April 25, 2015

Monday POU Link Review | Evening Open Thread

Obama/Biden 2012 – If You Ain’t Running With It Run From It Motherfuckers News: President Obama’s campaign narrowly outraised Mitt Romney’s in August after a streak of three months in which the Republicans’ campaign far outpaced the incumbent president’s. Obama’s campaign announced this morning that he raised $114 million, while Romney’s announced that it raised $111.6 million. Read more here.

Antoine Dodson You Are So DumbYou Are So Dumb. You Are Really Dumb. For Real. News: Federal authorities arrested Trenton Mayor Tony Mack and more than half a dozen other people early Monday in connection with an ongoing corruption probe, NBC 4 New York has learned. Mack faces federal charges including conspiracy to obstruct commerce by extortion. Joseph “JoJo” Giorgianni, a top campaign contributor, and six others were also taken into custody. Read more here.

Congratulations Serena On Your Incredible Year! News: Three months ago, Serena Williams was at her lowest after going out in the first round of the French Open, her earliest exit at a grand slam. She was miserable after that defeat, but also at her most dangerous. On Sunday, the 30-year-old American capped off a ‘golden summer’ by winning a fourth U.S. Open crown for her 15th slam singles title. Her victory in the last grand slam of the season came after she won Wimbledon and singles and doubles gold medals at the 2012 London Games. Read more here.

WHERE ARE YOUR TAX RETURNS MONEY BOO BOO?!?! News: A magazine known for its sexually explicit material is offering a reward of $1 million dollars for a different type of bare-all expose. The publisher of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt, is offering the sum for the skinny on GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s financials, the magazine announced. It is taking out full-page advertisements in two newspapers – The Washington Post on Sunday, and USA Today on Tuesday – “offering up to a million dollars in cash for documented evidence concerning Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns and/or details of his offshore assets, bank accounts and business partnerships,” a press release from the magazine read. Read more here.

Whelp! Shit Done Hit The Fan Rahm! News: Chicago’s 25,000 public school teachers went on strike for the first time in a quarter-century Monday, after the latest contract talks broke down Sunday with no deal to avert a walkout. Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said late Sunday night there had been some progress in contract talks, but “we have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike.” Read more here.

Happy Monday POU fam! Check out the links and come back to discuss. Today’s Monday evening dose of MJ video is dedicated to Mayor Rahm Emanuel…..

  • creolechild

    Oh, this is tooooooo funny….

    Romney and Mainstream Media Try to Silence Nate Silver’s Obama Victory Projections

    The Romney campaign sent out a rather breathless memo this morning warning the press to not get too worked up about the latest polling. Romney campaign pollster Neil Newhouse admonished the press that, “While some voters will feel a bit of a sugar-high from the conventions, the basic structure of the race has not changed significantly.”[….]

    [….] The mainstream media might note that instead of pouring all of their effort into creating a horse race narrative, they might just take the real narrative of the Republican Clown Show and run with it. It worked for the British press, and it’s a lot easier than suffocating reality. It’s also highly entertaining when you get past the press taking these folks seriously. And just think, if the media stopped trying to force a narrative, the Republican Party might just be forced to grow up and get serious. That would be a real win for America.

    Paul Ryan is a foreign policy expert because he voted for the Iraq war based on a huge, horrible lie. This is what they’re touting. Run with it, MSM. It’s more entertaining than any reality show on TV.

    Read more: http://www.politicususa.com/msm-romney-campaign-stop-talking-obama-bounce.html

    H/T Sarah Jones

    • Miranda

      Romney campaign pollster Neil Newhouse admonished the press that, “While some voters will feel a bit of a sugar-high from the conventions, the basic structure of the race has not changed significantly.”

      says the man that stated the Romney campaign would not be dictated to by fact-checkers.

      • conlakappa

        Sugar-hgh from the conventions? What high did Team Mitten get?

  • sagittarius

    Evening, POU Fam!

    I hope your day is going well. Remember my sharing with you that I named this season ‘reclamation summer ‘ cause I was getting in shape and reclaiming all the good things I let go out of my life?

    Just got back from a doctor’s visit. I knew I lost weight, but not the amount, because I don’t have a scale in my house. I hoped that it would be 15 pounds.

    Well, I lost 33 POUNDS! Hbp medicine will be cut in half, and if I keep up the weight loss, I won’t need it at all. Yeah, I’m keeping it up – got plans – I mean I GOT PLANS!

    Soon, this will be me with all these younguns who tryin’ to get up in my grill, even if my journey is not complete….

    • Alma98

      Good for you Sagittarius keep it up! I bet you feel great too huh? That’s the first thing I noticed, I had more energy and I slept better too.

      • sagittarius

        I absolutely feel great! Trying to find a workout regimen that I can stick to… once I add this component, it will be all she wrote!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY saittarius! ***BIG HUG** :>)

      Guuuurrrrrlll! — WHERE U AT?? – —I cain’t C U! LOL – – U sooo —-Soooo — –thinner. :>)

      – – -Sooo PROUD of U. — :>)

      — -Can I B your —D.A.M. [Datin’ Arrangement Manager]??—-LOL

      – — – -ON DA REALZ: – — -Sooo HAPPY 4 U. U DESERVE the JOY from YOUR HARD WORK. :>) B BLESSED. :>)

      • sagittarius

        Hi, GLH **BIG HUG**

        Sure, you can be my D.A.M. True story – I am on a dating website (I got bored one Sunday a couple of years ago and joined – haven’t done anything with it or about it) and for the past 4 weeks, I have been receiving invitations to ‘chat’. The vast majority of them are between 22-28 y.o., which is too young for me. Need somebody with more ‘seasoning’.

        P.S. I doubt if I will engage anyone from this website – as I said, I was bored, and I am dangerous when bored ;-)

        • GreenLadyHere

          LOL – – -sagittarius. – —RE that age thang —

          -***fist bump** — -Annnd ifff they eva tryta LIE ’bout their age – —ax’ ‘em – —–NEXT!! :>)


        • jds09

          I’ve been in the internet dating world….trust me, seasoned men have their issues. lol

          Congrats on your health gains! Good for you.

