September 25, 2017

Monday Afternoon Thread: ICYMI – Michael Eric Dyson goes OFF

Kerry Pickett clearly was not warned beforehand….too bad, so sad…NOT! Why someone from the Washington Times was invited on this panel in the first place is a mystery to me. Why not just get a blogger from Stormfront? Its pretty much the same racist, asanine crap posted each and every day.  Oh well, MED held it all the way down.

And folks, this is why MED will be doing the doing the bump-n-grind with his wife at President Obama’s inauguration – eating scrimps and chugging back Dom Perignon – with a big grin on his face for the Ebony/Jet pictorials. Just watch!

  • Miranda

    Herman Cain had a rally today…and nobody gave a damn. LMAO

    Herman Cain Rally at the Capitol Fails Spectacularly

    • conlakappa

      It was too hot for that noise.

  • TresL

    Hi. Does anyone know if that image of PBO in the Comments of the Week thread is available for purchase. I saw it on TOD a few weeks ago and was only able to determine that it was designed for PBO’s Spotify playlist. I sent emails to OFA and tried to contact Spotify but have yet to get a response. Thanks

    • Miranda

      I have no idea – I actually got it from TOD.

  • itgurl_29

    is that Kerry chick black? Cause she looks it to me. If so, she ought to be ashamed.

    • Miranda

      She said her mother was Puerto Rican earlier in that show.

      • itgurl_29

        Yeah, Puerto Rican like Celia Cruz not Rita Moreno. I see that peezy new growth. She ought to be ashamed to be passing like that and even more ashamed of her racist right wing views.

      • Did you peep how she spoke about the Latino organizations with such disdain and contempt? She’s due for a “wake up call”.

      • isonprize

        Trust, there ARE black Puerto Ricans… All I’m saying it if she’s trying to pass, she had better stay out of the sun.

    • *looks at Kerry’s new growth*


    • Alma98

      Looks like she’s passing to me self hate is a powerful thing ain’t it.

  • Rhoda

    GMA finally beat Today; and I gotta say I’m glad it happened while Robin was at the desk. Matt Lauer had the week off, too. which likely also helped. I know ever since Ann came on I’ve switched to GMA or Morning Joe in the mornings.

  • Let ’em fight, Chris! Let ’em fight!

  • Miranda

    Lying azz, LOL….these right wingers really don’t understand these here innanets do they?

    Ethics expert ‘borrowed’ his rant on Obama, Trayvon

    Southern Baptist expert Richard Land, the voice of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, borrowed his diatribe on President Obama’s Trayvon Martin remarks but, oops, failed to credit the sources for whole paragraphs of invective.

    He even stood by his Trayvon-Obama comments when they came under fire.

    But then a Baylor grad student blogger caught the quotes in Land’s regular radio br0adcast — where Land never mentioned any sources — and checked the language against the footnotes on his web site where the original authors of the language were cited.

    more here

    • Worldwatcher7

      Thou shalt not steal…

  • Miranda


    Herman Cain Rally or ShamWow Demonstration – You Make the Call!

    • Alma98

      Why has coontastic Cain decided to jump back into the spotlight?

      • Miranda

        I have no idea, he’s been putting out these bizarre videos and now this….I’m thinking he can’t go back home and now just has to do anything to raise some money for a life on the road.

        • Aquagranny911

          OMG! I’m laughing so hard! He’s afraid of the Missus & that frying pan or maybe the rolling pin if she likes to bake. He’s been “on the road” like “hit the road Jack, & doncha come back no more, no more…”

          Still laughing…

          • Miranda

            Evidently Gloria changed the locks, so he’s reduced to making crazy videos and holding phantom rallies in DC and hope tourists will come by and they can perpetrate them off as actual Cain supporters.

          • Aquagranny911

            Maybe he’s passing the hat for some small change or a bill or two…

            Still laughing…

          • conlakappa

            Or shaking the tail feathers in hopes that someone will make it rain? No, I do not know where the brain bleach is.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Alma98. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        —LOL. THIS is the – —999- — -PLAN B– -that was his PROMISE. LOL.

        Campaign-less -PROMISE – – -fulfilled!! LOL.

        Good 2 C U — Alma98. :>)

  • Miranda

    Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and John Edwards seen trying to catch same direct flight to Colombia on stand-by.


  • Kerry Pickett got up early to fix her lunch. Two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches an apple and a pop tart. She didn’t get to eat any of it. Because at about the three minute mark the gentleman on the other side of the table eyed her lunch box and then claimed it for his own.

    • Miranda


    • GreenLadyHere

      woodyyyyyyyyyyyy- – – -Seeeee- – – —LOL.

      2 L8 4 da PARAMEDICS!!- – — –

      THANK U 4 da laff. :>)

    • LMBAO!

  • GreenLadyHere

    HEEY GN. ***BIG HUG** :>)

    – – — ***shakin my head***- – -in DISGUST!!- –

    THEY have MADE MONEY off of that
    “tour” – –of the poor annnd NOW THEY CONTINUE 2 ENRICH THEMSELVES- – – -by SELLING- – -BOOKS!!

    I hope – – – –THAT IT LOOKS LIKE THIS!!—-LOL.

    Good 2 C U- -GN. :>)

    —-I could NOT get back into the other thread.—Sorry. :>)

  • That was a classic arse whooping that Mr (I like to use big words) Dyson handed to homegirl. Had her stuttering and flustered. #shewasntready

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Afternooon miranda: — – –FIRST: – –LEMME get my THESAURUS. LOL.

    – – – -NOW: – – -OoooouuuuuCH!! – –

    —He’s in his USUAL FORM.- – -“KICK BUTT! KICK BUTT!!” – – -LOL.

