August 30, 2015

Open Thread

Sunday Jazz Brunch with The Soul Rebels


Good Morning POU! Enjoy your Sunday with music from the talented group, The Soul Rebels! The Soul Rebels (also Soul Rebels Brass Band, Soul Rebels or The Rebels) are an eight-piece New Orleans based brass ensemble that incorporate elements … [Read more...]

Saturday Afternoon Thread: DarkChild Week


Joe - All The Things Your Man Won't Do … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: “Who Is The Nigger?”

[Read more...]

Friday Afternoon Thread: DarkChild Week


You Rock My World … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread: Baldwin’s Nigger

  HAPPY FRIDAY PRAGOBOTS! … [Read more...]

Thursday Evening Thread: “So Black”

We will never forget. … [Read more...]

Thursday Afternoon Thread: DarkChild Week


Mary J Blige - Enough Cryin … [Read more...]