          • sagittarius

            Thanks, jds!

    • creolechild

      Congratulations saggitarius…for the effort you put into losing weight and for the reduction in your hbp meds! Good job! (:

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, creolechild. May have to go hang in NOLA this fall and see what kind of trouble I can get in!

    • Miranda

      Well alright Sag!! You betta do the damn thang!


      • sagittarius

        Thanks, Miranda!

    • MonieTalks

      Fabulous sag! Cheers to better health…you betta werq!

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, Monie!

    • Tafr

      LOL Congratulations!

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, Tafr!

    • Miranda

      I am planning to start back the Health Threads, but maybe once a month instead every week.

      • GreenLadyHere

        miranda — -***fist bump*** –Wise use of your time. :>) — -

    • rikyrah

      GO SAG!!!!

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, rikyrah!

    • MsKitty

      Congrats on the weight loss. Get ready for that shopping spree of the new wardrobe.

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, MsKitty. Already thinking about it… want to fly to Bangkok, cause I can get an all season tailored wardrobe there for the price it would take me to buy 5 good suits here in the States.

        • GreenLadyHere

          Ooooweee — –sagittarius!! – – —Wait ’til – – -THEY C those suits. :>) — –

        • dannie22

          and i’ll fly with you! just to make sure you get there safely lol!!

          • sagittarius

            The more the merrier!

    • gc

      That is wonderful – much admiration!

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, gc!

    • Aquagranny911

      Brava Sag!!! This is so great especially getting off those BP meds. You keep right on moving forward! I’m rooting for you Chica.

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, Aquagranny!

    • qosine

      Wonderful, sagittarius. ‘Reclamation summer’ indeed!

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, qosine!

    • dannie22

      YAY!!!! Thats fabulous sag!!! proud of you!!!

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, Dannie!

    • TyrenM

      Well done Sag! Happy for you.

      • sagittarius

        Thanks, TyrenM!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Good Evening carolinagirl/POU FAM♥ — – ***BIG HUG*** :>)


    I’m STILL —BASKIN’ in Ms. SERENA’S – –VICTORIES!! — –:>)

    SHE/THEY R BLESSED!. :>) —

    ***waves @ Antoine*** LOL —

    Soooo good 2 c U –CG. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – — REV. AL. – – — -THEY’RE ON NOW. CALLIN’ — -Husted

    OUT!! – – -TRYIN’ 2 – -SUPPRESS da VOTE – –HAH!!


    — –***slams desk*** :>)

    – — –SPEEEEEEAK! HAH! —-

  • GN

    CNN Poll: After watching #RNC2012 36% of voters are more likely to vote for Romney. 46% are less likely to vote for him.


    • rikyrah


  • GN

    The Republican pizza parlor owner who the far right is trying to bully because of his exuberant support of Pres. O.: he’s receiving so many pizza delivery orders and donations that he’s asking people to donate to a charitable foundation instead:

    Pizza shop owner now being bombarded with pizza orders!! They are asking to send donations to his foundation instead http://thevanduzerfoundation.org/

    • Miranda

      LOVE IT!!!!!!

    • Tafr

      I said on the other thread that I worry about his safety. The GOP freaks are freaking nuts, just bat shit crazy. The fact that this man is a registered republican is probably making them more nuts. I have no doubt he can hold his own but I still worry.

    • GOVCHRIS1988

      And….he put the video on the front page. Well, if I were him, I would too. LOL!!! Seriously, the Republican response is WHY they are losing voters. I mean, seriously. He’s saying he’s a Republican, yet the way those assholes are carrying on, they believe he said he was now a self professed Leninist. Its sad and you KNOW that there are some old McCain voters who are now Obama voters because of it.

      I think he will be fine though. I can’t see anyone trying anything with him, since he looks like a guy who packs a Smith and Wesson along with the natural guns.

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – — -I’m luvin’ these STATS. – — WHERE da BLAH FOLKS AT> – —RA -CHEA!! – —

    – – -Where the black vote will matter most- – —

    – — -As President Obama and Mitt Romney’s contest has entered its final two months, the electoral map is becoming increasingly clear. And the black vote will matter in determining the winner.

    A new report by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington-based think tank, showed that 25 percent of Obama voters in Florida in 2008 were black, 20 percent in Michigan, 44 percent in North Carolina, 21 percent in Ohio, 22 percent in Pennsylvania and 35 percent in Virginia. The president needs to win at least two of those states in order to be reelected. (In Mississippi, a whopping 75 percent of Obama backers were black, but politics there are so racially polarized he won only 11 percent of the white vote).

    – – –SNIP – —
    Polls show black enthusiasm is sky-high, so there’s little reason to anticipate a substantial drop-off in the number of black voters. But expect to see prominent black supporters of the president, such as actress Kerry Washington, in these six states to fire up African-Americans, as well as some of the strongest fights over controversial voting provisions in these places. (It’s no accident the Obama campaign itself successfully filed suit in Ohio to make sure voters can cast ballots the three days before Election Day in the Buckeye State.)


    – —FIRED UP!! – –GOTV -2012!! — -4! –MORE! YEARS!! – —

  • MonieTalks

    Fort Pierce pizzeria owner on lifting up Obama: ‘It was just pure emotion’

    …Van Duzer said he only learned of Obama’s visit about 40 minutes before the presidential bus tour and motorcade arrived at his restaurant on South 35th Street near Indian River State College. Dressed in gray athletic shorts and a gray T-shirt for an afternoon at the driving range, Van Duzer said he sped to his restaurant when a manager called to tell him the president was coming.

    “I got goosebumps, so excited and just overwhelmed … just overwhelmed when I saw him, blown away,” Van Duzer told reporters. He said he’s a Republican but supported Obama in 2008 and will vote for him again this year.

    Later, Van Duzer said he didn’t have time to plan in advance to pick up the president, or to think about how the Secret Service might react.

