September 25, 2017

Monday Open Thread: Black Explorers

This week’s open threads will focus on Black Explorers.


In 2006 Sophia Danenberg became the first African American and first black woman from anywhere in the world to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest in the Himalayas.  

Sophia Marie Scott was born in 1972 in Homewood, Illinois (a southern suburb of Chicago) to a Japanese mother and black father. She attended Homewood-Flossmoor High School, graduating in 1990.  Danenberg then studied environmental sciences and public policy at Harvard University, graduating in 1994, before going on to Keio University in Tokyo as a Fulbright Fellow. Danenberg then began her professional career with United Technologies in Japan and China, managing energy and indoor air quality projects, before moving to Hartford, Connecticut where she worked in green technology research programs at United Technologies.  

Danenberg became involved in mountaineering in 1999 after a childhood friend encouraged her to try rock climbing.  During this two year period, while doing technical climbs through her local Appalachian Mountain Club Chapter, she met her future husband David Danenberg.

Danenberg’s first major climb was at Mount Rainier, in Washington State in 2002.  Over the next two years she and David scaled Kilimanjaro (Kenya) 2002, Mount Baker, Washington, 2003, and Mount Kenya, 2003.  In 2005 she scaled five peaks: Grand Teton (Wyoming), Mount Katahdin (Maine), Mount McKinley (Alaska), Mount Tasman  (New Zealand), and Ama Dablam (Nepal).

In the spring of 2006, at age 34, with one week of planning, Sophia Danenberg began the climb of Mount Everest in the Nepal, the highest mountain in the world at 29,000 feet. Danenberg, along with eight people, signed up for an “unguided” climb which gave her the help of two Sherpas, weather reports, food, and oxygen.  Danenberg carried her own gear and pitched her own tent.  She had no guide on the climb to make decisions for her. On May 19, 2006, after two months climbing, she and her party reached the summit of Mount Everest.  

Danenberg, who had as of 2008 climbed 19 peaks, is now responsible for legislative and regulatory affairs for Global Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) at United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney division. She is currently pursuing a master’s in economics at the University of Connecticut, as well as working with Hartford, Connecticut inner city programs. Most recently, Danenberg campaigned for Democratic Party Candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election and became a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

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  • Miranda

    LOL…..not everyday the first thing I read on twitter on a weekday no less, makes me laugh

    Rumsfeld: Obama’s trust being ‘eroded’
    By Jordy Yager – 05/19/13 12:02 PM ET

    Donald Rumsfeld on Sunday said the public’s trust in President Obama is being “eroded” and the administration’s credibility has been undermined.

    The former Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush said the controversy over the Obama administration’s handling of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya has jeopardized confidence in the president.

    “What’s happening to the president is, incrementally trust is being eroded because of the different messages coming out,” said Rumsfeld in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    Read more:

    • crazycanuck

      Where did they dig him out from?

      • jds09

        Of course, he’s selling a book. I heard its an advice book. lol

    • TresL

      These folks are shameless. This war criminal should be at the Hague right now facing charges and he’s on TV talking about trust. This is how these animals are gradually rehabilitated in the minds of the low-information/Romnesiac voters. That sorry David Gregory should have called him out on his Iraq record but that would require journalism and we all should know by now that is not their purpose.

      • creolechild

        Way to go, GOP! You’re dragging out Rumsfeldt to provide commentary on PBO but what you’re actually doing is reminding the country of what occurred under your watch. By all means, please proceed…

        • nellcote

          That’s like dragging out Watergate and Iran Contra. Why keep reminding people how BAD even St.Raygun was.

    • JojoRaze

      This is laughable and certifiable. If he’s criticizing PBO, the Repubs have hit the bottom of the barrel.

      • conlakappa

        Well, there are known knowns and unknown knowns…

        Shameless. But, yep, it shows that they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the President if they need to disinter such a bad actor from the bowels of recent history.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Hasn’t this asshole found those weapons of mass destruction yet?

    • rikyrah

      This is a clown that can’t go to certain countries because his ass will be arrested on sight.

    • Daltex82

      This crooked, no good mofo should not be on TV offering his opinion on anything and the word “trust” should not even be apart of his vocabulary.

  • gn

    So…just as Miranda predicted, President Obama’s speech is being sold by some (not all thank God, but some) media outlets as “no excuses for black men.” As Jds caught instantly, this spin initially came from Politico, and migrated over to outlets like USA Today. And is now in Bossip’s featured section where it’s sure to cause negativity and dismay as people are being led to believe that the President sat in front a group of the best of the best: Morehouse grads, and told them to stop being trifling. Miranda, I wish you had been wrong on Saturday when you said this would happen. Two positive nods to black youths are being billed as regressive scolding and cosigning of racist cultural inferiority canards. Sigh!

    • TresL

      Don’t be dismayed. I think this kind of inaccurate reporting will probably inspire more people to check out the speech for themselves, in its entirety. So what started as another hatchet job by the media will end up being great for PBO in that more people will hear his words directly and will be appalled that the media once again has revealed they cannot be trusted.

    • Miranda

      But just like when he gave his Father’s Day speech and his speech in Chicago…black folks will not be fooled by these media outlets or the few blackademics who happen to be at every college other than a HBCU, into thinking this President was speaking down to us or chastising us or belittling us. We’ve been playing this game too long. They have no idea. We are not tripping their spin.

