October 5, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Thread: Natives Tongues Week


The New York-based Native Tongues crew was a collective of like-minded hip hop artists who would help bring abstract and open-minded lyricism that addressed a range of topics—from spirituality and modern living to race, sex, and just having fun—to … [Read more...]

Sunday Brunch Thread with Shirley Murdock


Good Sunday Morning POU! When I read Kerry Washington claim her favorite song forever is "As We Lay", I thought hey, there's our Sunday songstress! I guess its just a coincidence that Olivia Pope's jam is the greatest Sidepiece Anthem of All … [Read more...]

Saturday Afternoon Thread: The Soulquarians Week


Q-Tip feat. Roy Hargrove and Erykah Badu - Poetry … [Read more...]

Friday Afternoon Thread: The Soulquarians Week


The Roots, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu (Live) -Dave Chappelle's Block Party … [Read more...]

Thursday Afternoon Thread: The Soulquarians Week


Recording at Electric Lady Studios: Russell Elevado: Questlove was the one who started bringing people there. He told everyone what was happening. He was the original Twitter before Twitter. [laughs] He brought Common and Erykah into the studio. He … [Read more...]

Wednesday Afternoon Thread: The Soulquarians Week


Electric Lady Studios, at 52 West Eighth Street, in New York City's Greenwich Village, is a recording studio originally built by Jimi Hendrix in 1970. Hendrix spent only four weeks recording in Electric Lady before his death, but it has since been … [Read more...]

Tuesday Afternoon Thread: The Soulquarians Week


In Questlove's 2013 autobiography, Mo' Meta Blues, he describes the formation of the Soulquarians, a collective that coalesced during recording sessions for his Roots' Things Fall Apart, D'Angelo's Voodoo, Common's Like Water for Chocolate and Erykah … [Read more...]