    “He walked in like we were old friends. That was the best,” Van Duzer said Sunday evening. “It was just pure emotion. I didn’t think about it. I watched the convention the other night and then there he was.”

    read more: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/local/pizzeria-owner-on-lifting-up-obama-it-was-just-pur/nR6n8/

    • Miranda

      “He walked in like we were old friends. That was the best,” Van Duzer said Sunday evening.

      But we were told that POTUS didn’t like “people.”

      • GOVCHRIS1988

        Someone needs to tell these fools this….” President Obama definitely likes people, he just doesn’t like you beltway jackasses.” I mean, this is like Chris Christie begging “The Boss” to hang out with him. He doesn’t like you fatass, stop damn begging.

      • creolechild

        PBO enjoys interacting with people, unlike Mitt or his running mate, Paulie. Is this how they’re going to handle tough issues like foreign policy, in which they both claim to have so much “experience,” when they can’t even engage with the American public on the Internet? Pffftttttt….

        Too Scared To Face Reddit like Obama Did, Paul Ryan Dodges Questions on Quora

        You can learn a lot about a candidate by the way they interact on the Internet. Barack Obama took part in a Reddit IAmA chat and took questions from the community, Paul Ryan posted talking points on Quora and ran away.[….]

        These lines were directly pulled from speeches Romney and Ryan gave at the Republican convention, but the bigger insult came when nobody viewed the topic. In an hour, President Obama had 865,092 unique visitors in the first hour of his Reddit AMA chat. Paul Ryan had less than 200 views, and the only comment he got was somebody fact checking his talking points.[….]

        Read more: http://www.politicususa.com/scared-face-reddit-obama-did-paul-ryan-hides-quora.html

        H/T Jason Easley

        • AxelFoley


  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – –YEAH —-LET’s APPRECIATE –THESE STATS!! – –Woo! Hoo! —

    — — –General Election: Romney vs. Obama — –

    — -☻ –RCP Average — -8/22 – 9/9 —- 48.3[OBAMA] —–45.4[rom-KNEE]
    Obama +2.9
    – —
    – – —— – — – —- – – – – – — – – – – – – – – —- – – — – — – ——– – – — — – – – – – – – —
    – — -☻ –CNN Poll: Obama up six points over Romney ——

    ——-A new survey indicates President Barack Obama moved up four points following the Democratic National Convention last week, and now has a six point advantage over his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

    According to a CNN/ORC International Poll (PDF) released Monday, 52% of likely voters nationwide back the president, compared to 46% for Romney. Just before the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Obama was tied with Romney 48%-48%.

    – – –SNIP – – –

    Obama also took away Romney’s lead on leadership for the country’s future. Now 51% of likely voters think Obama has a more optimistic vision for the country’s future, compared to Romney at 41%. Last week, however, 43% said Obama was more optimistic, while 47% said the same about Romney.

    —– – -WOOOO! HOO! —–Keepin’ in MIND: – —THESE R POLLS! :>)

    ———–WE GOTTA —GOTV – –2012!! —–

    CONGRATULATIONS:- — –OBAMA -BIDEN!! –2012! – – —

  • GN

    Town is so wrong for retweeting this August 27 Dick Morris tweet lol:

    Romney is going to have a great convention. It’s going to be incredible. He should gain a 5 or 6 point lead. #GOP2012

    • AxelFoley


    • Miranda

      And by “gain” he meant in the double negative sense of the word.

    • GreenLadyHere

      LOL GN- —BWAHAHA – -Seeee – — – -:>)

      —“JOKE o’- da CENTURY!!! LOL – – – -DELUSIONAL – —2 da MAX!! :>)

    • conlakappa

      And my response to eveything Dick says: aren’t there some toes you should be sucking right now? Or have you moved on from shrimping to squoshing or being a plushie?

    • nathkatun7

      Why are people still paying attention to this depraved, unethical, idiot, Dick Morris? Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the perversity of white privilege.

  • creolechild

    “Voting is a fundamental right—and when we make our voices heard, we can keep moving our nation forward, building a fairer, stronger, and more just America.” – President Barack Obama


  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – – – —

    — — —SOME tweets: —-

    ——–☻Aron Goldman ‏@ArgoJournal
    CNN 2012 Poll: Is More Honest & Trustworthy: Barack Obama 51%, Mitt Romney 41% (709 LV; Sept. 7-9) http://bit.ly/QApZtk
    Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin
    – —

    – – —☻ Carol Dois Woodward ‏@CarolDWoodward
    Last day 2 #register to #vote in #VA is Oct 6 to vote in November election. Registered already? Double check status http://www.gottavote.org
    Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin

    – – – – -☻Jay Bookman AJC ‏@jaybookmanajc
    60 percent of voters 50 and younger view Democrats favorably; just 35 percent view Republicans favorably; http://bit.ly/QAor2H
    Retweeted by Jeff Gauvin
    - – – –

    – – – -☻Jeff Gauvin ‏@JeffersonObama
    After Labor Day….two things go out the window….white pants….and GOP POLL LEADS #P2
    –LOL. :>)

  • creolechild

    Central Figure in Election-Rigging Scandal Goes Missing as FBI Probes Republican Rep.

    A political strategist is thought to be on the lam after she failed to show up for an interview with prosecutors about a campaign scandal involving Rep. David Rivera (R-FL). Authorities last week raided Ana Alliegro’s apartment and seized her computer and cell phone. She was scheduled to speak to prosecutors on Thursday, but now not even her lawyer knows where she is, according to The Miami Herald.

    Prosecutors believe that Alliegro may be involved in shadow campaign, in which Justin Lamar Sternad ran as a Democrat “ringer” in the 26th District primary in order to help defeat fellow Democrat Joe Garcia.[….]

    Read more: http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/david/central-figure-campaign-scandal-goes-missing

    H/T David

    • malletgirl02

      This shit just got real.

      • Miranda

        They’ll find her body in a few months. I can already see this Dominick Dunne novel coming to HBO.

