September 25, 2017

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    KUDOS!!! (Sepia, your Alex Haley tag was just ridiculous!! LOLOL)

    You know we put our own ‘flavor’ on any activity we chose. I love to dance and I know plenty of black folk who can bop, cha-cha and two-step (Philly partner dances) but they can also waltz and foxtrot.

    Besides, ballroom is really just folks taking ‘cultural’ dances and ‘standardizing’ them because they ( folks here I mean.white people) needed step-by-step instructions to do the dance.

    Ballroom tango is WAY different from Argentinian tango. And don’t even get me started on “ballroom” lindy hop or “east coast swing” dancing vs. black folk handlin’ their business.

    • Finding info on Black ballroom dancers, especially the old school ones like Norton and Margot, was like trying to find a needle in a haystack! So, yeah, I did a two-step when I finally found info. lol

      In Waltzing In The Dark, Mrs. Dixon Gothschild talks about how ballroom dances are “whitened” versions of Black dances. She has written some very interesting books and papers on Black dance.

      • Aquagranny911

        You are a jewel! This is going to be a great series. Thanks for your tireless research.

    • Aquagranny911

      Great comment! Latin dances when translated to the American ballroom are way different than when done in their countries of origin. You mentioned the Tango which is a dance that actually tells a story of longing & sexual tension, of romance & desire. Somehow it loses some of that when translated to the classical ballroom.

      I love dancing!

      • isonprize

        Certainly not ‘traditional’ ballroom, but Sade gets her tango on at about 2:45 into “Soldier of Love” with a pretty sweet body “dead man’s drop” where her partner catches her at the neck.

        • Aquagranny911

          Love it! Thanks for sharing.

        • Aquagranny911

          Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

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    this is a topic that never crossed my mind…I can’t wait for the rest of this series 🙂

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    How Bad is Boehner at His Job?

    by BooMan
    Sun May 6th, 2012 at 08:04:58 PM EST

    This is a serious question. The Hill lists nine things that Congress needs to do before the election to avoid bad to catastrophic stuff from happening. Things like keeping the Post Office running and the Import-Export Bank from failing and preventing student loan interest rates from doubling and funding our highways. How many of those nine things do you think John Boehner will actually be able to handle?

  • rikyrah

    May 05, 2012
    George Will’s frenzy

    Now here, from George Will, is some really frightening stuff–the stuff that Orwellian nightmares are made of, that our Founders risked their lives to forfend, that only jackbooted Trotskyites would defend. “[W]hen next you hear histrionic warnings about tea party or other conservative ‘extremism,’ try to think of anything on the right comparable to [Democratic Rep. Jim] McGovern’s proposed vandalism of the Bill of Rights,” which, asserts Will (based on the legal opinion of one conservative scholar), “would mow down the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, as well as the First.”

    Oh my God. We knew it. We just knew it. Allen West was right. There really are 81 communists posing as Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives (make that 82, because one of the vandals is a Republican). And just what is the specific target of their nefarious scheme to annihilate free speech and, as Will further frames it, “regulate religious practices at most houses of worship, conduct whatever searches it wants, reasonable or not, of corporate entities, and seize corporate-owned property”? You guessed it: the liberty-flowering splendor of Citizens United.

    And here (pdf) is the nefarious scheme itself, in the form of a proposed Constitutional Amendment:

    SECTION 1. We the people who ordain and establish this Constitution intend the rights protected by this Constitution to be the rights of natural persons. SECTION 2. The words people, person, or citizen as used in this Constitution do not include corporations, limited liability companies or other corporate entities established by the laws of any State, the United States, or any foreign state, and such corporate entities are subject to such regulation as the people, through their elected State and Federal representatives, deem reasonable and are otherwise consistent with the powers of Congress and the States under this Constitution. SECTION 3. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit the people’s rights of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free exercise of religion, freedom of association and all such other rights of the people, which rights are inalienable.

    In short, be it known that corporations aren’t people, hence government may regulate their activities, which includes the toxic dumping of hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars into The People’s political contests.

    It’s a long, circuitous and tortured intellectual path from this proposed Amendment’s wording to George Will’s absolute frenzy. But he pulls he off nicely, don’t you think?

  • rikyrah

    May 04, 2012
    More on the Mann-Ornstein bombshell

    The Times’ Timothy Egan goes one essential step farther (in emphasis) than Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein:

    [T]hese people in Congress, and this mess, are the voters’ fault. We put Democrats in control in 2008, and they’d no sooner started to govern when we put Republicans in charge….

    At least in 2010, the insurgents were an unknown commodity, produced by the faux populism of talk radio and the Tea Party. If this majority is voted back in, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves for a democracy that, at this moment, no longer has the will to self-govern.

    “The voters” are an amorphous goo that can be shaped for discussion in many ways, but for the moment let us put it this way: In an engaged, informed democracy, Citizens United and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and the Koch Brothers etc. etc. would not be the bogeymen they are, because so few would be paying them any serious notice. “Faux populism” would still exist–the political fringe will always be with us–but David, Charles & Friends wouldn’t be pouring billions of dollars into a rathole of cranks and crackpots, if the vast non-crank, non-crackpot population bothered to engage.

    But let’s give credit to the faux populists of the unartificial right: at least they engage their transcendent crankology and delusional crackpottism at the voting booth. As to the left’s activist populists, whose activism by virtually all accounts reflects more closely the common, real-life concerns of The Everyman? They’ve done, and continue to do, what the galvanized left loves to do most: march, protest, carry banners, shout slogans and denounce “the system”–all of the system, including those who are systemically trying to help.

    OK, so there’s nothing wrong with marching and protesting. But a far better method would be to postpone perambulations of Wall Street and instead march down the residential sidewalks of Main Street and then up to front doors for some enlightening engagement with non-voters who permit the tyranny of crankology to dominate at the polls. And in swing states and swing districts, which is another way of saying fundamentally conservative regions? These require the left to swallow hard and to momentarily forget the cosmic tragedy of a bygone “public option” and to mobilize on behalf of centrist candidates; Dennis Kucinich-doppelgangers just ain’t gonna cut it in Arkansas.

    The problem with Egan’s argument is that “faux populism” isn’t “faux” if it outmatches the opposition in active numbers, motivation and mobilization. On a rational plane, its political objectives may be “faux” in the sense of unworkable delusions, but delusional thought has dominated revolutionary systems for centuries–and the manifestations of that thought have been viciously real. Yet “the voters” cannot stop the madness; this isn’t their fault, as Egan further charges. Only non-voters, converted to voters, can do that. And in terms of motivating and mobilizing their own friendly numbers, the activist left is blowing it.

  • rikyrah

    May 06, 2012 1:45 PM
    Are Young Voters Less Enthusiastic This Time Around—and Will It Matter?

    By Jesse Singal

    There’s a fair amount worth unpacking in Mark McKinnon’s piece on Obama’s struggles with the declining enthusiasm of young voters. But I think this part is key:

    President Obama is in trouble. Just 50 percent of college-age youth approve of his performance overall; that’s 5 points less than their 25-to-29-year-old peers. While that general measure is trending upward from a low point in December 2011, just 39 percent of the younger millennials approve of his handling of the economy. And only 43 percent think Obama will win reelection, with 29 percent thinking he will lose and 28 percent unsure.

    Finally, in a head-to-head matchup with Romney, Obama wins only 41 percent support, a significant drop from actual votes from this group in 2008.

    But the picture isn’t bright for Mitt Romney, either.

    “Although this generation is not as supportive of President Obama and Democrats as they may have been in the historic 2008 campaign, this in no way implies that the Republican Party has successfully captured the hearts, minds, and votes of millennials,” says Harvard Institute of Politics polling director John Della Volpe.

    In direct competition with the president, Romney wins only 29 percent support. That’s less than what Ron Paul would win against Obama in an imaginary matchup and less than the poll support John McCain won from young millennials in the spring-2008 survey. And when Romney’s supporters were asked if they would volunteer for his campaign, less than a third said they would engage versus more than half of Obama’s supporters.

    Young people aren’t going to come around to Mitt Romney. Not in any great numbers. So the important question is whether or not they will feel energized to come out for Obama. As far as the GOP is concerned, a lot of young people staying home on Election Day would constitute a victory on this front.

    It’s also worth pointing out that the importance of young voters is a bit overrated, sometimes, and might not matter as much as people think unless the election is close. 2008 wasn’t close, and in the wake of Obama’s victory one pollster “re-ran the numbers as if there were no voters under 30, [and found that] the only states that would switch to Republican presidential candidate John McCain are Indiana and North Carolina.” That is, Obama still would have won.

    That said, what doesn’t show up in this sort of analysis are the countless hours young people poured into volunteering for the campaign in 2008. There’s not going to be anywhere near the same volunteer enthusiasm this time around.

  • rikyrah

    Political Animal
    May 06, 2012 8:50 AM
    Why the Optics Matter

    By Jesse Singal

    After Obama’s address at Ohio State yesterday, we’re not off to a good start in terms of having a substantive presidential campaign, are we?

    On Twitter on Saturday, campaign operatives jousted over the visuals of the Ohio rally.

    “View from floor during @BarackObama speech. Not the “overflow” crowd he promised,” tweeted Romney spokesman Ryan Williams.

    Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse fired back with a photo of Romney’s February economic speech in Detroit, where 1,200 people turned out for an event in a stadium that seats 65,000.

    On the one hand, it’s all a bit excruciating. On the other, it’s a telling sign of the GOP strategy: Argue that Obama’s magic is gone, that his glory days are over. He’s just another politician now. Cut him down to size: That’s how the GOP plans on competing against an incumbent who is a lot more likable than their guy.

  • rikyrah

    Not Just The Economy: Polls Show Obama’s Swing State Strength (CHART)
    Kyle Leighton May 7, 2012, 6:17 AM 1494

    President Obama’s first three and a half years in office have been fraught with economic stagnation unseen for decades. The signature achievement from his first term, health care reform, remains unpopular with the American people (although before it’s been fully implemented). And his approval rating, while even over the last two months, was underwater for most of 2011.

    Yet last week, Quinnipiac University released three polls showing Obama ahead in two major swing states, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and trailing by a single point to former Massachusetts Gov. and likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Florida. Why?

    “This is an election about more than the economy — it’s about leadership,” Michael Dimock, associate director of research for the Pew Research Center told TPM. “While he’s [President Obama] been a divisive president, he has built up a certain amount of public trust. Romney is still unknown to many people, and what people have heard hasn’t been particularly positive.”

    The Quinnipiac numbers revealed an interesting trend — in Florida, when pollsters asked voters who would be better on the economy, Romney had a nine point edge. In the general election match up, he bested Obama by a single point. In Ohio, Romney only had a four point lead on who was better to handle the nation’s economy, which wasn’t enough to get by Obama in the state, who had a two point advantage overall. And in Pennsylvania, Obama had a one point lead on the economy, which turned into a healthy eight percent margin in the head-to-head.

