September 24, 2017

Monday Open Thread: Black Muslims vs. The Sit-Ins

Students attempt to be served at Walgreen's in Nashville, TN, February 20, 1960. Photo by Jimmy Ellis, The Tennessean.




On April 25, 1961, Malcolm X, James Baldwin and Leverne McCummins sat down with WBAI radio to discuss the Black Muslim position on sit-ins and other methods of civil disobedience. This week, we will take a look at this discussion.



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    Sepia – – – -LET’s PRAY 4 Ms. JHUD at this time – —-

    – – – –Jennifer Hudson’s Fame Hangs Over Murder Trial – —-

    — — –Is anyone here not a fan of Jennifer Hudson? Defense attorneys may be asking themselves that question tomorrow as they begin wading through prospective jurors for the trial of William Balfour, the man who allegedly shot and killed Hudson’s family, the AP reports. Some in the jury pool gasped last week when Judge Charles Burns read Hudson’s name—and 20 got up to leave when he asked who was unable to hear the evidence “without sympathy, bias or prejudice.” Looking on in alarm, Burns told them to sit back down.

    2 DEFENSE ATTORNEYS!: — — WHAT a “WEAK” defense. He IS GUILTY!! – – – – -CASE CLOSED!!!

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    Stupid is as stupid does
    By Steve Benen – Mon Apr 9, 2012 8:51 AM EDT.

    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who uses Twitter far more than most elected politicians, published a curious message over the weekend.

    To translate the abbreviations, the Iowa Republican said that his constituents asked why he’s not outraged at President Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court’s independence. Grassley responded to these questions by telling constituents that the American people are “not as stupid as this ex-professor of constitutional law.”

    Grassley’s Senate office later confirmed that the tweet came from the senator himself — his account was not hacked by someone trying to make Grassley look foolish — and a spokesperson said the senator believes the president doesn’t “understand Marbury v Madison.”

    The general response to this over the weekend was to use Grassley’s comments as another example of the toxicity that permeates the political discourse. There’s certainly some truth to this — 30-year veterans of the U.S. Senate traditionally conduct themselves with more dignity and stature than Grassley chooses to show, and his tweet calling the president “stupid” is a reminder about the overall demise of “statesmanship” in the Republican Party.

    But there’s more to this. Intemperate rhetoric from a classless senator matters, but what matters more is the substance behind his rhetoric. Grassley is a crude politician, but the larger significance of this is that he has no idea what he’s talking about.


    First, as a factual matter, Obama didn’t attack the Supreme Court’s independence, and he never failed to understand judicial review. This is simply ridiculous, as Grassley and his press office likely realize — all one has to do is read what the president actually said.

    But the larger point to this is that Grassley has a lot of nerve questioning the intellect of others as part of the debate over health care.

    Grassley, for those who may have forgotten his role in the health care debate, insisted there was “a bipartisan consensus” for an individual mandate, only to turn around soon after and condemn the mandate that he’d already endorsed. He also talked up death panel garbage; he routinely contradicted himself; and he vowed to vote against his own compromise plan during bipartisan negotiations.

    For that matter, during the same debate, he touted Glenn Beck’s book and at one point, even tried to exploit Ted Kennedy’s cancer for political gain.

    Best of all, after Grassley failed to kill health care reform, the senator took credit for the ways in which the Affordable Care Act helped Iowans.

    Someone has demonstrated “stupidity” here, but I don’t think it’s the president.

  • rikyrah

    Getting Worked Over
    By Zandar April 9th, 2012

    What’s going on here in Kentucky’s employment scene is typical nationally:

    With the economy slowly reviving, an executive from Atlas Van Lines recently visited Louisville, Ky., with good news: the company wanted to hire more than 100 truck drivers ahead of the summer moving season.

    But a usually reliable source of workers, the local government-financed job center, could offer little help, because the federal money that local officials had designated to help train drivers was already exhausted. Without the government assistance, many of the people who would be interested in applying for the driving jobs could not afford the $4,000 classes to obtain commercial driver’s licenses. Now Atlas is struggling to find eligible drivers.

    Across the country, work force centers that assist the unemployed are being asked to do more with less as federal funds dwindle for job training and related services.

    And that’s because Republicans have cut job training programs again and again. Both this year’s version of the Ryan Austerity Plan and last year’s version called for massive cuts to job training programs, and the Republicans got a healthy chunk of those cuts as part of budget deals (that they are looking to renege upon now). By the way, every single Republican in Congress voted to keep paying federal oil subsidies which would have more than covered the job training budget several times over. Instead, these programs are out of money in April already.

    To bolster training and other services for jobless workers, the Obama administration recently proposed consolidating two programs. The general dislocated worker program paid for under the Workforce Investment Act would be combined with the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which provides training and other benefits to workers who lose their jobs because of foreign competition.

    The trade program, which has an annual budget of $575 million, is typically more generous, but narrow in eligibility. The combined program would make all funds available to anyone who had lost a job, regardless of the reason.

    In his latest budget proposal, President Obama also requested an additional $2.8 billion a year for job training over the next decade. “Even in this very tight budget,” said Gene Sperling, national economic adviser, “the president felt that there was an imperative to call right now for a more simplified and effective training system” that also had an increase in funds.

    You’re probably saying to yourself “Why cut job training programs for people who want to work when unemployment is as high as it is?” You’ve answered your own question, same as why Republicans want to eliminate federal programs for birth control, preventative care, sex education, early childhood education, and day care. They don’t want anything to get better for the working poor. They might end up with an extra five bucks to give to a Democrat. Can’t have that. Gotta have tax cuts for the Job Creators instead. That’ll teach you to be poor.

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    Sepia – – – -DAVID AXELROD – – -CALLS OUT – – -STOOPID Grassley – – —

    – – —Grassley calls Obama ‘stupid’ on Twitter – – – –

    – —Responding to the message, Obama campaign senior strategist David Axelrod, himself a prolific tweeter who often engages critics of the president, blasted the Iowa senator.

    “Heads up, Sen. Grassley. I think a 6-year-old hijacked your account and is sending out foolish Tweets just to embarrass you!” Axelrod wrote.

    — -GET HIM – – -Mr. Axelrod!! LOL.

    • Check out his bs excuse…

      US Senator Blames Twitter Typos, Poor Grammar On iPhone

      Andrew Kaczynski
      BuzzFeed Staff
      Posted Apr 9, 2012 9:16am EDT

      Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has drawn criticism for a recent Tweet in which he called President Obama “stupid.” The Senator’s tweets are among the rawest coming from any public official, and sometimes rail against everyone from the History Channel and to the President. Grassley’s tweets are also often heavy on typos, an issued addressed by the Senator in an interview with Legal Times.


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        — – – –Gr –ASS-ley – – – –U R – -STOOOOOOPID!!! —

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  • rikyrah

    That’s a cold shot
    By DougJ, Head of Infidelity April 8th, 2012

    A few months ago (I think I wrote about it at the time), I did a conference call with some kind of group of liberal people, including E. J. Dionne. I went after E. J., telling him that all he ever did was say “my good friend David makes a great point about why we may have to starve all the poor people, even if I don’t completely agree”. He seemed taken aback and someone else told me he mouthed “who is this guy” after I asked it. I like to think (though I know it isn’t so) that’s why he’s writing stuff like this now:

    Conservatives are not accustomed to being on the defensive.

    They have long experience with attacking the evils of the left and the abuses of activist judges. They love to assail “tax-and-spend liberals” without ever discussing who should be taxed or what government money is actually spent on. They expect their progressive opponents to be wimpy and apologetic.

    So imagine the shock when President Obama decided last week to speak plainly about what a Supreme Court decision throwing out the health-care law would mean, and then landed straight shots against the Mitt Romney-supported Paul Ryan budget as “a Trojan horse,” “an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country,” and “thinly veiled social Darwinism.”


    Progressives would be wildly irresponsible if they sat by quietly while a conservative Supreme Court majority undid 80 years of jurisprudence. Roosevelt wasn’t a wimp, and Obama has decided that he won’t be one, either. Conservatives are unhappy because they prefer passive, intimidated liberals to the fighting kind.

