September 26, 2017

Monday Open Thread: Women In The Negro Leagues

Good Monday Morning POU!

This week will feature amazing women that played in the Negro Leagues as well as women who owned teams and played pivotal roles in the success of the teams.

Mamie “Peanut” Johnson

mamie johnson

There’s a scene in the movie, A League of Their Own, about the birth of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II, when the ball gets away from the players on the field. It stops near an African-American woman, who was not participating in the action. She picks it up and whips it back in, the ball popping impressively into the mitt of one of the players.

The moment was a poignant reminder, during an otherwise uplifting story, that this unique opportunity was not available for African-Americans. Not that the league, which lasted from 1943-54, had any written rules against it.

“The people I’ve spoken to didn’t blame the absence of black players on prejudice,” said Bill Madden, author of The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Record Book. “More than one person I interviewed told me they just weren’t up to speed. They said black women at the time weren’t really involved in softball, which is where they got most of their players.”

“We had a few blacks try out, but they just weren’t as good,” said Carl Winsch, manager of the league’s South Bend Blue Sox from 1951-54. But after some consideration, he admitted, “If the league tried harder, shook the bushes more, as we used to say, we might’ve come up with someone.”

That someone could’ve been Mamie “Peanut” Johnson. In fact, the black woman in the movie was intended to represent Johnson, who attended a league tryout in Alexandria, Virginia in the early 50s.


50 years ago Mamie “Peanut” Johnson became a trailblazer by playing in the Negro Leagues of baseball. At 17, Johnson tried out for a spot on a professional women’s team, but was rejected because of her race.

In the late 1940s, she wanted to join the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, and assumed that because Jackie Robinson had broken barriers in the major leagues, the AAGPBL would welcome black players too. The AAGPBL refused to let her try out, but Johnson came away more determined than ever to play ball

“They didn’t let us try out,” Johnson recalls, in a Morning Edition interview with NPR’s Bob Edwards. “They just looked at us like we were crazy as if to say, ‘What do you want?'”

But Johnson insists it’s the best thing that could have happened to her career. The rejection led her to a spot in the men’s Negro Leagues, which featured legends such as Satchel Paige, whom she says helped her perfect her curveball.  “He just showed me how to grip the ball to keep from throwing my arm away, ‘cause I was so little.”

mamie johnson young

She was born on September 27, 1935 in Ridgeway, S.C., the daughter of Gentry Harrison and Della Belton Havelow. When she was only seven years old, she would play baseball every day. When she left South Carolina to pursue her college education in 1943, she refused to let anyone or anything interfere with her love of playing baseball. She practiced while pursuing her studies at New York University.

She played with the Alexandria All-Stars, St. Cyprians, and other semi-pro baseball teams around the Washington, D.C. In 1953, at the age of 19, she became a member of the Negro League Indianapolis Clowns baseball club, and pitched for three years. That year, 1953, Johnson finished with an 11-3 record. In 1954, she went 10-1, and in 1955, she finished 12-4. She hit between .252 and .284 in each season. When she wasn’t pitching, she played second base. During her tenure, she won 33 games and lost 8 games. Her batting average ranged from .262 to .284. Of this opportunity, she exclaimed, “Just to know that you were among some of the best male ball players that ever picked up the bat, made all of my baseball moments great moments.”  During her three seasons with the Clowns (1953-1955), Johnson played with several Negro Leagues stars, including Hank Aaron.


Her story is recounted in a new book, A Strong Right Arm by Michelle Y. Green.

Edwards asks Johnson how she got along with male ballplayers, who tend to be a “rowdy” bunch. Johnson replies with a laugh: “Well, I can get rowdy, too. That’s no problem. I met some of the nicest gentlemen I could ever meet and I got the highest respect in the world from all of them.”

But, she adds, “you’ve got your gentlemen, and then you’ve got your men.” Some of the “men” don’t know how to act, she says, “but after you prove yourself as to what you came there for, then you don’t have any problem out of them, either. After you strike three or four of them out and, you know, it’s alright.”

