October 20, 2017

Friday Evening Thread: Lose Control


  • Miranda

    Oh so now they wanna tell on each other

    EXCLUSIVE: Dick Armey Dishes On FreedomWorks’ Deals With Beck & Limbaugh

    Former chairman says group wasted money paying Beck $1 million last year for fundraising

    • goldenstar

      They all sooo deserve this. No honor amongst thieves. Or as rikyrah calls them, grifters.

      • rikyrah

        Watching the interview as Armey was ‘explaining’ why it was ok for him to grift 8 million from a ‘ grassroots’ organization was hilarious….

    • Alma98
      • Miranda


  • Miranda


    AllState uses Sandy-destroyed house in ad, but won’t pay couple’s claim

    A Staten Island couple isn’t super thrilled with a new AllState ad that thanks the company’s employees for putting customers first during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. That’s because the home of Shelia and Dominic Traina is featured in the ad even though AllState is refusing to pay their full claim. Instead, the Trainas say that AllState offered them $10,000, suggesting that their house was destroyed by water, not wind. A neighbor reportedly witnessed the demise of the house and says it was knocked down by Sandy’s wind.

    As the Traina’s story went viral, AllState issued a statement clarifying for everyone that its commercial was filmed in compliance with all advertising laws. Because that’s the point, right?

    • Alma98

      I remember them doing this before they are scumbugs.

    • Mofos are bold as hail!

  • LOL @ “Missy Elliott (Where She At?)”

    • Alma98

      She’s been trying to get healthy she has graves disease.

      • Miranda

        Oh wow, I just read. I am a Missy fan 4 life, miss her.

      • Aww, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope she gets better. The music industry needs her.

      • PBomb

        I absolutely love Missy!! She has always been one of my favorite rappers.

    • lamh36

      she was on Black Girls Rock briefly performing with Ciara.

  • Alma98

    Get healthy and come back Missy I miss you.

  • White House Plans To Overwhelm NRA With Rapid Victory
    Benjy Sarlin January 4, 2013, 4:04 PM

    The White House and gun control supporters are gearing up for an a whirlwind month, with plans to pass reform legislation before outrage over the Sandy Hook massacre has a chance to fade.

    While the fiscal cliff has dominated Washington’s attention in recent weeks, lawmakers and activists are laying the groundwork for their big push. Vice President Joe Biden, tasked with heading a commission to investigate gun violence, has been quietly meeting with experts, interest groups, and public officials and is expected to release a set of recommendations within weeks. Boston mayor Thomas Menino, co-chair of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, told the Boston Herald this week that an optimistic Biden had assured him that Obama would sign legislation “by the end of January.”

    “We had been led to believe their report would come by end of January, but we’re hearing they may want to have somethign out by January 15, even quicker than expected,” Mark Glaze, director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, told TPM.

    MORE: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2013/01/white-house-nra-gun-victory.php

    • goldenstar

      This ought to quiet all those who have been quipping that nothing has happened in the past and how is this president going to do it? He’s been so hesitant in the past. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

  • Bag snatchers on motorbike tried to mug Naomi Campbell as she sat in a Paris limousine
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    PUBLISHED: 02:58 EST, 4 January 2013

    Thieves attempted to snatch supermodel Naomi Campbell’s handbag as she sat in a limousine in central Paris, French police confirmed tonight.

    Revelations about the attack last November came following claims about a ‘violent mugging’ which saw the supermodel end up in a wheelchair.

    There were reports that the 42-year-old had been attacked just before Christmas as she tried to hail a taxi in the French capital.

    In fact she was already sitting in the car when two men on a motorbike are said to have tried to grab her handbag on November 21.

    The attempted snatch took place in Rue de Moussy, in the trendy Marais district of central Paris, just off the Rue de Rivoli.

    Nothing was taken, but Ms Campbell filed a complaint at the nearby police station of the 4th arrondissement.

    There she refused to have a medical examination, but was later pictured in a wheelchair and wearing a brace.

    Sources in New York later claimed Ms Campbell had suffered a torn leg ligament in the bag snatch.

    The 42-year-old’s billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, used his private jet to fly her to Vail, Colorado, where she was treated by J. Richard Steadman, one of the world’s leading orthopedic surgeons.

