October 20, 2017

Monday Open Thread- Famous African-American Painters

This week’s open thread will focus on famous African-American Painters. 

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist. He began as a graffiti artist in New York City in the late 1970s and evolved into a Neo-expressionist painter during the 1980s.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was born after the death of his brother Max in Brooklyn, New York, the second of four children to Matilda Andrades (July 28, 1934 – November 17, 2008) and Gerard Basquiat (born 1930). He had two younger sisters: Lisane, born in 1964, and Jeanine, born in 1967.

His father, Gerard Basquiat, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and his mother, Matilde Basquiat, was of Puerto Rican descent, born in Brooklyn, New York.

Basquiat learned how to read and write by age four and was a gifted artist. His teachers noticed his artistic abilities, and his mother encouraged her son’s artistic talent. By the age of eleven, Basquiat could fluently speak, read, and write French, Spanish, and English. When he was eleven years old, his mother was committed to a mental institution and thereafter spent time in and out of institutions.

In 1976, Basquiat and friend Al Diaz began spray-painting graffiti on buildings in Lower Manhattan, working under the pseudonym SAMO. The designs featured inscribed messages such as “Plush safe he think.. SAMO” and “SAMO as an escape clause.”  When Basquiat & Diaz ended their friendship, The SAMO project ended with the epitaph “SAMO IS DEAD,” inscribed on the walls of SoHo buildings in 1979.

In 1979, Basquiat appeared on the live public-access television cable TV show TV Party hosted by Glenn O’Brien, and the two started a friendship. Basquiat made regular appearances on the show over the next few years. That same year, Basquiat formed the noise rockband Test Pattern, later “Gray” which played at Arleen Schloss´s open space, “Wednesdays at A`s” , where in October 1979 Basquiat showed, among others, his SAMO© color Xerox work. Gray performed at nightclubs such as Max’s Kansas City, CBGB, Hurrah, and the Mudd Club. In 1980, Basquiat discovered Andy Warhol, while  eating at a restaurant. Basquiat presented to Warhol samples of his work, and Warhol was stunned by Basquait’s genius and allure. The men later collaborated. Downtown 81 featured some of Gray’s recordings on its soundtrack. Basquiat also appeared in the Blondie music video “Rapture” as a nightclub disc jockey.

In 1981, Rene Ricard published “The Radiant Child” in Artforum magazine, which brought Basquiat to the attention of the art world. In late 1981, he joined the Annina Nosei gallery in SoHo. By 1982, Basquiat was showing regularly alongside other Neo-expressionist artists including Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Francesco Clemente, and Enzo Cucchi. He was represented in Los Angeles by the Larry Gagosian gallery and throughout Europe by Bruno Bischofberger. He briefly dated then-aspiring performer, Madonna, in late 1982. That same year, Basquiat also worked briefly with musician and artist David Bowie.

In 1983, Basquiat produced a 12″ rap single featuring hip-hop artists, Rammellzee and K-Rob. Billed as Rammellzee vs. K-Rob, the single contained two versions of the same track: “Beat Bop” on side one with vocals and “Beat Bop” on side two as an instrumental. The single was pressed in limited quantities on the one-off Tartown Record Company label. The single’s cover featured Basquiat’s artwork, making the pressing highly desirable among both record and art collectors.

Basquiat often painted in expensive Armani suits and would even appear in public in the same paint-splattered suits. The conjunction of various media is an integral element of Basquiat’s art. His paintings are typically covered with text and codes of all kinds: words, letters, numerals, pictograms, logos, map symbols, diagrams and more.

A major reference source used by Basquiat throughout his career was the book Gray’s Anatomy, which his mother gave to him while in the hospital at age seven. It remained influential in his depictions of internal human anatomy, and in its mixture of image and text. Other major sources were Henry Dreyfuss Symbol Sourcebook, Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks, and Brentjes African Rock Art.

Basquiat doodled often and some of his later pieces exhibited this; they were often colored pencil on paper with a loose, spontaneous, and dirty style much like his paintings. His work across all mediums display a child-like fascination with the process of creating.


By 1986, Basquiat had left the Annina Nosei gallery, and was showing in the famous Mary Boone gallery in SoHo. On February 10, 1986, he appeared on the cover of The New York Times Magazine in a feature entitled “New Art, New Money: The Marketing of an American Artist”. He was a successful artist in this period, but his growing heroin addiction began to interfere with his personal relationships.

When Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987, Basquiat became increasingly isolated, and his heroin addiction and depression grew more severe. Despite an attempt at sobriety during a trip to Maui, Hawaii, Basquiat died on August 12, 1988, of a heroin overdose at his art studio in Great Jones Street in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood. He was 27.

Since Basquiat’s death in 1988, his market has developed steadily — in line with overall art market trends — with a dramatic peak in 2007 when, at the height of the art market boom, the global auction volume for his work was over $115m. In 2002, Basquiat’s Profit I (1982), a large piece measuring 86.5″/220 cm by 157.5″/400 cm, was set for auction again at Christie’s by drummerLars Ulrich of the heavy metal band Metallica. It sold for US$5,509,500.[35] The proceedings of the auction are documented in the film Some Kind of Monster.

In 2008, at another auction at Christie’s, Ulrich sold a 1982 Basquiat piece, Untitled (Boxer), for US$13,522,500 to an anonymous telephone bidder. Another record price for a Basquiat painting was made on in 2007, when an untitled Basquiat work from 1981 sold at Sotheby’s in New York for US$14.6 million. 

  • Miranda

    Mornin POU,
    still recuperating from my overly buttered, overly salted movie popcorn – i am not in my teens anymore…ugh.

    ‘Super PACs’ Let Strategists Off the Leash

    The intensifying flood of uncapped donations to outside political groups is transforming not just campaigns but the entire business of politics.

    Once seasonal affairs, campaigns from the presidential race down to House contests are becoming longer and more intense, driven by deep-pocketed donors eager to see incumbents pummeled throughout the political cycle. Decisions about attack ads and negative campaigning that once weighed on candidates are now made by consultants and donors with little or no accountability to the public.

    more here

  • Miranda

    umph…..smh….a sympathetic piece to the poor white conservatives fears of the roaming groves of black thugs.

    In Conservative Media, A “Race War” Rages

    They don’t care if you call it racist. “In Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering,” says Limbaugh.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      Not surprised. I remember that little bow tie wearing bitch after Barack Obama won. You should have seen him seeth that morning.

      • rikyrah

        Not surprised. I remember that little bow tie wearing bitch after Barack Obama won.

        now, THAT is a description..


  • dannie22

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basquiat is my all-time favorite artist!!!

  • dannie22
  • Admiral_Komack

    A Reader’s Take on the Booker Gambit

    Josh Marshall-May 20, 2012, 10:20 PM

    TPM Reader TS thinks he has a bead on Cory Booker’s MTP gambit …

    Mitt Romney has made Bain Captial the rationale for his candidacy, the sole reason why he should be president, he almost never talks about his tenure as governor of Massachusetts. I think Mayor Cory Booker had no other choice but to clarify the remarks he made on Meet the Press this morning.

