October 20, 2017

Monday Open Thread: African Americans in Oceanography/Marine Biology

Good Morning Obots!

Ever wonder about the study of life under water? Very interesting and very rare to find people of color in this field. I will highlight a few pioneers and current stars in this very intriguing field of study.

For almost 40 years after the end of World War II, the work of Ernest Everett Just, an African-American biologist known for his studies of fertilization and early development in marine invertebrates, lay forgotten, buried in the scientific literature. Then, in 1983, Kenneth R. Manning, a historian of science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published a prize-winning biography titled “Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest Everett Just” . Stephen Jay Gould favorably reviewed Manning’s book and wrote a column in the magazine Natural History about Just. Since then, a number of events have taken place that have brought increased attention to Just: A stamp honoring him was issued; symposia were held in his honor, the most recent at Howard University in 2008; and, in 2009, a special issue of the journal Molecular Reproduction and Development dedicated to Just was published.

Ernest Everett Just (August 14, 1883 – October 27, 1941) was a pioneering African American biologist, academic and science writer. Just’s primary legacy is his recognition of the fundamental role of the cell surface in the development of organisms. In his work within marine biology, cytology and parthenogenesis, he advocated the study of whole cells under normal conditions, rather than simply breaking them apart in a laboratory setting.

Just was born in South Carolina to Charles Frazier Just Jr. and Mary Matthews Just on 14 August 1883. His father and grandfather, Charles Sr., were dock builders. When Ernest was four years old, both his father and grandfather died. Just’s mother became the sole supporter of Just, his younger brother, and his younger sister. Mary Matthews Just taught at an African American school in Charleston to support her family. During the summer, she worked in the phosphate mines on James Island. Noticing that there was much vacant land near the island, Mary persuaded several black families to move there to farm. The town they founded, now incorporated in the West Ashley area of Charleston, was eventually named Maryville in her honor.

Hoping Just would become a teacher, his mother sent him to an all-black boarding school in Orangeburg, South Carolina at the age of thirteen. Believing that schools for blacks in the south were inferior, Just and his mother thought it better for him to go north. At the age of sixteen, Just enrolled at a Meriden, New Hampshire college-preparatory high school, Kimball Union Academy. Tragedy struck during Just’s second year at Kimball when his mother died. Despite this hardship, Just completed the four-year program in only three years, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated in 1903 with the highest grades in his class.

On November 17, 1911, Ernest assisted three Howard students , in establishing Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

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    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

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    Disaster relief for me, not for thee
    by Steve Benen

    Mon Jan 7, 2013 8:25 AM EST

    Though it took far longer than it should have, Congress approved $9.7 billion on Friday for the National Flood Insurance Program, giving a boost to victims of Hurricane Sandy. In all, only 67 lawmakers opposed the relief, and in this case, all 67 were Republicans, who opposed the spending under pressure from far-right lobbying groups like the Club for Growth.

    Of the 67 opponents of the bill, failed vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was easily the highest-profile member of the bunch, but TPM flagged another lawmaker whose vote against the emergency aid was even more striking

    Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS), whose Mississippi district is situated on the Gulf Coast, was one of 67 Republicans on Friday to vote against a $9.7 billion relief package to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

    Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District, which Palazzo has represented since 2011, includes the city of Biloxi, one of the most heavily damaged communities in the region by Hurricane Katrina. Congress quickly passed an initial $10.5 billion relief package in the immediate aftermath of Katrina in September of 2005.


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    White House eyes ‘far broader’ gun-control agenda

    By Steve Benen
    Mon Jan 7, 2013 8:55 AM EST

    Just five days after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., President Obama launched a new task force, given a mission to develop comprehensive proposals to address gun violence. Vice President Biden is leading the panel, which is set to report later this month on an administration’s agenda.

    Though we don’t yet know exactly what Obama and his team have in mind, the latest trial balloon suggests they’re thinking big.

    The White House is weighing a far broader and more comprehensive approach to curbing the nation’s gun violence than simply reinstating an expired ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition, according to multiple people involved in the administration’s discussions.

    A working group led by Vice President Biden is seriously considering measures backed by key law enforcement leaders that would require universal background checks for firearm buyers, track the movement and sale of weapons through a national database, strengthen mental health checks, and stiffen penalties for carrying guns near schools or giving them to minors, the sources said.


    • Aquagranny911

      I would also like to see minors banned from shooting ranges. There is absolutely no need for some 10 year old to be target practicing with a lethal weapon.

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    Josh Marshall» ✔

    Folks who think Chuck Hagel won’t be confirmed need to stop smoking crack because crack is not good for you. talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2013/… via @TPM

  • Someone is really smelling himself…

    Cory Booker: I Want To Give Lautenberg ‘Space To Make His Own Decision’ (VIDEO)
    Tom Kludt 8:35 AM EST, Monday January 7, 2013

    Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker (D) on Monday said he has yet to speak with Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), whose seat Booker will pursue in 2014, indicating he wants to give the 88-year-old incumbent “space to make his own decision.”

    Appearing on CNN’s “Starting Point,” Booker said he was scheduled to meet with Lautenberg recently, but those plans fell through.

    “I want to give him the space to make his own decision. I’ve announced my intention to run, but the reality is is we’ve got a good senator,” Booker said. “He’s been loyal. He’s been there for a long time. And I think he’s got a decision to make. So, I’m focusing on my job for now. And I hope to talk to him. We’ve reached out to him a number of times. In fact, I had a plane trip going down to meet with him, but unfortunately with a lot of the challenges going down in Washington, he had to cancel the meeting.”

    MORE: http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entry/cory-booker-i-want-to-give-lautenberg-space–1

    • goldenstar

      For being such a media hound, you’d think that he has more sense or has advisors who have some sense. Sheesh.

