December 1, 2015

Monday Open Thread: More Black Saints


Saints Julian and Basilissa (died ca. 304) were husband and wife. They were  Black Christian martyrs who died at either Antioch or, more probably, at Antinoe, in the reign of Diocletian, early in the fourth century, on 9 January, according to the … [Read more...]

Tuesday Open Thread: African American Brewers and Breweries


GOOD MORNING, P.O.U.! We continue our series on African American Brewers and Breweries....   CHRIS HARRIS Black Frog Brewery … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: African American Brewers and Breweries


GOOD MONDAY MORNING, P.O.U.! In this week's series, we will take a look at African American Brewers and Breweries.   THEODORE F. MACK, SR. The Peoples Brewing Co. … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread: 19th Century Hustlers Week


TGIF POU! Black Cowboy, Cattle Thief, Partner with a Mexican Bandit, Affair with a Shosone Indian woman, Play Dead to Escape Sure Death, Improbable Rescue........................what a life! Ned Huddleston (aka Isom Dart) was born into … [Read more...]

Thursday Open Thread: 19th Century Hustlers Week


Good Morning POU! How did a former slave who came to be known as the California Mother of Civil Rights amass millions in the mid 1800s?? Mary Ellen Pleasant Described as “a Rosa Parks, a Martin Luther King and a Malcolm X all rolled into … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: 19th Century Hustlers Week


Good Morning POU! This week, we'll feature the stories of little known African-Americans from the past that lived extraordinary, often dangerous lives - the greatest hustlers of the day. All are worthy of a big budget biographical film, but we … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: New Black History Facts


Octavius Valentine Catto was a prominent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, activist, scholar, athlete, and military officer in the National Guard during the Civil War.    Catto was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on February 22, 1839. His mother, Sarah … [Read more...]