October 21, 2017

Friday Afternoon Thread: More Disco!

This music sure makes me wanna do a lot of twirling! LOL

Walter Murphy – A Fifth of Beethoven

Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra – Love’s Theme

The Trammps – Disco Inferno

Chic – Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah)

Dang….hard trying to figure out which Bee Gee’s hits to include! Yes, I’m a BeeGeestan – and proud of it!

Night Fever

More Than A Woman

  • Love’s Theme used to be my jam. Well one of many.

    • isonprize

      Barry White was the Original Big Poppa!!

      And “Love Unlimited” was an all-female orchestra!

      • Miranda

        I never knew that!

  • lamh36

    sup guys

    So Law & Order SVU is doing another “ripped from the headlines” episode this time based on Chris Brown and Rihanna. I admit to being conflicted about this. Chris Brown deserves every damn thing he gets, but on the other hand, IDK, maybe I’m too soft-hearted, but I hate the idea of someone so young being forever beyond redemption. Especially when you have so many cases where other are able to be redeemed, and yet this kid can’t (Jay Z, Puffy and Charlie Sheen, come to mind…)

    At the very least, I hope Chris Brown dumb azz temporarily suspends his twitter feed. or if his people are smart, they’ll make sure their client stays the hell away from twitter after this airs. Oh and Rihanna too, ’cause ya’ll know people are gonna be following their tweets even more so than before

    • Camille

      I completely agree with you lamh36. Even bloody Mel Gibson at his age has had 3rd, 4th, 5th chances and still gets a pass, hangs out with the King of Monaco and scores invites to the most exclusive events in Hollywood and elsewhere and still isn’t treated like a pariah.

      We’ve got to give this young man a real chance at redemption for goodness sakes.

  • Alma98

    Thank you for Walter Murphy, I’m skating all around the house lol.

    • Miranda

      I can remember going to the Magic City Classic (AL A&M vs AL State) and the bands having competing versions of it. Of course I was on AL A&M’s side and my older cousins said A&M won the battle so they did! LOL

  • Miranda

    Man with high-powered rifles and ‘tank buster’ bullets arrested for posting liberal ‘hit list’

    Police in Clarkstown, New York have confiscated a cache of high-powered weapons and body armor from a man who was arrested for posting death threats against against many Democratic politicians and every liberal supporter of President Barack Obama.

    According to WCBS, 49-year-old Larry Mulqueen was arraigned on Thursday on charges of “making terroristic threats, illegally possessing weapons and harassment.”

    Mulqueen’s landlady had tipped off police after she found a “hit list” posted on Facebook that threatened Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    Raw Story (http://s.tt/1A6FV)

    • Alma98

      WOW! These people are losing it. I’m scared they’re going to start targeting regular black folks because they can’t get to PBO and other politicians.

    • jds09

      What’s up with posting stuff on facebook? Are these people longing for law enforcement attention?

      • Admiral_Komack

        Shhhh…don’t say nuttin.

  • Alma98

    Disqus please stop stealing my comments.

  • Miranda

    Still going!

    @CNRush: Madonna = Icon. Janet Jackson = Bitch Who Corrupted Our Children With Her Titty #WhiteHistoryClasses

    P-Rae Brown ‏@PRB_PSM
    Media Studies: How To Create a TV Network For Women, But Only Put White Women On It: The Cultural Impact of Lifetime. #whitehistoryclasses

    @ashe_phoenix: White Privilege: Act Like the Exception, Benefit from the Rule #whitehistoryclasses

    Tmrrwppl ‏@tmrrwppl
    Nigger or Nigga: how to use nigger correctly and avoid ass whippings from Negros- Lisa Lampanelli guest lecturer #whitehistoryclasses

    Luana Y. Ferreira ‏@lingodom
    Gluten-Free, Organic, Farm-Raised and Local: Epicurean Status Symbols #whitehistoryclasses

    P-Rae Brown ‏@PRB_PSM
    Maximizing Your Double Standard: How Confederate Flag is Heritage, But a Dashiki Just Looks Ridiculous. #whitehistoryclasses

    • Alma98


    • Camille

      LOL, now this wasn’t only funny, but incredibly smart stuff.

      I always thought that Lisa Lampanelli took way too many liberties simply because she dated black men at the time. I think she’s plain mean-spirited and very racist.

      She’s certainly not a well-meaning woman. She only means to to hurt

  • Shilohsmama

    Your choices are wonderful, Miranda!

  • Miranda

    Weinstein Co. Nabs Idris Elba’s Nelson Mandela Biopic

    *The Weinstein Co. has acquired North American rights to Justin Chadwick’s biopic “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” starring Idris Elba in the title role and based on Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name.
    The movie, now in post-production, also stars Naomie Harris (“Skyfall”) as Mandela’s wife, Winnie.
    TWC also snapped up rights to the film in Australia and New Zealand, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s company announced the deal in tandem with Distant Horizon’s Anant Singh, the film’s producer.

    more here

    • jds09

      This will take some adjustment on my part. The thoughts that Idris Elba invokes in me are not the same thoughts I have about Nelson Mandela. I don’t think Idris is enough of an actor to overcome them for me. lol

      • GOVCHRIS1988

        I don’t know. Denzel played a good Malcolm X. I think this may be a very good pic. More realistic than Terrence Howard.