      • JojoRaze

        I don’t understand how one is running against a Democratic incumbent who’s older than dirt and not ask him his opinion on running for his seat, especially when Lautenberg isn’t unpopular. Seems like the kind of thing you’d go and have a convo about with Lautenberg. Even PBO didn’t run for IL Senate until he knew he’d win against another white guy that was his age and with similar qualifications; and that white dude was doing some freak-a-leak stuff and stepped down to make way for crazy black Repub dude.

    • rikyrah

      I’m gonna say it here and now..

      that old man is gonna beat his ass.

      • Lautenberg gonna do to Booker what VP Biden did to Paul Ryan.

        • conlakappa

          When Lautenberg returned to the Senate, he had to come in at the low end again. His prior service meant nothing. Now that he has risen in rank, he sure isn’t going to let some presumptuous youngster take his place. Booker should take whatever Financial District job his paymasters have waiting for him. He isn’t the second coming of Barack Obama, which he and his people should recognize by now.

      • isonprize

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia – – –***quizzical look*** —WHO R his HANDLERS?? – – -‘Cause –THEY LOSIN’!! — –

      – –THIS – ->So, I’m focusing on my job for now. – – -WHA’??? —

      EVIDENCE!!????? – –Been in the NEWS 4 errythang – -BUT –his JOB!! – —MAYOR!! —

      HOW R the SANDY STORM VICTIMS farin’??? —CITY BUDGET??? – – -ETC?????

      – — ***tsk** – -***eye roll*** — –

      P.S. – – — Start praticin’ — –SANGIN’ – -THIS! — Jus’ sayin’.

    • Aquagranny911

      All I know is that I’m real disappointed in Cory Booker. I know nada about Jersey politics but it seems that young man has gone off the rails since he publicly trashed PBO.

    • MsKitty

      This fool right here…

  • Miranda

    Obama to tap John Brennan to head CIA: sources

    President Obama will nominate John Brennan as his next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, senior administration officials tell CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett.

    Brennan, a 25-year CIA veteran, currently serves as Mr. Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser. The president will announce Brennan’s nomination at 1 p.m. ET. At the same event, an administration official says, the president will also formally announce that he is nominating Chuck Hagel as his next defense secretary.

    more here

  • Winfrey Network to Add Six Series

    PASADENA, Calif.— Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network unveiled six new original series on Saturday aimed at bolstering the fledgling network’s audiences.

    The new programming includes two shows produced by Tyler Perry, the creator of situation-comedy hits such as “House of Payne” who struck a deal to produce shows exclusively for OWN last October. OWN is a joint venture between Ms. Winfrey and Discovery Communications Inc.

    OWN also announced the release of four additional shows by other producers. They include the documentaries “Blackboard Wars,” about an underperforming New Orleans school and “Raising Whitley,” about a comedian raising an adopted baby with the help of friends. “Dogfellas” is the working title for a new show about a former mobster who goes into the dog-grooming and -rescue business; and “Golden Sisters” is a comedy about three senior-citizen sisters who run a salon.

    …The new shows produced by Mr. Perry include the drama series “The Have and the Have Nots,” and the comedy “Love Thy Neighbor,” both of which are scheduled to premiere during late May.

    MORE: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324391104578225750715281798.html

    • rikyrah

      I love the 6 Little McGhees

      • Daltex82

        I like Sweetie Pies and the 6 Little McGhees. I think I may have to add the Golden Sisters to the list, I watched my taped episode last night and they were pretty funny. Not interested (just going by the descriptions) in any of the other stuff.

    • Aquagranny911

      This sounds good. I can’t get OWN from my cable unless I pay more $$. I keep hearing that “Golden Sisters” is a real hoot. “Dogfellas” sounds like it could be fun too.

  • rikyrah

    Boehner’s Plan is Reckless and Irresponsible

    by BooMan
    Mon Jan 7th, 2013 at 08:26:22 AM EST

    It looks like Speaker Boehner doesn’t plan on actually letting the country default on its debts. Yet, he doesn’t plan on extending the debt ceiling, either. At least, he doesn’t plan on extending it for more than a month or two at a time.

    I ask Mr. Boehner if he will take the debt-ceiling talks to the brink—risking a government shutdown and debt downgrade from the credit agencies—given that it didn’t work in 2011 and President Obama has said he won’t bargain on the matter.
    The debt bill is “one point of leverage,” Mr. Boehner says, but he also hedges, noting that it is “not the ultimate leverage.” He says that Republicans won’t back down from the so-called Boehner rule: that every dollar of raising the debt ceiling will require one dollar of spending cuts over the next 10 years. Rather than forcing a deal, the insistence may result in a series of monthly debt-ceiling increases.

    Creating an atmosphere of monthly crisis and permanent uncertainty over whether or not we will honor our debts is not going to protect our nation’s credit rating. Boehner’s current plan will probably result in a downgrade of our credit rating.


  • rikyrah

    It’s Divide and Conquer or Doom

    by BooMan
    Sun Jan 6th, 2013 at 08:48:22 PM EST

    Chris Cillizza is concerned about the possibility that it may no longer be possible for the politicians in Washington to work out some grand compromise on anything of consequence to the country. I agree that it is a problem and I acknowledge that Cillizza puts most of the blame for it on the Republicans. But, what I’d like to see is a recognition that a Grand Bargain with lunatics might not be a good idea in the first place, as well as some acceptance of the idea that the only way out of this impasse is for the Democrats to get the power they need to govern.

