September 24, 2017

Monday Open Thread: The Trash-talking Checkers King

Good Morning Obots!

This week will feature Champions of the 3 c’s – Checkers, Chess and Cards!

Today’s Champion: Ron “Suki” King

Ron “Suki” King’ (born 1956) is a checkers (or “draughts” as its known worldwide) player from Saint George, Barbados. He has won United States titles and twelve World Championship Titles at the game and is considered one of the strongest players of the game. He has been honored by his homeland being named Barbados‘s Sportsman of the Year in both 1991 and 1992. He also made it into Guinness World Records in 1998 for playing against 385 players simultaneously and beating them all. He has been called the Muhammad Ali of the checkers world for his “trash-talking.”

A native of St. George, Barbados, Ron King has been playing across the checkerboard since he was about six years old. He says that he first learned the great game amongst the back street clubs and rum shops of Barbados as a young boy looking for things to do. Ron is married to Hazelin, and they have two daughters and one son. His daughter, Ronelle, is already also involved in the checkers game and has attended an international tournament with her father.

As with many checkers enthusiasts, King has traveled extensively within the West Indies, the United States, and across the Atlantic to Great Britain to play in the various styles of the checkers game. The Bajan King has traveled widely in promoting checkers and draughts, participating in contested matches within the USA, Barbados, Ireland, and England, and undertaking promotional tours in the Caribbean Islands, South Africa, and Ireland.

Early in his checkers career in Barbados, Ronald Suki King began playing the preferred freestyle game or Go-As-You-Please or GAYP format that is popular in the island. He quickly realized that the 8 x 8 checkers game he so enjoyed was the type of game that was prevalent in the United States, both in the GAYP tradition and the 3-Move Restriction style becoming more popular on the International checkers stage.

King first traveled to the United States in 1986 to compete in his first major tournament where he shocked established American checkers masters with his easy, flamboyant style. The Bajan checkerist entered the National 3-Move Championship tournament in Tupelo, Mississippi, and surprised the spectators and gamers by placing fourth after Don Lafferty, Jim Morrison, and Asa Long. These Grandmasters were well established in their game and King was a ‘novice’ player on this circuit, only 30 years old, and totally unfamiliar to the regular faces within the checkers arena.

In 1988, Ron traveled to Danville, Virginia, to play in the 36th 3-Move National Championship tournament, and tied for 6th, 7th, and 8th places. The following year, the GM was back in the US in Tupelo, Mississippi, for the National GAYP Championship, wherein he defeated GM Elbert Lowder and won the tournament, though Lowder became the U.S. GAYP Champion.

The Bajan GM was back in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1990 to participate in the 37th 3-Move National Championships, but this time he faced a tough field of checkers contenders including seasoned player, Marion Tinsley, and only ranked 18th. In the next checkers season, ‘Suki’ was the challenger in the World GAYP Title match and played against the U.S. National GAYP champion, Jim Morrison. Ron defeated the Grand-master with a score of four wins, one loss, and eighteen draws to take the Championship title and become World GAYP champion for the first time. It was not to be his last time coveting that title.

That same year, Ron King traveled to Britain and participated in the 1991 English Draughts Open tournament, and defeated all his checkers opponents to become the English Champion. Over the next decade, ‘Suki’ King crossed many miles between Barbados, the U.S. and Europe playing the game he loved in GAYP and 3-Move national tournaments and championship matches.

GM Ron King was honored by the Barbados Draughts Association and awarded Sportsman of the Year in both 1991 and 1992. As well, in 1992, the Bajan government awarded the checkers master the Barbados Service Star, which is the highest national honor that can be bestowed upon a citizen for outstanding service and achievement.

Also in 1992, King came back into the national checkers arena in the U.S. and played against a solid field of checkers experts in the 3-Move Championship, held in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In this tournament play, Suki defeat Elbert Lowder Checkers 3.0, Hallett, Lafferty and Chinook to take first place; however, over the years, sources have since commented on Suki’s style of sportsmanship in this mind sport match. Richard Fortman was the referee who later wrote:

“1992 National 3-Move; Hot Springs, AR Aug 10-15th (Ronald Suki King, Lowder, Checkers 3.0, Hallett, Lafferty, Chinook, Laverty, Davis) Elbert should have won. He had the tourney in the bag with only Ron King in the last round with a game up and all he needed was a draw heat with Ron King in 8th Round. It was a 3 on 3 position, 2 singles and a king apiece. Elbert said, “agreed draw, but Ron replied, ” let’s play.” The Position was a draw. They proceeded and Ron slow moved Elbert to death, causing him to step into a silly endgame trap. Elbert got really upset over Ron’s method of play, slapped the checkers off the board, and threatened to quit checkers! What a heart break for Elbert!”

Richard also commented that if Elbert had only referred the decision of the play to the referee, then the ref would also have called it a ‘draw’. The game position at the time was a draw and it was certainly an unfortunate way to end the game. No win is worth bitter feelings and poor sportsmanship.

Back in paradise, Ron King defended his GAYP checkers title in a match against the great British GM, Derek Oldbury, in Barbados. The final score was a draw of five wins, five losses, and fourteen draws apiece. The game result of the draw position allowed King to retain his title of World Checkers GAYP Champion.

The next year, King was busy within the International checkers circuit as he entered both the National GAYP Championship tournament in Danville, Virginia, and the English Open Draughts Tournament. He placed second behind Elbert Lowder in the GAYP competition but defeated his opponents once again in the English Open to retain the Championship title.

Between 1994 and 2000, Suki King continued to trek back and forth between his Caribbean homeland, the States, and Europe joining many checkers masters at the checkerboard for numerous challenging games, each player testing skill against skill, technique against technique, and checkers strategy against checkers strategy.

Ron “Suki” King earns $40,000 a year by teaching the game in university classrooms in Barbados and $15,000 by tutoring prison inmates. A statue of him stands in front of the grade school he attended.

Here Suki beats this novice down in less than 3 minutes

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  • Richard Bellman, Lawyer Who Fought Discrimination, Dies at 74

    Richard F. Bellman, a lawyer whose tenacity and legal ingenuity propelled him to victory in fights with local governments over racially discriminatory zoning, including in a landmark case against Mount Laurel, N.J., in 1975, died on April 18 on his way to work in Manhattan, where he also lived. He was 74.

    The cause was a heart attack, his son, Jedd, said.

    Where others saw dry zoning ordinances, Mr. Bellman saw a battleground for classic civil rights campaigns as he fought for subsidized housing for the poor and minorities in white suburbs. In Mount Laurel, he persuaded the New Jersey Supreme Court to order the town to change its zoning to make possible the construction of low-income housing.

    The ruling “set in motion the most fundamental redistribution of property rights ever attempted by a state government in the United States,” a 1990 article in Political Science Quarterly said. In New Jersey, it required every municipality to provide zoning for affordable housing.


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    POU FAM – — FOUND THIS @ TOD! – -OMG! — -HOW INSPIRING!! – -:>)

    – –Forward. – – –

    – – – –Published on Apr 30, 2012 by BarackObamadotcom: – – -The video outlines the challenges America faced as President Obama took office at the height of the worst recession in almost a century and details the progress that has been made reclaiming the security of the middle class and building an economy that’s meant to last, where hard work pays and responsibility is rewarded. — –

    – – —THANK U! THANK U! – –MR. PRESIDENT!! – – – -4! — MORE! – – -YEARS!! – — –

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    He needs to be lit up on twitter, typical fake GOPTEA astroturf phony..he declined to answer questions regarding this article. Here’s his twitter account: @RepFincherTN08

    Tea Party Congressmen Accept Cash From Bailed-Out Bankers

    Tea Party favorites such as Stephen Fincher of Tennessee were swept into Congress on a wave of anger over government-funded bailouts of banks.

    Now those incumbents are collecting thousands of dollars for re-election campaigns from the same Wall Street firms whose excesses they criticized. They have taken no significant steps to curb them or prevent future taxpayer-financed rescues.

    read more:

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    Consumer Spending in U.S. Increased in March as Incomes Rose
    By Shobhana Chandra – Apr 30, 2012 8:30 AM ET

    Consumer spending in the U.S. climbed in March after the biggest gain since August 2009, and incomes picked up, indicating the biggest part of the economy will help sustain the expansion.

    Household purchases, which account for about 70 percent of the economy, increased 0.3 percent, after a revised 0.9 percent gain the prior month that was stronger than first reported, Commerce Department figures showed today in Washington. The median estimate of 72 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News called for a 0.4 percent rise. Incomes advanced 0.4 percent, the most in three months, and the savings rate rose.

    read more:

    • nellcote

      I wish they would wait to get “revised” numbers before they put out the numbers in the first place. It makes it somewhat confusing to constantly have two sets of numbers to deal with. On the other hand progress is progress.

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    Smithsonian American Art Museum takes new look at changes of 20th century through black art

    By Associated Press, Updated: Monday, April 30, 2:06 AM

    WASHINGTON — The Smithsonian American Art Museum is retracing the tremendous changes the 20th century brought to African Americans through a new exhibit in Washington.

    “African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era and Beyond” features works from 43 black artists. It includes paintings, sculpture, prints and photographs exploring the struggle for equality, the power of music and images of rural and urban life.

    The museum brought together 100 works from its collection of African American art. More than half are being exhibited by the museum for the first time, including paintings by Benny Andrews and Jacob Lawrence and photographs by Gordon Parks and Marilyn Nance.

    The exhibit is in Washington until September. Then it travels to Williamsburg, Va.; Orlando, Fla.; Salem, Mass.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; and Sacramento, Calif.




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    For TV, black is the new green
    Three African-American-focused nets bow, with more on horizon
    By Paige Albiniak

    A convergence of timing and opportunity are about to bring BET and TV One plenty of company in the black TV universe.

    Four new African-American-focused networks are in the process of launching, with Bounce TV already online and Magic Johnson’s Aspire planning to premiere this summer. Soul of the South, a regional network, is busy clearing affiliates. Sean Comb’s Revolt, with a focus on music and pop culture, plans to be on the air in 2013.

    One of the reasons for the influx is due to the terms of Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal in January 2011. To complete the transaction, Comcast made a deal with the FCC and the Dept. of Justice to launch 10 minority-owned channels over the following eight years. The first four include Aspire and Revolt, as well as two networks targeted at Latinos.

    read more:

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      Thank Rev. Al. He was a part of those negotiations.

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  • rikyrah

    New Video from the OBama campaign.

  • Miranda

    I bet she feels real dumb right about now. Her first line had me cracking up.

    President Obama Toes the Line Between Being Funny and Being a Joke

    • crazycanuck

      That has got to be the stupidest article I’ve read. Thank you so much Miranda lol.