        • isonprize

          Gov, please tell me that Terrence Howard was not under consideration to play Nelson Mandela. PLEASE TELL ME….

          (That would have been criminal.)

          • Miranda

            LOL!! I was thinking the same thing! OH NOOO!

          • GOVCHRIS1988

            Did you NOT see this?

          • Oh HAIL naw!!

          • AxelFoley


          • isonprize

            Gov, how did you photoshop Terrance Howard into that clip?

            Seriously, how did you do that?

            (Sidenote: Jennifer Hudson was actually pretty good…)

          • Miranda


          • GN

            Oh heck no…

      • isonprize

        jds, you and me both. I rarely drink alcohol, and I certainly don’t drink gin, but Idris? What?? I damn near had a car accident looking at a Tanqueray billboard that featured Idris.

        • lamh36

          girl on my way to my last job in DFW, I saw a billboard of Idris selling water & I swear everybody was rubber necking to see it…LOL. Shoot, the city took it down within a week!

      • lamh36

        Seriously, y’all know how I feel about Idris! I have NEVER had those “feelings” in relation to Nelson Mandela.

        BTW, Is it bad that I’m hoping for a shirtless prison scene? was .mandela shirtless alot in prison?

        see what I mean. ima just go ahead & sit in the bad chair.

  • Miranda

    *blank stare*


    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jermaine Jackson has a new, brighter surname — Jacksun.
    A Los Angeles judge approved the change to singer’s name Friday.
    The 58-year-old, who shared lead singing duties with his younger brother Michael in the Jackson 5, did not appear in court.
    He sought the name change for “artistic reasons” and says it has nothing to do with a recent rift in his family over the care of Michael Jackson’s children and family matriarch Katherine Jackson.

    His attorney Bret D. Lewis says Jacksun is in Europe performing with his brothers and told him that he was sure it was “a sunny day in California.”
    Lewis says he doesn’t know whether Jacksun will elaborate on the creative reasons for the change.

  • Miranda

    Welcome to thunderdome, all thanks to the republican party


    WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s top disease detective says impending budget cuts will make it harder to solve outbreaks, fight hospital infections and keep illnesses overseas from making their way here.

    Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says his agency will lose more than $300 million at a time when public health already is struggling to keep up with new germs.

    In Frieden’s words, “Our threats aren’t getting cut but our ability to respond to them is.”
    One example: Frieden says the cuts could constrain his agency’s investigation of a worrisome tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles. Another example: CDC would have to cut funding for state and local health departments, impairing their ability to spot early warning signs of outbreaks.

    • Alma98

      They don’t care, they’re willing to burn the country down as long as PBO is office.

      • isonprize

        noun ˈtrē-zən

        1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
        2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
        3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
        4. the betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

        noun si-ˈdi-shən

        1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
        2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
        3. incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

    • AxelFoley

      I wish we REALLY had a Thunderdome. Get me in it with some of these jackasses and their media lackeys.

      “Two men enter, one man leaves” indeed.

      • isonprize

        I’m wit’ Axel, baby!!!

  • crazycanuck

    Came across these tweets while following the Pistorius case. Really recommend reading his timeline. Great discussion of Pistorius and white privledge, and also how the press is covering the story.

    JM ‏@justinmettew
    @Thabo99 That is the exact mentality that led him to this mess. Paranoia share by the greater white community whilst they purge themselves.

    Thabo Mophiring ‏@Thabo99
    @UndercoverZCC even the whole ‘worried about the darkies killing him’ thing is just so White identity it is sickening @justinmettew

    Thabo Mophiring ‏@Thabo99
    @blue_on_purple sadly many South African Whites live in perpetual fear of Black people killing them, to most of them it is a good argument

    Thabo Mophiring ‏@Thabo99
    RT @blue_on_purple: His defence sounds a lot like I thought there was a black person in the toilet therefore I am innocent of murder Thabo99

    Thabo Mophiring ‏@Thabo99
    “their “fear” of (black) perpetrators of violence is bound up in a structural web of white privilege, white guilt, and anti-black racism. ”

    Thabo Mophiring ‏@Thabo99
    “One example is claim that alleged implication of Oscar in his girlfriend’s murder is somehow symptomatic of a brutally violent S Africa”

    • Hmm….He raises some good points. Imma hafta check his TL out. Thanks CC!

    • GN

      These are great. Seems like just like here in the US, they’re flipping the script. Here, “civil rights” now predominantly relates to the grievances of various white people, or so many people in power now claim. There, post-Apartheid now means a get out of jail free card for someone who shot his girlfriend who had locked herself in a bathroom and had fruitlessly tried to cover her head (shot her right through her hand into her skull). You really cannot make this shit up, you just can’t. Of course, white people are the real victims in post-Apartheid South Africa. Of course.