  • rikyrah

    7:25 AM EDT, Monday May 7, 2012
    Gallup Swing State Poll: Obama By 2, GOP Enthusiasm Wanes

    A new poll from Gallup that surveyed 951 registered voters in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin show President Obama with a small advantage, 47 – 45, over former Massachusetts Gov. and likely Republcian nominee Mitt Romney. Gallup pointed to an enthusiasm gap for Romney in swing states:

    While Obama edges out Romney by two points in the overall preferences of swing-state registered voters, he has a four-point advantage with respect to solid supporters: 36% of swing-state voters say they are certain they will vote for Obama in November, while 32% are certain they will vote for Romney. Each candidate’s remaining supporters – the 11% who favor Obama and the 13% favoring Romney – say there is a chance they could change their mind between now and the election. An additional 7% of voters are undecided, meaning a total of 31% of swing-state voters are not firmly committed at this time.

    Obama’s swing-state prospects also look a bit brighter than Romney’s on the basis of voter enthusiasm. More than half of Obama’s supporters, 55%, are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting in this year’s presidential election, up from 49% saying this in March. By contrast, 46% of Romney’s supporters are extremely or very enthusiastic, unchanged from 47% in March. Today’s figures reflect a reversal from January, when 55% of Romney voters were extremely or very enthusiastic, compared with 50% of Obama voters

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    – – – – –Obama campaign releases new ad – –

    – – — The Obama campaign released the first in a series of new ads Monday seeking to remind voters of the economy he inherited and his most popular accomplishments.

    The ad, entitled “Go,” touts the auto bailout and the killing of Osama Bin Laden and frames President Barack Obama as a fighter for the middle class. It will air in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida and Colorado.

    Senior campaign adviser David Axelrod described the new campaign as “extensive” on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

    “You’ll see us unveil an advertising campaign, an extensive advertising campaign, that is very much about where we were and where we’ve come and the things that we’ve accomplished, the revitalization of the auto industry, the distance we’ve traveled from when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, the fact that we’re safer today because bin Laden is gone, that the war in Iraq is over, and — and many other things that we’re proud of and that speak to the progress that we’ve made since this president was elected,” Axelrod said.

    – – – – -YES! – – –SHARE YOUR SUCCESSES!! – –MR. PRESIDENT!! :>)

    – -**SPIKES BALL in the ENDZONE!!*** :>) — –

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      – -**SPIKES BALL in the ENDZONE!!*** :>) —


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        I see what you’re doing there.
        You just want the wingnuts to scream.
        …not that there’s anything wrong with that… 🙂

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    POU FAM—-WOMEN POWER – – – -FAVORS: – – -MR PRESIDENT! – — Woo! Hoo! – – – –

    – — —Swing States poll: The gender gap is getting bigger – —

    – – – –The gender gap is getting bigger. A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of swing states shows a difference of 20 percentage points in the presidential preferences of men and women.

    The gender gap is getting bigger. A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of swing states shows a difference of 20 percentage points in the presidential preferences of men and women.

    – – – -GO – — -FORWARD – – -MR. PRESIDENT!! :>)

    • rikyrah

      so, explain to me this…

      if the gender gap is WIDENING…

      and Willard hasn’t gained traction with LATINOS…..


      uh huh…I thought so

      • Camille

        Thank you.

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    – – -GOOD MONDAY MORNTIN’ – -POU FAM – -Sepia. :>) – -Sooo We gon B – -DANCIN’ FORWARD – -THIS WEEK!.:>) – – –

    — – -What a GR8 SERIES. :>) – – – -The FIRST thing that I thought of was my – –DANCING PARENTS. – –:>) THEY would TAKE OVA the DANCE FLOOR – –ERRY TIME. – – -:>)


    ——–Sepia—-LOOKIN’—FORWARD —–2 THIS SERIES!! :>)—

    POU FAM——B BLESSED!! :>)

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    – – -GOOD MONDAY MORNTIN’ – -POU FAM – -Sepia. :>) – -Sooo We gon B – -DANCIN’ FORWARD – -THIS WEEK!.:>) – – –

    — – -What a GR8 SERIES. :>) – – – -The FIRST thing that I thought of was my – –DANCING PARENTS. – –:>) THEY would TAKE OVA the DANCE FLOOR – –ERRY TIME. – – -:>)


    ——–Sepia—-LOOKIN’—FORWARD —–2 THIS SERIES!! :>)—

    POU FAM——B BLESSED!! :>)

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    Ron Paul backers make GOP’s lives more complicated
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 7, 2012 8:42 AM EDT.

    Why is this man smiling?
    If 90% of life is just showing up, Ron Paul supporters have discovered the secret of success at state Republican Party gatherings.

    Last week, the Republican National Committee issued a stern warning to the state party in Nevada: if you allow Paul backers to take many slots for the national convention, the party might just refuse to seat the state’s entire delegation as punishment.

    How’d that work out? Based on previous vote totals, Nevada Republicans were supposed to give Mitt Romney 20 of the state’s 28 delegates. That’s not what happened.

    Despite former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s overwhelming victory in the Nevada caucuses, Texas Rep. Ron Paul has won a majority of the state’s delegates to the party’s national convention later this year in Tampa, Florida.

    Thanks to organized Paul supporters, who have been working to increase their candidate’s support at state conventions around the country, 22 of the 25 Nevada delegates up for grabs will be Paul supporters. (Another three are automatic delegates.) […]

    “The Paul folks couldn’t get their people turned out for the caucus,” said veteran Nevada political columnist Jon Ralston. “But they outmaneuvered the Nevada Romney people ever since and dominated the county conventions and this is the inevitable result. The question remains: To what end?”

    • Town

      I’m telling you, it’s gonna be ROMNEY/PAUL(RAND) 2012:

      Kentucky borders Virginia & Ohio.

      • rikyrah

        you said it first….when it comes true….just come back and tell us

        I TOLD YOU SO…

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    Sepia – – -NOT SURE – – – -WHYCOME this is a L8 REPORT – –BUT — – -HERE WE GO – — -AGAIN!! – – -geesh! — —

    – – –NYPD Cops Beat Defenseless Teen For Apparently No Reason [VIDEO]– —

    – – —Several New York Police Department (NYPD) cops are being accused of brutality for beating 19-year-old Bronx teen Jateik Reed in what many are saying is a case of an illegal “Stop and Frisk,” NY 1 reports.

    The incident, which took place in January of this year, was captured by surveillance video from a nearby building. It shows officers beating the teen on the ground with batons while kicking and punching him after he was clearly no threat to the officers.

    WATCH Video Of NYPD Cops Beating Jateik Reed

    Keep sayin’ – — -HAVEN’T seen a story where a WYT ha been BEATEN – –4 a similar OFFENSE! – —

    -NO —RACIAL PROFILIN’ – – -HUH??? – — -/SNARK!!

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    House GOP To Shift Defense Cuts To Poverty Programs
    Sahil Kapur- May 7, 2012, 5:44 AM

    Congress returns from recess this week, House Republicans are set to advance legislation to replace automatic defense spending cuts they agreed to last year with cuts to programs for the poor and working class. The controversial measure is expected to pass the House and die in the Senate, making it largely a political exercise that allows the two parties to contrast the values at the heart of the 2012 election: Should the burden for addressing the country’s long-running fiscal challenges fall to struggling people, or to the wealthiest people in the country?

    The proposal — which is an outgrowth of the budget the House GOP overwhelmingly voted for late March — would cut some $261 billion from health care programs, food stamps, unemployment benefits and child tax credits, among others. It constitutes a violation of the GOP’s end of the debt-limit deal, which included painful sacrifices for both parties if the Congress failed to reach a bipartisan deficit-reduction agreement.

    more here

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    Posted at 08:54 AM ET, 05/07/2012
    The Morning Plum:
    Will Americans take long view of Obama presidency?
    By Greg Sargent

    Watch the new Obama campaign ad touting his record that’s set to air in nine swing states, and you’ll notice something interesting: At least 15 seconds of the 60-second spot — one fourth of it — dramatizes events that took place before he took office.

    That 15 seconds paints a very lurid picture of the magnitude of the economic mess Obama inherited. It’s another reminder that the election will turn on whether Americans take the long view of this presidency — or whether Mitt Romney can succeed in getting Americans to develop mass amnesia about the depth of the crisis in 2008 and 2009, and to vote solely out of impatience with the pace of the recovery:

    Note the chart showing 26 straight months of job creation. This graphic will be central to the Obama campaign’s hopes of rebutting Romney’s ongoing claim that the “net” job loss on Obama’s watch shows he failed. Or, as David Axelrod told ABC News, the memory of where the country has been is central to the case for what Obama has accomplished.

    Also: The spot again touts the killing of Bin Laden, with a nod to the “heroes” who did the actual killing, a sign Obama will continue making it central to his case for reelection despite charges of politicization.

  • MonieTalks

    There is a wealth of historical facts in this article alone. Good read.

    African-American voting power peaked in the 1860s

    State representative, 1871-1878

    By Bill Sizemore
    The Virginian-Pilot
    © May 6, 2012


    Later this year, if all goes according to plan, two plaques will be erected in the Capitol commemorating a little-remembered chapter of Virginia history.

    The intent is to shed overdue light on a pivotal era in the Old Dominion’s tortured dealings with the legacy of slavery.

    The commemorative plaques approved by the 2012 General Assembly will honor the more than 100 African American men elected to state office during Reconstruction, the brief window of political opportunity that opened for freed slaves for a few years after the Civil War.

    The window soon slammed shut. The virulent racism of Jim Crow erased the freedmen’s hard-won gains and reduced them and their descendants to second-class citizenship for nearly another century.

    read more:

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    Monday, May 7, 2012
    Dressed To The Nines
    Posted by Zandar

    The New York Times figures the entire presidential campaign will come down to nine of the states the President won in 2008 that are up for grabs in 2012.

    The nine — Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin — offer both parties reasons for hope, and concern. It is no coincidence that Mr. Obama chose two of them, Ohio and Virginia, to hold his first official re-election rallies on Saturday.

    “This is a make-or-break moment for the middle class,” Mr. Obama said at Ohio State University in Columbus.

    While the performance of the national economy will help shape the mood of the country and set the tone of each campaign, the situation on the ground in each of the nine states could be pivotal as well.
    It would be hard to argue that these states are better off now than they were four years ago, given that they have yet to recover the jobs they lost. Often, that makes a compelling argument for a challenger trying to unseat an incumbent.