“I got to meet and be with some of the best baseball players that ever picked up a bat, so I’m very proud about that.”

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    Sunday, July 20, 2014
    Last Call For Obama Derangement District
    Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district is home to Republican Tom Petri, who has served for 25 years. He’s retiring, and the Republicans who are vying to replace him all have one thing in common: the impeachment of Barack Obama for the crime of being a Democrat.

    Each of four Republican candidates for the 6th Congressional District told residents Thursday that if elected in November, he would be inclined to vote to impeach President Barack Obama for any number of transgressions.

    At a GOP candidates forum Thursday in Ozaukee County, each candidate said he would approve naming a special prosecutor to investigate specific scandals as a first step toward impeachment.

    They held up both the IRS targeting of tea party-connected groupsseeking nonprofit status and the NSA collecting of bulk telephone data and the magnitude of its everyday surveillance routine as examples of government overreach in the Obama administration.

    “He should be impeached for so many things,” state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-Campbellsport) told an audience of more than 100 residents at the forum inside the Hub at Cedar Creek in the Town of Cedarburg.

    His specific list of impeachment-worthy scandals would include those involving the IRS and NSA, as well as the ATF, he said. Numerous problems within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives include the mistake-ridden sting in Milwaukee and the Fast and Furious episode in Arizona where agents lost a few thousand firearms to gun traffickers.

    A proposed bill by U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) would dissolve the ATF due to its operational failures.

    Scandals tied to all three federal agencies are “things the average citizen can understand,” Grothman said.

    State Rep. Duey Stroebel (R-Town of Cedarburg) said the September 2012 deaths of four Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was at the top of his list.

  • And now, reality sets in….

    For Baraka, Christie’s help likely solution to Newark’s budget crisis

    By Naomi Nix/The Star-Ledger on July 20, 2014 at 8:00 AM, updated July 20, 2014 at 8:56 PM

    NEWARK — A few months ago, television advertisements told
    Newark voters that mayoral candidate Ras Baraka was the best person to “stand up” to Gov. Chris Christie and his control of city schools.

    But much has changed since campaign season.

    Now Baraka, who was sworn into office on July 1, and his allies aren’t so much confronting the governor as they are pleading with him.

    As Newark grapples with a budget crisis, local leaders and their advisers are tossing around ideas to alleviate the city’s financial stress that often have a common theme: state assistance.


    • Miranda

      The proposed budget includes a plan to pay off more than $30 million of last year’s expenses over a decade, but doing so over more than one year would require Newark to be under state supervision.

      “It appears the City is requesting supervision because their budget contains things that are only statutorily permitted when under State supervision,” Department of Community Affairs spokeswoman Tammori Petty said in a statement. “The DCA will entertain their request to be placed under supervision if this is what they want.”

      SMH……Newark residents pay taxes just like everybody else. Its not always a result of misuse that creates these shortfalls. A lot of cities have been duped just like homeowners from the recession of 2008 and finding out Wall Street was duping folks bout their pension plans and trusts. These laws requiring state supervision make me give the side eye.

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    Monday, July 21, 2014

    A WTF Ask a Bougie Chick…


    I got a ping on Facebook a month or so back from a woman (we’ll call her Isshe – as in, Is She Kidding Me With This!) who wanted to know what I would think about my man spending time in the basement before he came up to bed every night. Wait for it…

    He was spending time in the basement watching sex tapes of himself and his ex-mistress. Yep. Isshe wondered if she should read something into that… Oh, and also… Dude (we’ll call him WhatTha – you can guess why) had recently “loaned” ex-mistress $10,000 of THEIR money for “reasons he didn’t want to share.” Isshe and WhatTha have been married for three years and he began this behavior three months ago. Isshe doesn’t know what she should do or if she should even be upset.

    So many questions. One – when Isshe called naked-sex-tape-woman (NSTW) an ex-mistress, what does this designation mean? Mistress implies one who is in a relationship with a married man. Was NSTW a former extramarital of WhatTha during this marriage or was he married before? Either way, EITH-ER WAY, it is not cool (So Not Cool) for him to have and watch cocoa videos of him and the ex but especially not before coming to bed with the new. Nawl.

