November 26, 2014

POU Weekly NFL Picks and Week Twelve Winner


How time flies, one month to go in the regular season. WOW Two winners for this week: Sagittarius and Admiral Komack!! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Prime Time

nfl weekly picks

His dancing highlights are even better than the interceptions. LOL … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks and Week Eleven Winner


Tough week! But we had one person with 10 correct picks! Pbomb! Come on down! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: One Clap

nfl weekly picks

Even when he half-assed it, he was still one of the best. For me, he is #1 (sorry Jerry). … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks and Week Ten Winner


Wow! 4 winners this week! Tunisia, Pbomb, GreenLadyHere & TyrenM!! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: BeastMode – Earl Campbell

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When Joe Greene reveres you as an opposing running are a bad shut-yo-mouth! Earl Campbell is widely acknowledged as one of the best power backs in NFL history. Described as a "one-man demolition team", Campbell was a punishing runner. … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks and Week Nine Winner


A single winner for Week Nine! TyrenM!! … [Read more...]