  • Miranda

    Three in elite NYPD anti-gun unit accused of treating black suspects like ‘animals’

    Explosive charges in federal discrimination lawsuit

    Top supervisors of an elite NYPD anti-gun unit allegedly handled white suspects with kid gloves while treating blacks like “animals” deserving of a bullet to the head, the Daily News has learned.

    The explosive charges appear in sworn depositions from three members of the firearms suppression unit: two current NYPD detectives and a retired first-grade detective.

    Their testimony, part of a federal discrimination lawsuit, details how Capt. James Coan and Lt. Daniel Davin created a hostile environment for both their black detectives and suspected minority-group gun traffickers, said the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Eric Sanders.

    Read more:

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- — – WHEW LAWD- – -That Etch-a-Sketch was – – -BEYOND APPROPRIATE!! – – –

    – – —Shaking The Etch-A-Sketch: After Promising To Veto It, Romney Says He Wants A DREAM Act– —

    – – —-During the primary, when he only needed to appeal to hard right Republican voters, Mitt Romney promised to veto the DREAM Act, which provides young people who have lived much of their lives in the United States a path to citizenship. Now that Romney needs to appeal to Latinos in order to win the general election, however, he’s already breaking out his Etch-a-Sketch. This weekend he told a crowd at a private (but very audible) fundraiser that he would support a version of the DREAM Act.

    – – -This is a significant turnaround for Romney, who was extremely anti-immigrant for the bulk of the primary season. Indeed, Romney even campaigned with an anti-immigrant leader who has ties to hate groups and helped pen Arizona’s “show us your papers” bill — on Martin Luther King Day. But now, facing abysmal poll numbers among Latinos, Romney is changing his tune. “We’re going to be able to get Hispanic voters,” he said, “We’re going to overcome the issue of immigration”:

    – – — HE’S A MASTER at THIS!! LOL!!– —


    • Aquagranny911

      LOL! I can’t speak for all Latinos in AZ but the ones I know would not waste spit on the Robme if he caught fire right in front of them. I really doubt he will get their votes no matter what he says now.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Aquagranny911. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        — LOL> —. . would not waste spit.– – – -LOL.

        Annnnd – – -DAT B DAT!! :>) THANK U. :>)

        Good 2 C U. :>)

    • His anti immigrant GOP base ain’t going to like that.

      • GreenLadyHere

        woody45 – – – – -U! AIN’T! – –NEVA! – – -LIED!! — –

        U KNOW that they R – – -***shakin’ their heads*** — –

        Annnd sayin’- – -THIS IS OUR BEST?????- – – – -LAWD HELP!! – — – –

  • The survey indicates women voters back Obama over Romney by 16 points (55%-39%), virtually unchanged from an 18-point advantage among women for the president in CNN polling last month.

    The poll was conducted two days after Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen created a controversy by saying that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life.”

    Dear Ann Romney,

    Happy Birthday, bish!


    Women Voters

    • Ebogan63

      HA HA HA!

  • isonprize

    Miranda, aside from the tragic nature of this case which gets more and more bizarre by the day, your tags have me cryin’ laughing!!

    Tavis and Cornel looking back like hey wasn’t Dyson behind us?


    • GN

      The tags are out of control.

    • rikyrah

      I told y’all…fast talking wasn’t gonna let nobody mess up his $$$$

      • isonprize

        Fo’ real!!! I still got the side-eye on fast talking MED, but he put it down with that whistlehead blonde white woman. He was not havin’ it, and for that, he gets a few more points back from me.

    • GreenLadyHere

      LOL isonprize —***BIG HUG*** :>)

      – – — – –MED: – – -2 – –T(r)avesty & Cornpon – -WE WHO – –OTHA BROTHAS??? — -LOL.

      AnnnnU R a RIOT!!! :>)

      Good 2 C U. :>) —

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda- – – – –OoooooWeeeeee- —BRUTAL!! – — LOL – —

    —- –Obama super PAC has new ad slamming Mitt Romney’s low tax rate, tax cuts for wealthy– – –

    – — Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama super PAC, put this ad out.– —

    GO – – —-SUPER PAC!!- – -SPEAK TRUTH!! :>)

  • GN

    I really can’t stand Chris Hayes. That is all.

    ETA: thank you for the fabulous video; listening to MED refute Chris Hayes’ false equivalence right now…

    • crazycanuck

      What now?

    • Ebogan63

      Typical entitled jerk ‘progressive’

      • aleth

        He can’t unpack his priviledge from the clips I see. He has a vested interest in making himself seem more intellectual than he really is… Look at me I am smart but I can’t read for shit

        Experts in everything, master of none..

  • GN

    Michael Eric Dyson is holding church! Must-see video.

    • Miranda

      Well I know I was saying “amen” all through it! LOL

    • GreenLadyHere

      GN – – – -SPEAK!! :>)


      – –Jus’ sayin’. . …..:>)

  • Trayvon Martin’s killer showed signs of injury: neighbors

    By Chris Francescani

    SANFORD, Florida | Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:16pm EDT

    (Reuters) – Neighbors of George Zimmerman say he had bandages on his nose and head the day after he shot dead Trayvon Martin, supporting statements by the neighborhood watch volunteer that he was beaten in a confrontation with the black Florida teenager.


    Jorge Rodriguez, Zimmerman’s next-door neighbor, told Reuters that when he saw Zimmerman the day after the incident, “he had two big, butterfly bandages on the back of his head, and another big bandage…on the bridge of his nose.” He was talking to a police detective in his driveway.

    Rodriguez’s wife Audria also said she saw the bandages and a third neighbor, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, agreed with the Rodriguez couple’s account. “I saw two bandages on the back of his head, and his nose was all swollen up,” said the witness, who had watched from a nearby second-floor window.

    The neighbors spoke to Reuters on Sunday and Monday, saying they felt they owed him their public support after he was charged with second-degree murder.


