October 22, 2017

Friday Open Thread: African American Hoteliers


We continue our series on African American Hoteliers




Roy Donahue “Don” Peebles (born March 2, 1960) is a real-estate entrepreneur, author and political activist. Peebles is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Peebles Corp.,[1] the largest African-American real-estate development and ownership company in the US, with a multi-billion-dollar development portfolio of luxury hotels, high-rise residential and commercial properties in Washington, D.C., Las Vegas and Miami Beach.[2] Peebles’ company has previously owned property near San Francisco in California.[3]

Peebles and his firm have been featured by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Ebony, The Miami Herald, CNBC, ABC and he appears regularly as a guest host or commentator on CNBC, CNN and Fox to advise on real estate, economic and political issues.[4] In May 2009, Forbes listed Peebles in the top ten of the wealthiest black Americans.[5] Fortune magazine has estimated his wealth at $350 million.[2]

Peebles was born in Washington, D.C. to Ruth Yvonne Willoughby and Roy Donahue Peebles Sr.[6] His grandfather was a doorman at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel [7] in Washington D.C. Peebles has said that assisting his father as car mechanic while still a child contributed to his strong work ethic.[8] At the age of eight, Peebles moved to Detroit, where he spent five years until returning to Washington D.C.[9] and completed high-school while serving as a Congressional Page.[10]


In 1979, after completing his freshman year as a premed student at Rutgers University —he did not complete his degree—[1] Peebles became a real estate sales agent and appraiser in Washington, D.C. On January 9, 1983, at the age of 23, he established RDP Corporation, a residential and commercial real estate appraisal firm. Later that year, he was appointed to Washington’s Board of Equalization and Review, the real estate tax appeals board currently known as the Board of Real Property Assessments and Appeals. One year later, when Peebles was 24, Washington’s Mayor Marion Barry appointed him Chairperson of the Board[2] where he served until 1988.[1] Throughout the 1980s, Peebles hosted numerous political fundraisers for local mayoral, city council and presidential candidates.

Peebles developed a 100,000-square-foot (9,300 m2) Class-A office building at 2100 Martin Luther King Ave. SE. The building was the first new major commercial building built in the Anacostia section of Washington, D.C. in decades. Peebles was 27 when the project broke ground.[11]

During the early to mid 1990s, Peebles acquired commercial buildings and development sites in Washington, D.C. In 1990, Peebles founded RDP Assessment Appeals Services, a Washington-based commercial tax assessment appeals firm.

In the early 1990s, Washington Business Journal wrote an article citing Peebles as one of the “top fundraisers” in the city. He and his wife hosted fundraisers for mayoral candidates of New York City and Atlanta, the Governor of Maryland, and numerous congressional candidates. Peebles was invited to Arkansas to attend the economic summit held during the Clinton-Gore transition period.

Peebles moved to Florida and opened an office in Miami after a property deal worth $48 million collapsed. He began working on a public-private partnership with the City of Miami Beach. Two years later, he relocated his corporate headquarters to Miami. The projects included the Royal Palm Hotel, a 420-room and suite ocean-front resort consisting of three towers, in the heart of Miami Beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Other Miami projects include The Residences at The Bath Club, a luxury residential tower.[1]

In November 2010, Peebles’ company was sued by D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles for alleged overbilling; Peebles says the charges are politically motivated.[12]

Peebles is currently considering building a casino in Philadelphia[13] and owns a majority stake in the Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.[14]


In 2004, Peebles was elected as chairman of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and has been recognized by various organizations for his leadership and innovation. Also in 2004, the Peebles Corporation was recognized by Black Enterprise as “Company of the Year.”[15]

He has received numerous awards over the last 25 years for his entrepreneurial leadership, community service efforts and development abilities. Peebles’ most recent awards include Entrepreneur of the Year presented by Rev. Jesse Jackson at the 11th annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit; Corporate Citizen Award from One Hundred Black Men of New York;[4] the NV Award for Entrepreneurship;[4] the Hennessy Privilege Award for extraordinary community contributions; induction to the Martin Luther King International Board of Renaissance Leaders Hall of Fame at Morehouse College in Atlanta;[4] the Reginald F. Lewis Award for Entrepreneurship;[4] and Corporate Honoree at Amsterdam News’ 100th Anniversary Gala alongside Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Congressman Charles Rangel and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Peebles has also been awarded honorary doctorate degrees from Johnson & Wales University and Sojourner-Douglass College.[16]


Peebles is a lifelong Democrat but has demonstrated his independence by challenging Democratic leaders on key issues such as taxes.[17] At the age of 14, he volunteered for Council of the District of Columbia Chair Sterling Tucker’s campaign during the summer of 1974. From 1976 to 1978, Peebles attended the United States Capitol Page School at the Library of Congress. He served as a page,[2] a legislative intern in the office of Representative Ronald V. Dellums (D-Calif) and served as a staff aide to Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich).[1] Peebles also formed a relationship with Representative Charles Rangel during this time.[18]

The Peebles have supported various congressional, mayoral and gubernatorial candidates over the years. In 1992, he hosted Presidential hopeful and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in his home for a fundraiser.[19] Peebles serves as a member of President Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee where he established himself as one of the campaign’s leading fundraisers in the nation. Peebles hosted President Obama at his home in Washington D.C. for a campaign fundraiser on August 8, 2011.[20]

In 2010, he considered running to become mayor of Washington, but he decided against a run due to his mother-in-law’s illness.[2] Peebles’ mother-in-law died later that year.

Peebles moved to New York City in September 2011[21] and maintains residences in Coral Gables, Bridgehampton and Washington D.C. His wife Katrina, whom he married in 1994,[22] is a former PR executive[23] and model that serves on the Board of Directors of the Peebles Corporation.[19] His children, a son and a daughter, live in New York City. His son currently attends Columbia University and his daughter is a top equestrian competitor.[24]

(SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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    Republicans Accuse Women of Lying About Being Paid Less Than Men
    By: Rmuse
    Thursday, April, 10th, 2014, 8:45 pm

    What the preponderance of Republican assertions about equal pay for equal work really told American women was to stop lying because according to conservatives there is no pay inequality and women and equal pay advocates are liars for claiming otherwise. Fox News insists there’s no such thing as pay inequity, and the Heritage Foundation said pay equity will hurt women working to support their families mired in poverty. Teabagger Jim DeMint’s organization claimed ”Equal pay and minimum wage: Two ways to hurt women in the workplace.” Republicans continue the stunning assertion that paying American workers more will hurt them financially, and it is supposed to give them cover to oppose overtime pay, raising the minimum wage, and to block any attempt at gender equality in pay. Texas Governor Rick Perry said the pay gap between men and women is “nonsense,” while Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker called it “bogus.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called equality in pay “the left’s latest bizarre obsession” and accused Harry Reid of “blowing a few kisses to his powerful pals on the left.” McConnell thought he was being cute, but there is nothing cute about women earning 77 cents for every dollar as a man in the same job. However, McConnell is right about one thing, women are powerful and Mitch should fear that not all women suffer bible-inferiority complex or Stockholm Syndrome.

    Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (TX) said, “This whole thing is a transparent political campaign. It isn’t actually about solving problems, because the law of the land is already paycheck equity.” Cornyn is as big a liar as he is a patriarchal advocate because he just helped Republicans block the bill that would have made paycheck equity the law of the land and he knows it. Kansas Republican Representative Lynn Jenkins claimed “Democrats’ push for pay equity between men and women is “condescending . . . Some folks don’t understand that women have become an extremely valuable part of the workforce today on their own merit, not because the government mandated it.” But according to Republicans they are not “extremely valuable” enough to deserve equal pay according to the second-class status bestowed on them by Republicans exercising freedom of religion to subject women to lower pay than men.


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    Darrell Issa Started His IRS Investigation Because Karl Rove Was Denied Tax Exempt Status

    By: Adalia Woodbury
    Friday, April, 11th, 2014, 8:12 am

    On Wednesday, the Republican controlled House Oversight and Government Control Committee voted to seek criminal charges against Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress. In other words, the Republicans on the committee know there is no scandal. However, in the name of keeping the theater alive, they’ve got to do something or at least look like they’re doing something. And besides, Lerner’s actions made Darrell Issa look bad on Fox and just made Fox look the same as it usually does.

    The odds of this resulting in a prosecution are pretty low. Issa didn’t take the constitutionally necessary steps of overruling Lerner’s Fifth Amendment assertion and he wasn’t “clearly directing her to answer the committee’s questions.”

    This doesn’t mean that Lerner is completely in the clear either because there is an ongoing investigation of the IRS’s handling of tax exempt groups and of Lerner’s role in it.

    You may remember how Darell Issa embarrassed Fox when he was caught lying about Lerner’s next appearance before the committee. You may also recall that when Lerner waved her rights, Issa took the unprecedented step of shutting down the committee’s hearing without so much as allowing ranking member Elijah Cummings to speak. Issa wasted a year, millions of dollars and thousands of hours in labor desperately seeking an IRS persecution of right wing organizations where none existed.


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    Conservative Newspaper Mocks Female Candidate In Sexist Editorial
    Posted: 04/10/2014 1:40 pm EDT

    The conservative-leaning Washington Times has published an editorial about a female candidate for U.S. Senate that could help to explain why some women are hesitant to run for public office.

    The editorial compares Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, to Hollywood’s “beautiful plastic people pretending to be someone else.”

    “Mrs. Grimes, Kentucky’s secretary of state, has smiled and chirped her way across the state trying to avoid debate like a terrified Dracula dodging sunlight,” the editorial charges.

    Grimes, who is in a dead heat with McConnell in the polls, has served as Kentucky’s secretary of state for two years. During that time, she has launched a program to protect domestic violence and sexual assault victims and introduced a bill to help the military vote from overseas, among other accomplishments.

    She is undoubtedly more liberal than McConnell, although she finds herself to the right of most Senate Democrats on certain issues, such as gun control and health care. For instance, she told The Huffington Post in August that while she doesn’t want to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” by repealing the Affordable Care Act, as McConnell wants to do, she does want to delay the coverage mandate for small businesses.

    But conservatives have consistently portrayed her as an attractive but empty-headed cheerleader for Obama. The National Republican Senatorial Committee tweeted out a blog post in November that featured Grimes’ head photoshopped onto the sexily clad body of “Obama Girl” — the model who made racy videos in 2007 about her crush on then-Sen. Barack Obama. And NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring called Grimes an “empty dress” in a September interview.


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    Given their history, I would have to say they have valid concerns. LOL
    Religious Right Fears the GOP Can’t Handle a National Convention in Las Vegas
    By Dana Liebelson Fri Apr. 11, 2014 3:00 AM PDT

    Religious conservatives are urging the GOP to scratch Sin City off its list of potential locations for the 2016 Republican National Convention, The Dallas Morning News reports. According to the paper, advocates are concerned that Las Vegas’ reputation as a gambling and prostitution haven will discourage conservatives from attending the event and that the city is a “trap waiting to ensnare” convention attendees.

    “The GOP is supposedly interested in reaching out to conservatives and evangelicals. Maybe that’s just a front, but if they really mean it this is not the way to do it,” James Dobson, founder of Family Talk, a Christian radio show that broadcasts across the United States, told the paper. “Even though Vegas has tried to shore itself up and call itself family-friendly, it’s still a metaphor for decadence. There’s still 64 pages of escort services in the yellow pages.”

    more here: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2014/04/gop-las-vegas-convention-religious

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      Uh huh lol

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    My conspiracy theory is that affirmative action is under siege not because of “unqualified blacks” but because of WOMEN.

    And white women are too blind/silly/dumb to see this, so they join in.

    Affirmative action benefits white women the most. I don’t think too many conservative men like seeing women in their colleges and on their jobs.

    But they can’t say this so they scapegoat black people. White women can get on board with that. But there aren’t enough black people to be snatching jobs and college spots away from white people en masse.

    And we know from previous elections white women will vote against their own benefit, so there ya go.

    • rikyrah

      I don’t take anyone seriously who begins a talk about Affirmative Action with anything but the following:
      The biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action are White Women.
      If you don’t BEGIN the conversation with this, I have nothing to say, except for I won’t even let the conversation progress until this fact is acknowledged.
      and funny thing is…once that FACT is acknowledged, then all the rest of the conversation seems to melt away.

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    Retweeted by lochelle
    Karin Giannone ‏@KarinBBC 3h
    Nel asks #OscarPistorius why he thought an intruder would break into the house and lock themselves in the toilet.

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    Everyone here is getting just a little carried away with these temps. Don’t trust it, Don’t trust it lol.

