October 20, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week May 6 – May 12

Yes….system overload.

This past week was a doozy and it was pretty much impossible to have a “Comments of the week” post that wasn’t as long as The Iliad.

So please know, this is just a sample of the great comments posted throughout the week. But hey, you know how we do at POU!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, It Ain’t My Fault! Comments of the Week

Amendment One, nor the other slew of amendments that failed in 3o plus other states are not the fault of black people. Ain’t our fault.

MonieTalks, Monday Afternoon Thread

What pisses me off the most is this laser focus at every PL and liberal leaning website about how will Black people vote on this Amendment.

Give me one damn instance where a Black person or majority Black group has submitted one amendment to put on the ballot.

How come no one is breaking down the support of gay marriage by rich white women, young white college males and females, suburban white soccer moms, white atheists, Buddhists, yoga lovers, frozen yogurt eaters…..I mean it is getting ridiculous. All everyone wants to know is how Black folk will vote….they want so badly to say we blocked progress and in turn the pundances will write that the LGBT will retaliate in Nov.

The video that Angee posted of the Black clergy was brilliant. However I have NEVER seen any of the well known (mostly white) LGBT PL crew speak in such a manner. Instead we hear their usual anti-Obama venom, the rest have been as crude as Dan “Fuck you Mr. President” Savage, making young Christian students walk out of a forum for belittling them.

I posted an 2004 article on the Monday thread about how marriage amendments likely helped GWB win the election, and there was a quote by a LGBT activist that spoke truth:

“There was never any attempt to counter the minority, right-wing religious morality that Bush was preaching with morality about equality and being in a country that welcomes and embraces diversity and is based on freedom of religion and freedom of beliefs,” Kors said.

And the LGBT still don’t get how to do this in a constructive matter to this day.

On the eve of this vote, all they can come up with is what is the President’s position.

Somebody tell me, how the fuck does that help them tomorrow?

Aleth, Thursday Afternoon Thread

Black people are not a monopoly and No one owns them. Slavery is over. This goes for the left and right. We act in our best interest as its deemed individually.

Collectively we vote democratic because it is more aligned with our view point and least likely to reinstate Jim Crow. Let’s be frank.

It interesting that 52% of whites oppose same sex marriage, likewise 49% of latinos, yet the finger pointing is in our community. It appears we are invisible unless we are needed. It’s also interesting that our struggles are great for certain folks to push their own rights but not to feel sorry for Trayvon Martins.

The call for equality should go to all PEOPLE’s and not one targeted group. Majority of people that look like BWD, Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan vote against same sex marriage…Where is the outrage?

This issue provides insight into the way excuses are created by a vast majority of left for poor whites constantly voting against their interest. It is amazing that it seems accepted that folks who are not black are allowed and expected to discriminatory. It is an accepted fact that can be excused and rationalized. It is the same excuse used for poor folks in Kentucky etc.

I don’t mind black folk being the moral compass but hold everyone accountable. Do not label anyone.

GN, Saturday Open Thread

Exactly; black people are not taking collections and crossing state lines to oppose gay marriage. Black people are not running ballots on gay marriage. Black people don’t punish pro-SSM judges and politicians (which is why a city like DC has legalized SSM).

You really wouldn’t be able to tell that from the voluminous heaps of bullshit which are thrown at black people every time GLBT rights hits the news. Our politicians aren’t going to say anything to rock the boat with white liberals; we need to speak up.

“The Decision” Comments of the Week

Oh wait…not that decision….but Lebron announcing he was taking his talents to South Beach and President Obama announcing his support for Same-Sex Marriage that may affect quite a few in South Beach – there’s a parallel in there somewhere! Anyway, everyone had a take on “the decision” and what, if any effect it may have on the elections.

Rhoda, Thursday Open Thread

I’ve been thinking on this and I think I’ve figured it out; through you may think I’m seeing conspiracy theories where there are none.

(1) Why did this happen yesterday?