    • rikyrah

      I went over to that hideous Bossip and tried to drop snippets of the actual speech. I do see that they actually did post the video of the speech this time, which they didn’t do for FLOTUS.

      • gn

        I actually like Bossip, but journalists they are not (for anyone not familiar, they’re a huge gossip site with a lot of traffic). This is pure Politico hit-piecing. Indeed, at least this time people can watch the whole thing for themselves and judge (but most will just read and absorb the headline).

      • Alexander2

        I saw your comments at Booman’s last night. Well done! And that horrible “Alexander” person in the comments section is not me. No way. No how.

      • trose1

        Can u link where u commented?

  • Miranda

    SladeHV Slade Sohmer13m
    THIS is the face you make when Obama singles you out at college graduation. Well done, Leland Shelton.

    • gn

      And look at his friends! Past wonderful.

      • crazycanuck

        That is so beautiful, and the gentlemen holding his hands out for a shake. Wonderful, just wonderful

      • conlakappa

        His face is like, “I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry…”

        • gn

          lol, exactly! So precious.

          • Miranda

            But he couldn’t hold it in! His pic is the first one I posted yesterday in the evening thread. I just love it.

          • conlakappa

            Ha! I was going to write “… yet!” I didn’t recognize his as being that same face. He probably lost it once he heard his family and friends reacting with pride to him being called out.

    • Miranda

      Keith Boykin ‏@keithboykin7m
      Photo: Morehouse graduate Leland Shelton on the front page of today’s New York Times.

    • Miranda

      keithboykin Keith Boykin9m
      Photo: Morehouse graduate Leland Shelton on the front page of today’s New York Times.

    • Daltex82

      Man, what a beautiful sight!

  • Miranda

    From my twitter timeline it appears that Chuck Todd has become completely unhinged. Probably despondent over all that negative reporting that has resulted in PBO’s approval ratings going UP. Gotta double down obviously!

    aspirational12 ‏@aspirational128m
    @chucktodd wants you to have a problem with PBO and FLOTUS giving commencement speeches at HBCU colleges.

    LiberalPhenom ‏@LiberalPhenom13m
    Tweeps, are you watching @chucktodd’s hit job on POTUS today? Lie after lie. No mention of GOP’s lies, doctoring emails. Just horrible.

    • conlakappa

      He is so trifling and foolish. And folks at Eastern Kentucky are probably wondering, “wait, are we an HBCU?” IIRC, the First Couple does a certain number of commencement speeches a year, out of the 100s and 100s they receive [1000s probably, if you include the high school ones], and include a Minority Serving Institution into the mix.

  • GreenLadyHere

    – — -☻ –2:10 PM -Obama holds a bilateral meeting with His Excellency President Thein Sein.

    — – ☻ —2 FIRSTS! – —In 2006 Sophia Danenberg became the First African American and first black woman from anywhere in the world to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest in the Himalayas. -[NOT IN ANY HISTORY BOOK!]

    – – – – -☺In “DA STRUGGLE” — Most recently, Danenberg campaigned for Democratic Party Candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election and became a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. – -Woo! Hoo! :>)

    THANK U 4 THIS SERIES PBOMB♥ – -Soooo LOOKIN’ FORWARD- — ->!! :>) – –

    – –ENJOY YOUR TREAT. :>) – –B BLESSED 2-day.♥ – –


  • rikyrah

    The Morning Plum: Presidential scandals, only in the minds of Republicans

    By Greg Sargent,
    Published: May 20, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Over the weekend, CNN released the first extensive national polling on the “scandals” that have gripped Washington, and it got a bit of a bounce yesterday over two key findings. First, Obama’s approval rating is holding steady (53 percent) despite the scandal chatter. Second, majorities don’t believe the GOP has overreached.

    But dig into the internals of the poll and you find something striking. In the case of the IRS and Benghazi stories, the lurid and nefarious view of Obama’s involvement in them being peddled by the right is held only by Republicans — big majorities of them — while most moderates and independents, i.e. the middle of the country, believe the White House’s arguments.

    * The IRS scandal: Among overall Americans, 61 percent say what Obama has said about the matter is mostly or completely true, versus only 35 percent who say it’s mostly or completely false. Among Republicans, 68 percent say what Obama has claimed is false, and among conservatives, 56 percent say this. But independents believe what Obama has said is true by 58-36, and moderates believe this by 71-25.

    Meanwhile, among overall Americans, 55 percent say the IRS acted on its own in targeting conservative groups, while only 37 percent say the White House ordered it. Among Republicans, 62 percent say the White House ordered it, and among conservatives, 54 percent believe this. But independents believe the IRS acted on its own by 53-36, and moderates believe this by 65-29.

    * The Benghazi story: Among overall Americans, 50 percent believe early statements about the attacks by Obama officials reflected what the administration believed at the time, while 44 percent believe they intentionally misled. Among Republicans, 76 percent believe they intentionally misled, and among conservatives, 65 percent believe this. But moderates believe the statements reflected the administration’s beliefs by 60-35. (Among independents this isn’t as pronounced, but still, a plurality sides with the White House, 47-44.)

    These two stories are presidential scandals only in the minds of majorities of Republicans. This helps explain why Obama’s approval is holding.

