September 24, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week!

For the week June 3  – June 9

Ya betta believe it. If there is one thing we know, its that all we got…IS US. This week has proven, AGAIN, that the media in all its forms, is full of shit. We already knew the corporate media was full of bitchassness, but the so-called progressive media that is corporate funded, has no interest in being advocates for the people they proclaim to speak for – they advocate for their own television and radio appearances. Believe that. The voices for that elusive “black agenda”? Well we know where they stand. We have common sense voices in Rev Al, Joe Madison, a few blogs, but other than that…….ALL WE GOT IS US.

Now on to the comments!

“Dear Public Sector Employees, I Hate You, Yours Truly, Mittens” Comment of the Week

nathkatun7, Monday Open Thread

It’s really disgusting that Willard Romney is allowed to get away with calling for the firing of government workers. What kind of businessman calls for firing teachers, cops, firefighters, social workers, people who work for Homeland Security, the Defense Department, the State Department, etc., etc.?

Don’t government workers buy/rent homes, buy groceries, cars, clothing, health insurance, electricity and home heating oils and even stocks? Just how do businesses survive if they are deprived of consumers who work for the government? Is Romney so dumb not to realize that if you fire government workers they, like any other workers, are entitled to unemployment insurance? which increases government spending?

If he is so against government workers why the hell is he running for President? The last time I checked the president was paid and maintained by your and my tax dollars and not by private business. Is Romney proposing that the White House be privatized? This man is a total idiot and the unethical media is aiding and abating him. Any one who thinks that people who work for the government are not equal to those who work for private business should not be running to president. A president is one of the most highest paid government workers.

You Really Need To Embrace the Separation of YOUR Church and State Before Your Feelings Get Hurt Comment of the Week

Y’all really need to go somewhere and seat down, for real.

MonieTalks, Monday Open Thread

We already see what these so-called “people of faith” and their political allies can do to rape victims like in OK.

I tell every person I know who condones legislating morality to remember:

One day, these same folks may decide that your child out of wedlock will not be qualified to receive medicaid, healthcare or even an education because of your fornication.

You may have to pass a morality litmus test to get WIC.

Your next voting barrier might become in the form of a religious one.

Are They Gonna Be Analyzed and Studied Like Us? Ummmm, Probably Not Comment of the Week

conlakappa, Monday Afternoon Thread

Bunch of straight Mormons marched in Utah Pride parade: did I miss every reporter asking current most notable Mormon about it? We know that the President has to answer for the actions of e’ery black person from RayRay to Kanye but to bring this up to Mittens wouldn’t be fair game. /eye.roll

Even Toto Thinks You’re A Lil Punk Comments of the Week

aleth, Monday Afternoon Thread

Ultimate CAVER of ALL: Ezra Klein: The Keynesian case for Romney
As one commenter put it: Elect our guy or we will destroy the country.

Or another adequately put’s it:

So, put another way, because the GOP refuses to compromise despite the costs, Democrats should cave to their demands. Never mind that they hold the White House or have a majority in the Senate.

What a fascinating view of democracy.

We are so screwed.

This is essentially what Romney’s case to win is all about: I am white and if you want the economy to float give the GOP what they want me Etch a sketch Romney.

This is the collective punishment of the Anglo Saxon Washington Consensus inclusive of media of America’s election of Obama. Make sure, we remember not to ever elect a person of color again because “It is too difficult.”

We are in a hostage crisis and the only way to win according to Mr. Klein is that we give them what they want period. It is not to fight because to fight for the black president is too hard since the GOP will crash the economy if the black guy wins again.

So let’s give it to them already.

Scopedog, Monday Afternoon Thread

You know, Bob Cesca pointed this out some time ago….that some pundits would put out this meme that Klein is now throwing out. The meme that, sure, the GOP Presidential candidate sucks, but if we elect him, the Republicans will stop screwing up the country with their insane tricks. Why? Because President Obama will not be in the White House. So we should just let it happen, because the GOP madness will cease.