    Chris Murphy TWN ‏@chris_m_twn 2h

    Many Southern Ontario temps #exceeded expectations! Was the warmth worth the winds of 70-80 km/h? Yes/No #warmwind pic.twitter.com/EUsO9nEif6

  • Just caught some of the President’s speech at the Johnson Library.
    LBJ was a character a larger than life one. Mixed bag but I always liked him. I really get tired of people saying the only reason Civil Rights passed is because of Kennedy’s assassination. Oh no. Southern Senators didn’t care. LBJ had to go to war with them to get CRA passed. Even his hated enemy Robert Kennedy acknowledged that.

  • This man is an idiot

    Website fiasco will taint Kathleen Sebelius’ legacy

    Right. Because establishing a national health system which will eventually enroll tens of millions of people, save lives, create jobs, pays for itself, reins in healthcare cost and reduces the deficit will be completely overridden by a website with glitches that was fixed within two months of its initial rollout.

    I say again this idiot is an idiot.

    • crazycanuck

      Geez they are so colossally stupid.

      • And if Sebelius had been a white male working for a Republican administration the media would suddenly remember that a glitch is a minor error that self corrects.

    • Miranda

      That was so painfully stupid. Seriously, do they actually believe this shit they put out there or just hope enough people are stupid enough to fall for it?

      • crazycanuck

        I’m sure it’s the latter.

      • TresL

        When you consider all the real political scandals like those involving WMD’s (The Bush crime family), hookers (Vitter), pornography, OO BJs (Clinton), sexual harrassment, serial adultery (Clinton again) and just overall public corruption (Christie) a glitchy website doesn’t even rank.

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      Maybe in the DC Village Dave. Everyone else will see a fixed website and 7.5 million enrollments. Even for Politico this is beyond stupid. Damn.

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        They’ve got nothing. At this point all you can do is laugh.

        • Kennymack1971

          Precisely. It’s embarrassing to observe the Village twist themselves into knots trying to prop up whatever dopey narrative they have going at the moment. Simply pathetic.

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    Bill would name the Bible as Louisiana state book
    Posted on April 10, 2014 at 4:29 PM

    BATON ROUGE, La. — Lawmakers are moving ahead with a proposal to name the Bible as Louisiana’s official state book, despite concerns the bill would land the Legislature in court.

    A House municipal committee advanced the bill Thursday with an 8-5 vote, sending it to the full House for debate.

    Rep. Thomas Carmody, R-Shreveport, said he sponsored the proposal after a constituent made the request. But Carmody insisted the bill wasn’t designed to be a state-endorsement of Christianity or a specific religion.

    “It’s not to the exclusion of anyone else’s sacred literature,” he told the House committee. Again, later he said, “This is not about establishing an official religion of the state of Louisiana.”

    Lawmakers who voted against the measure said it raises questions about whether Louisiana would be violating the separation of church and state.

    more here: http://www.wwltv.com/home/Bill-would-name-the-Bible-as-Louisiana-state-book-254802301.html

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      I can’t it’s too early.

      • Miranda

        “Rep. Thomas Carmody, R-Shreveport, said he sponsored the proposal after a constituent made the request.”

        And basically, he didn’t have the good sense to explain to his constituent why that isn’t a good idea. So if a constituent wants to make a weed the state flower, he would say “ok!”

    • edp4bho

      That book would burn their hateful hands. They believe NOTHING in it. It’s just a tool for them to discriminate and subjugate.

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    yeah ok……………i gots nothing
    VA GOP candidate: No incest exception for abortion because sometimes it’s ‘voluntary’
    By Tom Boggioni Friday, April 11, 2014 9:54 EDT

    A Republican candidate running for an open seat in Congress representing Virginia has defended his stance against abortion in all cases by stating that even incest can sometimes be “voluntary,” according to The Washington Times.

    Bob Marshall, who is running for the seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Frank Wolf (R- VA10), explained in an interview with the Boston Globe in 1989 that he wouldn’t make exceptions for abortions, even in the case of rape and incest, stating: “What if incest is voluntary? Sometimes it is.”

    Marshall, a senior Republican member of the Virginia General Assembly, has a history of making colorful statements that may come back to haunt him in the upcoming election, but he insists they are not gaffes.

    “I don’t care. I mean, if I say something in public, I say it in public,” Mr. Marshall said Thursday.

    more here: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/04/11/va-gop-candidate-no-incest-exception-for-abortion-because-sometimes-its-voluntary/

    • Family secrets Bob?

      • Town

        This is the guy who tried to put forth a bill that would ban all and any contraceptives from college campuses because unmarried people shouldn’t be having sex anyway.

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      The hell??? Mannnn….

    • TresL

      The GOP seems to be decriminalizing that which we as a society decided long ago were crimes all to their own benefit, of course.

      The list keeps growing by the day:
      Rape, particularly if it involves your wife
      Shooting people dead in the street
      Poisoning air, water and the soil
      All manner of financial and economic crimes

    • Tha hail???????

      These mofos are SICK!

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      WTF! These people need help.

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    GOOD FRIDAY MORNTIN’ Sepia♥/POU FAM♥– ***BIG HUG*** —Another Hotelier -“IN DA STRUGGLE”–Goood NEWS.

    — –THANK U Sepia♥ —Been LEARNING sooo MUCH –that I have SHARED. 🙂

    — —☻Mr. PEEBLES – -“HUGE ADVANCE$ 🙂
    — – – — – -☺Peebles is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Peebles Corp.,[1] the largest African-American real-estate development and ownership company in the US,. .

    – – – – — – ☺In May 2009, Forbes listed Peebles in the top ten of the wealthiest black Americans.[5] Fortune magazine has estimated his wealth at $350 million.[2] —WHOA! 🙂

    — – – – — -☺Peebles serves as a member of President Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee where he established himself as one of the campaign’s leading fundraisers in the nation. Peebles hosted President Obama at his home inWashington D.C. for a campaign fundraiser on August 8, 2011. — -[NEW INFORMATION! WOW!! & 1/2!! 🙂 – –PROUD of U♥]

    – – —–☻ENJOY♥- —Hotel Breakfast: http://www.siena-hotels.com/images/ALBERGO/BreakfastA300.png

    – – – -INDA NEWZ:- – -MR. PRESIDENT: – – -http://thehill.com/video/in-the-news/203293-live-obama-addresses-sebelius-resignation

    – – – – -B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥ – – -:)

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    Sepia♥ – – –SUPPORTIVE NEWS:—:)
    – – – –$100,000 Raised For Mom Who Left Kids In Car During Interview
    – —-A Phoenix woman arrested after leaving her two kids in a hot vehicle during a job interview is fighting to clear her name in court, with the support of a New Jersey woman who has raised more than $100,000 to help her effort.