      • Camille


        Things that make you shake your head again and again.

        • GN

          loose rant: I feel SO sorry for that woman’s family, especially the mom. When I read that she was trying to cover her head while this guy was shooting into the bathroom…and to try to excuse something like that supposedly because wealthy white people who live in heavily guarded enclaves in South Africa are “scared”…

          Words can’t express how much it pisses me off that people who fully contributed to and helped to create violent, hurtful cultures can turn around and play the victim. Really pisses me off. And this “post-black” civil rights mess is pure bs and garbage, just a way to allow relatively privileged white folks to help themselves to whatever small amount of reparations we did manage to get (the main beneficiaries of affirmative action are white folks, for example) and appropriate the cultural + moral legitimacy of the civil rights movement. This is nothing new, but it seems to have gotten much worse in the past few years.

  • lamh36

    Alright. The Oscars are this Sunday. I always root for Denzel and since he is nominated (but he ain’t got a chance of winning, that’s gonna go to Daniel Day Lewis for playing Abe Lincoln), I’m gonna continue to root for him. So anyway, I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated for best picture or any of the movies that all the lead actor/actresses and supporting actor/actresses are in. Anybody see any of the movies nominated either for picture or acting? I kinda want to see Silver Lining Playbook. Chris Tucker is also in this movie:


    • isonprize

      lamh, I’m surprised that you haven’t seen any of the Oscar-nom movies. You are my ‘cultural’ touchstone!! LOLOLOL

      I guess with your move and everything else, you didn’t have the time? Wow. I guess I’ll survive.

  • I believe that’s Alva Chinn in the Chic video. She was a top Black model during 70s.

  • trose1

    Check out the racist hate from the readership at the Columbus Dispatch with an assist from the Drudge report. Totally disgusting


    There’s a lot of hate among readers of the Columbus Dispatch.

    The paper published an article about a Dayton woman who sued her employer. She alleges that she was fired because she voted for President Obama. The company denies the allegations. It’s an interesting case which raises a lot of legal issues, and we look forward to seeing how it plays out.

    But that isn’t today’s story.

    Today’s story is the reaction the article has received in the comments section of the Dispatch.

    Here are some prime examples (just a subset, sadly). They are presented uncorrected. Word of warning, this is rough stuff.

    They fall into a couple of general categories:


    • Miranda

      I’d read those comments yesterday and I can only guess the Dispatch encourages such lunacy.

      But while on Plunderbund, this story caught my eye:

      I knew when I read “Appalachia” that the State Rep was a Republican, sitting there begging for his poor as Job’s turkey district to get proper funding….and I could not manage to find any sympathy for him or his district. The children are in a hopeless situation because they have stupid parents for voters who I guarantee voted heavily for Kasich and no doubt have all kinds of “Obozo” “Obummer” rhetoric flying out of their hillbilly mouths every night. Its a damn shame. But we know this is a heavily GOP area full of poor white people who barely have pot to piss in and yet STILL stupidly vote against their own interests…and to see this REPUBLICAN senator begging for money….SMH…really sir? Yeah, SMH.

      • trose1

        Yep, Ohio is full of white poor drug (meth, heroin, prescription) drug addicted people. They vote in mass for GOP and luv to hate Black people.They are catching hell.

        • rikyrah

          fuck ’em for sticking on stupid

  • Michael Markman ‏@Mickeleh
    Just the coolest first lady in the history of the planet: MIchele Obama and Jimmy Fallon—Evolution of Mom Dancing. http://youtu.be/Hq-URl9F17Y

    • lamh36

      just watched this. THAT WAS AWESOME!

    • Alma98


    • AxelFoley

      Can you imagine any other first lady doing this? This is why she is awesome. Well, this among other things.

    • rikyrah


    • Miranda

      OK that was too cool!

      • Alma98

        FLOTUS’s hair was shiny & bouncy.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepiaaaaaaaaa — —WOW&1/2!! – —

      OUR BELOVED FIRST LADY♥ – – –IS TRULY – -#1!! –:>)♥

      ——WE ♥ U :>)—-:>)

    • Camille

      She is spectacular. I love her so much.

      She is all woman: gorgeous, sexy, smart, funny, intriguing, unassuming, insightful, unaffected, playful, serious, complete.

      Women aren’t always terribly supportive of each other so when I see a woman like our magnificent First Lady who is known as very loyal to her sisterhood of friends, sustains and values her female friendships, she gets my utmost respect.

  • Obama Administration Urges Supreme Court To Strike Down DOMA
    posted on February 22, 2013 at 6:54pm EST
    Chris Geidner BuzzFeed Staff

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration urged the Supreme Court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act’s prohibition on recognition of same-sex couples’ marriages in a Friday filing, arguing that laws that target gay people should face additional scrutiny by courts reviewing them.