Robin got the call to do an interview Tuesday afternoon; so yesterday the White House decided to make news Wednesday on gay marriage. Why? Well Jay Carney got the treatment at a second White House press briefing from the MSM; they indicated in Politico and other mediate and other places they were going to hold POTUS accountable for this gay marriage issue until he took a stand. Why? Because this helps Romney invigorate the evangelical base; which is his only hope come November.

I saw Morning Joe I think Monday talking about how it’s a shame it took this long for the MSM to hold Barack Obama accountable for his stand on gay marriage; that was the tell.

(2) The Obama decision

POTUS could have come out and not supported gay marriage yesterday but he did because he wanted to make a statement after NC IMO. I think this was a personal not a political decision that will cost him. But it’s far enough away; he can work to rebuild trust with those voters who are turned off by his gay marriage stand.

And it does turn off voters. I think the most annoying thing I keep hearing on the radio, tv, and online is this “If you’re against gay marriage, you’re not an Obama voter.” Bullshit. Gay marriage lost in Cali, and Obama won an overwhelming victory in 2008. There are a LOT of anti-gay marriage Obama supporters. I think it was at Daily Kos where I read 46% of DEMOCRATS/PROGRESSIVES are against gay marriage. In 2008 the President supported civil unions; I think that’s where the majority of the country feels comfortable. This is a risk and it’s a bold decision. He did what he thought was right and people will recognize that fact.

(3) Supreme Court

Watch this issue become connected to the next supreme court nominees that the next president will get; this in an effort to gain evangelical support and drop latino support for the president.

(4) Money

I really hope that this helps Priorities USA fundraising. Because Karl Rove & Co. are going to go all in on this issue and coupled with voter suppression laws on the books is hoping to get this election close enough to steal it.

So, yesterday the President made history. He was pushed there IMO by an MSM looking for a story to tell and looking to help Romney seal his base (something he has yet to be able to do). They got it. But it’ll also help the President in a myraid of ways they have yet to realize.

This election just got closer IMO; but it’s not the game changer the MSM thought when David Gregory put it out there for the VP and the media went all in on the issue. The world has changed. Evolved. This isn’t going to lose Barack Obama the election. But we’re going to need to work twice as hard because it WILL motivate Romney’s base.

Guns3000, Thursday Open Thread

Stepped off the airplane yesterday and saw the “BREAKING NEWS.” Then I came on this website and some other Pro POTUS websites and saw that the mood was down. After sleeping on this I’ve concluded that the President’s re-election chances are the same or higher than they were before he made this announcement. Please don’t pay any attention to the hyperbole from people that are proclaiming they will not vote for the President because of this. Most of those folks weren’t going to vote for him anyway. And the 2008 Obama voters that have changed their minds have been disenchanted with the POTUS for some other reason. This is just another reason for them not to vote for him. I really hope the LGBT crowd use their same amount of energy they used to criticize this President to rally around him. They have no excuse now. They got what they wanted. This is first time in history they have an overt advocate in the Oval office. Put up or shut now. Stop the undermining and the disrespect but I’m not holding my breath. They’ll probably move the goal posts but they’ll do so at their own peril. Personally, I’m not for same-sex marriage. Civil unions are more than appropriate. And the disrespect and antipathy this President has received from LGBT groups and voters after all he done for them is stomach turning. I criticized the President for the “evolving” comment because it was terrible politics. Voters assumed he was for same-sex marriage anyway but was hedging as long as he could. It take lots of courage to do what he did yesterday and it was smart he did it in May and not later. November is still an eternity away. This interview doesn’t change the facts. Repubs are not excited about Romney. Romney is still flawed candidate. It would be a gift to the Dems to make this election about social issues and not about the economy. The Dems would be gratified to talk about same-sex marriage because if we are talking about same sex marriage we are not talking about unemployment, the deficit and the debt. Remember it is one thing to say you are for same-sex marriage and to do something about it legislatively. Changing the definition of marriage is not going to happen anytime soon and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand Washington. The current make-up of the Congress, state governments and voters’ general attitudes won’t allow this to happen. If you are an Obama voter you should still feel pretty damn good about him being re-elected I know I am.