    Twitter, Facebook, and the blogs were ablaze with blistering criticism of Mr. Booker – Obama supporters were the harshest, I’m sure he heard from the White House too. Many felt, myself included, that there is no equivalency between Bain and Reverend Wright. the fact is Bain Capital is fair game, because Romney has made Pres. Obama’s record fair game. However, i live across the hudson from Newark, I can tell you, Cory Booker is well regarded by the NY media elites. He’s no fool either, his comments were calculated; he’s a darling among the political ruling class in NY and DC. Republicans and Wall Street has been key to Cory’s rise. However, there isn’t much love for Cory’s policies at the grassroots level in Newark. But Cory always had ambitions beyond Newark. Cory Booker went on the MTP to help Cory Booker and advance his political prospects. I also think Booker’s new clarification represents the powerful influence of Obamaland.

    We’d be remiss not to note that 2007-2008 Barack Obama had a lot of friends on Wall Street too — especially in the most highflying parts of the hedge fund and VC worlds. But I think TS has pretty much got this right.


    • But Cory always had ambitions beyond Newark. Cory Booker went on the MTP to help Cory Booker and advance his political prospects.

      THIS. Right after he was re-elected, Booker told a reporter that he wasn’t sure he wanted a third term as mayor of Newark. (As a result of that revelation, he gave power to his enemies in City Council who seek to road block him for their own political agenda. Dumbass.) He has his eyes on Lautenberg’s seat and/or Christie’s seat. But his defenders don’t know what’s really going on. They watch “Street Fight” and seasons 1 & 2 of “Brick City” and think they know everything there is about Booker, and swear he’s PBO’s heir apparent.

      I also think Booker’s new clarification represents the powerful influence of Obamaland.

      Damn right! This election is too important to be worrying about someone’s fweelings. If you eff up PBO’s campaign, Obots will come for you. So, all of these PollyAnna Progressives can have a seat on the sidelines whining about folks calling him out.

      • Miranda

        If Booker wanna roll wit da big dawgs (and I did it just like Martin LOL) then he can handle getting called out.

        • Admiral_Komack

          …but it’s gonna be ruff.

      • PBomb

        Booker just eff’ed up. Plain and simple as that. He is just showing his true colors, that as a politician he can be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

      • Ebogan63

        If there was anything I found more ‘nausiating’, was the liberals trying to play Captian-Save-a-Booker yesterday. You can leave all of that high-minded crap for your symposiums and ‘teach-ins’, I want to win an election.

    • Bri

      When President Obama had friends on Wall St. he wasn’t “dancing” for them like Cory. Wall St. despises President Obama. I know someone who used to work for Goldman Sachs in 2010, and he said that Wall St. doesn’t like him at all, which is good to me. Cory IMO will switch parties and run as an indy.

  • Ce552001

    Sorry but who is this shallow airhead with a deathly irritating voice and fake forced valley girl gitter on the Bill Press show? It says her name is Juana Summers from Politico.
    She brings nothing and adds zilch to the conversation. Why on earth is she taking up airtime.
    This is supposed to be Politico’s version of the articulate black voice. Big fucking fail.
    Thank God a caller from Mobile, Alabama just called in and set little Juana Summers straight – told the fake speech bitch to go sit her fake arse down and that she would not be sitting in that studio if she and Cory Booker weren’t beneficiaries of the same rights they now poo poo.

    Bitch rolled her eyes, but the lady in Mobile essentially burst her phony baloney.

    Hmmm? Wonder who Juana is screwing. Might they be at Politico or working at the Bill Press show? Because seriously the chick brings absolutely nothing to the conversation. Nada.

    • rikyrah

      go caller from Mobile!!!

    • Me thinks the Black person the GOP SuperPAC is looking for might not necessarily be a Republican.

  • Ooh! This should be an interesting series!

    I read somewhere that Warhol took advantaged of Basquiat. I wonder if this is true?

    • Miranda

      Wouldn’t shock me!

  • Shocker!

    Ex-Rep. Ford: Booker was right

    By TIM MAK | 5/21/12 7:36 AM EDT

    Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford said Monday that he would not have walked back New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker’s surprising comments criticizing the Obama campaign for attacking private equity.

    “I would not have backed off the comments if I were Mayor Booker,” Ford, a Democrat, said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “The substance of his comments on ‘Meet the Press,’ I agree with the core of it. I would not have backed them out… private equity’s not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, private equity is a good thing in many, many instances.”

    “Having said that, I understand as a surrogate for the campaign, you have to have one of your key and most eloquent and most effective surrogates at least clarify or at least bring context to his statements,” continued Ford.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0512/76563.html#ixzz1vVSs76DJ

    • Camille

      Oh shut up and fuck off Harold Ford.

      Fucking loser.

      Cory Booker, welcome to your new reality. Meet your phony, narcissistic, self-serving lying twin.

      • Admiral_Komack

        Harold Ford has a beard?
        (Mirror-Spock reference)

    • crazycanuck

      yeah harold, sure lol. Sure you would

    • rikyrah

      and, this is surprising, because?

      Harold is still mad…

      fuck you, too, Harold.

    • rikyrah

      Harold Ford in Politico.

      um, ok

    • Miranda

      “Is we sick boss?” – that’s all I ever hear from Harold.

      • Or….

        Benjy Sarlin ‏@BenjySarlin
        “Obama’s going after rich people? To the Harold-copter!” -Harold Ford, probably

    • GreenLadyHere

      GOOd MONDAY MORNTIN’ Sepia – – –***BIG HUG*** :>)

      – —LOL. YA MEAN the – – –the “DARK SITH” – – -who couldn’t find his BACKBONE — – 2 stick with MR. PRESIDENT annnd is NOW MARGINALIZED as a politician?? – – —

      Ohhhh – — He’s a prime example of the FATE of cory booker!! – —

      – — – –GET – – — GONE!!! – – — F 2 da U !!!! — gesh!!

  • rikyrah

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  • rikyrah

    Looking forward to this series.

  • Miranda

    So they lied.

    Obama’s cash advantage grew in April

    Despite his newfound status as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney’s campaign saw its fundraising fall off slightly in April, it spent more than it raised, and it still has less than one-tenth as much cash on hand as President Obama.
    As previously reported, Romney raised $40 million for his campaign and the Republican National Committee in April — nearly equalling Obama and the Democrats’s $43.6 million — but the report filed Sunday shows the vast majority of that was for the RNC.

    An FEC report filed Sunday shows Romney’s campaign raised $11.7 million for the month — down from more than $13 million in March — and spent $12.6 million, dropping its cash on hand number to $9.2 million.
    Obama, by contrast, raised $25.7 million for his campaign and spent $14.6 million, leaving him with $115 million cash on hand.

    more here

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      YUP!!! Its how they work.

    • ch555x

      Wasn’t it reported that the Romney’s dropped in their own cash this month?

      • Miranda

        It was? Oh please, do you remember where you read that?

        • crazycanuck

          I think I read that somewhere also. Wait, I think it was POU

        • GreenLadyHere

          miranda- —I posted THIS on FRIDAY:- – –

          – — –AP source: Romneys donate $150k to campaign effort– —

          — – – –Mitt and Ann Romney are opening their personal checkbooks as wide as allowed to their presidential campaign’s joint fund with the Republican National Committee.