    Following a check of November crime reports in Paris, a police source said: ‘On November 21, two people on a motorbike attempted to steal Ms Campbell’s handbag as she sat in a vehicle on Rue de Moussy.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2256997/Bag-snatchers-motorbike-tried-mug-Naomi-Campbell-sat-Paris-limousine.html#ixzz2H3KSWbwZ

    Um, how somebody, on a motorbike, gonna snatch your purse if you’re INSIDE a car?

  • Why Jim Moran is a Congressman and PBO is President:

    Congressman Jim Moran Explains Opposition To Fiscal Cliff Deal
    By: Matt Laslo // January 2, 2013

    “While all of the region’s Republicans opposed the deal to avert the fiscal cliff, most of the area’s Democrats got in line with the plan. There were a few, however, who chose to break ranks.

    No one got all they wanted in the last minute deal to avoid another recession, but Northern Virginia Congressman Jim Moran was one of 16 Democrats who couldn’t swallow the compromise. He says he’s disappointed his party leaders lowered taxes on estates and changed the threshold for income taxes.

    “Now there’s no leverage left,” Moran says. “Except perhaps the bully pulpit, but the bully pulpit that the president has doesn’t seem to have much resonance with the ideologically oriented majority of the House Republicans.”


    Deaniac today:

    “2014 and 2016 are not going to be referenda on the president. If the Republicans were to force a shutdown, and the worldwide economy exploded, their party will be seen as solely to blame, and routed out of Washington as Wall Street withdraws their support from the crazy side for irreparably harming their business, and the American people take out their anger out on the Republicans.

    There is another reason the president will not negotiate this time over the debt ceiling. When he cut the deal with the Republicans in 2011, he was getting something no Democrat thought was possible to get from a Republican House: a big cut in defense spending through the automatic cuts (half a trillion dollars’ worth), while he protected the most crucial programs for the poor, the middle class and the elderly. But the tax increases on the middle class at the end of 2012 were paired with that deal. So the only thing the president had to do to rescue that hostage is exactly what he did through the fiscal cliff deal: he severed the tax provisions (and made those policies permanent while raising taxes on the wealthy) from the spending cuts, thereby neutering all Republican leverage. That’s why Republicans are so hopping mad – they know exactly what happened to them.”


    I don’t care how much the Koch brothers, Big Biz and Wall Street hate this President they will not let anybody mess with their money. You better know they’re still angry about the first debt ceiling debacle. Oh yeah and if they want to go that route those automatic defense cuts will make them think twice. Red areas are going to be hit hard which is why Lindsay Graham has been pitching a fit for the last few months.

    Game set match. Please proceed Republican leadership.

    • nellcote

      Moran needs to watch Larry O explain what a win the deal was for PBO. He did an awesome job of it last night.

      • goldenstar

        Not sure if he is that bright nor committed to understand.

      • Town

        Moran needs to get some help for his MORON son and leave Pres. Obama alone.

    • Town

      Every single Virginia congressman except ONE voted against the deal. That ONE was NOT Bobby Scott.

  • PBomb

    George Lucas Engaged to DreamWorks Animation Chairman Mellody Hobson

    The duo has been romantically linked since 2006.

    Just months after selling Lucasfilm Ltd. to Disney, George Lucas is ready for another big change: marriage.

    The Star Wars writer-director is engaged to longtime girlfriend and DreamWorks Animation chairman Mellody Hobson, a rep for Lucasfilm confirms to The Hollywood Reporter. It will be the first marriage for Hobson, 43, and the second for Lucas, 68.

    Read more: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/george-lucas-mellody-hobson-engaged-408012

  • lamh36

    Rikyrah, girl, did you see the last episode of Fringe! At least 2 events in it made me go OMG! Only 3 hours left! One more 1 hour episode and then the final 2 hours Series finale.

    Gonna miss this show.

    • rikyrah

      yes, I saw it. Fringe is off the chain.

      I always always on the fence about Nina…never knew if I was supposed to like her or not….so I saw her as a necessary evil.

  • lamh36

    Hmm, I guess this is not the type of teacher the NRA was talking about. Arm the teachers huh, sometimes the “good guys” also have issues. Reason #1.000.999.999.999 why gun control is needed.

    Teacher surrenders weapon

    This weapon was in a case. It has a trigger lock installed, but it was alarming to find two, 30-round, high-capacity magazines loaded,” Doucette said.

    On Monday morning, Davis began posting videos that criticized school administrators, the teachers union and co-workers, among a slew of other topics. Davis also sent a school-wide email saying he would “remove the union and all of the teachers who are negatively affecting the children in this town.”