    • nathkatun7

      It never fails! Whenever Republicans are talking of voter fraud they are for the most part projecting. In fact all the schemes Republicans employ to supposedly prevent voter fraud are actually aimed at enabling Republican voter fraud. Republicans know that the only way they are able to win is to prevent a large number of citizens from voting. This exactly what the South did since the end of Reconstruction, and continues to do today, to nullify the AA votes.

  • creolechild

    Ford plans to add 1,200 new jobs in Detroit

    Ford said Monday it will create 1,200 new jobs next year at its Flat Rock, Michigan, plant where it plans to produce the 2013 Fusion sedan.[….] When Fusion production begins at the plant, it will employ 2,900 workers assembling both Fusions and Mustangs, Ford said. Meanwhile the company, the second largest US automaker, said it is investing $555 million in a new flexible body shop, allowing it to produce more vehicles at one location.[….]

    Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/09/10/ford-plans-to-add-1200-new-jobs-in-detroit/

    H/T Agence France-Presse

    • conlakappa

      I don’t think I told you folks that we bought a new Ford at the end of July. It has a big old “made in Michigan sticker on its rear driver side window.

  • creolechild

    Ground Zero cancer victims to get compensation

    About 50 types of cancer have been added to the list of diseases eligible for coverage in a compensation program for people who became sick after the World Trade Center collapse on September 11, 2001, officials said Monday.[….]

    A $4.3 billion fund is available for 9/11 health victims but until now cancer sufferers — believed to be in the many hundreds — have not been able to place claims of their own. The new rule will take effect in mid-October.[….] In the ruling, some cancers are excluded, but 14 broad categories, containing dozens of different types, are included and sufferers would qualify for free treatment and compensation.[….]

    Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/09/10/ground-zero-cancer-victims-to-get-compensation/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheRawStory+%28The+Raw+Story%29

    H/T Agence France-Presse

    • TyrenM

      Donna Summer…too late baby.

  • lamh35

    This is the sort of nasty business we are dealing with on to other side. So just because this man dared to actually hug the POTUS and actually say he was a Republican and was voting for Obama, the nutjobs are trying to mess with this guys business. It’s hateful and sad. They are exactly the type of people you think they are.


    • Tafr

      They are disgusting. I remember how they did the Dixie chicks. Now that was a while ago, their hate for this president is on another level. I am not worried about this guys business because I think good people are going to come through for him. He should watch his back though. These idiots have gone off the edge. Funny because you know this is not the only registered republican voting for PBO. You know if these idiots could see the real numbers they would have to be put in a padded room.

    • nathkatun7

      The right wingers are absolutely despicable. I will send my donation to the guy’s foundation since I can’t order a pizza from his restaurant. I hope all decent and fair minded people push back against these evil people who are trying to destroy a businessman simply because he loves and supports the President.

  • rikyrah

    Dems: Romney Purposely ‘Misled’ On Pre-Existing Conditions

    Pema Levy-September 10, 2012, 4:54 PM

    Democrats are accusing Mitt Romney of purposefully misleading on the issue of pre-existing conditions in order to win over undecided voters.

    “Mitt Romney literally went on ‘Meet The Press’ and misled the American people,” Brad Woodhouse, communications director for the DNC, said on a conference call with reporters Monday. “He acted as if he supports something that he clearly does not.”

    Romney said Sunday that he intends to keep parts of ‘Obamacare,’ and cited the law’s rule forbidding discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions as an example.

    “I’m not getting rid of all of health care reform,” Romney said. “Of course there are a number of things that I like in health care reform that I’m going to put in place. One is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage.”


  • rikyrah

    Posted at 04:27 PM ET, 09/10/2012
    More on that Obama convention bounce

    By Greg Sargent

    The new CNN poll will turn a lot of heads, because it finds Obama up six points over Mitt Romney, 52-46, among likely voters, a sample that’s supposed to be more favorable to Republicans. That’s up from a 48-48 tie just before the convention. What’s more, the poll was taken Sept. 7-9, which means two of the three days of polling were conducted after Friday, the day the weak jobs numbers came out.

    The CNN poll mirrors Gallup’s findings: Romney is only leading among white voters by 55-42; Romney may need to crack 60 percent among them to win, while Obama’s target is 40 percent. Romney does hold a sizable lead among independents, 54-40.

    On Medicare, Obama is more trusted than Romney among likely voters by 54-43. That’s another jump; previous CNN polling showed it far closer. Bill Clinton’s speech, of course, focused heavily on debunking Romney’s core attack line that Obama is looting Medicare to pay for Obamacare, and on emphasizing that Obama and Dems strengthened the program.


    On which candidate is in touch with the problems facing the middle class, Obama leads by 57-37. On which is in touch with the problems facing women, that’s 59-34. These topics, too, were focused on by both conventions.


  • crazycanuck

    Whoa, Murray up 5/2 in the fifth set

    • TheShyLurker

      Congrats to Andy Murray!


      These two dudes were going at it. Made me winded just watching this one.

      • crazycanuck

        Since he hooked up with Lendl, he such a better player. I was kinda pulling for Djokovic but I’m ok with Murray winning.

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY crazycanuck ***BIG HUG** :>)

      Thanks. :>) Somehow – –I started rootin’ 4 him –after WIMBLDON. :>) Sooo –good news. :>) – — He seems 2 B playin’ better. :>)

      Good 2 C U. :>)

  • GreenLadyHere

    – -LOL -He Jus’ -LIVES –HERE! – — LOL

    – —–
    Romney Campaign Steals Obama Website
    – – – –

    – – – – -Salon: “After months of telling Democrats that they didn’t build that, the charge may be ironically accurate when it comes to Mitt Romney’s website. The Romney campaign’s ‘victory wallet’ donation page bears a striking resemblance to the Obama campaign’s ‘quick donate’ page. The Obama campaign published its in March and Romney’s site went up in late August.”

    BuzzFeed points out all of the similarities. — –

    — –COPY – -DOG!! – – – -IFF HE ONLY -HAD a BRAIN! LOL. –

  • rikyrah

    September 10, 2012 4:40 PM
    The Vetting! The Vetting!