    But political scientists have found that past elections have been more influenced by the changes in the economy in the year or two before the election. And a range of economic data provided by Moody’s Analytics shows that all nine states are rebounding and that most now have unemployment rates below the national average. If voters in those states begin to feel the improvement by the fall and the economy does not take a turn for the worse, it could aid the president’s efforts to hold on to enough of them to win.

    Seems to me that the Times is making the case this race is wide open. It’s not. The Real Clear Politics averages map shows right now President Obama needing only a couple of tossup states, or really just one: Ohio or Florida, to win outright with a 253-171 lead of Mitt Romney. Romney would have to win at least 7 of 9 tossups in this scenario and cannot lose either Ohio or Florida or it’s over. In other words, the reality here is that Romney has a major uphill battle right now.

    But the Times model ignores North Carolina, another state that went for President Obama (barely) and doesn’t mention it as a toss-up. It also takes Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada out of President Obama’s column, and ignores perennial swing state Missouri which barely went for McCain. If we make those changes and keep NC for Obama and give Missouri to Romney, it’s still a 232-180 race, but Romney has more options, and in that scenario Pennsylvania and Florida become far more important than Ohio. It’s still tough for Romney to win, but not nearly as tough as the truth.

    In other words, the Times is selling you a horse race where Romney remains extremely competitive. Our liberal media, folks.

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – – -JUAN – – -IZZAT U??? – – – –

    – – –Opinion: Republican extremism has blocked compromise, crippled Congress – —

    – – – –We now have history’s first draft of the story of this Congress. There is so much political fog right now that it is hard to get a clear view of the reason for the dysfunction on Capitol Hill.

    – -But three new books take a step back to get a clear look at the fray, and all three conclude that no-holds-barred, right-wing politics is to be blamed.

    – — Two congressional scholars, Thomas Mann of Brookings and Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, authored the first book —“It’s Even Worse Than It Looks.” They write that today’s Republican extremism has led Congress to be more dysfunctional than at any time after the Civil War.

    – –The second book is journalist Robert Draper’s “Do Not Ask What Good We Do,” a tragic account of far right-wing House freshmen engaging in tantrums and bullying Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

    The third book is “The Passage of Power,” the latest volume by President Johnson’s biographer, Robert Caro. It covers LBJ’s transition from his time as Senate majority leader to the White House as the powerful Democrat negotiated with Republicans to pass critical defense, highway construction and civil rights laws.

    – – –In today’s Congress that kind of compromise is “near impossible,” Caro is telling interviewers, due to Senate Republicans’ use of the filibuster to block all legislation from President Obama and the Democrats. Caro calls the GOP action “unconscionable.”
    THERE IS MORE – – – – –TRUTH!! – – –

  • MonieTalks

    Another good read. Putin, Hugo Chavez, and the Republican pimps, the Koch Brothers are all one of the same. Dirty politics and oil money go hand in hand. The MSM won’t even touch this subject in this country…the paper trials will be exposed. No wonder Republicans fight Dodd-Frank reform so hard.

    Putin Victory Shows How Oil Supports Autocrats
    By Michael L. Ross May 6, 2012 6:00 PM ET

    Vladimir Putin’s inauguration to a third term as Russia’s president today, after a first-round victory in March elections, shows he is both shrewd and skillful. He is also very lucky, in a way that should worry us.

    Putin’s great luck comes from his timing. The fate of the Russian economy — and the popularity of its leaders — is closely tied to the price of petroleum. Oil and gas account for almost two-thirds of Russia’s exports, and about half of the federal government’s revenue.

    ….In Washington, the link between covert oil payments and dirty politics has not gone unnoticed. In fact, a provision in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act seeks to address the problem. Buried in the depths of the legislation is a provision — Section 1504 — that would require U.S.-based oil, gas and mineral companies to disclose the payments they make to governments around the world.

    Demanding Accountability

    The logic is straightforward: When the citizenry knows how much money a government is collecting, it will disarm an autocrat by demanding more accountability. Yet the American Petroleum Institute, the oil industry’s lobbying arm, has threatened to sue the Securities and Exchange Commission if it issues the rules that will put the new law into effect. One year after its original deadline, the SEC has yet to act.

    read more:

    • rikyrah

      gooe find

  • rikyrah

    Sunday, May 6, 2012
    Last Call
    Posted by Zandar
    As widely expected, French Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande has beaten French President Nicholas Sarkozy for his job.

    Hollande received 52 percent of the vote to the 48 percent garnered by the conservative Sarkozy, who conceded to his opponent an hour after projected results were in.

    The outcome makes Hollande the first candidate from the country’s Socialist Party to become president in France since 1988. It also makes Sarkozy the first president to not get re-elected to a second term in France since Valery Giscard d’Estaing in 1981.

    Sarkozy, who was rumored by local channel France 24 as leaving politics altogether after the result, told his audience that he would not spearhead his conservative party into June’s parliamentary elections.

    “Stay together, we must win the battle of the legislatives,” he said while reading a draft of his concession speech to senior party officials. “I will not lead that campaign.”

    The big winner here is ultra right-wing nutjob and unapologetic racist Marine La Pen of the National Front party. With Sarkozy’s center-right party leaderless and in tatters, Le Pen plans to swoop in as the face of the opposition to Hollande, and her main goal is to drive France further to the right. Sound familiar? It worked for the Tea Party here in 2010, after all.

    But the big difference between Le Pen’s blithely casual racists and our own is she doesn’t have the backing of hundreds of millions of dollars, and Le Pen’s clowns will blow up the second they have to govern. Here in the US, the GOP was only saved from that particular fate by Citizens United and FOX News.

    We’ll see how this goes down

  • GreenLadyHere

    epia – — AHA! – – -A “Little Help From Friends” – – – –

    – – –AFL-CIO’s super-PAC to begin running ads targeting Mitt Romney – —

    – – – – The AFL-CIO’s super-PAC will began running its first round of ads Monday to target presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

    Workers’ Voice will run online ads taking issue with Romney, saying he will be “president for the 1 percent,” that he thinks “corporations are people” and that the candidate is a “corporate outsourcer” and “vulture capitalist.” The ads include the infamous picture of Romney when he was at Bain Capital, posing with some of the firm’s partners, holding cash in their hands.

    Michael Podhorzer, AFL-CIO’s political director, said the ads were “the first step” by the federation’s super-PAC to combine labor’s organizing strength with online technology.

    “These grassroots ads are just the first step in our efforts to combine old fashioned organizing energy with cutting edge technology,” said Podhorzer, in a statement. “Our activists across the country will be hitting the ground running with the ability to begin taking action later this week.”

    The online ad buy will cost $500,000, according to a Workers’ Voice spokesman.
    THERE IS MORE. – – – —THANK U. :>)

  • rikyrah

    The Heartland Institute’s change of heart
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 7, 2012 9:21 AM EDT.

    The Heartland Institute clearly thought it had come up with a clever idea. The right-wing group, which is fiercely opposed to combating the climate crisis, thought it’d be clever to put up billboards showing “some of the world’s most notorious killers,” including “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, who accept climate science.

    The idea, apparently, was to push a child-like logical fallacy: if a killer believes in scientific evidence, you shouldn’t. Of course, by that logic, if a killer believes 2 + 2 = 4, the conservative organization would presumably encourage you to reconsider arithmetic.

    The Heartland Institute’s stunt certainly generated attention, but nearly all of it was from those marveling at how ridiculous the group has become. Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), a conservative climate-change denier, said he no longer wanted to participate in the group’s upcoming conference.

    It wasn’t long before the humiliated Heartland Institute decided to reverse course.

    It seems that the ad campaign, sponsored by the conservative Heartland Institute, had bombed.

    “We know that our billboard angered and disappointed many of Heartland’s friends and supporters, but we hope they understand what we were trying to do with this experiment,” the institute said late Friday afternoon said in a statement. “We do not apologize for running the ad, and we will continue to experiment with ways to communicate the ‘realist’ message on the climate.”

  • MonieTalks

    Many homeowners have defaulted on mortgages because of outrageous and expensive home insurance policies and association fees….especially for those people who lived in them prior to the start of the housing bubble. And contrary to some of the Obama Derangement syndrome crowd, there has not been much the feds can do….they were no protections and legislation in place before now. The CFPB is finally trying to clean up shit after being stalled for so long. Paul Krugman, did you know about that?

    Look Who’s Pushing Homeowners Off the Foreclosure Cliff
    One of the more confounding aspects of the U.S. housing crisis has been the reluctance of lenders to do more to assist troubled borrowers. After all, when homes go into foreclosure, banks lose money.

    Now it turns out some lenders haven’t merely been unhelpful; their actions have pushed some borrowers over the foreclosure cliff. Lenders have been imposing exorbitant insurance policies on homeowners whose regular coverage lapses or is deemed insufficient. The policies, standard homeowner’s insurance or extra coverage for wind damage, say, for Florida residents, typically cost five to 10 times what owners were previously paying, tipping many into foreclosure.

    The situation has caught the attention of state regulators and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is considering rules to help homeowners avoid unwarranted “force- placed insurance.” The U.S. ought to go further and limit commissions, fine any company that knowingly overcharges a homeowner and require banks to seek competitive bids for force- placed insurance policies. Because insurance is not regulated at the federal level, states also need to play a stronger role in bringing down rates.

    read more:

    • And aren’t many of these foreclosure occurring in Red states with Repub governors?

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – — O.K!—–It’s BEEN A YEAR! Annnnd he’s NOW axin’ 4 HELP!?? – —

    – – – –In new video, al Qaeda hostage tells Obama: ‘My life is in your hands’ — –

    – —–Al Qaeda released a Web video late Sunday night of an American aid worker, taken hostage in Pakistan almost a year ago, pleading with President Obama to meet the terror group’s demands.

    In the video, Warren Weinstein is shown eating behind a spread of food and asking Obama to comply with al Qaeda’s wishes to save his life.

    “My life is in your hands, Mr. President,” Weinstein says in the video. “If you accept the demands, I live. If you don’t accept the demands, then I die. It’s important that you accept the demands and act quickly and don’t delay.”

    Al Qaeda officials have previously demanded the release of terrorist suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where a trial is now under way for accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four others allegedly involved in the terrorist plot.

    “I’ve done a lot of service for my country, so I hope that my country will now look after me,” Weinstein continues in the video.

    White House and State Department officials have not yet commented on the video.

    The video comes shortly after the one-year anniversary of the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a Navy SEAL raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
    THERE IS MORE. – — -Soooo – — -Hmmmmmmm. . . .

    FIRST we heard from the man from CHINA. NOW THIS!! –

    • Camille

      Funny how this works:

      If Warren Weinstein gains his freedom, it will be thanks to George Bush, Hillary Clinton, the mail man, the cab driver and every other random inconsequential person out there;

      But heaven forbid Weinstein does not make it out alive, it will all be “Obama’s” fault.