  • rikyrah

    ABC’s Karl expresses ‘regret’ over false Benghazi report
    By Steve Benen

    Mon May 20, 2013 8:00 AM EDT

    We’ve been keeping a close eye on the controversy surrounding ABC News’ Jonathan Karl and his misleading reporting on Benghazi, which played a critical role in moving the controversy out of Republican media and into the mainstream. Yesterday, for the first time, Karl expressed “regret” for his missteps, though his apology was not without flaw.

    The ABC reporter later said on Twitter that he “sincerely” regrets his error, adding that he apologizes for failing to tell viewers that “the reporting was based on a summary provided by a source.”

    It’s tempting to think this should effectively settle the matter, but the closer one looks at Karl’s response — over a week in the making — the more I’m inclined to believe the underlying problems haven’t been resolved.

    The email was “quoted incorrectly”? Well, that’s not quite right. Karl’s original ABC report included a quote that had been made up to advance a partisan attack based on nothing. “Quoted incorrectly” suggests Karl put a quotation mark in the wrong place, or misunderstood the nature of a paraphrase, but that’s not what happened. Karl received bogus information, which he then presented (badly) as accurate information.

    • Daltex82

      I rank this right up their with the “if I offended anybody” apology. It smell like a boat load of crap because that is exactly what it is. The only thing he is sorry for is that he got caught.

  • rikyrah

    The secret memo that only Rand Paul understands
    By Steve Benen

    Mon May 20, 2013 9:11 AM EDT

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) seems to have an unusual fondness for conspiracy theories. Paul believes, for example, that the administration is conspiring with the United Nations “confiscate and destroy all ‘unauthorized’ civilian firearms.” He believes there was a secret gun-running scheme that shipped weapons from Libya to Turkey. He fears gun-toting meteorologists and is convinced the Obama administration is responsible for problems with his toilet.

    And when it comes to the IRS’s scrutiny of groups applying for tax-exempt status, Paul believes there are secret memos that exist in his imagination that point to a conspiracy that only he understands.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB – – —Speakin’ of UNIVERSITIES/Policies – –

    – —Columbia University Tries To Alter Scholarship Fund For Students ‘Of The Caucasian Race’
    – – — –Columbia University asked a Manhattan judge to allow them to change the requirements of a scholarship fund which limits recipients to members “of the Caucasian race.”The Lydia C. Roberts fellowship was created in 1920 when a woman donated her $500,000 estate to create the racially exclusive fund.
    Beyond limiting recipients to white people, the fellowship’s terms also
    require it to go to an Iowa resident, and it cannot be given to students
    who study “law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary surgery or theology.”
    Columbia’s court filing argues that the terms of the fellowship should be altered because it is impossible to comply with its terms and also comply with laws banning race discrimination.


    SINCE the fellowship hasn’t been issued since1997 – – -it could B given back 2 the estate.[as 1 commenter stated].

  • Miranda

    How Obama Handles Crisis

    by Jon Favreau

    May 20, 2013 4:45 AM EDT

    The handwringers and bed wetters in the D.C. punditocracy should know that Barack Obama will never be on their timeline, says his longtime speechwriter Jon Favreau.

    Honestly, they act like it’s his first crisis.

    Sometime after the infamous Denver debate last fall, which by most media accounts should have forced the president to immediately quit the race and resign in shame, a few of us who had been with him since the earliest days tried to assess where the performance ranked on our list of All-Time Worst ObamaWorld Moments.

    It was an exercise in gallows humor, but it lifted our spirits to recall how many times the president had been so mistakenly and definitively counted out over the last eight years. There was the New York Post headline from October 3, 2007, that always hung in Bill Burton’s campaign office: “CLINTON NEARLY READY FOR HER CORONATION.” And who could forget where they were when the news broke about the Reverend Wright or Bittergate scandals that Washington just knew would destroy Obama’s candidacy? In early September 2008, a Politico story even ran the following quote from a Democratic pollster I’ve still never heard of: “A failure to take Sarah Palin seriously will cost the Obama campaign.”

    And all this was before we got to the White House.

    more here:

    • crazycanuck

      Barack Hussein Obama frustrates the hell out of them. He just ain’t playing their game.

      • Kennymack1971

        And never will.

      • JojoRaze

        He won’t play their game and it makes them mad because they take it as PBO thinking he’s better than them. And it burns them that he thinks he’s better than them and not one of them can take him down a peg-not in his own self-regard, and not in the regard of his true supporters. He is not emotionally needy or dependent upon media affection or adoration like Clinton. So he will not scrape and bow to their timing on how or when he will respond to their nontroversies. That joke he made about him being Prez and the media’s job to humble him, but they aren’t doing a good job of humbling him got to the heart of the matter. He is so not scared of them and they mad becuase of that fact.

        • Daltex82

          He won’t play their game and it makes them mad because they take it as
          PBO thinking he’s better than them. And it burns them that he thinks
          he’s better than them and not one of them can take him down a peg-not in
          his own self-regard, and not in the regard of his true supporters.


          Everything you said, but especially this right here.

    • jds09

      I love my President. He is changing how shit gets done in the beltway, by ignoring their petty bullshit. He’s sincerely not giving a fuck (cause he’s focused on real issues) and, wait for it….he’s not only surviving but THRIVING. He’s exposing the beltway for what they are…paper tigers. Rising politicians are taking note.

      Happy Monday Everybody!