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    POU FAM – – —FROM YESTERDAY – – —IMHO – –It won’t take MUCH 2 “hammer –teh WILLARD!”! LOL. – —HE has NOT DONE ANYTHING – -POSITIVE – –4 PEOPLE!! – — –

    – — –Bill Clinton, Obama team up at fundraiser to hammer Romney – – –

    – — – —President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton teamed up for a fundraiser in Virginia on Sunday, taking shots at presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

    While neither mentioned him by name during the event at the home of former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, the two presidents delivered harsh criticisms of Obama’s likely November opponent.

    “This is crazy, he’s got an opponent who basically wants to do what they did before, on steroids, which will get you the same consequences you got before, on steroids,” said Clinton.

    The two presidents once had a frosty relationship, as Clinton was a strong advocate for his wife then Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) as she battled Obama for the 2008 Democratic nomination.

    At Sunday’s event, however, President Clinton was full of praise for Obama, defending his record and saying that the current president needed more time to address the problems left behind by the Bush administration.

    “He’s beating the clock, not behind it. Don’t listen to those Republicans. We are beating the clock,” Clinton said.

    “I think he is beating the historical standard for coming out of a financial collapse and a mortgage collapse. I think the last thing you want to do is to turn around and embrace the policies that got us into trouble in the first place,” he added.

    In his remarks at the fundraiser, Obama linked Romney’s foreign policy to the Bush administration.

    THIS musta been – -GR8. :>) — –

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    Great article.. check it out

    Holder: ‘More Work To Do’ Before Term Is Over

    ….”This is about the 60th U.S. Attorney’s office that I’ve had a chance to visit,” he told the crowd. “I think we’re at 58, 59, maybe 60 — something like that. And for me, it’s a great opportunity to interact with the men and women of the Justice Department.”

    Holder wasn’t just speaking for himself; he’s also an envoy of his president, Barack Obama, who happens to be his friend. And Holder let the lawyers in the crowd in on a bit of that dynamic.

    “I serve a president who is, among other things, a great lawyer,” Holder began, “and he spends a great deal of time, great deal of interest, focused on the Justice Department, which is a good thing. Most of the time.” The crowd laughed.

    “It also means that he takes a great interest — former law professor and all that, great lawyer — in particular matters that we are doing. Not inappropriate. I’ll send him a memo or something and go to the Oval Office to talk about it,” Holder said. “And he’ll dig through his stuff on his desk, and he’ll bring out the memo that I sent over, and it’s got red stuff underlined. … ‘Are you sure you’re reading that case in the right way? What about the dissent?’ And you think, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ ”

    read more:

  • Miranda

    Fools and twitter….just a bad mix. Bout to mess up your good job tryna be cute.

    Nike shoe designer tweets after Derrick Rose’s injury ‘you chose poorly,’ apologizes

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    Quote of the Morning
    Posted on 04/29/2012 at 11:30 am by Bob Cesca

    “Shame on Barack Obama for diminishing the memory of September 11th and the killing of Osama bin Laden by turning it into a cheap political attack ad. This is the same President who once criticized Hillary Clinton for invoking bin Laden ‘to score political points.’

    “This is the same President who said, after bin Laden was dead, that we shouldn’t ‘spike the ball’ after the touchdown. And now Barack Obama is not only trying to score political points by invoking Osama bin Laden, he is doing a shameless end-zone dance to help himself get reelected.

    “No one disputes that the President deserves credit for ordering the raid, but to politicize it in this way is the height of hypocrisy.” Senator John McCain


    Funny, I don’t remember McCain condemning the Bush/Giuliani/Republican exploitation of 9/11 as a means to illegally invade and occupy Iraq or to use 9/11 imagery in a 2008 pro-McCain TV commercial. Hell, McCain’s party exploited everything 9/11-related for eight years and McCain’s former running mate invoked terrorism more times than we can accurately count.

    • Town

      When did McCain condemn Bush for flying down on the ship with the Mission Accomplished banner?

      • They’re crying foul because they know how powerful this is going to be.

        • Town

          that’s why Huff N Puff is crying about it this morning, as well as the fact that Obama shaded her Sat. night.

      • Admiral_Komack

        When did McCain condemn the 2004 Republican Convention and the 2004 election where everyone was told George W. Bush “kept us safe”?

        Oh, wait…

        John McCain and Arianna Huffington can shut up…real fast.

    • GN

      He’s so full of shit it’s beyond my ability to articulate it. Hey John McCain: “shame” on you for “politicizing” the issue of torture by depicting yourself as a war hero. This man has not a shred of integrity, I don’t understand how he’s presented as credible or impartial.

    • Ebogan63

      This fucking ol’ azzed boat anchor can ask the 9/11 victim’s families that PBO visited in NYC after OBL was killed whether that was ‘a cheap political stunt’, Ask the Army Captain I work with who served a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan weather it matters that that bastard is dead! For someone who subjected us to that idiot Palin, he can have a stadia full of seats regarding this fake azzed outrage.

      • rikyrah

        they scuurrred.


        they know how powerful this is. …which is why they’re being WATB.

        • This and this again. They’re basically saying, “Please Mr President don’t pick up and use that weapon in your arsenal even though you have the right to.”

          And think about it. It’s not like the President is showing some graphic image of OBL’s corpse or walking around in a flight suit saying mission accomplished. The basic fact that they got him is causing people like McCain to go to pieces.

  • rikyrah

    April 29, 2012
    Obama’s “warrior presidency”
    In the NY Times, the New America Foundation’s Peter Bergen unfolds a three-page defense of this thesis:

    From both the right and left, there has been a continuing, dramatic cognitive disconnect between Mr. Obama’s [foreign policy] record and the public perception of his leadership: despite his demonstrated willingness to use force, neither side regards him as the warrior president he is.

    One complicating word in that passage is “the,” just prior to “public,” in the phrase “public perception.” It contains the seed of the passage’s own destruction. We must assume, given its context, that Bergen means to say “their” public perception (i.e., the left and right’s) and not “the” public’s perception, which is a vast difference within an entirely different meaning–the latter of which is never really established in Bergen’s piece, hence there could be no “dramatic cognitive disconnect.”

    But here I perhaps quibble too much, which only suppresses my larger point. That being, one could also argue that Bergen misuses “public,” in that he means to say “private”; for publicly, it seems to me, the left has indeed extolled Obama as a “warrior president,” since the left is still trying to live down its rather unpleasant reputation for having carelessly misplaced China a few decades back, not to mention Korea and Vietnam, both North and South.

    So, although I grasp Bergen’s point, I simply disagree with it.

    As for the right’s “perception” of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy, well, what can one say, as contaminated as it is with hatred, bile, distortion, and above all, a monstrous dishonesty. The political right, which remains indistinguishable from the neocon right, has removed itself as a legitimate voice in what is a profoundly legitimate debate.

  • rikyrah

    Those Aren’t Real Jobs Anyway
    Posted on 04/28/2012 at 3:20 pm by JM Ashby

    During his speech at Otterbein College yesterday, Mitt Romney decided to attack the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus) not because it saved or created jobs, but because it saved or created the wrong jobs. Government jobs. Because those aren’t real jobs. Or something.

    Then there was the stimulus itself. $787 billion of borrowing. It could have been entirely focused on getting getting the private sector to buy capital equipment, for instance. That puts people to work. Or to hire people. Instead, it primary protected people in the governmental sector, which is probably the sector that should have been shrinking.

    He’s right about one thing. It did primarily protect people in the public sector. Over a million of them to be more specific. And I would like to thank Mister Romney for admitting that it saved jobs even if he thinks it was the wrong jobs.

    Is Romney arguing that we should have let over a million people lose their jobs all because of some deranged ideology that says a job is a job unless its a government job then it’s not a job?

    Employment is good for the economy, no matter who is doing the employing. Public or private. And tossing over a million public workers off the rolls would be just as big of a shock, if not bigger, than tossing a million private workers off the rolls. Because public employees have loans, mortgages, and children too.

    Adding… the government has been shrinking. States are still laying off workers. Mitt Romney thinks this is a good thing.

  • MonieTalks

    Romney’s Big-Dollar ‘Bundlers’ Stay Anonymous
    by Peter Overby

    Every presidential nominee going back to 2000 has revealed the names of influential supporters known as “bundlers” because of the way they persuade others to give money to a candidate. Every nominee, that is, until Mitt Romney.

    The most anyone can give directly to any presidential campaign is $5,000, and everyone who gives that much is listed in the Romney campaign’s monthly disclosures.

    When it comes to the bundlers, though, the campaign chooses to keep those names secret.

    read more:

  • rikyrah

    April 28, 2012
    Mann-Ornstein’s absolute must-read

    In “Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem,” the Brookings Institution’s Thomas Mann and the American Enterprise Institute’s Norman Ornstein let loose with a righteous fury that refreshes, mostly because their opening proposition–that Republicans are incontrovertibly “the problem”–ends with an admonitory and almost equally thematic swipe at the problem-children of mainstream journalism. “[A] balanced treatment of an unbalanced phenomenon distorts reality,” write Mann and Ornstein, hence journalism’s “even-handed, unfiltered presentation of opposing views” only invites more destructive distortion.

    Mann-Ornstein hypostatize ‘The Republican Question’ through the wretched personage of Allen West, whose latest imbecility, as we all well remember, arrived in his McCarthyization of Democrats’ Progressive Caucus–which is like comparing a DAR quilting bee to a neoNazi cadre. Regarding West’s “comment,” Mann-Ornstein find it “striking” that “such extreme remarks and views are now taken for granted” by the GOP leadership; that West is less outlier than outrageously typical.

    Which brings us back to the political press, which, as I recall, by and large treated West’s obscenity as a soundbite of amusing puff, rather than as a monumental manifestation of a profound institutional problem that is reducing this country to a dysfunctional joke.

    Indeed, it took the aggressively blunt Barney Frank to do political journalism’s perfectly commonsensical job for it:

    It’s an indication of the significant deterioration of the Republican Party as a responsible entity that an ignorant, mean guy like Allen West is considered one of their stars.

    I ask people, when you hear something so breathtakingly dumb and vicious as that, how do people expect us to be able to work out some compromise with him?

    Nonetheless, everyday we are witness to an endless stream of disgust and exasperation from apparently intoxicated political commentators who are disgusted and exasperated with … Barack Obama, who obstinately refuses, for instance, to embrace Simpson-Bowles and obstinately refuses, in another instance, to tackle tax reform–with the demented likes of a party-full of Allen Wests.

    I don’t know from which distillery they get their pure goofjuice and from which Latin American country they get their prime goofweed, but both must be the tragic enablers of these commentators’ “balanced treatment,” as Mann-Ornstein put it, of a wickedly “unbalanced phenomenon.” I just cannot think of any other explanation for their dissociative relationship with reality; that they can, with a schoolmarmish pedantry and superior aloofness, hold Obama in any way accountable for not advancing the political ball of moderation.

    But addiction to intoxicated pomposity is no excuse. Political journalists who see themselves as the adults–because in their minds they are the fair, even-handed supervisors of a symmetrically immature political playground–are in reality as culpable as the Republican Party’s juvenile delinquents.

