October 20, 2014

Thursday Open Thread: Black Burlesque and Vaudeville Performers


Shouldn't Marilyn Monroe be called the white Joyce Bryant, since Joyce was around first... I digress Joyce Bryant (born October 14, 1928) is an African-American singer and actress who achieved fame in the late 1940's and early 1950's as a theater … [Read more...]

Wednesday Open Thread: Black Burlesque and Vaudeville Perfomers

Doea Dean

  Dora Dean was born in Covington in 1872, and got into show business as the "Black Venus."  She was born as Dora Babbige; Dean was evidently her stage name.  Her initial job in show business was as a "statute girl" - essentially striking … [Read more...]

Tuesday Open Thread: Black Burlesque and Vaudeville Perfomers


Jean Idelle was a black American burlesque dancer and singer who trained under Katherine Dunham and is credited as one of the first black performers to appear on stage with white dancers throughout the US and Canada. As a young woman, Idelle … [Read more...]

Wednesday Evening Thread: June 11, 1963

Governor George Wallace at Tuscaloosa University, Alabama, 1963

Color footage of the Radio and Television Report to the American People on Civil Rights, delivered from the President's office at 8 p.m. on June 11, 1963 President Kennedy speaks from the Oval Office in response to the National Guard being … [Read more...]

POU Livestream: Remembering Dr. Maya Angelou (Updated with video)


[Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: African Americans and The Struggle for Education Equality


Good Morning POU! Hope you're have a wonderful weekend. We conclude our series with a look at the "Segregation Academy" and the correlation to today's Voucher movement, the impact of such schools on public education and the opportunities … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread: African Americans and the Struggle for Education Equality


TGIF POU! Today we continue our topic of education equality with a look at the legacy of disparity in funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  Before the end of the Civil war, the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges … [Read more...]