    Under such heightened scrutiny, as it is called, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli says that Section 3 of DOMA, which defines “spouse” and “marriage” under federal law as only those marriages between one man and one woman, is unconstitutional.

    MORE: http://www.buzzfeed.com/chrisgeidner/obama-administration-urges-supreme-court-to-strike-down-doma

    • GN

      It’s good they’re doing this but why would this Joe Sudbay, Aravosis, etc. be appreciative? They’re privileged as fuck. Of course they’re going to be nasty about this and everything else POTUS “better had” do for them. It is what it is. Those who view this as the second coming of Rosa Parks are in outer space. Privileged white folks.

      • trose1

        I would bet they are gay GOP.

        • GN

          I think they’re solid Dems. Lots and lots of soft bigots in liberal-land. No shortage of them at all. And they treat PBO like a servant and civil rights as a fertile land to be colonized, not a historical movement for which black people continue to pay a heavy price and which should be respected and revered. It is what it is.

        • nellcote

          Aravosis is ex-gooper and probably would be still if the Rs weren’t so fucking insane.

    • AxelFoley

      PBO urges SCOTUS to strike it down, and yet it’s still not good enough for some privileged CACs.

      Fuck ’em. Just for that I hope SCOTUS refuses to strike it down.

      • GN

        They don’t rep all GLBTs so I hope it is struck down, but definitely tired of Aravosis and bunch of people; really sick and tired of some of the current bullshit.

  • GreenLadyHere
  • Designer Reed Krakoff on FLOTUS:

    “It was a career highlight to be chosen by Michelle Obama, because she represents the woman we aspire to dress: someone who’s confident and has a strong sense of her own style.”

    • rikyrah

      Oscar still weeps

      • Camille

        He’s been taking back everything he said, trying to back pedal on his criticisms of late.

        I still have very little use for him. I find him slippery and untrustworthy even though I feel a tad sorry for him since I heard he had a bout with cancer.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Sepia — -BIG HUG*** :>) —

      – — -Sooo THIS: – – ->“It was a career highlight to be chosen by Michelle Obama, because she represents the woman we aspire to dress:

      – — OUR BELOVED FIRST LADY ——2 — –OSCAR D. – —LOL– – –

      Good 2 C U — -Sepia. :>) —

  • isonprize


    Dave Chappelle had issues, but this is TOO funny!! They shoulda never gave y’all photo shop…


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – -I KNOW that WE R NOT a monolith —-BUT – — — —

    — -WHO DONATED 2 THEIR CAUSE?? – – —‘CAUSE – –THEY CAN BE BOUGHT — -2 oppose –MR. PRESIDENT!! – –geesh!!

    – – –Black Leaders Speak On Gun Control

    ——–Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), and other leaders from the black community held a news conference on gun control.

    Speakers oppose the gun control laws that are currently being proposed and argue that there is no evidence that the policies will prevent other tragedies.

    They included: Ken Hutcherson, former linebacker for the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys and pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Washington; Harry Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, medical director of Clayton State University Health Clinic; William Owens Jr., founder of God, Guns, and the Constitution; Bruce Rivers, pastor and father of a child murdered by gang members; and Kenn Blanchard, pastor, activist and speaker. – —

    THEY picked up on the — ERRONEOUS – —“GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE” -meme — annnnd the —-FAUX -destruction of the — 2nd AMENDMENT – -geesh!! —

    – –Very little mention of the number of –BLACK/Latino/POC DEATHS. – —geesh!! —-

    • nellcote

      wow, just wow.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY nellcote. ***BIG HUG*** :>)- —

        —-I KNOW –HUH!? – — -I’m WATCHIN’ — goin’ — WHA’???– –

        ***shakin’ my head –vigorously*** –with many —WHA’??? —

        Good 2 C U nellcote. :>) – —

        • nellcote

          MHP should have them on her show this weekend.

          • GreenLadyHere

            LOL — — nellcote. –She would B AMONG – –the –LIKE-MINDED. – — -LOL – —

            – –Good call! :>) – –

  • GN


    Tea Partier Parents sue school for offering yoga, argue it promotes Eastern religion http://soc.li/u1ZkMSa

    What in the world?

    • isonprize

      I’ve actually heard similar from a black woman. “yoga is devil worship” …sigh….

      • GN

        That is ignorant as hell (pun intended!).

      • Miranda

        Does she also think Count Dracula on Sesame Street is evil manifested through a puppet?

        • Worldwatcher7

          Probably. She may also believe kids learn magic by reading Harry Potter.

    • Miranda
      • GN


    • nellcote

      That’s a shame. Yoga would probably help a lot with conflict resolution for kids.

  • GN

    Top Romney strategist: ‘Blame me’

    (CNN) – Mitt Romney’s top campaign strategist has a simple message for soul-searching Republicans wondering how their presidential nominee lost: “I take full responsibility.”

    Stuart Stevens was a senior adviser for Romney and had a hand in a variety of campaign functions, including strategy and advertising.