          Mitt and Ann Romney each gave $75,000 to the joint Victory Fund, which is working to set up offices in the states and build party infrastructure. CNN first reported the $150,000 transfer on Friday, and a Republican with knowledge of the contribution confirmed it to The Associated Press.

          The Republican spoke on condition of anonymity because the campaign reports that would show the money are not yet public.

          This is the first time Romney has given money to his second White House campaign. In his 2008 campaign for the GOP nomination, he poured more than $40 million of his own money into the effort.

          – — –WHILE- –LAFFING!!- – – – –LOL.

          – —-WHA’???- – — -NOT ENUFF DONORS?– LOL.
          Annnd a recent article said that DONATIONS from BIG donors was DOWN. LOL

    • Not surprised. The media fix is in!

  • rikyrah

    Solamere, Tagg Romney, and the New American Normal
    By Charles P. Pierce at 11:23AM
    The problem with crony capitalism isn’t the capitalism, it’s the cronies.

    The cronies take the capitalism out of crony capitalism, which is why it can flourish under ostensibly Communist systems, like China or the old Soviet Union, as well as it can flourish here. The cronies limit your vision. They cosset you against the world. They help you avoid the downturns and vicissitudes to which all of us fall heir. They can give you a false sense of how smart you are and, in turn, how much wealth and success are things that are yours by right, rather than things that you earn. They can turn you into George W. Bush. This is in no way a good thing.

    Comes now Tagg Romney, Financial Wizard. With a little help from Daddy’s friends. For all the Romney palaver about the way the family has scrapped its way into the top 1 percent, it’s a long way from that cabin in Mexico. This is the world which the Romneys inhabit now — the world of starter trust-funds of $100 million, the world in which $244 million in investments comes from a simple handshake over dinner at Torrey Pines, money enough to buy you a lot of fine alibis when questions arise about the benefits of being in business with the son of a possible president of the United States. It’s scary:

    Solamere’s founders dispute any notion that they have cashed in on their political connections, arguing that Solamere, like any fund, has had to persuade investors on its merits. “No one we went to as an investor said, ‘Oh, your dad is Mitt Romney, I’m going to give you $10 million,” Tagg Romney said, noting that his father’s political future was uncertain when the firm began. He added, “Our relationships with people got us in the door, but that did not get us investors.”

    Does he think that anyone needed to mention who his father was? That’s the kind of thing that’s understood in this world, the kind of thing that is not spoken about, because it’s gauche to mention and because everyone knows what’s reallt going on. Solamere was raising money in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, one that was caused by thievery and brigandage that took place within the very industry in which Solamere was trying to establish itself. Does anyone with the analytical skills of a handball believe that the investors were charmed into handing over $300 million to a rookie and that who the rookie’s father was — and who the rookie’s father might turn out to be — didn’t matter at all? Particularly since a lot of them had invested heavily in the possibility of making the rookie’s father what the rookie’s father wanted to be? Not even the class of people who wrecked the economy are that arrogant and/or stupid.

    This is the kind of thinking that has been normalized in this country — that private deals carving up the national wealth are the way the system is supposed to operate, that the secret handshakes and the private codes are the way to divvy up the national wealth, the discreet dinners a deux or a huit are the arenas within the business of the nation must be conducted, lest the whole system fail, while the rest of us look at it from the outside and wonder how things could have gone so terribly wrong.

    Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/solamere-tagg-romney-8950307#ixzz1vVeNGLW2

  • rikyrah

    What Cory Booker finds ‘nauseating’
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 21, 2012 8:00 AM EDT

    .Newark Mayor Cory Booker, widely considered a rising star in Democratic politics, raised quite a few eyebrows yesterday when he denounced criticism of Mitt Romney’s work at Bain Capital.

    On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Booker said, “[F]rom a very personal level, I’m not about to sit here and indict private equity,” adding he’s “very uncomfortable with” the recent talk about Bain. Drawing a parallel between attacks on Jeremiah Wright and criticism of Romney’s private-sector work, the mayor said, “[T]his kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides.”

    It was an unexpected, and rather confusing, argument. For one thing, I’ve seen no evidence of Democrats attacking private equity in general, but rather, criticizing Romney’s specific tactics: orchestrating leveraged buyouts, loading up companies with large debts, flipping them quickly for large profits, and treating thousands of laid off workers as collateral damage. For another, Obama isn’t running around saying, “Vote for me because I was a member of Wright’s church,” so comparing Bain criticism to The Ricketts Plan is misplaced.

    As reports of Booker’s comments spread — Republicans were promoting them heavily — the mayor felt the need to clarify matters in a YouTube clip.

    It’s hard to see this as anything but a reversal. Whereas on “Meet the Press,” Booker said in no uncertain terms, “Stop attacking private equity,” the mayor said in his clip, “Let me be clear: Mitt Romney has made his business record a centerpiece of his campaign. He’s talked about himself as a job creator. And therefore it is reasonable — and in fact I encourage it — for the Obama campaign to examine that record and discuss it. I have no problem with that.”

    Apparently, upon further reflection, the scrutiny of Bain is less “nauseating” after all.


    • Another thing he did that burned my biscuits was him talking about the Obama Surrogate Notes he had and then totally dismissing them. It goes without saying that all campaign surrogates are given talking points to use when they go on these shows, but for him to publicly toss them aside like, “I don’t need these notes! Imma do my own thing” was just so effin’ disrespectful and arrogant!

      • Miranda

        And that’s why everytime he hears the O’Jays “Backstabbers” he’ll be about to wet his pants. He got a good countrified beatdown yesterday.

      • Bri

        Cory has gotten cocky IMO. He’s that “supporter” that POTUS cannot trust, and who is solely looking out for his future political career. I don’t see how any Obama supporter can defend his actions. I never had a problem with him until yesterday.

        • My feelings on Booker have been mixed. I’ve tried to give dude the benefit of the doubt but this latest stunt proves that he’s out for self.

      • rikyrah

        If he had just been there, as an independent sellout like Dark Sith, there’d be no problem.

        he was there as an OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN SPOKESMAN

        and THUS, the problem of your bullshyt, Corey.

        • Exactly. Booker clearly said, “I am an Obama surrogate”.

  • rikyrah

    Rep. Pelosi, Showing the GOP’s Angry Children What Professionalism Looks Like
    By Anne Laurie May 21st, 2012

    If only we could clone this woman, I’d feel a lot surer about America’s future:

    Per Ed O’Keefe at the Washington Post:

    “I just want to come back with the Democrats in the majority, that’s really what is important,” she told ABC’s “This Week.” “I’m really excited about the election and the opportunity it gives us to make the distinction, and I’m very proud that president Obama is at the top of our ticket.”

    Whether or not she serves again as speaker is “incidental,” Pelosi said, adding that “what’s important is that the Democrats win.”

    Republicans maintain a 244 to 196 majority in the House, and Democrats would need to hold all of their current seats and win at least 25 more in order to win back the majority in November. Pelosi said Sunday that she agrees with House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) that at least 50 GOP lawmakers are vulnerable this year, but added that she think as many as 75 Republican seats are in play.