    • nellcote

      Love this part:

      “That is who he is. The handwringers and bed wetters in the D.C. punditocracy should know that Barack Obama will never be on their timeline. He does not value being first over being right. He will not spend his presidency chasing news cycles. He will not shake up his White House staff just because of some offhand advice offered to Politico by a longtime Washingtonian or a nameless Democrat who’s desperately trying to stay relevant. And if that means Dana Milbank thinks he’s too passive; if it means that Jim VandeHei will keep calling him arrogant and petulant; if it means that Chris Matthews will whine about him not enjoying the presidency, then so be it. He’ll live.”

      • JojoRaze

        I’m glad Favreau is on this on this here Monday morning-he’s as close to PBO as a staffer could be having worked so close with PBO as A speechwriter and editor, so he knows how PBO rolls and is just letting the msm know PBO still is not and will never study them.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- —Lookin’ FORWARD — -> – –:>) –

    — –Obama to address drones, Gitmo in defense policy speech
    —–President Obama is slated to lay out his administration’s legal justification for using drones against terrorists in a speech on Thursday.

    Obama is expected to use the speech at the National Defense University to delve into many of the details of his counter-terrorism strategy, including diplomatic and intelligence efforts as well as his blocked attempts to close Guantanamo Bay, according to a White House official.

    [Gotta “bounce” early. MISSIN’ U/CARRYIN’ U – –IN MY♥ -B BLESSED.♥] —

  • Miranda

    *snicker*….the whining is gonna be extra strong this week.

    Ryan Lizza ‏@RyanLizza5m
    This–> MT @ggreenwald: It just shocks & disgusts me to watch ppl so eager to defend Obama that they cheer 4 criminalization of journalism.

    • Kennymack1971

      In other words: Why don’t these people hate Obama as much as I do? His head’s gonna end explode come Thursday.

  • Miranda

    ‘Britain’s Obama’ urges ties with West Africa

    ACCRA, Ghana (AP) — A rising star in Britain’s Labour Party, described by some as the “British Barack Obama,” Chuka Umunna urged the United Kingdom to more aggressively forge ties with West Africa’s fast-growing economies.

    During a trade mission to West Africa last week that included a stop in his father’s home country Nigeria, Umunna, a member of the British Parliament, dismissed the comparison to the United States president.

    “Let’s not beat around the bush. The reason why people make the comparison is, frankly, there are not that many black people in Western politics,” said Umunna, who represents the London district of Streatham and is Labour’s shadow business secretary. “And I’d love to have a situation where you can be elected as a black politician without constantly having comparisons made.”

    Umunna, 34, grew up in Streatham and worked as a lawyer before being elected to parliament in 2010. The son of an Irish mother and Nigerian father, he said he made seven or eight trips to Nigeria “for pretty long stays” during his childhood. But prior to last week’s visit, he hadn’t been to the country since his father’s funeral in 1992.

    more here:

    • jds09

      Ahem…he’s hot.

      • crazycanuck

        LMFAO, I did not read the article, I seeyou say he’s hot, and bam I couldn’t click fast enough.

      • goldenstar

        Thanks for the tip.

        Oh, oh!!!!

  • Miranda

    IRS Speaks Out: We Messed Up, But We Would’ve Scrutinized Tea Partiers Anyway

    Finally, the IRS is giving a full accounting of how and why its staffers singled out tea partiers and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. The quick version: We had the right idea but went about it all wrong.

    On Friday morning, Steven Miller, the acting IRS commissioner set to resign due to the scandal, appeared before the House ways and means committee and testified that several IRS employees made “foolish mistakes” by using catchwords like “tea party” and “patriots” as they picked through hundreds of nonprofit applications from groups that might be involved in politics. Miller described his agency’s behavior as “obnoxious.” Yet he denied that the IRS vetters who handled all those applications for groups wanting 501(c)(4) nonprofit status—who were working out of a field office in Cincinnati—acted out of political bias. Instead, he said the agency’s errors “were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection.”

    Prior to Miller’s testimony, the IRS itself took the unusual step of posting on its website 14 questions related to the tea party debacle and the agency’s official response to each one. It’s an interesting and useful document.

    The IRS insists that its staffers, as Miller emphasized, were wrong to target groups with “tea party” or “patriots” in their name. However, the agency says that it would’ve zeroed in on tea partiers and other conservative groups anyway, as it looked for applicants that might be getting too involved in politics. They sought out politically-inclined groups because 501(c)(4) nonprofits are allowed to dabble in politics but cannot make it their “primary activity.” But as they looked for groups that might be too political, they used inappropriate shortcuts.

    more here:

  • Miranda

    __________________________Favreau didn’t have to slap her like that! (yes he did)______

    Josh Kraushaar ‏@HotlineJosh27m
    Obama and his slow-footed team are telling the American public, “We’re not crooked. We’re just incompetent.”

    Greg Sargent ‏@ThePlumLineGS26m
    @HotlineJosh no presidential scandal seen by moderates or independents, only Rs

    Jennifer Rubin ‏@JRubinBlogger23m
    @ThePlumLineGS @HotlineJosh just not true.. see Gallup

    Jon Favreau ‏@jonfavs17m
    @JRubinBlogger @theplumlinegs @hotlinejosh ah yes, the world of Gallup, where President Romney is just killing it

    • JojoRaze

      Dude is making change on her behind.