    No dude. Your candidate really sucked. President Obama was a thousand times better on pretty much every metric: political accomplishment, personality, ideology, waaaaaaaay better campaign, much better running mate etc. And let’s not get into what would be an unkind comparison of the candidates’ wives…

    • Miranda

      *snicker*….oh really? That’s what y’all came up with? Just blame it all on me and no one will even remember how god-awful Romney was? LOL, ok…let’s see how that plays. LOL

      • isonprize

        and why would he fall on his sword for ol’ Myth R-money? Myth gave less than a damn about his staff. These people are hopelessly delusional.

        • GN

          Remember Mittens cutting off their credit cards before all of them even had a chance to get home from the concession speech? He truly did not care at. all.

          • Miranda

            As soon as Ohio was called, Mitt was on the phone with Visa.

          • AxelFoley


        • jds09

          Stevens got a bonus for falling on his sword.

      • GN

        Okay? New rule: if your candidate *and his running mate* are both on tape deriding large swaths of Americans as “takers,” you’re about to take a loss. It wasn’t the campaign which was defective, it was the candidates. And PBO is kind of a once in a lifetime candidate, not sure who could have defeated him with such a strong base and coalition so solidly behind him…there was no such base/coalition consensus for any of the GOP candidates, even the “dream” ones who weren’t running.

        • Miranda

          You know even on the most shallow level, Mitt was just horrific as a candidate LOL. He had NO personality! He was stiff, a cardboard cut-out! And somehow, even though he was painfully sleep inducing, he was still arrogant with it. The combination in and of itself was actually impressive – I mean to be that boring AND haughty at the same time…..Hell, Mitt was a once in a lifetime candidate his damn self. The man refused to release his financials while running on a “I’m a successful business man” platform. And Paul Ryan?? Oh Lord…..the media kept telling us how smart he was…as long as he was just a congressman and only had to talk to Fox News and MTP that lie could be believable..but lo and behold when he was forced to stand in the spotlight. OMG….he will never be able to obtain higher office after the Biden beatdown.

          So good luck Stu with trying to pass off the blame as being all on you!

          • qosine

            True!! LOL “The combination in and of itself was actually impressive – I mean to be that boring AND haughty at the same time”

        • Ebogan63

          “And PBO is kind of a once in a lifetime candidate, not sure who could have defeated him with such a strong base and coalition so solidly behind him”

          No one, that is why I was neva worried about Rmoney

    • nellcote

      Rmoney is going to cpac. Stevens is trying to clear the path. His consulting company made big money off the campaign. And he’s a fool, also, too.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda ——BWAHAHA – – —-Ooooweee! – —spill some -TEA!!— -LOL

    – — Tavis Smiley’s Former Exec Producer Headed to ‘Arsenio Hall’– —

    —— –*Neal Kendall, who just ended a 10-year stint as the executive producer of “Tavis Smiley,” is taking his talents to Arsenio Hall’s new syndicated talk show, which is set to debut Sept. 9 via CBS TV Distribution.

    Kendall steered more than 1,900 episodes of Smiley’s PBS talk show. Additionally, he has served as producer on NBC’s “Later,” CBS’s “The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder” and CNN’s “Larry King Live” as well as Carrie Fisher’s talker for Oxygen Media, Jesse Ventura’s for MSNBC and Kevin Nealon’s for TNN/Spike.

    — —T(r)avesty???—-“WHYCOME” —U – —SO – — –MAD??? – — LOL – —

    • nellcote

      Now that’s a shitty resume!

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL – –nellcote — -I KNOW –HUH? — -LOL – —

        The 10 years with THAT LOSER -is ENUFF. LOL – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — -THIS is a —“FOND MEMORY”- —4 me. :>) — -It was ona my Mommy’s” FAV songs. :>) She usta SANG IT all the time. :>)

    EVEN made Daddy dance with her. LOL – — 2 CUTE. :>) – –

    — – –Hues Corporation – Rock the Boat —-:>) – –
    -***tears*** annnnd — ***smiles**

    • Camille

      May she continue to rest in perfect Sis.

  • crazycanuck

    Oh Dear

    The Comeback Kid. ‏@thewayoftheid

    But What Came First, The Jez Or The Bel?: How A Group Of Plucky White Women Created Online Feminism #whitehistoryclasses

  • Miranda

    Hold up…what is this I’m reading on twitter about the founders of Unite Blue? They ran the twitter campaign for Buddy Roemer and held a tea party townhall?? What’s up with that? Anyone have more info? I was always a little leery of that group – don’t know why – just spidey senses.

    • isonprize

      yeah, I posted somethin’ a while back along the lines of “they ain’t what they seem to be” from TOD. Trust your spidey senses!!!

      They are a front for a teaparty group. Lemme see if I can find some deets.

  • GreenLadyHere

    — —A BLACK HISTORY MOMENT – – – -:>) – –

    – – —The forgotten godfathers of black American sport – –

    — — —Think of the greatest American sports stars of all time and names like Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali and Serena Williams will likely spring to mind.