    “I think that he’s probably driven at this point and wants to get out and push some of his ideas forward. There’s no doubt in my mind, at all, that he’s very concerned about the way that he’s been treated by the supervisory union. He’s very angry at the teachers union itself for going on strike last year,” Doucette said…

    • Miranda

      WOW…he is a walking timebomb. That is so scary!

  • trose1

    Today was payday at the JOB. I work for a large company. We got a nice email today stating: (paraphrase)
    PBO signed a tax bill Jan 3rd 2013 that will INCREASE your SS tax from 4.2 to 6.2%. In 2010 and 2011 you were paying 4.25% it will increase to 6.2%. This will take effect IMMEDIATELY.
    Why Democrats didn’t fight for extension of this tax holiday is beyond me.

    • Miranda

      I think my company is run by Dems because we got an email about the rate change but it said the rate is the rate you were paying in 2009 and that’s all. It didn’t say it was an increase.

      • trose1

        Our CEO stated in a company forum he was not happy with “Obamacare” but would learn to live with.
        I am sure he was dancing when that memo was sent out.

        • TyrenM

          Last year I had to cuss out a BCBS shill explaining the PPACA to us. Nothing like getting put out of a presentation by HR.

          • trose1

            Lol, u are a trouble maker.

    • Ebogan63

      It was only supposed to be temporary.

      • trose1

        So were the Bush tax cuts and GOP fought to death to keep them. EITC and child tax extensions were supposed to be temporary they were extened for five more years. I don’t qualify for those credits but I was getting some relief from the payroll tax holiday.
        I think Dems should have fought to extend it.
        I think it was a mistake “the middle class” Dems were claiming to protect had their “taxes” increased. IMMEDIATELY

        • Ebogan63

          At the expense of the SS trust fund might have been the reason why it was not fought for, but I see your position.

        • nathkatun7

          How do you know the Dems didn’t fight? Do you really know what it takes to compromise? I am sick and tired of arm chair quarterbacks!

          • trose1

            I know PBO did. I have no clue what Dems were fighting for. I do know GOP will go to hell and back to fight for their corporate sponsors. From what I have read or seen on TV Dems were fighting to keep SS offf the table.They were fighting to protect the “middle class.” YEP, read several articles Dems were happy to let the EITC and child tax extensions go with the payroll tax holiday.

          • aleth

            Maintaining it diminishes money to SS ….here was the disagreement was it was initially enacted http://thehill.com/homenews/house/169077-ignoring-liberal-dems-obama-endorses-longer-payroll-tax-holiday

            The question for you is whether you preferred a $2000 increase with fiscal cliff v returning to paying 10-20 in your SS v let SS diminish. In a way maybe the president should never enacted the temporary measure because no good deed goes unpunished

          • trose1

            “In a way maybe the president should never enacted the temporary measure because no good deed goes unpunished”

            RIGHT HERE that is all!

      • Jeremy

        Exactly ! It was only a temporary stimulus. that money is needed for the SS trust fund.

        • trose1

          Everything is temporary until the congress deems it is permanent. That payroll tax was not going to make one individual wealthy. My gripe is that Dems are supposed to protect middle class. Today when that memo was sent to literally thousands of middle class people, who exactly was protecting the middle class? NO ONE

          • aleth

            You really need to read on payroll taxes ….

    • isonprize

      Um, plus, it’s what you are paying into SS. So, when you retire you will get more. They are really throwing shade on the TRUTH! That’s a damn shame. Plus, it the same rate you were paying about 2-3 years ago, if I’m remembering correctly.

      Of course, I’m sure your company failed to mention that a BILL has to get written by Reps and Senators before it gets to the President to sign.

      Whatever, Rethugs, whatever.

      • trose1

        U don’t have to tell me. I will live fine with out the holiday. These greedy corporate CEO’s will do say anything to make a dime. “Truth” is middle class taxes went up and it is because Obama signed the bill.

        • nathkatun7

          I am sorry, but this is nonsense! Middle class taxes did not go up! What went up was the temporary payroll deduction that was set to expire on Dec. 31 2012. If President Obama hadn’t signed the deal Middle-class tax rates would have gone up much hire to the level they were at in 2000!