    • jds09

      re: Favreau…a tweet in the hands of a wordsmith is a beautiful thing.

  • rikyrah

    I know I shouldn’t let that Politico hit piece bother me,
    but it does that so many of our folks will fall for the okeydokey every damn time, because some of our people want to find anything ..


    To knock our President over the head with.

    I look at that picture of Leland, and I just want to cry,
    because the President told us his story, and by all reality, Leland should be a statistic.

    Then there was the story of the father and son who graduated

    Then there was the story of Frederick, who finished
    Morehouse on his THIRD TRY.

    The valedictorian, who is from Ethiopia – I’m sure there’s a
    story there.

    Then there is the story of Genarlow Wilson. What happened to
    Genarlow should have finished him, because that was the entire point of his prosecution. But, while Vanderbilt turned its back on him, Morehouse said- come on, young man. We don’t believe you’re finished with your life; we believe you have much to give the world.

    It’s in THIS crucible…

    This crucible of Black Manhood that nurtured MLK, Maynard
    Jackson, Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and so many others…

    That the President went to yesterday. Coates has often said
    that he considered Howard to be Black Mecca, and I have always understood what he meant by that. You can find the totality of the Black experience on an HBCU campus. While you have a Leland in that graduating group, I’m sure you also
    have many legacies in that graduating class – young men whose fathers and grandfathers went to Morehouse. The entire spectrum of Black manhood in America was in that class, and the President respected it. He honored it. And told those young men that they should honor themselves and all who went before them
    by being the best – in their professional AND personal lives.

    • MonieTalks


      The President gave the most personable, intimate speech that celebrated Black men for the entire WORLD to see. And he did not just blurt off statistics but graciously singled out some phenomenal stories that existed in THAT audience. In a world where often the only Black males heralded are professional athlete and their athletic prowess celebrated (only to be torn down later for their character flaws), it was refreshing to see PBO take on the role as the ultimate motivational speaker of these young men. This was personal for PBO, prideful and I know these are the moments that he will truly cherish when he writes his presidential memoirs one day.

      • jds09

        It’s the motivational speaking part that scares them to death. They can write one PBO as magical, exceptional, rare talent, but 500 of them coming at them….ah no. They gotta keep that white supremacy plank in place.

    • gn

      Can you even imagine the positivity which would have ensued if, rather than going for the sensational (and inaccurate) “no more black male excuses” reading of this speech, these outlets would have chosen to continue to highlight and uplift the grads who PBO shouted out yesterday? Leland Shelton went from being in the foster care system to Morehouse and Harvard! He represents everything our ancestors fought for in that.

      If you have a black publication, why would you choose to promote the most controversial and negative possible reading of that speech over incredible stories like this? It is upsetting and is just another way in which the GOP biased outlets in the media like Politico launder negativity into the mainstream. Thank God for outlets like POU, seriously.

      • Town

        Can you even imagine the positivity which would have ensued if, rather
        than going for the sensational (and inaccurate) “no more black male
        excuses” reading of this speech, these outlets would have chosen to
        continue to highlight and uplift the grads who PBO shouted out
        yesterday? Leland Shelton went from being in the foster care system to
        Morehouse and Harvard! He represents everything our ancestors fought
        for in that.


        They can’t have that, sorry.

    • Kennymack1971

      Well said Rikyrah. This whole attempt to make what the President said at Morehouse yesterday into some kind of controversy is beyond pathetic and Black media outlets who go along with this are just as sorry. That was an inspiring, uplifting speech and nothing the haters say changes that.

  • MonieTalks

    According to Clutch mag (which is another site that has many commenters spewing the “PBO does not get Black people”), wrote this:

    However, his references to famed Morehouse alum Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did little to quiet the rumblings of Black Twitter. Many tweeters were disappointed with Obama’s decision to use W.E.B. DuBois’ “talented tenth” rhetoric within his speech.

    Who was in their Black Twitter bitterness was mad about PBO invoking MLKing Jr AND W.E.B. DuBois?

    CLutch also wrote this:

    Several tweeters viewed Obama’s remarks as elitist and an attempt to speak at the graduates rather than speaking to them.

    Some were also disappointed with Obama’s “no excuses” mantra, noting the inequalities people of color with degrees face in the American job market.

    Really????? What do people want…the President to say give up…you Black, so you already fucked??

    I’m just speechless.

    • Miranda

      Utterly disgusting of Clutch. Yeah, let’s say “several” tweets because that implies more than the one or two from the usual suspects, but none I will actually cite with this article least I prove how jacked up this entire article really is.

      • conlakappa

        Citations can be such an ugh and a bother!!! How dare you, Miranda, ask for like a backing to an argument!!! Clutch wrote it so QED, as my play-cousin GN likes to post.

      • Thank you! That’s the m.o. of some of these bloggers/reporters. They take one or two comments that support their position and then make it seem like a huge group feels the same.

    • gn

      Wow. I disagree entirely with the contention that this was talented tenth rhetoric. The grads weren’t told that they are simply better than most African Americans. President Obama emphasized uneven access to opportunity and said that but for the GRACE OF GOD, he himself could have slipped through the cracks currently trapping some black men. How that could possibly be interpreted as elitist is kind of beyond me. People don’t have to agree with the speech, sure, but at least be clear and accurate about what the man said.