    It’s okay to exhort the Republicans to compromise, but it is unseemly and childish to do the same to the Democrats. The Democrats cannot make the Republicans behave. All they can do is offer them something tolerable and crush them if they won’t take it. Part of crushing them is dividing them and then running over them piecemeal. In the short term, with the GOP still in control of the House, this means forcing Boehner to allow votes like the Fiscal Cliff bill that pass with a majority of Democrats and a minority of Republicans. There is no other way that we can pass anything remotely sane and responsible on virtually any topic.


  • rikyrah

    Obama sees ‘a path forward’ on GOP hostage standoff
    By Steve Benen

    Mon Jan 7, 2013 8:00 AM EST.

    Nearly every weekend, President Obama and a Republican deliver competing weekly addresses on an important topic of the day, and ordinarily, the rhetoric is unremarkable. But there was something in the president’s address from Saturday that caught my eye.

    The bulk of Obama’s message was about the recently-passed fiscal agreement, approved by Congress and signed into law this week. But the president also looked ahead, pointing to the next Republican-created crisis on the horizon, and suggesting “a path forward.”

    After noting he’s “willing to do more” to add to the $1.7 trillion in deficit reduction he’s already approved, the president argued:

    “I believe we can find more places to cut spending without shortchanging things like education, job training, research and technology all which are critical to our prosperity in a 21st century economy. But spending cuts must be balanced with more reforms to our tax code. The wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations shouldn’t be able to take advantage of loopholes and deductions that aren’t available to most Americans.”


  • Perry Bacon needs to stop. There was no “public criticism” from the Dem base when Clintom chose white men for top slots.

    Perry Bacon Jr. ‏@perrybaconjr
    Sign of Obama strength with Dem base: He is picking slate of white males for top slots with little public criticism about diversity.

    • Miranda

      *facepalm*…here they go

      • Perry ain’t slick. He’s trying to encourage Black people to complain about these nominations. #InstigatorBitchassness

    • I heard Chuck Todd mention the same thing at the top of his show this morning. They just want to start some shit. I really could give a rats ass what color they are as long as they are qualified for the job.

      • ITA.

        And do you notice that whenever they accuse PBO of not being diverse, they never say who they think he should nominate?

        • conlakappa

          That would mean meeting some non-white, non-male candidates, wouldn’t it?

      • angee

        Repub spox tweeted this bs and the usual suspects trying to make a story out of it.

      • rikyrah

        We woulda had a Black woman at State, but those mofos carried water for the GOP.


        • conlakappa

          Um, well, there is that but… the President hates black people!! And women!!!

    • PBO is Black. Hagel and Kerry are White. By sheer process of elimination that means diversity.

      Besides you don’t pick people for an imprtant Cabinet post because you’re trying to recreate the rainbow coalition. You pick them because you think thier qualified. Not all that hard to understand.

      • Miranda

        Thank you! These are not “get your foot in the door” positions – this is the head of the CIA we’re talking about…not an entry level research analyst. Perry Bacon and the rest of the bullshit brigade need to STFU with this nonsense.

        • JojoRaze

          If they can’t name five POC who could be in this position, they need to have a seat.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Good Monday MornTin’ Sepia. ***BIG HUG** :>)

      THIS NON-troversy is NOTHIN’ MORE than the CONTINUATION of the – -Emoprog/PL — —


      HE is NOT YOUR PUPPET!! — -GET IT EARLY annnd NOW!!! – —

      – — – –TELL ‘EM – -MR. PRESIDENT! :>) – – -HAH!

      Good 2 C U – Sepia. :>)

    • Daltex82

      So much fake outrage so little time.

    • goldenstar

      Something happened. This guy used to be able to provide decent analysis.

      • nellcote

        Something happened.
        Black Man in the White House

    • jziglar

      This is so stupid. The president has a diverse cabinet and this should be about who can do the job. The funny thing about this is that I didn’t hear anything about diversity when Obama appointed African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and women to high positions when he first came into office.

    • GN

      …and if all of the cabinet nominees were of color, trust that the beltway media would have something slick to say about *that.*

      • JojoRaze

        Remember when Sotomayor was chosen the white punditry started talking about Obama’s lack of white male, just folks public university law school graduates for the Supreme Court? These people need to stop.

        PBO never does anything right for these people. I wish I could crazy glue these pundits’ mouths for a month and get the BBC to do replace them. I’d never unglue the American pundits’ mouths.

        • GN


          PBO never does anything right for these people.

          Bingo. It doesn’t matter what he does, there are going to be little smart-mouthed comments regardless. President Obama has repeatedly shown wisdom and good judgment in his nominees. I honestly don’t care what the beltway says about him anymore.

          • Worldwatcher7

            These folks just might end up talking themselves out of a job; more and more people are ignoring the big name pundits.

            I’d rather watch cartoons than Meet the Press.

          • Aquagranny911

            LOL!!! MTP IS a cartoon but not as funny as The Simpsons or South Park, imo!

          • nellcote

            I’d rather watch cartoons than Meet the Press.

          • Aquagranny911

            LOL! Meet Honey Boo Boo?

          • Admiral_Komack

            Where the women are viscious…and the cops are so dumb…

        • Aquagranny911

          Nailed it!

          …”crazy glue these pundits mouths”…

          Works for me & lets make it permanent!

    • isonprize

      Sonia Sotomayor? Eric Holder? Elena Kagel? Eric Shinseki?

      Perry, sit down.

      • nellcote

        Drawing a blank on the names just now but also heads of HHS, Homeland Security, Labor and Energy. Not to mention Jack Lew as chief of staff.

        • TyrenM

          Janet Napolitano, Hilda Solis.

          • nellcote

            Steven Chu 🙂

        • conlakappa

          HHS is Kathleen Sebelius.

  • Miranda


    Just Plain Mary‏@MWJ1231
    Lindsey Graham should start wearing full sized panties and stop wearing thongs. That string up your ass makes you cranky.

