May 25, 2015

Tuesday Evening Thread: President Obama’s FULL Response to Baltimore Riots (Video)

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Sunday Jazz Open Thread: Cyrus Chestnut, Jazz Pianist


Cyrus Chestnut (born January 17, 1963) is an American jazz pianist, songwriter, and producer. In 2006, Josh Tyrangiel, music critic for Time Magazine, wrote: "What makes Chestnut the best jazz pianist of his generation is a willingness to abandon … [Read more...]

ACTION ALERT: How You Can Help Pay Delinquent #DetroitWater Bills

A Twitter convo between Tiffany Bell (@tiffani) and Kristy Tillman (@KristyT) about the water crisis in Detroit led to the creation of a website called The Detroit Water Project that allows people to pay the delinquent water bills of Detroit … [Read more...]

VIDEO: President Obama & The First Lady Speak on Expanding College Opportunity

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LIVE STREAM: President Obama’s Press Conference (UPDATED w/Video & Transcript)

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VIDEO: President Obama’s Interview with CNBC’S John Harwood

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POU Live Chat: The State Of The Union Address


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