    There is an altogether guilty party here; and it’s not the conservative party, which in contrast to the GOP’s radicalism just happens to be the Democratic Party, led by a Democratic president. And that’s where responsible, conscientious political journalists should start: getting their labels right.

  • MonieTalks

    Folks from the conservative think tank, American Enterprise Institute can’t even give cover for the despicable behavior of the obstructionist Republicans.

    ‘Even Worse Than It Looks’: Extremism In Congress?

    by NPR Staff

    ….Mann, a senior fellow of the Brookings Institution, and Ornstein, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), join Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep to talk about the book, which comes out this week.

    The book claims that democracy in America is being endangered by extreme politics. From the first day of the Obama administration, Ornstein says, our constitutional system hasn’t been allowed to work.

    “When we did get action, half the political process viewed it as illegitimate, tried to undermine its implementation, and moved to repeal it,” Ornstein says.

    Ornstein and Mann make no secret of who they blame for most of the dysfunction in Congress.

    “One of the two major parties, the Republican Party, has become an insurgent outlier – ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition,” they write.

    read more:

    • I agree with Mann and Ornstein that Republicans are the problem and they need a beatdown in November but I’m not so sure that’s going to help.

      You don’t have people within the party strong enough or even willing to pull them back to the center. But worst than that is how do you expect a base that’s been told the other side is the un-American enemy, watches Fox News, listens to Rush Limbaugh and many local lunatics to move to the center?

      After the blue tidal wave, I expect Republicans to do what they always do. Double down.

  • Miranda

    hell hath no fury…………for real.

    Dentist Faces Jail Time After Amputating All of Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth
    Posted: April 29, 2012

    A dentist is facing jail time and her ex-boyfriend is facing much worse after a revenge stunt gone crazy. London authorities are saying that Marek Olszewki scheduled an appointment with his dentist, who happened to be his ex-girlfriend, Anna Mackowiak because he was suffering from a toothache.

    According to the Daily Mail, Mackowiak put him in the chair, put him out with a bunch of sedatives and removed all 32 of his teeth. She then wrapped his head up in gauze so that he wouldn’t realize what happened until he had left the office.

    Mackowiak told the Daily Mail,
    “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions. But when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a bastard.’”


    • This much I know. He was stuuupid.

      • JojoRaze

        For real, though!! You live in the UK–land of socialized medicine–and the only dentist you could go to was your ex-girl, a woman you broke up with?

    • Daltex82

      Boy, I bet he would like a do-over!

    • Admiral_Komack

      …and I thought “The Dentist” with Corbin Dean Bernsen was just a movie…

    • Alma98


    • Marek, you stoooooooooopid!

    • That woman just threw her career down the drain for nothing. I would have gotten him back in a less conspicious way.


      • Miranda

        nu-uh….she only looking at a max of 3 yrs….chile, that’s just catching up on some reading time…getting her meditation on..getting centered. She’ll be a hero in women’s prison – female guards giving her dap everyday. Then she gets out and does a sitdown with whoever is the British version of Oprah. Write and book and chill! LOLOL

        • Does she get to keep her license to practice dentistry? If so bwwaaaaahaha. If not bad move on her part. And I agree she is a hero to alot of women now. And a book is a coming. #karmaworksbothways

          • malletgirl02

            If she does get to keep her license which is very unlikely, there is no way in hell I would let her within 10 feet of my teeth.

    • malletgirl02

      Now another reason for being afraid to go to the dentist.

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM. – – -THIS PHOOL – -AGAIN!! – –

    – –Pastor Terry Jones Burns Korans
    He’s slapped with $300 fire fine
    – – –

    – – —Controversial right-wing pastor Terry Jones has defiantly torched copies of the Koran outside his Florida church. Jones also set aflame an image of the prophet Muhammad in front of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville. Pentagon officials had urged Jones to refrain from the… More »

    — –PAST time 2 shut him down!! geesh!!! – – –

    • GN

      He really is disgusting. He also hosted some “rallies” for the murderer George Zimmerman (wonder why the media never reported that Zimmerman prominently featured a picture of this bigot’s rally on his site?). Jones is going to get people killed with this Koran-burning bs, and it’s disgusting.

  • Camille

    That self-important propagandist clown Michael Duffy and his smug, lying, fake all-knowing, revisionist ass should be laughed off the stage and yet Bill Press gives this asshole an audience to glorify the Bushes and Bill Clinton and hawk another children’s fairy tale masquerading as scintillating, never known or heard before “fact”-

    Bill Press has as much access and information as this hack Michael Duffy and yet Bill sits there enthralled as if the crap falling out of Michael Duffy’s mouth is gospel truth.

    And that same old tired lie about Clinton being the “star” of the Tom Hanks narrated campaign ad? What a load of crock!

    Bill Clinton and his flunkies like Terry Mcaulife may be enjoying their little ransom/power game at the moment, but I can assure you that they will need President Obama and his unyielding and dedicated supporters such as moi and a whole lot of us to win anything in the future. I think Terry and the other asshole Gavin Newsom are all looking to run for something in the future. Then we get to show and tell them who the badass really is!

    They should be grateful that President Obama is an honorable and dignified man filled with integrity and not prone to their well-documented afflictions of vindictiveness, games, underhandedness and an obsessive need for massive ego stroking.

    On the other hand, they should know that some of us Obama supporters are taking names and keeping scores and we unlike our President are not so evolved or generous and we will exact revenge when the time comes.

    And the time WILL come soon enough when WE WILL have the upper hand which we WILL use to great effect. And we cannot guarantee that we will be as kind, forgiving and honorable as our great President Obama.

    • “Bill Clinton and his flunkies like Terry Mcaulife may be enjoying their little ransom/power game at the moment”

      What ransom power game?

  • GreenLadyHere

    POU FAM – – – – -BWAHAHAHA!!! – – —More – –“HALF-THROATED ENDORSEMENTS” — —- —

    THEY sayin’ – – –I JUST CAIN’T!! – —LOL – – —

    – – –Mitt Romney’s lukewarm endorsers – —

    – — – –It’s the season of lemon-sucking endorsers for Mitt Romney.

    With his presidential nomination all but assured, a number of high-profile national Republicans who’d stayed on the sidelines have emerged as Romney endorsers — each one damning the future standard-bearer with faint praise in their blessings.

    Rudy Giuliani. Mitch Daniels. George Pataki. Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush. Even Jon Huntsman. Despite the fact that it’s been clear for months that Romney would be the nominee, each Republican has been a shade less enthusiastic than the last in what they’ve said in their “endorsements” of the Romney candidacy. Their statements range from harsh to sparse. One news outlet even started keeping score of who had the most tepid words of support.

    The quintessential example of this hold-your-nose endorsement was by former New York mayor and 2008 presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, whose backing of Romney the day before the New York primary was described by some GOP-ers as about as upbeat as a videotaped message from a hostage.

    “This reminds me of, you know, going to a surgeon, right?” Giuliani said on “Fox & Friends.”

    – –SOUNDS LIKE – — —- an – —ENTHUSIASM GAP!! – – –LOL

  • GreenLadyHere


    Paul Krugman Obliterates the Myth that Low Business Taxes Create Jobs

    When Paul Krugman was confronted with the right wing myth that lower business taxes create jobs on ABC’s This Week, the Nobel Prize winner pounced a delivered some economic straight talk.

    Video from ABC News:

    – —–SKIP — —-

    If Carly Fiorina has the answers for the economy, then we are all in big trouble. Fiorina was such a failure at HP that her own board of directors, including her mentor at the company, repudiated her leadership, and showed her the door. It is impossible for Fiorina to intelligently discuss the economy, because her professional history tells us that she doesn’t know anything about it.

    – – – -THIS – —>Here is what the data really tells us. Since 1950 when taxes are lowered at the top, economic growth goes down. The notion that the US has the highest tax rate on business is another numbers manipulated canard put out there by there by the right in order to justify their policy of cutting taxes at the top while raising them for everyone else. It is true that the US corporate tax rate is 39.2%, but the effective tax rate, what businesses and corporations really pay, is 12.1%. After corporations take advantage of loopholes in the tax code, they actually pay less than a third of what they are supposed to.

    – — Paul Krugman isn’t some academic. He is a Nobel Prize winning economist, who knows bullshit when he hears it. Carly Fiorina represents what happens when businesspeople try to enter into politics and fix the economy.

    — –SPEAK TRUTH!! – —

  • GreenLadyHere

    GOOD MONDAY MORNTIN’ miranda. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

    OMG! WHAT a GR8 SERIES. :>)

    FOND MEMORIES of watchin my dear daddy PLAY CHECKERS 4 hours on the WEEKENDS. —-:>)

    The JOY they got when they –yelled –“-KING/CROWN ME!” – – LOL.

    Lookin’ 4-ward 2 MORE. THANK U. :>)
    [Gotta “bounce” early. — Back soon.] :>)

  • Miranda

    HuffHO…this filthy rancid pimple can go straight to hell with bin Laden.

    Arianna Huffington: President’s bin Laden ad “despicable”

    • rikyrah

      she just mad that the President called her ass out on Saturday

      • That inner Republican she was doing a poor job of hiding got exposed again.

      • Daltex82

        Hit Greek dogs have been known to holler.

    • GN


      /Arianna, you mad?

    • Kennymack1971

      Awww Zsa Zsa Huffington is butthurt about getting that wig snatched Saturday night. Have a seat fake ass ratfucker

    • GreenLadyHere

      miranda—- — – — 4 SCARRYANA- – – –

      – – —- κολαφίζω,[Gk] – —SAAAAAAA-LAP 2 da Nth– – – –

      Now – – – turn the other cheek!!- – — geesh!!

    • Camille

      Arianna Huffington is a fucking piece of shit! Hell hath no fury like this worn-out whore scorned, shunned and shut down.

      This bitter, worthless, shameless, lying, cheating, deceitful, immoral, unethical, unloved, empty, ugly, soul will do just about anything to drag everyone down with her into the miserable hell hole she, Newt and Darrell Issa permanently dwell in.

      What a pathetic tool. She must no longer be allowed to sully our democracy with her tired whoring and spite.

      This idiot would be the first in line to politicize and publicly attack President Obama if the operation had gone wrong.

      But here she goes not letting up in her now public plan to handicap President Obama by talking down his accomplishments and trying to begrudge him his hard-worn advantages!

      When Karma – saving the best for last – finally settles on Arianna Huffington, it will be brutal, merciless and deservedly so. And you can bet that she will permanently self-destruct in no time and Deepak Chopra couldn’t save her if his own life depended on it.

      What a horrible, horrible, soulless shell of a woman. It must be hell to the nth degree being her.

      • GN

        When Camille reads somebody, Camille *reads* them. Talk about dragged. OUCH@Arianna, lmao!

      • Daltex82

        Damn, don’t hold back tell us how you really feel!

  • rikyrah

    The Five Stages Of GOP Reaction To Osama Bin Laden’s Death — And What’s Next
    Benjy Sarlin & Evan McMorris-Santoro April 30, 2012, 5:54 AM

    As America nears the one-year anniversary of the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, Democrats are running on the tagline, “bin Laden is dead, General Motors is alive,” as Vice President Joe Biden put it this week.