Sorry, Ezra Klein, but you can go fuck yourself. How dare you tell us that we should bend over and take it instead of fighting tooth and nail against these no-goods who want to drag the country over the cliff just because a Black man is President?

Wait, So It Really Will Take A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back? Comment of the Week

Bri, Monday Afternoon Thread

We are powerful. We are holding back the gay community. We are the reason they cannot marry in many states. Now, we are the deciding factor in WI recall election. To be only 12% of the U.S. population we sure as heck are powerful!

Just Go STFU Comment of the Week

Dumb ass “liberals” actually sticking up for Al Qaeda who would just as soon chop off their pacifist heads than swat a fly. All this just to spite PBO. Fools.

MonieTalks, Tuesday Open Thread

Emoprogs and all the other fauxgressive, libertarians and absolute Obama haters need to shut the fuck up….especially when it comes to the decimation of Al Qaeda. Umm…you do realize that when bin Laden got smoked, a trove of intelligence was revealed….and that’s why THIS administration is putting 187’s out on Al Qaeda…decimating them. Hell, the death of bin Laden provided the KILL LIST.

I was just talking with my bro the other day and I told him numerous Democrats and bitter PUMAs and other professional Chicken Littles will do their damndest to aid the Republicans. PBO can’t even get credit for his prescient insight on bin Laden’s whereabouts by the Rethugs, but the PL is doing their best to criticize every step of it. So many Americans would love to have the days return when color codes manipulated everyday life….when somehow an Al Qaeda propaganda video warning of impending attacks came out every week like a television series and the MSM broadcast them, and in the same breath claimed the Bush administration is keeping us “safe”….when contractors and other were kidnapped frequently and ransom videos were the norm.

But I wouldn’t expect much from the PL, a group who sat back and continued to “protest” behind their keyboards while hundreds of troops were dying each month in Iraq. Where were the marches then? These same folks today claim that we give too much “hero” worship to military members who VOLUNTARILY take an oath to protect from all enemies, leave their families frequently to go in harm’s way ( not to mention the numerous other things our military does like disaster relief, NORAD, etc). These same folks say the President hasn’t closed Guantanamo…even though Congress (D’s and R’s) tied his hands in the matter. And then I remember….today’s PL thinks getting pepper sprayed, and sleeping in filthy ass tents, and beating on drums while screaming we are the 99% is heroic, even though they are costing other govt. services to be cut cleaning behind their delayed activist asses. Y’all just realizing shit is fucked up for the middle class?!….GTFOH.

To all these folks, like Gigi who want to advocate and take up for Al Qaeda, I say carry your simple ass to Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and elsewhere and volunteer to be the lawyers for those in these terror cells…..especially Gigi since you love defending white home-grown terrorists. When Al Qaeda accepts the offer to be your client, if they don’t murk or kill your ass first, then you can come when some real concerns about their civil liberties. Other than that, shut the fuck up. Because until that point, I have my money on the President..he has the intel, the oath to protect this country and he is kicking Al Qeada ass while trying to minimize American military and civilian life. And is doing quite well.

Go put on a AQ cheerleader outfit with that bullshit.

MonieTalks again!

Ain’t it something.

Military operations is one of the few parts of govt. where the President has unilateral power…he doesn’t have to deal with Republican obstructionism and Democratic pussyfooting. He IS the Commander-in-chief. That’s why the damn intelligence committee was shocked and found out with the rest of us when OBL got his brains blown out.

And because he can keep Congress at bay and sign direct military orders, the President has chewed up and spit out the myth that Republicans are the strongest on foreign policy.

PBO has been a SUPERB Commander-in-chief because the decision-making rests with him and his intelligence and military teams. And it is the precise nature at which he conducts business, the widespread knowledge he has about international affairs, and his prescient calls that have mofos from everywhere jealous like a mofo. It’s all about trying to use PBO’s extraordinary record against him and if that means rooting for Al Qeada, then that’s what his detractors will do.

