September 25, 2017

Friday Open Thread: The Chess Masters

Happy Friday Obots!

Today we feature more stars in the world of Chess.

Baraka Shabazz

Originally born in Denver, Colorado, Baraka spent her early years in Anchorage, Alaska, with her stepfather Yusef Shabazz and mother Raqiba Shabazz. Mr. Shabazz bought a chess set for the family and taught his children the moves. Baraka showed glimmers of talent. It wasn’t long before she began beating her stepfather. In an interview, her mother noted, “Who ever heard of a black girl playing chess?”

Here is the story as Baraka told it in a 1981 interview in The Spokeman,

“He went out and bought us a chess set,” Baraka recalls, “and he gave it to my sister and me and said, “Here, play chess.” We told him, “We don’t know how to play,” so he showed us how the pieces work and said, ‘You have to get your opponent’s king,’ and that was the first time I played. Six weeks after Febuary 16, 1978, I entered my first chess tournament and won three games out of five.” 

At that point, the parents Raqiba and Yusef decided to afford her the best opportunities to excel at chess. The initial efforts bore fruit as she began her assault on chess competition and three years, she became one of the top female players in the country at age 15. She was also the first female player of African descent to reach the rank of “Expert” or a 2000 rating in the U.S. Chess Federation system. Many supporters chipped in including a private tutor.

(Ebony Magazine, 1982)

According to a 1981 People magazine article, …Oakland Mayor Lionel Wilson has paid the Shabazzes’ rent bill from a community fund, and others—including a black-owned travel agency and entertainer Eartha Kitt—have donated money and services so Baraka can compete in distant tournaments.

The family made further sacrifices and after two years in California, the family moved to the “Mecca” of U.S. chess, the east coast. There the family settled in the Baltimore area. Here she gained her legend in Dupont Circle. Baraka originally had to overcome sexism and men taking her lightly. Opponents blew smoke in her face. In another case, a 17-year old boy looked at Baraka and told his mother, “You won’t have to wait for me, I’ll be back in half an hour.” Baraka dragged the game out for hours and hit him with a tactical shot winning the queen. The boy swept the pieces off the board.

Read the entire article on Baracka at The Chess Drum.

James, Justus and Joshua

Fewer than 2 percent of the 77,000 members of the United States Chess Federation are masters — and just 13 of them are under the age of 14.

Among that select group of prodigies are three black players from the New York City area — Justus Williams, Joshua Colas and James Black Jr. — who each became masters before their 13th birthdays.

“Masters don’t happen every day, and African-American masters who are 12 never happen,” said Maurice Ashley, 45, the only African-American to earn the top title of grandmaster. “To have three young players do what they have done is something of an amazing curiosity. You normally wouldn’t get something like that in any city of any race.”

In September last year, Justus, who is now 13 and lives in the Bronx, was the first of the three boys to get to 2,200, becoming the youngest black player to obtain the master rank. Joshua, 13, of White Plains, was a few months younger than Justus when he became a master last December. James, 12, of Brooklyn, became a master in July.

In April of this year, Justus and James led their middle school chess team to capture 1st place at the National High School Chess Championship. Yes, the middle schoolers whipped their older counterparts!


The three New Yorkers met several years ago during competitions. Justus has an edge over James, mostly because he won many of their early games, before James caught up. Head to head, James and Joshua each have several wins against the other. Justus and Joshua have rarely competed against each other.

Although they are rivals, the boys are also friends and share a sense that they are role models.

“I think of Justus, me and Josh as pioneers for African-American kids who want to take up chess,” James said.

James’s father, James Black, said he and Justus’s and Joshua’s parents were aware of what their sons represent and “talk about it a great deal,” but tried not to pressure them too much.

Black said his son “knows that the pressure comes along with the territory. What is going to happen is going to happen. As long he plays, we’re sure that things will work out for the best.”

The three boys approach the game differently. Justus and Joshua say that James studies the most, and Joshua admits he would rather play than practice. “I like the competition,” he said. “And I like that chess is an art.”

Justus said he is the most aggressive of the three, and he and James agree that Joshua is the most unpredictable. “Joshua likes to change up his openings during tournaments,” Justus said.

The Grio’s Todd Johnson interviews Chess Master Justus Williams:

Read more about these 3 phenoms here.


Adisa Banjoko is on a mission. That mission is to combine three interesting artforms and create an international phenomenon. Banjoko’s idea of bringing together, hip-hop stars, martial artists and chess players is a novel idea and provides a platform for discussing a plethora of socio-political issues. It is already understood that chess is being used as an educational tool; rap music is very influential and can be used to capture the attention of a young, mass audience; martial arts is not only the current craze in American cinema, but has been popularized by a burgeoning video culture of the youth.

All three of these cultural artforms have a lot in common in that they deal with opposing forces. In an earlier interview, Banjoko states, “Our purpose is to encourage young people across the country to infuse their artistic and physical gifts with chess tactics and strategies to enrich their lives for years to come.” The Chess Drum’s Daaim Shabazz interviewed Banjoko and he revealed more detail about the Hip-Hop Chess Federation and his vision.

Interview with Adiso Banjoko.


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    MR. PRESIDENT SPEAKS TRUTH on the Chinese situation: – – —

    – – –Obama administration hits back on notion that it abandoned Chen in China – –

    – —-The Obama administration pushed back Thursday evening on the notion that U.S. diplomats abandoned Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng when they let him leave the Beijing embassy on Wednesday.

    A senior administration official provided The Hill with a detailed account of the past two days that shows U.S. officials were either at Chen’s side or in touch with the activist the whole time.

    – – -“The bottom line is that there’s a narrative out there that is misconstrued,” said the senior administration official, who wouldn’t go on the record because of the sensitivity of the situation. “That’s just not true and it’s something that even Chen appears to be rectifying.”

    Chinese police have since surrounded the hospital where Chen now is, and U.S. officials have not been able to see him since they left.

    “I want to meet with Secretary (of State Hillary) Clinton,” Chen said Thursday in a surprise phone call during an emergency hearing called by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.). “I hope I can get more help from her. I also want to thank her face to face.”

    THANK U. – — -THAT MAN – – — VERY – – -SUSPECT!! – – – –

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    Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 115,000 in April, and the unemployment
    rate was little changed at 8.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    reported today. Employment increased in professional and business services,
    retail trade, and health care, but declined in transportation and warehousing.

    Household Survey Data

    Both the number of unemployed persons (12.5 million) and the unemployment
    rate (8.1 percent) changed little in April. (See table A-1.)

    Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men
    (7.5 percent), adult women (7.4 percent), teenagers (24.9 percent), whites
    (7.4 percent), and Hispanics (10.3 percent) showed little or no change in
    April, while the rate for blacks (13.0 percent) declined over the month.

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      March numbers revised up from 120,000 to 154,000.

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        Annnnd that MAKES – —34,000 HAPPIER PEOPLE!!

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    Issa targets Holder with contempt memo
    By Steve Benen – Fri May 4, 2012 8:00 AM EDT.

    As part of his ongoing fascination with the “Fast and Furious” controversy, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) released a draft memo yesterday, making the case for holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. Is a major showdown brewing? It’s possible, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

    As Issa sees it, Holder and the Justice Department have not responded quickly enough to House Republicans’ demands for materials. The DOJ has said it’s already given Issa and his committee over 7,600 pages of documents, and continues to provide more, but it’s cautious about the public release of materials that could undermine ongoing criminal cases. (This is a position endorsed by a Reagan-era Office of Legal Counsel memo.)

    Issa, however, has an election season to think about, and seems principally concerned with what might be exploited for partisan gain. How concerned should Holder be about this? Not very — even if House Republicans seriously pursue a contempt resolution, the issue “would take years to sort out.”

    Stan Brand told TPM that Holder really shouldn’t be worried because of how cumbersome the contempt process can get, describing contempt proceedings as “mostly for show” and a “circus event.” The House would have to vote before it pursued civil remedies in court.

    “I can’t really take it seriously because as you know for the last 30 years the Justice Department — both Republicans and Democrats — has taken the position that you can’t enforce the contempt statute against members of the executive branch who assert privilege or some other defense to the subpoenas,” Brand said.

    “I wouldn’t be [worried] if I were advising the Attorney General, I’d say read the precedents and go about your business. Don’t worry about it, it’ll be 2014 before this gets resolved,” Brand said.

    As a rule, when committee chairs start huffing and puffing like this, the various officials work out some kind of arrangement. Of course, those traditions were established before House Republicans decided compromises were a menace. The worst case scenario: the House holds Holder in contempt and instructs the House sergeant at arms to try to arrest the Attorney General, creating a bizarre constitutional crisis.

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      What is their obsession with Holder? He should sue them for harrassement.

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        need I say anything else?

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        They can’t pin any real scandals on this admin, so they’re going for broke with Fast and Furious.

        On the other hand, Holder is a good looking man; maybe Issa’s like a crazy stalker from a Lifetime movie. Imagine him sitting at home, staring at CSPAN, muttering, “you will NOT ignore me Eric.”

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      Holder needs to blow Issa a kiss

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        Or better still turn his butt in Issa’s direction and invite him to come kiss it.

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    The model of an Ayn Rand acolyte
    By Steve Benen – Thu May 3, 2012 4:38 PM EDT.