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    Sepia♥ – – – -THEY BETTA! – – –
    – – – –Democrats defend Holder from GOP

    – – – — –Senate Democrats are rallying to Attorney General Eric Holder’s defense.

    They argue Republicans are wrong to suggest he is overly partisan, or that he is more uncooperative with Congress compared to past attorneys general.

    “I guess they don’t like anybody who disagrees with them,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “He’s a strong and smart advocate for a different point of view.”

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a senior member of the panel, also stood up for Holder.

    “I simply do not accept that. I’ve been here long enough to know,” she said. “He is less partisan than some, that’s for sure.”

    Holder is at the center of a new political firestorm following testy exchanges with House Republicans this week at a panel hearing.


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    Sepia♥ —Lookin’ BACK< — — -:)

    – – —☺ ‏@TheObamaDiary[THANK U♥]

    On This Day: First Lady Michelle Obama with Stephen Colbert, 2012
    —> More here: http://theobamadiary.com/2014/04/11/rise-and-shine-796/ … pic.twitter.com/788Vin9hXz

    — -Wonder WHEN he will have EITHER of THEM on? 🙂
    – – -Lookin’ FORWARD♥ – – -:)

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      Soon after he takes the mic on CBS.

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        Good Morntin’ TyrenM 🙂 —***BIG HUG*** 🙂
        – – -**BIG fist bump*** – – –YEP!! 🙂

        WATCHIN’. . .Annnd watchin’ 4 his SUPPORT of MR. PRESIDENT♥ – –

        Good 2 C U♥ TyrenM. 🙂 – –B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥ – –

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    Sepia♥ — -Sooo SORRY. — -PRAYIN’ 4 this situation — -AMEN♥

    – —Bus carrying students crashes; witness describes explosions, flames – —

    — —Marc Smutny was doing landscape work at Parkway RV Resort and Campground before 6 p.m. when he heard an explosion on the 5 Freeway.

    “I heard probably three explosions,” Smutny told the Los Angeles Times in a phone interview.

    Smutny had heard a FedEx big-rig careening head-on into a charter bus full of high school seniors from the Los Angeles area, killing nine people. The students were set to tour Humboldt State University.
    –THERE IS MORE – – – — –

    – – —☺http://obamadiary.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/829c3-animatedcandlethoughtandprayers.gif AMEN♥

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    Shame on me for not knowing who Percy Julian was (The Google doodle for today)


    • Alma98

      What a awesome story!

    • Wow! He invented cortisone and chemical birth control? I had no idea!

      • jziglar

        I didn’t know either. It just goes to show you how much black people have contributed to the world and especially this country.

  • Alma98

    OMG kids are something else lol.


    • crazycanuck

      No.18 with the Beer Lambert had me cracking up. Smart Kids lol.

      • Alma98


    • Lawd! LOL

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      Thank you Alma I needed that laugh this morning. And Good Morning or afternoon everybody.

      • Alma98

        Good morning jds and your welcome.

    • Miranda

      The very first one and I’m like “TELL’EM BABY!”

      • Alma98


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        That kid ain’t no fool

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    MEDIA ALERT: – – -MR.PRESIDENT♥ –Ms Sebelius♥ – –
    – – -☺http://www.whitehouse.gov/live/president-obama-makes-personnel-announcement-22

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    — -Sepia♥ — -Found another tribute 2 Dr. PERCY LAVON JULIAN♥ —

    – — -☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuF7ss-r-m4
    – – —1 Nova – Forgotten Genius Percy Lavon Julian

    – – — – -☺Percy Lavon Julian invented synthesized cortisone, fire extinguishing foamy substance, and treatments for glaucoma.

    —Wrote a SCIENCE UNIT around his CHEMICAL works–which included making simulations of the — “fire extinguishing foamy substance.”–:) –The BLAH students were PROUD 2 do the CHEMISTRY LAB –that day. 🙂


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    Sepia♥- – —Dems —seem 2 B Wakin’ up 2 ACTION — –
    – – –Dems hone ’14 plan to attack Ryan budget– –

    – – –What would Ryan do?

    That’s the core question Democrats want to answer for voters as party leaders hone their plan to hammer the Republicans’ latest budget bill on the campaign trail this year.

    Attacks on the fiscal proposals offered by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have met with limited success in previous cycles, and Democrats are working to improve that track record this time around.
    – – – –SNIP —
    – – –Toward that end, Democratic leaders are working to crunch Ryan’s sweeping plan into bite-sized pieces and bumper-sticker slogans they hope will energize voters ahead of November’s elections.

    Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y), head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), said Thursday that the steep cuts contained in Ryan’s plan have made it that much easier for Democrats to contrast their priorities with those of the GOP. The campaign message, he said, will follow those contours.

    “Four words: Whose got your back?” Israel said. “This [Ryan] budget has the backs of the special interests and turns its back on the middle class. That’s the defining issue in this campaign.”

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    Sepia♥ — -☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph0aELhsQoc

    Don’t like brangin’ THESE articles. – —BUT???? —

    — —Colin Kaepernick & 2 Other NFL Stars Under Investigation For Sexual Assault – –
    – —-Wonderin’ iff these R –$ET-UP$??– —WATCHIN’. . .

  • So, did Rihanna snatch Lolo Jones’ yaki or nah?

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia♥- – –MISSED this: –[Apologies iff a dup] –HERE –“WE”- –go again!! – – -geesh!!
    – — -☺Innocent Brooklyn man released after nearly 25 years in prison enjoys Starbucks on first full day of freedom – –
    – – —Jonathan Fleming woke up Wednesday to the sweet smell of freedom — and his very first taste of Starbucks coffee.

    The Brooklyn man who was released from prison a day earlier after serving nearly 25 years for a murder that was committed while he vacationed in Florida started the long process of building a new life outside a jail cell.

    “I’m like on top of the world right now,” the 51-year-old father told the Daily News.

    “Everything is looking good for me.”

    Prosecutors moved to dismiss his conviction after they uncovered evidence that supported what Fleming had claimed all along – that he was in Orlando, on a Disney World family trip, when the 1989 slaying went down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    – – –GEESH!!- –“WHYCOME” they couldn’t TRACK DOWN that TICKET – –25 YEARS AGO???

    — -OH! –I KNOW! —HE WAS BLAH!! – – -geesh!!

