April 29, 2016

Barack Obama

Tuesday Open Thread: African-American Owned Resorts


GOOD MORNING POU! We continue our series on African-American Owned Resorts.   EUREKA VILLA/VAL VERDE "The Black Palm Springs" (From BlackPast.org) In 1924 a group of prominent Los Angeles African Americans, led by actor and real estate … [Read more...]

VIDEO: President Obama Speaks at the UN General Assembly & Clinton Global Initiative

President Obama Addresses the UN General Assembly   President Obama at the Clinton Global Initiative … [Read more...]

LIVESTREAM: First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks at the CBC Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner

[Read more...]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: A President for ALL Americans


The Grio spoke with delegates and attendees to the Democratic National Convention last week, here is what they had to say: … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: The Anniversary of GOP Obstruction


GOOD MORNING PRAGOBOTS! We hope you're enjoying your weekend!   A year ago today, President Barack Obama unveiled the American Jobs Act -- a plan that's fully paid for and would create over 1 million jobs.  But because Republicans are … [Read more...]

Thursday Open Thread: African-American Speakers at the DNC


GOOD MORNING POU! We continue our look at African American speakers at the Democratic Nation Convention with the speech that started it all... BARACK H. OBAMA 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address July 27, 2004 - Boston, MA From … [Read more...]

“Make It Rain On The Obama-Biden 2012 Campaign” Update II


We did it again, PragObots! Thanks to your generous donations, we have surpassed our goal to raise $2000 for the  “Make It Rain On The Obama-Biden 2012 Campaign” and raised a total of $2,250!! … [Read more...]