November 27, 2015

Barack Obama

Thursday Open Thread: African-American Speakers at the DNC


GOOD MORNING POU! We continue our look at African American speakers at the Democratic Nation Convention with the speech that started it all... BARACK H. OBAMA 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address July 27, 2004 - Boston, MA From … [Read more...]

“Make It Rain On The Obama-Biden 2012 Campaign” Update II


We did it again, PragObots! Thanks to your generous donations, we have surpassed our goal to raise $2000 for the  “Make It Rain On The Obama-Biden 2012 Campaign” and raised a total of $2,250!! … [Read more...]

Monday Afternoon Thread: Chris Matthews Goes H.A.M. On Reince Priebus


OH SNAP! Chris Matthews brought his skrong hand to Morning Joe this morning, and put RNC chairman Reince Priebus on Front St. and Blast Ave. about the racist dog whistles bull horns Mitt Romney and the Republicans are using against President Obama. … [Read more...]

Did The Romney Campaign/Republicans Pay Gov. Wilder’s $250K Tax Bill To Bash President Obama?


  Former Virginia governor L. Doug Wilder has never missed an opportunity to publicly criticize President Obama, but this week he took his hateration of all things PBO to stratospheric levels, and this could explain why: (h/t: POUer … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: Happy Birthday Mr. President!!


Happy 51st Birthday Mr. President! … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Thread: West Wing Week

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Thursday Afternoon Thread: ICYMI – President Obama Speaks at the Nat’l Urban League Convention

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