    Republicans are not happy with the development. After the Obama campaign put out a video suggesting Mitt Romney might not have made the same decision to send Navy SEALs into Pakistan, the RNC went ballistic, dispatching an irate John McCain to condemn their efforts to “politicize” bin Laden’s demise.

    In truth, both sides have been sharpening their political message since the moment the death was announced. Let’s review the five stages of the evolving Republican response.

    1) If You Can’t Say Anything Nice …

    Almost no one in the Republican field of current or on-the-fence presidential candidates criticized Obama for taking out America’s most-wanted terrorist. But there were a few notable themes that presaged future partisan warfare. While Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Chris Christie and even Donald Trump congratulated the president on the historic achievement, many went out of their way to avoid mentioning his role in the mission. Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin thanked the military and intelligence communities — and omitted other players. Rick Santorum begrudgingly acknowledged the president’s role while — simultaneously — calling him “not someone I would say is known for fighting great causes in defense of American freedom.” As the months went on, Perry sharpened this line further, answering a question on Obama’s importance to the mission with, “I’m almost positive it was Navy SEALs.”

    2) Congratulations, President Bush!

    In a parallel effort, veterans of the previous administration took to cable news en masse to push their own talking point: The real hero of the Pakistan raid was President George W. Bush. Top Bush administration officials like Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld pushed the idea that the raid was only possible because of intelligence gathered through controversial measures like “enhanced interrogation” (or as human rights groups called it, torture).

    “I think the tools that President Bush put into place — GITMO, rendition, enhanced interrogation, the vast effort to collect and collate this information — obviously served his successor quite well,” Rove said on Fox News.

    Many cited an early Associated Press account of the mission that suggested information that helped track down bin Laden’s courier, the big breakthrough that enabled the mission, may have been extracted under duress from al Qaeda plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. But subsequent reports, including an AP correction, indicated the information came up months after harsher techniques had been abandoned and was volunteered under ordinary interrogation.

    3) Stray Attacks

    As the initial euphoria of the mission faded, the more daring members of the partisan Republican crowd began testing some genuinely aggressive efforts to take Obama’s big achievement out of the game.Two that stood out: Sean Hannity casually mentioned on his show that the bin Laden raid “wouldn’t have happened if [Obama] had his way, and that can be proven, as well, on tape.” Santorum, still a long-shot candidate at the moment, told a gathering of Jewish Republicans that Obama had blown it by announcing bin Laden had been killed.

    4) Even Ralph Nader Would Have Done It

    With news of bin Laden’s death more than six months old, Romney began testing a new talking point: Sure, Obama ordered the bin Laden mission. But, hey, who wouldn’t have?

    “We’re delighted that he gave the order to take out Osama bin Laden,” Romney said in December. “Any president would have done that, but this one did, and that’s a good thing. I’m not going to say everything he’s done is wrong.”

    Presaging the fights to come, Democrats offered a strong response, including a video of Republicans praising Obama’s decision and specifically citing the difficult circumstances, murky intelligence and the risk of sparking an international incident if things went wrong.

    5) … And Let Us Never Speak Of This Again

    Which bring us to this week. The initial GOP response so far has mostly been to declare discussion of bin Laden out of bounds, period, when it comes to the election. The Romney campaign issued a statement saying Obama wants to “divide us, in order to try to distract voters’ attention from the failures of his administration. McCain’s statement, circulated by the RNC, declared that bin Laden talk “politicizes” a sacred shared moment in our history and thus should be deemed unacceptable. Republican operatives also passed around an ABC article suggesting Obama is hypocritical to bring up bin Laden because he criticized Hillary Clinton for running a primary ad featuring the terrorist in 2008.

    The Obama campaign thinks it has a unique opportunity to press the bin Laden issue because, unlike most Republican presidential candidates, Romney is actually on record suggesting he “wouldn’t move heaven and earth” to catch bin Laden in 2007 and — perhaps more damning — criticizing Obama in 2008 for saying he’d act unilaterally to strike bin Laden from Pakistan if necessary, the exact scenario that actually took place. In an awkward twist, McCain, slammed Romney for the 2007 quote while running against him, calling it an example of “naivete” at the time.—-and-whats-next.php?ref=fpa

  • GN

    I may have finally lost my taste for trash reality television after watching this Basketball Wives debacle, which says something, because I’m the last one to be upset about reality tv nonsense. For anyone who is remotely interested in the incident’s backstory: basically, two ghetto women (Evelyn and Nia, both mid to late thirties) tried to physically jump a albeit catty yet less ghetto black woman (Jennifer) on the show, for pretty much no discernible or sane reason. Nia slapped her pretty hard in the face, and Evelyn took a flying leap at her, barefooted, off of a table. Jennifer chose to not respond physically, but filed suit against the one who slapped her. In response, the producers of the show threatened to fire Jennifer and file suit, accusing her of weakening their brand.

    To me, this shows such a disdain for black women, it’s incredible. As much as I love junk tv, this might be it for me. I haven’t signed the petition calling for a boycott of the show, but I’m sympathetic to it, because this is just ridiculous. The show has physical altercations, promiscuity, trading sex with “ballers” for shoes, cars, and other nonsense to “be about that life,” and one boyfriend/fiance who is so disrespectful he “joked” to his partner that she’s like the last slice of pizza which nobody wants (and this birdbrain giggled at that bs). I’m starting to agree with the people who are ringing alarm bells that girls are watching and mimicking this, and for the producers to claim some nonsense about their “brand” shows that they really do believe that this is normal for black women. Am I overreacting?

    • I don’t think so. Unfortunately that behavior guarantees more viewers. m

      • BoomerGal

        Hence, sustaining wealth at our expense.

    • Camille

      No GN, you’re not.

      The show is just so awful and those women especially Tammi, Evelyn and Shaq’s ex are despicable and are a disgrace not just to black women, but the entire human race!

      No amount of money and promise of baseless and undeserved “celebrity” should elicit this willingness to debase-


    • Town

      I love it when Shaunie O’Neal stands around AMAZED, JUST AMAZED and above it all. LOL

      • GN

        Yeah, that’s really not credible. Frankly, they all seem to be phony and they’re all using each other IMO, which is fine, they’ve just gone too far. I don’t like that all of them (including Jennifer) depict filing suit/involving authorities rather than counterattacking each other like animals as “what the white people do.” I’m like, no, that’s what sane people do. I’d be 100% fine with them depicting this nonsense as their personal chosen lifestyle, but they need to quit with the depiction of this bull as normal for black women.

      • OK! And SHE’S the one instigating all the drama!

        But, what do you expect from a woman who left her husband to be Shaq’s baby momma, then his wife?

        • GN

          And Chad Ochocinco! I about fell out when he said, “I have a poem for you Evelyn…” “you’re like the last slice of pizza which nobody wants”–um, if she has such a hot temper, how did she refrain from giving that disrespectful guy a love tap across the mouth for that one?

    • BoomerGal

      Not overreacting, my dear, just come to your senses. Apparently none of these reality tv celebs bother to question the motives behind producing this trash. This is just another attempt to derail the dignity of our culture.

      The Jew and his puppet (the white folks) are once again maintaining their wealth at our expense. These people have done such a head job on our culture that we likely will never recover. Our house is SO divided, it’s unbelievable.

      • GN

        I don’t agree at all with the “Jew and his puppet remarks”–not *at all*.

        • Neither do I.

        • BoomerGal

          You don’t have to agree just know the history of the Jew and his relationship with African Americans.

      • Camille

        Sorry, but the producer for Love and Hip Hop is a BLACK woman who wanted the cast to fight and play up to all those terrible stereotypes;

        And don’t get me started on Wendy Williams. She doesn’t get into fist fights but does so much worse!

        What an awful, awful woman. She is just a super sadist and quite the narcissist who will run with gossip gleaned from the rags at the supermarket – destroying reputations, marriages, friendships and even careers with her vicious gossip and innuendo while her low-information audience laps it all up as gospel truth.

        • BoomerGal

          She is but ONE of SEVEN producers. She’s from Monami Entertainment. Do you really think they would make it that obvious? Jews have a loooong history of throwing rocks, hiding their hands and pretending to be the Black man’s friend. I thought the same way you do until I finally researched it for myself.

    • BoomerGal

      Not overreacting, my dear, just come to your senses. Apparently none of these reality tv celebs bother to question the motives behind producing this trash. This is just another attempt to derail the dignity of our culture.

      The Jew and his puppet (the white folks) are once again maintaining their wealth at our expense. These people have done such a head job on our culture that we likely will never recover. Our house is SO divided, it’s unbelievable.

    • Guns3000

      It’s trash but how are the ratings? It’s what people want to see.

      • GN

        I certainly have watched this show and entertained this bullshit; I’m part of the problem too, to be honest.

  • rikyrah

    Posted at 09:01 AM ET, 04/30/2012
    The Morning Plum: Austerity, not government, is the problem
    By Greg Sargent

    Let’s get started with the read of the morning: Zachary Goldfarb’s excellent account detailing that one of the biggest threats to the recovery has been cuts to state and local governments:

    Since the beginning of his term, state and local governments have shed 611,000 employees — including 196,000 educators — according to government statistics. Unlike the recovery in private-sector employment that Obama and his reelection campaign often cite — with businesses adding 4 million jobs since hiring hit its low point in 2010 — the jobs crisis at the state and local level has continued throughout his term…
    “The job losses at state and local governments is the most serious weight on the job market,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, who has advised both parties.

    The story also makes an important point about Obama’s capitulation to austerity: At key moments, Obama ceded the argument to Republicans who were insisting that spending cuts were necessary for the good of the economy, and gave up on making the case for more stimulus spending, thinking it was a political nonstarter. In fairness, when Obama made his pivot to jobs last fall, he did aggressively push for more spending on hiring public sector workers, which was blocked by Republicans who didn’t want it paid for by a tiny tax hike on the rich.

    Either way, what’s remarkable here is that the usual suspects continue to argue that the growth of government is a drag on the recovery, when the exact opposite is true.

    • The President ceded nothing. For crying out loud this is the guy who created the Simpson-Bowles commission that Republicans and Dems in Congress ran away from.

      This is another case of people not listening. How long has he been saying tough choices would need to be made and yes that included cuts? A year? Two? Inauguration Day? The 2008 campaign?

      • Ebogan63

        Thanks Woody! How in the hell has he ‘ceded’ anything when 1) he suggested a mixture of budget cuts and revenue increases which was promptly rejected by the GOP 2) Asking for more stimulus when he has no chance in hell of getting it thru Congress is just meaningless drivel from Sargent(ain’t the payroll tax cut a form of stimulus? Buehler?)

        Just shows how the public is poorly served by these so-called political pundits.

        • It’s ridiculous and it’s across the board on everything.