    • MsKitty

      The lengths some folks will go not to be alone. SMH.

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    By Paul Waldman
    July 18

    * Here’s something Republicans will be getting angry about next week:

    President Barack Obama on Monday will sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers of federal contractors and the federal government.

    The executive order has two components: It prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity — a move that affects 24,000 companies employing roughly 28 million workers, or about one-fifth of the nation’s workforce — and it explicitly bans discrimination against federal employees based on their gender identity.

    The executive order will not contain an exemption for religious beliefs, so if you think your religion mandates that you fire your gay workers, you’ll have to get business somewhere besides the federal government.

    • qosine

      Love all the rugged individualism in the private sector. Without Big Gov, the “private sector” would be bankrupt, a fact our First Constitutional Lawyer gleefully (and righteously) puts into his EO w/his pen and his phone.

      “a move that affects 24,000 companies employing roughly 28 million workers, or about one-fifth of the nation’s workforce”

    • nellcote

      “Obama’s executive order will apply to the 24,000 companies designated as federal contractors whose 28 million workers make up a fifth of the country’s workforce,” writes Jonathan Capeheart. On the other hand, 92 percent of the largest contractors already have some sort of protection for sexual identity, and 58 percent already have protection based on gender identity.

      It will be interesting to see who if anybody in the business community complains.

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      Annnd….where are the Emos on this? Silent, as usual.

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    Morning everybody! I’m saddened by the poor man in NY. I hope his family sues the pants off that city! Another black man, gone. Between the prison industrial complex, stop and frisk and SYG, maybe one day they’ll get our population down to an acceptable level and this will end.

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      Sharin’ your sadness. AMEN♥

      — -THIS: – – Between the prison industrial complex, stop and frisk and SYG, maybe one day they’ll get our population down to an acceptable level and this will end. — – –

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    Chris Christie Suddenly Suffers the Unbearable Specificity of Running for President

    Paul Waldman

    July 18, 2014

    On the ground in a GOP presidential primary, “moving to the right” actually means just getting specific when you’d rather be vague

    Chris Christie went to Iowa this week, bringing what reporters inevitably call his “trademark New Jersey style” to the heartland, where he could mix and mingle with the small number of Republican voters who have the power, a year and a half hence, to either elevate him or crush his White House dreams. And in the process he got an education in what running for president means. While we often describe candidates as having to “move to the right” in the primaries (or to the left for Democrats), what actually happens is often not a move to edge, but a descent from the general to the specific.

    And in practice, that can mean much the same thing. Here’s a report from one of Christie’s events:

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Thursday that he backs the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, after declining to give an opinion on the outcome of the case earlier this month.

    Christie voiced his support in response to a question from an attendee at a meet-and-greet event in Marion, Iowa, where Christie was campaigning for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R). The Democratic research super PAC American Bridge caught the exchange on video.

    “Do I support the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case? I do,” Christie said, according to the video posted by American Bridge.

    “Do you support Hobby Lobby’s position on birth control for its employees?” the attendee pressed.

    “Well I just said I support the case, so if I support the case and they support the Hobby Lobby–” Christie said before moving on to greet other attendees.

    • jds09

      Is it just me or are there more stories about how the media reports stories by the media? Is the media reporting on itself? Is it possible to have a “media narrative” about the media? It’s all so confusing. lol

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        I believe it’s called a circle jerk.

        (yeah, yeah I know where the Bad Lounge is. Let me grab some coffee first, somebody forgot to restock the k-cups last time I was there.)

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  • ***MEDIA ALERT****
    We Will Live Stream PBO’s Town Hall on the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative Starting at 11:40am EST

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    A Sex-Deficient Husband and the Salty Spreadsheet He Shouldn’t Have Sent

    [ 15 ] July 21, 2014 | Luvvie

    A woman took to Reddit to show folks that her husband sent her an email to her work address with a spreadsheet detailing how many times they’ve had sex when he initiated in the past 6 weeks. He also included the excuses she gave him when she said “NO” which was 25 times out of 28. Apparently, this was to let her know she’s neglecting her job as a wife.

