January 24, 2017


Saturday Open Thread: Pop Culture of 2016

Good Morning POU! The year just ended so lots haven't happened in terms of who won what, so add the things you believe were eventful for the year in pop culture in your comments! Share! Well we can certainly see a difference in cast 'color' … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread: Pop Culture of 2006

Some highlights from 2006 1. The ubiquitous YouTube, MySpace, etc. Time magazine made the world wide web its Person of the Year. 2. Major deaths: James Brown, Ahmet Ertegun, Robert Altman. All incredibly influential, all deserving of more due. … [Read more...]

Thursday Open Thread: Pop Culture of 1996

Top TV Shows 1996: … [Read more...]

Wednesday Open Thread: Pop Culture of 1986

Children of the 80s! Rise up!! Top TV Shows of 1986. 1. The Cosby Show … [Read more...]

Tuesday Open Thread: Pop Culture of 1976

We continue our nostalgic look at years past in the world of entertainment. Top TV Shows 1976 … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: Pop Culture of 1966

Good Morning POU! We're gonna take a look back at the top entertainment for the decades leading up to 2016 this week and see what was, and what it came to be! Top TV Shows of 1966 … [Read more...]

#Empire Wednesday: Winter Finale

[Read more...]