September 17, 2014

Thursday Evening Thread: ICYMI – Attorney General Holder Announces Federal Probe into Ferguson

Published on Sep 4, 2014 Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that the Justice Depart will investigate the practices of the Ferguson, Missouri police department. The investigation follows the August shooting of an unarmed, black … [Read more...]

LIVE STREAM: President Obama Awards The Medal Of Honor To Overlooked Veterans


Sunday Evening Thread: 50 Years Later, The Dream Today

Good Evening POU! When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave the "I Have a Dream" 50 years ago, he had no idea Jim Crow would be replaced with another oppressive system: mass incarceration and the drug war. It's our turn to dream. And ICYMI-Here's … [Read more...]

POU Live Chat: J4TM


[Read more...]

Thursday Evening Thread: The Power of a Black Child’s Eyes


Scared yet? Well according to the Miami-Dade Police, you should be. Apparently a 14 year old can exude a "dehumanizing stare" (the actual words used) so petrifying and potentially lethal that it is considered threatening to armed police officers. So … [Read more...]

Wednesday Evening Thread: Free Kiera Wilmot!


FREE KIERA! By now I'm sure most of you have read about Kiera Wilmot. Just in case, here's a refresher: Kiera Wilmot got good grades and had a perfect behavior record. She wasn’t the kind of kid you’d expect to find hauled away in handcuffs and … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread: Black Judges Appointed By President Obama (Part II)


Brian Anthony Jackson (born 1960) is an American lawyer and the Chief United States district judge on the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.   Born in New Orleans, Jackson earned a bachelor's degree from Xavier … [Read more...]