    • If he thinks he’s sex deficient now then he’s in for a rude awakening. But why is she going in Reddit putting their business out there like that? She’s as big an idiot as he is.

      • nellcote

        well it’s not like she posted a picture of his junk as a defense LOL

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    Love her style. LOL
    “After you strike three or four of them out and, you know, it’s alright.”
    — Mamie “Peanut” Johnson

    • Miranda

      I thought it was comical how the author of the book on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League actually pretended like there was some actual truth to officials in that league claiming no black girls were good enough. No damn well they didn’t let any black women compete.

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    —- — –☺Satchel Paige, whom she says helped her perfect her curveball.– — Learned from – –“The BEST” :>)
    — – — -☺LOL –After you strike three or four of them out and, you know, it’s alright.”

    — – -☻ENJOY♥ – –

    – – – -☻INDA — -NEWZ —
    — – – —@WestWingReport[THANK U♥] :>)

    1:00PM: President awards Medal of Honor to former active duty Army SSG Ryan Pitts for conspicuous gallantry.

    — —Monday: President signs executive order protecting LGBT employees from workplace discrimination,. .

    — — -☺

    – – — B BLESSED♥ :>)

    – – -ETA: – – -WAITIN’ 4 the lgbt — -THANKS.. . . .

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    Miranda♥- —ACA POSITIVITY♥– –

    – – -☺@BBCWorld[THANK U♥] :>)

    Obamacare in Kentucky: Seeing a doctor for the first time in seven years via @BBCNewsMagazine

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      Nevermind. Probably some bs.

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    – — – –President Obama Signs an Executive Order to Protect LGBT Employees from Workplace Discrimination – –

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    – —— —President Obama Speaks on the Situation in Ukraine
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  • Miranda

    Barack Obama says Joe Biden would make a ‘superb’ president
    By Reuters
    Monday, July 21, 2014 10:23 EDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said Joe Biden would make a “superb” president, but questioned whether his vice president or potential rival Hillary Clinton would want to endure another campaign for the White House, a media report on Monday said.

    Obama, in an interview with the New Yorker, said Biden “has seen the job up close, he knows what the job entails. He understands how to separate what’s really important from what’s less important. I think he’s got great people skills. He enjoys politics, and he’s got important relationships up on the Hill (in Congress) that would serve him well.”

    “Joe would be a superb president,” Obama told the magazine in an article on Biden in its July 28 issue, which was published online on Monday.

    more here:

    • Daltex82

      “Joe would be a superb president,”
      I think so to Mr. President.

  • Miranda

    SMH…..why do people have to act like such morons?
    Vandals target ‘The Watch,’ Chicago statues celebrating Tuskegee Airmen
    By Stephanie K. BaerTribune reporter
    7:37 p.m. CDT, July 20, 2014

    A lime-green piece of fiberglass resin lay in the grass Sunday next to a concrete pad where statues paying homage to the Tuskegee Airmen had stood.

    “This one is broken,” said 2-year-old David Molina-Kwan, in Chinese, to his mother as he looked up at the brightly colored statue of an aviator-goggle-wearing kid superhero, one of 13 installed on a grass slope along Chicago’s lakefront.

    On Sunday morning, Chicago Park District employees were seen repositioning the sculptures, which had been tipped over and vandalized sometime overnight. At least one of them was beheaded. Others had puncture marks in the neck area, and several lost some fingers.

    “I don’t know why people do that,” said Chicago resident Angela Kwan, 41, who stopped by to look at the installation with her two kids that afternoon. “It’s a sad, sad story.”

    The group of statues is known as “The Watch,” a pop sculpture meant to pay homage to the groundbreaking African-American military aviators, who fought in World War II.

    more here:,0,5301187.story

  • Miranda

    Another Gaza Hospital Hit by Israeli Strike; Four Dead, 40 Hurt

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli forces fired a tank shell at a hospital in Gaza on Monday, killing at least four people and injuring 40 others, health officials said.

