August 30, 2015

Friday Open Thread: Incredible Investigative Journalists of Color

roy wilkins

Happy Friday POU! Today we feature another head of the NAACP that risked his life to expose working conditions in 1930s Mississippi. "Images of what I'd seen in Mississippi - the grim little river towns, rain-soaked levees, suspicious white … [Read more...]

Wednesday Open Thread: Incredible Investigative Journalists of Color


Good Morning POU! Today's featured journalist does such dangerous work that he can never show his face in public, ever. There are actual bounties on his head because of his reporting against corruption. Ghanaian investigative reporter Anas … [Read more...]

#TGIT Scandal “A Few Good Women”


When we last left Scandal, Olivia was getting her Dominique LaRue on... … [Read more...]

Sunday Evening Thread: ICYMI – President Obama’s WHCD Remarks

Barack Obama Addresses White House Correspondents Dinner

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Live Chat: 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner


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#TGIT: Scandal – Is Jake Dead or Nah?


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#TGIT: Scandal – #PapaPopeIsBack

Daddy's home! … [Read more...]