  • Bank of America to Pay $10 Billion in Settlement With Fannie Mae

    8:44 a.m. | Updated

    Bank of America agreed on Monday to pay more than $10 billion to Fannie Mae to settle claims over troubled mortgages that soured during the housing crash, mostly loans issued by the bank’s Countrywide Financial subsidiary.

    Under the terms of the pact, Bank of America will pay Fannie Mae $3.6 billion, and will also spend $6.75 billion to buy back mortgages from the housing finance giant at a discount to their original value.

    The settlement will resolve all of the lender’s disputes with Fannie Mae, removing a major impediment to Bank of America’s rehabilitation. The bank had settled its fight with Freddie Mac, the other government-owned mortgage giant, in 2011.

    MORE: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/01/07/bank-of-america-to-pay-10-billion-in-settlement-with-fannie-mae/?hp

  • Democrats look for up to $1 trillion in new tax revenues this year
    By Alexander Bolton – 01/07/13 05:00 AM ET

    Democrats say they want to raise as much as $1 trillion in new revenues through tax reform later this year to balance Republican demands to slash mandatory spending.

    Democratic leaders have had little time to craft a new position for their party since passing a tax deal Tuesday that will raise $620 billion in revenue over the next ten years.

    The emerging consensus, however, is that the next installment of deficit reduction should reach $2 trillion and about half of it should come from higher taxes.

    Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/275815-democrats-looking-for-up-to-1t-in-new-tax-revenues-this-year#ixzz2HInKtpqG

  • angee

    Cory “cornball” booker need to sit his goofy azz down somewhere cause he’s doing too much. Keep messing with that old man and he will LOSE an election and his job.

  • GreenLadyHere


    — — -☻President Obama will nominate former Sen. Chuck Hagel as his next defense secretary and counterterrorism adviser John Brennan to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, “two potentially controversial picks for his second-term national security team,” the AP reports.
    Obama will announce the picks at a White House event Monday afternoon.

    – — -☻HE had some —FIRSTS! – -That same year, Just, who was gaining a national reputation as an outstanding young scientist, was the first recipient of the NAACP’s Spingarn Medal on February 12, 1915. – In June 1916, Just received his Ph.D. in experimental embryology, with a thesis on the mechanics of fertilization, from the University of Chicago, becoming one of the handful of blacks who had gained this degree from a major university.
    Then, in 1930, he became the first American to be invited to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, Germany, where several Nobel Prize winners conducted research.

    — — ENJOY YOUR ENERGY DRANK. :>) – —

    — -SPECIAL: – – –NEW ORLEANS, LA—On Monday, January 7, 2013, Mayor Mitch Landrieu will be joined by City officials, representatives from Carnival organizations and other special guests at Gallier Hall, where they will welcome the start of the 2013 Carnival season. Carnival season begins on January 6, “King’s Day,” and culminates on Mardi Gras day, which this year will be Tuesday, February 12. – –Woo! Hoo! [@lamh36. :>)] —

    – –B BLESSED 2-DAY. – — LOOKIN’ 4-ward 2 THIS SERIES miranda. THANK U. :>) – – –

    • goldenstar

      Does Carnival always begin on King’s Day?

      Count me as ignorant.

      • Aquagranny911

        Yes, I believe that “King’s Day” is the feast of the Three Kings (Magi) which occurs 12 days after Christmas. The festival of the Three Kings visit to Jesus is a big deal in Mexico & Latin America.

        • conlakappa

          I thought Carnival is completely dependent upon the timing of Easter. The last day before Lent and all being the day to say good-bye to meat (carne vale).

          • Aquagranny911

            Carnival is that but Carnival “season” begins Jan 6 no matter when Lent starts. Some years there is just more time to prepare for Shrove Tuesday & all the festivities.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Good Monday MornTin’ Goldenstar. ***BIG HUG*** :>) —

        ‘member when I did the -“12 Day of Christmas? — I used it as a “countdown. BUT –the FIRST DAY is actually –DEC.25. :>) —Annnnd –the 12th DAY/night –is “KING’s DAY.”

        – – – –Twelfth Night Means so Many Things. – –

        — – –January 6th is the twelfth night after Christmas. Also called the Feast of the Epiphany or King’s Day or simply Twelfth Night, January 6th is the official end of the Christmas season, In New Orleans January 6th Twelfth Night, is a significant day for another reason. It’s the official start of the Carnival season, that leads up to the day before Ash Wednesday, or Mardi Gras.

        Carnival is the season, Mardi Gras is a day – –

        Annnd NO! U R NOT –“ignorant”. – –THIS is NOT necessarily common knowledge. :>) – -Hope this helps. :>)

        Good 2 C U GOLDenstar. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – –Republican Lawmakers To Kick Off New Year By Limiting Women’s Reproductive Health — –

    — —State lawmakers will reconvene to kick off their new sessions this week, and Republican legislators are already gearing up for the new abortion restrictions they hope to introduce this year.

    2012 was a banner year for attacks on reproductive freedom — according to the Guttmacher Institute, 19 states passed 42 different abortion restrictions last year, second only to the record-breaking 92 anti-abortion provisions enacted in 2011 — and anti-choice lawmakers show no sign of letting up in the new year. – — SNIP – -. . . state legislators in the following states are moving forward with their attempts to continue restricting women’s right to choose:

    – VIRGINIA: In the last days of 2012, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) quietly approved controversial health clinic rules intended to target abortion doctors and limit women’s access to reproductive services — and Republican lawmakers are prepared to further McDonnell’s anti-abortion agenda in the first days of the new year.

