October 20, 2017

Monday Afternoon Thread: Whitney

Enjoy these collaborations!

Whitney and CeCe Winans – Count On Me

Whitney with Teddy Pendergrass – Hold Me

Whitney with Faith Evans and Kelly Price – Heartbreak Hotel

Whitney with Bebe & Cece Winans – Hold Up The Light

Whitney with Mariah Carey – When You Believe

Whitney with Bobby Brown – Something In Common

  • Miranda


    ¿GOP en Español? Not So Fast
    While the House Republican Conference tries to court some voters in Spanish, some of their own are fighting the effort.

    One challenge facing Republican outreach to Hispanic voters is that the party is not speaking their language — and not just metaphorically.
    In an effort to address the communications gap, the House Republican Conference had planned last week to launch GOP en Español, which would translate and distribute Republican reactions to the State of the Union speech in Spanish. But not everyone was on board.

    Staffers working for two English-only hard-liners in Congress, Reps. Steve King of Iowa and Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, raised hackles, arguing that the new program sent mixed signals about the importance of English in the United States. In an effort to build consensus, the conference decided to delay the announcement.
    “There’s a conflicting message that comes out from the Republicans if we want to recognize the unifying power of English, and meanwhile, we send out communications in multiple languages,” King said in an interview with National Journal. “Official business and documents needs to be in English.”

    more here

    • JojoRaze

      I co-sign your snicker and add to it a guffaw. These guys are straight losing. They can’t even muster basic respect for their audience. FAIL

      • jds09

        I wondered where the English only guys were. Crazy Uncle Fester is not going back into the attic to be let out only on election day. lol

      • Miranda

        Do they think they can make their tea babies go back and sit in the corner? NOT HAPPENING!

        • JojoRaze

          I love that it’s Steve King of ‘Latinos are like dogs’ fame and Sessenbrenner who looks like five Boss Hoggs but swore FLOTUS is just too bootylicious. I mean, these dudes are just jerks on general principle.

      • conlakappa

        Imma add my hearty chortle to the mix! Yep, when trying to get cute goes wrong…

        • AxelFoley

          I’m gonna put in a bwahahahahahaha to go along with ya’lls snicker, guffaw and chortle.

    • qosine

      LOVE IT!

    • GN

      lol! So the far right fringe won’t tolerate even the mildest of overtures to the hispanic community. GOP in disarray!

    • I’m loving how these GOP racist are revealing their own hoods!

  • Miranda

    Harry Reid has drawn the line in the sand…cross it if you want too mutha*****

    David Lightman ‏@LightmanDavid
    Reid on Hagel: There’s never “ever been a filibuster on a defense secretary, and I’m confident there won’t be on this one.”

    David Lightman ‏@LightmanDavid
    Senate Majority Leader Reid tells Senate: “We hope on Wednesday and/or Thursday we’ll be able to finish the Hagel nomination.”

    • AxelFoley

      Harry just threw down the gauntlet.

      • nathkatun7

        I am glad Harry finally told Ms. Lindsey Graham to get lost!

  • Tafr

    Hmmmm Did ya’ll see this story.


    Ezra Klein should be ashamed of himself just so silly and misleading on so many levels. First of all Ezra the seal did not retire. For someone who wants to tell the president how to do his job Ezra sure don’t know shit. Second of all how the hell you going to be in the navy for 16yrs and not know that retirement requires 20yrs of service. I hope this seal knows that he cannot go on base, shop at the commissary and whatnot because he did not retire he quit.

    It really burns me when assholes try to make it seem that this president does not give a shit about the military. This president is loved by many young men and women in uniform for a reason. Ezra Klein stay losing and this story reeks of desperation. None of the emo faux outrage has stuck to this president. No one gives a damn about drones so now we move on the president hating the troops. More like this particular troop dislikes the president and has no problem lying to smear him.

    • aleth

      Wow Ezra like his wife— white liberals hating 24 hrs a day and making a full of themselves….

      Ain’t this amazing.. wait he retired before pension kicks in and expected what? HAHAH

      Wheren’t these the same liberals shouting for Osama due process. I hate them same shit as conservatives.. all of them should just jump in the lake together. Bigots

      • GN

        Srsly, how do you make a living hating on the first black POTUS who by any metric is superlative? How pathetic.

      • AxelFoley

        Word. Hell, I hate them more than I hate conservatives. I know where the cons are coming from. They don’t disappoint me.

        CAC liberals can eat shit and die.

    • Alma98

      Unbelievable! Know-it-all little snot. Like you said if he cared or knew anything about the military, he’d know you have to do 20yrs to get those benefits. Are they suppose to make an exception for this guy, gtfoohwtbs.

      • qosine

        That’s what I thought when I read that. Why not stay in another 4 years? Doesn’t make sense. Klein is such a self-important clown.

        He needs to sign up for military service, along with Rachel, and Chris Hayes.

        Joy-Ann Reid can take over their shows:)

        Alma, does your husband know any recruiters?!

        • Alma98

          He probably does why?

          • qosine

            The recruiters need to call Chris, Rachel, and Ezra.

          • Alma98

            They wouldn’t listen cause they already know it all.

          • qosine

            Well, they sure don’t know anything about the military or politics.

        • goldenstar

          You’re right about that. Joy-Ann could take over all of ‘me shows and the ratings would SOAR. Oh, and there would be reality-based reporting.

      • GreenLadyHere

        THANK U – — –MR. Alma. :>) — -THANK U — 4 SHARIN’ Alma.♥ :>) – –

    • qosine

      Besides, why can’t he go to the VA? We have a VA in town, and
      any folks who weren’t career military go. My mom, dad could go, and BF goes now. Am I missing something?

    • jds09

      It looks like the commenters aren’t buying this crap. Good for them.