        • aleth

          Pay roll holiday was temporary measure enacted by Obama…everyone knew it both liberals and GOP hated it. It was because of the shape of the economy. Middle class tax did not go up, you returned to the proper amount you ought to pay for SS. If it was kept continually, you can expect a new bases for gutting SS because not enough revenue to make up for pyments

          • trose1

            Personally I will live without the PT extension. My point is that after the 24/7 fiscal cliff media event taxes went up on anyone who is working. People don’t know the diff between FICA SS etc. all they know Obama did it to them. IMO, Dems didn’t seem to fight for it or even pretend to fight for it. All I am saying. I know there is a reason, but it looks bad.

    • nathkatun7

      What were you paying before President Obama negotiated a tax holiday in Dec 2010? By the way the company e-mail you received lied. In 2010 you were paying 6.2% and not 4.2%. It was President Obama who negotiated the 4.2% you paid in 2011 and 2012! All of us have an obligation to know the facts before accepting the propaganda from our self-serving corporate masters!

      • trose1

        I understand fully what happened.Most who received the memo have no clue what they pay. They know they got paid $20 $40 less in their pay check. In a sane world our fellow man would be informed, we live in an insane world.

  • rikyrah

    Anyone else interested in seeing Deception on MOnday?


    When wealthy socialite and notorious party girl Vivian Bowers is found dead of an overdose, no one is really surprised. The heiress to the Bowers pharmaceutical empire has been tabloid fodder for years: wild, pretty, privileged… and now dead at the age of 32. But for FBI agent Will Moreno (Laz Alonso, “Avatar”), things don’t add up with this suspicious dynasty.

    Convinced the troubled girl’s death was a homicide, he has a clever plan
    to get to the truth. Her name is Detective Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good, “Think Like a Man”). Twenty years ago she was Vivian’s best friend and practically grew up inside the Bowers’ home. And when she appears at Vivian’s funeral, the family re-embraces her and no one is the wiser. Joanna quickly begins to uncover dark secrets and clues about why Vivian’s life was very much in danger. At the same time, she rekindles an old romantic relationship and rediscovers the allure of the luxurious lifestyle she once knew. She’s about to see once again just how the other half lives… and dies.

    Also starring are Victor Garber (“Alias”), Tate Donovan (“Damages”), Katherine LaNasa (“Alfie”) and Ella Rae Peck (“Gossip Girl”). “Deception” comes from executive producer/writer Liz Heldens (“Friday Night Lights”) and director Peter Horton (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Dirty Sexy Money”). The series is from Universal Television and BermanBraun.


    • TresL

      I am. NBC has been struggling for a while now and they are obviously hoping that Scandal’s success with an AA female lead will rub off on their offering. I always watch every new show with AAs in the leading roles to help keep them on the air. A few years ago NBC tried with The Event (Blair Underwood) and Undercovers (Boris Kodjoe) I watched them both until they were cancelled. They were good shows, I thought, certainly good enough to warrant a second season but, it was not to be.

      • I liked The Event and Undercovers, too. NBC screwed up by putting The Event on hiatus to air some bs show that failed. By the time they brought it back, people (including myself) either forgot about it or moved on.

        With Undercovers, they made the mistake of marketing it as a Black show which scared off white viewers from the jump.

        • GC Carlson

          Andre Braugher is brilliant, and he can’t catch a break. I would be suspicious and am somewhat, but 99 out of one hundred shows are pulled these days, some after just two airings.

          • rikyrah

            I loved Last Resort – total Andre Braugher fan here.

      • rikyrah

        I loved The Event – who knew that John Ritter’s son had talent like that….and, just as it was hitting it’s stride, it was cancelled.

        I liked Undercovers and thought it should have gotten a longer run,..

      • TyrenM

        I liked Undercovers.

    • Miranda

      I’ll definitely tune in.

    • Town

      Also starring are Victor Garber (“Alias”)


      This almost makes me want to watch this show.

      • rikyrah

        I was already gonna watch, but Victor Garber is like icing on the cake

    • I’ll be watching.

  • rikyrah



  • rikyrah

    See, it’s stories like this that would make a Negro turn Black:


    Inmate ordered retried in ’80 ‘waiting ever since’
    By By MICHAEL GRACZYK | Associated Press – 10 hrs ago.

    Jerry Hartfield was still a young man when an uncle visited him in prison to tell him that his murder conviction had been overturned and he would get a new trial.

    Not long afterward, he was moved off of death row.