    It was the third hospital Israel’s military has struck since launching a ground offensive in Gaza last week.

    The four people killed at al-Aqsa Hospital on Monday included one patient and three visitors, health officials told NBC News.

    Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qidra told Reuters that the tank shell hit the third floor of the building that houses an intensive care unit and operating rooms.

    more here:

    • edp4bho

      Pure murder. That’s all !!

    • Let me guess. Hamas ran into the hospital and convinced the staff and patients to be human shields then as always just managed to get out of the building just before the shell hit.

      Or is this the one where IDF with the most sophisticated detection equipment pretends they accidentally missed the target again?

      • MsKitty

        Let me guess. Hamas ran into the hospital and convinced the staff and patients to be human shields then as always just managed to get out of the building just before the bomb hit.

        Get out of my head. So many human shields, so little time.

        (I don’t mean to sound flip, but every time I hear this excuse I wanna get on the next plane and whip Bibi’s ass.)

        • I’m thinking just like you are. How Hamas shadowed those 4 boys on the beach then jumped out of the way when the shells came raining down. Of course witnesses say Hamas wasn’t there at all but still.

    • crazycanuck

      Hey, Israel is just defending itself

      • Miranda

        Hey, don’t you know little 8 yr old Fayeed who just needs a tonsillectomy can be pretty dangerous?

        • And we all know from experience you can’t trust anyone who’s on life support or living in an oxygen tent. They’re the worst kind.

    • Kennymack1971

      Again….They’ve become what they claim to oppose.

  • The Live Stream of PBO’s Town Hall on the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative is up!

  • GreenLadyHere
  • Miranda


    Just a few of the black media twitter accounts NOT tweeting about the My Brother’s Keeper townhall.

    • GreenLadyHere

      Miranda♥ – — -Annnd – –HERE THEY R—- –

      – – –☺

      – — -DEY CAIN’T – – -TWEET —-In HERE! geesh!!

  • Miranda

    I’m not sure where her defense goes from this. I guess they will defend her using the regular self-defense statute.
    Judge says no to another Stand Your Ground defense for Marissa Alexander
    By Larry Hannan Mon, Jul 21, 2014

    A Jacksonville woman facing 60 years in prison for firing what she said was a warning shot in the direction of her estranged husband and his two children will not get another Stand Your Ground hearing before going on trial a second time.

    Circuit Judge James Daniel denied a request from Marissa Alexander for a second Stand Your Ground hearing.

    Another judge denied her claim of self-defense in the original Stand Your Ground hearing and Alexander was later convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. That conviction was overturned on appeal.

    Lawyers for Alexander argued that she should get another hearing, but Daniel said the law didn’t allow her to get a second hearing on the same case.

    more here:

    • Alma98

      They’re trying really hard to put this woman in jail.
      I mean it’s like it’s their life’s mission to lock her up.
      Since this incident happened there have been people murdered and folks used syg as a defense. Of course the people claiming syg were white.

    • Daltex82

      I’ve said it once and I will say it again, SYG was designed to be used on us not by us.

  • crazycanuck

    Wait, What?

    Michele Chambers ‏@michelec64 Protected Tweets now

    This mofo / RT @NBCNews Israeli PM Netanyahu: Hamas is trying to ‘pile up the bodies’ of Palestinians for sympathy

    • Hamas is amazing. They convince Palestinians to be human shields then disappear. Then they go to every street and building in Gaza drag out the bodies and stack them up.

      All I can say is Goebbels would be proud of Bibi’s propaganda.

  • Miranda

    So Issa held hearings over and over and over again on the IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious……..coming up with nothing…what issues did he ignore and not hold hearings on?

    • crazycanuck

      I would like to see a hearing on Issa,where he conducts it himself and send himself to jail forever.

    • Somebody impeach this clown.

  • MsKitty

    These chicas just need to be straight cussed out at this point for being so thickheaded.

    • Alma98


    • Miranda

      SMH……just silly…just plain silly at this point.

    • And no one has said Black girls don’t need special programs.

