October 21, 2017

LIVE STREAM: President Obama Speaks at National Urban League Convention

The live stream of this even has ended. We will post the video and/or transcript as soon as they are available. In the meantime, consider this the Wednesday Evening Open Thread.

(h/t) Kristal High@DigitalEconoMs

Check out all the cell phones!!!! Folks weren’t playing when President Obama came out! #UrbanLeague pic.twitter.com/T2IWZ8N6

  • Miranda

    The crowd is mega-excited!!!

    • *dead* at PBO saying “SOUTH SIDE!”

  • Miranda


  • goldenstar

    Oh, he’s schoolin’ now. They’re not hanging out, they’re not getting ovah, they’re not watching Real Housewives. just sayin’…

    • Real Housewives is trending on Twitter. *dead*

  • Alma98

    He looks tired.

    • nellcote

      It’s been a rough, busy month.

      • Alma98

        I know. I hope he at least gets a few days with the family soon.

  • PBO is going H.A.M.!

  • aleth

    sole patrol he said move out of the way………………

  • creolechild

    My hometown showed PBO much love. Thank you, President Obama!

    • TyrenM

      Thank Mitt will give a “good job Brownie” or “Corporations are people my friends” speech in NO.

      • creolechild

        Personally, I don’t see Mitt visiting NOLA anytime soon, but he is joined at the hip with Piyush so you never know. My hometown is still trying to rebuild after Katrina. Any references to “good job Brownie” would not be well received and would most likely would be met with a cold, stoney silence.

  • Miranda

    Dear Tavis, Cornel, Boyce and Roland

    Try me.


    The HNIC to you, otherwise known as The President of the United States

    • rikyrah


    • AxelFoley

      Ok, I’m done. Dammit, I’m done.

    • TyrenM

      Not I hope…I Wish a mf would.

  • Ya’ll can use this as the Evening Open Thread.

  • Miranda
  • Alma98

    The Heritage Foundation had the nerve to send my mama a mailing asking for money. She called me and said aren’t they some racist group.

    • nellcote

      Whenever I get one of those, if they have a prepaid return envelope, I put a blank piece of paper in and send it back. They have to pay the postage anyway. 🙂

      • Alma98

        My mama does the same thing. LOL

      • TyrenM

        Mine would have (in all caps of course) F to the U.

    • Aquagranny911

      These people are shameless. If you are an elder they think you have lost all your brain cells so they can take advantage. I’m glad your Mama called & told you.

      • Alma98

        My mama ain’t nobody’s fool.

        • Aquagranny911

          Fist Bump! And she didn’t raise one either ♥

          • Alma98

            Fist Bump! backatcha AG.

  • Gc

    I love these supporters. DO NOT SUPPRESS THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I donate to BHO often, I wonder if funds can be used to fight the un-patriotic patriots on their unholy efforts. Or is there a fund/site dedicated to that?

    Fuck you, Mitt Romney. I feel a kinship with these people, regardless of whether yours and my skintones match.

    “Bite the big cactus!!”

  • Miranda

    Evan Anderson ‏@EAndersonFOX8
    #POTUS back in airforce one. pic.twitter.com/vlCN4c9K


  • Miranda

    Maya Angelou Meets With Trayvon Martin’s Parents

    CINCINNATI, Ohio (CNN) — Maya Angelou is praying for the family of slain teen Trayvon Martin.

    The author and civil rights activist joined Martin’s parents in Cincinnati Wednesday for a panel discussion on violence and racial healing.

    Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the Martin’s February death in a central Florida subdivision.

    Zimmerman says he shot Martin in self-defense during a struggle. The Florida teen was not armed.

    more here

    • TyrenM

      God Bless Dr. Angelou. Still..Doin it!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- — –Awwwwww– – -MAN!- — –I’m bummed. How did I miss it. WAY-ELL..I’ll catch it on the back end. :>)

    IMMA move back 2 the EAST COAST!! LOL.

    • isonprize

      GLH, PBO was on FIYAH!! Southside!!

      By mid-August, he’s gonna be rollin’ And watch out, September and October! He’s gonna have his stump speech down, He’s gonna be preachin’ for real!! I also, expect, by then, he’s gonna be having more ‘down ballot’ folks on stage with him. But I might be wrong (and they don’t ask me… ~~ tee hee ~~)

      • GreenLadyHere

        Thank U. I will C it . :>) Good projection. Hope so. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – — -[Apologies iff a dup.] Let’s C WHYCOME he joined cnn??- —

    – — Newsman Victor Blackwell Joins CNN as Anchor, Correspondent– – –

    – —Victor Blackwell will join CNN as an Atlanta-based anchor and correspondent, co-hosting “CNN Newsroom” Saturday mornings with Randi Kaye, it was announced today by Ken Jautz, executive vice president of CNN.

    Blackwell previously worked at WPBF 25 News in West Palm Beach, Fla., where he served as an anchor for the 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. He’s earned an Emmy award, several regional Emmy nominations, two Telly awards, several Associated Press awards and honors from the Society of Professional Journalists.

    He also earned the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award and the UNITY Award, both from the Radio Television Digital News Association, for a special report on the disproportionate dropout rate among young black men.

    “Victor is a passionate and committed journalist,’ said Jautz. “He will be a strong addition to our weekend morning team and in the field.”

    Uhhh- — WHYCOME I’m lookin’ 4 some- —MORE- – -BLAH CREDS??- –

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – — –BAM!!– – —

    – — Obama Creating African-American Education Office– – –

    – — –President Barack Obama is creating a new office to bolster education of African-American students.