    “A sergeant told me to pack my stuff and I wouldn’t return. I’ve been waiting ever since for that new trial,” Hartfield, now 56, said during a recent interview at the prison near Gatesville where he’s serving life for the 1976 robbery and killing of a Bay City bus station worker. He says he’s innocent.

    The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Hartfield’s murder conviction in 1980 because it found a potential juror improperly was dismissed for expressing reservations about the death penalty. The state tried twice but failed to get the court to re-examine that ruling, and on March 15, 1983 — 11 days after the court’s second rejection — then-Gov. Mark White commuted Hartfield’s sentence to life in prison.

    At that point, with Hartfield off death row and back in the general prison population, the case became dormant.

    “Nothing got filed. They had me thinking my case was on appeal for 27 years,” said Hartfield, who is described in court documents as an illiterate fifth-grade dropout with an IQ of 51, but who says he has since learned to read and has become a devout Christian.

    A federal judge in Houston recently ruled that Hartfield’s conviction and sentence ceased to exist when the appeals court overturned them — meaning there was no sentence for White to commute. But Hartfield isn’t likely to go free or be retried soon because the state has challenged a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision favorable to Hartfield, arguing he missed a one-year window in which to appeal aspects of his case.


    • morphus

      Its a known known that Texas’ death penalty system is severely broken and that its pimped for federal dollars. Also, its documentation that minority-majority states like Texas uses the death penalty as a deterrent.

  • rikyrah

    We Won’t Play

    by BooMan
    Fri Jan 4th, 2013 at 05:51:38 PM EST

    I don’t know if he will ultimately vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as our next Secretary of Defense, but it doesn’t sound like Chuck Schumer is going to engage in any negotiations with the Republicans over the debt ceiling. Without the Senate being willing to even discuss the matter, the GOP appears checkmated. I can’t find the right metaphor for this situation. It’s like a teenager who plans to drive daddy’s car into a telephone pole but can’t get ahold of the keys. I anticipate a big tantrum


  • Miranda

    If POTUS nominates Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary, the confirmation hearings are gonna be awesome TV.

    • How so?

      • Miranda

        The republicans on the confirmation committee will be trying to play gotcha games and taking trash and Hagel doesn’t suffer fools.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Evenin’ miranda/POU FAM♥ ***BIG 2013 –HUG*** :>)

    – — –LOSE CONTROL – – -Sounds IE the –RE-THUCKERS. – — STR8 in DISARRAY! –LOL – –

    THIS gonna B a FUN YEAR watchin’ their DISARRAY — -move — -FORWARD!! – — -> LOL

    Have a good evenin’ :>) – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – —-A BLACK HISTORY MOMENT – —

    – —Slave’s Letter Reveals Pace of Freedom – –

    — – –Your Take: Annie Davis’ plea speaks volumes on the 150th birthday of the Emancipation Proclamation.– —

    On April 25, 1864 — 15 months after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863 — Annie Davis sent this letter to the White House:

    Mr. President
    It is my Desire to be free. To go to see my people on the eastern shore.
    My mistress wont let me.
    You will please let me know if we are free. And what I can do.
    I write to you for advice.
    Please send me word this week. Or as soon as possible, and oblidge.
    Annie Davis

    My heart breaks — and breaks again — every time I read Annie’s letter. I do not know her age. Or how she dressed. Or what she saw outside her window each morning.

    But my soul tells me that by the time the enslaved woman mustered the courage to dispatch this missive, she had spent every waking moment for a very long time yearning for liberty. Her envelope traveled just 70 miles from Bel Air, Md., to Washington, D.C., but her anguish endures through the ages.

    —By the spring of 1864, Annie believed she was entitled to freedom. But in truth, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation applied only to those secessionist Southern states “in rebellion.” As a slave-holding border state loyal to the Union, Maryland was not affected by the document. Annie and its other 87,000 enslaved residents remained in limbo.

    – — Sooo many of US —SHARE this STORY. – —

    Annnd –SOMA “us” – —HAVE – -YET 2 DO –THIS!! [BLAH – -RE-THUGS!] – –
    —Jus’ sayin’. . . . .

  • lamh36

    Who woulda thought when we was all watching Yo MTV Raps that hip hop would be such a global phenomenon!

    Damn if this song hasn’t been stuck in my head since I saw it used on a movie trailer.