      • jds09

        I haven”t read Dubois is ages…but I distinctly remember his focus was on service, that the talented 10th had an obligation to their people.

        • gn

          I think you’re exactly right.

      • creolechild

        How much plainer could it be?

        Prepared text for President Obama’s speech at Morehouse

        [….] That doesn’t mean we don’t have more work to do together. Because if we’re being honest with ourselves, too few of our brothers and sisters have the opportunities you’ve had here at Morehouse. In troubled neighborhoods all across the country – many of them heavily African-American – too few of our citizens have role models to guide them.[….] There are some things, as black men, we can only do for ourselves. There are some things, as Morehouse Men, that you are obliged to do for those still left behind. As graduates – as Morehouse Men – you now wield something even more powerful than the diploma you are about to collect. And that’s the power of your example.[….]

        I know some of you came to Morehouse from communities where life was about keeping your head down and looking out for yourself. Maybe you
        feel like you escaped, and you can take your degree, get a fancy job and never look back.[….] So yes, go get that law degree. But ask yourself if the only option is to defend the rich and powerful, or if you can also find time to defend the powerless. Yes, go get your MBA, or start that business. But ask yourself what broader purpose your business might serve, in putting people to work, or transforming a neighborhood.[….]

        Read more:

        H/T The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

    • Please note that the author of this article does not provide evidence that “many tweeters” were upset with PBO referencing DuBois and MLK. These bloggers/reporters pull this “many people said/tweeted” bs all the time without narr proof to back up their claims. Most likely, this blogger saw one or two negative tweets and ran with it.

    • Ebogan63

      Why is it, when PBO tells us to excel and do better, the slave mentality of some negroes comes up front and center?

  • MonieTalks

    50th anniversary of Medgar Evers’ broadcasting milestone (with video)

    …Finally, Evers was granted time to respond, on May 20, 1963. He spoke for 17 minutes, beginning by telling his audience he was as an U.S. Army veteran who fought fascism and Nazism in Europe during World War II. He talked about a 40 percent black city of 150,000 residents that had no black police officers, firefighters, or clerks. He called for a
    black man being able to “register and vote without special handicaps imposed on him” and “more jobs above the menial level in stores where he spends his money.”

    Evers said toward the end: “The two races have lived here together. The Negro has been here in America since
    1619, a total of 344 years. He is not going anywhere else; this country is his home. He wants to do his part to help make his city, state, and nation a better place for everyone, regardless of color and race. Let me appeal to the consciences of many silent, responsible citizens of the white community who know that a victory for democracy in Jackson will be a victory for democracy everywhere.”

    Tape recordings of viewer calls to WLBT, preserved at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History vividly depict the irate reactions of many white viewers who laced their comments with racist epithets.

    “There was support in the white community, but it was very low key and very quiet,” Myrlie Evers said. She believes her husband’s groundbreaking speech made him a more visible target.

  • MonieTalks

    And the next Min. Farrakhan speaks sideways about PBO, he needs to promptly have a seat…

    Farrakhan: Kilpatrick’s sins would have been forgiven in white politicians

    …Addressing a packed audience inside Fellowship Chapel in Detroit, Farrakhan said that while Kilpatrick may have committed some mistakes, white politicians have committed similar acts and gotten away with it.

    “I know he didn’t do everything right,” Farrakhan said of Kilpatrick, who was convicted of several courrption charges. But, he added, “do you think white folks in office weren’t playing a little on the side?”

    …Farrakhan said the scandal around Kilpatrick was based on his lying about sleeping with a woman who wasn’t his wife, a sin that Farrakhan said many commit.
    “How many of you in this audience…got a little something on the side?”
    Farrakhan said of Kilpatrick: “So the boy made some texts…Why wouldn’t he lie? Wouldn’t you?…That’s the natural reaction: to cover your backside.”

    read more:

  • gn
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      His little eyes probably don’t even light up like that for Santa! he is glowing!

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    Good morning all!

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  • rikyrah

    Getting to know E.W. Jackson
    By Steve Benen

    Mon May 20, 2013 10:11 AM EDT

    When it comes to culture-war politics and candidates for statewide office, it’s tempting to think Virginia’s state attorney general and Republican gubernatorial hopeful, Ken Cuccinelli, represents an extreme wing of his party. But over the weekend, the Virginia GOP officially nominated its slate of statewide candidates, and the man Republicans chose to run for lieutenant governor is arguably even more unhinged.

    It’s time to get to know E.W. Jackson. This guy is not your garden-variety right-wing activist; this guy is special.


    And really is just the tip of a large iceberg. Jackson has accused President Obama of having “Muslim sensibilities” and seeing the world “from a Muslim perspective.” Jackson sees Democrats embracing a policy agenda “worthy of the Antichrist.” He’s argued that the “repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ law is a disaster of historic proportions and it must be reinstated.”

    He believes liberals who support gay rights “have done more to kill black folks” than the “Ku Klux Klan.” And speaking of the KKK, Jackson has argued, “The Democrat Party has created an unholy alliance between certain so-called civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood, which has killed unborn black babies by the tens of millions. Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was.”

  • I read Booman and Tim Wise’s posts about PBO’s Morehouse speech. White folks need to stay out of family business.