    “I feel pretty good about where we are,” she told ABC.


    • I loved how she chin checked Georgie S. when he said Romney “repudiated” the GOP SuperPAC’s plans to use Rev. Wright. She was like, “Uh, no. There’s video of Romney mentioning Wright back in Feb., and when a reporter asked about it, he said he stands by what he said.”

  • rikyrah

    How Republicans Have Gained The Upper Hand In The Fight Over The Violence Against Women Act

    Brian Beutler- May 21, 2012, 5:22 AM

    An obscure parliamentary snafu has stymied Democrats’ aggressive efforts to extend Violence Against Women Act protections to same-sex couples, illegal immigrants, and tribal communities, and provided the GOP leverage to keep those provisions out of legislation to reauthorize that law.

    It has been weeks since Senate Democrats — and several Republicans — passed VAWA legislation, and left House Republicans in the tough position of arguing that the law’s scope should not be explicitly widened. Last week House Republicans passed a narrower reauthorization bill, which the White House has threatened to veto, giving Dems what they believed to be an upper hand.

    Typically, this ordering of events would give Democrats a great deal of leverage over Republicans, and possibly force them to agree to provisions that would alienate GOP voters by benefiting constituencies the base is hostile to.

    “The House Republicans passed a bill that takes us backward in terms of protections for women,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi declared Thursday.


  • rikyrah

    Monday, May 21, 2012
    Another Milepost On The Road To Oblivion
    Posted by Zandar
    The Republicans have truly lost control of their rough beast, slouching towards Washington DC. Here’s GOP Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois at a town hall meeting

    “Obama wants everybody on government run health care,” he said. “That is a legitimate opinion, I wish he were honest and he would tell us that.”

    “Let them go to Europe,” a constituent at the town hall replied. “We are the only country on this planet that is still semi-free — until the 1900s.”

    “We’re losing it,” Walsh interrupted.

    “I know we are, that is the problem,” she continued. “But we fought for this, we need to keep our freedom and we aren’t because of the seditious behavior of people who lie about who they are and get into all of our public offices, and then we can’t get them out in time before they do the damage and we have been sleeping for one hundred years. It is sedition. I mean, they did it underground. If they are honest brokers and they believe in what they’re saying and where they want this country to go — like Obama — then you’re right he should have said it before he was elected, and said I’m a socialist, I believe in socialism, in communism, Nazism, whatever, and say this is where I want to lead the country — not do it underhandedly.”

    OK, so we’ve got a woman who point blank calls the President and his supporters “seditious” and believes that the President believes in socialism, communism, Nazism, whatever”. What does Joe Walsh respond with?

    “However you want to label or define it, don’t you think after three and a half years as a country now we have a really good idea where this President wants to go?” he said.

    Profile in courage right there. Because charges of sedition and going full swastika is “just a label” when applied to Democrats or the President. You do understand that to millions of these folks, you don’t count as American, or even human. You don’t belong in their country. They would have you deported or strung up as a traitor or worse if it were up to them.

    And you know what? If we sit on our asses and don’t vote and don’t get the word out and don’t oppose this idiocy, it will be up to them. Because this ignorant, hateful woman? Her vote counts precisely the same as your vote or mine, and she’s going to vote.

    Will you?

    Don’t think they believe there’s a civil war going on in the US already? They believe it. Enough to say that in front of their congressman. And if we do nothing, this country will be run by the people elected by women like this. Period.

    We’re just 3 Senate seat losses and a White House loss from these folks controlling the whole ball of wax.

    Mull that over for a while


  • GreenLadyHere


    – – — Monday, May 21

    Obama attends final meetings of the NATO summit in Chicago in the morning and then heads to Joplin, Mo., to deliver the commencement address at Joplin High School. He returns to DC in the evening.

    First lady Michelle Obama will be in Cleveland, Ohio, for a campaign fundraiser.

    – – – –FIRED UP! – — -READY 2 MOVE FORWARD!! – — –

    B BLESSED 2-DAY. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    GOOD MORNTIN’ PBOMB. ***BIG HUG*** :>) – -WOW&1/2!! – – —

    Sooo lookin’ 4-ward 2 this SERIES! – – –

    – – – -Annnd his works CONTINUE 2 B VALUED: – – –

    – – –In 2008, at another auction at Christie’s, Ulrich sold a 1982 Basquiat piece, Untitled (Boxer), for US$13,522,500 to an anonymous telephone bidder. Another record price for a Basquiat painting was made on in 2007, when an untitled Basquiat work from 1981 sold at Sotheby’s in New York for US$14.6 million.

    Cain’t wait til the NEXT installment of this SERIES.


  • Romney Economics: Job Loss and Bankruptcy at Ampad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLatxTzVE4w&feature=plcp

    • Miranda

      I really hope they keep battering Romney with the Bain Cane. LOL

      • Town

        It’s working, that’s why they are pressing for him to stop.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB: – – –HAH! – – – -teh WILLARD – – -has a “THIN FOREIGN POLICY PORTFOLIO” – ——-

    – — —Romney faces foreign policy powerhouse in race against Obama – — –

    – – – – —In a month where international affairs have taken a larger role in the presidential campaign, this past weekend’s G8 and NATO summits provided President Obama another chance to shore up his foreign policy credentials over presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

    Romney’s campaign has sought to keep the election focused on the economy, dismissing other issues raised as “distractions” from Obama’s record on jobs. But the president’s talks with world leaders at Camp David and in Chicago, combined with the arrival of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng in the U.S., dominated the news cycle over the weekend, demonstrating one of the advantages of being the incumbent.

    While Obama has regularly touted his accomplishments in foreign policy, including the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the ending of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Romney has not given a speech focused solely on foreign policy since October. – – –

    Obama hosted the leaders of the G8 nations at Camp David on Saturday. After months of upheaval over the best way for the allies to tackle Europe’s stumbling economy, Obama claimed that an “emerging consensus” for promoting growth and addressing the debt crisis “was strengthened at Camp David.”

    The president then flew to Chicago on Saturday night to participate in the largest NATO summit in the organization’s history, with representatives from some 60 countries.

    – —ALLL – — MR. PRESIDENT!! – –HAH!! – —

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 09:57 AM ET, 05/21/2012 The danger of Obama’s attack on Bain Capital
    By Jamelle Bouie
    Yesterday, on “Meet the Press,” Newark mayor Cory Booker went off message and admonished the Obama campaign for its attacks on Bain Capital:

    “It’s nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity. Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright. As far as that stuff, I have to just say from a very personal level I’m not about to sit here and indict private equity. To me, it’s just we’re getting to a ridiculous point in America. Especially that I know I live in a state where pension funds, unions and other people invest in companies like Bain Capital. If you look at the totality of Bain Capital’s record, they’ve done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses.”

    The false equivalence here is easy to spot. The Jeremiah Wright controversy doesn’t tell you anything about President Obama’s presidency, and it actually is an attack on the president’s character — an attempt to paint him as a dangerous black radical. Bain Capital, by contrast, provides an actual window into Mitt Romney’s priorities and interests as a politician, which is why both sides have brought it to the center of their campaigns.