  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia – – – – — -Hmmmm. . . – – – -WHAT’S GOIN’ ON??? – – —

    – – –Arne Duncan Endorses Marriage Equality – – – –

    – – – –Arne Duncan, President Obama’s Secretary of Education, endorsed marriage equality during an appearance on Morning Joe on Monday following Vice President Joe Biden’s support for the issue. “Yes, I do,” Duncan said in response to a question from Mark Halperin, noting that he had never been publicly asked his opinion on marriage equality. Watch it:

    – -***furrowed brow***

  • MonieTalks

    Violence against youths must stop, Holder says
    By Maureen Feighan
    The Detroit News

    Calling the homicide rate among young black men unacceptable, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Sunday said his department is committing “unprecedented” resources to address violence to which young people are exposed.

    Addressing more than 6,000 at the Detroit Branch NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner at Cobo Center, Holder, the nation’s first African-American attorney general, said an average of two young black men a week are killed in Detroit, according to one report. And 60 percent of young people are exposed to violence as victims or witnesses.

    “This is shocking and all of this is unacceptable,” Holder said.

    Holder said that’s why his office is directing resources to reduce childhood exposure to violence, raise awareness of its ramifications and study its causes.

    He has also launched a task force, which gathered testimony at Wayne State last month, on youth violence that will make recommendations to Holder. “In far too many American cities, there are neighborhoods where too many kids go to prison and too few go to college, where the doors of education opportunity seem to be firmly closed,” Holder said. “And where for too many young people, funerals are more common than weddings.”

    From The Detroit News:

  • MonieTalks

    Twitter plays outsize role in 2012 campaign
    BETH FOUHY, Associated Press

    NEW YORK (AP) — (at)BarackObama is on Twitter. So is (at)MittRomney. And so are all the voters following the 2012 presidential contest, whether they know it or not.

    Candidates, strategists, journalists and political junkies have all flocked to Twitter, the social networking hub where information from the mundane to the momentous is shared through 140-character microbursts known as tweets.

    While relatively few voters are on Twitter — a study by the Pew Research Center found that about 13 percent of American adults have joined the site — it’s become an essential tool for campaigns to test-drive themes and make news with a group of politically wired “influencers” who process and share those messages with the broader world.

    Put simply: When a voter is exposed to any information related to the presidential contest, chances are it’s been through the Twitter filter first.

    Read more:

    • rikyrah

      from a non-twitter person, twitter folks fight back immediately with the truth, which doesn’t even let the clowns go a newscycle with an obvious lie.

      I appreciate your twitter battles.

    • Everyone knows that Twitter is a game changer, and that’s why these pundunces are quick to block anyone who challenges their bs.

      • Town

        Like Jake Tapper, who blocked everyone who questioned why he claimed nobody was enthusiastic about Obama and attendance was down at his rallies on Saturday.

  • MonieTalks

    MERCER: Michelle Obama’s battle against fat

    Marsha Mercer

    Few things rattle Obama haters more than first lady Michelle Obama’s efforts to reduce childhood obesity.

    For some conservative pundits, any government effort to encourage Americans to eat less and move more is an attack on personal freedom. They fulminate on the nanny state, busybodies and food police, as in, how dare they tell me to put down my salty-fatty-sugary treat and go for a walk?

    They especially resent the first lady’s “Let’s Move!” initiative.

    Perhaps that’s because unlike most people in Washington, she gets things done.

    read more:

  • rikyrah

    from the latest polling, found this tweet:

    So #Politico accomplished a Mitt 11 Point Swing This Way: (1) Reducded mInority voting turnout from 26% to 19%, (2) 48% Evangelical Dem samp

  • rikyrah

    Arizona cuts off Planned Parenthood aid
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 7, 2012 9:56 AM EDT.

    Republicans appear to be increasingly annoyed by talk of the GOP’s “war on women,” as evidenced by John Boehner’s recent tirade on the House floor. To hear them tell it, the very idea is trumped-up “fiction,” based on bogus misconceptions cooked up by Democrats and sympathetic reporters.

    And yet, when it comes to public policy, the larger trajectory is hard to miss. Take Republicans in Arizona, for example.

    Last month, Gov. Jan Brewer (R), under the auspices of “protecting” women, signed a measure banning most abortions in the state after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and requiring a state-mandated, medically-unnecessary ultrasound 24 hours before the procedure. Late Friday afternoon, Brewer went even further.

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill banning abortion providers like Planned Parenthood from receiving money through the state, her office said in a statement.

    The Republican-backed Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act cuts off funding for family planning and health services delivered by Planned Parenthood clinics and other organizations offering abortions.

    “By signing this measure into law I stand with the majority of Americans who oppose the use of taxpayer funds for abortion,” Brewer said in a statement.

    The problem with Brewer’s statement is that it’s not true — taxpayer funding of abortion was already prohibited before this law was signed. Arizona hasn’t provided any public funds to terminate any pregnancies.

    Rather, what the governor and GOP policymakers in Arizona have done is cut off funding for contraception, cancer screenings, and basic preventive health care for families who are already struggling.

    The next time someone says the Republican war on women is nothing more than media-driven hype, a myth trumped up by Democrats in an election year, remember it wasn’t Dems or journalists who made this proposal law in the state of Arizona.

    • Aquagranny911

      I wonder if there will be a stampede now for the border of women going to clinics in Mexico.

  • Dannie! Your boo has some explaining to do!

    Liberal blog: Mayor Cory Booker is a ‘sellout’ for attending educational conference funded by the Koch Brothers
    Published: Thursday, May 03, 2012, 12:33 PM Updated: Thursday, May 03, 2012, 6:07 PM
    By David Giambusso/The Star-Ledger

    A blogger on Daily Kos, a prominent liberal blog called Newark Mayor Cory Booker a “sellout” for attending a two day educational conference that they say is funded by the Koch Brothers.

    “This gathering of the truly odious and anti-democratic, anti-schools, corporate elite, needs to be confronted in a direct non-violent, peaceful way,” the blog said, adding, “To get some idea of the gloating, vicious tone of this gathering, scroll down on this link to see the speakers — including, sadly, Newark ‘Democrat’ (a.k.a. Sellout) Mayor Cory Booker”

    The two day conference is hosted by the Alliance for School Choice and is sponsored by the American Legislative Exchange council or ALEC, a right leaning think tank that drafts legislation, as well as the Walton Family foundation and Excellent Education for Everyone.


    • Alma98

      These same people have destroyed public schools here in Milwaukee. The program here is called 3 choices and believe me when I say there are no 3 choices. People in the suburbs ignored what was going on here, now Alliance is coming after them with the help of Scott Walker. I’m sorry but in this case Booker is selling out.

      • Aquagranny911

        It might be helpful to know exactly what Booker said in his talk before considering him a “sell out” He may have ripped them up for all we know. I don’t trust bloggers from Kos. Too many are a bit fact deficient & unreliable.

        • Alma98

          I could care less about DK AG; we have experienced first hand what these people do to urban schools. They don’t give a damn about poc, in the last school board election they tried to get some of their cronies on the board. It’s about money and privatizing public schools. I know a lot of people love Mayor Booker but sometimes to me he seems a little self serving.

          • Aquagranny911

            I will bow to your better knowledge on Booker & totally agree about what they are doing to our schools. Same here in AZ. It is all about the $$$ & privatizing the school systems. Plus they got their goatfiggers on our school board to stop the Mexican studies program & now they have even banned books. It’s shameful.

            On Saturday I had plenty to say about people getting their butts to the polls if they want things better for their kiddos.

            One woman told me they are considering closing her closest elementary school because the school needs a new cooling system (essential here in AZ) & the state won’t pay for it. If they do this, kiddos will have to double up at a school farther away or take vouchers to a for profit charter school.

            I sure told her if she wants to keep her school open she should vote “D” all the way down the line on her ballot in November. We got to get these Repugnants OUT!

            I will add that if the school system closes a school here, the state can sell off the property to private business concerns (campaign contributors) It’s been done here before when the property had value for development.

          • Alma98

            The same thing happened here before we moved back. A lot of the parents didn’t investigate these people before they voted. They have been closing neighborhood schools and sending kids to voucher schools. A recent study showed the kids are not doing any better or are at the same level as before.

            The sad thing is they bought off a few blacks in local government who then turned around and sold people on this travesty. They then reopen the schools as private and the neighborhood children can’t attend them.

          • Aquagranny911

            This is embarrassing to say but sometimes people here will vote for someone based on them being Latino or having a Latino sounding name even if that person is a Repug. They don’t study or find out about the person before they vote.

            I’ve been doing my very best to change that & get people to understand that if some one has an “R” after their name it doesn’t matter what that name is. They will be bad news!

            Here’s to better days, good Lady. Take heart & keep on keeping on.

          • Camille

            Thank you!

            I am not a Cory Booker fan and never will be.

            I actually find him to be so over the top in his self-promotion, it’s embarrassing.

            And in trying to position and propel himself towards some future run for something, he often discounts the larger group with his mealy mouth and questionable stances.

            I find him inauthentic, disingenuous, too obvious and rehearsed – playing from a very simplistic political play book.

            Try as he may, I personally don’t think Cory Booker will ever make it to the White House – something I suspect he day dreams about.

            And if he thinks aligning with and playing footsie with vicious assholes like Arianna will put him over the line, then Cory Booker is even more deluded than I already thought he was.

          • dannie22

            I dont think he’ll ever make it to the WH either. And Cory has always been about Cory. Excuse me for being crass, but I just wanted to jump Cory’s bones LOL

    • Aquagranny911

      Do you think Booker might have attended the conference to see what these people are doing? Kind of like know what your enemy is up to. Also it might be helpful to know exactly what Booker said in his talk.
      just saying….

      These same people are busy destroying our public schools too & of banning books & Mexican American studies here so I’m not defending anybody. I just don’t trust so called “prominent liberal bloggers” at Kos to actually have all the facts.

    • dannie22

      Booker has always been pro-corporate. Thats why he tried to see the water dept. Booker is very much into privatizing. He loves charter schools. He had his buddy Oprah invest big money in some charter schools. And he is buddies with Arianna. She throws fundraisers for him.

    • Camille

      Unlike some of my family here, I am so meh about and unimpressed with Cory Booker.

      Don’t give two shits about him really. He actually irritates me and strikes me as very self-serving and unconvincing in his many attempts at creating this particular image in his push to move himself up politically.

      I think Cory is so obvious in his self-promotion it completely devalues any good he supposedly does.

      And anybody who is “good friends” with the poison that is Arianna Huffington, completely loses me.

    • isonprize

      Well, I don’t know the deets about Cory Booker and this conference, but I DO KNOW that the Alliance for School Choice is bad news for black and brown and poor white children in city public schools. And the ‘burbs think it’s just the cities.

