November 21, 2017

Monday Obot Link Review | Afternoon Open Thread

Hi-Tech Lynching….Heh…News: Responding to allegations of inappropriate interactions with two women when he was head of the National Restaurant Association, Herman Cain said Monday that he “never sexually harassed anyone” and called the allegations “baseless.” “I’ve never sexually harassed anyone, and yes, I was falsely accused while I was at the National Restaurant Association, and I say falsely, because it turned out, after the investigation, to be baseless,” he said on Fox News. Read more here.

Stay Safe & Warm Northeast POU Family! News: Thousands of schoolchildren around the Northeast had one of the earliest snow days in memory Monday after a storm dumped as much as 30 inches of wet, heavy snow that snapped trees and power lines, caused widespread power failures and threatened to disrupt Halloween trick-or-treating. Communities from Maryland to Maine that suffered through a tough winter last year followed by a series of floods and storms went into now-familiar emergency mode as shelters opened, inaccessible roads closed, regional transit was suspended or delayed, and local leaders urged caution. Read more here.

Jesus, Please Take The Wheel News: A pregnant woman in Texas who was the victim of a hit-and-run gave birth to a healthy baby girl and then died of her injuries, the San Antonio Express-News reported. Diann Ford was struck crossing the street in San Marcos, Texas while walking home from her job at Long Jon Silver’s restaurant, where she worked as a cashier sources told the newspaper. Read more here.

POTUS News: President Barack Obama will sign an executive order on Monday to tackle an escalating shortage of life-saving medicines, including cancer treatments, according to a White House official. Hospitals and doctors across the country have been postponing care or using second-best or more costly alternatives, meaning hundreds of thousands of patients may not get the full care they need. Read more here.

There’s A New Cowboy In Town…LMAO! News: There’s a new poll out today that shows Herman Cain and Rick Perry essentially tied for the GOP presidential nomination, but the results are in Texas where Perry has been governor for 10 years. Cain edges Perry 27% to 26% among Texas voters who say they’re Republicans in the new survey by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune. Texas Rep. Ron Paul is third with 12%. The Cain and Perry numbers are within the poll’s margin of error. Read more here.

But…What About States Rights Govanuh Good Hurr? News: Texas Governor Rick Perry pressed a conservative social agenda at an appearance in New Hampshire, calling for the repeal of the state’s 2009 law legalizing same-sex marriage. Perry also praised efforts in the state to end funding for birth control and health services for low-income women provided by Planned Parenthood in the state. Read more here.

Happy Halloween Obot family! And a special big birthday shout out to POU Trustee PBomb! Happy Bornday! Check out the links and come back to discuss. Here’s your double dose of Monday MJ….