    Just fucking let these clowns have it. Tebow knows they deserve even worse. If Bobo and David Gergen whine about your angry, partisan tone, that just means you’re doing it right.

    I don’t mind that Obama does the “centrist” Village thing sometimes, as long as he hits when he has an opening. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  • rikyrah

    Now THIS , I had never head of before:


    Is Posthumous Marrying Offensive?
    by Maisie Allison

    According to the Mormon Church, Thomas Jefferson is the husband of Sally Hemmings, his slave and the mother of several of his children, the couple having been “proxy sealed” in a practice similar to posthumous baptism:

    [T]he LDS Church, according to its Family Search registry, considers Hemings to be Thomas Jefferson’s wife. (One of two—the other of course being Jefferson’s legal wife, Martha, who happens to be Sally Hemings’s half-sister; she and Hemings were both the daughters of Virginia plantation owner John Wayles.) Jefferson is also listed as the father of Hemings’s children. … Why does this matter? Because Mormons not only believe in baptizing non-Mormons who have died—they also believe in “sealing” families so they can spend eternity together.

    Joanna Brooks grapples with the ceremony:

    Mormonism uniquely emphasizes eternal marriage as a rite necessary to enter the highest levels of heaven. Viewed through this theological prism (and with a generous dose of romantic idealism about the quality of most human marriages), the practice of posthumous sealings has special warmth for LDS people. But sealing deceased slaves to their slavemasters? Thomas Jefferson to Sally Hemmings? A relationship that emblematizes slavery’s most complicated and intimate forms of exploitation?

    • In life, Sally Hemmings was forced to have sex with her enslaver, and in death she’s forced to be the wife of her enslaver.

      Thanks a lot, LDS!

    • Worldwatcher7

      These folks really feel powerful, don’t they? They think they can control things in this life and beyond.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – -GOOD POLL NEWS – – — –

    – – – — –President Obama leads among ‘swing independents’ – — – –

    – – — –Independents like President Barack Obama better but feel ideologically closer to Mitt Romney, according to a new poll of a dozen battleground states released Monday.

    The survey, conducted by Global Strategy Group for the moderate Democratic think tank Third Way, homed in on the attitudes of “swing independents” who express views of Romney or Obama that are neither strongly favorable nor unfavorable.

    The majority of those who call themselves politically independent typically lean toward one major party or the other, but about 15 percent of the total electorate (roughly 40 percent of independents) are thought to authentically swing between parties.

    Obama won 57 percent of this group in 2008. In this poll, which took place in mid-March, he led Romney 44 percent to 38 percent.

    – – – — -SKIP – – – –

    Obama is viewed favorably by 57 percent. Only 41 percent of the swing independents said the same for Romney.

    C how this STARTS our somewhat NEGATIVELY. geesh!!


  • Awww! Poor wittle Becky. I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for you.

    Many of the nation’s top colleges have reported their admissions statistics for the class of 2016. And the results are not encouraging for most ambitious high school seniors, especially “unhooked white girls.”

    That’s the euphemism for smart girls with really good grades and solid SAT scores, but who lack some special “hook” or positioning – for example, star athlete, concert pianist, first generation to go to college. They experienced a particularly tough time getting into most of the nation’s most competitive colleges. But they may enjoy a bit of peace-of-mind knowing everyone else did as well.


    The Curse of the Well-Rounded White Girl?

    And why are “unhooked white girls” finding it especially tough? “Because there are so many high-achieving, nice girls who have studied hard, participated in all the right activities, and expected the top colleges to appreciate their efforts,” said Scott Farber. “Do they deserve to get in? Sure. Would they do well if admitted? Absolutely. But colleges are not looking for the well-rounded kid; they want the well-rounded class. And unless you are superstar in some area, you’re just one of thousands of smart, all-around, but unhooked white girls. It may be unfair, but that’s life.”


    • rikyrah

      my teeny tiny violin is smaller than yours

      • PBomb

        You would have to use a microscope to find the one I am playing.

    • Admiral_Komack

      Where the white women at?
      I want to hook them up!

  • Camille

    Was anyone else confused by the machinist union guy that was just on the Bill Press show?!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – — –THESE TULSA POLICE — —CAIN’T clearly C – — HATE CRIMES??? – – –WHA’??? — – –

    – – –2 Held in Deadly Tulsa Shooting Rampage; No Charge

    – — –Police arrested two men suspected in a deadly shooting rampage that terrorized Tulsa’s African-American community, and said online postings indicated one may have been trying to avenge his father’s death.

    Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, were arrested early Sunday at a home in Turley, just north of Tulsa. Police identified both suspects as white, while all five victims in the early Friday shooting were black.

    England and Watts, who have not been charged, are expected in court Monday.

    Police and the FBI cautioned that it was too early to say whether the attacks in Tulsa’s predominantly black north side were racially motivated. Police spokesman Jason Willingham said that based on Facebook postings attributed to England, a wish to avenge the death of his father might have been a factor.

    – – -In a Facebook update Thursday that appeared to have been written by England, he blamed his father’s death on a black man and used a racial slur. The posting said Thursday was the second anniversary of his father’s death.

    – – – –SKIP – – –

    While Tulsa police were reluctant to describe the shootings there as racially motivated, City Councilman Jack Henderson was not.

    “Being an NAACP president for seven years, I think that somebody that committed these crimes (was) very upset with black people,” Henderson said. “That person happened to be a white person, the people they happened to kill and shoot are black people. That fits the bill for me.”

    – – – -***shain’ my head** – – -annnd – –WATCHIN’ – – – -THIS IS NOT LOOKIN’ good!! – —

  • rikyrah

    April 09, 2012 8:45 AM
    Buffet Rule Tax Day Push
    By Ed Kilgore

    Usually the week leading up to April 15, the federal income tax filing day, belongs to conservatives who have the change to score uncontested goal after goal against an unloved and unlovable tax system, and more broadly, the public commitments that make it necessary.

    But this year, it looks like Democrats will for once try to take the initiative with a “tax fairness” campaign that will have the added benefit of directing public attention to Mitt Romney’s balance sheet. Here’s Jonathan Wiesman’s description:

    President Obama and Senate Democrats will kick off a coordinated pressure campaign on Republicans next week ahead of a tax day vote on legislation to enact the president’s “Buffett Rule,” which would ensure that the rich pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes.

    Mr. Obama will travel to Florida on Tuesday for a speech on the Buffett Rule, named after the billionaire investor Warren E. Buffett, who has made a point of saying that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. The Obama campaign will hold Buffett Rule events in other swing states that day, and Senate Democratic leaders have encouraged Democratic senators to get involved with those campaign efforts….

    The push comes ahead of a procedural vote on April 16 that will decide whether the Senate will even debate the bill, and Democrats give it little chance of reaching the necessary 60-vote threshold.

    Wiesman’s article goes on to debate whether the Buffet Rule specifically, or “fairness” generally, is a winning election-year economic message.

    I think this sort of argument falls prey to the amazingly persistent and pernicious idea that whole issue areas “belong” to one party of the other. No, it doesn’t make much sense for tax fairness to become an overriding issue for Democrats this year. But it makes even less sense for Democrats to fall mute or try to change the subject every time Republicans talk about taxes.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – – – – -Uhhh – – —NUMBERS?? – – —The ONLY NUMBERS that I’m seein’ R those which show an INCREASE in – —COPS KILL – — UNARMED – –BLACKS – — – –

    – – – –The Numbers And Ramarley Graham – —

    – – —I want to highly recommend Chris Smith’s piece on Ray Kelly and the officers he commands. I’ve blogged some about the tragedy of Ramarley Graham. Smith puts the young man’s death in context:

    Cops fear a more serious consequence of the push for better numbers, that it propels colleagues forward in borderline situations. This February, in the Bronx, a narcotics cop chased 18-year-old Ramarley Graham into the bathroom of his family’s apartment. Officer Richard Haste suspected Graham of carrying a gun; during a struggle he shot and killed the unarmed man. One ex-cop, who has worked some of the same streets as Haste, says it appears tragic tactical mistakes were made.