      Maybe if Jamilah spent more time researching FLOTUS’ mentorship program for girls instead of tweeting “Black men ain’t shit” tweets, she’d know that.

      • Alma98

        Not to mention the Black Girls Rock organization.

      • goldenstar

        According to Wikipedia, her father was in BPP. You’d think that she could take a long view or develop a critical analysis of youth programs.

        • Miranda

          Jamilah works for an organization that apologized for what was a willful misinterpretation of her tweet. Ebony bowed down to faux right wing outrage – EBONY – a magazine that nam person hollering would ever read or probably didnt know exist until that time. EBONY bowed down and made her apologize for words she didn’t even say.

          So Jamilah can kick rocks with her phony “badassness”.

    • nellcote

      My understanding is that the basis for MBK is a survey of programs across the country, both privately/gov/both funded that are effective and are being upscaled with the help of the feds. It’s not that the feds are making up new programs in most cases. It seems to me that if these women are serious they would identify (or start!) similar programs in their communities and work with Valerie Jarrett to get broader funding and support.

      • TresL

        “…if these women are serious..” That’s the key right there. Are they serious?

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥- – –SEEKING — – -JUSTICE — – –
    – —Trial Begins for Man Charged With Murdering 19-Year-Old Renisha McBride
    —–Jury selection is set to begin Monday in the murder trial of a white Detroit man who shot an unarmed 19-year-old black woman on his porch in November.

    Theodore Wafer, 54, is charged with second degree murder, manslaughter and committing a felony with a firearm for the fatal shooting of Renisha McBride, who showed up on his porch hours after being involved in a car accident, according to Wayne County prosecutor, Kym Worthy.

    The case has drawn attention from civil rights groups and protesters who are likening the case to that of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in what he and his lawyers argued was self defense.

    – – — -SNIP- —

    – –The defense will likely be forced to call Wafer to the stand to spell out why he felt threatened, but he admitted during the 911 call that he shot someone who was asking for help, Bloom said.

    “I’d be very surprised if he was acquitted in this case,” Bloom said, adding that, at the least, the jury will likely convict him of manslaughter.
    If Wafer is convicted of second-degree murder, he could face life in prison. The trial is expected to last three weeks.

    THERE IS MORE- — –

    –WATCHIN’ annnd WAITIN’ annnd PRAYIN’ — -RIHEP♥AMEN♥—

    • nellcote

      Voting is the number one act of citizenship. But it’s not the only one, so is serving on jury duty as much of a hassle as that often seems.

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY nellcote. ***BIG HUG** :>)- – –

        – — ***BIG fist bump***- –Soooo agree. :>)
        How many cases of INJUSTICE- — coulda/woulda annnd shoulda –been made – -RIGHT iff —at least ona US were there.[BUT NOT like #28?? of the gz ilk!!]

        Had several occasions 2 serve. It was a slight pain —-BUT I kept REFERRING them 2 – – -the – -TRUTH/FACTS –[Not their whiney —“feelings”]- -:>)

        Good POINT. :>) Good 2 C U. :>) B BLESSED♥ :>)

        • nellcote

          I usually get booted during jury selection but I always show up just in case. They need to stop asking if I’ve ever had a bad interaction with cops.

          • GreenLadyHere

            nellcote – – –OOps. – —:>) WRONG question. –HUH.?–

            One Jury that I served on – – had 2 do with a EYE GLASSES CORPORATION —cheatin’ customers. — –So no police were involved.