    • GN

      They’re just full of shit. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say I trust emo reporting only a tad more than I’d trust anything reported on Fox”News.”

      • nathkatun7

        GN, you are generous! As for me, I don’t trust any thing pushed by people like Klein and Hayes.

  • Gc

    The Newtown victims will be represented at the SOTU as well.

    BTW, I was observing my schools in light of the new security measures. It is not enough. My Church and other organizations are demonstrating. Good, but not enough. THE NRA and its SUPPORTERS need to “take a seat.”

  • GreenLadyHere

    – – -GOOD AFTERNOON miranda/POU FAM♥ –***BIG HUG** :>)- -SAANGIN’ — -WITH —“AUNTIE” :>)—

    — – – -BEYOND LOVELY!! – — ***tears** and ***smiles** :>)–RIHEP.♥

  • Miranda

    102-year-old Florida woman who waited hours to vote to join Michelle Obama for State of the Union

    A 102-year-old Florida woman who waited more than three hours to vote before casting her ballot in North Miami will join First Lady Michelle Obama at President Obama’s state of the union address tomorrow night, highlighting his pledge to do something about the problems last fall that again cast an unwelcome spotlight on Florida elections.
    Desiline Victor, a Haitian-born U.S. citizen and former Belle Glade farm worker, waited three hours to vote on Oct. 28 at a public library.

    According to Advancement Project, the civil rights group that has worked with Victor and is bringing her to Washington, Victor waited in line for three hours at a Miami-Dade County public library on Oct. 28. After others standing in line with the elderly woman complained to Miami-Dade County election staff, she was told to come back later in the day when there wouldn’t be as long to wait and more Creole language assistance would be available. She cast her ballot later on her return trip to the early voting site.

    more here

    • qosine

      Wonderful, wonderful!!

    • conlakappa

      Lawsy, do not let my grandmother find out or she’ll be telling any of us D.C. area off while asking why we couldn’t cadge her an invitation!

    • goldenstar

      This is what it’s about. I mean, not oppression and the voter repression but ELECTIONS MATTER. And, I am so darned ecstatic that the Obamas respect the voters and our elders.


  • qosine

    OK, once again, and in honor of the State of the Union address tomorrow:

    I just love, love, love our President and First Lady.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- —– -HAH!- – – -WON’T- – COMPROMISE???- — -“EO!!”— -HAH-

    – —Sources: White House to issue cybersecurity order Wednesday– —

    – — The White House is poised to release a cybersecurity executive order on Wednesday, two people familiar with the matter told The Hill.

    The highly anticipated directive from President Obama is expected to be released at a briefing Wednesday morning at the U.S. Department of Commerce, where senior administration officials will provide an update about cybersecurity policy.

    – —-The White House began crafting the executive order after Congress failed to pass cybersecurity legislation last year. Officials said the threat facing the United States was too great for the administration to ignore.

    The executive order would establish a voluntary program where companies operating critical infrastructure would elect to meet cybersecurity best practices and standards crafted, in part, by the government. It has been revised several times over the past few months.– –

    White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel, Commerce Department Deputy Secretary Rebecca Blank, Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Jane Lute and National Security Director Gen. Keith Alexander will be among the officials participating in Wednesday’s briefing, according to details obtained by The Hill.– —
    THERE IS MORE.- —– -HAH!!

  • Miranda

    Joe Biden: We’re Counting On ‘Legitimate News Media’ To Dispell Myths About Gun Control

    During a press conference on new gun laws in Philadelphia on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden spoke extemporaneously about what President Barack Obama’s administration hopes will be a push by the media to advance new gun safety measures. He said that, in an era when a variety of new and social media outlets can disseminate misinformation, it is the job of the “legitimate news media” to cover the gun control debate and identify inaccuracies.

    “The president and I are going to continue to travel the country,” Biden explained, “so that what we’re proposing can’t be misrepresented.”

    more here

    • Alma98

      Well Mr. Vice President you’re going to be disappointed our media ain’t worth diddly.

      • crazycanuck

        You beat me to it, I was going to say really horrible things about your media lol. Of course our ‘media’ seems to be taking a fox turn, yeah I’m looking at you CBC

        • qosine

          That’s too bad, cc. I go to Canadian news – Globe and Mail and Macleans mostly – to get away from
          the over the top USA news. I’ll read through a story from CA, and realize I’m not mad at the end.

        • AxelFoley

          Say all the bad shit about the U.S. media you want. Them muhfuckas deserve it. Hell, you might as well join the club. We shit on them all the time.

    • qosine

      Hmmm. . . the key word is “legitimate” – maybe social media, twitter, POU, OFA?

    • AxelFoley

      Well, that leaves out Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Huffington Post, New York Post, New York Times, Washington Post, Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo…did I miss anyone?

      • nathkatun7

        AxelFoley, with all due respect to VP Biden, It’s the so called “legitimate news media,” especially the ones you’ve listed, that have perfected the art of “disseminating misinformation.” I actually think that it’s some of the new social media, like the POU blog and twitter, that can be counted on to spread the Truth about the President’s proposals for reducing gun violence.

  • Miranda

    Obama supporters to launch social media campaign after State of the Union

    WASHINGTON — The White House and outside supporters of President Barack Obama are launching simultaneous social media, public outreach and fundraising campaigns tied to the State of the Union address, Feb. 12 at 7:30 p.m. CST.

    The efforts will concentrate on key issues Obama will raise in his prime-time address to a joint session of Congress: jobs and the budget, gun control, immigration and climate change. The wide-ranging outreach reflects a decision by the president and his advisers to focus more on using public support to pressure Congress rather than getting bogged down in partisan fights with lawmakers.

    more here

    • I got an email today asking if I wanted to participate in a conference call with PBO. I signed up!