    By Ed Kilgore

    I noted earlier today some signs of panic from the GOP ranks based on multiple tracking-poll evidence that Obama had gained a net benefit from the Convention Fortnight.

    Now there’s a fresh non-tracking poll out, from CNN/ORC, that shows Obama pulling out to a 52/46 lead among likely voters, the universe that normally provides a few extra points for GOP candidates.

    You can stare at the numbers yourself, but there’s virtually no good news for Mittville in this survey, which shows Obama building a big advantage in personal favorability (57/42 versus 48/47), and Democrats expressing more enthusiasm about voting (and far more “positive” voting for their candidate) than Republicans.


    But in anticipating a possible intensification of the GOP panic attack, particularly if the CNN poll is echoed by others this week, I am beginning to wonder if the answer to my question about the origin of Republican jitters might just be a fear of a fresh resurgence of movement-conservative demands that Romney junk his cautious, economy-based approach (to the extent he has been allowed to pursue it) and get down and dirty with a culture-based “vetting” of Obama the Kenyan anti-colonialist Alinskyite baby-killing Christ-hater.


  • rikyrah

    Boat Romney Has Capsized

    by BooMan
    Mon Sep 10th, 2012 at 07:25:10 PM EST

    Anyone else getting the first whiffs of panic on the Republican side? Odd thing, though. I’m seeing plenty of resignation, too. I mean, I don’t think Ohio Governor John Kasich really gives two craps whether Romney wins or loses, and he really should be a little more concerned. But then I remember that George Will wrote off Romney’s chances at the beginning of March. It’s been somewhat mysterious to me why Romney was holding steady in spite of the fact that his own party seems totally indifferent to his fate. When this election is over, I think I will make a concerted effort to see what held Romney up for so long. But you heard it here first, and you didn’t hear it much anywhere else. The GOP spent all of last year systematically trying out every available alternative to Mitt Romney. They hated him. And, yet, they couldn’t figure out a way to reject him. The rest of us will take care of that. The only question is how much we can walk away with. What is nailed down, and what is just going to float away when the ship goes under? I want to pick up seats in the Senate, and I want the House.


    • Aquagranny911

      Exactly!!! We want the House & Senate. GOP is going to focus their big $$$ on those seats. They know the Mittster is toast. They want to consolidate their gains in Congress & grab what they can in local state government & they MUST BE STOPPED!

    • nathkatun7

      I think it’s the corporate media (aka mainstream media) and right wing talk radio that have kept Willard “Mitt” Romney viable. Without the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Chuck Todd, David Gregory, Bob Scheiffer, CNN and FOX news, Romney would have been long dead. By the way all these underestimated President Obama’s appeal to descent Americans of all races, ages and gender.

  • http://pragmaticobotsunite.blogspot.com/ carolinagirl
    • AxelFoley

      Killin’ ‘em softly.

  • rikyrah

    The Republican Convention, Worst Ever

    by BooMan
    Mon Sep 10th, 2012 at 02:19:47 PM EST

    I remember watching the 1992 Republican Convention in my parents’ living room. I was back on the East Coast for a summer visit, and I was completely horrified by what I witnessed. The whole thing was deplorable, but what I mainly remember twenty years later is Pat Buchanan’s frightening culture war speech and the crowd’s enthusiastic hee-haw response. The Texas delegation was front and center, wearing ten-gallon hats and celebrating their hatred of multiculturalism (indeed, biodiversity) with an ardor that made my blood run cold. I figured I wasn’t alone. Pat Buchanan scared the crap out of people with that speech and did wonders for Bill Clinton’s campaign. But, even then, Bush got a bit of a bounce out of his convention. Not so, for Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney received a negative bounce, which is unprecedented. Barely over a third (36%) of the people who watched the convention reported that it made them more likely to vote for Romney/Ryan, while just under a half (46%) said it made them less likely to vote for them.

    You can chalk that up to a variety of factors, but the most important one was that Paul Ryan gave a terrible speech that was immediately flagged by the media as being totally dishonest. That’s not how you make a first impression.


  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – – – -“SCA-USE U !! – — -1 POINT – -IS – –1 POINT!! —AHEAD!! — – – –DON’T —HATE!!! — -LOL —

    – – – – -North Carolina remains a toss-up – – –

    — – -PPP’s post-Democratic convention North Carolina poll finds virtually no change from last week. Barack Obama leads 49-48, a result hardly different from the 48/48 tie we found last week.

    That’s not to say the convention wasn’t a success for Democrats. 57% of voters think hosting it was a good thing for North Carolina to only 15% who believed it was a bad thing with 26% considering it neutral. Democrats consider it to have been a positive by an 84/4 margin and independents do 53/11. Republicans though believe it was a bad thing by a 34/23 margin. By a 47/39 margin North Carolinians say the Democrats had a better convention than the Republicans.

    — -Q1 Do you approve or disapprove of President
    Barack Obama’s job performance?
    Approve …………………………………………………. 50%

    Disapprove……………………………………………… 49%
    Not sure …………………………………………………. 1%

    ALSO C Q#3.

    —-Don’t believe the media lies. North Carolina is still in play. Looking at you, MSNBC. —ALEXANDER2[Sept. 3, 2012] – –SPEAK TRUTH :>)

    • Aquagranny911

      DNC had a successful block party while the RNC had a wake where no one really liked the dead guy.

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOL -SPEAK – – -Aquagranny911:>) – —

        – - RNC had a wake where no one really liked the dead guy. — -NOT EVEN his CLOSEST FRIENDS!! LOL – —

      • qosine

        The DNC felt like a home reunion to me also. It was so great to hear the positive vibes. After listening to all the left-right wing negativity, I felt so happy. So, an EPIC blog (PragObots) covered an EPIC DNC to nominate an EPIC incumbent – The President of the United States.

      • JojoRaze

        Co-sign. The Mary J Blige performance of “Family Affair”, which should be the new “Celebration”, show a multi-racial, multi-ethnic crowd just dancing and having a good time personified the convention and the campaign to me.

