March 2, 2015

Open Thread

Monday Open Thread: African American Cinematographers


Good Morning POU! Thank you to POU commenter Goldenstar for gifting me with this week's topic. A comment by Goldenstar a few months ago included a list of prominent cinematographers and VIOLA! An open thread topic was born! Cinematography … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon Thread: That’s My Blue-Eyed Jam Week


You know you love'em, those pop and rock songs that Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson and Nina Blackwood would introduce after Kurt Loder's the "week in rock". A whole lot of these songs were gifts from across the pond too. Enjoy! David Bowie - Let's Dance … [Read more...]

Sunday Open Thread: Singing The Blues with Kingfish


Meet "Kingfish", heir to the Blues Legends of Mississippi. It doesn't seem like coincidence that 15-year-old blues musician Christone Ingram boasts the nickname "Kingfish." After all, his greatest inspiration is B.B. King, the ultimate rhythm … [Read more...]

Saturday Afternoon Thread: That’s My JAM Week


Snap! - The Power … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: Black History Facts


This week's open threads gave some detailed background on several black history facts. On this last day of Black History Month, I am going to highlight a current NFL player's ancestor's fight against slavery. When all else failed, black mobs … [Read more...]

Friday Afternoon Thread: That’s My JAM Week


Not my fault the maker of this gif didn't know "your" from "you're"! Went into the old school rap/hip hop vault today! The Informer - Snow (I have never known what the hell he was saying) … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread: Black History Facts


Civil Rights activism predates the Civil Rights Movement by more than a century. Most people know that Northern states such as New York allowed slavery for a time and then abolished it. What many don’t realize is that before the South adopted Jim … [Read more...]

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