      Just wait, ‘burbs. They comin’ for y’all next…

  • Miranda

    Meet The Press’ David Gregory Pushes Absurd NY Post Talking Point
    May 07, 2012 10:56 am ET by Eric Boehlert

    Interviewing Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday, Meet the Press host David Gregory adopted last week’s right-wing spin when he asked if Obama’s trip to Afghanistan to sign a security agreement with Afghan President Hamid Karzia and to address U.S. troops on the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden represented a failure for the president.

    Gregory even incorporated the New York Post’s page-one attack on Obama:

  • Miranda

    *snicker*…welcome to the big leagues Romney

    Obama campaign used Kansas firm for conference call: Contrast with GOP

    WASHINGTON– Last Thursday, I reported how, when I called in for a Republican National Committee conference call, I asked where the operator I talked to was based and was told Manila. Today–Monday–when I phoned into an Obama for American conference call featuring campaign manager Jim Messina and top strategist David Axelrod, I asked the same question to the operator; she told me she was in Wichita, Kansas.

  • Justice Department to Monitor Election in Wisconsin

    The Justice Department announced today that the Civil Rights Division will monitor the election on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, in Milwaukee. The monitoring will ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Voting Rights Act prohibits discrimination in the election process on the basis of race, color or membership in a minority language group. In addition, the act requires certain covered jurisdictions to provide language assistance during the election process. The city of Milwaukee is required to provide assistance in Spanish.

    Justice Department personnel will monitor polling place activities in Milwaukee. Civil Rights Division attorneys will coordinate federal activities and maintain contact with local election officials.

    Each year, the Justice Department deploys hundreds of federal observers from the Office of Personnel Management, as well as departmental staff, to monitor elections across the country. To file complaints about discriminatory voting practices, including acts of harassment or intimidation, voters may call the Voting Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division at 1-800-253-3931.

    • Alma98

      Good because Walker and his cronies will stop at nothing to win. I’ve been getting calls from the NRA defending his lopsided head ass. Not to mention the Koch bros pouring money in trying to buy the election.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Alma98. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        —***fist bump*** – – — – CALL- — -‘EM- – – OUT!! :>)

        Good 2 C U. :>)

        • Alma98

          Good to see you too GLH I’m fired up and will be voting tomorrow.

          • GreenLadyHere

            HEEY Alma98. – —Oooowee! – –U GO! GUUURL! :>)

            – – –FIRED UP!! – —MOVIN’ –

            FORWARD!! – — HAPPY 2 U. :>)

        • isonprize

          GLH, How do we get the Justice Department to monitor the elections here in Pennsylvania?

          Fo’ real. I really wanna know. We need this!!!!

          • GreenLadyHere

            HEEY isonprize. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

            – –Just called them. NO one picked up. I’m sure that I’m in the wrong time zone.:>)


            IMMA try AGAIN. :>)

            Good 2 C U. isonprize. :>)

          • isonprize

            GLH, Have you seen the story of Ms. Viviette Applewhite?

          • GreenLadyHere

            isonprize – —RES

            – –Prayin’ 4 her annnd wishin’ her – – -the BEST. :>)PECTFULLY – – -I posted it a few days ago. BUT I was comin’ 2 POST an UPDATE. —

            – —NEVAMIND. – – -It doesn’t look any differently. :>)

            THANK U 4 SHARIN’ :>)

            Prayin’ 4 her annnnd wishin’ her – -the BEST!! AMEN. :>)

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia- — – Woo! Hoo!- –GO- – —GET’EM HOLDER!! :>)- —

      – – – -THEY CAIN’T do THIS!!- – — >The Voting Rights Act prohibits discrimination in the election process on the basis of race, color or membership in a minority language group.– — -HAH!!- —

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 11:33 AM ET, 05/07/2012
    The House GOP’s big gamble
    By Jonathan Bernstein

    In for a dime, in for a dollar. Or, in this case, $260 billion. That’s the amount of spending cuts in a bill Paul Ryan and House Republicans are preparing today for floor action later this week. The bill is meant to avert the deep cuts in defense spending mandated by the failure of the deficit supercommittee. But more broadly, this is the continuation of a fascinating gamble.

    Here’s the story. If Congress doesn’t act, across-the-board cuts required by the supercommittee go into effect in January 2013 — cuts to both the Pentagon and domestic programs that both parties find unacceptable. There’s general agreement that the earliest Congress will agree on how to prevent those cuts will be in a lame duck session after the election. And yet what the two parties are doing about this fact couldn’t be more different.

    The Democrats, who prefer smaller cuts paired with tax increases on upper-income taxpayers, have been in no hurry at all to advance that agenda in actual legislative terms. Senate Dems, as Republicans will shout until they’re blue in the face, did not pass a budget resolution this year. House Democrats, too, are reported to be leaning against offering an alternative to this new GOPbill.

    more here

  • rikyrah

    Quote For The Day

    “I’m not going to suggest in anyway a psychologist. That’s a decision a psychologist would have to tell ya and I’m not going to weigh in on that,” – Mitt Romney, on whether being gay is a personal “defect”.

    • MsKitty

      This man couldn’t give a straight answer (no pun intended) about anything, even if somebody had the barrel of a Magnum pressed against his temple.

  • rikyrah

    A Fair View of Jimmy Carter
    by BooMan
    Mon May 7th, 2012 at 10:14:52 AM EST

    If you open up a can of worms, someone else might open up a can of whoopass:

    By contrast, the Obama ad’s brief rebuke of Romney is at least factual and accurate: Not only did he say what the ad quotes, but he also said that he wouldn’t go into Pakistan to get bin Laden, which is what the mission required. Had the president followed Romney’s policy recommendation, bin Laden would almost certainly still be at large.

    “Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order,” scoffed Romney in response. But he shouldn’t be so quick to denigrate the former Democratic president, who entered the Navy during World War II and then served as a submarine officer until his honorable discharge in 1953. Somebody may compare Carter’s service with Romney’s own military record, which doesn’t exist — and remind voters that he avoided the Vietnam draft with a pampered stint as a Mormon missionary, in France.

    I’d like to add something to this, just because I find it irritating. Mitt Romney decided to pick on Jimmy Carter in this instance as an example of someone who was weak on national security. This is wrong for at least three reasons. First, when Carter was faced with the Iranian Hostage Crisis, he authorized a rescue mission. That rescue mission was known as Operation Eagle Claw. It failed because of a sandstorm in Iran, and insufficient redundancy in the planning. It was wisely called off when too few helicopters remained operational to assure success. If Carter deserves any criticism beyond being a victim of bad luck, it’s that he didn’t personally intervene in the planning to assure there were more helicopters. But this is exactly what Obama did, and it may have been crucial to the success of the mission to get bin-Laden.

    more here

  • rikyrah

    May/June 2012

    The Anchor

    Forget Rachel, Bill, Anderson, and Sean. The broadcaster who will most determine the 2012 elections is Jorge Ramos.

    By Laura M. Colarusso

    On January 25, a week before the Florida primary, Mitt Romney sat down for an interview with Univision, the nationwide Spanish-language television network that reaches 97 percent of Latino households. It was a risky move for Romney, who, in a bid for conservative support, had gone farther than any of his remaining Republican rivals in denouncing reforms that would help undocumented immigrants gain legal status. His positions put him sharply at odds with the vast majority of Univision’s audience, with the network’s own editorial line, and most definitely with the opinions of its star news anchor, Jorge Ramos.

    Yet there was Romney, opposite Ramos on a stage at Mi-ami Dade College, trying to convince Univision’s viewers, many of whom live in Florida, that he was all for immigration—so long as it was done the right way. The questioning was civil but point-ed at first. Then Ramos threw a curveball. The veteran broadcast-er wanted to know whether Romney felt that he was a Mexican American, since his father was born in Mexico. The question put Romney, whose great-grandfather had fled the United States to avoid arrest for practicing polygamy, in a supremely awkward po-sition. If he said yes, conservatives might think him even more suspect. But if he said no, he would lose one of the few oppor-tunities he had to connect with a vitally important audience. “I would love to be able to convince people of that, particularly in a Florida primary,” Romney responded. “But I think that might be disingenuous on my part.” It was probably the best answer he could have given, but it provided the mainstream press, which covered the interview, with yet another squirm-inducing anec-dote about the candidate. And it certainly didn’t help him with Latino voters.

    If the Univision interview illustrates the rough road Rom-ney has had to travel in his quest to become the GOP nominee, it also highlights what may be the biggest obstacle he’ll face in the general election: winning a significant share of the Latino vote. Hispanics are one of the fastest-growing minorities in the country, accounting for more than half of the total population growth over the last decade. (More than 50 million Hispanics now live in the United States—up from 35 million just ten years ago, according to census data.) In 2008, close to 10 million Hispanics voted—roughly 70 percent supported Barack Obama—and thus far their support for the president has not waned. More than 12 million Latinos are expected to vote this time around. Moreover, Hispanics are clustered in key swing states like Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, and Florida. Their influence could even put red states like Arizona into play in the presidential race, and might help determine control of Congress. In 2010, despite the Tea Party uprising that enabled Republicans to retake the House, Latinos helped the Democrats hang on to the Senate by propelling Harry Reid and Michael Bennet to victory in Nevada and Colorado, respectively.

    Connecting with Latinos is now a top priority for both parties, and Univision is the main conduit. No other net-work comes close to its scope. On any given night, Univision draws in about 65 percent of the viewers watching Spanish-language TV; the network’s nearest competitor, NBC-owned Telemundo, recently broke briefly into the low thirties. The network is the fifth largest in the country in terms of prime-time ratings and routinely beats the big four—ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox—on Friday nights and in certain markets like Los Angeles and New York. Its offerings include every-thing from soap operas to political talk shows to investiga-tive documentaries, all with a focus on the issues, themes, and personalities that are important to Hispanics. The com-pany has built a relationship with its viewers that few other media organizations could even hope to understand. “Based on our research, there are two institutions in the Latino im-migrant community that rank as highly trustworthy,” says Si-mon Rosenberg, president of the New Democratic Network, a think tank based in Washington, D.C. “They are the Catholic Church and Univision.”

    If Univision is the most important Spanish-language network, then Ramos is the biggest, most trusted on-air personality on Spanish-language TV. Often referred to as the Walter Cronkite of Hispanic news, he connects with viewers on a nightly basis. An immigrant from Mexico with olive skin, green eyes, and silver hair, he has interviewed every sitting president since George H. W. Bush and most of the major White House hopefuls during that time, with the exception of Bob Dole in 1996. Along the way he has won eight Emmys and written eleven books, including A Country for All: An Immigrant Manifesto. Ninety-three percent of Univision viewers have a favorable view of him.