    That police station video camera showed Zimmerman’s nose was not swollen. #YouNeedMorePeople

    • Amazing how one person’s facial injuries can keep disappearing and reappearing. The video camera shows no injuries. A day later there they are.

    • Miranda

      If his daddy was any kind of judge he would have told him to put on those bandages and make sure people SEE you with them on.

    • Tafr

      Once again, why did the police video show no signs of a swollen, broken nose? The child killer showed no evidence of a broken noise when he was finally arrested.

      Even if Trayvon got some licks in what does that prove? It proves that the poor kid was fighting for his life. Travon was the one that was chased down. So now it comes to this? Not only can we not walk down the street, we can also be legally killed for defending ourselves?

      • malletgirl02

        Also is Trayvon did get some licks in according to the law he was just trying to stand his ground.

    • GN

      At this point, the Zimmerman press tour needs to have a damn seat, all. of. them. There was not a damn thing wrong with that man.

    • aleth

      Too many people with vested interest in making sure Zimmerman gets off. Especially since Obama said something.

      Haha they keep trying.. bring the evidence to court, the rest is just bullshit

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia – – – – –“z-man” his attorneys annnnd supporters done INHERITED THESE GENES!!! —-

      – ——LIARS!!!! —–

  • $800 Million Target for Romney Campaign and Republican Committee

    A new joint fund-raising initiative between Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee will aim to raise $800 million by November, part of what Mr. Romney’s campaign estimates will be a total of $1 billion spent in an effort to defeat President Obama.

    The goals were laid out in a memo circulated by Mr. Romney’s top fund-raisers in recent days and on a conference call with donors late last week. The memo indicates that Mr. Romney’s top aides are aiming to collect roughly $500 million combined for the campaign and for the joint fund, known as Romney Victory, through a program for high-dollar donations.

    They are also hoping to bring in $300 million in low-dollar donations, an area in which Mr. Romney has lagged well behind other Republican candidates and Mr. Obama but in which the R.N.C. has performed relatively well. The campaign also estimates that “super PACs” and other outside groups will spend an additional $200 million in the race, according to the memo.


  • MonieTalks

    Ain’t this a bitch……btw, I’m afraid if I watch the original video linked, my BP will go up..anyone care to?

    President Obama defends his vacation schedule

    A St. Louis TV reporter had President Barack Obama on the hot seat Thursday, telling him that viewers were “complaining, they get frustrated, even angered, when they see the first family jetting around, different vacations” and that ..Sometimes maybe they think under color of state business and that you’re out of touch, that you don’t really know what they’re experiencing right now.”

    Obama countered him on how many complaints he had received before defending his “track record.

    “I’m raising a family here,” he said. “When we travel, we’ve got to travel through Secret Service, and Air Force One, that’s not my choice. I think most folks understand how hard I work and how hard this administration is working on behalf of the American people.”

    The reporter, who also told Obama that his viewers believe his administration “created the environment” for the GSA scandal, added his own commentary at the end, saying that “with all due respect, the President side stepped that question. No one is questioning his need to travel on Air Force One or have security. The questions being raised are the first family taking so many vacations, when and where, at taxpayer expense.”

    Read more here:

    • isonprize

      Yes, I did a little digging and posted this “Caffeinated Politics” link for the article about Pres. Bush v. Pres. Obama vacation days… I just posted it for information the article.

      Caffeinated Politics – President Bush And Reagan Used Far More Vacation Days Than President Obama

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Yep, heard it in his voice. You saw how relaxed President Obama was while this Nosferatu looking hick with his boots was sitting like he was sizing him up and examining him like he was a got-damn space experiment. Its ok, it makes my President stronger when he sees your rage, dickhead.

      • rikyrah

        AND guess what CAC?

        He’s STILL President of the United States

      • MonieTalks

        Yes. Larry Connors (the reporter) could not even contain himself in his posture, his body language says it all…he was sitting up in his chair like he was scolding and lecturing the President..full of anger himself. Just like that dried up prune of a witch in Arizona.

        Grandma said they would lose their mind…local news journalists can’t even keep their restraint, it eats them up so badly.

    • Miranda is his email.

      @kmov is the twitter for the station.

      Don’t let him off the hook.

      • Aquagranny911

        OH THANK YOU!!! This person will feel my wrath & so will his employers. Conners you may run but you can’t hide!

    • Aquagranny911

      Gag me!!!

      “…sometimes maybe they think under the color of state business…”

      The real operating word here is “color” because no Prez of color or his family should be allowed time off or a vacation.

      Jesus y Maria please help me not to hate these media because I need my energy to get PBO re-elected, AMEN!

      • conlakappa

        Yep. And who are these people complaining about them “jetting” all over the place? First cousins of the “some say…” crowd? I guess we are supposed to forget that the last guy was the most vacation-taking President in history, making the napping St. Ronnie seem hard at work.

    • EBOGAN63

      All y’all need to do is show that TOD pix whenever Air Force One takes off with the Air Force Officers saluting in full dress, and tell that CAC MF..


    • Camille

      This piece of shit illiterate masquerading as a reporter.?

      Aren’t there any literate people interested in working as reporters in Missouri?

      This inarticulate, saliva-dripping, diaper-wearing illiterate, dumbshit geriatric skinhead fucker is the best St. Louis can do for news reporter?

  • lamh35

    Ann and Mitt proving class has nothing to do with how much money you have.

    If this interview was supposed to “soften” Romney it sure as hell didn’t. I really disliked McCain and Palin, but I didn’t “hate” them. But ugh, I really dislike Mitt and Ann Romney more than I disliked Palin or McCain.

    Romney To Obama: ‘Start Packing’

    Can anyone imagine if in ’08 how wingnut head would have exploded if candidate Obama had said this when asked what he had to say to GWB? ugh, these people have no class.

    • rikyrah

      you know what would have happened lamh…..

      I know it.

