October 22, 2017

POU Comments of the Week

P.O.U. Comments of the Week

For the week September 11 - September 17Yes we will......do not get it twisted.This week has been particularly tiring and draining. The emoprogs and Professional Left nitwits have gone into overdrive with the crazy...to the point they are upstaging … [Read more...]

P.O.U. Comments Of The Week!

For the week September 4 - September 10 4 out 5 cubicle prisoners recommend P.O.U. Don't be that "1" "Thanks Boehner!" Comment of the Week woody45, Wednesday Obot Link Review I’d like to officially thank John Boehner for asking … [Read more...]

POU Comments of the Week!

For the week August 27 - Sept 2Woo-Hoo! Comments of the Week are back! Let's hear it for all of you Obots out there that have made our debut week here a roaring success!Now on to the comments!POU Facebook Comments of the Week Two comments from our … [Read more...]