    But long before these champions smashed the record books — and blazed a trail in the public’s imagination — the first generation of black U.S. athletes dominated an unlikely sport.

    The godfathers of Owens, Ali and Williams weren’t stereotypical towering, musclebound men found on basketball courts or in boxing rings.

    Instead, they were the jockeys of the race track and their dizzying success — and dramatic fall — is one of the most remarkable buried chapters in U.S. sporting history.
    – — SNIP-

    – — -The son of a former slave, Isaac Murphy was the first jockey to win three Kentucky Derbies — in 1884, 1890, 1891. He went on to win an unheard-of 44% of all his competitions, becoming the first rider inducted into the National Racing Hall of fame.

    “Murphy was the first millionaire black athlete,” Drape told CNN. “He even had a white valet.”
    THERE IS MORE. :>) — —

    – —WE R PROUD of U. :>) – —:>) – –

  • Miranda

    heh….ok…imma just sit back and read what y’all have to say about this:

    Where Is Kerry Washington’s Major Magazine Cover?

    Washington has been on the covers of Essence, Ebony and Women’s Health, which is great. But these are not the mainstream glossies that really confirm a celebrity has arrived. Washington was on a version of Elle’s Women in Hollywood issue, but as with Octavia Spencer, Washington’s cover was not on newsstands. Sarah Jessica Parker was awarded that honor.


    • nellcote

      This seems like a good subject for a twitter/facebook campaign.

    • Camille

      I was going to pass on this but changed my mind and will probably upset some of my family here.

      But here’s my take: I think she’s overrated and overexposed and if she isn’t careful she’ll be done by the time this year’s over.

      She tries too hard and comes across as contrived and all affectation.

      There are great black actresses who have yet to have even their first Essence and Ebony covers – and then there are the not so great black actresses who have had many repeat covers – some of them haven’t even done a movie or anything else in years, but still land covers.

      Just like there are some great white actresses who have been passed over again and again for the not so great white actress for magazine covers and everything else.

      There’s just this rather unfair and odd thing about Hollywood and the world of glossies, and succeeding at either place can be a complex mix of true talent and stars aligning or just good old fashioned god-fatherism or plain old luck and benefits from the casting couch-

      It can get tricky marketing oneself and trying to get in and stay in – and staying relevant and what that entails. Sometimes the things that make one relevant are the same things that ultimately doom one.

      Sometimes it’s okay to just step back and let things happen – gradually if necessary. Let the magazines come to you if they want to, they know where to find you and contrary to all the hype, magazine covers don’t necessarily make or break a career.

      What certainly does destroy careers are these sort of strong-arming campaigns that are immediately attributed to the actor or actress and their marketing crew, and has the potential to turn off the very people they are trying to get to.

      • But here’s my take: I think she’s overrated and overexposed and if she isn’t careful she’ll be done by the time this year’s over.

        Over exposed? Kerry’s been in the industry for close to 20 years and is just now getting mainstream attention.

        There are great black actresses who have yet to have even their first Essence and Ebony covers – and then there are the not so great black actresses who have had many repeat covers – some of them haven’t even done a movie or anything else in years, but still land covers.

        They may have repeat covers on BLACK magazines, but Black actresses do NOT get repeat covers on mainstream magazines because the industry claims Black covers don’t sell.

        Just like there are some great white actresses who have been passed over again and again for the not so great white actress for magazine covers and everything else.

        True, but the point of the article isn’t about great actresses being passed over for not so great actresses. It’s about the racist double standard the magazine industry has when it comes to selecting white women for their covers.

        What certainly does destroy careers are these sort of strong-arming campaigns that are immediately attributed to the actor or actress and their marketing crew, and has the potential to turn off the very people they are trying to get to.

        One blog post response to one article pointing out that Kerry Washington, despite being VERY popular right now, is missing on major magazine covers does not a “strong-arming campaign” make.

        • Daltex82

          Excellent repsonse.

        • Camille

          I finally get you to speak to me Sep, what a feat.

          An actor or actress can be in the industry for 40 years and finally get their moment.

          What they do with that moment and how their PR teams handle it can and oftentimes does result in overexposure.

          Overexposure isn’t about the number of years an actor has been around, it’s what they do with and during their “VERY popular” moment and how they handle it. That’s what determines if they keep thriving or if they fizzle out. The matter of being very popular and for how long, especially in that industry, is rather subjective.

          Popularity with a niche audience isn’t necessarily compelling enough for many of those who make the decisions about who swim or sink in Hollywood.

          She’s been around 20 years you say, that means the people in that community must know her well and have still chosen not to put her on their covers.

          The point I make about great black actresses is made precisely to point to the unfairness that does extend to the wider industry – including who gets picked for magazine covers.

          There are several relatively young, brilliant, seasoned black actresses who can’t even get a toothpaste ad gig, haven’t worked in years and never really got much of any type of attention even when they were supposedly at the top of their game and had paid their dues. Kimberly Elise immediately comes to mind.