  • Miranda

    Report: U.S. recovered $4.2 billion from healthcare fraud in 2012

    Federal officials said they recovered a record-high $4.2 billion related to healthcare fraud and abuse in fiscal year 2012.

    U.S. Atty. Eric Holder and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the federal government recovered $7.90 for every dollar spent on healthcare-related fraud and abuse investigations.

    The total of $4.2 billion in taxpayer dollars recovered for fiscal year 2012 was up slightly from $4.1 billion a year earlier, officials said. It’s estimated that Medicare loses about $60 billion annually to fraud and improper payments.

    “We are gaining the upper hand in our fight against healthcare fraud,” Sebelius said.

    more here

  • GreenLadyHere
    • Alma98

      This is just crazy losing your child over shoes smh.

      • qosine

        Tragic all around.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Alma98. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        – — -***SAD fist bump*** – — –

        Annnd as I have stated — – -the –DESPICABLE MURDERERS [youth]– R BEYOND LOST!! —

        – — –What’s Going On??? — -What’s Going On??!!!

        — – – -CONDOLENCES — -2 FAMILY/FRIENDS. AMEN. — –

        Good 2 C U Alma98. :>) – –

  • Miranda

    Michelle Obama hosting ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ discussion

    First lady Michelle Obama will welcome 80 middle and high school students to the White House Wednesday for an interactive workshop featuring cast and crew from “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

    As part of the workshop, Rachel Goslins, executive director of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, will moderate a discussion in the State Dining Room about “the film, its production, and the inspirational themes within it that students can apply to their own lives,” the White House said in an announcement.

    “Featured members of the cast and crew, including Quvenzhané Wallis, will share their experiences as well as answer student questions.”

    Students selected to attend are from Washington and New Orleans, where the Oscar-nominated film is set.

    • qosine

      This sounds great!

      Has anyone seen this movie?

      • Miranda

        I have….It was great.

    • MsKitty

      Sally Quinn does not approve, they’re from “that” Washington.

  • Miranda

    Apple CEO Tim Cook to sit with First Lady Michelle Obama during Tuesday’s State of the Union address

    Once again, Silicon Valley royalty will join First Lady Michelle Obama to watch her husband deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday.

    Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook will sit in the First Lady’s box, a White House official said. He will be joined by military families, those championing immigration reform and those whose lives have been touched by gun violence.
    The First Lady also invited Bobak Ferdowsi, known as the NASA’s “Mohawk Guy,” a member of the Mars Curiosity rover team at NASA and Caltech’s Jet Propulsion

    more here

  • GreenLadyHere

    RE-POSTING ’cause THIS IS Soooo- — EXCITING! :>)–

    – — – – –A SPECIAL BLESSING!!- — ***tears*** annnd ***smiles***-

    – — – –Obama to visit Chicago after State of the Union, Hadiya Pendleton’s mother will be first lady’s guest – —

    – — –President Obama will visit Chicago on Friday, and Hadiya Pendleton’s mother Cleoaptra will be a guest of the first lady at Tuesday’s State of the Union address, as the White House continues its push to change gun control laws.

    Both moves reflect a growing concern and awareness by the Obama administration of both the overall problem of gun violence in Chicago, the city where the Obamas spent much of their adult life, and the shooting death of the 15-year-old Pendleton, who had performed with her high school band during the inauguration in Washington only days before she was shot in a Chicago park . . . .
    THERE IS MORE!- – –

    —HATAS- —-“ZIP IT!!”!!!- — – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    LOL- — — WHEN U get YOUR GAVEL BACK- —- PUH-LEEZE- — GO UPSIDE his head — :>)- – —

    – —- –Pelosi To Boehner: No Recess Until We Replace Sequester– –

    – —-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urged House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on Monday to forgo a scheduled recess until lawmakers have replaced the coming round of automatic spending cuts known as the sequester.

    “The House should not recess and Members of Congress should not go home until we finish our work, reach an agreement, and avert this crisis,” Pelosi wrote in a letter. “Democrats are eager to work with Republicans to find solutions, not sequesters. We have put a responsible plan on the table to create growth with jobs, strengthen the middle class, and reduce the deficit in a balanced way.”

    Read Pelosi’s full letter below:

    – – – –VACAY my – – —“foot”.- — LOL- — -THEY ain’t done NO WORK!!- – – geesh!!

    – — –TELL ‘EM- — Ms. Nancy!!!!- – – -HAH!- —

    –[Gotta “hit da road”. — C YA soon.♥]

  • Miranda

    Chicago Top Cop: ‘Stop Adopting The Rhetoric Of Gun Advocates, Chicago Does Not Have Strict Gun Laws’

    Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, flanked by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, held a news conference on Monday where he sought to clear up what he characterized as misconceptions about the Windy City’s gun laws. “Stop adopting the rhetoric of the gun advocates,” McCarthy implored the press. “Chicago does not have strict gun laws.”

    “We’re here today to talk about the fact that we need mandatory minimum sentences in the state of Illinois,” McCarthy began. He said that he has seen the impact mandatory sentences can have in his prior role as the director of police for the city of Newark.

    “One of the things that I would like to again try to clear up, and I ask you to please stop adopting the rhetoric of the gun advocates,” McCarthy said. “Chicago does not have strict gun laws.”


  • rikyrah

    TERRIFIC video choices

  • Miranda


    Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh: I Can’t Afford Child Support Payments

    Former Rep. and Tea Party darling Joe Walsh has filed a request in Cook County Circuit Court to cease paying child support payments because he is no longer employed, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Monday:

    In a Feb. 1 court filing entitled “motion to terminate child support obligation,” Walsh’s attorneys asked to change his support requirement, which under a previous agreement, was to continue until May.