    “But it’s important to remember that cops always have the need for numbers in their minds,” he says. “It might not be the top cause of what happened, him chasing the guy into the house, but it’s part of the motivation getting you to that position. You’re trying to get in there and get that body. So is it the pressure of ‘I can’t let this guy get away’? Or is he a number?”

    — —-AXE the PARENTS of this YOUNG MAN ABOUT – – — NUMBERS!!! –geesh!!

  • rikyrah

    April 08, 2012 9:20 AM

    Scott Walker: Not Just the Scourge Of Public Employees
    By Matthew Zeitlin

    In the past few days, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who is internationally (in)famous for his campaign against the collective bargaining rights of his state’s public employees, signed two pieces of legislation that, while totally in keeping with a conservative agenda, seem to have little to do with the crisis in the state’s finances and economy that he was elected to fix. The first bill, which actually garnered a fair amount of attention after Walker signed it on Thursday, repealed a 2009 law which allowed women who were victims of workplace discrimination to sue their employers for damages. The second, signed on Thursday but only announced by Walker on Friday, mandates that sex education in Wisconsin schools “stress abstinence as the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”

    Now, these two issues — limiting access to the courts to seek redress against employer discrimination and emphasizing abstinence in sex education — are core Republican concerns. What they are not, however, is at all part of some radical reorganization of state finances and spending priorities in order to maintain solvency and limit the size of state government. That Scott Walker, the governor most well known for his agressive actions against state employees as part of his strategy to reorient the state government’s priorities and scope, has signed these two pieces of culture war legislation is particularly vivid demonstration that the portrayal of the Tea Party as somehow unconcerned with traditional social issues was totally out of line with reality.

    Mike Konczal and Bryce Covert, in a paper published by the Roosevelt Institute and an article in the Nation, have a more comprehensive look at the Republicans who were swept into statehouses in 2010 on a wave of Tea Party discontent. One of their more telling findings is that the Republicans pursuing the core Tea Party priority of reducing their state’s public workforce were also passing legislation anti-abortion legislation and laws restricting voter registration:

    Our analysis has shown that this conservative, anti-public worker agenda works hand-in-glove with both restrictions on reproductive freedom and attempts to curtail voting rights. In 2010, Republican Governor Mitch Daniels argued that conservatives should call a “truce” on culture issues and focus on reducing the deficit. Instead, conservative state governments managed to do both at once: push through a record number of government layoffs while also restricting reproductive freedom and democratic voting rights. As the Guttmacher Institute noted, “issues related to reproductive health and rights at the state level received unprecedented attention in 2011.” Ninety-two provisions in 24 states directly restricted access to abortion services, almost triple the previous record. The midterm turnover gave the anti-choice movement its chance.

    When asked by the Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff about the pro-life’s successes, Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life, said, “The most obvious thing was the 2010 election…. When we saw this big wave come in, we were ready to grab the ball and run with it.”
    The same pattern emerges in states that have passed voter suppression laws. As The Nation’s Ari Berman described it in Rolling Stone, “a new crop of GOP governors and state legislators has passed a series of seemingly disconnected measures that could prevent millions of students, minorities, immigrants, ex-convicts and the elderly from casting ballots.” These laws range from requiring a government-issued ID to vote, to requiring proof of citizenship to register, to not allowing citizens to register on election day and closing the early voting period. They all produce the same result: decreased access to voting and the democratic process.

    Many of the states that passed or considered anti-choice, anti-democracy bills were those that targeted public workers. Again, we see that the states that the GOP took over in 2010 are much more likely to pass abortion-related restrictions compared to other non-GOP state legislatures, just as they were more likely to make public sector cuts.

  • rikyrah

    April 09, 2012 10:04 AM

    Silence Is Not Golden
    By Ed Kilgore

    In my last post I took a shot at the premise that this or that issue—i.e., taxes—“belongs” to conservatives and should be avoided at all costs by progressives. In the past, this “issue-ownership” mindset has been a particularly bad habit on the Left, where it was common to advise progressive politicians not to “play on enemy turf” by talking about national security, crime, welfare, the budget, or other “conservative issues.” They should instead, it was thought, encourage persuadable voters to think more about issues on which they sympathize with the good guys. The era of pseudo-Lackoffian chatter about “frames” among progressives reinforced this very comforting prejudice, even though it effectively reduced political discourse to competing “narratives” in which the volume and intensity of each side’s rap become the only thing that matters, and “swing voters” are treated as essentially stupid and irresolute people who just need to be yelled at a bit louder.

    According to this approach, progressives probably wouldn’t want to talk about taxes at all. But at the moment, the claim that “silence is golden” is coming from an unexpected direction: the self-consciously centrist Third Way organization, in a new publication about “independent swing” voters entitled “Opportunity Trumps Fairness.”

    I haven’t had time to examine this paper thoroughly, and have several issues with its basic assumptions. But what jumped out at me most was its argument that even talking about “fairness” when it comes to taxes may be counterproductive, because although “independent swing” voters think a “fair” tax system might involve higher taxes on the wealthy, they also want poor people to pay more taxes and generally smile upon “flat tax” schemes. So “pressing them on what would be most fair” might well push them right into the conservative camp for good. Better just to shut up about “fairness”—which simply reinforces preconceived negative perceptions of liberals as redistributionists—and focus on “opportunity” instead.

    My basic problem with this sort of approach to messaging, whether it comes from the “left” or the “center,” is that by refusing to challenge conservative stereotypes of what progressives believe, it confirms them. When it comes to “fairness,” conservatives persistently argue that liberals favor an economic system biased in favor of the very rich and the very poor at the expense of the middle class. The rich have “loopholes” and the poor are “lucky duckies” who don’t pay taxes at all; better to have a flat tax that treats everybody and every source of income the same, right?

    If, as the Third Way paper argues, “swing voters” accept such premises, progressives have two choice: challenging the false premises, based on false characterizations of both the tax system and of what progressives would do about it, or falling silent and making “tax fairness” (of all things!) yet another concession to enemy turf.

    Once asserted by one side and conceded by the other, negative stereotypes are very hard to shake. That’s one of many reasons why in political competition, what you don’t say can kill you and silence is almost never golden.

    • Ebogan63

      This is brilliant, because it puts paid to the idea that the sort of ‘framing’ obsession that too many liberal have, IMO will win the day, as long as you just talk around shit, rather than treat folks as adults and tell the fucking truth. The Idea of not saying ‘taxes’ but ‘dues’ is just one of the more laughable propositions advocated by the types that just live and die on every word that Lakoff says.

  • Rhoda

    Good Morning, POU!

    So, I just read that Crossroads is going on air against POTUS already; despite the primary not being fully over.

    Steven J. Law, the group’s leader, said the ads would address the challenge of unseating a president who polls show is viewed favorably even though many people disapprove of his handling of the economy. Basically, Mr. Law said, “how to dislodge voters from him.”

    The ultimate goal of the Crossroads campaign, Mr. Law said, would be to better connect Americans’ disappointment with the economy to their views of the president, especially among crucial swing voters.

    The Crossroads advertising push — the timing of which has been the subject of avid speculation at the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago — would give the campaign of Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner, the time and cover to map out its national organization, replenish its bank account and put the finishing touches on its own long-discussed advertising plan, which is expected to highlight the economic pain of ordinary Americans.

    This is going to be an ugly race and even the MSM are starting to admit it looks like POTUS will be outspent; Crossroads alone has 200 million. That doesn’t add the millions the Koch brothers are going to put into this campaign. And the MSM will do a stupid, both sides say truth squading and allow lies to be formed as they did in Ohio in ’10 for example. I just read at Balloon Juice how one of the front pagers said everyone got the word that Democrats were cutting Medicare; when it’s Republicans who want to voucherize the system.

    Fortunately, they can’t hide Paul Ryan’s budget. Hopefully, our side will have enough to get the word out. But this is going to be a real and long campaign; money can buy you a lot of votes. And negative campaigns work; and negative is all the GOP has right now.

    • rikyrah

      See, here’s the thing, IMO.

      They’ve spent 4 years calling the POTUS everything but a child of GOD. Those folks who already believe that stuff – they are preaching to the choir.

      Outside of calling POTUS a ‘NIGGER’, they’ve done everything else, and folks have heard him called everything else.