          She could probably tell you a whole lot not only about racism but unfair practices that define acceptable and preferred industry standards of beauty and all those other things that have meant that a serious, well-honed actress like Elise will more often than not be passed up for roles in favor of a Megan Goode, Paula Patton, Halle Berry or Thandie Newton. A repackaged Kerry Washington is currently a beneficiary of that standard.

          But ironically, where Vogue has featured Rihanna (twice), Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce on its cover, Thandie Newton complained bitterly about being passed over – and besides having burnt that bridge by publicly complaining, by Hollywood standards her time has now probably come and gone. Betty White thankfully does still give very many hope these days that there might be an encore sometime later.

          The truth about the people who ultimately make these decisions is that they are self-important and quickly turn petty and vindictive when called out. What good is a magazine cover that immediately spurs a covert industry effort to cut you down to size or subsequently deny you roles to make a point?

          But even as we discuss racism in the entertainment industry, the honchos who control the black entertainment industry must be called out too as they are just as guilty in the same manner, of other forms of discrimination and stereotyping that has seen them favor certain artistes over others for whatever reason.

          There is a whole lot of unfairness and terrible issues that abound in the entertainment industry which have left so many talented and fantastic artistes bitter, jaded, cynical – not even Viola Davis or Denzel Washington for that matter who’s had a pretty terrific run feels good about Hollywood.

          The streets are littered with brilliant, talented, smart, out of work black actresses some of whom have resorted to any number of limited alternative outlets for a means simply to survive.

          For them scoring a major magazine cover is the least of their problems, they just want to act and get paid for doing what they’ve always loved and done best.

  • isonprize

    Found it… Sylvester tells how/when he met Martha and Izora (‘Two Tons of Fun’ and later, the ‘Weather Girls’) Sylvester had an amazing quality to his voice!

    And as he says “Your ear would have to be in your foot not to hear that these women can sing! These women can sing, y’all!!” … RIP

    You are my Friend – James Sylvester

  • GreenLadyHere

    – — – –BLACK HISTORY MOMENT– – –[Thank U -nathkatun7. :>)] –

    — – –Dr. Carrol Waymon, San Diego’s Civil Rights Hero – —

    — – —In 1924, Elijah J. Gentry, the president of the NAACP San Diego office wrote the following to a colleague in New York:

    “Colored people (in San Diego) are not allowed in restaurants, nor to drink soda water in drugstores, nor can they rent bathing suits at any bathing house or beach in this city.” Furthermore, he continued, despite the perception of racial tolerance, San Diego was nonetheless “a very prejudice(d) city.”

    Forty years after this letter was written, three college student Freedom Fighters in Mississippi, were gunned down for their part in helping African Americans organize and register to vote. The incident was denounced by many, but here in San Diego, which remained a segregated city, the reaction was different, recalls Dr. Carrol Waymon, a 2013 Local Hero honoree for Black History Month.
    – – – -SNIP – — –
    – — THIS – – ->:Waymon grew up, the son of a Methodist minister, with seven siblings, including his younger sister, the late Nina Simone, a renowned jazz performer/composer. In 1964, he was working on racial issues for the Los Angeles Human Relations Agency. It was then that the San Diego City Council asked the Los Angeles office for assistance. Waymon and a colleague were sent to San Diego to assess the situation. After an initial meeting, they left, puzzled.
    – – – -SNIP — –
    – — Waymon puts it another way. “President (Barack) Obama was born in 1961. If his mother had come to San Diego to give birth, as a woman married to a black man, she could not have entered a major hospital except for Mercy Hospital. None of the other hospitals would have accepted her. She could not have eaten in a restaurant or stayed in a hotel. Not a single hotel in San Diego allowed blacks to be there. She couldn’t have gone into any department store and tried on clothes. If you tried on clothes you had to buy them. So, I coined the phrase, ‘try on and move on’ because if you try on, you better move on.”

    THERE IS MORE.- — –

    – – – –WOW&1/2!! — What a – –REVELATION. – –JUS’ LEARNED a LOT. :>) — –

    • Camille

      Quite a bit still hasn’t changed in San Diego actually. We’ve come a long way, but we still have some ways to go.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – –Soooo – – – -I’m teachin’ 2-day – –annnd it’s LUNCH TIME. – –

    SooooI go 2 the cafeteria – –annnnd _BREAK INTO the line. – –Then some student said –“HEY. U CUT the LINE” —-I turned – — gave a –Pleasant ***side eye *** annnnd said —YES!.

    Half an hour L8R —a Security Guard came up 2 me [She was M’GUUUURRRRLL LOL] – –annnnd axed: – – -R U the guurrrll — WHO CUT the LINE.?? – –

    We fell out laffin. :>) — -He said – –I was a gurrrl?? – -I told: Here. Give THI$ [$5] 2 him!! – –A guurrrrlll. – –LOL —–I’ll TAKE IT!! LOL – – – –

    ONLY in America. :>) LOL – – —

    • Worldwatcher7

      Hi GLH:

      I understand that kid completely. Cuttin’ the line was a serious offense at my old school!