        Like the song, which is about overcoming hatred and strife and having a good time with everyone, the DNC was just a tour-de-force and uniformly left a good taste in everyone’s mouth. The Clintonites finally let go of their hateration of the prez; Dems finally allowed themselves to celebrate this president’s accomplishments, and the RNC, the uber-haters looked silly in contrast.

  • rikyrah

    The Horserace From 10,000 Feet

    Marc Ambinder, who has a new blog over at The Week, sizes up the next two months:

    The election may hinge on whether Americans look at Mitt Romney and see someone who isn’t a caricature. The GOP convention was not the disaster that pundits made it out to be, but neither was it an unalloyed success. Romney had a free swing at the bat, and by dodging specifics, asked Americans to define him based on the type of man that he was, rather than the type of president he will be. Both are important, of course, but the latter is arguably easier for Romney to carry, because his campaign fumbled the biographical angle from the start.

    Romney’s attack today is that Barack Obama has no plan to turn the economy around and was given a four year chance to do it. But while Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy and tell pollsters they like Romney’s ideas better, they don’t know what those ideas are, because Romney hasn’t really told them. And the Democrats did a pretty decent job defining them in the breach last week. The major danger for Romney: He enters the debate season with voters growing more suspicious of his (undefined) policy proposals while simultaneously not having a good idea of who the guy is in his maw.


    • Ebogan63

      The GOP convention was not the disaster that pundits made it out to be,

      By what measure, Mark? It was poorly viewed, generated no energy for Monicle Mitt, and got a NEGATIVE bounce. You need to have a seat.

    • Miranda

      This column makes no sense…..rather, Marc Ambinder makes no sense.

    • nellcote

      because his campaign fumbled the biographical angle from the start.
      Too bad those Bain attacks didn’t work. HA!

  • rikyrah

    Foreign Policy Could Sink Mitt

    After reviewing public opinion, Drezner entertains the idea that “maybe, just maybe, foreign policy will matter a little bit during this election” and “not in a way that helps Mitt Romney”:

    If the economy doesn’t produce the national poll movements that the Romney campaign wants, they’ll have to shift to secondary issues. For the last forty years, the GOP has been able to go to foreign policy and national security. If Romney does that this time, however, he’ll alienate the very independents he needs to win.

    Could Romney/Ryan simply retool their foreign policy message for the general election to allay the concerns of independents and undecideds? No, I don’t think they can. For one thing, it’s simply too late to rebrand. For another, when cornered on these questions they seem to like doubling down on past statements. Finally, I get the sense that one reason Romney sounds so hawkish is because the campaign thinks it’s a cheap way to appeal to the GOP base. Deviating from that script to woo the undecideds will only fuel suspicion of Romney’s conservative bona fides


    • nellcote

      Could Romney/Ryan simply retool their foreign policy message
      What foreign policy message???

  • Alma98

    Well well well Go head Venus with yo bad self.

    • AxelFoley

      Hol’ up. Hol’. Up.

      Homeboy’s last name is Pis? For real?

      • Alma98

        Yes it is that’s all I’m going to say.

      • GreenLadyHere

        LOLAxelFoley. **BUG HUG*** :>)

        Annnd we jus’ go B HAPPY 4 her —HAPPINESS :>) — —

        – —-O-O—-
        – – -____—-

        • Alma98

          Tell him GLH lol.

          • GreenLadyHere

            LOL Alma98. :>) —-

            – – I KNOW – HUH! :>)

    • lamh35

      saw that yesterday. I ain’t mad atcha Venus. At least it’s better than that balding golfer she was allegedly dating before

      • Alma98

        He’s cute and way better looking than the golfer.

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl —–VERY GOOD —NEWS!! —[Sorry –that REV. AL was NOT INCLUDED]. . . .

    — – -MSNBC most-watched cable news network in M-F primetime last week. First time ever in 16 year history! – —

    – — –I couldn’t be happier about this. Not only is this great news for MSNBC prime time hosts Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, and Lawrence O’Donnell, it’s also bad news for Fox and Republicans in general:


    MSNBC Ranks #1 Among Total Viewers in Primetime for the Week

    NEW YORK – September 10, 2012 – MSNBC was the most-watched cable news network in Monday – Friday primetime (8 – 11 p.m.) for the week of September 3, beating both CNN and FOX News Channel.

    For the week, MSNBC averaged 2.53 million total viewers in M-F primetime. FNC and CNN tied with 2.35 million for the week.

    This is the first time in MSNBC’s 16 year history that weekday primetime ranked #1 in total viewers for a full week. The week of Sept. 3 was also the network’s second best-ever weekly primetime performance – best was week of Nov. 3, 2008 (presidential election) with 2.73 million total viewers.

    — -DNC CONVENTION TIME!! – –MR. PRESIDENT annnd CAST annnd CREW! – –:>) — —

    • nellcote

      I watched the DNC on cspan so watched msnbc LESS than I have in quite a while.

  • GreenLadyHere

    carolinagirl – — LOL — -They runnin’ SCURRED!! —

    — – -
    Romney Faces Test as Republicans Get Jittery
    – —

    — -“Mitt Romney and his top aides are running an essentially faith-based campaign. Whatever the polls say at the moment, whatever the pundits say, whatever some nervous Republicans say, Team Romney simply does not believe President Obama can win re-election in today’s terrible economy. The president may appear to be defying gravity now, but he can’t keep it up through Nov. 6.”

    “The next few days are going to try Romney’s patience and determination. The media is focusing incessantly on Obama’s relatively small move upward in the polls, with some of the coverage bordering on outright celebration. That, in turn, is spooking some already anxious Romney supporters who fear that Romney is going about it all wrong… Meanwhile, Republican nervousness is spreading and threatens to turn into a stampede.”

    – – –LOL — —WE – – -LUVIN’ IT!! :>) — –

  • Aquagranny911

    Hola POU! “I’m leaving on a jet plane….”

    I got a surprise birthday present from my family & I am off to Colorado tomorrow where I may get a chance to see our Prez when he visits there later this week. My cousin has a pass for me. I don’t expect to get a hug or even a hand shake but I will be thrilled just to hear him talk in person.