    Last week, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the right-wing chairman of the House Budget Committee, scoffed at the notion that he’s an acolyte of Ayn Rand. “I reject her philosophy,” Ryan said, adding he prefers Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy. He concluded, “Don’t give me Ayn Rand.”

    This led me, among others, to note some of Ryan’s previous comments on the infamous author, including the congressman’s famous boast, “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.” But what else has Ryan said about Rand?

    Our pal James Carter passed along this piece from the Atlas Society, which has now, for the first time, released the full audio of a speech the Wisconsin Republican delivered at a 2005 Atlas Society event.

    It’s an interesting set of remarks, in which Ryan explains Rand’s books “taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are.” The novels “inspired” him, became “required reading” for his staff and interns, and compelled him to seek public office.

    “[Y]ou can’t find another thinker or writer who did a better job of describing and laying out the moral case for capitalism than Ayn Rand. […]

    “It’s so important that we go back to our roots to look at Ayn Rand’s vision, her writings, to see what our girding, under-grounding [sic] principles are. I always go back to, you know, Francisco d’Anconia’s speech on money when I think about monetary policy. And then I go to the 64-page John Galt speech, you know, on the radio at the end, and go back to a lot of other things that she did, to try and make sure that I can check my premises so that I know that what I’m believing and doing and advancing are square with the key principles of individualism. […]

    “[I]f we’re going to actually win this we need to make sure that we’re solid on premises, that our principles are well-defended, and if want to go and articulately defend these principles and what they mean to our society, what they mean for the trends that we set internationally, we have to go back to Ayn Rand.”

    “I reject her philosophy”? Sure you do, Mr. Chairman. Sure you do.

    James also passed along this clip of Ryan gushing about Rand in 2009 and how relevant he considers her work in his attacks on Democrats and the modern welfare state.

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    Posted at 03:33 PM ET, 05/03/2012
    What does Mitt Romney have to offer?
    By Greg Sargent

    A few days ago, Mitt Romney chatted with a bunch of firefighters, who told him about their struggles in the Obama economy. As Romney recalled it: “I asked the firefighters I was meeting with, about 15 or them, how many had had to take another job to make ends meet, and almost every one of them had.”

    Of course, firefighters are public sector workers. And Romney has said that public sector workers are getting paid too much, not that they’re getting paid too little. As Jonathan Chait puts it:

    Romney’s position is that these fine public servants are luxuriating in excessive pay, a fact that, unlike swelling income inequality, constitutes a major source of unfairness in American life. (“We will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve,” he said last week.)
    This is actually a policy flashpoint between the two parties. Public employment has cratered in recent years, with public sector jobs continuing to decline even as private sector jobs rebound, exerting a continued drag on the sluggish recovery. Obama’s position is that the federal government ought to provide aid to state governments to rehire some of the laid-off teachers, cops, and firefighters. Republicans oppose this. Romney seems to have forgotten that the firefighters he came face-to-face with are one category of Americans whose economic pain he’s supposed to be in favor of.

    Steve Benen takes this further, adding that the episode and the attendant contradiction reveal the failure of Romney’s “transactional politics.” Romney is looking to take things away from public sector workers, students who rely on Pell Grants, those who rely on entitlements and government programs that might be cut, and the like:

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      What does Mitt Romney have to offer?
      By Greg Sargent

      He’s white.
      By Town

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        Mitt Romney’s campaign slogan should read:

        Vote for me, I’m white, he’s not.

        Ted Nugent and Romney’s other like-minded surrogates should have tee-shirts out soon.

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    Posted at 08:37 AM ET, 05/04/2012
    The Morning Plum: The premise of Mitt Romney’s candidacy
    By Greg Sargent

    It could be very dangerous for Obama if Mitt Romney clears a basic competence threshold with voters — that is, if voters accept that his success in the private sector shows he possesses basic leadership qualities and a talent for turning around troubled enterprises that can magically be applied to a whole country.

    Central to that argument is the premise of Romney’s whole candidacy: That you can run American like a corporation, and that Romney’s experience has left him with an understanding of the economy that automatically translates into an ability to create jobs as a public official.

    Today the campaign will be fought around that idea.

    With Obama set to visit Ohio, Romney is out with a new Op ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that states the message clearly, even stating explicitly that the federal government is an “enterprise” that can be turned around like a business:

    Mr. President, forgive me for being blunt, but when it comes to economic affairs, you’re out of your depth. Unlike you, I am not a career politician. Unlike you, I’ve spent more than two decades working in the private sector, starting new businesses and turning around failing ones. Undoing the damage you’ve done will be a daunting challenge. But I’ve learned a thing or two about how government policies can kill private investment and stifle job creation and I have a plan to get government out of the way…
    I have spent much of my life in business, turning around troubled enterprises. I can do the same for the most troubled of all enterprises: our federal government.

    Of course, despite Romney’s claim that he isn’t a “career politician,” he has, in fact, been a public official — he was Governor of Massachusetts, a fact that goes oddly unmentioned in today’s Ohio Op ed. And the DNC is out with a new Web video today offering the response to Romney’s argument above — it shows footage of Rick Santorum brutally attacking Romney for presiding over a state that ranked 47th out of 50th in job creation.

    Santorum’s punchline: “If Mitt Romney’s an economic heavyweight, we’re in trouble”:

    As the above video shows, the effort to spotlight Romney’s job creation record in Massachusetts will be key to the effort to undermine Romney’s aura of basic competence and the whole premise of his candidacy. This isn’t the last we’re seeing of this Santorum footage.

    By the way: Note Romney’s description of his “plan to get government out of the way” and his repeated vow to “unleash” America’s “potential.” That’s Romney’s plan, in a nutshell: Get government out of the way and allow an unshackled private sector to shower prosperity and opportunity on everyone. As I argued here yesterday, it all turns on whether voters ask themselves this question, and how they answer it: What is Romney really offering here?

    • Town

      As Ted Kennedy said, the only reason Mitt Romney is not a career politician is because he kept losing elections.

  • rikyrah

    Who’s the Real Mitt Romney? Richard Grenell Has Taught Us
    Jonathan Cohn
    May 3, 2012 | 11:30 am

    Who is the real Mitt Romney? Richard Grenell, the openly gay conservative who abruptly resigned as a Romney campaign spokesman, has answered that question for us.

    The latest media accounts of Grenell’s departure suggest that neither Romney nor his campaign advisers had a problem with Grenell’s homosexuality or even his support for gay marriage. According to an account in the New York Times, Grenell pointed out during his job interviews that his background “could be an issue.” Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s longtime aide and strategist, reportedly told him “it’s not an issue for us.”

    That was probably true and, as it turns out, utterly irrelevant. Right-wingers protested the hiring of Grenell from the get-go and, instead of backing Grenell publicly, the Romney campaign sidelined him. Last week, according to reporting by Andrew Sullivan, campaign officials specifically instructed Grenell to remain silent on a call about foreign policy—even though it was a call Grenell had helped to organize and would have, under normal circumstances, helped to lead. It was not the first such incident and Grenell, apparently convinced the campaign had undermined his authority, to step down. “It’s not that the campaign cared whether Ric Grenell was gay,” a Republican adviser told the Times. “They believed this was a nonissue. But they didn’t want to confront the religious right.”

    The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, a die-hard and well-connected Romney supporter, was the first to report Grenell’s exit from the campaign and told a similar story. “Despite the controversy in new media and in conservative circles,” Rubin observed, with apparent disappointment, “there was no public statement of support for Grenell by the campaign and no supportive social conservatives were enlisted to calm the waters.”

    That silence speaks volumes, because what matters ultimately is not what Romney or his advisers think but how they act. When Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts, he made overtures to the gay community, telling the newspaper Bay Windows, “I think extremists who would force their views on the party and try to shape the party are making a mistake.” But, as my colleague Tim Noah pointed out on Wednesday, those extremists are shaping the party right now—and Romney, clearly, is not about to stop them:

  • rikyrah

    Why I Am So Optimistic, But Also Worried
    by BooMan
    Thu May 3rd, 2012 at 11:15:11 PM EST

    It seems that all anyone wants to talk about tonight is the new poll out of Virginia that shows that women there hate Romney and that Clarence Thomas is the only black man in the state who plans to vote for him. Kos did some good analysis on a separate but related subject, which is that Obama has a Southwestern strategy and, if he wins Arizona, Romney is going to be pretty near out of luck.

    I know it’s early and pretty much anything can still happen, but I want to talk about a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Obama goes on to win every state that he won last time, plus Arizona. And let’s say that he wins by even stronger margins in Virginia and North Carolina. And let’s say that Romney doesn’t even come close to winning anywhere in the Upper Midwest and gets beats solidly in Florida.

    This isn’t a pie in the sky scenario. Recent polls show Obama leading, tied, or narrowly behind in Arizona. And other polls show him leading in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, and in other swingy states. So, let’s think about this. How would the Republicans react?

    In recent times, the Republicans have responded to victory and defeat the same way. They interpret either outcome as proof that they need to move to the right. But an electoral map like the one I’ve described puts them in a no-win situation. Let me lay out some of the features of this map.

    GOP shut out in New England (34 electoral votes)
    GOP shut out in Mid-Atlantic, including PA and DC (83 electoral votes)
    GOP shut out in Upper Midwest (96 electoral votes)
    GOP shut out on Pacific coast (73 electoral votes)
    GOP loses Southwest, including Colorado, 29-5 (GOP holds Utah)
    GOP cedes 55 electoral votes from the Old Confederacy (Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida).