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Worldwatcher7. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – — —LOL – –I KNOW -HUH!? –LOL – –RIGHT UP THERE with — — -a schoolyard — -“BEATDOWN”. – – -LOL – –

        Good 2 C U — -Worldwatcher7. :>) —

    • Camille

      LOL Sis.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — —Y’KNOW — -I’m usually givin’ – –**side eyes*** – – -2 polls – –BUT — –

    — –Pew Poll Finds Little Support For Cutting Government Programs– —

    ——-Republicans in Washington insist that the government has a spending problem and that the best approach to the imminent sequestration is to impose cuts on programs, but a poll released Friday by Pew Research Center indicates that the public does not have their back.

    The poll found that majorities would like the government to either increase funding or maintain current levels of funding for 18 of 19 government programs that were tested. The lone area wherein the public does not want funding increased or maintained is providing aid to needy areas throughout the world. Forty-eight percent believe that overseas aid for the world’s destitute — a tiny fraction of the overall budget — should be decreased, while 21 percent said it should be increased and 28 percent said it should remain the same.

    But fewer than 20 percent of respondents said that funding for the likes of Social Security, Medicare, roads and infrastructure, education and natural disaster relief should be decreased.

    Read the entire poll here.
    THERE IS MORE – – – — – – –GOOD NEWS! :>) – –

    – – – -COMMENT: – – – David Belk
    There’s very little support for anything the Republicans seem to want. So how do they win? By never actually coming out and telling people what they stand for. Why does that work in this Country?
    – —

  • rikyrah

    A Fifth of Beethoven was the jam. I remember that 45…lol

  • GreenLadyHere


    – —Cleotha Staples of Staples Singers siblings dead at 78 – – –

    – —-Cleotha Staples, whose smooth and velvety voice helped set apart the sound of the influential and best-selling gospel group The Staple Singers, died Thursday at age 78.

    Staples, the eldest sister and member of the group her father Roebuck “Pops” Staples started in the 1940s, was at her Chicago home and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the past decade, said family friend and music publicist Bill Carpenter.

    The group included sisters Pervis, Yvonne, Mavis and Cynthia, but Cleotha was the backbone, defining herself by being the “strong, silent type,” said Carpenter, author of “Uncloudy Day: The Gospel Music Encyclopedia.”

    “When she was young they used to call her granny because she acted like a granny in terms of being wise and always sure of the best thing to do,” Carpenter said.

    – —Staples, known as “Cleedi,” was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with her family in 1999 and received a lifetime achievement award from the Grammys in 2005. The Staple Singers gained a huge audience with their first No. 1 hit “I’ll Take You There” in 1972 and followed with top 40 hits “Respect Yourself,” ”Heavy Makes You Happy,” and “If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me).”
    THERE IS MORE. – — –

    – – – –Staple Singers I’ll Take You There – – — CHU’CH!! — –U’ALL!! -:>)

    – — —Cleotha Staples: 5 Facts About the Soul Music Legend – — –

    – – — –When such Staple Singers‘ hits as “I’ll Take You There” and “If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)” came on the radio, it was easy to get lost in Mavis Staples’ raspy, soulful contralto lead vocals. But if you listened closer, another part of what made the Chicago gospel-soul group’s distinctive sound was the deft soprano harmony of Mavis’ sister Cleotha, who died on Feb. 21 at age 78 in Chicago.

    —– –In the words of Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot, Cleotha’s voice “rang out like a bell and descended with a distinctive twang.” As Mavis Staples described her sister’s voice: “It wasn’t harsh or hitting you hard, it was soothing.” If Mavis captured the frenetic earthiness of Chicago blues, Cleotha evoked the slower, gentler feel of the Mississippi Delta, where the Staples family had once lived before Roebuck “Pops” Staples, their father, took them north so that he could work in the Chicago stockyards.

    Here are five intriguing facts about Cleotha Staples:

    – — RIHEP – -Dear “CLEEDI”♥ – – – -THANK U 4 YOUR MUSIC. — -AMEN. –

    – -CONDOLENCES 2 – -FAMILY/FRIENDS/FANS —***raises hand*** — –

    • nellcote

      RIP Cleotha Staples.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —GOOD ECONOMIC NEWS — -2-day. :>)- – – – –

    – — –Stocks Rally, Reversing a Slump, as Earnings Give a Jolt – –

    ——- Major U.S. equity indices rallied Friday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to erase losses from two consecutive losing sessions. Stocks also got a lift from Hewlett-Packard’s (HPQ_) promising earnings.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 120 points, or 0.9%, to 14,001. The index is up 6.8% this year.

    Breadth within the Dow was positive, as winners outpaced losers 25 to five. Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot (HD_) and Coca-Cola (KO_) were the biggest leaders on the Dow.
    THERE IS MORE.- —— –