    “Joe’s employment has been terminated through no voluntary act of his own and he is without sufficient income or assets with which to continue to pay his support obligation,” the filing states. “Due to substantial change of circumstances, Joe requests that his child support obligation be terminated based on his present income and circumstances.”

    At one point, the filing asks to amend his payments to be equal to 20 percent of his income — which presumably is 20 percent of zero.

    • qosine


    • creolechild

      “Joe’s employment has been terminated through no voluntary act of his own and he is without sufficient income or assets with which to continue to pay his support obligation,”

      This is what I have to say about that statement: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      The End.

    • Instead of tweeting about FLOTUS attending Hadiya Pendleton’s funeral, he should’ve been tweeting UPS for a job application.

      • JojoRaze

        Told y’all PBO needs to have ‘No weapon’ as his theme music. Between this and all the nudniks shooting themselves cuz ‘freedom, PBO is doing great.

    • Worldwatcher7

      Teapublicans: Shiftless, no ‘count takers who refuse to take responsibility.

    • Alma98

      Karma! Oh and get a job deadbeat!

    • nathkatun7

      What’s wrong with Joe Walsh? You mean he can’t even find a job at Walmart or McDonald to help support his children? Does he not believe in GOP’s family values that preach personal responsibility? If I were the judge in his case, I would require him to enroll in “workfare” to ensure that he contributes to the support of his children.

      • JojoRaze

        Personal responsibility is onlyforthe melanin enriched.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Dude, if you couldn’t afford them, you should have kept your dick in your pants!
      What a shiftless, sniveling, deadbeat you are!
      You obviously don’t want to work, because there are sooooo many jobs out there!
      Quit your whining, pull up your bootstraps, get a job and support your children!
      Surely you don’t expect the eeevil federal government to help you!
      How dare you ask for affirmative action on your behalf!
      Next you’ll ask for welfare…shiftless bum!

  • creolechild


    Police Unleash The Drones As Manhunt For L.A. Cop Killer Intensifies

    California police are using unarmed drones to close in Chris Dorner who is alleged to have killed one cop and the daughter of another along with her fiance.[….] The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol had been listed as part of the task force put in motion to catch Dorner. And the Customs and Border Patrol use drones. Often.

    This case is not the first time drones will have been used in police work. In June 2011, in North Dakota a county sheriff was hunting three men, possibly armed, in connection with missing cows. With so much land to cover, he called in a favor at Grand Forks Air Force Base and “borrowed” one of their drones. It was the first time a Predator had been involved in the arrest of U.S. citizens, and the use of the drone has been ruled admissible. Also, Mesa County Colorado has been using them to map crime scenes, to forward-observe police raids, and to hunt for lost hikers.[….]

    Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/02/11/police-unleash-the-drones-as-manhunt-for-l-a-cop-killer-intensifies/

    H/T MacAllister

    • Alma98

      Where is the drone brigade?

  • creolechild

    One Easy Way to Shine a Light on Dark Money

    [….] With Congress divided and 2013 taking shape as a tale of never-ending fiscal cliffs, it seems unlikely that lawmakers will do much to rein in the Super PACs and dark money that made the 2012 campaigns among the least informative and most distorted in American history.[….] Fortunately, one major reform can be implemented immediately, without legislative action or a court order. All we need is for an independent agency, the Federal Communications Commission, to enforce a campaign finance disclosure requirement that is already on the books.

    Section 317 of the Communications Act (47 USC § 317) requires on-air identification of the sponsors of all advertisements, political as well as commercial. Explaining the rules it wrote to implement the statute, the FCC stipulated years ago that political ads must “fully and fairly disclose the true identity of the person or persons, or corporation, committee, association or other unincorporated group, or other entity” paying for them. “Listeners are entitled to know by whom they are being persuaded,” the commission said.[….]

    Read more: http://www.thenation.com/article/172707/one-easy-way-shine-light-dark-money#

    H/T Michael J. Copps

  • creolechild

    Why the GOP Has a Hard Road Ahead (In Four Charts)

    Today’s New York Times does a great job of highlighting something that’s been under-discussed in the conversation over Latino voters and immigration reform—Insofar that the GOP has a minority problem, it’s a subset of a much larger young person problem.[….]

    The Pew Research Center’s 2011 and 2012 surveys on Millennials have a huge amount of information on the political views of young people. To put it simply, they’re more liberal than any other generational cohort. Here are a few charts that illustrate the point.

    1) Millennials are least likely to favor smaller government.[….]
    2) They are also more liberal and more Democratic.[….]
    3) And overall, they favor more activist government.[….]
    4) Barring a tectonic shift in American politics, this will endure.[….]

    Read more: http://prospect.org/article/why-gop-has-hard-road-ahead-four-charts

    H/T Jamelle Bouie

  • lamh36

    Alright amateur interior decorators. I’ve got my sofa sectional, but it has a left-sided chaise attachment. so I have in my living room, at least a 5×11 area of space in the living room section of my front room that I need to fill. So along the long part of the wall, there is a large window that’s basically floor to ceiling. I’d like to put some more seating in that area, but I think it’d look weird. My moms said I should put some plants there, my sister says a desk, but I’m using the 2nd bedroom as an office so their will be a desk there. Here’s a picture, so go at it. BTW, I havent’ bought the dining room set yet, but the table I got in the pic is how I envision it.


    • sagittarius

      Hi, lamh:

      I would flip the sectional to face the window. Move the TV/entertainment so that it angles from one window corner to the other. This will allow you to place a chair and end table on the wall where the TV currently sits. Re: glare from the window on the TV, think about adding roman shades or other treatments to match your decor.