    What is that? About 370 electoral votes? About 100 more than is required to win the presidency?

    You can’t turn that around by winning back New Hampshire (4 votes) or Indiana (11 votes). If the GOP isn’t close in states like Florida and Virginia and they’re fighting for their lives in Arizona and North Carolina, then they don’t have very good odds of winning the presidency any time soon. And, if they win it, they’ll win it like Bush, by the skin of their teeth.

    It’s too early to say with confidence that this will be the result of the election, but if this is what happens, the GOP pretty much has to do a major reassessment. They will have to figure out a way to win back constituencies. My prediction is that their two biggest obstacles to regaining viability as a national party will be Latino voters and suburban women. They will have give up being the party of angry white men and make some kind of deal on comprehensive immigration reform. And they are going to have to stop these incredibly aggressive attacks on abortion rights and women’s health. If they don’t, they simply will not win the presidency ever again.

    It won’t be an easy transition, and it’s possible that they won’t be able to transform themselves. The GOP was unable to gain control of the House of Representatives for more than two single terms between 1933 and 1995. They know how to operate in a near-permanent minority. I think that’s where they’re headed.

    But, another way of looking at current events is that they are currently at their high-water mark for conservatism, and if they can just win this election they can really undo the New Deal, the Great Society, and overturn Roe v. Wade. They can use the High Court to give them advantages, like unlimited corporate spending in elections, that will allow them to remain as a viable national party.

    I’m optimistic, but the stakes are incredibly high in this election.

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    POU FAM – – -Hmm – –Seems as iff – -CHEN has BEEN OFFERED a POSITION at a COLLEGE. –

    — NOW I wonder iff he STILL wants 2 meet with SSHilary?? —


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    POU FAM – – – -MR. PRESIDENT will spend PART of the day – –with YOUNG PEOPLE/PARENTS. :>)

    – – – – – Obama to Arlington high school – —

    – – – – –President Obama will travel to Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Va. to call on Congress to keep interest on student loans from doubling on July 1st. He will also hold a roundtable with students and parents.

    Wishin’ him well. – –

    -Notice that we RARELY EVA C – –teh WILLARD with anyone OTHER THAN HIS KIND!! – – – -geesh!! – – – –

  • Miranda

    Suck it Mitt!

    State Department: New deal reached on blind Chinese activist

    It looks like a deal has been reached for blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng. This just in:

    Chen Guangcheng

    The Chinese Government stated today that Mr. Chen Guangcheng has the same right to travel abroad as any other citizen of China. Mr. Chen has been offered a fellowship from an American university, where he can be accompanied by his wife and two children.
    The Chinese Government has indicated that it will accept Mr. Chen’s applications for appropriate travel documents. The United States government expects that the Chinese government will expeditiously process his applications for these documents, and make accommodations for his current medical condition. The United States government would then give visa requests for him and his immediate family priority attention.
    This matter has been handled in the spirit of a cooperative U.S.-China partnership.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese government partly did that to stick it to Romney for interfering.

    • rikyrah

      Willard doesn’t know shyt about foreign policy. he’s been running for President for 7 years, and has no vision for it, in the least.

      which is why he’s knee deep in advisors that lied us into 2 wars.

  • rikyrah

    Scott Brown stumbles on ‘Obamacare’ problem
    Fri May 4, 2012 9:26 AM EDT.

    We learned this week that Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) takes advantage of the Affordable Care Act to bring health care coverage to his own adult daughters. The problem, of course, is that Brown has also voted to kill the entirety of the law, and fully intends to keep trying until “Obamacare” and its benefits have been eliminated.

    The Republican senator wants the law to help his kids, but he also wants to destroy the law, no matter what it does to everyone else’s kids.

    Pressed on this, Brown changed his story. After initially saying he insurers his daughters through his congressional insurance plan, the Massachusetts senator changed his mind and said he’s actually taking advantage of state measures, which he’d voted for, not the Democrats’ reform law.

    As Igor Volsky explained, this version doesn’t appear to be true.

    Brown may have taken advantage of Massachusetts reform while serving in the Bay State, but as a senator, he’s benefiting from the ACA’s most popular provision.

    According to the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) website, Brown’s congressional health care plan (the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan) is regulated by federal law, not state legislation — “The FEHB Program is a Federal program and preempts state law requirements,” the site says — and the program allows dependents to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26 as a result of Obamacare. […]

    An official at OPM confirmed to ThinkProgress that “As long as the parent has a self-and-family enrollment, dependent children are covered under that enrollment until they reach age 26, as a result of passage of the ACA. Before the ACA, the dependent age was by FEHB law up to age 22.”

    So, Scott Brown enjoys a benefit he wants to deny to everyone else, and then he fibbed to try to get out of it?

    That’s not a good combination.


    It’s also worth emphasizing that from Brown’s perspective, the larger issue just isn’t worth worrying about. What happens if he succeeds and the law is eliminated? Brown and his wife made over a half-million dollars last year, so they’re in a position to help their adult kids pay for insurance and medical expenses.

    Since 99% of American households make far less than the senator and his wife, the question becomes what happens to 18-to-25 year olds who don’t come from wealthy families. As Brown sees it, states might consider passing measures similar to “Obamacare” if the law is destroyed, which he thinks would solve the problem. But if your state is dominated by Republican policymakers and chooses not to take this step? Well, apparently you’re out of luck. Maybe you should have picked a better state (or wealthier parents).

    Remember, this is what passes for GOP moderation on health care policy — a confused senator who hates the Affordable Care Act, despite not knowing why, who wants to benefit from the law he thinks he finds offensive, while taking those benefits away from everyone else, and then fudging the truth when questions arise.


  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM – — – — JUSTICE LITE!! – – —A TRAVESTY!! – – – –

    – – – –1 brother convicted in Md. neighborhood watch case – — –

    – — –One brother was convicted and the other was exonerated Thursday in the 2010 beating of a black teenager they encountered while patrolling as watch volunteers in their Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

    Judge Pamela White ruled from the bench against Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim, 24 and 22. They opted for a bench trial after withdrawing a motion to move their trial because of publicity comparing their case to the fatal shooting of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

    Both were charged with false imprisonment, second-degree assault and carrying a deadly weapon with intent to injure. The judge found Eliyahu not guilty of the weapon charge and cleared Avi on all three

    They had no visible reaction when the verdict was read, though Eliyahu’s wife ran from the courtroom in tears. They could have faced up to 13 years if convicted on all three charges.
    THERE IS MORE. — –KRAP!!! – – —

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – –Mitt Romney Commissioned Pro-America Pins, Made Them In China – —

    – – —At a fundraiser in Virginia last night, Mitt Romney touted his experience running the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002 — a familiar refrain — but also introduced a new rhetorical line about something more specific: lapel pins. He told a story about the “We Stand United” American flag pins he commissioned for the games, which took place just months after the terror attacks on 9/11. Romney touted his creation of the pins as a means to explain how he hopes to bring Americans together:

    – — -SKIP – – —

    – –Complicating Romney’s patriotic message is the fact that the pins were made in China, according to a website run by the Utah state government’s culture department, as TPM’s Evan McMorris-Santoro pointed out on Twitter.

    Outsourcing has been a latent issue in the campaign, and just yesterday the Obama campaign released an ad hitting Romney for “shipp[ing] American jobs to places like Mexico and China” when he led Bain Capital. Indeed, Bain was outsourcing jobs even while Romney was governor. And his top economic adviser Greg Mankiw (who was recently promoted to chairman of Harvard’s economics department) said that “offshoring” American jobs is a good thing.

    – — He GIVES HIMSELF UP! – – – – -LOL! – —

  • rikyrah

    Issa’s Holder Contempt Resolution All About Politics, Say Experts

    Ryan J. Reilly- May 4, 2012, 5:57 AM

    A year after floating the idea, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa made a big move Thursday by releasing a draft contempt resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder, claiming the Justice Department hasn’t cooperated with his congressional investigation into the flawed ATF operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

    But several experts in congressional contempt proceedings told TPM that Issa’s move is mostly a problem of political perception for Holder. Legal consequences, should the House pass the contempt resolution, would take years to sort out.

    Issa’s draft contempt resolution contends that the Justice Department hasn’t cooperated fully with the investigation, arguing its been slow to turn over documents, that the committee requested via subpoena, on the operation that let guns “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

    DOJ responded to Issa’s draft resolution with a strongly worded letter from Deputy Attorney General James Cole, who wrote that DOJ officials “continue to believe that efforts to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution have not been fully exhausted.”

    Issa’s committee, Cole wrote, “has not taken sufficient steps to define the categories of documents it deems essential to its review of Fast and Furious and its decision to issue a draft contempt citation appears to express a preference for confrontation over resolution.”

    Congress has pursued contempt resolutions against members of the executive branch in the past, but they aren’t common. Most recently, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee in 2008 began contempt proceedings against Bush administration officials Karl Rove and Harriet Miers.

    “It’s pretty rare to have executive branch officers to be held in contempt of Congress,” law professor Josh Chafetz told TPM. “Usually these kind of disputes wind up getting settled through negotiations before it ever comes to a contempt citation.”

    Stan Brand told TPM that Holder really shouldn’t be worried because of how cumbersome the contempt process can get, describing contempt proceedings as “mostly for show” and a “circus event.” The House would have to vote before it pursued civil remedies in court.