    For Romney, it helps build the appearance of competence. Voters are dissatisfied with the economy, and if they believe Romney has the skills to fix the problem, he will have cleared an important hurdle in his fight for the White House. It’s why he continues to cite the thousands of jobs he helped create at Bain, despite the lack of any actual proof.

    For Obama, the focus on Bain’s ugly side — vacant factories, abandoned workers and extracted wealth — is an attempt to flip Romney’s competence into a liability; yes, he’s good at his job, and for years, his job was to hurt the middle-class. The strength of this attack is that it holds appeal to white working-class voters in states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Right now, those voters are the weakest link in his reelection effort. If he can improve his performance, or at least, bring it to John Kerry levels, he’ll have a much stronger shot at reelection.

    The danger is that the attack could alienate Democrats with a connection to the investor class, who are already uneasy with the administration. This includes politicians such as Cory Booker, who have a direct connection to Wall Street, as well as any other Democrat who relies on the finance industry for campaign contributions. What’s more, the attack on Bain Capital comes close enough to the GOP charge of “class warfare” that it could harm Obama’s standing with the affluent and college-educated voters that were crucial to his 2008 victories in Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado.

    None of this is reason for Democrats to move away from the attack on Bain Capital; this has been a persistent drag on Romney’s political career for a reason — when used by able hands, the attack on Bain highlights the worst aspects of Romney’s political persona and places him on the defensive with voters. But the Obama campaign should know that it comes with the potential for blowback, and in a election that will probably turn on a few voters in a few states, that’s a risk worth considering.

    As an aside, Cory Booker’s gaffe — in the classic, truth-telling sense — gets to a broader, more important problem in American politics: the extent to which Wall Street has become the only viable funding mechanism for major national elections. For Democrats in particular, the decline of unions — and any other counterweight to wealthy interests — has put their political interests at odds with their substantive concerns. Liberals such as Booker might support Wall Street regulation, but they are effectively co-opted by the need for funding and support in expensive statewide elections. It’s hard to imagine a viable, long-term progressive politics when electoral success depends on the generosity of the nation’s wealthiest interests.


  • lamh35

    My aunt is out of the hospital. She’s got all her motor skills back & she back to her usual self. They are still waiting on results, but for now she doing great. She’s been ordered to slow down for a while and stop smoking. All things considered she doing great!

    • YEAH! So happy to hear this, Lamh! 🙂

    • crazycanuck

      Oh that is so good to hear Lamh.

    • PBomb

      Great news!

    • Miranda

      Prayer works!

    • rikyrah

      so happy to read this, lamh

    • MsKitty

      Wonderful news

    • GreenLadyHere

      GOOD MONDAY MORNTIN’ lamh35. ***BIG HUG** :>)

      – — –HALLELUJAH!!- — -WE KNOW THIS- – –>
      I Know What Prayer Can Do

      CONTINUIN’ 2 PRAY 4 her /U/FAMILY! AMEN. :>)

      NOW U can REALLY have a GOOD DAY. :>) B BLESSED :>)

    • Admiral_Komack

      Very good.

    • sagittarius

      Praise be… glad to hear it, lamh!

  • Miranda

    Of Children and Inkblots: Trayvon Martin and the Psychopathology of Whiteness

    Write this down if you need to.

    Tweet it to yourself.

    Put it on your Facebook wall, never to be deleted from your ever-growing and cluttered timeline.

    Memorize it.

    Trayvon Martin is not an inkblot, the meaning of which is yours to interpret.

    He is not a walking Rorschach, whom one is free to see however one wishes.

    He was not put on this Earth to be deciphered by you, dissected by you, problematized by you, labeled by you, slandered by you, or shot by one who had done all those things to his seventeen-year old black body before you even knew his name.

    more here

  • *sigh* Ed, Ed, Ed. Don’t you know YouTube is not your friend?

    Read this: https://twitter.com/#!/WeGotEd/status/204581985270771713

    Then listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBEIL1CJNOE

    • crazycanuck

      I just saw that on twitter, I was like, he really can’t be so blatantly denying he said that. What an ass

    • Miranda

      He never did respond to the proof. lol, coward.

      • He kept telling people to call his radio show. For what? He denied it on Twitter, so he should defend himself on Twitter.

        • Miranda

          So he can say they lying and hang up.

    • Admiral_Komack


  • rikyrah

    Getting by with a little help from their friends
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 21, 2012 10:04 AM EDT.

    With fundraising totals reaching extraordinary heights, there’s no doubt that both President Obama, Mitt Romney, and their assorted allies will have plenty of resources between now and Election Day.

    But it’s worth noting that while neither side will suffer from empty coffers, there’s a clear qualitative difference in the kind of donors that separate one campaign from the other. The Boston Globe had an interesting report on this the other day.

    When the head of JPMorgan Chase met with shareholders to answer for a trading loss of more than $2 billion Tuesday, it was against an evolving political backdrop: Donors from big banks are betting on Mitt Romney to defeat President Obama and repeal new restraints on risky, large-scale investments.

    more here

    • Scopedog

      But…but I thought that the President was in the pocket of the big banks! At least that’s what Matt Taibbi and company keep saying.

      Of course, that’s a crock. If PBO was in the pocket of the banks, wouldn’t they be flooding his coffers with more money?

  • rikyrah

    Daring to Speak the Truth About Job Creation Gets Venture Capitalist Shunned
    By: Cassandra Vert

    Nick Hanauer is a smart guy. As one of the original investors in Amazon, he is a gazillionaire and can do whatever he wants. What he wants is to convince the world that the middle class, not the wealthy, are the true job creators and that the health of a nation depends on the health of its middle class.

    Recently, Hanauer did a TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design, though topics are broader) talk on this subject. After telling him the video of his talk would be posted on their web site, TED changed their minds and said the video was too controversial. Hanauer did not take this news quietly and complained of censorship. TED said that Hanauer’s video was too partisan and wasn’t good enough to qualify as one of the few they post on their site. Hanauer said that TED bowed to pressure, and TED said that Hanauer turned their rejection into a censorship controversy to get publicity.

    What they did together was get everybody talking about income inequality and economic fundamentals again. Tweets urged people to the video or script with “You know that TED talk you weren’t supposed to see? Here it is.” All the articles about the controversy (including this one) have stoked the media fire. In other words, a Democrat is driving the media machine the way we’ve seen Republicans do.

    Hanauer’s presentation is short and easy for anyone to understand. The video , script and slides don’t present any new ideas. The few statistics are easily verified. Hanauer doesn’t suggest radical change as others do. Like Warren Buffet, he is urging the government to tax wealthy people like him more.

    Yet TED curator Chris Anderson said that Hanauer’s piece “probably ranks as one of the most politically controversial talks we’ve ever run…” and “even if the talk was rated a home run, we couldn’t release it, because it would be unquestionably regarded as out and out political. We’re in the middle of an election year in the US. Your argument comes down firmly on the side of one party. And you even reference that at the start of the talk. “

    The bit at the beginning—the only reference to politics in the whole piece—says that the idea that raising taxes on the rich will cause job creation to go down is “an article of faith for Republicans and seldom challenged by Democrats….” That doesn’t sound like he likes either party’s handling of it.