      So, in a way, they’ve innoculated the President on this point, cause we’ve ‘ been there, done that’ with them.

      Them taking a second vote on the Ryan Budget makes no sense, but they did it…and it’s up to the Dems to follow the President’s lead and hang it around their necks like an anvil.

      • Rhoda

        The thing they’re working to do is destroy the President’s favorability; especially since his middle class argument is working. They need to bring his numbers down enough and hopefully depress his voters so they can steal the election. That’s gonna take a lot of money and they’re also going to have to worry over the house and senate. That’s why they’re starting early; this is the moment that will make or break their ability to destroy President Obama. If he survives the summer and the economy stays stable; he’ll likely win re-election and likely hold the senate and retake the house. The later two depend on his coattails; they’re working to destroy the coattail factor IMO.

    • Ebogan63

      Despite the $$$, it’s gonna be their ground game vs. ours.

      I like our chances.

      • Rhoda

        This is so true. POTUS has been organizing on the ground for a year and the difference is crystal clear; it’s partly what helped the rebound in his numbers IMO. That’s why they’re working hard to stop voter registration (accomplished in Florida) and voter suppression. Fortunately, the DOJ is on case.

        • Ebogan63

          These anti-voter measures are what I’m most worried about.

  • rikyrah

    Worst Persons in the World
    Posted on 04/09/2012 at 9:23 am by Bob Cesca
    Fox Orlando affiliate WOFL for this:

    A Fox Orlando affiliate decribed Neo-Nazis as “a civil rights group” on a television broadcast and online. The group of Neo-Nazis, known as the National Socialist Movement, has been conducting armed patrols of the streets of Sanford, Florida, the town where Trayvon Martin was shot dead.

    I do not think those words mean what Fox thinks they mean.

    Incidentally, by way of disproving a Glenn Beck fueled bullshit idea, this group is called “The National Socialist Movement.” I assure you, in no way shape or form do they have anything in common with the left or socialists in general. Why? Because the Nazi use of the word “socialist” was propaganda. As I’ve said dozens of times, the name “hot dog” has the word “dog” in it, but the food item doesn’t have anything to do with actual dogs.


    Special prosecutor will not use grand jury in Trayvon Martin investigation

    State Attorney Angela Corey, appointed as a special prosecutor in the February shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, has decided against sending the case to a grand jury, her office said Monday.

    “The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case,” Corey’s office said in a statement.

    The grand jury, set to convene on Tuesday, was previously scheduled by the former prosecutor.

    Corey previously said she has not used grand jury’s in cases like this and added that from the time she was appointed she said she may not need a grand jury.

    The decision about whether or not to charge George Zimmerman in the case will now be entirely in her hands.

    “At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office,” in the statement.

    • crazycanuck

      something tells me they are not gonna charge this “alleged’ muderer with anything.

      • Guns3000

        I said that weeks ago. Zimmerman is going to walk. I don’t even see the news covering it anymore. Like I said before Zimmerman is going to have to be found guilty in a court of law not the court of public opinion.

      • nellcote

        How do grand juries work? Do they have to be unanimous or does majority rule? I don’t know that I would trust a Florida grand jury anymore than I would a prosecutor with the full light of the media on her.

        • GreenLadyHere

          HEEY nellcote. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

          Here’s some info. – – —A grand jury is a type of jury that determines whether a criminal indictment will be issued.

          – – —Currently, only the United States retains grand juries, although some other common law jurisdictions formerly employed them, and most other jurisdictions employ some other type of preliminary hearing. In Ireland, they also functioned as local government authorities.

          A grand jury is so named because it has a greater number of jurors than a trial jury (also known as a petit jury, from the French for small).

          – – – -SKIP – —

          – -While all states in the U.S. currently have provisions for Grand Juries,[11] today approximately half of the states employ them[12] and only twenty-two require their use, to varying extents.[13] – – –

          – – -***fist bump*** on the DISTRUST. THEY GOT — -MEGA HISTORY of RACE ISSUES!!! —

          Good 2 C U. :>)

      • GN

        I’ll concede that perhaps not; however, this is not dispositive of that. Trayvon’s attorneys have been advocating for this outcome, as they were worried that the secrecy of the grand jury process could facilitate the prosecutor presenting a weak case, and then deflecting blame for no charges. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen at this point, but I’m extremely heartened that this case garnered so much publicity when it was on its way to being swept completely under the rug.

  • Tulsa Shooting Suspects Charged, Bond Set at $9.1 Million Each

    April 9, 2012

    Two Tulsa men arrested in connection with a shooting spree that left three black men dead and two critically injured were charged with murder this morning and ordered by a judge to be held on $9.1 million bonds each.

    Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, were arraigned today in an Oklahoma court via a closed circuit video from the Tulsa County Jail, according to ABC News’ Tulsa affiliate KTUL.

    Neither man had an attorney present and police have not yet determined which man was the alleged shooter, according to KTUL.

    Both men were charged with three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with the intent to kill and one count of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

    The suspects have not been charged with hate crimes, although all of the victims are black.

    • nellcote

      A hate crime charge can be added later.

  • rikyrah

    American Crossroads sees Obama winning tax debate
    By Steve Benen – Mon Apr 9, 2012 11:00 AM EDT.

    Karl Rove’s attack operation, American Crossroads, the powerhouse of the Republican family of super PACs, is planning to begin “its first major anti-Obama advertising blitz of the year.” It’s unclear how big the initial round of attacks will be, but the operation has “an anticipated bank account of more than $200 million,” most of which has come from undisclosed contributions.

    But Crossroads is doing more than just crafting ads; it’s also doing ample research as to which messages are resonating with the public. It led to this interesting tidbit.

    [Steven J. Law, the group’s leader, said] Crossroads research suggests that Mr. Obama’s campaign has started to gain traction among critical swing voters by arguing that Republicans, including Mr. Romney, favor an “economic plutocracy” in which middle-class voters can no longer count on financial security, even though they work hard and play by the rules.

    “His argument is: ‘The reason you feel bad is not because I’ve been an inadequate president but because the rules of the game are stacked against you,’ ” Mr. Law said. Calling it a “dystopian vision,” he added, “that narrative has some gravitational pull.”

    I’m not sure what’s “dystopian” about this. As Obama’s 2012 stump speech comes together, the president has begun telling audiences, “[F]or too long, for too many people, the basic American compact, the basic idea that if you work hard, if you’re responsible, if you’re looking after your family, that you should be able to find a job that pays a living wage, and you should be able to have health insurance so that you don’t worry about going bankrupt if somebody in your family gets sick, that you should be able to send your kids to college and aspire to higher heights than you ever achieved, that you should be able to retire with some dignity and respect — we understood that that basic compact for too many people felt like it was slipping away.”

    This resonates because, well, it’s true. It’s only “dystopian” if the president argues that we’re stuck like this, and that working families can no longer get ahead even if they play by the rules. Obama, of course, is saying the opposite — he’s arguing he wants to restore this basic social compact and provide a degree of financial stability and security for the middle class.

    Rove, Mitt Romney, and their party reject this vision, arguing that the middle class will prosper once the wealthy have more tax breaks, industries have fewer regulations, and families are left to fend for themselves with less public aid in health care and education.

    Is it any wonder American Crossroads’ focus groups are finding that an “economic plutocracy” isn’t currying favor with voters?

    The larger point, though, is that Crossroads is willing to admit that Obama’s argument is resonating.

  • rikyrah

    “Papers Please” and the Latino Vote
    Posted on 04/07/2012 at 5:00 pm by JM Ashby

    Following the arrest of several individuals who do not have brown skin, Alabama Republicans decided that they may need to revise their “Papers Please” anti-immigration law, HB56, to ensure that no more white people are arrested. After all, they weren’t the intended target.

    Among the proposed changes however, is one that makes the current bill even more egregious.

    Long-promised revisions to the state’s controversial immigration law were filed Thursday afternoon, with one significantly expanding provisions allowing officers to detain those they have “reasonable suspicion” of being in the country unlawfully.

    Under the current law, police could apply “reasonable suspicion” to the individual arrested or cited during a traffic stop. The new bill would allow law enforcement to detain anyone else in the vehicle.