    • GN

      From that same interview, apparently Ann doubled down on that “Seamus the dog riding on top of the car” idiocy which enraged people five years ago:

      Ann Romney On Seamus Episode: ‘The Dog Loved It’

      Mitt and Ann Romney answered a question about the lingering story of a former Romney family dog, Seamus, in their big exclusive interview with ABC News Monday.

      From the ABC transcript of the interview:

      DIANE SAWYER: As we move away from this primary campaign into the next phase– again, on Yahoo, we got two questions most often, first about Seamus– which as you know is out there forever– would you do it again?

      MITT ROMNEY: Certainly not with the attention it’s received.

      DIANE SAWYER: You said it was the most wounding thing in the campaign–

      ANN ROMNEY: It’s crazy.

      DIANE SAWYER:–so far.

      ANN ROMNEY: The dog loved it. The dog was, like–

      DIANE SAWYER: But the dog got sick, right?

      ANN ROMNEY: Once, he– we traveled all the time and he– he ate the turkey on the counter. I mean, he had the runs. But– he would see that crate and, you know, he would, like, go crazy because he was going with us on vacation. It was to me a kinder thing to bring him along than to leave him in the kennel for t– in– in– in a kennel for two weeks, so.

      I’m finding them highly unlikeable as well.

      • rikyrah

        where is PETA.

        if BO had a bad haircut, they’d be outside the WH Protesting.

        anyone hit up PETA on twitter asking them why they’ve been silent on this?

        • Miranda

          PETA won’t say shit to the rethugs. Hell these people believe in shooting anything with a heartbeat for sport. Herman Cain been making strange animal fetish films for sociopaths, Palin and co like to shoot wolves from helicopters – Dick Cheney shoots people in the face – so they could really care less about Mitt Romney strapping a dog in a box on his car and traveling cross country.

          But let Mike Vick walk by Petsmart and they ready to riot.

      • Aquagranny911

        “highly unlikeable?”….. I’m trying my best not to hate these two people. They are vile. Not just for their treatment of the dog but because they are clueless & lack empathy for any other living thing, most importantly all those who would suffer from a Robme presidency.

      • conlakappa

        So the only reason they wouldn’t do it again was because of the bad public reaction? Talk about out of touch mixed with WTF. And the dog didn’t get sick. He shat himself from fear. And ran away upon reaching Canada. Sheesh, she makes it sound like he had his head out the back window.

        • GN

          I’m not even a dog lover, conlacousin, and yet this story makes me sick. Even IF the dog got ill from something else, who just hoses the dog down with cold water and puts him right back on top of the car, wet? I don’t blame people for being extremely upset about this story, and I bet it doesn’t go away either.

        • MsKitty

          And the dog didn’t get sick. He shat himself from fear.

          My cats have a similar reaction being in a carrier inside the car for the 5-minute drive to the vet’s office. I couldn’t even imagine putting them on top of a car, facing the elements full on. That’s just beyond cruel.

          PETA and ’em need to leave Michael Vick alone and start giving the Romneys constant grief.

  • rikyrah

    Romney Campaign Tries To Walk Back Policy Details Revealed At Fundraiser

    Evan McMorris-Santoro April 16, 2012, 9:51 AM 16632

    Mitt Romney has made it very clear he wants to keep it vague on the campaign trail when it comes to the way he’ll change how the American government looks. The politics of actually saying what he plans to do are just to dangerous for him to speak in anything else but gauzy language, he’s said.

    That’s the standard for the general electorate, anyway. Romney’s big-time donors, however, are another story. Two reporters on the trail with Romney over the weekend overheard Romney detailing his vision for eliminating the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and dramatically trimming the Department of Education — specific proposals he’s yet to unveil on the trail.

    His campaign predictably tried to put the genie back in the bottle.

    “I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them. Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go,” Romney said. “Things like Housing and Urban Development, which my dad was head of, that might not be around later. But I’m not going to actually go through these one by one. What I can tell you is, we’ve got far too many bureaucrats. I will send a lot of what happens in Washington back to the states.”

    As Romney noted, according to NBC, calling for an end to the Education Department is “politically volatile.” Romney tried it back during his 1994 Senate run against the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), and it didn’t go over well with the blue state electorate. Just a couple weeks ago Romney used this exact same anecdote to explain why he was avoiding the kind of specificity he outlined to the wealthy audience in Florida.

    “One of the things I found in a short campaign against Ted Kennedy was that when I said, for instance, that I wanted to eliminate the Department of Education, that was used to suggest I don’t care about education,” Romney told the Weekly Standard in March.

    “I think it’s important for me to point out that I anticipate that there will be departments and agencies that will either be eliminated or combined with other agencies.” Romney singled out housing vouchers as one place where he would make significant changes, but kept it purposely vague when it came to how he plans to chop the Cabinet. “Will there be some that get eliminated or combined?” he said. “The answer is yes, but I’m not going to give you a list right now.”

    Romney also named names on changes to the tax code he’d propose. A Wall Street Journal reporter outside the Palm Beach fundraiser overheard him proposing the elimination of mortgage deductions for second homes, as well as other changes aimed primarily at the wealthy. That new money would be used to pay for Romney’s tax-cut plan.

    Both the proposals themselves — and the fact that he revealed them to wealthy donors after keeping the public in the dark — will provide fodder for Democrats. It was little surprise, then, that Romney’s campaign quickly dismissed reports from the fundraiser.

    “He was tossing ideas out, not unveiling policy,” a Romney spokesperson told CNN.

    • Camille

      How does one break something gently to a person as delusional as Romney?

      Take him into a padded room, pretend to step out to retrieve something you dropped just outside the room.

      Slam the heavy steel door shut once outside leaving Mitt Romney locked up inside.
      Then through the makeshift food pass-through, gently whisper:

      “Mitt, you lost. You lost. You’ll never be president of these United States. Not happening.