  • rikyrah

    May 03, 2012 5:44 PM

    Battleground Virginia

    By Ed Kilgore

    When Barack Obama won Virginia in 2008 (by a healthy six percentage points, nearly his national margin), alarm bells went off in many Republican strategic circles. After all, the Old Dominion had not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964, spurning southerners like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton even in good years for the Donkey Party. Since Democrats also held both U.S. Senate seats and had won the previous two gubernatorial races, it was obviously time to revisit the assumption the state was part of a Solid Republican South (except, of course, for Florida and also North Carolina, where Obama’s victory was even more of a shock).

    So there were many sighs of Republican relief when Bob McDonnell handily won the governorship back for the GOP easily in 2009, and then Republicans picked off three U.S. House seats in 2010. Things, it seemed were returning to normal.

    Or maybe not. The RealClearPolitics average of recent general election polls in Virginia shows Obama with a 2.4% lead in the state; the most recent survey, by PPP, has Obama up by eight points. The Senate race between former Gov. and DNC chairman Tim Kaine and former Sen. George Allen is, and has been, dead even. And looking ahead, an early PPP poll of the 2013 governor’s race in Virginia shows Democratic Sen. Mark Warner stomping everyone in sight if he chooses to return to Richmond.

    If Mark Warner wants to be the next Governor of Virginia…he’s probably going to be the next Governor of Virginia. PPP’s newest poll finds him blowing away the Republican field of candidates with a 53-33 lead over Ken Cuccinelli, a 53-32 advantage over Bill Bolling, and a 58-19 edge over Tareq Salahi.
    Warner continues to be the state’s most popular politician with a 52% approval rating to only 26% of voters who disapprove of him. He takes 13-29% of the Republican vote in these three match ups while losing only 2-4% of the Democratic vote, and he has a persistent double digit lead with independents as well. At this point the office looks to be Warner’s for the taking.

    Even more worrisome for the GOP is the fact that in the PPP survey conservative darling Cuccinnelli has a large lead over the potential primary field, yet looks exceptionally weak for a general election even if Warner doesn’t run. Cucinelli trails Terry McAuliffe by five points and Tom Perriello by three, despite a gigantic name ID advantage.

    So any way you slice it, Virginia remains a battleground state, and a big vulnerability in the southern fortress the GOP had supposedly built for itself. Obama can definitely win in November without Virginia, but it’s not at all clear Mitt Romney can do so as well.

  • rikyrah

    Poll: Mourdock Leads Lugar by 10 Points For Indiana Primary
    Eric Kleefeld- May 4, 2012, 10:02 AM

    The new Howey Politics/DePauw University poll of Indiana has some big news: In the Republican primary for Senate next week, longtime incumbent Sen. Dick Lugar now trails his right-wing challenger, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, by ten points.

    The numbers: Mourdock 48%, Lugar 38%. The survey of likely primary voters was conducted April 30-May 1, and has a ±3.7% margin of error.

    In the previous Howey/DePauw poll from late March, Lugar was ahead by 42%-35%.

    The presumptive Democratic nominee is Rep. Joe Donnelly — with some Dems hopeful that a Mourdock win in the primary would open up this seat for a pickup.

  • rikyrah

    May 03, 2012 5:08 PM

    Gallup on Catholic Vote: Where’s the “Wedge?”
    By Ed Kilgore

    You may remember a lot of excited talk earlier this year about the Obama’s administration’s “war on religion” generating a major Catholic backlash that would cost him the election. Matter of fact, you still hear the talk, as evidenced by an April 24 Alexander Bolton piece in The Hill with this ledge:

    President Obama has seen his standing among Catholic voters, a crucial segment of the electorate, slip in recent weeks, and a looming confrontation with Catholic activists could make it worse.
    Democrats want voters this year to focus on what they have branded a war on women, but the flip side of the debate — the so-called war on religion — is not going away anytime soon.

    Bolton reached this conclusion, as it happens, by talking to virtually every blatantly pro-Republican self-styled representative of Catholics he could find, and the “slippage” for Obama he reported was actually just a boost in the minority percentage of Catholics perceiving the Democratic Party as hostile to religion—a response to all the polarizing conservative messaging among Catholics already in the GOP column.

    But the latest Gallup report on Catholic voters, out just yesterday, shows that they are, as they have generally been recently, an almost perfect mirror of national opinion on the two parties’ presidential candidates, with no “wedge” in sight:

    Obama led Romney by one percentage point, 46% to 45%, among the more than 8,000 registered voters interviewed as part of Gallup Daily tracking conducted April 11-30. Among the 1,915 Catholics interviewed during that time, support for Obama and Romney was almost the same, with 46% support for Obama and 46% for Romney.

    Predictably, Obama has a sizable advantage among Hispanic Catholics and a smaller disadvantage among white Catholics (magnified by their larger numbers). Nothing’s changed much at all since 2008 other than the slight decline in Obama’s support levels that’s evident in all voter groups:

    The overall Catholic vote so far this year is similar to what it was in 2008, when Gallup’s final survey before the election found that Catholics’ slim support for Obama over Republican candidate John McCain almost identically matched the overall national vote.

  • rikyrah

    Political AnimalBlog
    May 04, 2012 10:39 AM

    Mitt’s Map

    By Ed Kilgore

    At WaPo today, Dan Balz and Philip Rucker offer a baseline general election story on Romney’s electoral college strategy. From beginning to end, they emphasize that Mitt has a “narrow path to victory,” without a lot of room for maneuvering or feints. That path is basically what Karl Rove, with his knack for making every straight line look crooked, calls a “3-2-1” plan, based on winning three traditionally Republican states Obama grabbed in 2008 (IN, NC and VA), then the two classic “tossup” states (FL and OH), and then one out of a grab-bag of other battleground states, including IA, NH, NV and CO (with many GOPers adding MI and PA based on their party’s recent down-ballot performance, though neither state has gone Republican in a presidential election since 1988).

    The bottom line is that Romney has little margin for error, and even if he wins back Obama’s “breakthrough” states along with the two big tossups, he’s going to have to win somewhere in the northeast, in Rust Belt Land or in the Western states where his weak standing with Latinos is a really big problem (offset partially, at least in NV and AZ, by his exceptional strength among LDS voters).

    Interestingly, the Balz/Rucker piece appears the same day WaPo has released a new poll of VA, one of those must-win Romney states, showing Obama up there among RVs by a 51-44 margin.

    If this sort of battleground maneuvering fascinates you, check out one of the many interactive Electoral Vote mapping sites available on the web, where you can play at being Grand Strategist. It becomes pretty apparent very quickly that whatever strategery Team Mitt deploys, it’s going to need a significant national shift from where we are now to get safely to 270.

  • Black unemployment DROPS from 14% to 13%
    Black male unemployment DROPS from 13.8 to 13.6
    Black female unemployment DROPS from 12.3 to 10.8
    Black teen unemployment DROPs from 40.5 to 38.2

    Crickets from the Sole Patrol, Ivory Tower, the CBC shill and Black journalists.

    • Miranda

      Won’t hear shit from them at all.

      I’m still curious as to how black teen employment is even calculated. Every 16 yr old isn’t looking for a job.

    • But he doesn’t say the word poverty enough. Now in my new book “How To Grift Like A Pro Mac Mofo” I use the word poverty exactly four thousand eight hundred and twenty three times. Don’t believe me? Buy the book for yourself and find out.

      • Ebogan63

        Now in my new book “How To Grift Like A Pro Mac Mofo”


        • Scoot over! *dead*

  • How the Affordable Care Act combats preventable hospital infections
    by Christian John Lillis


    Some wildly popular protections in the law, such as keeping children up to 26 on parents’ policies, barring insurance cutoffs for the sick, and ending co-pays for preventive care, have begun to gain the appreciation they deserve. But press coverage of how the law broadens the healthcare risk pool in order to lower overall costs — the so-called individual mandate — has disregarded the law’s focus on a responsibility all Americans share and have a stake in: stopping epidemics and fighting disease.

    Foes of the law have failed to spell out how they would solve the public health challenges that the law tackles head-on. The federal law contains important tools for frontline providers to fight epidemics and face accountability. It also arms consumers with information to make decisions about where we seek care and how to avoid common infections.

    One rampant form of infection, Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, results in more than 25,000 deaths each year and costs our healthcare system billions. Two years ago this month, my mother Peggy Lillis, an otherwise healthy kindergarten teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y., came down with what she believed was a stomach flu. Having never heard of C. diff, she assumed she picked up a bug from a student and didn’t fret. Six days later she was dead from toxic megacolon, the result of a virulent C. diff infection (CDI).


  • Steubenville, OH should be renamed Stupidville, OH.

    4 Years Later, Race Is Still Issue for Some Voters

    STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — This is the land of die-hard Democrats — mill workers, coal miners and union members. They have voted party line for generations, forming a reliable constituency for just about any Democrat who decides to run for office.

    But when it comes to President Obama, a small part of this constituency balks.

    “Certain precincts in this county are not going to vote for Obama,” said John Corrigan, clerk of courts for Jefferson County, who was drinking coffee in a furniture shop downtown one morning last week with a small group of friends, retired judges and civil servants. “I don’t want to say it, but we all know why.”

    A retired state employee, Jason Foreman, interjected, “I’ll say it: it’s because he’s black.”