    – – -BLESS U♥/Family♥ — Mr. Fleming. –AMEN♥ —

  • GreenLadyHere


    — – -These R just a few. – — YET –ALWAYS PROUD MOMENTS♥ – –

    — –The First Ones: 17 African Americans Who Broke Barriers

    — – —From sports to politics to outer space, these trailblazers have paved the way with their extraordinary accomplishments.
    – – -CONGRATULATIONS♥ – –PROUD of U♥- – 🙂

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia♥ — -Listenin’ 2 MS Valerie Jarrett –describe the –“ACCOMPLISHMENTS” –of Ms. SEBELIUS.- –HER CREDS– –far EXCEED- -hillary’s! —

    -Jus’ sayin’. . . .NO —in 2016!

  • Interesting. I thought she was so in love with New Orleans?

    Melissa Harris-Perry to Join Faculty
    By Katie Neal (’03) Office of Communications and External Relations

    MSNBC television host, award-winning scholar and Wake Forest University alumna Melissa Harris-Perry (‘94) will return this summer to her alma mater as a chaired professor.

    Host of the popular MSNBC show “Melissa Harris-Perry,” she joins Wake Forest’s Politics and International Affairs department from Tulane
    University, where she has served as a political science professor since

    …Harris-Perry has been named a Presidential Chair, an endowed position that recognizes and supports exceptional faculty who embody Wake Forest’s teacher-scholar ideal. She is the second Presidential Chair honoree, joining Michele Gillespie of Wake Forest’s History Department.

    MORE: http://news.wfu.edu/2014/04/11/melissa-harris-perry-to-join-faculty/

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia♥- – -LOL —THIS: —
      – – —“My love affair with Wake Forest began when I was 16, so having the opportunity to return is thrilling beyond measure,” said Harris-Perry. “Wake Forest taught me the joys of learning, the responsibilities of citizenship, and the endurance of friendship. I welcome the challenge of joining this demanding and nurturing academic environment.” [BLAH – –BLAH –BLAH. . ]

      – —TRANSLATION: – –
      – -WHEW LAWD! – -IMMA B sooo happy 2 get into a SUPPORTIVE environment. —‘CAUSE I’m gettin’ my BUTT KICKED —OUT HERE –BY MYSELF!

      – –WE KNOW. 🙂

    • Miranda

      Maybe New Orleans wasn’t so in love with her.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Just more people for her to apologize to.

  • rikyrah
    • I hear it’s more like 10 million and OUT!!

      • jds09

        I knew it! This administration truly understands what they’re dealing with and they plan accordingly.

    • AxelFoley

      All kinds of epic is this tweet.

  • rikyrah

    Brian Beutler: The Right Searches For Obamacare Alternative, Finds Obamacare

    The Affordable Care Act’s enrollment comeback has confounded conservatives in many ways. The realization that there happens to be popular demand for something as self-evidently grotesque as Obamacare has given rise to a palpable cognitive dissonance on the right. A growing recognition among Republicans that they can’t bank on organizing the midterm campaign around relentless Obamacare opposition has party elders looking at contingency plans (even if they haven’t exactly gone back to the drawing board). But most importantly, it has thrown the conservative health policy community for a loop, and completely wrong-footed Republicans in Congress who were hoping — against considerable odds and a well-worn historical pattern — to craft an Obamacare alternative that both passes the laugh test and doesn’t create a significantly lower level of welfare.

    If enrollment had sputtered, that task would have been considerably easier. The fact it surged in March, and continues to grow today, measurably limits their options. If you accept (or acquiesce) to the need for a large coverage expansion and don’t want a single payer or substantial expansion of existing public systems, you need to make sure private insurers cover the sick, which means you need guaranteed issue and community rating — so that nobody is closed out of the system, and so that risk is spread across large populations, not assigned to individuals. But if you have those two things then you need a coverage requirement, so you’re not just spreading risk among old, sick people. And if you have that mandate, you need substantial subsidies — means tested or otherwise — so people aren’t required to purchase insurance they can’t afford. Of course, that’s just Obamacare.


  • Alma98

    So many old songs fit today’s political climate perfectly.

  • Nerdy Wonka @NerdyWonka

    HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius to GOP on #ObamaCare: “Critics and supporters alike are benefitting from this law.”

    BURN. 100% correct.


    • Miranda

      I hope she muttered “bitchez” under her breath right after she said it.

      • LOL!! Miranda I was thinking the same thing when I posted.

      • Lisa M

        I’m gonna think she did in her own way!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia♥- —Woo! Hoo! – -TRIBUTE 2 an HBCU 🙂

    – – —☺@BlackHistoryUS[THANK U♥]

    Spelman College. April 11, 1881 began as Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary. “America’s oldest HBC for women.” #history

    — –☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0a47n4TTyQ
    — — – —An outstanding historically Black college for women, Spelman promotes
    academic excellence in the liberal arts, and develops the intellectual,
    ethical, and leadership potential of its students. Spelman seeks to
    empower the total person who appreciates the many cultures of the world
    and commits to positive social change.

    – – — ***waves @ any POU FAM♥ alum*** 🙂

  • Miranda

    HAHAHA…his feelings so hurt! After Holder called out his senile ass, Fox News been trying to help him regain some dignity (of which he didn’t have any anyway) – his lil feelings so hurt. LMAO

    Gohmert: GOP AGs have been ‘brutalized’
    By Mario Trujillo April 11, 2014, 07:59 am

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) rejected Attorney General Eric Holder’s complaints of congressional persecution, saying some Republican attorneys general have been “brutalized” by comparison.

    Gohmert said Thursday night the evidence does not back up Holder’s assertion that he has been treated unfairly compared to his predecessors, following a testy exchange between the two at a House Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this week.

    Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/203285-gohmert-past-republican-ags-have-been-brutalized#ixzz2yb6LgtEr

    • AxelFoley

      LOL, that freakin Goober. Every time I see his name, I see “Goober” instead of “Gohmert”.

    • Kennymack1971

      Ol Gohmert’s ass is still sore from AG Holder breaking his foot off in it. LMAO

    • Daltex82

      Silly little idjit. Though he could continually disrespect AG Holder and not get his fee-fees hurt. I guess some people have to learn the hard way.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia♥ – – -FOCUS- –On OUR BELOVED FIRST LADY♥– –

    – — -☺

    Happening now: The First Lady and @DrBiden host a #JoiningForces caregivers event at the @WhiteHouse. Watch → http://go.wh.gov/EjUSVN

    — – -☺http://www.whitehouse.gov/live/first-lady-michelle-obama-and-dr-jill-biden-host-joining-forces-caregivers-event

    – –WOW! – – -SHE is —BEYOND LOVELY♥ — -BRAINS annnnd BEAUTY♥ :)[HAIR laid. :)] –

    –WE R sooo PROUD of U BOTH♥ 🙂 —

  • Miranda

    Catch fire media….catch fire.