      • lamh36

        ok, that sounds interesting. first off, the window is only one large “picture” window. but I live in a “courtroom” style apartment, which does not overlook the couryard. The window basically shows the “hall” or walkway (I’m on first floor), so luckily no glare. I initially placed the tv stand there cause of the cable, but I have wireless cable, so I can actually move it.

        So I’m def putting treatements on the window, but I don’t really plan to have any “lookout” seating cause there really ain’t much of a view…lol.

        So that’s why, my “safety” decoration will be either a small loveseat or 2 accent chairs, or maybe a large recliner and a side table.

        I’m using this experience to get the hang of home decorating, because unlike in DFW, I plan to buy my first (and hopefully last unless I get married which ain’t lookin’ good…lol) home here. So my next big move from this apartment will be into a house that I own as soon as I can save enough money for a nice down payment to counterbalance my crappy credit rating…lol

  • creolechild

    Karen Mills, Head of Small Business Administration, Is Leaving Her Post

    Karen Mills is leaving her post as head of the Small Business Administration, opening yet another Cabinet-rank job for President Barack Obama to fill at the start of his second term. Obama says Mills played a leading role supporting start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Mills has served as SBA administrator since 2009.

    [….] Mills is the latest executive branch official to leave during the traditional turnover at the beginning of a second term. In a statement Monday, Obama credited Mills with helping businesses recover from the damaging recession.

    Read more: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/02/11/karen-mills-small-business-administration-resigns/

    H/T Associated Press

  • creolechild

    Pentagon To Extend Benefits To Gay Service Members

    Following the successful repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the Pentagon will begin to extend certain benefits to gay service members and their families, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced Monday. [….]

    Domestic partners and their children will be eligible once the partners sign a “declaration attesting to the existence of their committed relationship.” Among the benefits that will be extended are exchange privileges, joint duty assignments, access to an array of family and youth support programs, payments to missing persons, child care and legal assistance.

    Read more: http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entry/pentagon-to-extend-benefits-to-gay-service-members?ref=fpb

    H/T Pema Levy

  • creolechild

    Penn. closes loophole allowing mail order of concealed gun permits from Florida

    [….] Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Friday said that gun owners would no longer to be able to use Florida’s more-relaxed rules to obtain a concealed-carry permit in order skirt Pennsylvania’s requirements.[….]

    Firearms instructor Richard Oliver told the Philadelphia Daily News that many of the 4,000 Pennsylvania gun owners who obtained Florida permits did so because the requirements in Philadelphia were too restrictive.[….] Oliver pointed out that he would continue provide Philadelphia residents with training to obtain conceal-carry permits by mail order from Utah, New Hampshire and Virginia — but he expected Kane to eventually close those loopholes as well.

    Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/02/11/penn-closes-loophole-allowing-mail-order-of-concealed-gun-permits-from-florida/

    H/T David Edwards

  • Miranda

    Veterans blog puts Esquire column on blast

    Esquire article wrongly claims SEAL who killed Bin Laden is denied healthcare

    • Alma98

      Yes! I’m a dependent and I know this.

  • creolechild

    With Congress Doing Nothing, Obama Weighs Executive Order To Help Troubled Homeowners

    [….] Obama is weighing whether to use his executive authority to give more of the country’s nearly 11 million struggling homeowners a chance to refinance at today’s ultra-low interest rates, according to the Treasury Department and others in talks with the administration on the issue.

    Obama already has used his executive powers to make refinancing easier for people with loans backed by government-financed mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But the new plan could extend the opportunity to people who are underwater on their privately backed mortgages, which have not been eligible for the same relief.[….]

    Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2013/02/11/1568951/congress-nothing-obama-executive-housing/?mobile=nc

    H/T Pat Garofalo

  • creolechild

    Seniors and Vets to Crash ‘Fix the Debt’ Party Hosted by Honeywell CEO

    Seniors and disabled veterans are planning today to crash a “Fix the Debt” party in New Hampshire hosted by Honeywell CEO David Cote. Fix the Debt, an organization comprised of many of the country’s richest and most powerful CEOs, pushes the case for cutting Social Security and Medicare as well as lowering the corporate income tax rate.[….] They will demand that Cote, a spokesperson for Fix the Debt, answer the question: Why are you demanding that we reduce the deficit by cutting critical social programs, when your own company practices tax-dodging that has contributed millions to the national debt?[….]

    Despite reporting substantial pretax US profits to shareholders, Honeywell paid no federal income taxes in 2009 or 2010 (or more precisely, paid less than zero), according to Citizens for Tax Justice, a nonprofit advocacy think tank.[….] Over the last three years, Honeywell received more than $2.7 billion in federal defense contracts and reported more than $2.5 billion in U.S. pre-tax profits. And yet thanks to corporate deductions, tax subsidies, and loopholes, Honeywell has claimed $377 million in federal tax refunds during this period.

    Read more: http://www.thenation.com/blog/172819/seniors-and-vets-crash-fix-debt-party-hosted-honeywell-ceo#

    H/T Allison Kilkenny

  • creolechild

    Hiding….as usual.

  • When Mr. Anderson was in Clinton’s administration, did he present a “comprehensive agenda that would’ve forced Clinton to address the issues of racial and economic inequality”? I guess him playing the sax on Arsenio Hall’s show was enough for him.

    Prominent Economist Says Obama Can’t Be Let Off the Hook on Race
    Bernard Anderson calls on African-Americans to demand his attention.

    By Joyce Jones
    Posted: 02/01/2013 05:30 PM EST

    For the past few months, a group of leaders from many of the most prominent civic and civil rights organizations have been quietly meeting regularly in Washington, D.C., to hash out a plan.

    Their ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive agenda that will force President Obama to turn his attention to the issues of racial and economic inequality. African-Americans were instrumental in his winning a second term and now, some leaders say, it’s time for some payback.