    Amanda Beadle of ThinkProgress reports that it was law enforcement who requested this new provision, which I personally interpret as a tool for more efficiently scooping up groups of people to detain or deport rather than one at a time.

    Florida Senator Marco Rubio believes he can attract the undecided portion of the latino voting base in November by offering a cynical, watered-down version of the Dream Act, and while that may lure a small portion of voters, the vast majority will remain unswayed as long as Mitt Romney continues to pal around with the original author of “Papers Please,” Kris Kobach.

    Romney, who has pledged to veto the Dream Act, said Kris Kobach’s legislation is a “model” for the country.

    Recently-recalled Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce claiming that Mitt Romney’s immigration policy is “indentical” to his doesn’t help either.

    • nellcote

      The new bill would allow law enforcement to detain anyone else in the vehicle.

      And now the SCOTUS says they can be strip searched too.

      • Admiral_Komack

        “Spread ’em!”
        “This won’t hurt…much.”

  • rikyrah

    Warren’s economic assessment falls far short
    By Steve Benen – Mon Apr 9, 2012 10:18 AM EDT.

    Pastor Rick Warren, who heads an evangelical megachurch in Orange County, California, talked to ABC’s Jake Tapper yesterday about a variety of topics, but it was Warren’s thoughts on the economy that struck me as especially important

    The host asked what he tells members of his congregation who are struggling, and Warren said the “root” of our problems have a “spiritual” cause. “We have overspent,” the pastor said. “The biggest problem for all of our economic problems is our inability to delay gratification. ‘I want it and I want it now. And I’m going to buy it even if I can’t afford it.’ And not only have people done that, the government has done it.”

    At an Orange County megachurch, this may lead to a lot of nodding heads. In reality, the policy details point in a very different direction.

    Warren seems to want Americans to believe our economy would be healthier if our government invested less. Indeed, the pastor’s argument seems to be that the Great Recession — partly the result of lax regulations and poor government oversight — would have been better if the public sector left more American families to fend for themselves. This is backwards, as the public-sector layoffs, and their drag on the national economy, help demonstrate.

    But Steve M. raised a good point about what else Warren said in the interview: “The only way to get people out of poverty is J-O-B-S. Create jobs. To create wealth, not to subsidize wealth.”

    Then I suppose the conservative pastor has a problem with developments like these?

    Across the country, work force centers that assist the unemployed are being asked to do more with less as federal funds dwindle for job training and related services. […]

    Federal money for the primary training program for dislocated workers is 18 percent lower in today’s dollars than it was in 2006, even though there are six million more people looking for work now. Funds used to provide basic job search services, like guidance on resumes and coaching for interviews, have fallen by 13 percent. […]

    Employers who want to hire often complain that the jobless do not have the necessary skills. In such an environment, advocates for workers say that cutting funds for training and other services makes little sense.

    Warren’s rhetoric may have a folksy charm, but his assessment of the economy is deeply misguided. He didn’t address these federal job-training programs in particular, but he nevertheless articulated an ideology that Republican policymakers share: the jobs landscape will improve if the nation invests less in those who need jobs.

    It’s not a “spiritual” mistake, but it is a policy mistake.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia—- – YA KNOW – – -IMMA post THIS- – –without – – SHOCK!- – -These INCIDENTS R – – -BEYOND 2 MANY!!- – – –

    – —Less Than One Month After Trayvon Martin’s Death, Unarmed Chicago Woman Shot And Killed By Police Officer– –

    – – –Less than one month after Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Florida, an unarmed woman died after an off-duty Chicago police officer fired in self-defense on March 21. The officer has said he drove up to a group of people at 1 a.m. while looking into a disturbance near his home. The officer pulled out his gun and fired after he saw 39-year-old Antonio Cross pull out a gun. The shots hit Boyd in the head, and she died the next day.

    – –But neighbors and witnesses disagree with the officer’s account of what happened. Cross has said he was unarmed and was using his cell phone when the officer fired. He has been charged with aggravated assault./u>< And an alderman representing the area said residents have told him they witnessed the shooting but haven’t been contacted by authorities to give their statements. “A young person’s life [has been] taken away and there is not one person that has been out on these streets to canvass the area to talk to any of these witnesses,” said Alderman Michael Chandler.

    – – — -SKIP- – —


    Boyd’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and the off-duty police officer.


    – — –IN STARK CONTRAST:- —DAY 44 annnnd teh “z-man” REMAINS FREE!!– – geesh!!!

    RIHEP- — Rekia Boyd!- – – –CONDOLENCES 2 the family.- -AMEN.

  • rikyrah

    April 07, 2012 1:27 PM
    The Case Against Principal Forgiveness Is The Case For Mass Refinancing
    By Matthew Zeitlin

    The big housing policy fight brewing between the Obama administration and the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the regulator that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is over principal forgiveness: lowering the burden of outstanding mortgage debt on homeowners in order to reduce foreclosures and get homeowners out from their underwater mortgages.

    Nick Timiraos reports in the Wall Street Journal that the disagreement between the administration and the FHFA’s head, Edward DeMarco, over principal forgiveness is fully out in the open, especially since the Treasury has offered to put up some of the money for the write-downs. What’s interesting is that DeMarco’s argument against principal forgiveness, as explained in a recent speech, is a great argument for another ambitious housing policy — a large scale refinancing of the underwater mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie:

    The fundamental point of a loan modification is to adjust the borrower’s monthly payment to an affordable level. We have seen repeatedly that what matters most in successfully helping borrowers is a meaningful reduction in the monthly payment to an amount that helps stabilize the family’s finances. Indeed, we have found that payment reduction, not loan-to-value, is the key indicator of success in loan modifications.

    Moreover, this approach recognizes that three out of every four deeply underwater borrowers in Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s book of business today are current on their loans. These borrowers are demonstrating a continued willingness to meet their mortgage obligations. This should be recognized and encouraged, not dampened with incentives for people to not continue paying.

    So, if homeowners who are vastly underwater are still current on their payments and will likely be so in the future, then there is little reason to simply write-off their principal, which would end up increasing the liability of the taxpayer and would not actually be all that effective in preventing foreclosure. But if that’s really the case, then Fannie and Freddie ought to be doing a lot more to facilitate refinancing of these mortgages.

    If underwater homeowners are able to stay current on their mortgage at an interest rate that is a few percentage points above the low prevailing ones — and 75% of Fannie and Freddie backed homeowners who are underwater are current — then there is little reason not to help those same homeowners refinance at lower rates. After all, they have demonstrated an ability to make the payments, so their inability to refinance due to a horrendous housing market that has lead to so many underwater mortgages is an inefficiency that can be ameliorated by the intervention of Fannie and Freddie.

    In the same speech where DeMarco criticizes principal forgiveness, he lauds the HARP program, which facilitates refinancing for underwater mortgages and was recently extended and its eligibility criteria relaxed. It has, however, only successfully refinanced around one million mortgages. In any case, the FHFA only expanded HARP after the White House and many outside analysts had been calling for mass refinancing for almost two years, and most refinancing advocates still think that Fannie and Freddie could do much more. Whether the FHFA will follow the logic of its administrator, of course, remains to be seen.

  • lamh35

    Sorry to threadjack so early, but I really need some advice ASAP!!!


    I applied for a job at this hospital in NOLA. I just receieved an email from them asking me to provide 5 references. 2 of the references should be from direct/past lab managers. My current job is where most of my experience comes from. I am a good tech and I am well qualified for this position, but I am wary of asking for references from any of my current managers because firstly, I haven’t told anyone but my closest friend/acquaintances that I am looking for another job. I haven’t told any of them that I am looking for a position in NOLA either, so my current manager have no idea that I’m looking for other work. Secondly, they have been really petty in the past (and are kinda petty overall, which is one of the reasons I want to leave) with other people I know who have left, and if I don’t get this position, then I will have to keep my current job and I KNOW that they will make my life here very uncomfortable, which I just do not want to deal with.

    I am thinking really hard about using Senior Techs instead of supervisors, I’ve already written to the recruiter and explained the “hostile” work situation that could occur if I asked for references and did not get the job.

