October 13, 2015

NFL Open Thread: Marion Motley


Football was integrated in 1946. That year, 4 black athletes took to the professional gridiron. Bill Willis, playing for the Cleveland Browns, is considered to be the first black starter in football. Marion Motley played for the Browns that year, … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks: Week 4 Winners


Can you believe it? A fourth of the regular season is DONE. One winner this week and it is - KENNYMACK! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Do Your Dance Do Your Dance!

nfl pickem

Hey, the best part of some TDs is the dance! … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks: Week 3 Winners


Nice comeback! This week was far better than last, everyone picked a plurality of winners! We had a trio at the front: Tunisia, Admiral Komack and GreenLadyHere! … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: How bout that Cousins!


oh  :-( … [Read more...]

POU Weekly NFL Picks: Week 2 Winners


:cry: What a sorry bunch of picks we had last week. The winner is the only person that could break even! TyrenM again! (is you cheatin?!) … [Read more...]

NFL Open Thread: Can’t Wait!


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