      Wait for piercing wail and scream to stop. Return a few hours later with his personal psychiatrist and other helpers.

      Gently walk Mitt to waiting car. Drive slowly to airport careful not to snicker at the sight of the disheveled sniffling heap seated in the back seat.

      At airport, reunite Mitt with sulking, disgusted Miss Ann. Load them into waiting plane and wish them safe travels to the Cayman Islands.

  • rikyrah

    Fiscal Frauds
    By John Cole April 16th, 2012

    Of course he is just making shit up:

    A big mystery of Romney’s tax pledge — to “cut tax rates across the board by 20 percent” and reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent — is what tax loopholes he’ll close to pay for the cost.

    Romney’s tax cuts are projected to cost the federal government $5 trillion over 10 years, on top of the $4 trillion 10-year cost of making the Bush tax cuts permanent. Existing deductions and exemptions in the tax code, all together, reduce receipts by about $1 trillion per year, according to estimates.

    Chuck Marr, director of federal tax policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, said all the deductions Romney proposed to scrap “would pay for less than 20 percent” of the $5 trillion cost of his tax plan. “The deductions he unveiled would raise less than $1 trillion,” he said.

    Romney’s mortgage interest proposal would yield “probably less than 1 percent of the total cost” of his tax cuts, Marr said, while axing the state and local deduction for everyone, which would be very difficult to enact politically, would yield about $800 billion to $900 billion over 10 years. “So that’d be a major step but still pay for a small share of his tax cuts,” Marr said.

    It’s unclear whether Romney would eliminate these expenditures entirely or simply cap them, to limit the extent to which they benefit high-income earners.

    The deductibility of home mortgage interest and the tax exemption for employer-provided health care eat up a big chunk of the $1 trillion in revenue the government loses annually because of tax expenditures. Both are very popular politically, and they’ve become fundamental to the country’s housing and health care policy. Other perks, like the low capital gains rate and oil and gas subsidies, are backed by powerful constituencies that both parties, but particularly Republicans, are at pains to scale back.

    The Romney campaign backed away from the remarks Monday morning, suggesting they’re aware the bad math could become a political liability. “He was just discussing ideas that came up on the campaign trail,” Romney surrogate Jim Talent told reporters on a conference call Monday. “He wasn’t announcing a policy yesterday. We don’t have any plans now to announce new policies.”

    It’s not a big mystery at all. He’s lying.

    How many more decades do we have to pretend the Republicans are fiscally responsible?

  • MonieTalks

    This reporter, from the UK’s Guardian, and his encounter at the NRA is crazy…white paranoia on full blast

    America’s deadly devotion to guns
    There are around 90 guns for every 100 Americans yet, despite 85 fatal shootings a day, the mighty US gun lobby is as powerful as ever. In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s killing, Gary Younge reports on the country’s deadly attachment to firearms

    Gary Younge

    At an organising breakfast for National Rifle Association (NRA) grassroots activists, Samuel Richardson, a man with whom I have not exchanged a word, passes me a note. “Please read the book Injustice by Adams,” it reads. “He was [sic] lawyer for US Justice Department who prosecuted Black Panther Case.” Quite why Richardson thinks this book is for me is not clear. There are six other people at the table, a couple of them journalists. The fact I am the only black person in a room of around 200 may have something to do with it.

    J Christian Adams, a former department of justice lawyer, resigned after the department decided not to prosecute members of the New Black Panther party who brandished guns and intimidated poll watchers outside a voting station in Philadelphia in 2008. Several attorneys, including Republicans, have argued that while the case was serious it did not warrant the department’s resources. Adams believed there were darker forces at play, claiming the case “gave the public a glimpse of the racially discriminatory worldview” of the department under Obama.

    Richardson goes further. The press and the government are in cahoots, he explains, to oppress white people. “It’s fascistic,” he explains. “It’s just like Hitler did. Discriminating against one ethnic group and claiming that they’re the cause of everything that’s wrong. It’s what happened in Rwanda,” intimating that white Americans, like Tutsis, could one day find themselves systematically slaughtered in their own land.

    read more:

    • rikyrah

      you know, we’re so used to these nutcases, we don’t realize to someone new, they’re shocked at how absolutely fucking insane they are.

      • MonieTalks

        this J. Christian Adams is wingnut central.

        He once filed ethics charges against Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, that were later dismissed. He is a pure partisan wingnut prick/

        Definitely check out the MM link.

        These demons all over all the place rolling in the same circles

  • Miranda

    ICYMI – Monie posted Gary Younge’s article about it down thread – this is his segment on Up With Chris Sat morning.

    I never liked him before – but he got into a tiff with that idiot Kerry Pickett and I appreciate him not backing down.

    • MonieTalks

      Younge said the crowd was the type you sell “Viagara and Depends to…” LMBAO

      Also he noted that the NRA made sure to single out and target President Obama, AG Holder, SoS Hillary Clinton ( in front of a UN Flag)……. and Sonia Sotomayor?

      Hmmmmm…this needs to be spread wiide, especially to our Latino brotthers and sisters..the NRA thinks Sonia Sotomayor is an enemy…why not Elena Kagan?..uh huh.

  • aleth

    I actually hate the Romneys. There is no redeeming quality to them, worse than Palin.

    They embody every stereotype of snoppy, entitled rich person. Just brats.

    They are so entitled they think its their turn. How fucking amazing is that shit… wow the priviledge that smells from that.

    And Ann Romney thinks she is cute.. she is exactly like Miss Ann as so many here have stated. She is that lady who would like on any person to get ahead. She is already imagining herself has the next first lady. They really believe, this is their best chance to win since they are running against the black guy.


    The Romney’s are too impressed with themselves. They must be eating the love from the beltway insiders. Jeez.. ASSHOLES the two of them. Bottomfeeders.