    • rikyrah

      if they wanna cling to being White..

      then fuck them..they’ll get what they deserve.

      • Jeremy

        Yep. President Obama won Ohio last time and plenty of white Democrats in those areas had no problem voting for a black democrat despite some not voting for him because he is black.

        If some want to continue the racism then fine. It won’t matter because Obama will win Ohio again.

        • itgurl_29

          This is how I feel. These CACs are the minority. Even amongst their own people The country is changing all around them and there ain’t a thing they can do about it.

          I was surprised at how unfazed I was at reading that nonsense. I guess it’s cause I know they already lost.

    • lamh35

      I’m not proud to say it, but Sometimes I really just need to take a step back and just be away from white people sometimes. It usually happens after watching Color Purple or Malcolm X or Rosewood or Roots or something and I just need a cone of silence just so I don’t just snap at people I consider to be cool people most of the time.

      After reading that article I’m need my code is silence right now.

      ETA: they sure didn’t have a problem when Blacks voted overwhelmingly for White Dems and pols!!!!!

      I’m with rikyrah…Fuck em!

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Let these people continue to be trapped into their backward ass thinking that a black man cannot lead them successfully. I’m glad their more forthright about why they will not vote for him. At least I can laud them for showing the courage of their convictions.

      The funniest thing to me though, is that people are saying he was voted in because he was black. I was like D.L.Hughley, when he said, “Damn, since when did the largest liability to success become an asset once Barack Obama won?” It is amazing to see how racism just warps a person’s thought process. These folks believing that 13 to 14 % of the population was just enough for him to enter office. That Barack Obama ran like Huey Newton and didn’t have a platform. I surprisingly had more laughter than anger at them. These people are really ignorant. Really, REALLY ignorant.

      These people look at Barack Obama, see everything he has from his work and diligence, and wonder why they, as white people living in squalor, haven’t made it to that thoroughfare. They must see to it that he loses, for if he doesn’t, it will only confirm what they fear most, that everything they had been taught from childhood was a lie. That being white in America is not the mealticket they once thought it was. The future stares them in the face everytime they see a clip of the State of the Union addresses, televised interviews and debates, or speeches and town hall meetings. They see the future, and it is their hell. Don’t be angered folks at these revelations, just keep going forward into the future while these folks are left behind in the outskirts of squalor and shame.

      • Jeremy

        That was a great post. I think that the emergence of Obama has exposed a lot and a lot of white people and their psyche’s have been turned upside down. They see the future and they are very insecure.

        • Town

          Not just white people, a WHOLE LOTTA BLACK FOLKS had the shade pulled up on them too.

          • Jeremy

            True !

            A lot of people in this country in general have been exposed.

          • GN


          • Admiral_Komack

            You took the words right out of my mouth.

        • Camille


          Which is why racist assholes like Jon Stewart will continue to blatantly disrespect President Obama, but will twist themselves into a pretzel trying to show just how down with black people they are with an exaggerated “defense” of Common or a bizarre outreach to George Clinton.

          They really think black people are stupid.

      • Miranda


      • rikyrah

        they have lived their life with ‘ well at least I’m not a Nigger’.

        they gonna cling to that Whiteness worse than any junkie you’ve seen.

      • Admiral_Komack

        Comment of the Week.

    • Town

      Stephanie Montgomery, who is black and a graduate of Franciscan University in Steubenville, said her race came up so often in her job search in this area that she developed a technique for recognizing when it was happening. The sign: when warmth on the phone turns cool in person, and “they lose eye contact with you.”

      “You almost need a corporate environment to get a fair shot,” she said while standing at a job fair in the Steubenville mall. She said that she did not vote for Mr. Obama in 2008 because she preferred Mr. McCain’s more conservative platform, but that Mr. Obama seemed to be a lightning rod for criticism, in part because of his race.

      “He’s everything they hate,” she said, referring to ultraconservatives. “An affirmative-action baby. Got the Nobel Prize without deserving it.”

      Stephanie Montgomery is so proud to be a Special Negro Not Like The Others™ that she willingly ignores the fact the white conservatives she’s sucking up to are doing the same thing to her they’re doing to Obama.

      “He was like, ‘Here I am, I’m black and I’m proud,’ ” said Lesia Felsoci, a bank employee drinking a beer in an Applebee’s. “To me, he didn’t have a platform. Black people voted him in, that’s why he won. It was black ignorance.”

      He is black and he is proud. That’s why HE is the president of the United States and YOU are a bank employee crying in your beer in Applebee’s.

      • Jeremy

        LOL ! “He didn’t have a platform” ??? Yeah so all that stuff he said about student loan reform, or the wars/ foreign policy, health care, education, energy, environmental issues, regulations and taxes were all apart of are imagination.

        Blacks always vote for Democrats but now it’s an issue because the president is black. And that black lady is a joke “affirmative action baby”. The president and Michelle had to fight for everything they got unlike some white people in this country who are the real affirmative action babies. And he won that Nobel peace prize based on his agenda of re engaging the world and tackling arms control agreement along with loose nuclear material reductions and agreements.

        Thanks Town for breaking down the stupidity and racism in that article. I didn’t want to read it all because I knew it was full of garbage. The jealousy and racism is ridiculous.

        • GOVCHRIS1988

          Thats what got me too. That hucklebuck heifer. I believe that not only was she not hired because she was black, but because she had no self respect. She has spent all of her time schmoozing with white people, sounding white on the phone, speaking pleasantly and such and saw that as soon as she got in the office, the folks demeanor changed. You need to be real Stephanie, because being fake ain’t working.

          • Camille


            She got lost at the catholic university and forgot she was black and serves no purpose except as a convenient prop for “the see we are diverse and have blacks too” brigade.

      • Camille


        Poor, poor, misguided Stephanie Montgomery!

        Even after stripping yourself of every last bit of self-respect and giving up everything, soul and all, they still reject you.

        When will they ever learn—-the Michael Steele’s, the Alan West’s, Herman Cain’s, the Clarence Thomas’, the Stephanie Montgomery’s etc.

        The common thread that runs through all these self-proclaimed black conservatives, besides of course the most glaring affliction that is self-loathing, is tear-inducing mediocrity.

        The typical black conservative is so painfully mediocre, obtuse and substandard in their ability, accomplishment and general life story.

        Without the mostly temporary and self-serving “accelerated” path provided as a token black—- periodically purchased by the GOP for specific events and activities—-most of these folks would be eternally scratching the bottom of the barrel with their less than impressive “qualifications”.

    • dannie22

      Im surrounded by these mofos

      • Ebogan63

        Damn, dannie! I would be in jail for givin’ beatdowns to a MF!

  • rikyrah

    Thu May 03, 2012 at 01:46 PM PDT.

    Mitt Romney, who thinks government workers are unfairly overpaid, meets firemen who work two jobs+*

    Boy, if you listen to him some of the time, Mitt Romney just wants everyone to live really well. At a northern Virginia fundraiser, showing that he feels for the middle class, Romney cited a firefighter struggling to make ends meet:

    “I spoke with a fireman yesterday, and he has a one-bedroom apartment, and his wife is pregnant, and he can’t afford a second bedroom,” he said, referring to a visit to New York City. “I asked the firefighters I was meeting with, about 15 or them, how many had had to take another job to make ends meet, and almost every one of them had.”

    You’d think, to read that, that Romney was suggesting he thinks that’s a less than ideal situation, firefighters having to work two jobs or unable to afford a two-bedroom apartment. But while that may have been his implication in that moment, Jonathan Chait flags a quote from Romney’s stump speech that reflects his policy positions on how many bedrooms firemen should be able to afford: that “we will stop the unfairness of government workers getting better pay and benefits than the taxpayers they serve.”

    The unfairness he’s talking about, of course, isn’t the unfairness of a quarter of workers earning less than two-thirds of the median income, or low-wage workers becoming an older and more educated group. He’s certainly not talking about the unfairness of taxpayers paying a higher tax rate than he does on less annual income than he earns in a day. These are all unfair—and all things Mitt Romney’s policies would increase. No, the thing that’s unfair to him is that the public sector has lagged somewhat in the race to the bottom. Stories about firefighters with pregnant wives are just a lame attempt at window-dressing on his real position, the one all his policy proposals promote.

    I wonder if he told those firefighters how unfairly overpaid he thinks they are.


  • lamh35

    Woo I’ve been up since 7:30 I need a nap, but I’m off to see The Avegers at noon so the nap will have to wait. TTFN guys

  • Miranda

    That Ted Nugent is a helluva surrogate for Mitt! LMAO

    Ted Nugent to CBS News Team: I’ll Suck and F-ck You!

  • Jeremy

    One thing I have to say about the mainstream media is that they are very disrespectful of this president and always negative about everything and anything that he does or what happens in the nation. They cheer for higher gas prices, bad jobs numbers, debacles overseas, etc. It goes beyond the fact that he is attacked because he is a Democrat but because he is black and the media folks are truly jealous of Barack and his family.

    • Town

      And people around the world are sitting back in the cut and watching and observing.

      So the next white president go around to this and that country and lecture them on how to treat people and all they have to say is look how you treated your OWN president, because of the color of his skin. Boom. Pow. End of Discussion.

      • Miranda

        I truly believe this too.