            Annnd- – — -THEY LO$T- –$$$$$$$

            BUT at least —as U said –U show up :>)

            [[Gotta “bounce” —-C YA soon. . . —B BLESSED♥]

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥ – —“Mother Nature” – –CREATIVELY – – – – -HONORS – —

    DR. MAYA♥ :>) – – –

    – – – – -☺@BestEarthPix[THANK U♥] :>)

    Sunset Beauty

    — – –☺×364.jpg —WE HONOR U♥ :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥- — –MORAL MONDAY♥ — –

    – – – -☺

    – – – – – —July 21st Moral Monday Broadcast

    — — — — —Mon Jul, 21 2014 4:00 PM PST —
    Mon Jul, 21 2014 5:00 PM PST

    – – – –☺SPEAK — — SIR♥– :>)


    — – –Rev. William Barber – Forward Together, Not One Step Back– – —-He is an –AMAZING –ORATOR!♥ :>)

    • qosine

      Yes, Rev. Barber and GreenLady —
      “Forward Together, Not One Step Back”

      • GreenLadyHere

        HEEY — -
        — -***BIG HUG** :>) – – –

        How POWERFUL is that? :>)- – – -INSPIRING! :>)
        Good 2 C U. :>) B BLESSED♥ :>)

        [Sorry 2 take soooo long. :>)]

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥- – – -MR. PRESIDENT♥ — – -GIVES♥- – -:>)

    – — -☺@NerdyWonka[THANK U♥] :>)

    President Barack Obama announces an additional $104M for #MyBrothersKeeper. He secured an initial $200M for the initiative six months

    – — HE – – -IS – —HISTORY’s – —BEST PRESIDENT♥ -:>)

    – – – – – – –☺

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥— -THIS — – -BEARS — -REPEATING♥- — –

    — –☺ ‏@Kahsai[THANK U♥] :>)

    He Was their brothers/sisters keeper before anyone knew His name.

    —-2 DA – — Wecain’wait – –whiney – – -Krew

    – – – – -Seeee – – – -U! DON’T HAFTA!!- —HE’s — -BEEN THERE! – — -DONE – – -THAT!! – – -4 — -ALL CHILDREN!! – – –

    – – – – -Your —“FAUX-movement” – —-☺ — –HAH!

  • Video of PBO’s town hall on the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative is up!

    • GreenLadyHere

      Sepia♥— -Thank U.- – -I could WATCH it 1 Million X. :>)


  • OH SNAP! Tell ’em Rula!

    MSNBC Contributor Slams Network For Pro-Israel Coverage: ‘We Are Ridiculous!’
    ByTom KludtPublishedJuly 21, 2014, 2:20 PM EDT

    An MSNBC contributor used her appearance on the cable news channel Monday to sharply criticize its coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

    During an interview on “Ronan Farrow Daily,” Palestinian journalist
    Rula Jebreal unloaded on Western media outlets, including MSNBC, arguing that influence from pro-Israel forces makes the news coverage more favorable to the likes of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “Because of AIPAC, and because of the money behind it, and because of Sheldon Adelson, and because of all of us in the media. We are
    ridiculous. We are disgustingly biased when it comes to this issue,”
    Jebreal said.

    “Look at how many airtime Netanyahu and his folks have on air on a
    daily basis. Andrea Mitchell and others,” she continued, referring to
    the MSNBC stalwart whose show airs right before Farrow’s afternoon
    program. “I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on theses same issues.”

    When Farrow pushed back gently and pointed out that Palestinian guests have been interviewed, Jebreal continued her criticism.

    “Maybe 30 seconds! And then you have 25 minutes for Bibi Netanyahu, and then half an hour for Naftali Bennett and many others,” Jebreal said.


    • Miranda

      She’s absolutely right. Now watch her catch hell over it.

      • I’m sure Phil Griffin has given the word to not let Rula anywhere near NBC/MSNBC property.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      She’s right. And we will not see her ever again on MSNBC. Bet on it.

    • Farrod

      hmmm…she hot.

    • Lisa M

      So…she’s no longer with the network I’m guessing!

  • rikyrah


    Ayn Rand died on welfare. End of discussion.

    11:54 AM – 21 Jul 2014

    • Alma98

      Bookmarked for future reference. Thanks rikyrah!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Miranda♥— -KUDOS 2 THESE – – -INNOVATORS —In AFRICA♥ :>)

    – – –No More Pricks For Malaria Diagnosis, Thanks To Uganda’s Matibabu App – – –

    — –No More Pricks For Malaria Diagnosis, Thanks To Uganda’s Matibabu App
    Malaria is still the leading killer disease in the world, it results
    to twice the number of people that AIDS kills. It is estimated that four
    million people die every year, as a result of succumbing to this
    disease. Statistics has it that in every 60 seconds, a child dies from
    Malaria it also leads to miscarriages among pregnant women, and it
    lowers people’s productivity.