    I will do everything in my power to make sure they loose. They must really be convinced that the combination of voter suppression laws, rove pacs and tons of pacs out there, MSM [ALL OF THEM ARE FOX — NO EXCEPTION], Newspapers and Huffington Post — they will pull it off.

    Digusting assholes

    rant off

    • crazycanuck

      “They really believe, this is their best chance to win since they are running against the black guy. ”

      They really need to have a talk with John McCain.

      America please don’t let these idiots in the Oval Office. The world begs you.

      • Ebogan63

        They ain’t winnin’ shit!

        • Camille

          Thank you.

          Mitt and Ann are in for a shock so stunning, they will both hit the bottle permanently to numb their pain.

          I can assure you that the Romneys will NEVER see the four walls of the oval office or the private residence of the White House.

          They may certainly take a tour of the White House as part of the general public, but that is the only way they’ll EVER get to see it.

      • JojoRaze

        Canuck, I’m glad you are still hopeful about America because some of the stuff you see linked here must make you think “Thank God I live in Canada because America is cray-cray.”

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY aleth. ***BIG HUG*** :>) — –

      – – –U capture my feelings — -PRECISELY. –

      – – -THEY R a PAIR of – — -RIGHTEOUS LYIN’ – –RACISTS!!

      Thy EXUDE an air of SOUTHERN aristocratic –SLAVE OWNERS.!!

      Annnd the MORE I hear him give CREDIT 2 her — -the MORE I think that SHE is HIS DRIVIN’ FORCE!!

      YEP – – – -“Missy Ann” is RUTHLESS!! Annnd – –she wasn’t even raised mormon. [She converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1966.]

      BUT she learned!!! – – –Annnd she has a palinesque – –“smarmy” quality which ENHANCES her – – –UPPITY – –ELITE —mannerisms.- –

      – – –THIS – – ->No CLASS…..EEEEEEEEWWWW – – –

      YEP – –THEY R A — DESPICABLE PAIR – – – – – – – –of LOSERS!!

      Good 2 C U – — aleth. :>)

      • Camille

        There is absolutely nothing aristocratic about this pair. Not even in the most negative sense of the word Sis.

        Ann with all her money is so unfinished, has no carriage and lacks breeding.

        A bottle of blonde hair dye does not an aristocrat make.

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY SisCamille. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

          – — -:>) – -I agree; – – – My thought was that they R trynta give the “appearance” of such. NO WAY R THEY!! – :>)– –

          – – – -THIS: – — ->Ann with all her money is so unfinished, has no carriage and lacks breeding. – – –

          Soooo – –CO-SIGN!! :>)

          Good 2 C U. SisCamille. :>)

    • Camille

      You can’t hate them more than I do Aleth.

      And I used to think I couldn’t hate anybody more than I hate that idiot from Alaska.

    • Guns3000

      Hate???? That’s a bit strong.

  • Miranda

    “Obama has done more for [Native American] tribes than the last five presidents combined”

    That quote is from Chief James Allan, Coeur d’Alene tribal chairman, at the announcement of the settlement last week to resolve 41 long-standing disputes with Indian tribal governments over the federal mismanagement of trust funds and resources.

    more here

    • Aquagranny911

      TRUE!!! And they love PBO here in AZ too!

  • Rhoda

    lamh, I saw your link to the ABC interview with Diane Sawyer and the Romneys and all I have to say is that God doesn’t like ugly.

    And I’ll leave it at that.

    • rikyrah

      I have said from the beginning that they are the EPITOME of the rich, White entitlement syndrome.

    • Aquagranny911

      OMG!!! She really did say that?

      I think I will be going to confession for the rest of my life because I really do hate that disgusting woman more than her stupid husband.

      • conlakappa

        Smug is a look that few can carry off well, innit?

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda – — – -GR8 NEWS! – — – – –

    – – – —Manning Marable, Wesley Morris among this year’s Pulitzer Prize winners

    – — –The Pulitzer Prize committee at Columbia University announced its winners Monday afternoon. Among those selected were three black writers: film critic Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe, Tracy K. Smith for her book “Life on Mars” and the late Manning Marable for his final work, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.

    –Morris won the best criticism award, Smith for poetry and Marable in the category of history.

    “It’s a huge honor,” Morris said to the Boston Globe after the win. “Awards are not something you think about when you’re doing your job.”

    – – -SKIP – –

    Marable’s book was also controversial upon its release, just three days after the scholar’s death, for its complicated depiction of a slain civil rights figure. Critical acclaim came soon after however with Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention receiving a nomination for the National Book Award and named one of the New York Times’ top 10 books of 2011.

    Tracy K. Smith’s wining work of poetry, Life on Mars, was also heralded by the New York Times for it’s vastness. Smith’s approach to the relationship between humans beings and the universe was described as sending readers “out into the magnificent chill of the imagination and then returns us to ourselves, both changed and consoled.”

    – – –CONGRATULATIONS 2 ALL. WE R PROUD of U – — :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda – – – –UH — – –She escaped 1 charge last week, BUT – – –THIS is NOT goin’ away – – –

    – – –GOP, Dem politicians: S. Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s new memoir “fiction”, she “just makes stuff up” – —

    – — —Poor South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. She’s facing an ethics hearing over donations, she claims there is no war on women despite ample evidence to the contrary (scroll), she could even be indicted for tax fraud, and back in December, she “dictated the conclusions of a committee charged with deciding how the state should implement federal health care reform before the group ever held its first meeting, public documents show.”. She’s even had a couple of allegations of extramarital affairs.

    In short, she’s had her share of controversies and scandals. Now she’s also written a book (her memoir, Can’t Is Not An Option) that, well, isn’t exactly getting boffo reviews from either Democrats or Republicans. According to a Democratic state representative, “This lady just makes stuff up.”

