November 27, 2015


Monday Open Thread: 19th Century Hustlers Week


Good Morning POU! This week, we'll feature the stories of little known African-Americans from the past that lived extraordinary, often dangerous lives - the greatest hustlers of the day. All are worthy of a big budget biographical film, but we … [Read more...]

LIVE STREAM: President Obama Speaks on the Re-entry Process For The Formerly Incarcerated

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Tuesday Evening Thread: This Is The Field? Oh Lord Help Us – Dem Debate 2016


Really? Yikes. … [Read more...]

Sunday Brunch Thread with Shirley Murdock


Good Sunday Morning POU! When I read Kerry Washington claim her favorite song forever is "As We Lay", I thought hey, there's our Sunday songstress! I guess its just a coincidence that Olivia Pope's jam is the greatest Sidepiece Anthem of All … [Read more...]

LIVE STREAM: President Obama Speaks at the CBC Foundation Dinner

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Saturday Open Thread: “Who Is The Nigger?”

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Friday Open Thread: Baldwin’s Nigger

  HAPPY FRIDAY PRAGOBOTS! … [Read more...]