    Kathleen Sebelius resignation: Obama says the HHS secretary will ‘go down in history’
    By JENNIFER EPSTEIN | 4/11/14 11:17 AM EDT

    President Barack Obama used a Friday ceremony announcing his new nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services as a chance to celebrate the Affordable Care Act, even though it came with an action widely seen as a long time coming — the departure of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

    Obama, Sebelius and intended nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell drew several standing ovations in the Rose Garden as they praised the work that led at least 7.5 million Americans to enroll in health insurance through exchanges, and millions more to gain coverage through Medicaid and other programs .

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/04/obama-hhs-sylvia-mathews-burwell-kathleen-sebelius-105628.html#ixzz2yb70rxtS

    • Comcast tried to make it like Obama snubbed her. They quickly pulled that story.

      “even though it came with an action widely seen as a long time coming the departure of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.”

      Yes Mrs Rocket Scientist lady it was a long time coming given that the woman told PBO early on she was leaving after enrollment. Oh you mean long time coming in the eyes of Republicans? Carry that water girl. Take a cup for yourself as well.

      Can I get a job at Politico or is that only open to people that flunked home schooling journalism 101?

      • TyrenM


    • Kennymack1971

      SMH they really think this idiocy has merit. Sad.

  • rikyrah

    This made me cry.


    Announcing that 9th Street Ministries, sponsored by the First Baptist Church in Mena, will offer its last clinic later this month, Nurse Stacey Bowser, the clinical director at 9th Street Ministries, said, “We’ve done our mission.” The clinic has offered free medical services once a month to the uninsured in Mena since 1998. For years, they were seeing hundreds of people a month desperate for care (the clinic only served people with no insurance of their own). But now folks in Mena are signing up with the private option and other coverage options via the ACA. “This complete dropoff of numbers of people coming to the clinic is a result of all those who have successfully enrolled in an insurance policy now,” Bowser said.

    “Because people are qualifying for insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, our free medical clinic will not be needed anymore,” Stacey Bowser RN, 9th Street Ministries Clinic Director, stated. “We’ve gone from seeing around 300 people a month on a regular basis, but as people were enrolling in Obamacare, the numbers we were seeing have dropped. We were down to 80 people that came through the medical clinic in February, all the way down to three people at the medical clinic in March. Our services won’t be needed anymore, and this will conclude our mission.”


    • Kennymack1971

      And this is why the GOP and their jackass media sycophants will stay losing.

    • Lisa M

      This is one time when I’m happy to read that their services are no longer needed.

  • Miranda

    I really dont understand how this manager forced anyone to strip search. They should have said call the effin police then if you think we took something we didn’t, but I’ll be damned if I’m bout to take off one stitch of clothing.
    Store owner orders strip search of black couple over $3 earrings: ‘You people always steal’
    By Travis Gettys Friday, April 11, 2014 10:57 EDT

    A Texas couple said they were intimidated into a strip search by a store manager over a pair of $3 earrings they were accused of stealing.

    Deadra Pattum said she was overbilled for the earrings, which she said she picked up but returned to the display at Y Beauty Supply in southeast Houston.

    Both Pattum and her fiancé, John Marsden, are black, said the store owner made a racist remark toward them during the incident.

    “The owner said, ‘You people always steal,’” Marsden said. “He said, ‘Give me the earrings and I (will) call (the) police.’ My rights were revoked.”

    The couple told KHOU-TV they were threatened and forced to remain in the store, where Pattum had gone to buy hair extensions.

    more here: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/04/11/store-owner-orders-strip-search-of-black-couple-over-3-earrings-you-people-always-steal/

    • Alma98


    • Daltex82

      The goal of all those “You people always steal” he’s refering to should be to make sure this store goes out of business. Band together and not one black person should ever step foot in that place again. Let’s see if those other folks can keep his doors open.

      • Alma98

        That’s what I do Daltex, you ain’t gotta tell me twice.
        I’ll boycott your ass in a minute. Especially considering the owner probably makes his bread & butter off of black folks.

        • Daltex82

          I’ll boycott in a heartbeat too. You can’t stand me but you want me to help make your family well off…I don’t think so.

          Especially considering the owner probably makes his bread and butter off of black folks.
          There is no doubt in my mind that black folks are his main hell probably only customers.

          • Alma98

            I try to tell certain family members this but they don’t listen. Why continue to shop at a store that treats you like crap. Nope no can do.

          • BoomerGal

            A lot of this stuff would stop, if we banned together and stop buying shit and we’d get more respect.

          • Alma98

            Yep, I think a lot folks don’t have the fortitude to do what our parents and grandparents ggrandparents did. If you can’t show me respect you ain’t getting my money, end of story.

    • Town

      Black people need to STOP GOING to these Korean beauty supply stores. Put their asses out of business! You gonna come up in the black community, kill off the black beauty supply industry and then mistreat us? I do not step foot in the Asian owned beauty supply stores unless absolutely necessary, which is pretty much never.

      • crazycanuck

        I keep telling my friends that,their answer, ‘well they sell stuff cheaper’ Sigh.

      • Lisa M

        I feel you but Black folks stay going there because of the price regardless of how they’re treated.

    • Lisa M

      I never got that either. Ain’t no way I’m taking my clothes off unless…. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • rikyrah

    Colorlines.com @Colorlines Follow

    Date Night for the Obamas: Denzel Washington in ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ on Broadway http://bit.ly/1gilKQS

    11:22 AM – 11 Apr 2014

  • Miranda

    And they’re gonna spend 89 quintillion zillion dollars of taxpayer money to see this racist play!….said some right winger later today.
    Obamas to See Denzel’s ‘Raisin in the Sun’ on Broadway
    Apr 11, 14 by EURPublisher

    President Obama and the First Lady are set to attend tonight’s 8 p.m. performance of “A Raisin in the Sun” on Broadway.

    The Denzel Washington-led revival is at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, where the revered 1959 Lorraine Hansberry play first opened more than 50 years ago.

    The president is in New York City today on official business. They’ll fly back to DC after taking in the show, according to Deadline.com.

    The play —set on Chicago’s South Side, where the Obamas have a home in the upscale Kenwood neighborhood — opened on April 3 to a limited engagement that sees it running to June 15.