    – – -COMMENT: – – –Marie Harris
    This is how they make up for deficiency in other areas — they use their legislative power to trouble women.
    They are impotent, lying politicians, and they need to dominate someone, something.
    Pathetic and disgusting.

  • How Black Gentrifiers Have Affected the Perception of Chicago’s Changing Neighborhoods
    Emily Badger Dec 31, 2012

    The neighborhood of Bronzeville on the South Side of Chicago has been gentrifying now for more than a decade. Formerly boarded-up beautiful brick homes along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive have come to life. New construction has gone up on land where high-rise public housing projects were spectacularly imploded starting in the 1990s. Median incomes and property values have soared.

    Gentrification, though, means something different in Bronzeville than it does in other neighborhoods. In most U.S. cities the word has generally come to imply the gradual taking of a place from one group (usually poor people, usually minorities) by another (usually middle- or upper-class whites). But in Bronzeville, a historically black neighborhood – once Chicago’s version of Harlem, the city’s “Black Metropolis” – the gentrifiers are black, too.

    Some of them have been there for years, ascending the income ladder as the black middle-class nationwide has dramatically expanded. Then there is the sense that others are “returning” 30 or 40 years after the black middle-class left Bronzville. Either way, there seems to be space enough in the neighborhood amid the vacant lots.

    MORE: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/neighborhoods/2012/12/how-black-gentrifiers-have-affected-perception-chicagos-changing-neighborhoods/4233/

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –ENTERTAINMENT — GOOD NEW$$$$$$ —:>) – –

    – —‘Django Unchained’ crosses $100 million mark at box office – –

    – – – –It took Leatherface and his chainsaw to chase tiny hobbit Bilbo Baggins out of the top spot at the box office.

    Lionsgate’s horror sequel “Texas Chainsaw 3-D” debuted at No. 1 with $23 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. The movie picks up where 1974′s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” left off, with masked killer Leatherface on the loose again.

    Quentin Tarantino’s revenge saga “Django Unchained” held on at No. 2 for a second-straight weekend with $20.1 million. The Weinstein Co. release raised its domestic total to $106.4 million.

    Hope THIS TRANSLATES into SOME NOMINATIONS!! :>) [ Wonder ifff it translates into $$ 4 US.?] – —

    GOOD ON —MR. JAMIE FOXX. :>) – –

  • Aquagranny911

    Hola POU! This looks to be a very interesting series this week. Some years ago I worked with an AA woman who was a certified expert diver. On her vacation time she would take people to Mexico for under sea exploration. Some people were surprised that this was her passion & expertise. She told me once that if she had it to do over she would have studied Marine Biology instead of social work. When she retired she went off to volunteer for oceanographic research. I still get emails from her once in a while.

    OT: Here’s a link to an article by Mann & Ornstein that I think is good reading.



  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — -Ms Nancy weighed in –:>) – – – –

    – –Pelosi: More tax revenues must be part of next deficit deal

    – – –Pushing back against the Republicans’ deficit-reduction strategy, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said this weekend that more tax revenues – not just spending cuts – must be a part of Congress’s effort to rein in deficits.

    Pelosi said the tax hikes in the recent “fiscal-cliff” deal are a start, but don’t go far enough to generate the revenues the government needs to run the country effectively.

    “In this legislation we had $620 billion, very significant … changing the high-end tax rate to 39.6 percent. But that is not enough on the revenue side,” Pelosi told CBS’s Bob Schieffer in an interview taped Friday.

    Without offering many specifics, the California Democrat said she wants to scour the tax code for unnecessary loopholes and “unfair” benefits that help those – either companies or individuals – who don’t need it.

    “Put it all on the table and see what is working,” she said. “Frankly, I’m fairly agnostic about what it could be. … But, you know, if it works for us, if it grows our economy, if it’s something that justifies its existence, it should be there.”

    – – —TELL IT – —Ms. Nancy!! — -U R STILL the LEADER!! :>) —

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – -UPDATE: RAPE CASE in OHIO. — -[PLEASE 4-give the — DISGUSTING – -INSENSITIVE tape] – – –

    – – –Steubenville Rape Case: Ohio authorities create website to sort fact, fiction in high school football player sex charges – – –

    – – –Authorities investigating rape accusations against two high school football players in Steubenville launched a website Saturday designed to combat the alleged misconception “that the football team runs the city,” the city manager said.

    Two 16-year-old boys are set for trial next month in juvenile court in the eastern Ohio town with a population of about 18,000. The boys, whose names have not been released, face charges that they raped a 16-year-old girl in August. Their attorneys denied the charges in court.

    Public interest in the case increased this week with the circulation of an unverified video, more than 12 minutes long, which allegedly shows another young man joking about the accuser. The video apparently was released by hackers who allege more people were involved and should be held accountable.

    —- -☻ –NAMES: – — -TRENT MAYS [sp?] —–MALIK RICHMAN [sp?]
    — – -☻ –PROTESTS 4 ENHANCED prosecution — R INCREASING. – – –

    —Sooo PRAYIN’ 4 this girl, the family of the girl in India annnd RAPE VICTIMS. – –AMEN. – –

  • MsKitty

    Okay, I’m catching up on the last few threads and I just saw the notorious “roast” chicken. Girlfriend needs to stick with ordering takeout for the rest of her natural life. She makes Sandra Lee look like Julia Child.


    • PBomb

      Have you ever seen the notorious Kwanzaa Cake crime committed by Sandra Lee?

      Or how about that recipe that calls for Hypnotiq and blueberries as garnish?

      Sandra Lee is awful.

      • Aquagranny911

        I remember that Kwanzaa Cake video that someone posted here last year. It was a total screamer!

      • MsKitty

        I keep the Kwanzaa Cake clip in my YouTube favorites because there are still some people who don’t believe this actually happened, so I have to show them.

