April 23, 2014

Wednesday Open Thread: African-American Astronomers and Astrophysicists


Arthur Bertram Cuthbert Walker, Jr. (August 24, 1936 – April 29, 2001) was a solar physicist and a pioneer of EUV/XUV optics. He is most noted for having developed normal incidence multilayer XUV telescopes to photograph the solar corona. Two of his … [Read more...]

Tuesday Open Thread: African American Astronomers and Astrophysicists


George Robert Carruthers  is an African-American inventor, physicist, and space scientist. He has lived most of his life in Washington, DC. He is the inventor of the spectrograph, which is a moon-based observatory that was used on the Apollo 16 … [Read more...]

Monday Open Thread: African-American Astronomers and Astrophysicists


This week's open thread will highlight African-American Astronomers and Astrophysicists.  Gibor Basri is an American astrophysicist, born in New York on May 3, 1951. The son of Phyllis Basri, a professor of dance and ballet, and Saul Basri, … [Read more...]

Sunday Gospel Brunch Open Thread: Happy Easter!


Happy Easter POU!  “Easter Monday: An African-American Tradition.” As far back as 1891, black families would come in their Easter clothing to the National Zoo the Monday after Easter. Some said that it was because the black families of the past … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: African American Hoteliers

Michael (left) and Steven Roberts (Photo: David Carson/St. Louis Dispatch)

GOOD MORNING, P.O.U.! We hope you're enjoying your weekend. We conclude our series on African American Hoteliers...   MICHAEL AND STEVE ROBERTS … [Read more...]

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Friday Open Thread: African American Hoteliers


HAPPY FRIDAY, P.O.U.!! We continue our series on African American Hoteliers...   R. DONAHUE PEEBLES … [Read more...]

LIVE STREAM: President Obama Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Civil Rights Act

The Live Stream Event has ended. We will post the video and transcript as soon as they are available. … [Read more...]