    I have a feeling that I could possibly get this job, the only stickling point for me would be pay rate. I have the experience to ask for the higher pay scale which would still be about $2-$3 less than my current job, but once I’m home in NOLA, I can supplement that income with a PRN job just like I currently do.

    Unlike with the CDC job I applied for my gut tells me that I have a REAL chance of getting this position if I can just get an interview and before that happens, I need to deal with the references situations.

    Anyone have any good ideas on what I should do?

    • nellcote

      It seems to me that you should assume they will be contacting your current employers in any event. Is there someone above your supervisors who can write a recommendation?

      • Rhoda

        They’d need her permission to do so; my last employer asked my permission to contact if an offer was made and they did that and it worked out fine. But they can’t just call up her present employers without her input.

      • lamh35

        no, I don’t know the Pathology adminstration very well and they don’t know me, but they are chummy with the Lab Mgr and look upthread to see my discussion about the lab mgr.

    • Rhoda

      First, calm down. It’ll be okay.

      I’m not sure I’d know what to do either; but I think you are making the best choice in using your supervisors and letting them know the situation at the place you’re applying at. Just work the situation the best you can; be supper polite and it’ll work out as it’s meant to. We can’t do more than our best and you seem very stressed by your post.

      Sorry I can’t be more help. Good luck.

      • lamh35

        Sorry, for sounding so breathless, I am actually calm, but I was just reacting to the email I got from the other hospital.

        Cooler heads are prevailing now.

  • rikyrah

    Ask the Conservatives
    by BooMan
    Mon Apr 9th, 2012 at 12:04:43 AM EST

    There are two reasons why this is happening. There are two reasons, for example, why Atlas Van Lines can’t find anyone to drive its trucks in Louisville, and why Dallas can only afford to give job training to 43 out of the 23,500 people who have lost their jobs in the last 10 weeks.
    The first reason is that conservatives are assholes and they refuse to do anything to help anyone if it costs any taxpayers any money.

    The second reason is that conservatives bankrupted this country by slashing taxes on rich people, committing us to over a decade of war in Asia, enacting massive (and poorly designed) new federal programs and entitlements, and failing to regulate Wall Street.

    And, no, increasing education spending, creating a drug benefit under Medicare, and liberating Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein didn’t cost the taxpayers any money because conservatives borrowed every dime they spent to do those things. And then they told us that we had to make the middle class foot the bill for it and the poor to take the brunt of the cost of balancing the budget hole they created.

    But, you know, there’s a third reason why, for example, “[f]ederal money for the primary training program for dislocated workers is 18 percent lower in today’s dollars than it was in 2006, even though there are six million more people looking for work now.” That’s because conservatives are doing anything they can to prevent President Obama from improving the economy, and that includes refusing to help people find work.

    If you want to know why 16-year-old Aubrey Sandifer has to walk 20 minutes in the rain to school, ask conservatives. If you want to know why “Esmeralda Murillo, a 21-year-old mother of two, lost her welfare check, landed in a shelter and then returned to a boyfriend whose violent temper had driven her away,” ask conservatives. Ask the conservatives on the Supreme Court about this:

    With an anticipated bank account of more than $200 million, officials at American Crossroads said they would probably begin their campaign [against the president] this month. But they said they would focus the bulk of the first phase from May through July, which they believe is a critical period for making an impression on voters, before summer vacations and the party conventions take place.

    Steven J. Law, the group’s leader, said the ads would address the challenge of unseating a president who polls show is viewed favorably even though many people disapprove of his handling of the economy. Basically, Mr. Law said, “how to dislodge voters from him.”

    Set aside the war on women, or gays, or blacks, or Latinos, the middle class. Just focus on the most basic stuff. All across this country people are suffering for the simple reason that conservatives already have too much power.

    The idea that they might gain more power should be a complete non-starter for everyone but the most selfish people in the highest tax brackets.

  • rikyrah

    Romney/Ryan: Embrace the Giant Sucking Sound
    By Anne Laurie April 9th, 2012

    Irredeemable WaPo jagoff Chris Cillizza on “Paul Ryan’s Rapidly-Improving Vice-Presidential Prospects“:

    … In what was a defining speech of his 2012 reelection campaign, Obama repeatedly called out Ryan and Republicans for their “laughable” approach to deficit reduction, describing the budget plan put forward by the Wisconsin Republican as a “Trojan horse”. Added Obama: “Disguised as deficit reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism.”…

    Knowing now that Obama is going to go all-out on the Ryan plan, it makes an increasing amount of sense for Romney to not only fully embrace the plan (as he has done) but to fully embrace the man too.

    It’s not hard to imagine this thought in Romney headquarters this morning: You want to make the Ryan plan the centerpiece of this campaign? Fine. Game on. That’s a fight we want.

    If you believe — and you should — that the dominant issue of this campaign is over which party has the best plan to put the country on sound financial footing then there’s no better way for Romney to drive a contrast with Obama than to put the face of the conservative approach to budgeting on the national ticket. (It doesn’t hurt that Ryan is telegenic, beloved by tea party conservatives and from a swing state like Wisconsin.)…

    By all means, Republican base-rs, embrace the Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver! Make this Randroid phantasy the public face of your party! Cillizza actually quotes Ezra Klein’s wonkish dissection of the way Ryan’s budget undermines Romney’s careful all-things-to-all-voters “moderation”… and then manages to proclaim this as a positive for the general election.

    I think former theatre critic Frank Rich, at NYMag’s Daily Intel, has a sounder understanding of the reality-based community:

    The president called the budget “social Darwinism” — is this a strategy the Democrats can keep up throughout the general election?
    “Social Darwinism” that budget clearly is, for it enshrines two principles: More tax cuts for the rich, and the gutting of programs that might benefit those who have not reached the pinnacle of economic evolution. Not just Medicare and Medicaid, but Head Start, Pell grants, and federal regulation of toxins as various as derivatives on Wall Street and “pink slime” in food. The House budget is a Pandora’s box of potential horrors that Democrats can roll out throughout 2012. And that political task is made easier by the fact that the Republicans, including Romney, are leaving the details blank, allowing voters (with Democratic prodding) to let their imaginations and fears run riot. Romney actually told The Weekly Standard that he would not “give you a list right now” of what federal departments and programs he would eliminate as President — and he said this just two weeks before he had the audacity to accuse Obama of playing “hide-and-seek.” Freud had a term for this — projection…

    Will it help or hurt Obama that the GOP budget’s author, Paul Ryan, is a relative newcomer to the national stage? Even Americans who know his name probably only have a vague idea of who he is other than a “Wisconsin budget wonk.”
    Ryan is too dull to serve as a political piñata — he’s “9-9-9” without the charisma. Should Romney pick him for Veep, as Washington’s current “whispering” has it, the GOP will at least have an all-white-male ticket in perfect sync with the party’s demographics. The bland leading the bland.

    Isn’t that precisely why Romney shouldn’t choose Ryan?
    You’d think. Then again, it’s hard to imagine how any vice-presidential choice could undo his and his party’s poor standing with two minorities, African-Americans and Hispanics, and one majority, women. This week Romney became clenched, awkward, and terse when asked to expound on the Mormon church’s egregious and tardy history in awarding blacks equal status to whites. He has endorsed Arizona’s Draconian anti-immigration law, which would punish Latinos for the crime of acting or looking “Latino,” and he has given the nation the concept of “self-deportation,” which some Hispanic voters might rightfully mistake for “self-flagellation,” or perhaps “self-annihilation.” Romney has also endorsed the so-called Blunt Amendment, and called for the elimination of Title X and Planned Parenthood funding — which would collectively deny poor and working women alike coverage not just for contraception but for cancer screening, among other health-care essentials…

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – – – -2 the REAR– –MARCH!!- – – -NO GRAND JURY_ – —

    – – – – –Special prosecutor: No grand jury for Trayvon Martin case– —-

    – – — Last Updated 12:29 p.m. ET

    (CBS News) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – State Attorney Angela Corey has decided not to use a grand jury in her investigation into the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

    The grand jury, scheduled by the case’s previous prosecutor, was set to convene on April 10.