Admiral_Komack, Wednesday Evening Thread

Personally, I am not sweating the President’s decision.

Now, I am waiting to see how this shakes out.

LGBT (I am including the “activists”).
You pissed and moaned and got your way, now what are you going to do?
Back the President?
Back Willard?
…or do what you do best, piss and moan?

Back the President or cut and run?

They will use this against the President; just wondering how effective it will be (Republicans like to overreach).

Just some random thoughts, because come what may, I intend to vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

Fuck the dumb shit.

Jeremy, Wednesday Evening Thread

Thank you Green lady. People said that Obama was done when Rev. Wright came out, People said he was done when Hillary made a comeback in the primaries, people said that he couldn’t stand up to the right wing machine and John McCain, people said he couldn’t pass health care reform, people said he couldn’t pass DADT repeal, people said that he would lose support because of the “War on Religion”, and on and on and on.

One thing I have learned is that this man is really smart and he has a team of smart people surrounding him. Every time an issue comes up people say Obama is done and it never happens. Just like this Gay marriage thing people will hear about it and then next week we will be back to talking about the economy and other issues that are more important to voters and what will determine how this election goes down.

States like Ohio care about the economy, education, taxes, etc. Just like Obama’s supposed “War on Religion” people will move on and talk about more important things.

Town, Wednesday Evening Thread

Anyone who decides not to vote for Pres. Obama because of this wasn’t going to vote for him anyway.

Ohio is not going to not vote for Obama b/c of SSM, they’re not going to vote for him because he is BLACK.

All he can do is do him. If he loses, so be it.

BUT, when Romney & the Republicans get in there and roll everything back to the 15th century:

I don’t want to hear ANY of the Congressional Black Caucus crying or whining. I don’t want to hear Maxine Waters “unleashing” anything

I don’t want to hear ANY of the LGBT groups crying

I don’t want to hear ANY of the “progressives” crying

I don’t want to hear Tavis & Cornel crying

I don’t want to hear about anyone “occupying” anything

I don’t want to hear ANY Hispanics crying. Save your tears for Mexico or Guatemala.

I don’t want to hear ANY black people crying

I don’t want to hear any EmoBlogs crying

I don’t want to hear it.

AxelFoley, Thursday Afternoon Thread

PBO has DONE more for gay rights than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED, but it was not good enough for some on the Left until he SAID he was for gay marriage. Many of them on DKos fucking admitted that they were looking for affirmation from PBO, like he was their damn father or something.

Man, fuck that. I’m sure Dr. King didn’t give a damn about getting affirmation from Kennedy or Johnson.

I’m all glad they’re all chipper and shit now, but these fools should have been happy with what PBO has DONE so far, as opposed to wanting to hear him SAY something.

Action (which PBO has done in spades) speak louder than words.

Tweets of the Week!


This President is clearly trying to distract from high gas prices by lowering gas prices


Think Gooder @StillJohnCA

NEWSFLASH: GOP math. White = prankster. Black = thug. White = libertarian. Black = militant. White = free thinker. Black = radical.


Think Gooder @StillJohnCA

NEWSFLASH: If young black men act a certain way, they’re called “thugs”. If they’re white with money, they’re “pranksters”. #MittForBrains


Elon James White@elonjames

See @profblmkelley you obviously don’t understand that Black Folks are a monolith who can be spoken for by various spokes-negroes…



Please note it took only a few hours for Mittens to fall right into the “wrong side of future history” marriage equality trap.



Tomorrow, Obama dines with George Clooney, who is the Chairman of his President’s Council on Handsomeness.



Richard Grenell update from Team Romney: Still gay. Still fired.


Shoq Value@Shoq

BREAKING NEWS: Most of the journalists you like work for huge companies that don’t give a single fuck about what you like. #p2


Sam Youngman@samyoungman

Somewhere there’s a freaked out dude who told his girlfriend he wouldn’t get married until POTUS supported marriage for all



After Mitt’s scissors incident, at least one classmate would have to think, “Christ, don’t let him see my uncircumcised penis.”


Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport

Romney: “I oppose gay marriage because when they’re single they’re easier to pin to the ground.”



Has anyone seen Richard Grenell since Romney fired him? Concerned about possible scissor injuries to his scalp.


  • Admiral_Komack

    Thank you.

  • gc

    Nutshell: I felt gut-punched when I read of Obama’s statement. Calmer now. Overjoyed for the man who can now feel he is 100% walking the walk (not that I doubted it – it was out beloved POTUS who felt conflicted)

    Fuck the “activists” And I am not going to add to the drumbeat of posts “Now they better…” Because they won’t. It was not about rights, IMO, but about attention whoring.

    Mitt is crazy. The economy has been turned around. BHO may be Black, but he has not proven to be “BIGBLACKSCARYMAN” as predicted.

    • gc

      PS – I won’t participate in TOD anymore, not with them supporting an inappro[priate (putting it mildly) letter from BWD, but did read. Thank you, Lamb, for your “rebuttal.”

      • JojoRaze

        I’m glad lamh35 put it out there to let chipsticks know what’s up. The traffic does seem lighter the past couple of days and not so vibrant. So at least chips knows to tread lightly next time.

        These comments are really insightful. I still think he ssm thing may hurt PBO in PA and OH, but it seems the media is very much on his side in regard to SSM. They treated it like it was the second coming when legally, nothing changed. Plus at the WH Correspondence dinner, when PBO noted getting rid of DADT, the media cheered. And, I don’t think it isn’t a coincidence the WashPo story about Mittens bullying a classmate broke the day after PBO’s announcement.

        • gc

          Chips is sticking to her “principles.” She dismissed somebody named aristan who also tried to explain the offensiveness of what went down. I must have some AA blood – I read half of BWD’s letter and was insulted for Obama, did not need an explanation. I had an epiphany about prejudice when I was around ten. It stuck.

          Back to work next week. It’s been an interesting blogweek!

          • crazycanuck

            yeah the “principle’ of treating the AA on her board like uneducated idiots. So dissapointed. Trying to work it out.

          • gc

            I’m sorry this is a struggle for you, cc. It is tough when people show ugly sides. I went through a year of “deprogramming” from DK. I could/would not believe that so called liberals could be assholes.

            My guess is that Chips has tunnel vision – she sees her blog as Utopian. Too much cognitive dissonance to let some of what happened last week penetrate. I always had misgivings when I would read her posters saying they were devastated because they (projecting, IMO) felt Obama’s feelings were hurt. Is that compassion or paternalistic?

  • MsKitty

    *Dead* at the LeBron gif

    • Speaking of LeBron, I didn’t know how much of a WATB type player he is.

    • Miranda

      But why now I can NOT get this song out my head after I found the gif for “It Ain’t My Fault”

      LOL, that’s black folks theme song for the way we get blamed for everything.

  • AxelFoley

    Comments of the Week always make my sides hurt.

  • Miranda

    Oops…I completely forgot this bunch of tweets I’d saved when Tamron beat that dude down on msnbc LOL

    Gabe Ortíz‏@TUSK81
    I would like to enroll in the @TamronHall School of I’m Done, please:

    Ms. Kamal Larsuel‏@thedivuh
    am I the only one who thinks #Tamron meant “You are on my LAST good nerve” when she said “you have irritated me”?

    Mean Liberal MSNBC Lady Won’t Let Whiner Whine About Metasomethings http://bit.ly/K8fryW #tamron #dont #play #that

    Wow!! #Tamron Hall is a boss!!! The lady was not playing!!

    • JojoRaze

      Ms Kamal ain’t lying with her negroese translation of what Tamron said. After dude said he’s gonna get meta-meta, Tamron totally got her sista on esp when she said, “You don’t want me to go anything on you.” She was heated but trying not to get her angry black lady on.

      • crazycanuck

        I still have yet to hear that video.

        • JojoRaze

          You can’t see it in Canada? You have to watch it. She was just smooth, but fierce.

  • Daltex82

    Excellent selections as always, and YES this board was on fire last week!

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