October 20, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week!

For the week June 17 – June 23

Obots sure did have a lot to say this week…just sayin!

Ya Just Ugly Inside and Out – Really – Comment of the Week

MonieTalks,  Sunday Open Thread

Carville’s Skeletor looking ass has done this crusade against PBO every summer since he’s been in office.

“We dyin down here” in 2010 was his most dramatic act (and most purposeful )since the full intention of his daily tirades was to create the meme that PBO was incompetent during the Deepwater Horizon accident that summer…and on the eve of the midterm elections.

When was the last time this sick-looking pale face has even mentioned the Gulf Coast, petitioned for people to visit, or said anything encouraging for all those people he claimed were dyin down there? Hell, was he ever that passionate during Hurricane Katrina?

But you won’t find him there …cuz he’s a fake, still wearing PUMAs, along with his tight-lipped mannish Repub wife.

The whole lot of these Clintionistas are political power grabbers; nothing more, nothing less.

Let Me Sum Up Our Thoughts In One Word Comment of the Week

MSNBC in its quest to fill the cretin Dylan Ratigan’s time slot are trying out four “journalists”(?) – for hosting duties…one of which is Toure’.

I think Dannie22 speaks for all of us, courtesy of the Sunday Afternoon Thread


But to give a short summary of why he get’s on our nerves:

annvic, Thursday Afternoon Thread

“Funny how black people got his number and will call him out but white people view him as this modern voice of the AA community.”

White people love Toure for the fact that he will scale Mt. Kilimanjaro to excuse white liberal racism while having an afro and writing for hip-hop magazines. Meanwhile, blacks have collectively voted to put him on “Don’t let me catch your ass on the street” notice.

The Latino Lawn Jockey Comments of the Week

Yeah, Rubio jumped out with the Williard endorsement all early. He was on the fast train to Veepville! But then a funny thing happened. His only usefulness got straight reposessed. LOL, PBO yanked it like repo man in the middle of the night.

lamh35, Tuesday Open Thread

I never once believed that Rubio was ever in running for vp. As I said in the past, first there is no guarantee that Rubio would bring any of the Hispanic vote in any real way to dent POTUS advantage. Second, Rubio is way too young and inexperienced. And unlike Senator Obama has no real record to speak of in Senate. What has he done? He was dragging his feet on his Dream Act-lite so much that POTUS came and took away the gist of his claim to fame. Dude was coasting on GOP name recognition and his Hispanic heritage “advantage” and POTUS basically stuck a fork in that. So he’s left with nothing to bring to table other than name recognition and there are others with less higher profiles, but more experience to to chose from so why chose this guy who looks like small potatoes after POTUS fed him his lunch!

rikyrah, Tuesday Afternoon Thread

I’m gonna say this again: Marco Rubio is nothing but a grifter, who thinks he’s a better grifter than he is. Rubio’s fake DREAM ACT was nothing but a damn fake. THERE WAS NO BILL that he was going to introduce. It was nothing but bullshyt to:

1. make him look more respectable in the eyes of the Latino community so that he could pimp that respect to the GOP
2. give Willard ‘cover’, so that he could try and erase all that racist ass bullshyt he said about immigration during the primary season.

that is it.

HOW do I know it was nothing but a fake?

a) where is ONE DEMOCRAT coming forward saying ‘ yeah, I was wworking with Rubio on his DREAM ACT PROPOSAL.’ as far as I can tell, NOBODY HAS SHOWED UP saying this.
b) WHY wouldn’t he push his DREAM ACT bill NOW? I’ve said it before, what the President is only valid up until January 20, 2013. If Willard is elected, it could end at 12:01 pm THAT DAY. SO, why not submit it to become LAW OF THE LAND?

Because, that would mean that Rubio’s ass would actually have to get GOP votes……and, there are NO GOP VOTES FOR THIS.

Rubio was more honest, when his ass said that the DREAM ACT and /immigration ‘ didn’t involve him’, which is why it wasn’t even a section on his WEBSITE even a month ago.

This was all a smokescreen, and the President took that smokescreen and blew it all the way up, exposing the frauds and forcing them to either support what he did, or piss off Latinos even more.

Rubio is a scam artist, who just ran out of his scam. Now, he’ll actually have to do some work in order to gain some respect in the general Latino community, and if he can’t offer Willard cover with Latinos, he has nothing Willard wants.

How influential is Rubio right now in terms of the Latino vote?

Admiral_Komack, Monday Open Thread

Dora The Explorer trumps Rubio.

Protestor Wall Street Today, Account Manager On Wall Street Tomorrow – Just Watch –  Comment of the Week

itgurl_29, Tuesday Open Thread

POU called this out within a matter of weeks. Hell, less than that. OWS was always nothing but a bunch of bored white hipsters in their 20s and 30s, playing “protester” until daddy and mommy decide to stop paying their way in life. 31 years old sleeping in parks because you wanna do an experiment. SMH. They’ve got real men, women, and children homeless all over NYC and catching hell, but you wanna play “homeless” like it’s a game. I can’t stand these people.

The Sole Patrol Really Don’t Get It Comments of the Week

About this pic : 

President Obama is hugging retiring White House butler James Ramsey on January 25th 2010.