    • Kennymack1971

      I wish POTUS, FLOTUS and Denzel would take a picture titled…”That’s right..we here…STAY MAD”

    • I’ve seen various productions of “A Raisin in the Sun”, but I would love to see this production just to say I saw Denzel perform live.

    • AxelFoley

      Date Night in NYC!

  • Oh snap! This might explain why Prof. Eddie Glaude made the comment about having access being the new crack and how it can distort the truth. MED called out Cornel West right in front of Glaude, who is Cornpone’s biggest defender! DAYUM!

    (h/t @Smartypants60)

    Michael Eric Dyson blasts Cornel West: ‘You ain’t that important’
    Fri., Apr. 11, 2014 10:22 AM EDT

    by Stereo Williams

    …“The prophetic temptation is to believe your voice is the only voice,” said Dr. Dyson. “[You think that] your vision is the only vision. That’s what makes you a genius at a certain level. That’s the nature of genius — but you’re tripping, because you’re not the only one.”

    “I don’t see [humility] in a lot of Negroes talking. They act like
    it’s ‘my way or the highway’ — you ain’t Frank Sinatra!” he continued.
    “Howard Thurman said, ‘You can go to the Atlantic Ocean, you can dip
    your glass into the Atlantic Ocean and it may be full of the Atlantic
    Ocean — but it ain’t all of the Atlantic Ocean. So stop thinking that your way is the only way. It may be a great way, it may be a powerful
    way that works for you, but one size don’t [sic] fit all. So be honest
    and humble in genuine terms — not the public performance of humility
    masquerading a huge ego. No amount of hair can cover that.”

    After insinuating that he was referring to Dr. West, Dr. Dyson spoke about his contemporary directly.

    “I’ve probably known him longer than anybody on this panel. Hung out
    with him,” Dyson said. “I’ve been a victim of his vicious assaults in
    public. I’ve held my powder. That ain’t my usual nature. [Dr. Farah
    Griffin] called me up and I listened to Farah. Because she loves us both
    [and was] trying to negotiate a cease of hostilities. But I’m not going
    to pretend that it doesn’t hurt for you to call me a sellout because I
    disagree with you. You can be ‘ride-or-die,’ but while you’re riding —
    see who your vehicle is rolling over.”

    …“With [former President] Bill Clinton, you’re rhapsodizing about access [to the White House] — if access is a problem, it was a problem then. Not because you didn’t get a ticket to go to the inauguration for Obama!” Dr. Dyson stated emphatically. “I’m not talking about just [West], he ain’t the only one. But since he’s been public about it, here’s my response to [his criticism]: I love you, but you can’t talk about love and act unlovingly. It’s the personal assault on Obama that I found problematic, not the principled critique. I’m not mad at principled critique, but you still could be wrong. But when you
    start indicting my soul like I’ve given my soul over to Obama or the
    devil — now you’re tripping. You ain’t that important. You’re not God to
    be able to leverage the divine assignment of privilege or punishment.”

    MORE: http://rollingout.com/politics/michael-eric-dyson-blasts-cornel-west-aint-important/#.U0ggn7WUP-N.twitter

    • Kennymack1971

      That was the equivalent of a Steve Austin Stone Cold stunner. I love it. Now watch these Blackademics get all in their feelings and start firing off think pieces.

      • Miranda

        HAHAHAHA…you know they will! A whole bunch of “why can’t we get along” and “how come Obama critics get treated so bad” and “what’s wrong with criticizing the President we used to do it with Bush but now black folks worship this black president and I don’t like it” think pieces for the next month.

        • Kennymack1971

          They’re already getting riled up on Twitter. Dyson direct hit their asses LMAO.

          • Which hit dogs are hollaring?

            BTW, look who’s gonna be on Face The Nation this week, on the same panel:

            Face The Nation @FaceTheNation 1h
            What is the state of civil rights in the US? We’ll discuss w/ @evanwolfson of @freedomtomarry, @MichaelEDyson, @tavissmiley & @nhannahjones

          • Miranda

            Oh Lawd

          • Alma98

            I hope he gets all up in Tavis’ hamburger face lol.

          • jziglar

            Well we can expect more of the same from Tavis: “Obama has done nothing to alleviate poverty, and the issues of the black community. Brother West and I will be writing a new book about Civil Rights and Poverty. The book tour starts May 1st.”

      • They don’t want it wit MED! Dude will spit 16 bars of intellectual ether that will singe their soul.

        • AxelFoley


        • rikyrah

          Fast Talking is the type of person that the Dozens was made for.
          They betta think twice before starting shyt

    • Alma98

      hahahahahahahahaha!!! The truth hurts lol.

    • Daltex82

      Smack meet down!

    • AxelFoley

      That magnificent ether!

    • rikyrah


    • BoomerGal

      I hollered!! LMAO!!!

  • MEDIA ALERT! We will live stream PBO’s speech at the NAN conference starting at 4pm EST!

    • AxelFoley

      Ya mo be there.

      • Alma98

        Fool! LOL

        • Kennymack1971

          I love y’all man lol…

        • LOL!

          BTW, what does “Yah Mo Be There” mean?

          • AxelFoley

            I always took it to mean, “Yeah, I’ll be there.”

            As in, “If you need me, I’ll be there.”

            And you know us black folks have bastardized the hell outta the English language.

            LOL, nahmean?

          • Alma98

            Fist-bump lol

          • LOL!

          • Alma98

            I agree with Axel, it means I’ll be there when you need me.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good MornTin’ AxelFoley. 🙂 ***BIG HUG** – —
        – – –LOL – – – ONLY U. – – – LOL
        –That reminds me of THIS title: – –
        —- ☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jwe-g3GgJA0

        —the 45 that I HAVE- –RAN ALL the WORD 2-gether. LOL

        -Good 2 C U AxelFoley –With your 4-EVA HUMOR. LOL – – –
        B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥ –:)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia♥ – –LOL — – –NO KIDDING! :)- – -LOL
    – –GLOATIN’ Time. . .@ the CALL OUT!!

    – – –Eric Cantor Lies and Blames Obamacare for Kathleen Sebelius’ Resignation
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the GOP have a new ACA lie. They are blaming Obamacare for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation.
    Cantor tweeted:
    — – -SNIP – —

    It is amazing that Rep. Cantor (R-VA) can jam so many lies into a
    single twee There is zero evidence that Sebelius is resigning because of Obamacare. She is one of the longest serving members of the cabinet.
    She has been in office since the president’s first term. Cabinet
    secretary overturn is normal in the second term of any presidency.