        Sandra Lee is pretty bad but I can watch her creations without gagging. When I saw GOPChick’s chicken, there was actually a couple of seconds I thought I might hurl. If she does get a man, I hope for all that’s good and holy she lets him do the cooking.

        • I can’t front. Sandra Lee made a salisbury steak that I’m interested in trying. #DontJudgeMe

          • PBomb

            How many canned items appear in the recipe?
            Is the steak canned too?

          • conlakappa

            Take water pills with you. You will need them!

          • conlakappa

            Judge you, I shall!

          • Aquagranny911

            Check GovChris’s link at the top of this diary. No matter what you may say about her cooking that loco woman can mix a cocktail!

            Dang! What a bar tender!

          • conlakappa


            You didn’t hear it from me but it’s to wash down her cooking!::

      • rikyrah

        the Kwanzaa Cake is a classic.

        a shake your head, I can’t believe I’m watching this classic

      • nellcote

        Sandra Lee is awful.
        Another point against Cuomo.

        • MsKitty

          If he gets elected in 2016, look for the White House kitchen staff to resign in protest.

      • That heffa put corn nuts on a cake! I’m surprised she didn’t put Doritos on it.

        • PBomb

          She called them “Acorns” Sep. Not corn nuts… acorns.

          With apple filling…. da hell?!

  • Miranda


    April ‏@ReignOfApril
    This is why I don’t like people. Any of them. pic.twitter.com/J9OrI2zJ


    • JojoRaze

      I see what you mean. But didn’t you know Dr. King died so black people could act a fool? /snark

    • GN

      Past trifling.

    • I. Can’t.

    • GreenLadyHere

      mirnda – – – –GEESH!! – – — BEYOND – -I-G-N-A-N-T!! – – -annnnd DISRESPECTFUL!! — –

      Annnnd – – –EVIDENCE of a LACK of UNDERSTANDIN’ -of –


      DEY – -‘ON’T KNOW!! — -OBVIOUSLY!! – –Geesh!!- –

      • Worldwatcher7

        Hi GLH:

        This is further proof that home training is a must.

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY Worldwatcher7. ***BIG HUG**8 :>)

          — -***fist bump** – –U! AIN’T! NEVA! LIED!! – -geesh.

          THEY ‘ON’T realize – – -“Da STRUGGLE” – –CONTINUES!! — – –

          The “WORLD” is just floatin’ by ’em!! – — SAD!! – —

          Good 2 C U –Worldwatcher7. :>)

    • ch555x

      LMAO! I’ll file that w/ an auto-generator into the “fringe section” of society!

    • isonprize



  • Miranda

    Is there anyone out there that takes the log cabin republicans seriously?

    Log Cabin Republicans run another anti-Hagel ad

    • rikyrah

      I’m with those folks asking…


      the Log Cabin GOPers still haven’t answered the question.

      • Aquagranny911

        Don’t ask, don’t tell!

      • conlakappa

        I guess all of the money candidates have returned to them frees up their budget. I work with a Log Cabiner. I will be in no mood if he brings this up.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – — Good on her: – – –

    Hillary Clinton returns to work at State Department – —

    – – – — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to work Monday morning for the first time since she was sidelined by illness, a concussion and a blood clot, according to a schedule released by the State Department.

    According to the department’s weekly schedule, Clinton held a meeting with assistant secretaries of state at 9:15 a.m. ET Monday. On Tuesday she’ll meet with outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon at the White House before attending meetings with ambassadors at the State Department. On Friday Clinton will participate in events surrounding Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s visit to Washington.

    – — -PRAYIIN’ 4 her. BUT: – -CAUTION: — -SLOW your roll. — AMEN.

  • Where the eff has Greenblatt been for the past 3 years???

    NBC Exec Reportedly Warns: We May Deal With Trump If He ‘Crosses A Line’ Or Gets ‘Hurtful’
    by Matt Wilstein | 12:19 pm, January 7th, 2013

    At this weekend’s Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt issued a warning to the network’s reality star Donald Trump.

    During the NBC executive session, Greenblatt reportedly said, “We live in this country where you can say anything you want as long as you are not harming other people. He has his political belief system but I really don’t think what he’s doing in his personal life is going to corrupt what he’s doing on the show.” But he then added, “if he becomes somehow hurtful and says or does things that cross a line, we would figure out what to do with that.”

    MORE: http://www.mediaite.com/online/nbc-exec-reportedly-warns-we-may-deal-with-trump-if-he-crosses-a-line-or-gets-hurtful/

    • Miranda

      Yeah….ok Greenblatt….whatever dude.

    • nellcote

      I wonder what constitutes “crossing a line” for Greenblatt. Didn’t Trump tweet a call for armed revolution after the election?

    • lamh36

      The only line NBC is worried about is the ratings line.

  • Alma98

    Good morning POU! What an interesting subject Miranda, looking forward to the series. Dammit I forgot my sun!

  • GN

    Ya’ll know how the media says people aren’t enthusiastic about PBO’s 2nd inauguration? Well this happened today: http://twitter.com/ZekeJMiller/status/288080799885045760 … #p2

    And the ticketmaster site for ordering inaugural ball tickets has crashed…

    I thought something was weird about that “no one cares about the inauguration” story…I’m only one person and this is just anecdotal, but I got hotel for my family in September, and when I confirmed in October, the hotel said that they were already sold out. I just find it really hard to believe that DC is going to be some ghost town for the inaugural. Sure, there may be fewer people, absolutely, but the excitement and commitment to the first black PBO is still there.

  • Alma98

    SUN! LOL

  • MsKitty

    #StrugglePlateMovieTitles has me in tears. That is all.