    I’m so excited I can’t think straight. ♥ & huge HUGS to all of you!


    • sagittarius

      Happy early Birthday, Aquagranny! Enjoy your day!

    • GreenLadyHere

      HEEY AQUAGRANNY9-11 – -***BIG HUG*** :>)


      —- –
      Happy —EARLY- Birthday – – -2 YA. :>)
      — –

      — -Soooo – –HAPPY 4 U.! – – – -WELL DESERVED! :>) — -

    • creolechild

      Happy birthday in advance, honey bunny! Have a great trip. (:

    • Alma98

      Happy Birthday AG! What a great gift, enjoy yourself bring back pics if you can.

    • isonprize

    • isonprize

      AquaGranny, Happy Happy JOY JOY!!


    • vulcan_girl

      Happy birthday early, AG, and I hope you get up close to PBO!

    • Tafr

      Happy B day AG!

    • dannie22

      Happy Birthday AQ!!

    • nathkatun7

      Happy Birthday Aquagranny! You deserve to have a good day filled love and happiness.

    • MsKitty

      Happy Birthday! Can’t wait to hear about your first-hand account.

    • nellcote

      Happy Birthday!!!

      All positive things coming your way.

    • Daltex82

      Happy Birthday to ya!

  • qosine

    Happy Birthday tomorrow, AG!
    Have a marvelous time in Colorado.
    I hope you get to see the President.

  • isonprize

    Hey my POU fam.

    I’ll be missing in action on POU for the next 8 weeks. But it’s for a GREAT reason!!

    I’m now an official Field Organizer for Organizing for America, President Obama’s grassroots campaign.


    I’ll post when I can, but I can’t post officially as a campaign employee, so if I have time, you’ll still see me as ISONPRIZE!! We are pushing hard toward Election Day.

    So, I know y’all will be keepin’ up the BEST COMMENTARY IN THE WORLD
    Keep the party going, but volunteer with the campaign where you can. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!! Knock on some doors, or make calls (you can even make calls from home) help with data entry. Connect with your local field office. “Cuz even if you don’t want to do those things, there is ALWAYS something to be done for the campaign, Democrats and President Obama!!

    Wish me luck, ya’ll, PragObots

    PEACE, I’m going in!!

    • sagittarius

      Congratulations, isonprize! Well deserved!

      • isonprize

        Thanks, Sag!! WE deserve Barack Obama as President. And we can all play a part in making it happen.

    • Alma98

      Congrats isonprize! You’ll do great.

      • isonprize

        Alma, thanks so much. We just have to win.

    • lamh35

      Congrats isonprize and let’s go to work!

      • isonprize

        lamh. THANKS!!!!

        You KNOW I’ll also be jammin’ on the campaign trail!! Prayer and good music!! LOLOLOL

    • qosine

      isonprize, congratulations! You will BRING in those votes.

      • isonprize

        qosine. We all gotta bring in the votes. Yes, it’s THAT serious!!! The middle of PA is nuts so we’ve got our work cut out for us.

    • Ebogan63

      Congrats isonprize!

      Let’s do this!!

      • isonprize

        Ebogan,. YEAH, baby!!! Thanks. I know POU has my back!

    • dannie22

      im proud of you!!! great news

      • isonprize

        Dannie, Thanks so much. I’ll be BUSTING with pride when the The GREAT NEWS is delivered on Nov 6, 2012 that Barack Hussein Obama II has been elected President of the United States of America for a 2nd term.

        I’m CLAIMING IT!!!!

        • dannie22

          ME TOO!!!!!!

    • TyrenM

      ISON – Make it happen! PA needs u.

      • isonprize

        Tyren. Thanks. We ALL must make it happen. WE JUST HAVE TO!!!

    • GreenLadyHere

      - –CONGRATULATIONS —isonprize!! —LOOK -AT-CHU!! :>)

      – Soooo PROUD of U!! – – -U JUS’ –DO the —DANG THANG!! :>)

      — –REPRESENTIN’ 4 PA!! —WE in GOOD HANDS!!- -:>)

      I’ll TELL my PA –PEEPS!! :>) – – -Woo! Hoo! :>) —-

      B BLESSED. :>)

      • isonprize

        GLH, GIRL!!! Tnanks so much. Am I crazy or what??? LOLOLOLOL

        But I’ll take Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery “Good CRAZY” LOLOL

    • Lisa M


      • isonprize

        LisaM, thank you so much!

    • JojoRaze

      This is so cool Ison!!!! You can really make a difference in helping people in PA get registered and know their rights! Whenever you can, please tell us how it’s going if only for your sanity’s sake.

      • isonprize

        Jojo. Yeah, I’m already crazy…. (see what I posted to GLH!! LOLOL) I’ll try my best, but it’s gonna be intense. I just know that I’m going to do the best I can. Everybody else is pretty fired up too, so I am certain that we will do our level best!!

    • nathkatun7

      Congrats Isonprize for signing on as a Field Organizer for OFA. I am so proud of you. We absolutely must win Pennsylvania. I am going to urge my relatives in New York and New Jersey to give you a helping hand with knocking on doors and making calls.

      Wishing you the best of luck!

      • isonprize

        nathkatun7, if you’re serious, and they do come to PA, we could really use them in Philadelphia. (Of course, all votes are good, so wherever they could help is great)

        ,Hit me up with details at my screenname on gmail and I’ll look out for them if they come to Philadelphia.

    • jds09

      This is sooooooooooo cool. Congratulations and good luck!

    • rikyrah

      go ison!!!

      • isonprize

        Thanks Rikyrah, this is CRAZY! But I’m gonna do it. I really do feel compelled. Keep those positive vibes coming!!

    • MsKitty

      Congratulations! I’d wish you luck but you don’t need it, I know you’re gonna do a kickass job. Stop by when you can.

      • isonprize

        Au contraire, Ms Kitty, luck, prayers, all good vibes. Keep ‘em coming! Thanks!!

