October 25, 2016

Tuesday POU Link Review | Evening Open Thread


See, What Happened Was Rmoney Messed With One Of The Three F's You Don't Mess With- Food, Finances, & Most Importantly Family. Money Boo Boo Kept Fucking With Family. You Gon' Learn Today News: Former president Jimmy Carter’s grandson helped leak … [Read more...]

Monday POU Link Review | Evening Open Thread


POTUS News:  President Obama visits a bucolic park today in the heart of a Democratic city -- but a Republican area. Television cameras lined up to cover Obama's speech today in Eden Park, less than 3 miles from the skyscrapers and sports stadiums of … [Read more...]

Tuesday POU Link Review | Evening Open Thread


The Same People Doing This Were Probably Lined Up To Buy A Chick-fil-A Sandwich Last Month *eyeroll* News: In a matter of minutes, Scott Van Duzer became the answer to a political trivia question: Who picked up President Obama during a 2012 campaign … [Read more...]

Monday POU Link Review | Evening Open Thread


Obama/Biden 2012 - If You Ain't Running With It Run From It Motherfuckers News: President Obama’s campaign narrowly outraised Mitt Romney’s in August after a streak of three months in which the Republicans’ campaign far outpaced the incumbent … [Read more...]

Friday Obot Link Review | Evening Open Thread


4 More Years! 4 More Years! 4 More Years! News: Barack Obama leaves the Democratic National Convention here with a commanding position in the race for president, leaving his Republican foe to hope that a meticulously staged three-day campaign event … [Read more...]

Friday Obot Link Review


  J-O-B-S Jobs, Bitches!!! News: The American economy kept creating jobs at a brisk pace in February, providing more evidence that the labor market is firming up despite higher gas prices and an unsettled global economy. The Labor Department said … [Read more...]

Wednesday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread


(I just had to share) The GOP Clown Show Continues It's Tour Across The US News: Growing weary of the battle for the GOP presidential nomination? Tough luck. Rick Santorum's relatively strong night on Super Tuesday - as of this story, he won three … [Read more...]