    “There are five topics that this group is working on: economics, health, education, voting and criminal justice,” renowned economist Bernard Anderson told BET.com at an economic forum hosted by Howard University and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies on Feb. 1. “They’re trying to create a common agenda to present to the president and to Congress [that will] articulate the African-American view of what needs to be done to improve the social and economic condition of Black people in this country.”

    …”He does not deserve a pass anymore,” Anderson said. “He must not only find his voice, but summon his courage and use his political capital to address racial inequality. He owes that to the African-American community.”

    …”How ironic is it that an African-American president must remain silent on this issue?” he asked, noting that previous presidents such as Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton all addressed the issue of racial inequality. “That’s an abomination. We can’t tolerate that.”

    MORE: http://www.bet.com/news/politics/2013/02/01/prominent-economist-says-obama-can-t-be-let-off-the-hook-on-race.html


    Excuse me, but how did Bill Clinton address racial inequality? Clinton instituted the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparity, which PBO eradicated. His welfare reform set Black people back. I guess just because Mr. Anderson got a job in his administration, it was all good.

    • Miranda

      “He does not deserve a pass anymore,” Anderson said.

      I’m so sick of these felonious kneegrows that think we are all so stupid to buy their bullshit

      • Ebogan63

        They insult the black electorate with that nonsense. Whycome erryday black folk understand the unique and delicate position PBO occupies, and high flalutin’ kneegrows like Anderson don’t have a friggin clue?

    • Ebogan63

      Mr Anderson needs to spell out what specific piece of legislation that the president has signed into law that does not address ‘black inequality’ Also, if he has no plan to get this ‘agenda’ passed in cong. then it’s like mice pissing on cotton If he can’t then he can have a stadia full of seats.

    • nathkatun7

      And, under Bill Clinton, the incarceration of young African Americans, both men and women, were at an all time high. On international level, Clinton’s trade policies were devastating to the predominantly Black Caribbean Islands. Clinton also looked the other way when it came to the genocide in Rwanda.

      I am really sick of Black people, like Mr Anderson, who, instead of organizing to help the President who is under attack from both the white right and the white left, are busy dumping on him.

      • jziglar

        Because Massa Clinton was so kind to us poor black folk. He can play a mean tune on that sax. / snark

        But seriously everything you said was on point. A number of his policies lead to the issues that developed during the Great recession / financial crisis. His trade policies which lacked proper enforcement lead to manufacturing leaving America devastating small towns and cities in the mid west, he expanded the Prison industrial complex, signed draconian legislation from DADT, DOMA, Welfare reform, DE-regulation of Telecoms, and de- regulation of the largest banks which contributed to the largest wealth irradiation since the depression and it had a large impact on blacks.

        Yeah some great record !

      • TyrenM

        I think all these Black Clintonites are riding out or trying to throw shade during President Obama’s last term just knowing they’ll be front of the line to beg Hillary/Bill for a hookup. Here’s hoping they can all be shut down over the next 4 years.

    • jziglar

      You know these Clinton Negroes can never give examples of things Bill Clinton did for black people. All he did was expand the prison industrial complex and fail to live up to many of his promises. And Obama got the fair sentencing act through congress, increased funding to historically black colleges, new laws cracking down on predatory lending which affects blacks, HCR, increasing loans to minority owned businesses.

      And when did Obama get a pass ? Because people like him have been demanding things from Obama before he was even elected President.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Niggers and flies indeed. Damn, the age of Obama is exposing a lot of hustlers and pimps, isn’t it?

      • Miranda

        Need to check if this mofo on twitter. We need to get at him. Sick of this shit.

        • crazycanuck

          Please do

    • creolechild

      They need to take a good long look in the mirror before they commence to fronting, popping off, and trying to place the blame on PBO’s shoulders for everything that’s wrong in our communities. It must be nice to have a convenient scapegoat that absolves them from taking any responsibility for failing to do anything to solve the problems we’ve faced for decades. We know these problems didn’t suddenly materialize in 2008, but let them tell it it’s now something that Barack Hussein Obama must address and fix–once he proves his blackness, that is…

      What have these people done for anyone, other than themselves? They’re the same ones who were silent as Clinton implemented policies that wreaked havoc in our communities. Better yet, they put him on a pedastal. Yet, they have the nerve to insinuate that PBO has to “find his voice and summon his courage? Motherfuckers, please! Where has your voice and courage been hiding for the past few decades? And fuck a “quietly meeting in Washington D.C to hash out a plan.” That’s all y’all are good for….all talk no action. Why aren’t you out in your respective communities organizing with residents, grassroots organizations, and lawmakers to take action and put an end to the madness that’s going on? What? Not glamorous enough for you? Too much work? Scared? Disrupts your hustle? What?!!!

      Don’t blame PBO because he’s doing his part. He’s been doing his part every day for the last four years. Nothing is going to change until WE, collectively, as mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors decide that we’re tired of burying our children. Nothing is going to change until we realize that it’s not good enough that some of us are doing what we should but others are not because eventually it affects us all. As for the “group of leaders from many of the most prominent civic and civil rights organizations,” they should go look in a mirror, blame the person looking back at them, then go sit down somewhere and STFU because they’re part of the problem, and definitely not the solution that we need.

      • AxelFoley

        Comment of the Week!

        (when are Comments of the Week coming back?)

        • Miranda

          Soon 🙂

    • jds09

      Are all economists politically naive (i.e. Krugman)? This displays no understanding of ACA (building assets that aren’t loss thru illness) and the push for good government (civil service/public sector jobs.). These are the same Negros satisfied with crumbs as long as it has Black, Blackety Black written all over it.