    So what is all this political controversy Anderson fears? I have an idea.

    You know that expression, “facts have a liberal bias”?

    In reality, they shouldn’t, should they? Facts should be equally available and equally valid regardless of political ideology. Facts should be the basis, the “given” in any political ideology, not points of contention. And yet some are contested, and Hanauer uses or references some of these in his short talk.

    First, the whole premise of his talk is that the wealthy are not job creators, the middle class is. Although he provides plenty of evidence to support this claim, only one party agrees with him. Therefore, this is a partisan premise.


  • Miranda

    Missouri Legislature Approves Bill Allowing Employers To Deny Access To Birth Control

    Missouri legislators passed a bill Friday that allows employers or health insurance providers to stop offering coverage for contraception, abortion, or sterilization if doing so violates their religious or moral convictions. The bill now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon (D), who has not said whether he supports the legislation.

    more here

    • rikyrah



  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB: Annnnd the GOP WAR ON WOMEN– – – – -CONTINUES- -arrrgggg!- —-

    – – – –Missouri Legislature Approves Bill Allowing Employers To Deny Access To Birth Control– –

    – —-<i>Missouri legislators passed a bill Friday that allows employers or health insurance providers to stop offering coverage for contraception, abortion, or sterilization if doing so violates their religious or moral convictions. The bill now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon (D), who has not said whether he supports the legislation.

    The measure mirrors a federal restriction proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) that has not progressed in Congress and is designed to push back against the Obama administration’s rule requiring contraception coverage to be included in insurance plans at no additional cost.

    While some Democrats opposed the anti-contraception bill, it passed the Senate 28-6 and the House 105-33:

    – – – -SKIP- – –

    – —But state Rep. Stacey Newman (D) said the bill endangering women’s access to health care was more of an attack on “women’s reproductive choices” than a message to the federal government. “This is wrong and I dare you to go home and talk to your daughters … and say, ‘Look, what we’re going to say is that your employers’ religious beliefs matter more than your own,’” Newman told colleagues.
    THERE IS MORE.- – — – -KRAP.

    READ THIS- — —- -mrs. romKNEE!!- —

  • rikyrah

    May 21, 2012 10:40 AM
    By Ed Kilgore

    It’s pretty hilarious to listen to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus complain that Republicans are the victims of media attention paid to the Ricketts/Davis ad story, or that Obama is to blame:

    I know how it works. It’s the Democrats and Barack Obama that want the story out there. He wants the story to play out in the media, because for every day that [Obama adviser] David Axelrod and this President don’t have to talk about their broken promises when it comes to jobs, the debt, and the deficit — the more time they can talk about hypotheticals that may or may not come true — is a day they want to win on. So, look, this president’s got a bigger problem and his problem is no matter what he puts out there, no matter what distractions he puts out there, he can’t change the truth and escape the reality of where we are in this American economy. And it’s no good.

    Now best I can tell, Priebus is an unusually intense advocate of the idea that the best way to exhibit “message discipline” is to sound as blitheringly stupid as is possible: just stare at the camera with the eyes of a goat and repeat your talking points whether they are in any way relevant to what you are supposed to be talking about or are the least bit persuasive. So it doesn’t surprise me all that much that he’d have the chutzpah to insist that a leaked discussion between a major GOP donor and the all-time superstar conservative media consultant about exactly how much racism and religious bigotry they can get away with in a political ad represents an effort by Obama to change the subject.

    But the larger point here is pretty important for progressives to understand: the GOP is running a two-track campaign this year, one with a fiscal/economic message, and the other with a cultural message, and they have a lot invested in making sure the persuadable voters the first message is aimed at don’t hear the second. That would, as Priebus suggests, in fact be a “distraction.” But blaming the “distraction” on the very target of their own cultural attacks is entirely in line with the attacks themselves: Obama and “liberals” are always described as the aggressors in cultural conflicts. Is the Obama administration reluctant to carve out large areas of public policy where religious conservatives are allowed to do whatever they want? Then they are assaulting religious liberty! Do they suggest Americans still suffer from discrimination? Then they are racists! So it’s clear Obama’s “suspicious” background, whether it’s where he was born or how he got into this or that college or what his former pastor said in thirty years of sermons, is just an intolerable provocation to conservatives. How dare he distract the people who hate him!

    Get used to it. We’ll hear this every single time Republicans get caught pursuing the cultural prong of their campaign strategy.


  • lamh35

    Ugh. Got a call from the HR dept at the 7on/off job I put in a transfer for and the offer is less than what I make PRN. It’s still above average though, but at still less. Which i guess was expected since I am moving from no benefits to having benefits.
    It won’t impact my monthly budget. I won’t be living above my means no pay check to pay check. Still the schedule is ideal for me especially after all the hoops I went through just trying to get here this week to be with my family. I honestly don’t expect to be there over a year. My goal for rest of this year & next year is to save as much money as I can and to move either home to NOLA or somewhere else. This schedule is gr8 though it gives me free time to go back & forth to NOLA & continue looking for employment

    • lamh35

      I was just waiting to hear what the offer would be from HR. It took them longer to get back to me than I expected. So I had this gut feeling it had something to do with salary.

  • Miranda

    When Tom Joyner is trying to politely tell you to fall back, maybe ya oughta.

    Van Jones on the TJMS this morning:

    • What TJ REALLY meant was: “Look Van, I’m not trying to let your phony ass sell a book at the expense of PBO on my show.”

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – — –A – —FIRST– —SPEAKS TRUTH!!!- – — -Despite the naysayers- – — – —

    – —Retired federal judge blasts direction of U.S. Supreme Court– – —-

    – – – – —Once a guardian of civil rights, the U.S. Supreme Court has been rolling back those protections, said retired U.S. District Judge U.W. Clemon this evening, delivering the keynote address at the 2012 Law Enforcement and Civil Rights Conference presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

    – -Clemon, who in 1980 became the first black federal judge in Alabama, said since the 1986 appointment of William Rehnquist as chief justice, Supreme Court rulings have gutted the core of landmark decisions such as Brown v. the Board of Education, the landmark ruling that declared school segregation to be illegal. The Voting Rights Act, Clemon said, “has almost been interpreted out of existence.

    “With the rise of the Rehnquist court, our wall against the flood became the flood itself. We have seen, in the past quarter century, civil rights on the scaffold.”

    The conference, now in its sixth year, brings state, local and federal law enforcement officials together with civil rights activists and citizens for both historical perspective and discussions of contemporary issues, such as hate crimes, housing, immigration and the treatment of homosexuals.

    – – — -SKIP- –

    Clemon also criticized the “racist laws” passed by Arizona and Alabama that target illegal immigration and the “rank and unprotected discrimination” that homosexuals are subject to.

    —– –THANK U- – – -4 SPEAKING OUT!!- – – –

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – –THIS is 4- – –cory anem!!- — — FROM a BAIN VICTIM!!- —

    – — – –Video- Fired Factory Worker Calls Mitt Romney a Job Killer– —

    – — –Guy’s articulate and right. Via ABC. – – -HAH!