      • Alexander2

        Typical PL garbage. The President NEVER capitulated to austerity. The subject of the article is aid to state and local governments so lets take a look.

        1) 2009 stimulus contained $150 billion in direct aid to state and local governments. (keeping public employees, etc.). It passed by one vote. A total of 245 billion awarded to states.

        2) August 2010, an additional $26 billion in direct aid to state and local governments (keeping public employees).

        3) Late August 2010 states were still sitting on over $100 billion in stimulus money (infrastructure, green jobs, etc.)

        4) November 2010, the PL helped the GOP capture the House.

        And the President has always made a clear distinction between long term spending cuts and the need for more spending in the near term. They were not listening.

      • jziglar

        Exactly. It seems like some people choose to not listen to President Obama’s words.

        • Admiral_Komack

          …but enough about the The Professional Left…

          • BoomerGal

            You mean the quasi rethugs.

  • GN

    Another rant: Zimmerman’s legal team has started a new website and social media accounts. They are trying to turn a racist murderer into a celebrity. Where in God’s name is Trayvon’s legal representation? How the fuck are they going to watch Zimmerman try to paint himself as a friend to black people when he killed a child, lied to the police, lied to his first set of attorneys, lied to the parents, raised money from killing that child, lied to the judge and his second set of attorneys about it, and even went as far as to host pics of the racist graffiti on the black cultural center and Koran-burning pastor’s rally on his site? There have been crickets from Trayvon’s team. If anyone knows anything about the American press, it’s that they are (with of course some exceptions) stenographers. They will repeat whatever people tell them to repeat, and right now, they are repeating nonsense from Zimmerman’s defense team with absolutely no counter from Trayvon’s people. I don’t get it. I’m not a criminal law expert, and so perhaps there is some strategy behind this, but it looks bad to me.

    • itgurl_29

      You ain’t the only one who’s noticed this and it’s got me pissed off.

      • GN

        I have never seen a murderer with a commissioned logo and professionally administered social media presence. The disrespect of Trayvon Martin by his murderer is just beyond anything I have ever seen.

        • itgurl_29

          It is heartbreaking. And it’s maddening to see that lawyers that are supposed to be fighting for Trayvon do nothing about it. It’s crazy.

          • GN

            It seems to be part of a strategy to not try the case in the media, but I’d like to see more balance. Pointing out the racist pic while the media fawns over his self-serving nonsense about being part black to me is just common sense. It’s not weakening the prosecutor’s case to do so either. Just putting some brakes on this PR and fundraising effort.

        • Camille

          I agree and it pisses me off! But Karma is a bitch and George Zimmermann and all his enablers and cohorts will surely pay.

    • Miranda

      Its past time for somebody to call Billy Martin and Judy Smith….just sayin.

      • GN

        When Zimmerman and his attorney got away with lying about the $200k collected from the first website, with nary a peep in the media about the inflammatory, racist pics on that site, I was like “what?” And that they have a new entire social media presence with a professionally designed logo is just something I have never even seen. Just crazy. And no one is calling bullshit; I don’t understand it. This is ridiculous.

        • I am willing to jump on any twitter campaign to help the word of this foolishness get out. We need to push back against this madenss.

        • JojoRaze

          The sad fact is this: The prosecutors don’t want to try this in the media since it backfired with Casey Anthony. Everyone, me included, thought Anthony had one foot in the jail cell and the trial was only a formality–and look how that turned out. 12 people will decide Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence and only those 12 people and the evidence they are presented matter. I’m more worried about the lack of evidence because the Sandford police didn’t do their jobs, more than the PR campaign Zimmerman is launching.

    • Where’s Angela Corey?

      • Camille

        The woman is a shyster; I just knew that performance she did at the press conference was to appease the Martin family and supporters. The woman had no intention of really prosecuting this case, just used this to douse the heated atmosphere in Sanford.

        • Soccermom91

          ok, gonna try this again, I seem to keep getting kicked out when I post. Anyway, while she my be a shyster, she is DEFINITELY a Prosecuter (she has a 12 year old on trial for murder)!!! I had no doubt Zimmerman would be charged. I knew she could NOT let this go uncharged, that’s not who she is…. I have low hopes for the state (they elected Rick Scott), and I live here. But I never, ever had a doubt Corey would charge him if given the slightest opportunity…

  • rikyrah

    Obama’s role in Bin Laden killing: As Kevin Drum notes, whatever you think about Obama touting the killing of Bin Laden, there is actually an available set of facts that allow us to gauge whether Republicans are right or wrong in claiming that any other president would have made the same call Obama made:

    I don’t know what Mitt Romney would have done in similar circumstances, but there’s not much question that Obama played an active and ultimately crucial role. Without his leadership, things might have turned out quite differently.
    Given the centrality of this argument to the campaign, you’d think news orgs would try a little harder to establish who’s actually right about Obama’s role in the killing.

    * Paul Ryan owns Mitt Romney: An interesting quote from conservative GOP Rep. Tom Cole, buried in today’s big New York Times piece on the budet chairman:

    “Paul Ryan effectively captured the Republican presidential candidates.”
    If Democrats are intent on elevating Ryan’s plan — with its deep spending cuts and its ending of Medicare as we know it — as the agenda that Republicans will pursue if Romney is elected president, this quote won’t hurt.

    * Norquist to Romney: Ryan owns you: Another telling nugget from the Times story: “Grover Norquist, the Republican strategist who heads Americans for Tax Reform, said in an interview that he did not expect Mr. Romney to lead as president. He just wants him to sign the bills that put Mr. Ryan’s vision into practice.”

  • rikyrah

    Chris Cillizza
    The Fix Mitt Romney’s road to presidency this fall looks narrow on electoral map
    By Chris Cillizza,
    Published: April 29
    The Washington Post

    It’s no secret that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has a narrow path to win the presidency this fall. Nowhere is that reality more apparent than when examining the electoral map on which Romney and President Obama will battle in November.

    A detailed analysis of Romney’s various paths to the 270 electoral votes he would need to claim the presidency suggests he has a ceiling of somewhere right around 290 electoral votes.

    While Romney’s team would absolutely take a 290-electoral-vote victory, that means he has only 20 electoral votes to play with — a paper-thin margin for error.

    Romney’s relatively low electoral-vote ceiling isn’t unique to him. No Republican presidential nominee has received more than 300 electoral votes in more than two decades. (Vice President George H.W. Bush won 426 electoral votes in his 1988 victory over Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis.)

    By contrast, Bill Clinton in 1992 (370 electoral votes) and 1996 (379) as well as Obama in 2008 (365) soared well beyond the 300-electoral-vote marker.

    Much of that is attributable to the fact that Democrats have near-certain wins in population (and, therefore, electoral-vote) behemoths such as California (55 electoral voters), New York (29) and Illinois (20).

    The only major electoral-vote treasure trove that is reliably Republican at the moment is Texas, with its 38 electoral votes. So while George W. Bush won 30 states in 2000 and 31 states in 2004, he never came close to cresting the 300-electoral-vote mark in either race.

    Bush’s two successful races, and the map on which he built them, are quite instructive when trying to understand Romney’s narrow margin for error this fall.

    In 2000, Bush won 271 electoral votes — one more than he needed to claim the presidency. In eking out that victory, Bush not only carried the South and Plains states with a near sweep but also claimed wins in swing states such as Nevada, Colorado, Missouri and the major electoral-vote prizes of Ohio and Florida.

    If Romney was able to duplicate Bush’s 2000 map, he would take 285 electoral votes — thanks to redistricting gains over the past decade.

    But to do so, Romney would need not only to win the five swing states mentioned above — with the exception of Missouri, all of them are considered tossups (at worst) for the president at the moment — but also hang on to states such as North Carolina and Virginia where Bush cruised 12 years ago. (Obama carried both states in 2008.)

    In 2004, Bush won reelection with 286 electoral votes, losing New Hampshire from his 2000 map but adding wins in Iowa and New Mexico.

    Under the 2012 map, Romney would win 292 electoral votes if he replicated the Bush 2004 victory. But New Mexico seems like a very tough place to win — not to mention the fact that he would again need to carry Ohio, Florida, Colorado and Nevada as well as North Carolina and Virginia.

    • jziglar

      It seems like many in the media and the Republican party underestimated Obama and his team when he said that there campaign had a chance to win states like Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, etc. that went republican for some national elections. The fact that these states are changing because of changing demographics and people from the North east moving down and retiring in the Sun belt. Many of these states are changing and are no longer reliably republican but many didn’t belief but now they are seeing it and admitting it.

      • rikyrah

        they don’t want to admit it, especially when it comes to Latinos, which is why I disagree with people that all the talk about them putting a Latino on the ticket is for White Suburban Folks. NO, they actually need Latino votes to WIN.

        • JojoRaze

          I agree with this completely. Alan “Hightop Fade” West running around talking about getting black people to vote for repubs is for white people, but getting a Latino woman on the Repub ticket is necessary since they need Latino votes to win. Even if PBO loses a million votes on voter ID rules–I don’t think they will, they NYT has a good article about how the campaign is managing the new voter ID restrictions and they are on it–the fact that the Latinos will vote for PBO is overwhelming against R-money.

  • JojoRaze

    I just finished watching PBO’s WHCD stand-up and PBO absolutely killed it! He went in on everybody and himself about the dog-eating. The audience totally didn’t get the Young Jeezy joke at all and FLOTUS was surprised he said the first dog-eating joke! She was like “For real tho, Barack? You went there?” I loved the entire thing. Jimmy Kimmel went too fast with his lines so he sounded like a five year old trying to tell jokes.

    • isonprize

      Jojo, totally agree. Kimmel either was nervous, had too much material, or somebody told him to wrap it up. There was some good stuff there, but his delivery was horrible. Plus, it was tough to follow PBO. PBO slayed the room. Slayed ’em.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY isonprize. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        ***fist bump*** – – -I re-heard it. Annnd he had some GOOD STUFF! :>)

        ——Especially:- — PUNKIN’- – – -Babwa Wawa- – -who was- — -JAWED UP!! LOL – –

        – Annnd “Krispie Kreme”- — –who was- —STUFFIN’ his FACE!!- – – -LOL.

        Good 2 C U- – -isonprize. :>)

      • Elie

        Methinks the fauxgressives and emolefties wrote all of Jimmy Kimmel’s insults against PBO. They are all his friends. Matt Damon, Jon Stewart etc.
        They all appeared to be in on the script and were just so tickled pink – literarily, patting lil Jimmy on the back for reading from their script.

        Kimmel wasn’t nervous as much as he knew he had colluded with the hate-filled to try to insult PBO and publicly demean him.

        But the President and First Lady outclassed the little prick and made let his lame jokes wash off their backs. In the end it was Kimmel still trying to suck up to the same PBO he tried to stick it to.