    Secondly, Obamacare is working. Obamacare enrollment has now topped 7.5 million with a 400,000 increase in the past week. These numbers do not include the March 31 surge of signups before the ACA deadline. The idea that Obamacare is not working is straight up fantasy. People are paying their premiums and getting enrolled. The law is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. The idea that it isn’t is a complete lie.

    • Lisa M

      He was just repeating what Chuckie boy was saying last night on LO. He said that the administration lost confidence in Sec. Sebelius politically implying they pushed her out. I think she was tired of dealing with a*holes like Cantor. Don’t blame her one bit because she can hold her head high for getting it done.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY LisaM — —***BIG HUG*** 🙂

        — –***BIG fist bump*** – – -YES – -WATCHED THAT — -“RE-THUG” hata !! – – -[RACIST –4 GOOD MEASURE. ] LOL

        – – –THEY won’t stop- -until – – —KARMA INTERVENES!! – – -Annnnd it will. 🙂

        Good 2 C U. LisaM. PRAYIN’ 4 U♥ 🙂
        – — – –☺http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii32/unglamorouslife/GRAPHICS%20MAIN/cute%20animated%20comments/hope-you-feel-better.gif

        • Lisa M

          I’m actually feeling much better and finally able to work all week. Appreciate continued prayers.

  • Miranda

    Hammerin’ Hank Arron Hit The Spot; GOP . . . KKK . . . Same Members
    By Desi Cortez
    Updated: April 10, 2014

    Hank Aaron, who was celebrated Tuesday night in Atlanta on the 40th anniversary of breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record, compared and contrasted President Obama’s critics to the infamous KKK as he opened-up about the state of race relations in America; saying that “little has changed” despite the decades that have passed; “The biggest difference is that back then they had hoods,” Aaron said. “Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

    My grandmother would say, “Tell the truth . . . Shame the Devil . . . .”

    But wait, here’s what my grand folks didn’t get . . . angry White men, “Real Americans . . .” they can’t be shamed. Ask the ghost of those beautiful;4 little girls in that Birmingham church, or go ask the Obama girls today, right here n’ now – , they receive “did little nigger bitch, die ” luv letters everyday.

    Thank you Mr Aaron for telling the stone-cold truth.

    more here: http://blackathlete.net/2014/04/hammerin-hank-arron-hit-spot-gop-kkk-members/

    • Alma98

      Love This right here!

      (“It’s no secret If there could be a “Negro Cap” placed on sports . . . only 3 Blacks on any team, or across US society – only 3 Blacks in your child’s school, only 3 Blacks in the grocery store or Targets while you shop? No Blacks seen skiing,hiking, biking and on Disney vacations . . .a sizable portion of “White America would support it.”)

      • Town

        They already have the Asian cap on many colleges & universities b/c these Asian kids are blowing the white kids out of the water with grades & test scores.

        • rikyrah

          suddenly, when after ‘ test scores and grades’ got a plethora of Asian kids everywhere, then suddenly, you started seeing bullshyt appear about the ‘ well-rounded student’.
          that a student is ‘more than test scores and grades’.
          uh huh
          uh huh

          • BoomerGal


    • THIS.

      Mr. Aaron’s surpassing of Babe Ruth’s Home run record was akin to Jack Johnson and Joe Louis knocking out Great White Hopes, Ruth’s record was hollow ground – but also shallow ground to rest a career upon because he didn’t compete against the best baseball players in America of his era. And once Blacks were permitted to play by paranoid and insecure White men . . . well Hank did what he did , , , redefine greatness.

      And this is what PBO and FLOTUS are doing…redefining greatness, and that’s why they mad.

    • rikyrah

      he’s so on point…I just love him.
      bringing the absolute truth

  • Alma98

    LMAO@ hit dogs hollering in Elon’s latest post at BJ lol.

    • rikyrah

      saw that too

      • Alma98

        LOL….The only time he gets over 20 comments is when it’s something they don’t like. No matter if they’re on the left or right white folks hate hearing the truth lol.

        • GreenLadyHere

          LOL – – –☺http://www.jodichapman.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/speak-your-truth.gif THANK U 🙂

          • Alma98


    • GreenLadyHere

      Alma – – – -☺https://31.media.tumblr.com/df56d374821ddf6d28173ea8a44b15fd/tumblr_inline_n0k8hyodsk1qgeiin.gif

      — SOME PEOPLE — -NEVA LEARN! — CURRR – – -:)

      • Alma98


      • rikyrah

        this gif is priceless

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY rikyrah. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

          – – — ***BIG fist bump*** —I KNOW-HUH? 🙂

          —Have a good day. 🙂 B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥- –

      • AxelFoley


        They shoulda never taught black people how to internet.

        • BoomerGal

          Ain’t it the truth!! LOL!!!

          • GreenLadyHere

            HEEY BoomerGal. – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

            – – -***BIG fist bump*** :>)

            Good C U BoomerGal. 🙂 B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥- –

        • GreenLadyHere

          LOL — – -AxelFoley – – -Orrr INVENTED —GIFs!! — – -Woo! Hoo! 🙂

    • rikyrah

      and you noticed that they got an Open Thread up real quick..LOL
      hee hee hee

      • Alma98

        They were asking for an open thread by the 26th comment lolololol.

    • Admiral_Komack

      What did he say?
      I haven’t been there since they ran off ABL.
      Fuck them.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia♥- – –SAD NEWS frin the NBA —
    – – – –Former Hawks All-Star Lou Hudson dies at 69 – —
    – — – –<b<Lou Hudson, a smooth-shooting star for the Hawks who averaged more than 20 points during 13 NBA seasons, died Friday. He was 69.

    He died in Atlanta, where he was hospitalized and listed in grave condition last month after a stroke, the Hawks said.

    Hudson, a six-time All-Star nicknamed “Sweet Lou,” played for the
    Hawks in St. Louis and Atlanta. The guard-forward averaged 20.2 points for his career. He spent 11 seasons with the Hawks and finished with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979.

    His No. 23 was retired by the Hawks, joining Bob Pettit and Dominique Wilkins as the only other Hawks players so honored. His No. 14 was retired by the University of Minnesota, where he was one of the school’s first black players. — -[A FIRST!]

    — -☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMztK3owfHI

    — ☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhc7BAkYipo

    — – -☺http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCw7MzpnDHA


  • Admiral_Komack

    Thank you.
    I read the article.
    I liked it.
    BJ can keep their emo bullshit!