Well Damn, When You’re Right, You’re Right! Comment of the Week


aleth, Tuesday Open Thread

Wisconsin all day long

Time for my beauty rest… If they did not care the first time around what makes anyone think they will care the second time around. Whatever. Auteristy for Wisconsin…

It ain’t a litmus test on the President because he told them in 2010 not to hand the keys but they did. This is a litmus test of the folks in Wisconsin. Is it economics or your race? Its a simple question

Funny how they expect all 6% of black folk to show up but the rest got excuses.. Fuck em

I will write the headlines

Voters pick Austerity
Walker win signals Romney Policy is Perfect
Walker for VP
Wisconsin recall loss a Bad sign for the President

The President did not Show Up says Dem Insider
The DNC did not give us enough Money says Ed Shultz and Daily Kos and the rest of Progressives
The economy says Bloomberg
Walker win signals anti-Union Tide
Low Turnout signals problem for Team Obama
Black Peoples Fault

If I am wrong tonight, I will say sorry. But I highly doubt it. Have a good one folks

Don’t Be A Ostertag Comment of the Week

Romney’s campaign adviser tweeted that the labor union’s days were over. So whatcha gonna do unions?

woody45, Wednesday Open Thread

Now it’s up to unions. Either get up off the ground and make him regret the day he tweeted that. Or lay there like Greg Ostertag after Shaq slapped him.

Ahh, Let The Haters Hate, F’em! Comment of the Week

Scopedog, Wednesday Open Thread

Exactly, Rhoda.

Honestly, who here does not think that the President didn’t see this coming and hasn’t been preparing for it? Every time they keep saying that he’s finished, he comes back. They said it in 2007-2008. They said it about HCR. They said it about the Debt Deal. They’ve said it so many times that if you made it a drinking game, you’d have already died from liver cirrhosis.

The state polls are saying something very different from the “horse race” national polls–namely that the President is ahead in several key states, and that things will not change between now and November (hopefully). And even if Wisconsin put Walker back in charge, they will apparently be going for the President come November.

You Get What You Hate For Comment of the Week

Worldwatcher7, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

Some thoughts about Wisconsin:

One sure-fire way to get White middle-Americans to vote against their own interests is to exploit the free-floating racism in this society. There have historically been relatively high percentages of Black folks working in government jobs, so many White folks (especially older ones) hold stereotypic views of public sector workers based on racist stereotypes of Black people.

They see these workers as surly, lazy, undeserving beneficiaries of society’s largesse. They may feel resentful that, while their own families are struggling, public sector workers receive health insurance, pensions, and regular pay increases. This is the territory Rick Santorum was headed to with his use of the term “government nigger.”

I certainly don’t think this is the whole story regarding yesterday’s vote, but if it is any piece of the story, then the White liberals who are whining because the Prez didn’t ride in on a white horse to save the day might better spend their time educating their cousins about how the upper classes are pulling their strings like puppeteers.

This Is One DumbAss Column Comment of the Week

This may be the stupidest thing written last week. Strong competition, but I think it beats the pack.

rikyrah, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

About as ridiculous as the piece over at the Daily Beast with some bullshyt about how the President is out of sync, with his slogan’ Forward’ with so many people being nostalgic about the past, hence the popularity of Mad Men, and how Willard is some present day Don Draper.

The ridiculousness of the article was too much, but here’s the thing.

I’m a Black woman who is a fan of Mad Men, but, there’s a reason why I call it the ‘ delusional world of Mad Men’.

White folks wanting to go back to a time that was a pure delusion.

Wasn’t no fucking meritocracy. How you gonna have meritocracy when 90% of the population COULDN’T PARTICIPATE.

They weren’t big fish in a big pond.

They were the only fish in a pond where the rest of the fish were crammed into sardine cans.

I don’t know no Black folks that watch Mad Men and say, ‘ I wanna go back to THAT time’.

I don’t know no Latinos that watch Mad Men and say, ‘ I wanna go back to THAT time.’

Same for Asians.

