September 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, First Lady Michelle Obama!





  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • rikyrah

    Happy Birthday to our wonderful First Lady!!!
    Thank you for being a fabulous representative for our country – we don’t deserve you.
    Make 50 look fantastic, Mrs. Obama!!!

  • rikyrah
  • JB20005

    With 17 Christie administration officials now under subpoena, the networks should start a reality show…

    Should it be “Immunity Idol” or “Survivor: GWB”?

    • Admiral_Komack

      The networks HAVE started a new reality show.

      It’s called “Move along, nothing to see here!”

  • AxelFoley

    50 and FINE is my First Lady!

    You GO, girl!

    • conlakappa

      Knew you’d be up in here! My husband claims to not remember your rumble. Yeah, I don’t know.

  • gn

    She looks amazing! One of the best role models in the country; so grateful for her nonstop positivity and the sacrifices which she’s made.

  • gn

    Great news:

    Judge strikes down Pennsylvania voter ID law.

  • GreenLadyHere



    — -☺

    — —Happy 50th birthday, Michelle Obama♥ —-ENJOY :>) – — —

    — –☺

    — –☺*nXm6QRRBtsYM1KgT4xAK0kDrOwuxiJAqWODr6nn4N/birthcake.gif

    — -☺

    — ☺

  • itgurl_29

    Happy Birthday to our beautiful First Lady!

  • Admiral_Komack


  • goldenstar

    Clueless. Purveyors of Privilege. Can’t say much more…

    AP gives award to reporters of untruthful ‘Spanglish’ story
    By Fernando Espuelas

    The Associated Press’s recent error-filled article concerning the ObamaCare Spanish-language site apparently is the best story published by the AP over the last month.

    The story claimed that the site was written in “Spanglish,” but the site is actually written in proper Spanish, a fact easily discerned by any fluent Spanish-language reader.

    Michael Oreskes, AP’s senior managing editor, yesterday gave a “Best of the States” award to the reporters and editors involved in the ObamaCare Spanish-language hatchet job. In an email, Oreskes exalted the high-quality reporting that created this story — above and beyond other stories produced by the AP in the last month. This recognition of supposed excellence comes with a $300 cash prize.

    The AP’s article, “Health Care Website Frustrates Spanish Speakers,” claimed that the “the translations were so clunky and full of grammatical mistakes that critics say they must have been computer-generated — the name of the site itself can literally be read ‘for the caution of health.’ ”

    Unfortunately for the AP, the site is written in perfect Spanish. The site name, “Cuidado de Salud” does not actually mean “for caution of health” when translated into English, but rather, in very simple Spanish, “taking care of your health.” This is one of the many bogus claims by the AP that the ObamaCare site was written in “Spanglish.”

    Not only did the AP story suffer from errors of the “Spanish as a second language” variety, but also it badly stumbled on factual mistakes that could have been fact-checked on Google in seconds.

    For example, the AP claimed that “Across the U.S., about 12 percent of the 317 million people in the country speak only Spanish.” This is incorrect. The latest data from the Pew Center shows that the majority of American Latinos are either bilingual or English-dominant. Myriad studies corroborate this fact.

    This cascade of factual errors crammed into one story is an embarrassment. Once upon a time, the AP was the gold standard of American journalism. Now it gives out prizes for the most error-filled reporting on one subject.

    More broadly, the inability of Oreskes and his editors to understand that Spanish-content reporting requires fluent Spanish-reading editors — something that would seem self-evident to any professional — is one more example of how American Latinos have been marginalized in the management of major media outlets in America.

    Baffling, however, is that under the bright light of criticism for the AP’s shoddy reporting of this story, Oreskes saw fit to give an award to the cast of characters who produced this unintentionally satirical “news report.”

    Maybe it’s time for the AP to act like a responsible news organization and issue a correction. The organization should apologize to its readers and other journalists who picked up the story as a credible report and were deceived by this misreported story.

  • Miranda
  • Alma98

    Morning POU!
    And Happy Birthday to my Capricorn sister First Lady Michelle Obama!

    • conlakappa

      Goat girls rock! But you already know this!

      • Alma98

        Yes we do!