    • Miranda

      I forgot to add my contribution to that list:

      Like Shit For Chocolate #StrugglePlateMovieTitles

      • Aquagranny911

        You are so bad! “Like Water for Chocolate” was one of my fav films!

        • Miranda

          I loved that movie AG! I absolutely loved it.

          • GN

            Yup, the book is on point too.

    • OMG! That’s still going on?? LOL! That heffa ain’t gonna NEVA live that down!

  • GN

    Panetta: “It’s time for me to return to my walnut farm.” Looks at Pres. Obama. “Dealing with a different set of nuts.” POTUS laughs.

  • Miranda

    socratic ‏@socratic
    Schoolhouse Rock is 40 years old as of yesterday. Based on what I see on twitter, it has been almost completely unsuccessful.

    • nellcote

      We should start a WH petition for them to put Schoolhouse Rock on the White House site.

  • Alma98

    I’m watching the Hagel press conference.

  • Miranda

    FLASHBACK: GOP Senators Praised Chuck Hagel’s Statesmanship, Foreign Policy Expertise

    As Republicans plan their opposition strategy on Chuck Hagel’s anticipated nomination as the next secretary of defense, Democrats are digging up and circulating examples of top GOP senators saying nice things about their former colleague in the past.

    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in particular was a vocal advocate for Hagel’s character — even after his dissent on U.S. foreign policy regarding Iraq and Israel were well-known.

    In 2006, while he was preparing to run for president, McCain was asked whether he’d consider Hagel for a cabinet post. “I’d be honored to have Chuck with me in any capacity,” he said. “He’d make a great secretary of state.”

    more here

    • Aquagranny911

      Watch old McBuzzard have one of those “senior moments” and join the GOP band wagon to trash Hagel. Counting down now….

      5-4-3-2-1…McCain on MTP this weekend….

      • nellcote

        I think McCain is officially “troubled” and has “many questions”.

      • conlakappa

        CNN is already pimping that he will be on Crowley’s show on Sunday. I am not watching that channel by choice–at the airport.

    • edp4bho

      Hello Miranda, hello POU. These dinosaurs still don’t know what’s on the innertubes ? They keep getting “discovered”- like they try to hide from the Lord and we all know how that works out….LOL !

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – — JUSTICE – – -BEIN’ – –SERVED!! — – — GOOD NEWS!! –

    – – —6th Miss. man pleads guilty in attacks on blacks – –

    – — – –A sixth man has pleaded guilty in connection with racially motivated attacks by young whites against blacks in Jackson.

    Joseph Paul Dominick, 21, of Brandon pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiracy to commit a hate crime. He faces up to five years in prison. U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves will sentence him later.

    Prosecutors say that starting about April 2011, the group drove from mostly white Rankin County into the city of Jackson, where they verbally harassed and physically assaulted blacks and later boasted about the attacks.

    The attacks culminated in the death of James Craig Anderson in June 2011, which sparked the investigation. Prosecutors say Dominick did not participate in the slaying but was part of other group attacks.

    – – RIHEP –Mr. Anderson. – – -CONDOLENCES 2 FAMILY/FRIENDS. AMEN. – –

  • rikyrah

    Dobson on Obama’s Reelection: ‘Nearly Everything I Have Stood for these Past 35 Years Went Down to Defeat’

    Submitted by Brian Tashman on Monday, 1/7/2013 10:10 am

    James Dobson in his January newsletter for his Family Talk radio program reflected on President Obama’s re-election and the Democrats’ gains in Congress by lamenting that “moral and spiritual issues” took “a beating on November 6th.” “Nearly everything I have stood for these past 35 years went down to defeat,” Dobson said, arguing that the Democratic Party’s platform “represents a kind of spiritual warfare that has not been seen before in American politics.”

    The Focus on the Family founder went on to state that “Barack Obama is the worst president in American history” and claimed Obama holds “dictatorial powers.” He also called judges “the most dangerous” threat to America and warned that “the family and the nation will never be the same” if gay marriage becomes legal across the country.

    In his post-election Family Talk broadcast, Dobson said that Obama’s re-election was God rejecting the prayers of his wife’s National Day of Prayer Task Force and will bring about divine judgment on America.


    • Alma98


    • MsKitty

      Nearly Everything I Have Stood for these Past 35 Years Went Down to Defeat

      He says that like it’s a bad thing.

    • nellcote

      God rejecting the prayers
      Why would s/he do that if they’re righteous prayers? Seems like they might want to rething what they’re praying for. Or else they don’t know God as well as they think they do.

  • rikyrah

    McConnell demands unbalanced deal

    By Steve Benen
    Mon Jan 7, 2013 9:36 AM EST.

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had a busy morning yesterday, appearing on NBC, ABC, and CBS to repeat his favorite talking points. For example, viewers got to hear the Republican complain, five times, that the nation has a “massive spending addiction,” though the rhetoric has no basis in reality. McConnell also insisted President Obama is “unwilling” to cut spending, suggesting the Minority Leader may be suffering from a poor memory.

    Of particular interest, though, were McConnell’s thoughts on creating a new debt-ceiling crisis

    For those who can’t watch clips online, McConnell remains unembarrassed by the notion of threatening to hurt Americans on purpose to force cuts to Social Security and Medicare — cuts he expects the White House to initiate in the hopes of making Republicans happy (and giving them cover). But David Gregory also asked specifically about applying new revenues, not through higher tax rates, but through tax reform. McConnell replied:

    “Yeah, that’s over. I’m in favor of doing tax reform, but I think tax reform ought to be revenue neutral as it was back during the Reagan years. We’ve resolved this issue. Look, we don’t have this problem because we tax too little. We have it because we spend way, way too much. So we’ve settled the tax issue.”