Same for White women.

DON’T NOBODY want to go back to that time, except for White men, who bought into the delusion that all you had to be is WHITE, and this President has upended it.

And, as for Willard being a modern day Don Draper…

um, folks do know that Don is a complete phony who has been lying everyday of his life for the past 20 years. That his current life is a complete fabrication because he STOLE someone else’s identity.

NOW, if they want to say that Willard is an absolute phony and fraud, and THAT is why he’s a modern day Don Draper..

well, okey doke…I’ll take that.

But, here’s my message to White men – get the fuck over it. Guess what – you gotta be more than just White, and I don’t give a shyt how inadequate you feel in comparison to the brilliant Barack Hussein Obama II, President of the United States.

If You F***ed Up And You Know It Clap Your Hands! Comment of the Week

Oh so you been doing some thinking and you really think you might run again cuz you really wanna helps da peeples, amirite Cory?

JojoRaze, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

Translation: When I ticked off the two million paying members of PBO’s coalition and didn’t beg for mercy quick enough, PBO told me I could miss him with that about getting a prime DNC 2012 spot in Charlotte or endorsing me for Senate in 2014. Also, I don’t want nobody finding out about my 1% overloads so Imma stay in Newark. I’m safer moving back into the PJs than stepping into the limelight that is national politics.

Kneegrows Still Rushing To Save Lillian Gish From Themselves Comments Of The Week

sagittarius, Thursday Afternoon Thread

Evening, Fam:

I arrived home from the outhouse otherwise known as my place of employment not only to hear some lie about something PBO said, but also to find out short-d^cked, unf*#ked, unloved and unwanted Sherman Frederick made a vile comment about FLOTUS.

Where all all these brain-washed, brain-dead Negroes who have been busy defending Gwyneth Paltrow, SE Cupp and Joan Walsh? Where are these trifling, self-hating mofos? Where are these poor excuses for men, and even poorer excuses for black men?

I am TIRED of seeing people attempt to treat this intelligent, graceful, warm and wonderful woman like a no-account piece of trash.

We need to start calling folks out. If you’re black and defending a white woman, you better be knocking folks out the way to be the first mothaf$%ka with a bullhorn defending First Lady Obama. Done.

itgurl_29, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

I’m sick of seeing these black celebrities defend Gwyneth Paltrow. The Dream playing Captain Save A Becky when he needs to be saving child support for that baby he don’t see. Fake ass R. Kelly beats making negro.

Tweets Of The Week!

Chris Dashiell@cdashiell

Strange how cops and firefighters changed from 9/11 heroes to lazy union thugs as soon as a Democrat became President.


Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport

“This place is fucked up.” — Tiny person trapped inside Rick Santorum’s brain


The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge

#Romney: “We Don’t Need More Cops. We Just Need Every Rich White Person to Keep a Fake Police Uniform in Their Wardrobe”


The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge

#Romney: “We Don’t Need More Cops, Teachers and Firefighters. We Need More Traders to Lose $4B at JP Morgan. That’s How America Works”



Mitt Romney had to miss Viet Nam because the jungle makes his hair unruly. #ParisianSightseeingBoatVeteransForTruth



Are your streets too safe? Kids learning too much? Mitt Romney has the answer.


Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport

The Koch brothers spent $6 million on the Walker campaign, which isn’t a bad price to own an entire governor. #WIrecall


Randi Rhodes@randiradio

Walker: “First of all, I want to thank God for his abundant grace.” Which one’s God, David or Charles? #kochconsin #WIrecall


The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge

BREAKING: Scott Walker Wins Koch Industries ‘Employee of the Month’ Award for Record 17th Time


Sabine Mariano@TweetEverstrong

Romney campaign announces Latino Outreach Team. Translation: Romney finds someone to tell lies, in Spanish.



People forget that the GOP is very diverse. There are white people in their 40s, 50s AND 60s.




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    fuck that.

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  • Alma98

    Great comments and tweets this week, and Monie was en feugo.

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