    A statement released by her office said that the decision “should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case.”

    Corey was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott last month to take over the investigation. At that time she said she may not need a grand jury.

    Corey, the state attorney for the Jacksonville area, was appointed to take over the case after the local state attorney, Norman Wolfinger, recused himself.

    Monday’s statement said that the investigation continues, and declined further comment.

    The decision to press charges now rests solely with Corey, whose reputation was to not present cases before grand juries if not required under state law. (In Florida grand juries are only required in cases of first-degree murder.)


  • President Obama’s MN campaign opposes marriage amendment

    Posted at 11:48 AM on April 9, 2012 by Tom Scheck
    Filed under: Campaign 2012, Marriage Amendment

    President Obama’s campaign in Minnesota has issued a statement saying the campaign will oppose the state’s proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

    “While the President does not weigh in on every single ballot measure in every state, the record is clear that the President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples,” said Kristen Sosanie, spokeswoman for the Obama for America – Minnesota campaign. “That’s what the Minnesota ballot initiative would do – it would single out and discriminate against committed gay and lesbian couples – and that’s why the President does not support it.”

    This isn’t the first instance where President Obama has spoken out about a ballot initiative that bans same-sex marriage. The campaign released a statement in March saying Mr. Obama opposed the amendment in North Carolina.


  • lamh35

    Ok, so my first post did come out a little too breathless, but it was reacting to the receipt of the email asking for references. So cooler heads are prevailing right now.

    So some advice was that maybe i could go above my immediate supervisors, but that is a no go as well, since the Lab Mgr would be no better than the supervisers, who are good people, just very much a “catty” bunch for lack of a better word and they also can’t keep their mouths shut about matters that are not supposed to be for anyone other than supervisors i.e. they gossip too much and they have been known to pick favorites and use these favorites to snitch on other within the lab. As for the Lab Mgr I have seen and heard first hand about her ability to hold a grudge and be completely rude and downright condescending when she feels slighted or somehow maligned. To give you an example, my friend moved back home to NOLA and when she had her exit interview with the lab manager, essentially the lab mgr told her that “they” had decided to chose to give her the opportunity to work here since she was from NOLA and they figured she “needed” an opportunity. My friend informed the lab mgr, that no, in fact she CHOSE to work for them, she had 3 offers for employment and she chose the hospital because she thought it would be a nice place to work not the other way around as if she never woulda had that opportunity otherwise. She is also NOT above using her knowledge of your employment portfolio as snark or “i’m just playing” kinda BS. Another incident, where an employee was discussing a home she was looking at, not necessarily planning to buy, but just her “dream” home. The Lab Mgr looked at the home and said “with your salary”….WTF! The employee was so taken aback that she didn’t say anything, but later she was PO’d that the Lab Mgr would say such a thing in mixed company. So no, the Lab Mgr is NOT an option.

    Anyway, here is the letter I wrote to the recruiter. Whatever her answer, I think I’m gonna go with the Senior Tech route rather than Sup/Mgr.

    My name … I have applied for the Med Tech position in Microbiology at Oschner Health in New Orleans. I received an email asking that I provide a reference to continue the process and that the references have to be from at least 2 of my direct managers. I am very interested in the job, but I’ll be honest, I am relunctant to provide references from my current managers due to the fact that I have not informed them that I am seeking a new position elsewhere particulary that I am seeking new employment in another state. I am concerned that I will be risking not necessarily the loss of my current job but more likely, I am afraid that if I do not get the job at Oschner that it will create an uncomfortable work environment at my current job due to the mere fact that it will be known that I am/was seeking employment elsewhere…
    Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – – — -THESE PICS!!- – — –PRICELESS!!—-:>)

    – – – —Obama hosts 2012 Easter egg roll at the White House (SLIDESHOW)– – —

    – —-President Obama and his wife Michelle have kicked off a sun-splashed Easter Egg Roll at the White House, with thousands of kids and their parents thronging the South Lawn.

    The president says his family’s thrilled to have so many guests on a sunny Easter Monday. Appearing with him and daughters Malia and Sasha under the South Portico, Mrs. Obama said she hoped all the visitors had comfortable shoes on.

    —- -The annual event, which dates back to 1878 when Rutherford B. Hayes was president, features traditional egg-rolling races — as well as obstacle courses, book-readings, musical performances and sports from basketball to tennis. There’s even a yoga garden. Officials expect some 30,000 kids and their parents to take part.

    WHEW LAWD.- – — -MR. PRESIDENT- —-doin’- – -PUSH UPS!!- —

    – – — – ***usin’ OXYGEN MASK*** :>)- – — –


  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia– – – – -LOL.—Annnnnd- — FLOP!!!– – –

    – – – – –Photo of the Day—- – –

    – — –This is the “severely conservative” Mitt Romney attending the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC) awards ceremony in 1995.

    According to the MWPC website, their priorities are– –

    Reproductive freedoms and the right to choice
    Equal and civil rights for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation, religion, race
    Support for the Equal Rights Amendment
    Accessible and affordable child care

    – – — – -SKIP- — –

    Does the Mitt Romney of 2012 agree with the Mitt Romney of 1995?

    Unlikely. He’s running for president, for Pete’s sake.

    – – —-WILLARD- –YA CAIN’T RUN FROM YOUR PAST!!!!– – -HAH!! :>)

  • lamh35

    This is vile and stupid!

    ” Racial slur on Mich. road sign targets Trayvon Martin”

    • Miranda

      Like I said before, its getting worse. These mofos want a race war.

  • The Repubs and their media puppets are getting desperate….

    President Obama Misses Three-Pointers On Camera, RNC Licks Chops

    by James Crugnale | 3:40 pm, April 9th, 2012

    During the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday morning, President Obama struggled to sink a three point basket basket, initially going a cold 0 for 3, with numerous brick shots. ABC News’ Jake Tapper reports “he missed seven shots before sinking his first.”

    “If you don’t think the RNC has already flagged this one, you’re crazy,” Politico media reporter Dylan Byers observed.

    Communications director for the Republican National Committee Sean Spicer thanked Byers for the suggestion, tweeting, “Thanks for the heads up @DylanByers — yeah we flagged it.”


    But PBO didn’t miss Bin Laden.

    • Rhoda

      That is so sad. When Rasmussen has him at 49%; they have to pull out every stop.

    • rikyrah

      they are some sad whiny ass titty babies

    • aleth

      Really haha idiots

  • The Nation’s Jessica Valenti makes a good point.

    It’s easy (and correct) to criticize Derbyshire—his article was explicitly, unabashedly racist and hateful. Frankly, it was a gift to conservative writers. Because now they get to shake their heads in disappointment and condemnation, patting themselves on the back as non-racist by comparison. By holding Derbyshire up as a real bad guy, conservatives are hoping that people will ignore their own racism—not just the content of their media but their ideological principles and the policies they support.

    A blogger at RedState, for example, described Derbyshire’s racism as “breathtaking,” writing that Derbyshire should be fired: “Derbyshire’s screed was so contemptible, especially in light of his lengthy history, that I cannot imagine a reason that Derbyshire should not have been summarily dismissed within the hour.”

    This is a blog in which a search for the dehumanizing racist term “illegals” brings up 6,440 results. It’s a site that has carried headlines like “Are Blacks Oblivious to Their Obvious Problem?” (See Melissa Harris-Perry’s guide for talking about race: “Black is always an adjective, it’s never a noun.”) RedState even defended Newt Gingrich’s comment that if he were to speak at the NAACP he’d talk about why “the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.” (And this is just what I found doing a ten-minute search—I’m sure it’s the tip of the iceberg.)


    • Miranda

      I thought the same thing. Derbyshire wasn’t saying anything the rest of those cowards don’t think anyway.

  • Pryor will not actively campaign for Obama

    Submitted by The City Wire Staff on Mon, 04/09/2012 – 1:52pm

    U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., said he will not actively campaign in Arkansas for President Barack Obama during the 2012 general election cycle.

    Pryor noted his unwillingness to support the Obama, the titular head of the Democratic Party, during the second edition of the The City Wire show, presented by 5News.

