a willingness to abandon … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: The Black Madonna & Child II

GOOD MORNING, P.O.U.! We conclude our series on The Black Madonna and Child II...   THE BLACK VIRGIN OF OROPA Piedmont, Italy From Wikipedia: The Black Virgin of Oropa, is the statute of the Virgin Mary (Mother of Jesus) located in the … [Read more...]