    This was an important quote because it suggests the Republican-created crisis is much more likely to get worse before it gets better.


  • rikyrah

    January 7, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    The President nominates Chuck Hagel as the “first person of enlisted rank to serve as Secretary of Defense; one of the few who have been wounded in war, and the first Vietnam veteran to lead the department.” That, alone, would work for me. But I also take the advantage of knowing that if I ever were to have insomnia (which I won’t), I could just replay the video of Chuck’s takedown of Petraeus and others, one day while he served in the Senate, especially the parts where he repeated to them, “For what?!” – over and over until I fell asleep knowing our country’s in good hands, once again, thanks to this great selection process PBO leads.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda — -OOPS! – – -MISSED THIS. Sooo – –her it is: – —

    – —Pres. Obama Announces New Defense Secretary and CIA Director

    — —Washington, DC –[Monday, January 7, 2013]

    Pres. Obama on Monday announced that he will nominate former Nebraska GOP Senator Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary and his counterterrorism adviser John Brennan as the new CIA Director. If approved, Hagel would replace Leon Panetta and Brennan would direct the CIA after the resignation of David Petraeus.

    — — -U R —the –PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. :>)
    U DO –U –SIR. :>) – – -THANK U 4 your – –LEADERSHIP. :>)

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • Zeke Miller ‏@ZekeJMiller
    Carney on Graham’s criticism of Hagel: “I’m not going to get into a rebuttal of every stray comment by a member of congress.”

    • Aquagranny911

      …”stray comment” is right. Graham keeps looking more & more like a stray neutered ally cat searching for his missing cojones.

      • #FeralShade!

        • Miranda

          _____________________________DAMMIT GINA!

        • Miranda

          _____________________________DAMMIT GINA!

    • BoomerGal

      Mr. President has pissed them off!! Heads are exploding! Lol!! McConnell doesn’t want to talk about taxes anymore and Lindsey Graham said, “that was a “in your face” move by the WH! Yeah it was. They had their chance to confirm the Susan Rice pick for SOS and now look who they’ve got for SOD! Karma’s a bitch!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – – –LOL – -Cute QUOTE: – – – — :>) – –

    – —Quote of the Day – –

    — – – – The time has come for me to return to my wife Sylvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren, and my walnut farm. Dealing with a different set of nuts. -Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on his retirement

    Watch: – – — :>) – – –

    • Aquagranny911

      Bless the man! That was a totally great one liner. I so enjoyed that & the Prez’s response.

  • *dead*

    NBCNews NBC News 4m
    Hillary Clinton presented with football helmet by staff on first day back at work (photo: State Dept.) pic.twitter.com/7Vi5rE73

    • Miranda


    • Miranda


    • Aquagranny911

      I got such a laugh from that & it looks like Hillary enjoyed the joke too.

    • JojoRaze

      Her complexion looks a lot better. Very glad to see she’s recovering. However, I don’t get why the football helmet gift is funny.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda – –OMWORD!!!! – – – -OMW!! – —

    – —Oops: Presidential Inaugural Committee, Ticketmaster Send Out Link To Buy Tickets Early – –

    — –It’s unclear how many tickets were sold, or if any are still available. Tickets were set to go on sale tomorrow. – – -O! – –M! — -WORD!! – – –
    THERE IS MUCH MORE. – – – -ANY POU FAM♥ — -involved? – – –

    • LOL! Buzzfeed is trying to distract from the fact that there are plenty of people excited about PBO’s 2nd inauguration.

      • GreenLadyHere

        Sepia – —Thank U. YET –I hope this situation is corrected. — –

        Read B4 –that THEY woulda –SOLD OUT –as soon as they were available. :>) – —Sooo – — NOBODY can fool us.!! :>) —

    • nellcote

      Ticketmaster has a rep for pre-selling tickets to preferred customers and scalpers. I wonder who got the early word to buy on Sun.

    • macademic

      Happy New Year POU & GLH! I think I was on the list from working for the campaign. The first email yesterday @ 3:30 said watch for another email on MONDAY; second email @ 7:30p–which I missed until this am– said here’s your unique login; tickets on sale now! Email #3 went at 12:14am:

      Good evening.

      During testing of our email system tonight, you may have inadvertently received an invitation to purchase tickets for 2013 Inauguration events, including the Inaugural Ball or the Inaugural Parade.

      Public tickets to these events were originally scheduled to go on sale tomorrow morning – you received the email tonight in error, and Ticketmaster takes responsibility for this mistake.

      However, a significant number of public tickets were purchased this evening, despite the early email. Ticketmaster will be in touch with any additional information.

      All public tickets are first-come, first-served, including those sold tonight. There is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase a ticket at any time.

      Thank you for your understanding.


      I think they were hacked…??

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY macademic. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        – –Ohhh —soooo SORRY. – —I hope things get – -RECTIFIED on YOUR BEHALF. :>) – – –

        Good 2 C U macademic. :>) – —

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY macademic. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        – –Ohhh —soooo SORRY. – —I hope things get – -RECTIFIED on YOUR BEHALF. :>) – – –

        Good 2 C U macademic. :>) – —

      • conlakappa

        Yeah, it sucked. I didn’t like TicketMaster’s “too sad” attitude about a pretty big goof up. I saw both messages in near-real time yesterday and was part of the frustrated trying to log on.

        • QOakaJP

          Yep. I called them last night, and yeah, their attitude was basically, “oh well, YOUR bad!” So frustrating.

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Speaking of Sandra Lee, have y’all ever seen this. Her hard liquor “cocktail” and her cocktail tree.

    • Aquagranny911

      Dang! She can tend bar for me anytime. Those cocktails would knock you on your ass! Did she never hear of a bar measure?