    • AxelFoley

      A Clinton House Negro flunky, huh? That’s all we need to know about this dude.

      • Admiral_Komack

        Wonder why these Clintonistas are popping off…uh, up now?
        I was talking to a friend last night and told him that if Hillary does run, she’s going to have to do more than go to black churches.
        My friend remarked on how she had aged during the time she was Secretary of State.

  • qosine

    Bernard Anderson – what a guy
    Encouraged by Dr. Thomas Sowell, rightwinger at Hoover, Stanford U
    Service project, 1979 – Welfare to work for primarily “low-income, mainly welfare women”

    Q: How did you become interested in economics?

    A: While growing up in Philadelphia, PA, I became interested in the visible differences between the quality of life in the black and white communities, and wanted to know what explained such differences. When I expressed this interest to a counselor during my freshman year in college, she suggested that the study of economics would likely provide the answers I sought. Through undergraduate studies at Livingstone College, and graduate studies at Michigan State University and the University of Pennsylvania, I discovered that the received teachings of economics provided only a partial answer to the question, but I found economics an interesting and intellectually challenging field. I was also strongly encouraged in my studies by Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer, Dr. Alfred L. Edwards, and later colleagues, Dr. Marcus Alexis, Dr. Robert Browne, Dr. David Swinton, Dr. James A. Harris, and Dr. Thomas Sowell. My interest in economics also was greatly encouraged by the late Dr. Phyllis A. Wallace of MIT

    Q: What have been the major highlights of your career?

    A: Took leave from University of Pennsylvania to accept appointment as Director, Social Sciences, the Rockefeller Foundation, New York. Budget, $11 million per year, in grantmaking for domestic and international programs in economic development, leadership development, and civil rights. Traveled widely on foundation business in Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, Senegal, Mexico, as well as within the U.S. Major Lasting Foundation program initiative developed during tenure: Minority Female Single Parent Program – a job training and support service project in four cities designed to test the feasibility of helping low-income, mainly welfare women make the transition from welfare to work. (1979)

    National Economic Association
    Promoting Economic Growth

  • Worldwatcher7

    Third attempt at posting, maybe the 3rd time is the charm.

    And here I was thinking that these people could not surprise me anymore. Has anyone seen the new MSNBC promotional ads for the State of the Union? It features on-air personalities holding up whiteboards with their idea about what the State of the Union is. These people just tell on themselves right and left. Most of them are sensible:

    Alex Wagner — “…promising.”
    Rev. Al — “…depending on us.”

    But these jumped out at me:
    Kornacki — “…a speech that President Obama is required by the constitution to deliver.”
    Thanks genius; is that really all you got?

    Bicycle Boy — “…uncertain.”
    When, in any of our lifetimes have national or world affairs provided certainty? Concern troll much?

    Rachel — “…My favorite night of the year.”
    Newsflash girl, it ain’t always about you.

    Ed Schultz — “…in flux.”
    Perhaps that’s because you told folks not to vote in the midterm election, dumbass.

    • goldenstar

      I love your commentary. You ought to offer your comments to them so these can be added to the promo!

      • Worldwatcher7

        Wouldn’t it be great if someone like Joy Reid was standing behind them during the promo with a whiteboard featuring her critique of their comments?

        • qosine

          You and Joy-Ann Reid

    • Miranda

      I saw the commercial for the first time a little while ago…I saw the one with Scarborough, Mika, Willie Geist and I forgot who else. They weren’t too bad…should have known the emoprogs would be the worst.

    • Kornacki and Hayes always gotta be extra. *smh*

    • AxelFoley

      I saw over at DKos that Bill Press had a thread offering PBO advice on what he should say in his State of the Union address. No matter what age, young or old, emos always stay trying to tell this man what he should do.

      This is the same fucker who had two threads at DKos mocking PBO about DROOOOOOONES last week.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM♥ — – -***tears*** annnd – -**smiles*** :>) – —

    —–Whitney & Cissy Houston- Duet Medley (Merv Griffin Show 1983)

    — — – –LOVE♥ – – — -LOVE♥ – -annnnd MISS U♥ — -Dear DIVA WHITNEY♥ – – – -SAAAANG ON – —in HEAVEN!♥ – —

  • Miranda

    I fell out laughing at this tweet

    Cletis Stump ‏@CletisStump
    #edshow Obama needs to reach across the aisle but only to choke the shit out of Boehner & McConnell #notmakingtheshowwiththisone

    • LMBAO!

    • AxelFoley


  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — —- Hmmmm. . . .

    – – – – – 3 reasons Marco Rubio isn’t going to be the GOP nominee in 2016 – —

    – – —–With Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) giving the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, many are asking if he’s the answer to his party’s electoral woes.
    Time magazine even put him on the cover and asked if he’s the Republican savior.
    But there are three big reasons why it’s unlikely the Florida senator is on a fast track to the presidency in 2016.

    1. Republicans almost always pick the next guy in line.
    Ever since the untested Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) lost in a historic landslide in 1964, the Republican Party has nearly always picked a nominee who has previously run for national office. The one exception is George W. Bush — and he was the son of a former president.

    2. Rubio would face a very tough field.
    The 2012 Republican primaries included many candidates who had no shot at ever winning the nomination. The 2016 field is likely to be packed with plausible candidates. Seasoned politicians like Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, and Paul Ryan are already lined up and mulling possible bids.

    3. Rubio is still largely unknown.
    The national spotlight usually uncovers something unflattering in a first-time presidential candidate’s past. In last year’s GOP primary race, we quickly found out that Newt Gingrich had been a lobbyist for Freddie Mac, Rick Perry couldn’t debate, and Herman Cain had issues with women who were not his wife.

    THERE IS MORE — —-

    —He’s gettin’ — -MUCH FLACK –from —his COLLEAGUES??- —LOL.