    • creolechild

      How does that saying go: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Tim Wise being an ally in the struggle against racism is NOT the same as being on the receiving end of it, no matter how closely he identifies. Growing up with black children and having black adults as mentors gives him a a level of insight that others may not have, but he’s given a platform to share his perspectives about race (based on his experiences) simply because of who he is…a white man. Do you really believe that a black man with the same message would be invited to speak at these events? The answer to the question tells us that some people are willing to have that discussion, as long as it comes from someone other than us! Now, think about that…

      While I didn’t read his article (yet), I can’t say that I’m surprised that people who are supposed to be on the same page dont understand the nuances that our embedded in our culture. And they shouldn’t be expected to because it’s “family business” that’s been transmitted over generations through our grandparents, aunts, and uncles. And it’s the probably the same information and advice we pass down to our children and grandchildren that’s designed to help them survive, and thrive, in this country–despite the obstacles that they WILL face. What other people think about it is irrelevant because keeping 100% with ours is one of the best things that we can do for them…

      • Miranda


      • PBomb

        ALL. OF. THIS!!

      • gn


        And add to it: if there are screaming headlines stating that President Obama just cosigned every racist’s contention that black men need to stop making excuses for being wretched, I can understand how Tim Wise, Booman, and others caught feelings. A significant component of the story is how the right wing has become so embedded into the mainstream media that they can get negativity like this spread so easily.

      • AMEN!

      • crazycanuck

        This is why I like POU, because you all always, like many keep saying ‘break it down like a fraction”

  • Miranda

    Atheist AND Muslim……….okey dokey. Looks like this dude is trying to oust Jessie Petersen for the Lunatic Negro of the Year award.

    E.W. Jackson: Obama Is an Atheist/Muslim and We’re ‘Dealing With An Evil Presence’

    Now that E.W Jackson has vaulted from the outer fringes of the Religious Right movement onto the Virgina election ballot as the GOP’s nominee to become Lt. Governor, his previous statements and appearances carry an entirely new significance and relevance.

    Such as, for instance, his appearance on Victoria Jackson’s program last year wherehe stated that “the idea that Barack Obama is a Christian is laughable” and added that Obama “is, at best, a confused man [and] is, at worst, has the sensibilities …. of an atheists and a Muslim.”

    more here:

    • jds09

      Victoria Jackson has a radio show? Lol.

    • JojoRaze

      Conjuring my tenth grade social studies knowledge-ain’t atheism death penalty carrying offense in Islam??

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- —More POSITIVITY: —:>) —

    —-Obama Morehouse Speech: President Talks Good Deeds, Race & Manhood At 2013 Commencement– –
    – —– President Barack Obama, in a soaring commencement address on work, sacrifice and opportunity, told graduates
    of Morehouse College Sunday to seize the power of their example as black men graduating from college and use it to improve people’s lives.

    Noting the Atlanta school’s mission to cultivate, not just educate, good men, Obama said graduates should not be so eager to join the chase for wealth and material things, but instead should remember where they came from and not “take your degree and get a fancy job and nice house and nice car and never look back.”

    “So yes, go get that law degree. But if you do, ask yourself if the only option is to defend the rich and powerful, or if you can also find time to defend the powerless,” Obama declared. “Sure, go get your MBA, or start that business, we need black businesses out there. But ask yourself what broader purpose your business might serve, in putting people to work, or transforming a neighborhood.”
    THERE IS MORE. — —-

    YA gotta KNOW- — –THIS ADDRESS WAS – -HUGE!!


    THIS was prolly – -THE BEST- –EDUCATIONAL — -EXPERIENCE –that they have had –in their 4[5, however many :>)] — YEARS! :>)

    BLESS U. MR. PRESIDENT. — YES!- – -U have served as the —“FATHER-IN-CHIEF”. — -Some of these young men might B hearin’ YOUR MESSAGE 4 the FIRST TIME!! — —
    THEY have BEEN BLESSED. :>)

  • Miranda

    Federal judge finds probable cause Fox News reporter helped leak classified docs

    In the wake of reports that the Department of Justice seized phone records from The Associated Press while investigating an intelligence leak, The Washington Post revealed on Monday that a Fox News reporter had been fingered has a “co-conspirator” in a previous leak of classified documents.

    According to the Post, a federal judge found probable cause that Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen solicited a top-secret CIA report on North Korea from government adviser Stephen Jin-Woo Kim in 2009. The report concluded that additional United Nations sanctions would only push North Korea to conduct more nuclear tests. Rosen published details about the report the same day it was made available to Kim and a small number of others in the intelligence community.

    Court records did not identify Rosen by name, but government officials confirmed to the Post that he was a target in the case. Both Rosen and Fox News declined to respond to the paper about the allegations.

    more here:

  • Alma98


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      folks is crazy

    • Daltex82

      I finally went to you tube to see what happened and dang!! what an epic fail!

      I loved this episode of Martin. The boxing eppy and the eppy with Cole cutting his toenail were the hilarious.

      • Alma98

        That episode was freakin hilarious!

  • crazycanuck


    Flushed with his impassioned gibberish he saw himself standing alone on the last barrier of civilization – Fitzgerald describes Greenwald.— rootless (@root_e) May 20, 2013

    • The shade is real!

  • Miranda

    Poll: Scandals Not Sticking to Obama

    Democratic strategists are increasingly confident that the three high-visibility scandals of the past week won’t do lasting political damage to President Obama. Democratic pollster Geoff Garin told me that the controversies have created a “tempest in a teapot” and predicted there would be no long-term effect on Obama.