    • Town

      Jorge Ramos looks like the Mexican Anderson Cooper.

      I watch Univision every night.

  • Alma98

    I love the president’s new ad. H/T TOD

  • rikyrah

    Nebraska and the Limits of Compromise
    By Charles P. Pierce at 12:45PM

    Two leftover bits from what turned out to be quite the productive trip to Nebraska.

    As I mentioned last week, the Republican senatorial primary has turned into an episode of Who’s The Wingiest Wingnut? State treasurer Don Stenberg, however, is not the embattled Richard Lugar. He’s been backed up with tough TV ads by a number of conservative front groups and he spent the weekend on the Nebraska leg of a national “values” bus tour sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council.

    (It is also helpful to remember at moments like this that, as you can tell by its involvement in something like this, the Heritage Foundation is a serious data-based research organization, and not merely a talking-points sausage shop as it might appear to be to the rest of us. Thank you. We continue.)

    What the campaign has devolved into is attorney general Jon Bruning’s contention that he is more wingnutty than Stenberg because he looks younger, and because he has been in a position to sue the Obama adminstration over health-care and a bunch of other stuff. This is a measure of what the Republican party looks like out in the rest of the country. There are tackhammers with substantially greater ideological diversity.

    Which makes all of Democratic candidate Bob Kerrey’s commercials all the more curious. In them, Kerrey leans hard on his military record. (No mention of that unpleasant Thanh Phong business.) But he also states flatly that he will work with “people in both parties” to “get things done.” Since it looks as though, if he gets elected, Kerrey will be dealing with a Republican senate caucus for which Dick Lugar was too liberal, it is legitimate for us all to ask the senator, “Like who, exactly

    Read more:

  • MonieTalks

    EPA scientist who warned of caustic dust from Ground Zero wins job back
    Cate Jenkins was fired from job as chemist after accusing EPA of deliberately covering up dangers of 9/11 wreckage dust

    A government scientist sacked for exposing the dangers to firefighters from the caustic air at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11 got her job back on Monday.

    A federal court ordered that Cate Jenkins, a chemist at the Environmental Protection Agency, be reinstated to her job with back pay.

    Her lawyer said the decision, although based on matters of legal process, amounted to vindication for Jenkins’s claims that the EPA had covered up the danger posed to first responders and others in lower Manhattan from the asbestos and highly corrosive dust that rose from the wreckage of the World Trade Center.

    It was also a rare victory for whistleblowers, said lawyer Paula Dinerstein. “This doesn’t happen that often.”

    Jenkins, who has spent more than 30 years at the EPA, was the first agency official to warn of the dangers of the caustic dust rising from the ruins of the World Trade Center.

    read more:

  • Aquagranny911

    Totally cool topic this week! I can’t wait for more. I love dancing & watching people dance. We had some great exhibition dancing on Saturday & the costumes were gorgeous.

  • Miranda

    This is why we cant have nice things…because of emoprogging whiners like Greg Sargent who get fixated on one object and then browbeat it to death.

    • Ebogan63

      He can go lite hisself on fire. I really couldn’t give two shits about this fucking issue. One wonders why in the hell these idiots are not talking about discrimination against gays in the workforce? hospital visitation rights of partners? Why these assholes want to give the GOP a wedge issues and compromise his reelection tells me all I want to know about this bullshit.

    • edp4bho

      I’m not even going to read this judging from ebogan’s remarks, but we are 6 months away from the most important event to occur this year, one that determines what benefits we have accumulated during this Obama presidency will remain with us, and there are ass-holes bellyaching about something that doesn’t put food on the table or a roof over the head of poor people. Like, they can go —- themselves and each other. Please excuse my potty mouth, and anyone feeling offended by my remarks, sorry, but it matters not to me who you do.

  • rikyrah

    What Are the Gobshites Saying These Days?
    By Charles P. Pierce at 12:31PM

    Welcome back to our semi-regular weekly survey of the state of Our National Discourse, which is what tubeworms would sound like, if they could speak. And let’s not even get into the whole Joe Biden thing just yet.

    We begin, as we always do, with the professional politicians, and with John McCain, 2008 presidential nominee and career gobshite of the political class. On Sunday, he gave the presumptive nominee of his party a little fatherly advice:

    “The absolute, most important aspect is, if something happened to him, would that person be well qualified to take that place?” said McCain. “I happen to believe that was the primary factor in my decision in 2008. And I know it will be Mitt’s.”


    Sorry, a little common sense got caught in my throat there.

    This is the man responsible for bringing to the national stage Princess Dumbass Of The Northwoods and her whole snow-macheening clan of grabitall omadhauns. If John McCain still believes that Sarah Palin was “well-qualified” to take his place as president of the United fking States (!), it’s really past time to go to the dogtrack with his name pinned to his sweater. Was he even there in 2008? Was he actually the candidate for the entire campaign, or did he just bag the whole business in August and go back to Sedona and let some body double play out the string? I’d like an offer of proof that this didn’t happen.

    But let us move along, if we must, to the gobshites of our chattering classes, who did not disappoint this weekend. Let us start with George Effing Will, who looks like your foul-tempered great-aunt with all the money dressed adjunct-professor drag. He seems all a’flutter that the president is actually campaigning for re-election….

    All that said, try to imagine Dwight Eisenhower talking about D-Day, saying, “I did this, I decided this, I did this and then I did that.” It’s inconceivable. If you struck from Barack Obama’s vocabulary the first person singular pronoun, he would fall silent, which would be a mercy to us and service to him, actually…

    Let us leave aside the easily verifiable fact that the president has made such a career out of talking about what “we” can do “as Americans” that he’s perennially annoyed people like, well, me. Let us also leave aside the fact that this is coming from one of the primary propagandists of the Reagan-Won-The-Cold-War school of policy analysis. (“If you seek his monument, look for what we don’t see. We don’t see the Berlin Wall. We don’t see ‘the iron curtain from Stetin to Trieste,” Will says in a PBS documentary on Reagan, which is pretty bold for a guy who, at the time Reagan actually was president, regularly ripped him as being played for a sap by Mikhail Gorbachev. The crafty Russki, Will apparently believed, was ensnaring Reagan in a clever trap that involved dismantling the Soviet empire.) Let us simply say that hearing George Effing Will accuse anyone of intellectual egoism is like hearing a lecture on modesty from Lady Gaga.

    As it happens, we have a George Effing Will two-fer this week. Later, on the nougat-and-caramel-thick cluster of fk that was This Week, he got started in on student loans. He spends some time, with the able assistance of purported journalist Jake Tapper, spreading some serious manure about student loans being a “new entitlement,” as though those college kids are being handed a whole bunch of free money to play beer pong and study Polynesian socialist poetry. It doesn’t take long, however, for the essential elitist fopdoodle to come shining through:

    Of the two-thirds of the people who graduate from college with debt, the average debt is something under $30,000 total. That is just about the one-year difference in earnings between a college graduate and a high school graduate. We’re talking about a pittance a month.

    Suck it up, underemployed graduate. Pay off your pittance and get to work at building your career as a snotty fussypants on network television. Still later, Will thundered in defense of usury, “Let’s not give interest-free loans to anyone,” thereby putting himself forever on the wrong side of the Second and Third Lateran Councils.

    Elsewhere, perennially nasty walking draft-exemption Liz Cheney went on Fox News Sunday to flirt coyly about running for the Senate in Wyoming. And by “flirt coyly,” I mean running the English language gracefully through a cheese grater.

    Look, I have been honored to have been asked to help support the Republican Party in Wyoming. As I said, it’s my home. It’s a very special place, but I’m really focused on defeating Barack Obama. We don’t have the luxury, frankly, of looking beyond this election because this election is so important.

    Is there truly no end to the involvement of this hideous family in our politics? Shouldn’t Liz be baking a cake with a file in it to send to Daddy’s cell at The Hague by now?

    Over at Dancin’ Dave’s place, Karl Rove’s old stepping partner wasn’t letting the vice-president off the hook for the fact that the economy is only now beginning to recover from the damage that Liz Cheney’s father and his old boss did to it over eight years….

    It was this administration that said you could keep 8% unemployment if you passed the stimulus act. You can’t go by those predictions.

    For the love of god, not this again. The stimulus wasn’t has effective as it should have been because the politics of getting it passed required that it be larded up with tax cuts, and the unemployment figures are staying stubbornly high because a lot of Republican governors have been laying off their workforces by a busload. Biden bopped Gregory around a little bit on this, and then talked about gay marriage, which has set folks to yapping today. But then, the dancing master brought things around to foreign policy and the domestic political utility of having shot Osama bin Laden in the eye.

    Read more:

  • rikyrah

    The politics of a Beastie Boy’s passing
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 7, 2012 1:15 PM EDT.

    As of this morning, the most popular item on the conservative Washington Times’ website was this piece from Joseph Curl, headlined, “Hip-hop legend MCA passes on; Obama says not a word” (thanks to reader R.P. for the tip).

    I’ve come to expect the right to after President Obama for just about everything, but I have to admit, I didn’t see this one coming.

    Adam Nathaniel Yauch, “MCA” from the Beastie Boys, died Friday, after a lengthy bout with cancer. He was just 47. The Washington Times piece expressed annoyance at Obama because the president didn’t mention MCA’s passing.

    H]alf-white Barack Obama (exactly my age) didn’t say a word, even though he was talking to college kids that day…. Funny the “coolest president ever” doesn’t say a word about the passing of MCA. Weird and kinda sad, actually. […]

    The president took time from his busy schedule to comment on the passing of black musicians. When Whitney Houston, a longtime crack addict, died this year, the White House put out a statement…. And when accused pedophile and drug addict Michael Jackson died in 2009, the White House weighed in with the president’s thoughts. […]

    Mr. Obama is said to have 2,000 songs on his iPod, but he’s never mentioned the Beastie Boys. Too bad. He could learn so much from them. Still can.

    So, let me get this straight: Obama’s lack of a reaction to MCA’s death is evidence of the president’s … racism? As far this newspaper columnist is concerned, the “half-white” president — why Obama’s racial diversity is relevant in that sentence is unclear — only cares about the deaths of African-American musicians?

    Dylan Byers, to his credit, noted, “[L]et’s get bent out of shape reminding him that the President doesn’t comment on the passing of every musician, nor is he expected to. Let’s also remind him that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston — whose deaths, Curl notes, the President did mention — sold far more records (an estimated 750 million and 170 million, respectively, versus the Beastie Boys 20 million). Chill, Curl.”

    That’s good advice

  • MonieTalks

    This is a blast from the past…..we’ve all heard about NOM’s plans to use gay marriage as a wedge issue between races…but sometimes me thinks some of the so-called gay activists, disguised as PL but are GOPTEA ass kissers, are using it as one too, especially after the campaign they led against the President and the vitriol they spewed…remember more in the GLBT voted for the Republicans in the 2010 midterms….ain’t it about time they put pressure on them as well… their support doubled for for the Congress will have now. Own it.