      • rikyrah

        You are on point – again

      • GOVCHRIS1988

        Thats why when I look at Mitt Romney’s camp making hay about how Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama are close, I’m like don’t even trip. Our allies would look at him and give him the side eye everywhere he goes. He would need Barack Obama just to broker any deal.

        • Town

          Riddle me this:

          Since corporations are now people and money can flood in, unidentified, to influence elections, couldn’t a foreign government decide to donate $ to influence American elections? Cuz I can see a whole lot of countries donating to some PAC to keep R-money & the Republicans out of office.

          • Aquagranny911

            Excellent question!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Town- – –***fist bump***- —

        – – -PEOPLE ALL OVA the WORLD- —- –


        – —THEY gotta B lookin’ at the RACISTS/HATAS- –with – – BEYOND ***side-eyes*** .- —–

        No WONDER –Americans R NOT as well respected in other countries – –as THEY could B.- – – -UH!

      • Camille

        Amen! Amen! Amen!

        Exactly what I was thinking yesterday as I listened to this asshole republican grandstanding during the congressional committee emergency hearing for the Chinese dissident, talking about “human rights abuses” in China.

        I was like bitch please!

        These flaming evil racist hypocrites masquerading as republican congresspeople and who have been showing their arses for the whole world to see.e entire time President Obama has been in office, the rest of the world will just forget all they have seen and learned about this

        They really think that after exposing their racist arses and the very ugly side of America that they have any moral authority to speak about or condemn versions of their same despicable behavior and attitudes as manifested by other countries?

      • Camille

        Amen! Amen! Amen!

        Exactly what I was thinking yesterday as I listened to this asshole republican grandstanding during the congressional committee emergency hearing for the Chinese dissident, talking about “human rights abuses” in China.

        I was like bitch please!

        These flaming evil racist republican hypocrites masquerading as congresspeople who have been showing their arses for the whole world to see the entire time President Obama has been in office, somehow think the rest of the world will just forget all they have seen and learned about racist America in action.

        They really think that after exposing their racist arses and the very ugly side of America that they will have any moral authority to condemn versions of similar despicable behavior and attitudes as manifested by other countries?

  • Miranda

    So school officials are not permitted to use common sense at all?

    Colorado boy, 6, suspended for sexual harassment

    AURORA, Colo. (AP) — A 6-year-old boy has been suspended from his suburban Denver school for three days for sexual harassment after quoting a line from a song.

    School officials say the first-grader was sent home from Sable Elementary School after telling a girl “I’m sexy and I know it,” a line from a popular song.

    more here

    • Aquagranny911

      Colorado IS nutso! One of my grandsons got suspended for 2 days in Kindergarten for peeing while out on the playground. It went on his record as “sexual harassment” because a girl saw him do it & told the teacher.

      ….and…”Jesus Wept”….We can do stupid caca like this but we can’t give the majority of our kiddos a decent education, make sure they are fed or have adequate health care.

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 05/04/2012
    Charles Krauthammer’s shell game
    By Greg Sargent

    Charles Krauthammer’s column today is called “divider in chief,” and it attacks Obama for divisive populist rhetoric that “makes a mockery of Obama’s pose as the great transcender” and “healer of divisions.”

    Steve Benen points out that it’s not easy for a president to unite the country when the opposition party’s leaders have openly declared that his political destruction is their top priority, and have adopted a deliberate strategy of grinding government to a halt with with unprecedented obstructionism to make it happen.

    But that aside, I wanted to focus on one particular claim Krauthammer makes — one about Obama’s appeal to young voters and his criticism of the Paul Ryan budget — because it will be central to one of the most important arguments that will unfold this year:

    Ethnicity, race, gender, class. One more box to check: the young. Just four years ago, they swooned in the aisles for Obama. No longer. Not when 54 percent of college graduates under 25 are unemployed or underemployed.
    How to shake them from their lethargy? Fear again. Tell them, as Obama repeatedly does, that Paul Ryan’s budget would cut Pell Grants by $1,000 each, if his domestic cuts were evenly distributed. (They are not evenly distributed, making the charge a fabrication. But a great applause line.)
    What a beaut! Krauthammer attacks Obama for assuming that Ryan’s proposed budget cuts are distributed evenly across the board, and concluding the budget would cut Pell Grants by $1,000. Ryan’s budget — which Mitt Romney supports in principle — doesn’t say cuts would be evenly distributed, Krauthammer argues, making Obama a liar.

    But here’s the thing: The White House is assuming even distribution of those cuts because Ryan’s budget itself has not told us in any meaningful detail what it would actually cut to realize spending-reduction targets. The White House has openly admitted it is making assumptions about Ryan’s budget, in the absence of more detail that would make it easier to gauge what his vision would mean in practice.

    Ryan wins conservative adulation from the likes of Krauthammer for his pose as a deficit scourge, even though he isn’t detailing the actual consequences of his proposed deficit reduction policies in any meaningful way. And anyone who even tries to game out the consequences of Ryan’s plan gets attacked for inventing them out of thin air, even though … the info that would enable one to gauge those consequences accurately isn’t actually in Ryan’s budget. Neat trick, eh?

    There’s a reason for all this: If Ryan were to spell out the consequences of his vision in any meaningful detail, it would be deeply unpopular. Similarly, any reasonable assumptions about what his vision would mean in the real world also risk making it deeply unpopular. So they, too, must be attacked as fabrications. The GOP argument for replacing Obama will turn heavily on the claim that Republicans would do better on deficit reduction — even though they may never tell us how, precisely, they would cut spending to realize it. And conservative opinionmakers will cover for them the whole way.

    This is worse than a shell game. It’s a shell game without the pea.

  • PBomb

    RIP- Adam Yaunch, Founding Member of the Beastie Boys is dead.

    Adam Yauch (aka ACM) of the Beastie Boys Dead at 47

    LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Adam Yauch, one of the founding members of the hip hop trio the Beastie Boys, has died at the age of 47, after losing his battle with cancer.

    In 2009, Yauch — whose stage name was MCA — announced that he was being treated for a cancerous salivary gland and lymph node.

    He said his treatment would delay future shows and push back the release of a new album.

    Read More here:,0,7149621.story

    • Alma98

      RIP Adam my condolences to the family

    • rikyrah

      RIP, Adam.

    • Damn. MJ, Heavy D, Don Cornelius, Whitney, Dick Clark and now MCA. *sigh* It’s like my childhood is disappearing.

      RIP Adam.

      • PBomb

        Tell me about it. I am sad just thinking about it.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY PBOMB- – – – ***BIG HUG** :>)

      – – -Thank U 4 sharing.- —RIHEP- — Adam.- – -So YOUNG.- —

      – – – -THANK U 4 your music. – – -CONDOLENCES 2 FAMILY/FRIENDS/FANS. AMEN. – —

      Good 2 C U PBOMB. :>)

    • Aquagranny911

      Dang! I remember my daughter going to one of their concerts. It was a big deal. She was a fan.

      So sorry for his family.

  • Aquagranny911

    Great series! Delighted to read about Baraka Shabazz. The boys, James, Joshua & Jusus I had read about a while back. Amazing kiddos!

  • BoomerGal
    Why is it when these people get here (U.S.), suddenly they think they’re caucasian? I guess the white complexion helps them to identify with ANYTHING but the Black race even though we know the part of the world they come from. Must be nice to have the complexion for the protection.

  • rikyrah

    Romney Claims Economy Should Be Adding 500,000 Jobs A Month, Which It Has Done Only Four Times In 50 Years
    By Travis Waldron on May 4, 2012 at 10:00 am

    The American economy added 115,000 jobs in April, and while that number fell well short of expectations, it represents the 26th consecutive month of private sector job growth. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was quick to harp on the report, appearing on Fox & Friends just minutes after the release to say that the economy should be growing at a much faster pace. The economy should be adding more than 500,000 jobs a month, Romney said:

    ROMNEY: We should be seeing numbers in the 500,000 jobs created per month. This is way, way off from what should happen in a normal recovery.

    Romney’s call for 500,000 jobs a month would certainly make for a faster economic recovery. That sort of growth, however, is hardly “normal,” as Romney claims. As the chart below shows, there have only been 16 months since 1939 — and only four in the last 50 years — in which the economy added 500,000 jobs or more:

    It isn’t the first time Romney has made unreasonable claims about the economy. Romney released a tax plan in March that would reduce federal revenues by more than $6 trillion because of its massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Despite that number, Romney says his plan won’t add to the deficit, but economic analysis of the plan shows the economy would have to grow 6.8 percent a year for five years — significantly faster than it has in any five-year period in recent history. As the Center for American Progress’ Michael Linden and Seth Hanlon said at the time, Romney’s plan is “implausible, to say the least.”

    Not only are Romney’s claims unrealistic and borderline impossible, his economic plan also provides no path toward such growth. Romney’s policies, according to a Republican National Committee official, would be the same as former President George W. Bush’s, “just updated.” Those tax cutting policies, of course, failed to create jobs or stimulate economic growth and instead left the country with the massive budget deficit and sputtering economy Romney now claims he’ll fix.

    Romney has staked his campaign on his knowledge of the economy. But as his former primary opponent Rick Santorum said in March, “If Mitt Romney’s an economic heavyweight, we’re in trouble.”

    • Aquagranny911

      Yeah, Robme can put 500,000 to work when all those urban school kiddos are put to work cleaning toilets.

      I don’t know why I even respond to his caca. Mittwipe is getting to be so OVER!!!