    “Not very active,” Pryor said when asked about his level of support for Obama. “As much as I may love all of our presidents, … I just don’t really get involved in those races. My view is, Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter, my view is I’m in Washington to try to work with people.

    Continuing, Pryor said it is “totally secondary to me,” if Romney wins the White House or if the Republicans gain control of the Senate. He said his job is to seek solutions to the nation’s problems no matter the source — Democrat or Republican — of the solution.

    Later in the interview, Pryor explained: “I’m not there to represent a President. I think that is one thing that I think people in Arkansas understand, but nationally people have forgotten this.”


    • Rhoda

      Watch him lose come November, he needs to black vote to even remotely be competitive.

      • Ebogan63

        Wait for the ‘help me, Obi Wan PBO, you’re my only hope’ when his stupid azz is down in the polls. As much as these blue dog idiots from red states are of import, I almost hope his butt loses cuz I am beyond sick of this ‘he’s not the boss of me’ bullshit.

    • Camille

      “…In June 2007, before the annual Arkansas Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson dinner, Pryor announced his endorsement of his colleague Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), who served as First Lady of Arkansas for 12 years, for the President of the United States. Pryor noted the ability and competence of Clinton as a Senator and former U.S. First Lady…”

      “…Pryor is affiliated with a political organization called the Family. Pryor states that through the Family he “had learned that the separation of church and state was a sort of secular exaggeration” and that “Jesus did not come to bring peace. Jesus came to take over…”

      According to Senator Pryor “… “You don’t need to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate…”


      • Ebogan63

        Trust PBO ‘nem were not counting on his sorry azz!

    • Miranda

      To hell with him. punk bitch.

  • rikyrah

    April 09, 2012 12:32 PM

    “Swing Voters” and General Election Positioning

    By Ed Kilgore

    Facebook Twitter Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Delicious

    There’s another brief thought I’d offer about the Third Way paper on “fairness vs. opportunity” and “independent swing voters” that I discussed earlier today. Much of its analyis is based on a poll of self-identified independents in battleground states conducted by Global Strategy Group. Among other things, this survey asks “swing independents” (defined as self-identified independents who did not express strongly favorable or unfavorable views of President Obama or Mitt Romney) to plot their own ideology on a 1-9 left-right ideological scale, and then also plot the two parties and Obama and Romney.

    Putting aside all the many perils of this sort of polling, the “spectrum” question shows “swing-independents” on average perceiving themselves as closer to Romney ideologically than to Obama, but also closer to the Democratic than to the Republican Party. At the same time, Obama is perceived as very similar to his party ideolologically, while Romney is perceived as well to the left of his party. And above and beyond all these calculations, “swing independents” currently favor Obama against Romney by a 44-38 margin.

    So Obama’s only apparent “vulnerability” in this demographic vis a vis Romney is that Mitt is perceived as significantly more moderate than the GOP. This isn’t terribly surprising given Romney’s history and the time and expense that his Republican rivals have devoted to the task of labeling him as an unprincipled RINO. But Romney has been working hard to erase that perception (and will have to continue to erase it at least until Rick Santorum drops out and the GOP is suitably united), giving the Obama campaign a rich storehouse of statements and issue perceptions to exploit in the general election (as Jonathan Alter explains in some detail at Ten Miles Square today).

    So why is it Obama and/or the Democratic Party that needs, according to the Third Way study, to change its message on the economy? Sure, it’s always helpful to maximize one’s support in any and all voter demographics. But when your opponent is caught between pressure to make his views more consistent with those of his relatively unpopular party, and his richly earned reputation as a chameleon, and you are already working from an advantage in full concert with your own party, why run the risk of changing your message, particularly if the existing message happens to coincide with what you and your party actually believe and (in the case of income inequality and the unfairness of the tax code) with the factual situation the country faces?

    Look, I’m all for harvesting as much information from public opinion research as is possible, and don’t think there’s anything evil about responding to clear indications of what the public thinks and wants. But the advice offered in this paper really does live down to the negative reputation of Democratic “centrists” as people willing to make major concessions to conservative policy preferences in order to achieve very small advantages among very small groups of swing voters. It’s not worth it morally or politically.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – —Hairy perry” cain’t run his STATE.!! WHYCOME he thought that he could run this country!!!- – – — ARROGANT!!- – —

    – — – –Texas & the GOP War on Education– —

    – — – –What happens in a state controlled and dominated by Republicans? In particular how do they deal with budget deficits? Do they raise taxes? Of course not. What they do is literally starve public schools of funding. This year the Texas Legislature cut $5.4 Billion dollars (via the New York Times) from the state’s budget for previously dedicated to public schools. Those budget cuts went into effect this year and will continue next year.

    Texas has 1,264 public school districts. Here are some of the consequences of preserving tax cuts for corporations and the uber-rich, and passing the cost of balancing budgets onto the backs’ of Texas’ public school children and their families according to the NY Times report:

    Eliminating bus services: Many districts, to save money have simply stopped providing bus services to children who live within a two mile radius of their school. For many children this means that they spend up to an hour or more walking to and from school each day. Other school districts have started charging parents a fee (up to $355 per year for one district) for children who are bused. Others now sell advertising space on the side of school buses.
    Thousands of teachers, school librarians and even school nurses have been laid off. Janitorial staff has also been cut in many school districts with teachers expected to take over those duties on days janitors are unavailable.
    Class sizes have grown to as many as 40 or more kids per class.
    Some districts have simply shut down certain elementary schools entirely, with the children reassigned to the remaining schools.
    Arts and Music programs are being eliminated.
    Fees for participation in athletics or other after school activities are now frequently charged to parents if their children wish to participate in them.
    Field Trips are a thing of the past.


    My sista- — -TESTIFIES DAILY!!- – – -TRUTH!!- —SAD 4 the CHILDREN.

  • GreenLadyHere


    – – – – –26 Major Corporations Paid No Corporate Income Tax For The Last Four Years, Despite Making Billions In Profits– —

    – – – – — Last year, Citizens for Tax Justice found that 30 major corporations had made billions of dollars in profits while paying no federal income tax between 2008 and 2010. Today, CTJ updated that report to reflect the 2011 tax bill of those 30 companies, and 26 of them have still managed to pay absolutely nothing over that four year period:

    – 26 of the 30 companies continued to enjoy negative federal income tax rates. That means they still made more money after tax than before tax over the four years!

    – Of the remaining four companies, three paid four year effective tax rates of less than 4 percent
    (specifically, 0.2%, 2.0% and 3.8%). One company paid a 2008-11 tax rate of 10.9 percent.

    – In total, 2008-11 federal income taxes for the 30 companies remained negative, despite $205 billion in pretax U.S. profits. Overall, they enjoyed an average effective federal income tax rate of –3.1 percent over the four years.

    Amongst the 30 are corporate titans such as General Electric, Boeing, Verizon, and Mattel. The only four companies that slipped into positive tax territory were DTE Energy, Honeywell, Wells Fargo, and DuPont, with DuPont the only one that paid more than 4 percent over the four years.

    – – —U realize that MR. PRESIDENT will B triangulated into THIS- –NEGATIVELY!!

  • lamh35

    WTF! There is alwasy some negro willing to stand up for the white man who just killed some ninjas and say “I can’t believe my friend whitey would ever do that”…I just saw one of those negros on the nightly news!!


    Also, one of the killer in OK posted racist slurs on his FB page days from the shooting and prosecutors arent’ sure if they are gonna prosecute as a hate crime?????

    WTF constitutes a hate crime nowadays…ya gott paint the work ninja on the dead person’s chest or something.

    Ugh!! And the mayor of Sanford or wherever saying that he’s worried about riots…ugh racist white folk

    • Miranda

      Its just getting worse and worse.

    • Town

      Hate Crime: when black people do ANYTHING other than kissing asses to white people

  • Miranda

    Evening thread is up!

  • dannie22

    I really enjoyed these two youtube videos. Both Baldwin and Malcolm X had points I can agree with

  • Camille

    Chris Cilliza must know that his mediocrity can’t take him much further and his run at pretend journalism is over when even Michael Steele thinks his pro-Mitt Romney assertions are stupid and plain ridiculous!

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