    Via The State:

    Members of Haley’s own Republican Party — including the speaker of the S.C. House and a former lieutenant governor — say allegations against them are “absolutely not true” and “not true at all.” Democrats, including Haley’s 2010 opponent in the governor’s race, describe the book as “fiction.”

    – — –A BI-PARTISAN – – –LIAR!!! – — – – – -LOL!! :>)

    • isonprize

      GLH, Do you mean Nimrata Randhawa Haley?

      You mean the woman who has parents, two brothers and one sister (all biological) who are all proud of their Jatt Sikh heritage from Punjab, India while “Nikki”, raised as Sikh, married in a combined Methodist and Sikh ceremony, claims that she is white?

      Is that who you are talking about?

      The woman who is a Republican, a party that is so concerned about voter fraud, listed herself as white on her voter registration, thus committed what many might consider voter fraud?

      That Nikki Haley?

      • rikyrah


      • GreenLadyHere

        isonprize – — -***fist bump*** :>)

        Annnnd I mean the SELF SAME – – –WOMAN who LIED ABOUT an AFFAIR – – –

        – –“I have been 100 percent faithful to my husband throughout our 13 years of marriage. This claim against me is categorically and totally false.”[46] Folks attempted to substantiate his claim by releasing phone records that he said show 700 calls between the two while Folks was working as a political consultant for the Haley campaign.[47][48] Folks said he was “forced” to reveal the alleged affair as a preemptive measure after discovering Haley’s political foes were attempting to publicize the story.

        – –U GOT IT!! – – – -LOL.

      • conlakappa

        Maybe she is going for an honorary Merle Oberon prize? Girl is pushing hard to be the VP, totally trying to leapfrog over “Bobby” Jindal.

  • rikyrah

    Measuring the drapes, fundraising edition
    By Steve Benen

    Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:55 PM EDT

    Mitt Romney at a phone bank fundraiser last year in Las Vegas.

    The conventional wisdom says that President Obama and his campaign team are exceedingly confident about the 2012 race, to the point of nearly being cocky. But Obama isn’t the one already selling access at the 2013 inauguration for five figures.

    Former Governor Mitt Romney is already offering top donors access to a special “Presidential Inaugural retreat,” planned on the assumption that he will be elected president this November.

    The offer, in a fundraising email circulated by a top Georgia supporter to fellow Republicans and obtained by BuzzFeed, is one of several goodies offered to those who contribute more than $50,000 to the joint fundraising committee known as “Romney Victory,” a program whose outlines were first reported by POLITICO.

    Those donors will be named “Founding Members” of Romney Victory and invited to a California retreat with Romney and offered “yet to be determined access at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.”

    They will also “have preferred status at the first Presidential Inaugural retreat,” the email says.

    Just to be clear, there’s nothing illegal or unethical about this — when it comes to inaugurations (for presidents of either party) and fundraising, incoming administrations have even more leeway and flexibility than they do during the campaigns.

    But this is still politically problematic. For one thing, Romney routinely likes to complain about “cronyism” in Washington, and yet, here he is selling promises of access for $50,000 at his inauguration.

    For another, Romney is already operating as if a victory is a foregone conclusion, seven months before voters have their say.

    I’ve heard of politicians “measuring the drapes” before an election, but this is pushing the envelope.

    • Town

      Ann Romney is probably comparing paint swatches for the White House as we speak.

      • Aquagranny911

        ….and hiring the “undocumented” painters because you know if she gets her grubby paws on the WH…she can exploit anyone she wants…

        Can you tell that “B” is really getting on my very last nerve?

      • conlakappa

        She will have to scale down what she’s used to! Maybe hark back to when she was redoing the nanny flat.

    • aleth

      I hope they have not planned to steal the elections .

      • Camille

        They can plan all they like Aleth, but Barack Obama will win and complete a very successful full second term as President of these United States.

        Once again, the skeptics who keep discounting God will be reminded once more why God and only God has the final say.

        And God has Barack and Michelle Obama firmly placed in that White House through January 2017.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –Is THIS OLD??? – –

    – – –Senate Blocks Buffett Rule 30% Tax Floor on Top Earners – —

    – — —The U.S. Senate blocked the proposed Buffett rule that would set a minimum 30 percent federal tax rate for the highest earners.

    The 51-45 vote today in Washington fell short of the 60 needed to advance the measure. President Barack Obama has been campaigning for the legislation across the country, maintaining it’s unfair that some high-income taxpayers can use deductions and preferential tax treatment of investment income to pay lower tax rates than some middle-income wage earners do.

    – – – – -SKIP – – – —

    In a statement released after the vote, Obama criticized Republicans for blocking what he called a “common sense” idea. “At a time when we have significant deficits to close and serious investments to make to strengthen our economy, we simply cannot afford to keep spending money on tax cuts that the wealthiest Americans don’t need and didn’t ask for,” he said.

    – – – —-EVIL/VILE – —RE-THUGS!!! – — –

    – – – —KARMA WILL GET THAT – – –“W”!! – – – –Don’t FEAR!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda – – – –***a RE-THUG lookin’ through HIS DICTIONARY — –

    “fairness”, – – “fairness” – – –“fairness” -****


    TOD is ova their presentin’ alll KINDS of GRAPHS – -to define the


    BUT – – -RE-THUGS R havin’ NONE of THIS – — -FAIRNESS! – –KRAP!! —

    – — -Don’t want nobody CUTTIN’ INTO their – –$$$$!! —

    Good ANALYSIS!! :>)

  • MonieTalks

    Michelle Obama, paradox
    By Krissah Thompson

    Evanston, Ill. – “Michelle Obama is a genuine paradox,” said Darlene Clark Hine, a professor of African American studies and history at Northwestern University.

    Hine’s lecture, part of a black studies conference at the university last week, argued that the first lady is a “transformative, liberationist” figure — despite her interest in domestic issues and the long list of magazine cover stories focused on topics such as Obama’s approach to motherhood or the importance of healthful eating.

