September 25, 2017

The CBC on a Leash

*** P.O.U. Family, this is a repost***

On Wednesday, Rep. Maxine Waters- (D, CA) stood in front of a frustrated crowd of unemployed African-Americans in Detroit and asked them to “unleash” herself and the remaining CBC members on President Obama for his lack of job creation policies. After making herself look foolish, she went on all of the morning pundance shows to correct her “statement” and backtrack her comments. So the CBC wants to be unleashed on President Obama huh? Let’s see what gets accomplished when they are “unleashed”: Courtesy of POUer Monie Talks:

Back in January, Rep. Sheila lee Jackson brought forth the HR 72 (New Jobs for America Act of 2011) NO CO-SPONSORS Rep Al Green of TX brought forth the HR 283 (Living American Wage (LAW) Act of 2011 ) with 10 Co-sponsors and only half are CBC members In May, Rep. Bobby Scoot brought forth HR 1901 (To create and encourage the creation of jobs for youth, and for other purposes.) 22 Co-sponsors, at least 8 of which are CBC members. and last but not least, just this past July 13 Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver finally brought forth HR 348 (Congressional Black Caucus “For the People” Jobs Initiative Resolution ) with 48 co-sponsors. and by the way..I may have missed something, but it seems Rep. Waters contribution to legislation to consider specifically for Education/Workforce committee was the: HR 305 H.RES.305 : (Honoring Jeannie Washington for her 43 years of service in the Los Angeles Unified School District.) yall got that?! For all the employment woes facing the Black community, Rep Waters decides to send legislation to the Education/Workforce committee to honor Jeannie Washington Rep Waters and the rest of the CBC are tired of this President and yet the most meaningful legislation that they brought forth in this 112th Congress, as a caucus, just happened a little over a month ago. Reading this has been eye-opening. y’all have to see this shit for yourself. And this is just one committee! Whew! No wonder the Presdient has had to negotiate almost damn near evertything at the 11th hour. Mofos are playing around…pissing and telling folks it is raining….and refuse to call out their own laziness and the obstructionism of Republicans. Conclusion: There are a whole lotta folks that need to leave Washington already!

So I guess being unleashed means leaving half-assed co-sponsored bills all over the place and the CBC wants the President to pick up their shit, particularly Rep. Waters, who, for all her posturing, hasn’t sponsored a single jobs bill her damn self. Are we going to have to hang this up on the walls of Capitol Hill? 

And here’s more from Monie…

Since the unemployment rate is horrendous for the Black community at large and budget cuts are hurting many of the same Americans, I decided to look up where the CBC was represented in certain committees that are most crucial now. You know the committees were most legislation starts. First stop, the Education and Workforce committee: The committee has hardly any Black representation….. 40 members in this committee total and 2 Black members Rep. Donald Payne NJ and Rep Bobby Scott VA: Education & Workforce Committee And yet somehow 40 jobs bills touted by the CBC have been blocked by Republicans, with hardly any CBC representation on the Education/Workforce committee to begin with and yet it is the President’s fault. so then I look up the Budget committee. Much uproar has been made up about cuts, caving in, etc. So I go check out the Budget Committee. 38 members, 2 Black members, Rep Gwen Moore WI and Rep. Karen Bass CA. **Ms. Bass is a freshman House lawmaker btw, was just elected in 2010. House Committee on the Budget So I pose a question to Rep. Maxine Waters and others. Just like your. “why isn’t the President going to Black communities?”, why aren’t CBC members staking up deep in those committees that are most crucial to our communities now. I see quite a bit of PBO’s critics are stacked up in the Financial services committee though, The Committee on Financial Services including Waters, Cleaver, Gutierrez, etc. Which makes me wonder….are yall there for the quickest way to that lobbyist money, just asking.

So, as you can see Fam, most the members of the CBC haven’t done anything to help push a jobs bill through Congress in the past two years. Basically, what did all of those fingah sammichs, petit fours, summer job fairs get them and our community: 

A huge case of fail and utter disappointment….