      • Admiral_Komack

        Willard could put that number of people to work maintaining Miss Ann’s many mansions (’cause you know Miss Ann ain’t doing no work).

  • rikyrah

    Fri May 04, 2012 at 09:35 AM PDT.

    Swift boating jumps the shark+*
    by Jed Lewison

    Great quote from a fascinating Mother Jones article on Joel Arends, the South Dakota Republican who is leading the effort to swift boat President Obama over the bin Laden raid (my emphasis):

    Joel Arends, [Vets for a Strong America’s] founder, chairman, and sole staffer, tells me he’s proud of his organization’s viral video, even if it’s characterized as swift boating. “Yes, it’s the swift boating of the president, in the sense of using what’s perceived to be his greatest strength and making it his greatest weakness.”

    It’s hilarious enough that this would-be swift boater actually describes his goal as being the “swift boating of the president,” but the best part of the statement is that instead of making Obama’s greatest strength his greatest weakness, Arends is actually just reminding people again of one of President Obama’s most significant achievements.
    The key thing to remember here is that when the swift boaters went after John Kerry, they were accusing him of fraud. They were saying that Kerry did not actually deserve the honors that he had been awarded. They said he lied about his service. And if their charges were actually true, they would have been damning.

    Arends is accusing President Obama of taking sole credit for having killed bin Laden. That’s an absurd and false claim, but even if it weren’t, Arends isn’t challenging that bin Laden was killed under Obama’s watch. If this were really Kerry-style swift boating, Arends would be claiming that bin Laden was still alive. He’d be demanding a death certificate.

    And if the Kerry swift boaters had made the argument Arends is making, they wouldn’t have challenged what Kerry did in Vietnam, they’d have merely complained about how his campaign talked about it. You can imagine how ineffective that line of attack would have been: “We acknowledge that John Kerry is war hero, but we believe he shouldn’t brag about it.” But swift boaters didn’t take that line of attack because they didn’t want to concede that Kerry had done anything heroic.

    So when Arends runs an ad accusing President Obama of refusing to share credit for ordering the Osama bin Laden raid, the worst possible outcome is that some of the people who watch the ad don’t realize it’s a lie and as a result walk away thinking President Obama is kind of a dick. But even if that happens, at least they’ll still think he’s the dick who killed bin Laden.


  • rikyrah

    NY Post to Jay-Z: Why Not Call New Brooklyn Team the New York N*****
    by Jorge Rivas, Friday, May 4 2012, 1:33 PM EST

    New York Post sports media columnist Phil Mushnick is unhappy Jay-Z’s new Brooklyn basketball team colors are black and white. So unhappy that he’s suggesting Jay-Z change the name of the team to the “New York N———s.”

    In his column published Friday morning the veteran NY Post columnist goes on a rant:

    As long as the Nets are allowing Jay-Z to call their marketing shots — what a shock that he chose black and white as the new team colors to stress, as the Nets explained, their new “urban” home — why not have him apply the full Jay-Z treatment?

    Why the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York N———s? The cheerleaders could be the Brooklyn B——hes or Hoes. Team logo? A 9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings strewn beneath. Wanna be Jay-Z hip? Then go all the way!

    • itgurl_29

      They MAD! LOL

  • rikyrah

    Fri May 04, 2012 at 10:51 AM PDT.

    Mitt Romney wishes he could have kept gay spokesman. Just not enough to do anything about it.+*

    Mitt Romney may have muzzled his now ex-spokesman Richard Grenell and let the homophobic right bully him out of his campaign post because he was gay, but Romney and his remaining, apparently non-gay, advisers wants us to know they had no problem with Grenell’s sexuality and wanted him to stay. He just, for his own reasons having nothing to do with them not having his back, decided to leave:

    “He’s a very accomplished spokesperson, and we select people not based upon their ethnicity or their sexual preference or their gender but upon their capability,” Romney said.
    The former Massachusetts governor added: “He expressed a desire to move on and I wish him the very best.”

    There’s a necessary step after selecting people based upon their capability, Mitt. It’s called standing up to pressure from bigots who attack your capable employee for reasons unrelated to his capability or lack thereof. Making a hiring decision without regard to the person’s sexuality doesn’t advance the cause of equality if you let others unmake your decision because of it.
    But if you thought this signaled something about Romney’s willingness to indulge bigotry, fear not:

    “Wherever there are voices of intolerance within the party, or the Democratic Party for that matter — it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from — it’s disappointing,” [Romney senior adviser Eric] Fehrnstrom said. “And the governor has taken the opportunity in the past to denounce those voices of intolerance.
    Oh, well. That settles things. In the past Romney has denounced intolerance, so we can forget that in the present he let it silence the person he had chosen as the best to carry his foreign policy message. .

  • rikyrah

    Voter registration down among Hispanics, blacks
    By Krissah Thompson, Updated: Friday, May 4, 11:34 AM
    The Washington Post

    The number of black and Hispanic registered voters has fallen sharply since 2008, posing a serious challenge to the Obama campaign in an election that could turn on the participation of minority voters.

    Voter rolls typically shrink in non-presidential election years and registrations fell among whites as well, but this is the first time in nearly four decades that the number of registered Hispanics has dropped significantly.

    That figure fell 5 percent across the country, to about 11 million, according to the Census Bureau. But in some politically important swing states, the decline among Hispanics, who are considered critical in the 2012 presidential contest, is much higher: just over 28 percent in New Mexico, for example, and about 10 percent in Florida.

    For both Hispanics and blacks, the large decrease is attributed to the ailing economy, which forced many Americans to move in search of work or because of other financial upheaval.

    “The only explanation out there is the massive job loss and home mortgage foreclosures which disproportionately affected minorities,” said Antonio Gonzalez, president of the William C. Velasquez Institute, a nonpartisan policy group that focuses on Latinos. “When you move, you lose your registration.”

    Political strategists and election experts are divided on whether registrations will rise to their previous levels. But the prospect of a tight race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, has placed great importance on getting eligible Americans to register and vote. In the 2008 election, robust turnout among black and Latino voters is credited with putting Obama over the top in key swing states, such as Virginia and New Mexico.

    The decline in minority registration “is obviously an area of concern,” said Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg, president of NDN, a left-leaning think tank.

    But he predicted the Obama campaign “will have enough money and enough focus to mitigate the problem. . . . They have five months to get the electorate looking the way they want.”

    The GOP is also watching the shifting voter registration numbers, tracking active Republican voters in swing states and making sure they are still registered. In some places, the number of voters registered as Republicans is catching up with Democrats.

    • And, of course, an RNC operative tweeted this article.

      Funny how Krissah doesn’t mention the voter ID laws until the end of the first page. Instead, she says the economy is the reason for the drop.

      • Miranda

        SMH…she is useless.

      • rikyrah

        1. they can’t write their usual ‘ Obama is losing the base’ articles
        2. pretend that it doesn’t have anything to do with deliberate GOP VOTER SUPPRESSION. ,,,I didn’t see that in the article, did you?
        3. pretend that it’s a horse race.

      • Aquagranny911

        These scum suckers don’t want to talk about the ID laws. I know that this is slowing things down in some states like PA but OFA and volunteers are so on this. Voters are getting registered with proper ID and they will vote.

        Apparently in PA, while the last day to register is October 1, they have made September 15 the last day to get an ID. Figging toad lickers! But the good volunteers along with OFA are on this.

        Why doesn’t WaPo write about this? STFU, Karissah!

    • Aquagranny911



      We’ve been registering voters for months, making sure people have their proper address listed, helping them get ID where necessary & we will be getting people to the polls to vote Nov 6 even if the polling places get moved at the last minute.

      WaPo sucks rocks!

      Obama/Biden 2012. EAT THAT, Krissah Thompson!

    • Admiral_Komack

      Where is this information coming from ’cause I don’t believe it.

      NOTE: I saw “The Avengers”.
      I liked it, even though 2/3rds through the movie, the film stopped (film popped?). They got it up and running in about 11 minutes.

  • rikyrah

    How dare you attack us?
    Wednesday, May 02, 2012 | Posted by Liberal Librarian at 10:29 AM

    The tide has turned”. President Obama used that phrase in his remarks from Bagram to the nation last night. I don’t think he chose those words cavalierly. Let’s examine the context.

    …10 years ago, the United States and our allies went to war to make sure that al Qaeda could never again use this country to launch attacks against us. Despite initial success, for a number of reasons, this war has taken longer than most anticipated. In 2002, bin Laden and his lieutenants escaped across the border and established safe haven in Pakistan. America spent nearly eight years fighting a different war in Iraq. And al Qaeda’s extremist allies within the Taliban have waged a brutal insurgency.

    But over the last three years, the tide has turned. We broke the Taliban’s momentum. We’ve built strong Afghan security forces. We devastated al Qaeda’s leadership, taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders. And one year ago, from a base here in Afghanistan, our troops launched the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. The goal that I set — to defeat al Qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild — is now within our reach.

    He starts his speech by reminding viewers in so many words that the government in power in 2002 took attention away from the country where the 9/11 attacks were planned, and shifted that attention to a country that had no role in the attacks, but did have oil and an animus towards our Israeli ally. And, of course, that government was a GOP government.