    A new CNN/ORC International poll lends credence to these views. It shows that Obama’s approval rating hasn’t changed very much despite all the coverage of the scandals. Fifty-three percent of Americans said they approve of the job Obama is doing, while 45 percent disapprove. This is comparable to his rating in early April, when 51 percent approved and 47 percent disapproved of his job performance.

    more here:

  • Miranda

    Ex-Obama Aide: Maureen Dowd Has Written Same Column For Eight Years (VIDEO)

    The frostiness between President Barack Obama’s circle and Maureen Dowd continued Monday, with former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs needling the New York Times columnist for a lack of originality.

    During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Gibbs was asked if he happened to read Dowd’s latest column, in which she called Obama “a sad sack” who could use a little bit more John F. Kennedy.

    “I don’t normally read Maureen,” Gibbs said. “I don’t largely because it’s sort of largely the same column for the last eight years.”

    more here:

    • gn
      • DAYUM! I remember this episode, too! She snatched the wig AND the wig cap!

    • in which she called Obama “a sad sack” who could use a little bit more John F. Kennedy.

      Yeah, so she can be his Marilyn Monroe.

      • conlakappa

        Seriously, there are many ways to interpret “a bit more John F. Kennedy” and I think she’s stank enough to mean all of them.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – —Why 2014 could be a banner year for black candidate– -:>)

    —- — Three African-Americans are strong candidates to be elected either governor or U.S. senator in 2014, creating the potential for a landmark year for black candidates.

    Maryland Lieutenant Gov. Anthony Brown– announced earlier this month he will seek his state’s top post and enters the race with the backing of the state’s current governor, Martin O’Malley. Newark mayor Cory Booker is the favorite to win next year’s U.S. Senate race in New Jersey, and Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina, who was appointed to the Senate earlier this year, is expected to win a full six-year term.

    If all three won, it would be a breakthrough in terms of black
    candidates. Two black candidates have never been elected senator in the same election year. Only eight African-Americans have ever been senators, and only four of those eight were elected. (Scott and Massachusetts Democrat Mo Cowan, a temporary appointee who will be in the Senate until June, are the first two African-Americans to serve in the Senate at the same time.) Brown would be the nation’s fifth-ever black governor, and the third who was elected.

    THERE IS MORE.- – -[Of course: – -NO SUPPORT 4 Scott.]

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – -There was a LOT of —BLACK HISTORY–MAY 19– -:>) — -A BANNER DAY. :>) _- –

    – – -☻ –May 19, 1991
    Willy T. Ribbs becomes the first African American driver-to qualify for the Indianapolis 500.
    – –
    — -☻- MAY 19,1930
    Birth date of playwright Lorraine Hansberry, who was born in Chicago. Her only two plays, “A Raisin in the Sun” and “The Sign in Sidney Burstein’s Window,” became famous.
    – –
    – — -☻ –MAY 19, 1925 – Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska.
    His mother, Louis Norton Little, was a homemaker occupied with the
    family’s eight children. His father, Earl Little, was an outspoken
    Baptist minister and avid supporter of Black Nationalist …

    – — -☺- – F1 Nostalgia Willy T Ribbs– –
    – — –☺- – A Raisin in the Sun– –
    – ——☺- –Malcolm X Trailer– —

  • gn

    smdh, speechless:

    Lil Mouse Accused Of Threatening To Kill 3rd Grader For Snitching [VIDEO]

    Lil Mouse has endured quite a bit of controversy in his short career. Now, the 13-year-old rapper has been accused of threatening and assaulting a third grader for snitching.

    Chicago’s Fox 32 investigated the story late last week and spoke with the grandmother of the 8-year-old boy. In a police report she filed earlier last week, the grandmother claims Lil Mouse approached her grandson in the hallways of West Pullman Elementary School. The report states that Mouse slapped the boy and threatened to kill him.

    • crazycanuck

      Does this boy have parents? Where are the adults where he is concerned?

      • gn

        How this child is being failed is an absolute disgrace. Gotta rant: for the people who are in their feelings about the President’s inspiring speech this weekend, THIS is what he was referring to. He was asking the graduates, many of whom are certain to join the professional class, to try to uplift kids like this who otherwise have no chance because the adults around them have no damn sense. He was not talking down to those grads or to black people at large. He wasn’t scorning us. He was asking for help with the *minority* of black kids who are being led the wrong way. He was saying don’t just dismiss or disdain them, but help them. Not a thing wrong with that.

      • eclecticbrotha

        *Little Richard voice* “Shut up! You know ain’t nuthin’ wrong with bein a rapper! TNC told me so!”

    • Miranda

      This is horrifying. Lil Mouse needs to be removed from his home because clearly his parents aren’t fit.

  • creolechild

    Judith Hill is a frontrunner this season on The Voice. Her mother is Japanese and her father is black–both are musicians. Here’s the studio version of her interpretation of Feeling Good, which was originally sung by Ms. Nina Simone. Hope you like it.

    H/T idolPlay

    • Alma98

      Great voice.

      • creolechild

        Alma, you should hear the cover she does of Sly Stone’s If you want to stay. Tears it up…

        • Alma98

          I’m going to you tube to check her out, thanks for the tip.