    The White House says the office will coordinate the work of communities and federal agencies to ensure that African-American youngsters are better prepared for high school, college and career.

    Obama is announcing his election-year initiative Wednesday night in a speech to the civil rights group the National Urban League as he seeks to rally black voters. Aides say his executive order, to be signed Thursday, will set a goal of producing “a more effective continuum” of programs for African-American students.

    —- – Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!- – -MR. PRESIDENT- – – -HATH- – BRUNG IT!!

    – – -WHERE’S that – –HE DON’T DO NUTHIN’ 4 BLAH FOLKS CREW!??– — -WHERE U AT!!??- — – -WHERE!- – – -U! AT!!??- – -HAH!

    OH! U gon MORPH into the – —“HE’s JUS’ DOIN’ THIS 2 GET the BLAH VOTE CREW!!-– — –HUH!?- – – – – -LOL

    NOW- – – -U’ALL go axe YER BOI- – -WILLARD- – —WHAT HAVE U DONE 4 US- – LATELY???-AXE HIM!!- – — AXE HIM!!- – –HAH!!

  • Miranda

    Jon Swaine, the reporter for the Telegraph…is getting ready to kick the chair from out under Mitt – he’s just gonna give him a lil bit more rope first.


    • nellcote

      When was the last time Rmoney gave a straight answer to any question? He’s really starting to remind me of LaPalin with the word salad, though more arugula than iceberg

  • JojoRaze

    So angry at the Romney campaign for their racism. I hope Swaine from The Telegraph really spills some tea on the Romney camp. Even in their statements disavowing the advisor they basically said, “Yeah, the advisor said that, but we disavow it.” All I’m saying is that if you know you have someone in your campaign acting out of pocket, fire them. Samantha Power called Hillary Clinton a monster and PBO, then Senator Obama told her to “keep on walking” like she was CeCe Peniston.

    • goldenstar

      Well, he reprimanded her and she publicly apologized. Samantha Power has been and is a valuable member of the Obama foreign policy team.

    • GN

      Mitten’s not going to fire that person because he wants to have it both ways. PBO haters had taken to the press to express their anger that Romney refused to “get tough” with President Obama, and to them, “get tough” means get RACIST. So here we get Sununu and other nutcases questioning the POTUS as “foreigner” and now here we get one of the ugliest, most audacious, hatefilled attack on a sitting POTUS which I have ever observed being launched overseas in a direct and hardcore violation of policies from years past which precluded people from trashing the POTUS to the press in other countries in order to preserve diplomatic relations. Romney is a piece of garbage, he’s no leader or stand-up person, and so is the US media for being so complacent, so snake belly low, so easy to trick with their ridiculous quest for “both sides” and “fairness” that they depart with even hardcore right in England whose newspaper pulled the Romney camp’s ho card, unapolegitically.

      The whole situation is just unreal. Unprecedented levels of disrespect.

      • Aquagranny911

        Absolutely agree with every word you wrote here but I do believe that this will not go well for Romney except maybe with his racist RW & teapotty base.

        The problem is just how widely is this being reported here?

        • GN

          The newspaper in England which blew this story up is hardcore right. I think you’ve got a point AG in terms of this not really going well for Mitt Romney at all. I’m just so tired of him and his campaign–I wish they’d just go away.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- — – -LOL- — –JUS’ ‘CAUSE- -HE’S SO STOOPID!!– –– –

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- — – -A FOCUS- – -on OUR BELOVED- – FIRST LADY♥– –

    – — –Michelle Obama to Rep the US at the Olympics

    – – —Michelle Obama will be making more history at this year’s Olympic games in London. She will be representing the Obama administration as the U.S. athletes march onto the field.

    “I am beyond proud to be leading the U.S. delegation to the Opening Ceremony of this year’s Olympic Games,” said Mrs. Obama, who added that she’ll be spending some time with everyone involved in support Team USA. “During my visit, in addition to cheering for Team USA, I’m going to have the chance to meet with our Olympic athletes and the folks who work in our embassy in London as well.”

    Michelle Obama will be joined by several athletic greats like Dominique Dawes, Grant Hill and Summer Sanders.

    She added that the opportunity is in line with her message to the youth and parents in America.


  • TyrenM

    That was on point. I was looking all over TV for it. Michael kept going to commercials, but he got most of it in. I like how he brought it from Aurora to NO and let it be known – I got you. PBO “Fired Up.”

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – -[Apologies iff a dup.]—- -Dems- – -IZZAT U???- —

    — –Senate Dems pass middle-class tax-rate extension in close vote– —

    – — –Senate Democrats on Wednesday narrowly passed President Obama’s plan that would extend Bush-era tax rates for family income up to $250,000 a year.

    The surprising passage of the bill was a victory for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and the White House, though the highly contentious vote will undoubtedly be used by Republicans as political ammunition this election year. They ripped Democrats for seeking to raise taxes in an ailing economy.

    By a 51-48 tally, Democrats overcame two defections to win passage of the measure, which would also raise the top rate on capital gains and dividends, as well as continue several targeted tax provisions that Democrats say help the middle class.

    — Earlier in the afternoon, the Senate turned aside a Republican proposal, by a mostly party-line vote of 45-54, that would have extended all current rates on income, capital gains, dividends and the estate tax, also for a year. Two Republicans, Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Scott Brown (Mass.), voted against both plans, and Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) voted against for the two proposals. Pryor is up for reelection in 2014.

    The dramatic roll calls came as Vice President Biden presided over the tally. He was in the chamber in case his vote, as president of the Senate, was needed to break a tie.

  • GreenLadyHere
  • GreenLadyHere



    – — —– – – –UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT♥ :>)– — –