    MIA – Bad Girls

  • GreenLadyHere

    miransda – – – –F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!! – – -SOMEONE who is SERIOUS about – – –implementin’ – – – –GUN CONTROL!! – — –

    – – — –A Connecticut Cop Halts Gun Shows After Newtown – – –

    — – – – –Michael Gugliotti, chief of police in Waterbury, Conn., decided to stop issuing gun show permits on the day after the nearby Newtown massacre.

    “I was just sitting home, really just thinking about what I need to do as a police chief during this type of crisis to ensure that our citizens are feeling safe and comfortable,” Gugliotti told TPM on Friday.

    It happened that the day before, one of his aides had a scheduled meeting with a representative of Westchester Collectors Inc., which wanted to hold a firearm and knife show in Waterbury on Jan. 12 and 13. (According to The American-Republican newspaper, the company planned to hold the show at the convention center of the CoCo Key Water Resort Hotel on East Main Street.) Waterbury, a city of 110,000, is about 20 miles northeast of Newtown.

    “Out of respect and honor for those 26 folks that lost their life in Newtown, I made the decision then and there to send the promoter a message that I would not be signing any permit for any gun show until further notice,” Gugliotti said.

    Gugliotti, who insisted his decision was “not about any gun control view that I have,” said that he still feels the way he did when he made the decision, but he acknowledged that the long-term decision will have to be made by the broader community in Connecticut’s fifth largest city.

    – – -A GOOD MODEL!! – — Guess the nra –is –MAD!. HAH! – –

  • MonieTalks
    • Camille

      I knew this woman was no good. Too slick for school.

      I saw the video where she tried to get President Obama to commit to rebuilding her entire business and the President was not having it. He was very careful and specifically said to her that so many people were affected and that there would have to be some sort of prioritizing to ensure that everyone got some help especially those who simply no longer even had a roof over their heads. He introduced her to Craig Fugate and said they would try to help as much as they could.

      So she’s just a manipulative liar. It’s that simply. And to try to slander the President in this manner, she’ll just have to contend with Karma.

    • aleth

      Next…she should keep waiting… Call christie and boener while at it. My empathy level is low. He is not your slave, gov, mayor.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — -UH! OH! – –Mr. BERNIE is “HOLDIN’ CLASS”!!! – – – – —

    —-Bernie Sanders: 1 in 4 Profitable Corporations In America Pay 0 Federal Taxes – —

    – – – –Bernie Sanders has a message for America. The battle over getting the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share will continue as long as 1 in 4 corporations in America pay 0 federal taxes.

    Here is the video:
    – – -SNIP – –
    At the heart of the political struggle is a philosophical battle over who should pay more. The left won the first victory with the fiscal cliff deal, but Republicans are gearing up to fight a war over the debt ceiling. Democrats and the left need to dig in their heels, because Republicans are coming after the series of beloved and essential programs that they refer to as “entitlements.”

    Only through continued struggle will that first victory be translated into a real shift in policy that will result in the wealthy and big corporations paying their full fair share.

    – – – —C U NEXT SESSION. LOL – – –

    • aleth

      Needs to stop talking and work…enough purity

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good MornTin’ aleth. –***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – –I KNOW. – –Sometimes I look 2 closely at the MESSAGE –annd NOT as close at the MESSENGER. :>)
        Gotta watch that. :>)

        — –WE –errybody – — GOT WORK 2 DO!! :>) —

        Good 2 C U aleth. :>)

        • aleth

          I hear u, morning lady…I have been irritated by him of late lol lol

          • GreenLadyHere

            aleth – – – Thank U 4 sharin’. :>) – –Heard U –also. :>) – – —

  • lamh36

    Night guys. Seven more days til the big move!!!

    Final new music of the night: Emeli Sande’ – Clown.
    Ya’ll might enjoy this. Listen to the whole CD let me know what you think.

  • Camille


    So now it’s Joe Biden (who I quite admire and like) who’s now entirely responsible for every impressive and major legislative accomplishment the Obama presidency was previously said to have never had?

    In one breath we’re told that President Obama and his administration has achieved nothing and has been unimpressive – but in the next breath, it’s all thanks to Joe Biden that so many amazing accomplishments has been wracked up under this administration.

    So which is it?

    And then there’s Bernie Sanders running around red in the face screaming at the top of his lungs that President Obama is dangerous and must be stopped before he follows through with his determination to cut Social Security.

    According to Bernie Sanders, it’s President Obama who poses the greatest threat to our nation – not the republicans. Those poor congressional republicans says Bernie, aren’t really bad – it’s just those big bad Wall street guys who fund their campaigns who force the poor poor congressional republicans do some not so good things.