    Just a note: Google “more gays voted for republicans in 2010” and you get 53.4 mil hits.

    From November 2004:

    Gays Gird for Second Bush Term

    Gay and lesbian advocates have been doing some soul-searching since President Bush’s (search) election victory, wondering if same-sex wedding marches through San Francisco and Massachusetts tipped the scales to Republicans promising to restore traditional values.

    Exit polling showed “moral values” were at the top of voters’ concerns, especially in the 11 states where voters banned same-sex marriage (search) — ballot amendments inspired by the parade of weddings.

    “I think it hurt,” said Rep. Barney Frank (search), an openly gay Democrat from Massachusetts, the state that set off the firestorm last November when its high court ruled that gay couples have the right to wed.

    Frank is among many political observers who credit the anti-gay marriage amendments with giving the president’s conservative base a reason to go to the polls in crucial battleground states like Ohio.

    “It gives them a position to rally around,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who once served as San Francisco’s mayor. “That whole issue has been too much, too fast, too soon. People aren’t ready for it.”

    Read more:,2933,137830,00.html#ixzz1uD0QUnx6

  • rikyrah

    Entrepreneurial studies taking root at historically black colleges

    By J.D. Harrison, Published: April 27 | Updated: Monday, April 30, 7:30 AM

    The Washington Post Howard University’s School of Business has long offered courses in starting, running and managing a company. Many of its students have taken advantage of the school’s certificate program in entrepreneurship, while others have tapped the resources available through the department’s small business development center.

    But in recent years, faculty and administrators realized that business students were no longer the only ones who need to know how to run a business, nor were they the only ones actively seeking that type of training.

    “Our students have always been interested in entrepreneurship, but I feel like it really exploded over the last five years, and now it’s all over campus,” said Barron Harvey, dean of the School of Business at Howard, one of more than 120 historically black colleges and universities in the United States. “In particular, I think we are seeing more collaboration between different schools and departments on campus, where students in various fields of study want to learn how to be an entrepreneur. And it’s not just at Howard, I think that’s happening at schools like ours all across the country.”

    more here

  • rikyrah

    Political AnimalBlog
    May 07, 2012 2:35 PM

    By Ed Kilgore

    In a fine rant for TAP about Mitt Romney’s relative success in convincing people that his private-sector experience will make him a “Mr. Fix-It” for the U.S. economy, Paul Waldman hits on a pretty important point:

    Romney does have a lengthy economic plan, but it amounts to the same thing Republicans always advocate: tax cuts, particularly on the wealthy; spending cuts in domestic programs; eliminating regulations; free trade; undermining labor unions, and so on. The closest thing to an innovative idea is the creation of a “Reagan Economic Zone,” which presumably will create wealth through the repeated incantation of the great one’s name.

    Which is just the point: if Mitt Romney’s experience in private equity gives him such unique understanding of the economy, why is what he proposes exactly what you’d hear from any Republican who spent his working life in government? It’s partly because Romney is a Republican, and things like tax cuts and reductions in regulation are just what Republicans believe. But maybe it’s also because when it comes to the things government can do to affect the economy, being a businessman doesn’t give you such special insight after all.

    Waldman made a similar argument back in 2010 when California was being bombarded with ads from Carly Fiorina and (especially) Meg Whitman touting their business experience as being their top credentials for statewide office.

    Ultimately, such “I know the economy” claims usually come down to little more than a personal character reference: I’ve succeeded in one area of life, and so you should trust me to succeed in another. As Waldman notes, you can undermine such claims in different ways:

    [You can] comb through Romney’s career and figure out what combination of attacks will create a negative association in the public’s mind when the words “Romney” and “business” are mentioned together. Maybe the key will be his personal wealth and hilarious habit of saying things that reinforce his distance from the struggles of ordinary people, or maybe it will be stories of layoffs at companies Bain Capital acquired, or maybe it will be some new story we haven’t yet heard of.

    But ultimately, the argument that corporate titans know more about government policies that might strengthen the economy than anyone else needs a direct hit. If, as appears to be the case with Romney, said titans are essentially arguing that there is no positive government role in the economy and that all his brilliance and experience will be brought to bear on the task of “getting government out of the way” as quickly as possible, why not just elevate a laptop to the presidency, running the best available destroy-the-government software available from conservative think tanks? Mitt’s detractors often mock him as a robot or a cyborg based on his peculiar personality and/or his apparent lack of inhibition about doing absolutely anything it takes to curry favor with today’s voters even if it contradicts what he was saying yesterday. But there’s a more basic point to be made that any fool, or any machine, can implement Romney’s economic platform. As I’ve noted earlier, if he gets a Republican-controlled Congress, a President Romney could whip through his agenda in less than 100 days.

    So perhaps Mitt should be asked as often as possible: what will you do as president to revive the economy that anyone with a copy of your platform—or the Ryan budget—could do? Aren’t your talents more suited to being a “job-creator” than a government-destroyer? Give us just one example of something you learned at Bain that the rest of us don’t know, that would create jobs, okay, Mitt?

    Don’t know if this sort of line of inquiry would turn votes, but it would sure get under his skin, or his case, or whatever it is that holds him together.

  • Miranda

    Move to Outsource Teacher Licensing Process Draws Protest

    The idea that a handful of college instructors and student teachers in the school of education at the University of Massachusetts could slow the corporatization of public education in America is both quaint and ridiculous.
    Sixty-seven of the 68 students studying to be teachers at the middle and high school levels at the Amherst campus are protesting a new national licensure procedure being developed by Stanford University with the education company Pearson.

    The UMass students say that their professors and the classroom teachers who observe them for six months in real school settings can do a better job judging their skills than a corporation that has never seen them.

    more here

  • rikyrah

    Why Obama Is Running On The Auto Rescue

    Benjy Sarlin May 7, 2012, 1:12 PM

    President Obama, who is touting the auto bailout at every turn in his campaign debut this week, got some more good news from Detroit on Monday with the release of the new Fortune 500 list. At No. 5 on the annual ranking of America’s largest companies: General Motors.

    While the job market and overall growth are still weak, GM and the auto industry have proved a rare bright spot. And the Obama campaign is putting its success front and center.

    “Together, we’re fighting our way back,” Obama said at a campaign kickoff rally in Virginia on Saturday. “When some wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt, we made a bet on American workers, on the ingenuity of American companies. And today, our auto industry is back on top of the world.”

    Supporters greeted the latest news with similar enthusiasm: “GM now ranks 5th in the Fortune 500 list,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, tweeted. “President Obama, thank you for believing in American manufacturing.”

    There are several reasons the auto rescue is getting such disproportionate attention versus other, arguably more crucial measures, like the stimulus and the president’s use of President Bush’s TARP funding to stabilize the financial system. Some of them are obvious: TARP is unpopular, and the money went to the Wall Street interests Obama routinely decries in speeches, and the stimulus has also become politically toxic after years of Republican attacks.

    But the most important aspect of the auto bailout is that it takes voters back to the days of late 2008 and 2009, when the economy was in an actual touch-and-go crisis — not just a period of sluggish growth. There’s simply no way to discuss it without invoking the worst of the recession and financial collapse that Obama inherited. And reminding voters of that collapse is priority one, two and three right now, with a huge chunk of Obama’s new $25 million ad buy emphasizing the conditions the president inherited at his swearing-in.

    It also puts Romney in a tough spot, who has had difficulty articulating his take on the auto bailout with any coherancy. Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom drew a round of mockery from Democrats after saying that the White House simply followed Romney’s advice in putting car companies through a managed bankruptcy, a claim that sidesteps Romney’s refusal to endorse the billions of dollars in government loans that made that bankruptcy possible without destroying the companies in the process.

    On offense, the bailout thus offers up another important opportunity to promote the Obama camp’s messaging on Romney: it touches on their attacks on his Bain Capital days, which they say resulted in too many layoffs in order to benefit wealthier investors. The Obama campaign, not surprisingly, are attacking Romney ahead of his trip to Ohio on Monday, one of the states most affected by the auto industry.

    “Mitt Romney’s decision to hold an event today at a GM supplier in Ohio highlights how, if he’d had his way, the American auto industry and the more than a million jobs it supports would cease to exist today,” campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith said in a statement. “GM and Chrysler are in existence, creating jobs, and posting some of their most profitable quarters in history because President Obama bet on American workers. The real question is whether Mitt Romney — at his economy-focused event today — will explain to Ohioans why he opposed saving an industry that is responsible for one out of eight jobs in their state.”

  • rikyrah

    When Republicans close off every avenue
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 7, 2012 2:30 PM EDT.

    In the broadest possible sense, Washington has two main choices to spur economic growth during tough times. Policymakers can rely on Congress and the White House to approve fiscal stimulus that injects capital into the economy, or they can rely on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Though actions can vary based on circumstances — not all recessions are the same — the left generally prefers the former, while the right prefers the latter.

    In the Obama era, Republicans oppose both.

    We know the GOP is willing to fight tooth and nail to reject any efforts at public investment to create jobs and spur economic growth. What’s less known is that Republicans are equally disgusted by the idea of Fed intervention to improve economic conditions.

    This isn’t necessarily new. Last year, Senate Republicans killed Peter Diamond’s nomination to fill a Fed vacancy because he’s only the recipient a Nobel Prize in economics and an expert in unemployment. As Matt Yglesias explained this morning, GOP efforts to make expansionary monetary policy impossible are only getting worse.

    The good news is that there are two open seats on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Board members get automatic seats on the Open Market Committee. So in principle by filling those seats with two people who are equally committed to monetary expansion as Bernanke — or even better, people who are more committed — the White House and the Senate could provide a powerful boost to economic growth.

    But Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana) doesn’t want that to happen, and has placed a hold on Obama’s two nominees saying: “I refuse to provide Chairman Bernanke with two more rubber stamps who approve of the Fed’s activist policies.”

    Vitter, in other words, like the jobless rates right where it is or perhaps wishes it were even lower.

    For those who suspect congressional Republicans are deliberately trying to drag down the economy in the hopes of undermining the Obama presidency, the GOP’s actions with regard to monetary policy offer powerful evidence.

  • rikyrah

    Obama Camp Launches $25 Million Ad Blitz
    Benjy Sarlin May 7, 2012, 11:37 AM

    President Obama’s campaign spent the Republican primaries quietly amassing a war chest of over $100 million while his rivals dominated the airwaves in swing states around the country. But they’re done watching from the sidelines.

    The president’s re-election team is out with a new ad, “Go,” running in nine swing states, as part of a whopping $25 million ad buy this month. To put the amount in perspective, Romney finished March with only $10 million cash on hand.