  • crazycanuck

    Oh the First Lady looks wonderful here


    • Love that dress! It’s simple, but the detailing makes it stand out. I wonder who’s the designer?

    • Miranda

      I wasn’t sure which picture you were talking about…but then again, she looks fab in every picture – so you were probably talking about that one. LOL!!!

      • crazycanuck

        The off white dress. I agree with Sepia the detail is what makes that dress.

    • BoomerGal

      First Lady Michelle Obama ALWAYS looks gorgeous!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY crazycanuck. ***BIG HUG*** :>)


      ALWAYS- – – -REPRESENTIN’ —–STYLE annnd – – -CLASS!:>)– –

      – —BLESS U. :>)

      Good 2 C U- –crazycanuck. :>)

  • Miranda

    Notre Dame sues over Obama birth control mandate

    SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — The University of Notre Dame is suing Obama administration officials over the mandate requiring most employers to cover birth control.

    The school said Monday that the mandate violates religious freedom by requiring many religiously affiliated hospitals, schools and charities to comply. President Barack Obama offered to soften the mandate to accommodate religious groups, but U.S. Roman Catholic bishops say the change doesn’t go far enough.

    more here

    • Bri

      Every woman working at a Catholic institution isn’t Catholic, so they have every right to benefit from POTUS’ birth control mandate. Plus, over 90% of American Catholic women use BC. Notre Dame needs to sit down with this frivolous lawsuit.

  • Miranda

    Report: Limbaugh ratings down big after ‘slut’ remarks

    A lot less people are interested in what conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has to say after he called Georgetown University law student a “slut” and a “prostitute,” according to one industry ratings source.

    Politico reported on Monday that Abritron’s key demographic ratings between March 29 and April 25 showed Limbaugh’s show had fallen 27 percent in New York City, 31 percent in Houston, 35 percent in Jacksonville and 40 percent in the Seattle-Tacoma market.

    “Clearly Sandra Fluke isn’t the only one who didn’t like Rush calling her a ‘slut’ given how many viewers that comment incinerated,” a listener told Politico‘s Dylan Byers.

    more here

    • danadevin74

      Thats good
      But it would have been even better if his ratings had went down after attacking FLOTUS

      • Camille

        Thank you!

    • danadevin74

      HHHMMM Sexual Chocolate

    • Alma98

      PBO – Michelle help me out here.

      FLOTUS – Ok ok that’s enough of that keep it moving.

      Husband – I’m so so sorry about this.

    • POTUS: “Hey! Get your hand out my pocket, lady!”

      Lady In Red: “My body is ready, Mr. President”

      FLOTUS: “And my left hook is ready, too”

      Man in Tux: “I’m so sorry about this, sir. Please don’t audit me!”

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia- —-LOL.- – — FROM- –FIRST LADY- —

      O.K- –U WENT THERE??- – —

      Way-ell- – — IMMA TWIST a KNOT in YOUR OVERHANGIN’ FAT- – — RA’-CHERE!!– —

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB:- – – – – SAGE ADVICE FROM – — -MR. PRESIDENT- – —

    – – —President: Eff Austerity

    – — – Progress at the G8 summit. President Obama urged European leaders to spend more on economic growth.

    Confronting an economic crisis that threatens them all, President Barack Obama and leaders of other world powers on Saturday declared that their governments must both spark growth and cut the debt that has crippled the European continent and put investors worldwide on edge.

    “There’s now an emerging consensus that more must be done to promote growth and job creation right now,” Obama proclaimed after hosting unprecedented economic talks at Camp David, his secluded and highly secure mountaintop retreat. Seeking a second term amid hard economic times, Obama hailed a debate heading in the direction he likes, with nations now talking of ways to spark their economies instead of just slashing spending.

    Of course this is the right thing to do. Austerity has failed miserably in Europe. I’m glad at least one adult in the room is pointing that out.

    – – – Uhhhh- – – Prime Minister Merkle- —– LISTEN annd LEARN.- –

  • Miranda

    Rethugs are stupid and now the evidence that proves it so.

    Stupid Teabaggers: 10 GOP Freshman Speak at 8th Grade Level
    By: Jason Easley

    Even though the Constitution is written at college graduate level comprehension, a new study has found that ten Republican freshman speak at an 8th grade or lower level.

    An analysis by the Sunlight Foundation has found that the speaking level of Congress as a whole has dropped by nearly a full grade level since 2005. Prior to 2005, Republicans spoke a slightly higher level than Democrats, but since the Democratic Party has had a share of power, Republicans have moved to the right and gotten less intellectual. In seven short years, Congress has gone from speaking at an eleventh grade level to a tenth grade level. If this continues, Congress will be back in junior high in less than 15 years.

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows politics that the stridently anti-intellectual tea party Republicans would have the top fifteen lowest speaking levels. Not every member of the intellectual low ballers was new to Congress. Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) has been in Congress for eleven years, and he speaks at a seventh grade level. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett has been in the House for fifteen years, and he also speaks at a seventh grade level.

    more here

    • Alma98

      This is why they hate education and anybody who wants one.

    • GreenLadyHere

      miranda- — – -LOL.- – – -We always said- — -THEY STOOPID!- – -PROOF!!

      – — -Annnd CALLIN’ THEM OUT- — — -BWAHAHA!! – – – –


      – — – – -Where’s- – – -teh WILLARD!!.?- — -SERIOUSLY!! WHERE? LOL.

  • Miranda
    • crazycanuck

      Fool, Fool, Fool, Fool

    • Damn, Cory. Just….damn!

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- — – -DANG!!- — -I kept “skippin'”- – — -ova this —annnd I prolly shoulda KEPT GOIN’ – — —

    — — Desmond Hatchett, Father of 30, Can’t Pay More than $1.50 for Child Support– —

    – – —*A Tennessee man made history in Knox County when he set the record of having fathered the most children in the area. Desmond Hatchett, a 33-year-old father of thirty is asking for a break on child support.

    The “most fertile man in the world” who conceived all of his children with 11 different women, says he “had four kids in the same year. Twice.”

    Hatchett told FOX that he works a minimum wage job so he can only afford to give each mother $1.49 a month.


    – –The MORE I read this- –the ANGRIER I grow.


    HE annnd those MUTHAS- –DESPICABLE!! [Even iff some of the mothers were NOT aware. BUT- – –they KNEW that he had a shakey employment history.]—

    • Alma98

      I remember reading about this at Field Negro’s blog but at the time he had 27 children. You mean to tell that since then this fool has had 3 more children. SMH

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Alma98. ***BIG HUG** :>)

        – –SADLY.- – –SELFISH– -DESPICABLE- — -PHOOL!!-


        Good 2 C U- –Alma98. :>)

        • Alma98

          Good to see you too GLH it is a sad situation for the kids. What I want to know who is having sex with this fool knowing he has all these kids.

    • rikyrah

      you know….he just needs to get an ass whoopin’ on GP.

      • Miranda

        So do the women.