    • Miranda


      Shout out to @BarackObama

  • rikyrah

    learn something new everyday, reading this ‘ where are they now?’ article at the Root about the Cosby Show, and here’s what they said about Phylicia Rashad:

    Phylicia Rashad: Now
    She’s currently filming the all-black version of Steel Magnolias and will play Clairee (Olympia Dukakis’ character in the original). She also just picked up a role in a new NBC drama pilot, Do No Harm. In 2010, she appeared in three films: Frankie & Alice, Just Wright and For Colored Girls.

    had no idea there was an all-Black version of Steel Magnolias.

  • rikyrah

    Romney takes credit for Obama policy he condemned
    By Steve Benen – Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:11 AM EDT.

    The Detroit Free Press’ Tom Walsh recently noticed that Mitt Romney has taken so many contradictory positions on the Obama administration’s auto-industry rescue, the Republican “must be on the verge of exhaustion from all the verbal contortions and mental gymnastics he puts himself through.”

    That was in February. The contortions are actually getting worse

    One of Mitt Romney’s top advisers said Saturday that President Obama’s decision to bailout Chrysler and General Motors was actually Romney’s idea.

    “[Romney’s] position on the bailout was exactly what President Obama followed. I know it infuriates them to hear that,” Eric Fehrnstrom, senior adviser to the Romney campaign, said. “The only economic success that President Obama has had is because he followed Mitt Romney’s advice.”

    This isn’t complicated — Team Romney can condemn the Obama administration’s policy or it can take credit for the Obama administration’s policy, but it shouldn’t try to do both. I know it infuriates them to hear that, but this is simply a matter of common sense — Romney can’t be for and against the same policy at the same time.

    In this case, Romney has said, publicly and repeatedly, that he opposed Obama’s industry rescue plan. The former governor said he preferred to “let Detroit go bankrupt,” and have GM and Chrysler rely on private funding to restructure and get back on their feet.

    Of course, in early 2009, the credit markets were frozen and there was no private funding available. (When a company called Bain Capital was approached, it refused to invest.) How does Romney reconcile his demands with reality? For the last three years, he hasn’t even tried to explain the contradiction. In fact, he’d prefer if we just overlook the details altogether.

    Just at face value, it takes a fair amount of chutzpah to face a crisis, get it wrong, then whine about the way in which the other guy got it right. But it takes truck loads worth of chutzpah to condemn the other guy then take credit for his success.


    We can say a couple of things with certainty. First, when President Obama launched his ambitious policy in 2009, he was taking a major gamble — not only with the backbone of American manufacturing, but with his presidency and its ability to use the power of government to repair a private industry facing collapse. As First Read noted at the time, “As the GM bailout goes, so goes the Obama presidency.”

    We now know the gamble paid off. GM and Chrysler are making money, expanding American facilities, and operating at capacity. It’s a remarkable success story and one of Obama’s most important domestic accomplishments. Republicans were absolutely certain the White House’s policy would fail, and they were wrong.

    Second, we also know that if policymakers had followed Romney’s advice, and waited for private financing, the American auto industry likely would have collapsed while waiting capital that didn’t exist. An economy that was already on the brink would have been forced to absorb hundreds of thousands of unemployed auto workers, crushing already-struggling communities in the Midwest.

    As of this weekend, the Romney campaign is effectively telling voters, “Wait, did we say we hate Obama’s policy? What we meant to say was that we love Obama’s policy because we came up with it. Never mind all that other stuff we said two months ago.”

    Even by Romney standards, this is ridiculous.

  • rikyrah

    WERQ: Michelle Obama in Naeem Khan
    Posted on Apr 30, 2012 in Fashion

    We need a little breather after that Mad Men post and we’ve got a ton of White House Correspondents’ Dinner (or as DC and media insiders like to call it, “Nerd Prom,” although we prefer “Versailles on Vicodin” ourselves) red carpet pics to plow through later, but let’s single one lady out for being First among them all, in title and in style.

    Shelley shut the room down again.

    First lady Michelle Obama attends the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington in a Naeem Khan gown.

    • GN


  • rikyrah

    McCain discovers a distaste for ‘politicization’
    By Steve Benen – Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:01 AM EDT.

    President Obama’s re-election campaign is eager to remind voters of the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, especially now in light of the one-year anniversary of the raid. This led Obama’s team to release a video last week noting the president’s role and Mitt Romney’s positions on the issue.

    On Friday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) feigned outrage, condemning Obama for trying to “politicize” his counter-terrorism accomplishment. In a statement promoted by the Republican National Committee, the failed former presidential candidate said, “Shame on Barack Obama for diminishing the memory of September 11th and the killing of Osama bin Laden by turning it into a cheap political attack ad.”

    Part of the problem here is that McCain still thinks he has credibility on matters related to national security and international affairs. He does not — the bitter senator has been astonishingly wrong about every major foreign policy challenge in recent memory.

    But the larger concern is that McCain seems to believe the president, during a re-election campaign, shouldn’t “politicize” his counter-terrorism victories. It’s an odd argument coming from the senator. Does he not remember this 9/11 tribute video at his own nomination convention?

  • rikyrah

    Navigating an obstacle course, one voter at a time
    By Kay April 30th, 2012Good:

    Field workers for President Obama’s campaign fanned out across the country over the weekend in an effort to confront a barrage of new voter identification laws that strategists say threaten the campaign’s hopes for registering new voters ahead of the November election.

    In Wisconsin, where a new state law requires those registering voters to be deputized in whichever of the state’s 1,800 municipalities they are assigned to, the campaign sent a team of trainers armed with instructions for complying with the new regulations. In Florida, the campaign’s voter registration aides traveled across the state to train volunteers on a new requirement that voter registration signatures be handed in to state officials within 48 hours after they are collected. And in Ohio, Mr. Obama’s staff members have begun reaching out to let voters know about new laws that discourage precinct workers from telling voters where to go if they show up at the wrong precinct.

    The voters who are dealing with this for the first time (Wisconsin!) are more vulnerable than voters in Ohio, because conservatives have been periodically changing the voting rules in Ohio since 2006. We’re on round three in Ohio, so we’re used to them setting up ever-higher and constantly changing barriers for the voters they disfavor to jump over. Right now they’re going after early voting in Ohio because God forbid we should extend the window where people might actually get in and cast a ballot. A single Tuesday in November is apparently a magical day of increased “integrity” and “ballot security” to conservatives, no matter that election officials have MORE time to check the validity of a submitted ballot with early voting, not LESS time. But, none of this voter fraud bullshit ever makes sense on the most basic, practical level, and all of it is accepted without question. We’re more than happy to accuse Democratic VOTERS of all kinds of illegal acts without a shred of proof, but even calmly walking through the outlandish claims of Republican lawmakers and leaders and lawyers step by step to determine if they make sense is off limits and partisan.

    In 2004, in Ohio, where I live anyway, John Kerry’s campaign used outside groups to register and inform voters, and it was a mess. Voter registration rules are state law, and one really needs people who are familiar with the rules and the state. Too, the Kerry campaign were contacting voters anyway. It never made a whole lot of sense to me why we were conducting two separate campaigns.

    On that note, there is widespread confusion about voter registration and voting because conservatives and media have conflated the two things for nearly a decade, and they are two separate processes. That’s why we hear the nonsense about Mickey Mouse voting.

    Here’s the truth, and it’s logical and it makes sense. Like state birth records process, another ordinary, mundane records process that has been turned into a super-complicated plot out of a spy novel, voter registration is governed by a series of rules and they’re all written down in state codes. Voter registration is not unknowable and mysterious and arbitrary.

    When one person accepts a voter registration card for another person, the individual who is “registering” that voter (turning the card in) may not make a final call on the validity of that registration. ALL registrations must be turned in. The state or county official makes the call on the validity of the registration. You can easily understand why this is so: if the person collecting voter registrations were permitted to cull registrations willy-nilly, just using their own best judgment, and rejected those registrations THEY deemed invalid, there would be all kinds of potential for dirty dealing. Easy, right? Makes sense? Yet every single year, regular as rain, we hear breathless reporting on how Mickey Mouse is voting, because a registration was turned in for Mickey Mouse at 123 Main Street. Registering to vote and voting and are two separate things, and the first must be completed before the second may even possibly occur. There’s really no rational reason to jump to accusing all disfavored voters of voter fraud, because that’s a baseless and unfair accusation.

  • rikyrah

    Detroit kids start ‘Freedom School’
    By Laura Conaway – Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:54 PM EDT

    Part of what you’re supposed to do in high school is re-create the world. You start breaking away from the rules adults put on you, and you make the world new. That’s your job. Your community, meanwhile, is supposed to give you a safe place to go to school and a decent education when you get there. You study, and they make it possible for you to learn.

    Deal, right? Like so many other basics of life in Detroit, education is breaking down. On hearing that the schools emergency manager would use his unilateral authority to close their high school, a couple of hundred kids last week walked out of Detroit’s Southwest High (Mark Maynard’s got video). The students were suspended, so instead, on Friday they started a “Freedom School” across from Southwest. They plan to study Civil Rights history, among other subjects, while they’re barred from their regular classes.

    You can follow the Freedom School on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. This morning it sounds like they’re dealing with lousy weather, getting help with classes and looking for help with lunches. After the jump, the speech given by one of their leaders, junior Raychel Gafford, about the walkout. She has the temerity to argue that schools are supposed to be assets to the community — maybe we’re supposed to invest them.


    The speech:

    Hi my name is Raychel Gafford. I’m 17 years old and i am in the 11th grade. We are the students of Western International standing in solidarity with the students of southwestern. We are here not only in solidarity with southwestern but to draw the line and take a stand for our education.

    We are walking out to fight for quality education and to protect our public school system. We are here demanding better education and that our voices be heard. Our school system should work WITH US not against us. I’m sick and tired of being pushed around. WHAT ABOUT YOU??

    All I hear when I hear about DPS schools is closings, chartering, MONEY MONEY MONEY and LACK OF MONEY! To be honest, I don’t think our education should have a price tag. I thought schools are supposed to be about educating students so we can be the best members of the community and grow to be successful adults.

    Schools are assets to the community. What’s going to happen when all our assets are privatized?? 80% of charter schools are for profit. THAT’S NOT WHAT OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS. Schools are not supposed to be ran as businesses, education is a long term investment. We should not be making money off of our students. We are children, WE ARE PEOPLE! NOT—DOLLAR SIGNS!

    The solution is not to close public schools. It’s not a quick fix. It only does long term damage to our neighborhoods. (When schools close, our families, and our neighbors leave the community so that their kids can have access to quality schools and opportunities elsewhere.) We need to improve the public school system here, not shrink it down or sell if off to charters until it disappears completely.

    Our community thrives off of public education. Without our proper education we are less prepared for life. We are the future! WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION OF ADULTS! WE’RE HERE TELLING YOU THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM! We’re done choosing the lesser of two evils, or accepting solutions that are not good for our communities. This time we’re leading the way. We are demanding respect!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – – — ***head hits keyboard***- —–May I PUH-LEEZE axe- – — -WHERE on the -POLITICAL SCALE of IMPORTANCE – -does THIS FIT???- —

    – – – – –At Private Fundraiser, Mitt Romney Tells Donors That Democrats Hate Golf Courses – — –

    – – – —Mitt Romney attended a fundraiser at the luxurious estate of Papa John’s founder John Schnatter recently, where he told the audience that Democrats don’t believe anyone should own a golf course or a pool. “What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course,” he said. “You know, if a Democrat were here he’d look around and say no one should live like this. Republicans come here and say EVERYONE should live like this. This is a real tribute to America, to entrepreneurship.”