    But that horrible, horrible President Obama, he must be stopped and Bernie intends to do so with a few media appearances with members of his fan club. Pronto.

    • jds09

      I checked Bernie out on Wikipedia a couple of weeks ago, few legislative accomplishments.He’s a perfect mascot for the PL.

      • nathkatun7

        jds09! I agree with you. Bernie Sanders also happens to represent one of the smallest States in the Union. I doubt that Bernie Sanders can win any where other than Vermont. Unlike Bernie, President Obama has the responsibility of a governing a diverse country of over 300 million people. Compare that to the state of Vermont which has a total population of less than 1 million people.

    • crazycanuck

      I knew that was coming. It’s their MO.

    • Ebogan63

      I had to tell off some idiot on Twitter who was tweeting ‘PBO: Hands off Soc,. Sec. No Chained CPI’ bs, by telling him to direct his fire at the GOP, yet he had the nerve to tell me that he was ‘a big advocate of PBO’ Doesn’t make you any less of an idiot for tweeting that bullshit.

    • rikyrah

      tell the truth, Camille

    • rikyrah

      I continue to believe the debt ceiling ‘negotiations’ will go something like this.

      President Obama: I want a clean debt ceiling bill.

      The GOP: We want huge cuts in ‘entitlements’

      President Obama: I want a clean debt ceiling bill.

      The GOP: We want huge cuts in ‘entitlements’.

      Other Democrats: Well….why don’t you give us a detailed list of these CUTS.

      The GOP: No, you should put forth the cuts first.

      Other Democrats: Um, no. It’s time for you to put up or shut up.

      President Obama: Here’s my deal. You run on your proposed CUTS for the 2014 elections… you know, like I ran on raising taxes for the 2%. If you win on them, I’ll talk to you in 2014. But, for this year – I want a clean debt ceiling bill.

      The GOP: We want huge cuts in ‘entiitlements’.

      President Obama: You know what I’ll sign… …don’t call me until it’s ready to come to my desk.

    • TyrenM

      Yeah. Ed couldn’t get through the week without breaking out the panic button and enter Bernie. Ugh.

    • aleth

      I called it…desperate for whiteness

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -OOPs! – — My -“BAD”. :>) – – -Missed THIS – – – -:>) – –

    – —‘Billie Jean’: Michael Jackson’s landmark single turns 30 – —

    – – – – “It is hard to say if there is a greater song than “Billie Jean.” I think there will never be a song like this one again, with this bassline, with this kind of effect, this eternalness, this perfection” — Pharrell Williams

    “Billie Jean,” arguably the most popular and celebrated track of the late Michael Jackson’s entire career, turned 30 years old today.

    The story behind the making of the song is almost as memorable as the thumping dance track itself.

    The paranoid lyrics, in which the King of Pop denies allegations of paternity to an unidentified child, were allegedly inspired by a real life crazed fan of Jackson’s, who actually allegedly claimed he’d fathered one of her twins. – – – –***EXTREME –side eye*** at that fan. LOL – — –

    – – – –Michael Jackson-Billy Jean-full version – -Woo! Hoo!

    – –RIHEP – –“MJ” – –MISSIN’ U♥ –EARNESTLY!! :>) – —

  • Camille

    I meant to share this yesterday. When I say that it’s time to push Jonathan Capeheart off the stage, I really mean it.

    The guy is such an embarrassment. A cowardly, dishonest, peacocking, spotlight loving, shallow kiss arse. Last night he was on with Lawrence O’Donnell discussing the left’s latest right wing crush – the obnoxious, cowardly loudmouth bully Chris Christie.

    And Jonathan Capeheart was all a-gush with how Christie is an “unbridled truth teller” who has no problem “taking it to President Obama” telling about President Obama “groping for leadership in the darkness”.

    This is Jonathan Capeheart for you fam. He’ll shamelessly jig for a buck and lie boldfaced just to keep a marginal gig going. I

    The time has come for the right-wing to just straight out purchase Jonathan Capeheart’s pathetic arse. He’s been auditioning for a while now and it’s time.

    Or maybe he’s just shamelessly angling for the attention of some wealthy New York GOProud or Log Cabin republican.

    There’s got to be a reason for this revved up non-stop shameless shilling for the most ridiculous and most unimpressive of right-wingers.