    He then switches to what he’s done: decimated both the leadership and foot soldiers of al Qaeda, building up Afghan forces, and, of course, killing the man responsible for 9/11. Through subtle rhetoric, he’s leaving no room for Republicans to claim any credit for the successes in Afghanistan, which should have been the only theater of war post-9/11. The Cheney-Bush regime abandoned Afghanistan soon after bombing whatever was left to be bombed, leaving it to fester and teeter on the precipice of becoming what it had been during the 90s: a failed state, lawless, haven for criminals of all stripes.


    But the past few days have seen a turning of the tide in the domestic political arena as well.

    Ever since Vietnam, Democrats have been painted by their right wing opponents and being soft on national security, even to the point of being treasonous. The Republican refrain since 1968 has been that Democrats can’t be trusted to keep the country safe from enemies, and can’t be relied upon to protect allies—whether from external threats, or in the case of the dictatorships we’ve supported in the name of “stability”, from their own people. Only Republicans could ensure that the US remained dominant in world affairs, and maintain the imperial Pax Americana.

    The problem with that framing is that it’s a right wing frame. Democrats never assailed the assumptions behind the GOP rhetoric, that there was only one way to keep the US safe, only one way to conduct foreign affairs. Democrats basically accepted the Republican stance on what an acceptable foreign policy was, and, unsurprisingly, suffered for it. From Dukakis in the tank to Clinton being accused of a “wag the dog” war in the Balkans, Democrats fell into the Republican trap, over and over.

    Obama is reordering the terms of the debate. And he started in the most audacious manner, by releasing an ad on the anniversary of bin Laden’s death that uses Mitt Romney’s own words against him. By reminding voters that Romney claimed that he wouldn’t “move heaven and earth” to catch Osama bin Laden, and doing it in the context of an ad in which the President claims credit for killing bin Laden, he takes a Republican tactic and turns it adroitly against them. That has left the Republicans and Romney sputtering, outraged that Obama would dare to use the death of bin Laden politically.


    The GOP has no answer for Obama. It’s like a sports team that has one mode of playing. It has been successful for a number of years, but when confronted by an opponent which employs a strategy that breaks up its gameplan, it has no response, no plan B. It only knows one mode of attack, and when that attack is blunted, and then turned around, it flounders, and loses the match in the most devastating fashion.

    The President doesn’t merely want to win re-election; he wants to bring devastation upon the GOP and the right. That started this week. Game on.

  • rikyrah

    Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity, Vol. XVI
    By Steve Benen – Fri May 4, 2012 3:01 PM EDT.

    After finally wrapping up his strange presidential campaign this week, Newt Gingrich talked to Wolf Blitzer about his support for his former rival, Mitt Romney. The CNN host asked, “Do you still believe Romney is a liar?”

    Gingrich replied, in reference to the presidential candidate he now supports, “The governor said things at times that weren’t true.” Pressed further on whether that means Romney’s a liar, Gingrich changed the subject.

    It’s generally not a good sign when high-profile supporters of a candidate hedge on whether the candidate is an honest person, but then again, the presumptive Republican nominee is not like most candidates. To appreciate the scope of Romney’s distortions, consider the 16th installment of my weekly series, chronicling Mitt’s mendacity.

    1. In a speech in Ohio, Romney referred to the Bush/Cheney era as “before the recession.”

    The recession began in late 2007, more than a year before President Obama’s inauguration. The economy crashed in September 2008, four months before Obama took office. Someone who claims an expertise in economic policy probably ought to know that.


  • Miranda

    Zimmerman is completely insane. His bizarre account just gets more and more psychotic.

    Moving on the Orlando Sentinel‘s story, Reid explained that “a source close to the investigation” shared that Zimmerman is claiming he was in fear of Martin because the teen had been circling his SUV. Reid pointed out that Zimmerman had not mentioned this in his 911 call from that night. Indeed, she added, there was no indication that he’d been calling from inside his car since he’d been “huffing and puffing” on the phone, as if out of breath from walking or running “to follow Trayvon Martin.”

    • Town

      So let me get this straight:

      Trayvon was circling his car with a pack of Skittles and Zimmerman just didn’t drive off because???

      If that was the case, shouldn’t Trayvon’s body have been found on the road instead of face down in the grass?

    • Aquagranny911

      Zimmerman is becoming unhinged. I read that he recently wrote on his site some BS about how “Mexicans” were always after him in gangs or some caca.

      The guy is a figging nutbomb, equal opportunity racist. If his lawyer is dumb enough to put him on the stand to testify, a first year law student ought to be able to eviscerate him on cross examination.

      • Camille

        He is haunted by his wicked act.

        Like all murderers, George Zimmerman will never know rest and might even slip into full blown madness. Karma.

        • Aquagranny911

          I believe that. In some cultures & beliefs, to take a life is to carry part of the essence of that life in you until your own death. He will never be free of it. Karma.

      • malletgirl02

        Let me get this straight the media was trying to portray this guy as hispanic, but he was writing racist rants against Mexicans. Shame on both him and the media.

        • Guns3000

          Hispanics discriminate against other Hispanics. That’s not odd. I see it damn near every day in South Florida.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM- — – ***sigh***- – –Annnd we wonder WHYCOME the BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT RATE- – – -is WHAT IT IS!!??- — –

    – – — – Federal Judges Hire Few Minorities For Elite Federal Clerkships– —

    —–Federal judicial clerkships are among the most coveted jobs young lawyers can obtain — if not the most coveted job. Law clerks spend a year as one of a judge’s closest aides, advising the judge on how to decide cases and often drafting opinions. Elite law firms pay signing bonuses as high as $60,000 to former clerks, even though these clerks are normally recent law school graduates with little legal experience outside of clerkship. One of the best predictors that a new lawyer is destined for a prominent career in their new profession is the fact that the lawyer scored a federal clerkship shortly after graduation.

    – -THIS- – –>According to new data by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, however, most judges are not extending this opportunity to minorities:

    The decrease for African-American clerks between fiscal years 2006 and 2010 was most pronounced, with a decline from 3.5 percent of appellate level clerks in 2006 to 2.4 percent in 2010, the new report states. The number of Hispanic appellate level clerks dropped from 3.1 percent to 2 percent during the same period.

    WONDER iff the POVERTY PAIR– -ane4m- —R lookin’ INTO THIS??- – –Those law student who do NOT get hired- – -R subject 2 bein’- – -POVERTY STRICKEN!- – — ***tsk*** **side eye***

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • PBomb

    More proof about genetically diverse folks of African ancestry are:

    Mysterious origin of Solomon Islands’ dark-skinned blonds revealed

    Researchers have discovered a single gene that caused inhabitants of the Solomon Islands to have the unique combination of very dark skin and very blond hair.

    On Thursday, the journal Science reported that a single gene mutation is responsible for the unique pairing. Perhaps most interesting, the findings debunk theories that residents of the Solomon Islands got their blond hair from intermarrying with European explorers.

    “[T]he human characteristic of blond hair arose independently in equatorial Oceania,” study researcher Eimear Kenny said in a statement. “That’s quite unexpected and fascinating.”

    Read more here:

    • Miranda


    • Guns3000

      Sounds like Jesus to me

  • GreenLadyHere

    OMG miranda – —***BIG HUG** :>)

    THANK U sooo MUCH 4 brangin a FEMALE. Woo! Hoo! :>)

    – – —In an interview, her mother noted, “Who ever heard of a black girl playing chess?”– – —

    – —-“SHE’S COME A LONG WAY BABY.”– – – –

    Annnd- – –THIS is- –sooo touching:- – –According to a 1981 People magazine article, …Oakland Mayor Lionel Wilson has paid the Shabazzes’ rent bill from a community fund, and others—including a black-owned travel agency and entertainer Eartha Kitt—have donated money and services so Baraka can compete in distant tournaments.– —

    – — — —IT DOES TAKE A VILLAGE. . .– —

    Annnd the – —3 YOUNG ONES:- – — Young, Gifted, and Black– –

    Sooo PROUD of THEM. :>) Movin’- — FORWARD– – –into the NEXT GENERATION.- –BLESS THEM. :>)

    THANK U 4 this series — -miranda. Sooo INSPIRING!! :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – -REALLY- – -Kristol?- — -IZZAT U??– — —

    – – — Kristol: Romney’s Attacks On Obama For Handling Of Chinese Dissident Are ‘Foolish’– —

    – —Yesterday Mitt Romney attacked President Obama over the administration’s handling of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng. Citing “very troubling developments,” Romney said yesterday was “a dark day for freedom and it’s a day of shame for the Obama administration.”

    Last night on Fox News, Bill Kristol advised Romney to stand down on the Chen case, calling his attacks on Obama “foolish”:

    KRISTOL: I’m happy to be critical of the Obama administration as anyone is, but I think this is fast moving story. And if I were advising Governor Romney, I’d say you don’t need to get in the middle of this story. If this turns out badly, and it would be a terrible thing, it will turn out badly. People will know. … To inject yourself into the middle of this way with a fast moving target I think is foolish. […]

    There is no need to butt into a fast moving story when the secretary of state is in Beijing with delicate negotiations and say it’s a day of shame for the Obama administration. Hillary Clinton is waking up right now. Let’s see if she can pull this off in the next 12 hours or so.

    Watch the clip:

    – – – — THANK U.[[Just THIS time.]—

    -2 teh WILLARD: – Go 2 – – – — -OZ! They might STILL HAVE A BRAIN!!- –

    NEVAMIND!!- – – – -U couldn’t use it!! geesh!!

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