    — – –“Out of Touch” – — —

    WHEW LAWD!!- – — BEHOLD – — — the – – – -LOSER!!

    **shakin’ my head***

    • Mitt Romney attended a fundraiser at the luxurious estate of Papa John’s founder John Schnatter recently

      Instead of holding fundraisers for Mitt, they need to work on their Buffalo Chicken pizza because it’s dry and nasty as hail!

      • GreenLadyHere

        Sepia- – — LOL. Thanks 4 da- – -“heads-up”. LOL.

        I don’t order from them. :>) NOW – –I won’t eat NO

        RE-THUGLICAN pizza!!! LOL.

    • Town

      Papa John’s supports R-money?

      No more Papa John for me.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY Town. ***BIG HUG*** :>)

        ***fist bump** – —BUT- — THIS knowledge challenges me 2

        CHECK OUT other PIZZA companies- — – 4 their POLITICAL affiliation. Hmmmmm. . . . .

        – -WAY-ELL: – –FOUND THIS: [Seanohio- – 2007]

        – – —Dominos Pizza’s Politics

        I was ordering pizza last night and I suggested ordering Dominos. Several other people around me–whose politics I do not know–said not to because of Dominos/Dominos’ executives political views. Does anyone know what these are? I did a web search and found the nearly every other pizza chain donates to right-wing causes (or in the case of the Godfather’s Pizza, attempts to run for the Senate from Georgia). What do you know?

        – — – — Guess I’ll Get TA COOKING!!- -LOL.– –

        Thanks Town. :>) Good 2 C YA. :>)

        • Town

          Dominoes is nasty so they weren’t even on my radar. Anytime they have commercials saying “Well we know we were nasty before, but we’re actually using fresh ingredients now so you’ll like us this time around,” that’s not a place I want to eat at.

          • GreenLadyHere

            LOL- – -THANKS Town.- –

            — Actually, I’ve been trynta- —Use THESE!- :>)– — -NOT bad. :>)

          • Thank you!! Dominoes needs to just close up shop. I stopped eating there years ago.

        • itgurl_29

          The guy who owns Domino’s is Santorum level crazy.

      • BoomerGal

        I never cared for papa john’s anyway.

  • Miranda

    Grover Norquist to Mitt Romney: You’re just our bitch.

    Grover Norquist, the Republican strategist who heads Americans for Tax Reform, said in an interview that he did not expect Mr. Romney to lead as president. He just wants him to sign the bills that put Mr. Ryan’s vision into practice.

    Mitt has NO PRIDE, NONE. This man has told the world you’s a punk ass puppet that he has absolutely no respect for and that you will do what he says, when he says it, how long he tells you to do it and no you won’t be getting flowers, dinner, candy, no kiss, no vaseline…just raw and nasty. Mitt is being flat out told by Norquist he will love him long time.

    • rikyrah

      he has no reason that he should be President, other than he feels ENTITLED to it.

      I think Town has pointed out, quite clearly, that he, and the rest of the Clown Car, didn’t actually want to do THE WORK of President.

      they just wanted to ‘ BE’ President.

    • As a candidate that’s a statement you jump all over the second it comes out of Norquist’s mouth. Instead Romney just nods his head and smiles that phony smile.

      That’s sad.

  • Miranda

    Federal judge stops Texas law on women’s health

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A federal judge on Monday stopped Texas from preventing Planned Parenthood from getting state funds through the Women’s Health Program.

    U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel in Austin ruled there is sufficient evidence that a law banning Planned Parenthood from the program is unconstitutional. He imposed an injunction against enforcing it until he can hear full arguments.

    more here

  • rikyrah

    Mon Apr 30, 2012 at 07:15 AM PDT.

    Republicans outraged Obama usurped their ‘Daddy party’ throne

    For decades, the Republican party enjoyed an advantage on national security and defense, anchoring and reinforcing its status as America’s ‘daddy party’. Bush’s failed Iraq strategy and prolonged bloodshed there damaged the brand, leading to a midterm meltdown and the axing of Rummy. McCain’s war service helped revive the GOP strength gap for 2008, but the financial crisis and Palin swamped that advantage. In 2012 however, the script has been flipped. After scoring an early victory on Gitmo, Republicans have largely been silent (apart from the ‘Obama apology tour’ meme) or muddled over security and foreign policy during the Obama presidency. Neoconservatism is unpopular and the tea party isn’t focused abroad.

    The events of last year proved a major turning point in reshaping perceptions and bolstering President Obama’s standing on defense and national security as he enters into a challenging re-election campaign. In 2011 Barack Obama:

    • eliminated Osama bin Laden
    • ended the Iraq war
    • intervened militarily to help Libyans oust the Gadhafi regime
    • leveraged our relationship with the Egyptian military to end Mubarak’s reign, breathing life into the Arab Spring
    • removed several other al-Qaida leaders—including Anwar al-Awlaki—from the battlefield, dramatically weakening the terrorist organization
    • ended “Don’t ask, don’t tell”
    • announced the withdrawal of surge forces from Afghanistan by summer of 2012, followed by a steady drawdown approaching the 2014 transfer deadline


    The raid President Obama ordered that killed America’s enemy #1 is the most memorable and visceral because of its surprise nature, revealed in a dramatic Sunday night presidential statement, and for the obvious emotional connection to 9/11. The successful mission ended a decade of national impotence, unleashing a wave of euphoric celebration that manifested outside the White House, in Manhattan and across the country. As the details came out, it was clear that the elements of risk associated with the raid were high and that Obama’s advisors were not sold on the mission, further elevating the presidential decision. Finally, President Obama demonstrated such graceful leadership in visiting NYC to honor the heroes of 9/11 and comfort the victims’ families.

    By fulfilling his campaign promise to end the Iraq war, Barack Obama pleased the American people and upset Republican politicians. Nothing else so starkly highlights the chasm between Republican foreign-policy ideology and the thinking of average Americans. The troops were home for the holidays but Republicans were acting like grinches, prognosticating a collapse of the Iraqi government and a return to sectarian conflict. Well, the new round of P5+1 negotiations with Iran are taking place in Baghdad next month, so I guess all hell hasn’t broken loose yet. Back on the home front, the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden are leading a national effort through Joining Forces to, among other things, encourage companies to help meet the president’s jobs challenge for returning veterans and their spouses.

  • rikyrah

    Inside the Mitt Laden Smackdown
    Josh Marshall- April 30, 2012, 11:49 AM

    As you know, on the eve of the anniversary of the targeted killing of arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden, the Obama reelection campaign launched a frontal attack on Mitt Romney. They not only celebrated Obama’s decision but freely suggested that Romney wouldn’t have had the focus or the guts to make the call.

    As it happens, of course, Romney has provided plenty of evidence to back up this attack. In line with the late Bush administration policy and messaging on OBL, Romney repeatedly said that the US shouldn’t focus on hunting him down. The point wasn’t that OBL was off the hook but that we shouldn’t be focusing on this one guy. Romney followed by attacking Obama in 2008 for suggesting that he would unilaterally send American troops into Pakistan to kill bin Laden. In both cases, Romney was doing little more than repeating the strategic or political orthodoxy of the GOP leader of the moment, in the first case George W. Bush in 2007 and then John McCain in 2008.

    Romney might argue — maybe even accurately? — that he never really meant any of that stuff and that he would have done just what Obama did. But that would be an awkward and challenging argument to make.

    Let’s start with the premise that absolutely any sitting President who made a high stakes choice to order a commando raid that killed one of the most notorious enemies of the United States in American history would make that decision a center point in his or her campaign for a second term. To pretend otherwise is not only ludicrous; this is actually what a president should do. So much of what goes into a presidential campaign are indiciators – some bogus, others acute – about what a president would do in impossible to foresee, high stakes moments. Obama made a high stakes call. He was proved right. And he’ll bring that before the electorate to make his argument to keep him as president.

    But as I first argued back in 2004, national political campaigns are only loosely about ‘issues’ as news obsessives construe them. Contemporary American campaigns are much more meta-battles over power, masculinity and dominance, what I once called “bitch-slap politics.” Not pretty perhaps but you’ll never understand campaigns without understanding things through this prism. And that’s very much what’s happening with the Obama campaign’s latest fusillade against Mitt Romney. This isn’t simply – maybe not even mainly — about the actual decision to risk so much to kill bin Laden. It’s a dance to – let’s not run away from what it really is – unman Romney in his contest with the president.

    People don’t expect Democrats to make such brash moves on national security politics. It’s been a very long time since a Democratic president has been in a position to do it. Its aforementioned obviousness aside, it’s garnered a collective gasp from the pundit class. It was a smack right across the face of Mitt Romney right as he’s making a reasonably successful reintroduction of himself to the American people.

    The key is less the attack itself than how Romney responds. In this sort of schoolyard power play, if you attack someone and they’re unwilling or unable to defend themselves they become weak, dominated, pathetic. And the perception among voters is much more important than most of the policy minutiae political types focus on. This is what the Swift Boat attacks were really about. I’ve always doubted that many people actually believed the attacks on John Kerry. That wasn’t the point. It was his inability to defend himself that was devastating politically. It made him an object of ridicule and contempt, demoralizing supporters and inspiring opponents. Bush owned Kerry as a result. This is the position that the Obama team is trying to put Romney in.

    On its face it calls for an aggressive, hardcore response from Romney, putting to rest any idea that he lacks the inner resolve to have taken down bin Laden or stand toe to toe with Obama. But I suspect that folks in Chicago are figuring that with the wringer Romney’s been through in recent months, putting on so many different masks and faces, done so awkwardly and with diminishing credibility, that that itself will put him in a bind from which he can’t escape. Can Romney now credibly refashion himself as some mix of Conan the Barbarian and Rambo? Or will that simply reinforce the impression of falseness and unbelievability?

    That’s the box the Obama camp has set for their opponent.

  • MonieTalks

    Guardian UK:

    Obama campaign marks Bin Laden raid anniversary with Romney attack ad

    ….Obama waded in on Sunday at a campaign fundraiser in Virginia where he mocked Romney’s recently stated view that it is Moscow, not al-Qaida, that is the US’s principal foe.

    “Hillary [Clinton] and I – we’ve spent the last three and a half years cleaning up after other folks’ messes. And by the way, we’re starting to get them pretty cleaned up. The war in Iraq is over. We’re transitioning in Afghanistan. We’ve got the strongest allies we’ve ever seen. And al-Qaida is on the ropes,” the president said. “But when you’ve got the leading contender, the presumptive nominee, on the other side suddenly saying our number one enemy isn’t al-Qaida, it’s Russia – I don’t make that up. I’m suddenly thinking maybe I didn’t check the calendar this morning. I didn’t know we were back in 1975.”

    read more:

  • rikyrah

    Mon Apr 30, 2012 at 10:55 AM PDT.

