November 20, 2017


Wednesday Evening Thread: Hump Day Wind (or is it WINE) Down

So in case you missed these peak lily/snow/Miss Ann/Mr. Charlie bs today: … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: Black Athletes and Social/Political Protest

Good Morning POU! Today are photos of athletes in the last few years taking personal stances against injustice and discrimination. … [Read more...]

Friday Open Thread: Black Athletes and Social/Political Protest

Before Colin Kaepernick, another professional athlete made headlines by protesting the national anthem 20 years ago. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (born Chris Wayne Jackson on March 9, 1969) is a former American professional basketball player. Abdul-Rauf … [Read more...]

Thursday Open Thread: Black Athletes and Social/Political Protest

No one can ever say NFL players CAN'T stand on principle and force change within their profession and the larger culture. They most certainly can. They've done it before, it remains to be seen if we'll ever see the brave numbers to initiate change … [Read more...]

Wednesday Open Thread: Black Athletes and Social/Political Protest

Today's entry was first posted April 28, 2014 and one in which we're all familiar. "The Summit" On a sunny Sunday afternoon in early June 1967, several hundred Clevelanders crowded outside the offices of the Negro Industrial Economic union in … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Thread: America America…SMDH

Good Evening POU! Remember this? For all those with amnesia acting brand new. For the blacademics that said Hillary the same as Trump. For all yall...Fuck YOU! … [Read more...]

Saturday Open Thread: Another Set of Black History Factoids

Robert Nelson Cornelius Nix Jr. (July 13, 1928 – August 23, 2003) served as the Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from 1984 to 1996. Nix was the first African-American Chief Justice of any state’s highest court, and the first African … [Read more...]