    • gc

      You are a super choice – suerte!

      • isonprize

        Gracias! gc

    • vulcan_girl


      • isonprize

        Thanks Vulcangirl!!

  • Town
    • isonprize

      See, TOWN. You have me the best laugh I’ve had all day!!! LOLOLOL

      Wish me luck on the PA campaign!!

  • lamh35

    New report discloses previously secret pre-9/11 intel. Bush repeatedly warned on OBL, hopelessly distracted by Iraq http://thkpr.gs/S5LlvS

    The Deafness Before the Storm

    OThe Bush administration was told, as early as May 2001, about the threat of an attack by Al Qaeda.

  • GreenLadyHere

    CG: – –FIRST: – —Di-ent KNOW that he has a –PLAN. LOL

    THIS: – –Republican plan for Medicare could face years of hurdles: experts – –

    – — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system and President Barack Obama hopes that fact alone will help him win votes among senior citizens and baby boomers.

    But health policy experts, including two analysts who first floated the idea of Medicare vouchers 17 years ago, say no such plan is likely to become legislation – let alone law – until after the next presidential election in 2016.

    That is because the mere notion of fundamentally revamping the $590 billion-a-year healthcare program, which serves 50 million elderly and disabled Americans, raises a multitude of policy issues that no politician or policymaker has addressed publicly.
    – – – -SNIP – —

    No experts in either the public or private sectors of the $2.8 trillion U.S. healthcare system have said in detail how a voucher system might work. The task require better insurance risk-adjustment mechanisms than are available now, as well as a deeper understanding of geographic variations in medical costs.

    – – – —SECONDLY: – -IT WOULDN’T WORK! – – — geesh!

  • GreenLadyHere

    Woo! Hoo! POU FAM♥ – – – -201 PEOPLE POSTING!! – – – -:>)

    – – – -WELCOME! :>) – – – -

  • GreenLadyHere

    crolinagirl – –‘member that – –BIRTHER-DAY PARTY?? – — CANCELLED!!! – – — – BWAHAHA!! – – – –

    – —-Arizona’s Birtherpalooza Canceled Over Low Ticket Sales – – – –

    – – – –Not even the promise of crooner Pat Boone singing oldies from a spinning stage could save what was intended to be the premier birther event of the year later this month in Arizona.

    Organizers of the gala, which would have featured Boone alongside Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and some of the nation’s other prominent conspiracy theorists, broke the news online Friday that it was canceled “due to inadequate ticket sales.” –BWHAHA!! :>)

    The Sept. 22 event was meant to bring together people from throughout the nation who believe Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake and therefore he is ineligible to be president. Organizers planned to use it to call on Congress to take up Arpaio’s yearlong investigation into the documents.


  • creolechild

    They’re clowning David Gregory hard with this photo that has captions! Goodnight all.~

    Open Thread


    H/T Bluegal aka Fran and Blue America

  • Camille

    Can we all just raise our voices and give Dan Rather a universal fuck you!

    All these folks who ought to know better suddenly pretending that President Obama and Mitt Romney equally suffer from and are both guilty of Romney’s glaring affliction of perpetual lying, flip flopping and a very blurry agenda of why he wants to be president besides fulfilling his Mormon white horse prophecy and doing the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson’s bidding in return for financing his campaign.

    And this sudden shit with non-stop extolling and sainting Bill Clinton and making him the presidential gold standard is so laughable in its propagandizing silliness and shallowness as is the shameless and obvious media attempt to exploit a singular speech -deliberately entrusted to him to make, as a way to try to diminish President Obama.

    There is absolutely nothing Clinton said in that speech that President Obama has not said before. Nothing.

    And had President Obama made that speech and used the exact same words, these same media fantasists would be out in full force condemning him from everything from being “unpresidential”, lecturing the American people, being condescending in his folksy deliberately dumbed down talking to the electorate. He would be simultaneously crucified for making excuses and blaming others for his “failures”, while admonished for chest beating and spiking the ball.

    The media’s attempt to reverse history and stuff right before our eyes – comparing one speech by a non-sitting president with absolutely no burdens of incumbency, and in the midst of a racially polarized environment – which he incidentally very much helped jumpstart with their “other” narrative turned birther shit during the 2008 campaign, and the effusive tributes to “hard working white men” – is galling.

    And to pretend that we don’t get that the only demographic Clinton can reach and President Obama can’t -try as he may, are the very same racists he and Hillary appealed to when the going got tough for them in 2008. And of course some of the greedy, opportunistic, unpatriotic Wall Street types who have funded his Clinton Global Initiative who have only ever cared about exploiting our tax codes and avoiding taxes and regulations – and will dance with whatever politically caters to them in exactly that manner.

    The truth is simply this: Barack Obama has excelled and triumphed and raised the bar for what it means to be a truly great President pulling off accomplishments his predecessors only dreamed of and in the face of unprecedented obstruction and unprovoked hostility. All the while taking it all in stride with grace, dignity, kindness, respect even to those who have treated him less kindly.

    He is everything they wish they could be: Disciplined, brilliant, focused, evolved, dignified, scandal free, empathetic, inspiring, kind, intrinsically decent, humble, thoughtful, quiet and generous in spirit, words and actions even with the vast Powers vested in him by the office and the love, respect, awe and support he enjoys not only among a majority of Americans but the vast majority of the world.

    A man whose heart is so big and who is so calm, confident and self-assured he never seeks to crush his enemies, takes no joy in their permanent destruction and will only aid their rehabilitation even when they remain plotting in their vindictiveness.

    Barack Obama will without even trying, always be the platinum standard the world over for what it truly means to be not only a great leader, but a truly great man.

    And the small people just can’t stand it. And they keep trying to take him down – and stay failing.

    • aleth

      Boom truth

    • dannie22


    • jds09

      “There is absolutely nothing Clinton said in that speech that President Obama has not said before. Nothing.”

      This is the truth. History will bear this out.

    • rikyrah


      you are rocking!!!

  • GreenLadyHere

    – –MURRAY WON the OPEN. — -