    Obama talks infrastructure and jobs to Building Trades unions+*

    A relaxed and confident President Obama spoke to the AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department’s legislative conference Monday morning, diverging substantially from his planned remarks to add jokes and swats at Republican leaders. A large part of the speech was framed around how Republican refusal to invest is causing America to fall behind:

    But here’s the thing—as a share of the economy, Europe invests more than twice what we do in infrastructure; China about four times as much. Are we going to sit back and let other countries build the newest airports and the fastest railroads and the most modern schools, at a time when we’ve got private construction companies all over the world—or all over the country—and millions of workers who are ready and willing to do that work right here in the United States of America?
    Speaking to the Building Trades unions was a perfect opportunity for the president to speak about jobs and infrastructure investment, since unemployment remains high among construction workers, and funding bridges, transit, roads, schools, and other infrastructure would create large numbers of construction jobs. It was also an opportunity for Obama to make his case to some unions that have been angry with his approach to the Keystone pipeline; though he didn’t directly discuss Keystone, by turning the focus on all of the infrastructure and construction jobs bills he has proposed and Republicans have blocked, he indirectly made the case for why those unions should focus their anger elsewhere.

    THE PRESIDENT: I sent them a jobs bill that would have put hundreds of thousands of construction workers back to work repairing our roads, our bridges, schools, transit systems, along with saving the jobs of cops and teachers and firefighters, creating a new tax cut for businesses. They said no.
    AUDIENCE: Booo —

    THE PRESIDENT: I went to the Speaker’s hometown, stood under a bridge that was crumbling. Everybody acknowledges it needs to be rebuilt.

    AUDIENCE MEMBER: Let him drive on it! (Laughter.)

    THE PRESIDENT: Maybe he doesn’t drive anymore. (Laughter.) Maybe he doesn’t notice how messed up it was. (Laughter.) They still said no.

    There are bridges between Kentucky and Ohio where some of the key Republican leadership come from, where folks are having to do detours an extra hour, hour and a half drive every day on their commute because these bridges don’t work. They still said no. So then I said, well, maybe they couldn’t handle the whole bill in one big piece. Let’s break it up. Maybe it’s just too much for them.

    So I sent them just the part of the bill that would have created these construction jobs. They said no.

    Obama has long tried to move beyond partisanship (often to a fault), which means that every time he does anything partisan, Republicans and gullible members of the traditional media suggest he’s being hypocritical. As he focused on Republican obstructionism before this clearly receptive audience, though, Obama repeatedly noted that infrastructure should not be and has only recently become a partisan issue, pointing to an argument that should stand him in good stead on many fronts during the campaign—his efforts to get beyond partisanship were met by an increase in partisanship from Republicans, so what was he to do? But the key message of this speech is that Obama is not only ready to fight, he’s ready to enjoy it.

  • rikyrah

    Top GOP Strategist Denies Pay Disparity For Women
    Pema Levy- April 29, 2012, 4:54 PM

    During a contentious debate about women voters on Sunday roundtable, top Republican strategist Alex Castellanos downplayed the existence of a gender-based pay gap, a view which liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow described as “a serious difference in factual understanding of the world.”

    A new study released in April by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that women earn 77 cents to every dollar earned by men. It’s one of several studies showing women are paid less than men for doing the same work over the same number of hours. The exchange comes just as Democrats and President Obama are upping their attacks on Republicans over issues affecting women, from equal pay to mandatory ultrasound laws.

    On NBC’s Meet The Press, Maddow cited the 77 cent statistic, when Castellanos interjected that women don’t actually make less than men. “Do women make less than men for doing the same work” Maddow challenged him.

    Actually no,” he responded. “For example. Men work an average of 44 hours a week. Women work 41 hours a week. Men go into professions like engineering, science and math that earn more. Women want more flexibility.”

    In other words, Castellanos argued that it’s not discrimination that causes a pay gap, but rather the choices women make about how much they work and what fields they go into.

    Maddow rejoined that the disparity is the result of “structural discrimination that women really do face that Republicans don’t believe is happening.” She needled Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), a Romney surrogate who was also on the panel, for her vote against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that makes it easier for women to sue for gender-based pay discrimination.

    The tussle took a more personal turn when Castellanos told Maddow, “I love how passionate you are. I wish you are as right about what you’re saying as you are passionate about it. I really do.”

    “That’s really condescending,” Maddow replied. “I mean this is a stylistic issue. My passion on this issue is actually me making a factual argument.”

    • I saw that. First he said it wasn’t true then he said there’s a reason why an income disparity exist. Maddow should have called him on that.

      BTW interesting fact. Apparently all those women I met who are engineers, scientists and mathematicians are not really any of those things.

  • rikyrah

    Running against a party, not an opponent
    By Steve Benen – Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:17 PM EDT.

    Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) recently said she has “very little tolerance” for students drowning in student-loan debt, because young people seem to want opportunities “dumped in your lap.” Soon after, President Obama was in North Carolina, reminding students of the lawmaker’s rhetoric.

    When Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) said the very existence of the student-loan program is a “stage-three cancer of socialism,” it wasn’t long before Obama was using that on the stump, too.

    Steve Kornacki had a smart piece on this the other day, noting that the president is “discovering the one benefit of a Republican Congress dominated by true believers,” by “making the crazy work for him.”

    For a president to call out little-known members of the House is a bit unusual, and by doing so Obama could be accused of punching down. But that would be misreading what he was trying to achieve. His purpose in bringing up the Foxx and Akin comments was to highlight the extremely conservative spirit that animates today’s Republican Party. Their words might have been unusually provocative, but when it comes to policy, Foxx and Akin are very much within the mainstream of the GOP.

    This gets to one of the challenges Obama faces as he seeks reelection: to make voters understand that a vote for Mitt Romney is actually a vote to empower a Republican Party that is dominated by Foxx- and Akin-types.

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- – — I needed this article 4 a STATEMENT by MR. PRESIDENT:-

    – — —Bill Clinton says economic recovery ahead of pace looking back up to 500 years in history– —

    – — – – –Former President Bill Clinton defended President Obama and his handling of the nation’s economic recovery Sunday night, saying “we are beating the clock” historically in comparison to Japan and other economies that have been through similar tumult.

    “If you go back 500 years, whenever a country’s financial system collapses, it takes between five and 10 years to get back to full employment,” Clinton said as he introduced Obama at a fund-raiser for his longtime friend Terry McAuliffe.

    The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee is now running for governor of Virginia.

    “If you go back for the last 200 years, when buildings had been widely owned by individuals and companies, if there’s a mortgage collapse, it almost always takes 10 years,” the former president added as he defended the current one. “He’s beating the clock, not behind it. Don’t listen to those Republicans. We are beating the clock.”– – –[Uhhh- – –WE- – WHO??]

    – – —SKIP- —

    THIS- – – — >During the appearance, Obama made a sober suggestion when he told the crowd that “there are going to be some Supreme Court appointments probably, if you look actuarially, for the next president.”

    The eldest justice, liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is 79. The next oldest justice is conservative Antonin Scalia, who is 76.

    – — — JUS’ SAYIN’. . . . . . . . .LOL- —

    – – – — –MR. PRESIDENT – – – — — – MASTER STRATEGIST!! :>)- — –

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- —–DANG- – –AZ LEGISLATORS. – — DON’T CARE NUTHIN’ ‘BOUT PEOPLE!!- – —

    – – – — AZ Lawmakers Lash Out At Imaginary United Nations Conspiracy With Assault On All Poverty & Environmental Laws– — –

    – – – —Earlier this year, Texas U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz touted a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming that George Soros secretly partnered with the United Nations to eliminate the game of golf. Seriously, we aren’t making this up.

    Unfortunately, this fantasy isn’t limited to just one unusually radical candidate for elected office. Rather, the Arizona House is expected to vote today on a bill motivated entirely by the same imaginary conspiracy, and the same bill already passed the state senate:

    Arizona lawmakers appear close to sending to Gov. Jan Brewer a tea party-backed bill that proponents say would stop a United Nations takeover conspiracy but that critics claim could end state and cities’ pollution-fighting efforts and even dismantle the state unemployment office.

    A final legislative vote is expected Monday on a bill that would outlaw government support of any of the 27 principles contained in the 1992 United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, also sometimes referred to as Agenda 21.

    SAD!!- – – -Where R the – – –POVERTY PAIR??– — –TRULY NOT ACTIVISTS!!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    miranda- —–DANG- – –AZ LEGISLATORS. – — DON’T CARE NUTHIN’ ‘BOUT PEOPLE!!- – —

    – – – — AZ Lawmakers Lash Out At Imaginary United Nations Conspiracy With Assault On All Poverty & Environmental Laws– — –

    – – – —Earlier this year, Texas U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz touted a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming that George Soros secretly partnered with the United Nations to eliminate the game of golf. Seriously, we aren’t making this up.

    Unfortunately, this fantasy isn’t limited to just one unusually radical candidate for elected office. Rather, the Arizona House is expected to vote today on a bill motivated entirely by the same imaginary conspiracy, and the same bill already passed the state senate:

    Arizona lawmakers appear close to sending to Gov. Jan Brewer a tea party-backed bill that proponents say would stop a United Nations takeover conspiracy but that critics claim could end state and cities’ pollution-fighting efforts and even dismantle the state unemployment office.

    A final legislative vote is expected Monday on a bill that would outlaw government support of any of the 27 principles contained in the 1992 United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, also sometimes referred to as Agenda 21.

    SAD!!- – – -Where R the – – –POVERTY PAIR??– — –TRULY NOT ACTIVISTS!!!

  • Alma98

    I just wanted to tell everyone that all of the community efforts to keep our post office from closing have paid off. They have taken our post office off the closure list. It feels so good to fight for something and win. I believe once we told them we’ll take our business elsewhere and not go to the burbs to go to the post office; they realized how much money they would lose.Yeah!

    • Guns3000

      Interesting, can you elaborate on this story. How did you find out your post office was on the closure list? Do you or one of your family members work in the USPS? What type of things did you guys do to change their mind?

      • Alma98

        We were informed by the post office about eight weeks before they were to shut it down. But here’s the thing they sent out the notices with a respond by date on the expired day. We called and told our local and state reps that we received the notices the day after. So my alderman, congresswoman, postal employees and local businesses got a meeting with the Post Master General, they also brought in the local media.

        We had some heated moments about all the offices slated for closure was in the black areas. They were shocked and surprised at how many people showed up for the meetings. We knew that our offices made money and was always packed with customers. We also knew it was political, this area has a high rate of absentee voters, and we called them out about it on local TV. They are also trying to shut down the local DMV’s; the community is fighting this too.

  • Miranda

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