    The ad, which focuses on how the economy has improved from the initial 2008 crisis that Obama inherited, is part of an aggressive effort from the president to remind voters of the dire circumstances the president faced in January 2009. The hope is that by putting his achievements in that context, Obama can overcome Romney’s message to voters still hurting among weak job growth that the White House has fallen short of its goals.

    “The president has faced a combination of crises few others have ever had to deal with, all at the same time,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in a conference call with reporters Monday. “Starting on Day One, he’s made bold and brave decisions to hep our economy get back on its feet and bring our troops back.”

    Messina said the ad “echoes the message the president delivered to the people this weekend: We have a very simple choice between going forward and going back.”

    Campaign officials warned that they expect a flood of negative advertising from unlimited-money Super PACs supportive of Romney, who played a crucial role in the Republican primary as a handful of ultra-wealthy donors dominated TV and radio with attack ads. Democratic groups, particularly former Obama spokesman Bill Burton’s Priorities USA, have struggled to raise money from big name Democratic donors, while Republican groups connected to Karl Rove believe they’re on pace to raise $300 million by November. Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod referred to Super PACs as “Koch brothers contract killers” and said that rebutting their attacks directly would be a top priority.

  • rikyrah

    video on the Obama should be tried for treason punk out by Willard:

    • Town

      That’s why black people can never progress because too many of us are willing to sell out for a crispy chicken wrap.

      All of the people cutting up at the Richmond Obama rally were black, too.

      • Alma98

        Self hatred is a strong motivator too. I’ve met black people here who are always going on and on about moving out to the white suburbs to get away from black people. They really do believe they are special and somehow different from other black people.

        • Ebogan63

          Once these kneegrows get asked by white folks how much he or she charges as a gardener IN FRONT OF THEIR OWN DAMN HOUSE MOWING THE LAWN like my father got asked yrs ago, then they will get they ‘wake up, ninja’ call!

          • Alma98

            You’d think they would get a clue after they cut some of the bus routes that run from here to the burbs.

      • What happened at the Richmond rally?

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Its sad that niggas can still be bought in America today.

    • Miranda

      Is this that same heifer from early in PBO’s presidency?

    • rikyrah

      My first question is….


      • For being Black and the President of the United States

    • Let me find out this heifer is Velma Hart’s distant cousin…

    • dannie22

      I think these negroes are paid to confront and agitate. Im dead serious.

      • Camille

        It was interesting how they blocked her face so as to protect her identity.

        But it was even more interesting to watch the expression on the faces of the Klan folks around her as she danced for her supper.

        They still viewed her sorry ass with disdain, disgust and distrust.

  • rikyrah

    Romney’s cowardice keeps getting in the way
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 7, 2012 3:25 PM EDT.

    Four years ago, shortly before the presidential campaign, John McCain was participating in a town-hall forum, and heard from a voter who wanted to share a concern. “I can’t trust Obama,” she said. “I have read about him and he’s not, he’s not uh, he’s an Arab.”

    The Republican nominee, to his credit, took back the microphone and said, “No, ma’am. He’s a decent family man [and] a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign’s all about. He’s not [an Arab].”

    Mitt Romney in 2012 is a very different kind of candidate, and we were reminded of that this afternoon.

    For those who can’t watch clips online, the presumptive Republican nominee held an event in Ohio today, and heard from a woman who thinks President Obama “should be tried for treason.”

    It was an opportunity for the former governor to show some leadership — as McCain did in October 2008 — and reject this garbage publicly. But true to form, Romney responded to the voter’s question as if he didn’t have a problem with her ridiculous rhetoric.

    Later, after the Q&A was over, Romney was pressed by reporters on whether he agreed with his supporter’s “treason” line. He said, “No, of course not.”

    That’s nice, I suppose, but having courage after the fact isn’t the quite the same thing as showing some guts when the moment calls for it.

    It’s not the first time Romney shrank when confronted with an opportunity to lead, and I have a strong suspicion it won’t be the last.

  • Miranda

    Consumer Credit in U.S. Rose in March by Most in Over 10 Years

    Consumer borrowing in the U.S. surged in March by the most in more than a decade on growing demand for educational financing and autos.

    Credit rose by $21.4 billion, the biggest gain since November 2001, to $2.54 trillion, Federal Reserve figures showed today in Washington. The advance was paced by a $16.2 billion jump in non-revolving debt, including student and car loans.

    Americans may have been trying to get school financing before a possible increase in interest rates takes place on July 1. Increasing consumer confidence also means that households are more willing to take on debt to boost spending, which accounts for about 70 percent of the economy.

  • Well can we give Dr Dre some credit for his Tango in his video “Been There Done That” skip to the 4 minute mark and watch us take over the Tango

  • Miranda

    Funny how Zeke Miller at Buzz Feed remembered this suddenly. He didnt remember Sat, but remembered today. #LYINGAZZ

    Zeke Miller‏@ZekeJMiller
    I’ve heard a handful of shouts of “traitor” re: Romney at the Obama event

    • rikyrah

      I know…try it on someone else

    • rikyrah

      reminder found at another blog:

      Just in case you were wondering, on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, President Obama called Mitt Romney “a patriot.”


  • edp4bho

    Hello folks. Listening to Rev Al, my mouth is agape…..I just heard a black women lamenting about gentrification in Chicago, saying it’s happening all over the country, and then she said …..” I like Mitt Romney”…. T’was a slap in the face for me.OMG, we have some serious dumbasses in the AA community. Like, she doesn’t think Bozo (Romney) would appreciate her dumb ass being classed out so his 1%’ers can put her ass back on a plantation somewhere !! Calming down now.

    • Ebogan63

      Somedays, I feel that some of our people would be happier on the fucking plantation #ignant azzed ninjas

      • edp4bho

        Agreed, and I think it’s because it’s easier, to them, than fighting. Think where we would not be had our ancestors not fought for us, and as ignants would have it…..with our big screen tvs, custom rims, imported liquers, designer clothes and houses. Not to say we shouldn’t have those things, but if that’s what freedom is, then we are eternally in chains, if we don’t look around and see the walls about to close in on us. I am not tolerant of any black person choosing a Romney or any rethug over the “first black President”, as I emphasize. I love me too much to fall for the okeydoke, and have never been too comfortable with bigots around me anyway.

        • Alma98

          I understand what you’re saying edp4bho my son is 20 years old and he gets it. My husband and I were left shaking our heads last week after we saw a guy driving a beat up 1998 neon with rims that probably cost more than the car.

    • dannie22

      I heard that. I think Rev Al’s jaw dropped LOL!


    Carney unsure whether Obama will back Rep. Rangel for reelection
    By Josh Lederman – 05/07/12 02:49 PM ET

    White House press secretary Jay Carney declined to say Monday whether President Obama will support Rep. Charlie Rangel’s (D) bid for reelection in New York.

    “I’ll have to get back to you on that,” Carney said during the daily White House press briefing.

    He added that Obama does want to support a Democrat in Rangel’s seat.


    • Miranda

      Bye Rangel.

    • dannie22

      No more free scrimps for you Charlie

    • MsKitty


      Serves him right.

  • OFA claps back at Krissah Thompson’s bs article claiming voter registration is down amongst Blacks and Latinos:

    The analysis on which the Post based its mistaken claim is fundamentally flawed in several ways. Let’s look at a few of them:

    First, the Census data the article cited is 18 months old—it’s from November 2010, the month of the last midterm elections.Since that time, more than 1.4 million African Americans and more than 1.2 million Latinos have registered to vote.

    Second, it’s misleading to compare May 2012’s voter rolls to November 2010’s, since one refers to a national election for which registration has far from closed, and the other is not. A fair apples-to-apples comparison would look at the same point in a similar election cycle. So let’s do what the Post didn’t: when you compare the number of Latino and African American voters in November 2010 to those in November 2006, or compare the rolls in May 2012 to May 2008, it’s clear that the number goes up, not down, in each case. For example, the Post article claimed that in Florida, the largest battleground state, the number of Latino registrants decreased by 10 percent from Election Day 2008 and Election Day 2010; in reality, it increased by 5 percent. That’s a mistake 15 percentage points wide.

    Third, registration among Latinos and African Americans has never been higher. There are more Americans of both backgrounds registered to vote today than there were when President Obama was elected.


    • Miranda

      I hope she feels rightfully stupid.

    • rikyrah

      just came to post this

    • Oh no that’s alright. I wish they hadn’t corrected her. I want the blue tidal wave that’s coming in November to come as a complete surprise to her and her ilk.

      • aleth

        Got to correct because they might use the low registration to substantiate cheating. I expect the GOP to cheat for 2012 election. This is why the media is pushing close rate so stealing can be supported

        • Camille

          That’s right!

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- – –WHEW LAWD. BUSY DAY. :>)- – – -MORE POLL STUFF- – —

    – – — –Poll: Voters Prefer Obama Over Romney On Foreign Policy– —

    A new Politico/George Washington University poll out today found that President Obama holds a double digit lead over presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on the question of which candidate will better handle foreign policy. Fifty-one percent chose Obama, while 38 percent chose Romney. Politico notes that “[t]he poll was in the field during intensive coverage of the one-year anniversary of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.” Overall, the poll found Romney currently edging Obama in a head-to-head election match up with 48 percent of likely voters saying they’d pick Romney and 47 percent choosing to reelect Obama.

    — — MAY I REPEAT:- – – –OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD. . . .

    – —SPIKES BALL in the ENDZONE!!– -:>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Sepia- — -[Apologies iff a dup]- – — THIS HATA- –PHOOL!!- – – —

    – – – — Cornel West, activists convicted for disorderly conduct at stop-and-frisk protests– – —

    – – – — Twenty activists were convicted Friday of disorderly conduct at a protest over a contentious police policy, ending a trial that they used to spotlight their message but that prosecutors said was about the conduct of the protesters, not the police.

    A Manhattan judge convicted all the defendants in one of the biggest political protest group trials in the city in recent years. It drew extra attention for counting Princeton University professor and civil rights advocate Cornel West among the defendants, arrested Oct. 21 while standing in front of a police station door to protest the stopping, questioning and sometimes frisking of hundreds of thousands of people annually.

    “(The court) did justice. I disagree, but that is what democracy is all about,” West said after court.

    Convicted of an offense that is classified as a violation, not a crime, he and 18 of the others were sentenced to time served, the relatively brief period they were in custody after their arrests. One defendant, a performance artist who had gotten into a vehement exchange with prosecutors on the witness stand, was sentenced to two days of community service.– –

    – – -PUH-LEEZE!- – -A FAUX- -PROTEST- – – -ARREST!! – –annd CONVICTION!!– – – – –

    – —NOW – – -He will WEAR THIS as a BADGE of COURAGE!!! geesh!!

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