  • rikyrah

    ‘Is that a record to be proud of?’
    By Steve Benen – Mon May 21, 2012 12:42 PM EDT.

    There’s a spirited debate underway on the relevance of Mitt Romney’s controversial private-sector background — even the party lines have been blurred — but I continue to think the Republican’s record while in office is arguably the greater vulnerability.

    On “Fox News Sunday” yesterday, host Chris Wallace asked a series of pointed questions to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Austan Goolsbee, the former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers for President Obama, but there was one question in particular that stood out for me.

    Wallace asked Ryan
    “You know, it’s not just a question of vision, it’s also a question record because of these men have served in office and have records in office. So, let’s take a look at that.

    “Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts for four years, Congressman Ryan. And during that time, Massachusetts ranked 47th of the 50 states in job creation. The only reason the unemployment rate went down [was] because so many people left the work force — more than any other state in the country except Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Is that a record to be proud of?”

    The question only took 15 seconds to say, but it’s easy to imagine it showing up in an Obama campaign ad.

    When Ryan pushed back and said the unemployment rate in Massachusetts went down during Romney’s one term, Wallace again reminded him, “If I may, sir, again over the four years, 47th in job creation and unemployment rate went down because so many people were leaving the state.”

    Ryan didn’t have much of a response, so he changed the subject to the “contrast in visions” and Romney’s support for an “opportunity society.” (There’s that phrase again.)

    The larger point, of course, is that we’re looking at a campaign dynamic without a modern precedent, especially for a governor running for the White House. In 2000, George W. Bush said, “Look at what I did in Texas.” In 1992, Bill Clinton said, “Look at what I did in Arkansas.” In 1980, Ronald Reagan said, “Look at what I did in California.”

    And in 2012, Mitt Romney is saying, “Look at what I did at Bain Capital.”


    You know there’s a problem for Romney when his own top surrogates struggle to defend his record in Massachusetts — his only experience in government — during a Fox News interview.

    Indeed, let’s also not forget that Jon Huntsman, who’s endorsed Romney, said through his campaign last summer, “The reality is Mitt Romney’s record on job creation was abysmal by every standard.”

    As we talked about last week, this is probably an untenable scenario. At a certain point, a former governor running for president is going to have to talk about his tenure as governor.

    And when the subject comes to the fore, it might be difficult for Romney to explain his awful record on jobs, as well as the fact he failed to impress much of anyone when he tried to lead


  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – –FOCUS on – – -FIRST LADY- -:>) – —

    – – –Michelle Obama Takes NATO First Ladies to Chicago’s South Side– —

    — – *Michelle Obama escorted five other first ladies around her South Side Chicago stomping grounds on Sunday while they were in town for the NATO summit.

    The women toured the Gary Komer Youth Center, which features a gymnasium, dance studio and a theater, reports the Associated Press. The center provides tutoring, college preparation, training in culinary arts and horticulture for young people in the community, 90 percent of whom come from low-income households.

    Obama, whose childhood home was about 1 mile from the center, led a tour that included Albanian first lady Liri Berisha, Croatian first lady Sanja Music Milanovic and Norwegian first lady Ingrid Schulerud.

    – –“I brought them here because I am so proud of where I grew up, and I wanted to show everyone some of the wonderful things that are happening here on the South Side,” Obama said before the South Shore Drill Team performed a routine to Frank Sinatra’s “My Kind of Town.”

    Obama and Anne-Mette Rasmussen, wife of NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, clapped and danced to the gospel singing of the Soul Children of Chicago and also sampled a strawberry basil vinaigrette salad dressing made at the center.

    – – — -SKIP- —

    “I grew up just like you,” Obama said to a group of black children. “Same background. My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up. Neither of my parents had the opportunity to go to college, and most of the folks in my neighborhood didn’t get a chance to go, either.”


  • rikyrah

    Posted at 01:01 PM ET, 05/21/2012
    The wrong way to attack Romney
    By Jamelle Bouie

    The latest Obama Web video is a great example of the centrality that Bain Capital will play in the campaign’s attempt to define Mitt Romney. This attack is more aggressive than anything we’ve seen so far. To borrow from one of the profiled workers, Romney is a “reverse Robin Hood,” who takes from the middle-class and gives to the rich, with no concern or regard for the lives of ordinary people.

    The Obama campaign comes close to blaming Romney’s career at Bain for the devastation of entire communities, which — to me at least — seems like a stretch. In fact, I have my doubts about whether this will be an effective mode of attack. Yes, Romney has the appearance and affect of a wealthy patrician, and this helps the Obama campaign to paint him as aloof and distant from the concerns of regular people. But as much as we obsess over it in Washington, there’s no proof that voters are looking for someone who relates to them. What they want is someone who can fix the economy, and, at the moment, voters see Romney as best equipped to do so. Of the 79 percent of Americans who rank weak economic growth as an important problem, according to a recent Gallup survey, 52 percent favor Romney over Obama. Likewise, on the question of who can best deal with debt and deficits – which is often a proxy concern for the economy – Romney leads Obama by 15 percentage points.

    Attacking Romney on Bain may convince some voters that they don’t like the Republican nominee, but I’m not sure it will push them to question Romney’s competence. The best strategy for that might be to highlight the extent to which Romney is pushing to restore the (deeply unpopular) Bush agenda. So far, however, President Obama has been reluctant to bring his predecessor into the action


    • But if PBO didn’t go after Bain, Jamelle’s piece would be “Why Won’t Obama Attack Bain?”.

    • Ebogan63

      WaPo is really full of shit on this. If the Bain stuff wasn’t having the effect, Rmoney and ‘nem would not be crying to folks to stop it.

      And Screw Gallup.

  • GreenLadyHere

    PBOMB- – – – -WHA’???????- – -30 DAYS!?????- – – —-

    – – — Former Rutgers student gets 30-day jail sentence in hate crime case

    — – – –A New Jersey judge sentenced a former Rutgers student to 30 days in jail for using a webcam to spy on his roommate kissing another man.

    Dharun Ravi, 20, was convicted on two second-degree bias intimidation charges in a case that garnered national headlines because his roommate, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide after the spying.

    Clementi, 18, jumped from the George Washington Bridge three days after learning that a September 2010 encounter with an older man was seen by a computer-mounted camera Ravi had set up in their dorm room. The case highlighted the issues of gay bullying and teen suicide.

    – – The judge also placed three years of probation. Rave faced a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. The judge spared the prison time and did not recommend Ravi be deported to India, where he was born and remains a citizen. Ravi was also ordered to get counseling and to pay $10,000 towards a program to help victims of bias crimes.

    Judge Glenn Berman said he would not recommend Ravi be deported to India, where he was born and remains a citizen. But Ravi was ordered to get counseling and to pay $10,000 that would go to a program to help victims of bias crimes.

    – – – Ummmm- – – -GLAAD anem??- – –

    • Admiral_Komack

      What bullshit!

      President Obama will be blamed in 3…2…1…

    • Wow. Just…wow! Unbelievable!

  • Miranda

    Afternoon thread is up!

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  • Grant

    I learned about Jean in 8th grade art class when we watched a documentary on him. He was a great artist, it’s a shame he died like that though.