    ….“What you think you see and know of her may not be all that is important to know about her,” Hine said in an interview after her lecture. “People see her as these labels – black and woman – and they see her acting in domestic ways – focused on home, hearth and family – as if there is no political agenda.”

    The political agenda, along with helping her husband’s reelection campaign, is focused on impacting the next generation.

    Hine, a historian, also puts Obama in line with a long list of black women who have worked in health care. Reaching back to the 1800s when Susan McKinney Steward became the third African American woman to earn a medical degree, Hine said she sees a straight line to the first lady’s advocacy of healthful eating and push against childhood obesity.

    “She is using the politics of self-development, neighborliness, and that will lead the the future election of just and humane individuals,” Hine said. “The lives you save today will make the changes that you suggest to them in the future.”

    read more:

  • MonieTalks

    Michelle Obama: ‘I Don’t Have The Stressful Job. He Does’

    …So NPR’s Michel Martin, host of Tell Me More, asked First Lady Michelle Obama during an interview scheduled to air Tuesday how she deals with the pressures of being both the president’s wife and the mother of school-age children.

    Mrs. Obama, however, didn’t accept Michel’s premise:

    “I have to disagree. I don’t have the stressful job. He does. I have the privilege of working on the issues that I choose and the issues that I feel most passionate about.

    ….”The president’s job is a lot harder. That’s why I’m working hard to get him re-elected. Because he’s handled himself with a level of grace and poise that not many people could given the challenges he’s faced.

    read more:

    • GN

      She always keeps it 100.

  • Karenbellsmith1

    Hello everyone, Heads-on-right- in Cali here, sorry I’ve been gone a while, lost my father last year, and my computer died. Finally got a brand new one, and its working great. So now I’m back to help fight the good fight to get our President re-elected. I’m am also retiring in June, so I will have the time and be ready to phone bank, knock on doors, whatever it takes.

    I here what ya saying about Annn Romney, boy she’s just as clueless as her husband. And she’s showing an ugle side to herself. It really cracks me up, how blatantly phony those two are. Its like living in the Twilight Zone.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY Karenbellsmith1. ***runnin’ 2 give U a BIG HUG*** :>)

      First: So Sorry 4 your loss. May U B comforted. AMEN.

      CONGRATULATIONS on your new omputer! Woo! Hoo! :>)

      U R gon B such a “OBAMA WARRIOR”. WELCOME BACK!! :>)

      Sooo HAPPY 2 C U. :>)

      Oh YEAH – –THOSE 2 “phonies” – – -R such LOSERS!! LOL.

      Have a BLESSED day. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – – -THIS is NEW 2 me: – –BUT – – -GOOD — – —

    – – –Minority Cancer Awareness Week Designed to Curb Illness – —

    – – – –A variety of efforts, including seminars, workshops and free health screenings, are being launched around the country to recognize Minority Cancer Awareness Week (April 15-21), to encourage black Americans to become more proactive in preventing and fighting cancer.

    Black Americans and other minorities are less likely to get the preventive care they need to stay healthy, more likely to suffer from serious illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer, and less likely to have access to quality health care.

    Health experts say that even if you feel perfectly healthy, regular health screenings are important to catch health issues before they become major problems.

    — –For black Americans particularly, screenings to detect the early signs of cancer are critical to reduce mortality from the disease.

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer among black women, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in black men, and colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer for both African American men and women. Many of these cancers are not detected because of either a lack of access or a reluctance to get screenings. In some instances, people don’t go to the doctor until they are in severe discomfort – when it is sometimes too late to stop or cure the disease.

    – – -EARLY DETECTION – – – -EARLY CURE. – –

    – – – – – – – – – – -GOOD ADVICE.:>) – – – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –HERE THEY GO. . . . .. ..

    – — Trayvon Martin case: Zimmerman asks for new judge; cites conflict —-

    — —The neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing an unarmed black teenager in Florida asked a judge in the case to step down Monday after she revealed a potential conflict of interest.

    George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, filed the request and said Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler revealed the potential conflict last week.

    Zimmerman was charged last week with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin’s Feb. 26 death. The lack of an arrest in the shooting inspired weeks of protests nationwide.

    Zimmerman is pleading not guilty, saying it was self-defense


    – – – – -YA KNOW – – –KARMA annnd the LAWD R watchin’ alla dis. :>) – — –

    – – – —JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!! – – — – – -RIHEP – –T.M – –

    • Camille

      Zimmermann better be careful what he asks for.

      He just might get that judge he thinks will be sympathetic to a murderer, and the joke will be on George.

      • GreenLadyHere

        SisCamille – – – —U BETCHA!! LOL. – —

        I’m tellin’ U – —KARMA –GOT THIS! :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -[Apologies iff a dup.] – – –A Mega- “ENTHUSIASM GAP” – –here! LOL. – — –

    – – –Romney Emerges From Primary Campaign With ‘Record Shortfall In Personal Popularity ‘ – – – –

    – – – – A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that Mitt Romney is heading into the general election with “the weakest favorability rating on record for a presumptive presidential nominee” since 1984. He’s 21 points behind President Obama in personal popularity, and deep underwater — the first likely nominee to have an unfavorable rating higher than his favorable rating in the poll’s history. Just 35 percent of Americans see Romney favorably, while 47 percent have an unfavorable opinion of the candidate. And only 12 percent see him “strongly” favorably, suggesting a persistent enthusiasm gap.

    – — SANG YER SONG – – -WILLARD!! LOL – — – —

  • GreenLadyHere


    – — –CONTINUE 2 PRAY 4: – — -OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT/FIRST LADY: – -TORNADO victims; – –Tulsa Victims; — -MARTIN Family;- – -EACH OTHER♥ – —

    – – — – —UNTIL THE MORNING LIGHT!♥ :>) – – – –

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