    • Aquagranny911

      Dang! I forgot that the goat was the symbol for Capricorn. I hope you ladies don’t take serious offense at my goatfigger references. I have the highest respect for goats.

      • conlakappa

        We love you any way! /hugs

  • gn

    Shorter POTUS: no “clemency” for you [Snowden]!

    Pres. Obama calls out those who “feign surprise” at Snowden’s disclosures while trying to hack into U.S. data and intelligence agencies.

    • conlakappa

      POTUS to Snowfool: If you seek Amy…

      • gn

        TBH if I were him, I’d rather spend the decade in a US prison and leave young enough to still have some semblance of a life, rather than take chances with Vladimir Putin. He should really know better than to play with Pres O and AG Holder re: clemency. That aint happening.

        • conlakappa

          Or whoever comes after Vlad.

  • gn


    I’m indescribably glad that Obama is my president, and not any “progressive” libertarian

  • gn

    New Mayor Of New York City’s First Move Is To Give Nearly Every Worker Paid Sick Days | ThinkProgress

    • conlakappa

      Ridiculous that that’s noteworthy. I’d shake my head but am afraid I’d do so too vigorously and rattle something loose!

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — -OUR BELOVED — “F-F-F –FAB — -FIFTY –FIRST Lady♥” – – -:>)

    – – – –‘The Mrs. Obama effect’: First lady’s boldest looks redefine style — -:>)

    — –Fifty indeed looks fabulous on Michelle Obama, the first lady who ushered style back into the White House with her daring choices, bold confidence, and flair for baring arms — and a shoulder or two.

    Mrs. Obama reached the half-century mark Friday, more than five years after she introduced the nation to her self-assured style.

    “This is the first time we’ve seen a first lady who did not dress to
    fit in with the style you see with so many Washington politician wives,” said fashion writer Kate Betts, author of “Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style.”

    “She’s not dressing to somebody else’s ideal. She’s dressing for herself, not for the conservative Washington scene, and that’s a very bold statement coming from a first lady,” Betts said.


    • conlakappa

      Really? Because the MSM, angry Robin Givhan, and that mossback de La Renta has told me that she really hasn’t had an impact on fashion. How can this be so?!

      I’ve been scarce ’cause they’ve been working me like a rented mule. “Ugh has been my word of the day!

      • gn

        A professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business studied the First Lady’s public appearances between November 2008 and December 2009—for this time period alone, he estimated that these appearances had a $2.7 BILLION dollar impact on fashion and retail businesses. Anyone claiming that she’s not one of the most influential women in fashion is a straight hater lol. If I owned a fashion house or high end magazine, just as a good business practice alone, I’d be a FLO stan.

        • conlakappa

          Right? I cannot remember who up in NY had an exhibit about her style very early on. I had a chance to bid on the opening event and kind of wish I had! Any way, I think of how both DVF and Mizrahi were nearly in tears [Isaac is an emotional neurotic; he probably did cry] when talking about how proud they were that she wore their clothing. But, you know how haters are.

          • gn

            I would have been in tears too lol. Ca-ching! In all seriousness, that’s a career moment, to see someone like First Lady Obama in one’s clothing. What’s interesting is that I doubt that her fashion impact will lessen much once PBO’s term is over. Truly a generational icon akin to Jackie O.

          • conlakappa

            Neither of them knew that she would be doing it, which added to the moment, I think. She’s not like Wife of St. Ronnie who would call up de la Renta or even Jackie who had a direct line to Oleg Cassini.

          • gn

            That must have been absolutely amazing!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good MornTin’ conlakappa♥ :>) ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – — -LOL — –WAY-ELL U KNOW – — :>)
        – –☺

        – — –CARE — – -

        Good 2 C U conlakappa. :>) B BLESSED/SAFE/WARM♥ – – –

  • gn

    Fab at 50! Happy Birthday, @FLOTUS! -Jill

  • Aquagranny911

    Dear First Lady

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day & a stellar year. ♥ You are much loved by so many.

  • aleth

    Happy birthday to the best First Lady ever!!! She is fierce and unapologetic in her fabulousness. Brains and beauty rock it!!! Yes Laura and Ann eat your heart our