    Despite this, most people around the world are indifferent to it.
    People are not as alarmed about Malaria as they are with AIDS, Ebola andTuberculosis among other. This indifference was the same treatment four Makerere University students, Simon Lumbambo, Josiah Kavuma, Joshua Mulessi and Brian Gitta gave the disease. That was until, they too suffered from the illness.
    — – -SNIP- – –

    Matibabu is the name these four young innovators gave to their Windows Phone App; that can be effectively used for early and non-invasive diagnosis of malaria. The Matibabu app works by using the phone and a customised hardware (Matiscope) to diagnose a patient of malaria without having to prick the patient in order to test for malaria in the blood. The app can diagnose whether or not a patient has malaria in a matter of a minute.

    THIS is GR8 NEWZ. :>)
    Was not aware of the efforts of Africans in interruptin’ this disease. :>)
    — —–KUDOS – -:>)

  • nellcote

    EPA proposes limits on Alaska’s Pebble Mine project

    The Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposal Friday under the Clean Water Act that would limit mining activity in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed, striking a major blow to a project that would rank as one of the world’s largest open-pit mines.

    The proposed determination, which will now be subject to a public comment period until Sept. 19, represents the latest step by the Obama administration to impose restrictions on a massive gold and copper mining project, called Pebble Mine. Native Alaskan tribes, commercial fishing operations and environmentalists who have been seeking to block the venture on the grounds that discharge from its operations could harm the area that supports nearly half of the world’s sockeye salmon.

    Dennis McLerran, the regional administrator for EPA Region 10, told reporters Friday the agency had concluded that even a mine much smaller than the one currently envisioned by Pebble’s sponsors would produce “almost unfathomable amounts of rock” which “posed significant risks to the fragile ecosystem” in Bristol Bay.

    The EPA was taking this step “to protect the world’s largest salmon greatest fishery what would certainly be one of the world’s largest open pit mine developments ever conceived of,” he said…

    Chris Wood, Trout Unlimited’s president and CEO, said he had just visited Bristol Bay last week, where commercial fishing operators are finishing a season that will net 30 million fish. “If there was ever a time to stop this ill advised and myopic proposal to mine Bristol bay’s headwaters, it is now.”

  • nellcote

    Yuma tribe rejects money from Redskins owner’s foundation

    The Quechan Tribe turned down a “blank check” from the foundation run by the owner of the Washington Redskins because it didn’t want to be used to prop up the reputation of the controversial team, a tribal member who attended the meetings said Thursday.

    Representatives from team owner Daniel Snyder’s Original Americans Foundation offered the Quechans money to build a memorial skate park on the Fort Yuma Reservation on the Arizona-California border, according to Kenrick Escalanti, who attended the meetings at the tribal administration building.

    The Quechans turned down the money, saying in a statement, “We will not align ourselves with an organization to ­simply become a statistic in their fight for name acceptance in ­Native communities. … We know bribe money when we see it.”…

    Escalanti said during the two meetings — the first with the Tribal Council, which lasted about 20 minutes, the second one with his fundraising team, which lasted about 30 minutes — “Edwards just brought up key words that you just don’t bring up in Indian country, like assimilation, annihilation. And he tried to talk down about White people, saying they’re the oppressor.

    “I don’t know what he thought he was doing in talking like that to us — impress us? Like he thought he could talk like that among his ­fellow Natives? It was so awkward.”…

    “And when you looked at it, it wasn’t just a park, it was corporate branding. It was all in burgundy and gold (Washington team colors), and the logo was all over it. And they tried to brush it off and say, ‘These are just renderings.’ But every rendering looked the same.

    • Alma98

      Good for them!!!

  • Alma98

    Ummm this has been going on for years with poc and women. Where the hell have they been?