    Soooo — -sounds creditable! —- -GOOD! –HAH! —

  • GreenLadyHere

    BREAKING: – -2 MEN CHARGED –in MIss Hadiya’s MURDER. — –

    – –BLESSINGS. ***tears*** annnd ***smiles*** — –

  • sagittarius

    Evening, Fam!

    A few birthdays today, including Brandy, Kelly Rowland and some guy from Richmond, VA whose third album (13 years in the making) is 99% complete…

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — – – -MR. PRESIDENT AWARDS – — MEDAL of HONOR: –:>)–

    —- –Obama presents Medal of Honor to hero soldier

    – ——-Former Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha is presented with the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday.

    — – — -Annnnnd – –THIS: – —>Obama presents Medal of Honor to hero soldier

    ——- His son –“steals the show”. – –CUTE. :>) – – —

  • jds09

    POU Fam, I’m packing for a business trip to the Twin Cities tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me until spring you will know that I’ve been flash frozen and I’m laying on the side of the road. My southern California ass is afraid of the cold.

    • rikyrah


    • TyrenM

      Hey! We didn’t get it as bad as out East. You’ll be alright. Bring or buy a coat. I recommend Burlington Coat Factory (unless they’re on our boycott list lol.) You can choose cute or warm. Depending on the day, both.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY jds09 —***BIG HUG** :>)

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      – — -Annnd — WARM :>) — –

      – — – -I’ll B thinkin’ ’bout U as I –“SOAK UP da RAYS.” :>) – —***HUGS*** :>) – —

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    miranda – —-OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT is – –BEYOND the 21st CENTURY. :>) – —

    – — Obama to take questions online

    —–President Obama is scheduled to take questions in a Google + Hangout two days after he delivers his State of the Union address.

    The president made news during a Hangout after his last address — although not the way his aides expected — when he offered to help a woman’s out-of-work husband get a job.

    This week’s Hangout is scheduled for 4:50 p.m. EST on Thursday, . . – – – -Woo! – -Hoo! :>) – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — — — OOOPS! – – —Gues HER — “SHININ’ LIGHT” — -will B –“FADIN'” – – – -LOL – –

    — –New Mexico’s Republican Governor Pledges To Approve Gun Regulations – —

    – – – —New Mexico’s Republican Governor, Susana Martinez, said on Monday night that she would be willing to sign proposed legislation aimed at closing the so-called “gun show loophole.”

    “I think I could support it if it stays the way it is, that has, number one, keeping the guns out of the hands who people who don’t have any business having guns,” she told a local New Mexico blog.

    Currently, private sales of firearms do not require a background check. This allows criminals to easily obtain a gun undetected through avenues like Craigslist, pawn shops, or even gun shows. Eighty percent of guns used in crimes are likely privately purchased.– —
    THERE IS MORE. – – —-

    — – Maybe she had –OTHER PLANS. — -LOL – — -LOL- —

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    – -BELOVED Whitney♥ – — –Whitney Houston & George Michael – If I Told You That – — -Sooo —MUCH FUN♥ —

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    miranda- —- -****tears**** annnd —***smiles*** :>) –

    – —-Americans for Responsible Solutions: “Let’s Get This done” —-

    – – – –BLESS U GABBY ♥GIFFORD—HOW BRAVE. :>) — –

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    —-Two charged with murder in Hadiya Pendleton shooting – –

    – – – –RIHEP — Dear Hadiya♥- –Sooo MUCH LOVE 4 U♥

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    – – –YOUNG — -GIFTED –annnd —BLACK –UPDATE: – —

    – – – –theGrio’s 100: Kelvin Doe, ‘Whiz Kid’ from Sierra Leone – – –

    — – —–Kelvin Doe, often called “The Whiz Kid,” is a 16-year-old self-taught inventor and engineer from Sierra Leone.

    He has created batteries and generators from scrap parts in his community to help provide electricity for his family and friends. Doe built his first battery at the age of 13, and has since developed a local FM radio station, which runs off homemade radio transmitter and generator.

    The whiz kid explained his influence for making the radio station, “if we have a radio station in my community, the people can be able to debate about issues affecting our community and Sierra Leone as a whole.”

    “People normally call me DJ Focus in my community because I believe if you focus you can do invention perfectly,” he said in a video that profiled him, produced by @radical.media for the THNKR YouTube channel.

    – – – -SNIP —
    – –During the summer of 2012, Doe became the youngest person ever to attend the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT. – –
    – – -SNIP — –

    – –This year Doe will be a resident practitioner with the International Development Initiative at MIT and a guest presenter at Harvard School of Engineering. The whiz kid also shared his plans to design a windmill in his community to help generate electricity.

    – – – –BLESS U —YOUNG MAN! – – -WE R sooo PROUD of U. :>) —

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    – — A TRIBUTE 2 – –Diva -Ms. WHITNEY♥ —MISSIN’ U♥ –:>) —

    – —Celebrate (From the Motion Picture “Sparkle”) – –

    – — — Published on Jun 27, 2012
    Music video by Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks performing Celebrate. (C) 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    – – – -RIHEP -♥ —

  • GreenLadyHere


    —-Obama extends thanks, prayers to departing Pope Benedict XVI

    – – – — President Barack Obama is sending his thanks and prayers to Pope Benedict XVI, who announced Monday that he will step down this month.

    Obama says he and first lady Michelle Obama have warm memories of their 2009 visit with the pope. Obama is offering best wishes to the cardinals who will gather in mid-March to choose his successor, and says Roman Catholics play a key role in the U.S. and abroad. — —

    – – –THEY R —-BEYOND COMPASSIONATE ♥ – –:>) – —

  • GreenLadyHere