Mr. Ramsey worked for the White House for 40 years and was supposed to retire when the Bushes left but wanted to extend working at the White House so that he could serve the Obamas as long as he could. Reportedly, several of the scheduled retiring usher staff did the same thing because they’ve been treated so well by the Obamas and really didn’t want to retire ….I think stamina may be the only factor for them leaving at this point….I’m sure the pace gets difficult over time. Desiree Rogers said last year in the Washington Post that some older staff had tears in their eyes when she was asking for their input, and they told her that no one ever asked that from them before or asked for their opinion.

edp4bho, Tuesday Afternoon Thread

Sigh ! So, so many are still stuck on December 31, 1862. Let’s see, we have black conservatives, black teabaggers, Boyce, West, and Smiley; cockeyed Christie is a biggie. Let’s not forget Steele, Ford, Bob Johnson. A few of the names you guys mention here who I haven’t a clue about but from what you write. Oh, and Mz. Tara. Oh, April is a real belle, isn’t she? Sometimes Brazile forgets she can be brilliant. IOW, they tread so lightly around their masters for fear of extinction. Somebody forgot to tell them that history is what happened yesterday. And for us, it was horrible. Only the fearless dare to pivot from being owned, and forge a new paradigm of freedom. And Toure with his Afro hair should just coin it a modern day take on Buckwheat’s do, shouldn’t he? What gets me is that too many of them challenge the “black authenticity” of PBO, who was not raised by black people, but who shows more courage and comfort in his own skin and convictions, unquestioning in his own blackness, than those who indict him for not having any roots in slavery.

TresL, Tuesday Afternoon Thread

“…PBO, who was not raised by black people…” That to me is why all black critics of PBO should STFU. I commented about this on TOD last year. PBO was raised by his white mother and grandparents and basically abandoned by his black father. In my view he owes us no more than any other ethnic group. At pivotal points in his life and career it was white people who believed in him first, not us ( I don’t include myself in that as he was my choice from day 1 because I did not want to see the Clintons any where near the White House ever again).

Think about how he was defeated in that congressional race in IL, the people of Iowa put him on the road to the nomination when too many of us were either still living on the Clinton plantation or just did not believe he could win. We came on board but after white folks validated him. It seemed the only black people who believed in him were Michelle and PBO himself. So when the black critics ask what has PBO done for us? They should look in the mirror and ask what have we done for him? And don’t say we voted for him because we’re Democrats and we were going to vote for the Democratic nominee regardless.

But We Know What’s Up Sole Patrol Comments of the Week

MonieTalks, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

This is what trips me out…self-proclaimed enlightened kneegrows always have delayed angst.

They are rightfully angry about “stop and frisk,” but how come you did not occupy the streets of NYC back in 2008 when ol Michael Bloomberg was busy pushing a term limit change amendment to benefit himself, for a chance at a unprecedented 3rd term.

But nawwwww, they weren’t worried then because their righteous homeboy “Godfather of Hip Hop”Russell Simmons told you Bloomberg was cool with him, so he can be cool with y’all. So guess what…..Bloomberg won AGAIN in 2009. And now folks mad, finally….after his 3rd term…gtfoh.

Mr. No Labels Bloomberg says, we are going to keep this policy whether you like it or not. And yet as expected from the civics-deficient, it becomes PBO’s fault. See this is what happens when you stay laser-focused on one person, keeping tabs on the so-called artificiaal Black agenda standards they set…..and instead let your local and state officials reek havoc under your nose while they’re still pouting with a PBO checklist in hand.

GN, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

You know what the issue is, everyone here does.

The number one emonegro/new media negro issue that President Barack Hussein Obama has not addressed is that he: hasn’t. put. them. on.

Not an ambassadorship.
Not a playdate for their kids with the girls.
Not a throwaway WH position.
Not a CBC bucket of skrimps.

And that’s why they’re mad. It has nothing to do with the community at all. Because if it did, they’d be heavy cheerleaders for how black people benefit from healthcare reform, the salvation of the auto industry, HCBU grants, Pigford settlement, prison sentencing reform, I can’t even remember all this man has done to list even a truncated portion of it.

aleth, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

What specific concerns are not being addressed in the federal level? What is the critique? What specifically are they seeking or having been seeking from the “federal” government?

You know articulate something because I know Cornell wants Reparation but that is not happening. So what is it?

First it was Pigford Settlement — Obama’s do or die moment to measure up according to Boyce and April Ryan. Next it was the Crack Cocain legislation..Next it was the numerous civil rights suit instituted by DOJ for mortgage fraud and discrimination for black folk.. next it was now Obama is talking about education to our community (stop lecturing us).. then its crime in Chicago like he is the damn mayor of the town or going to make folk stop acting stupid.. then we moved to Obama better say something about Trayvon Martin…next it was he is not gangsta enough… next it was BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT like it was not historically high.. like the federal goverment can police private hiring standard… oh but see the States/Local government were we should focus on are cutting jobs which predominately affect our communities–that does not matter — let’s look to Obama…NEXT its African food crisis.. that gets addressed, then its not enough black folk in his cabinet …. On and On

Insecure fucks… All talk ain’t action on iota.

What do you want? Articulate a fucking plan that can be instituted under federal authority that would have an impact on the local and state level. Articulate something within the reigns of the President’s authority not your local or state officials… Crickets… Assholes

I have been so dissappointed by so many males of both races. It is really astonishing to me to see the only time alot of these males got something to say is to Obama or a black male. Elon James stay scared of Walsh, fake ass radicals.

Same with West, Boyce etc.. .The truth is they all expected the old days– ACCESS to be the voice from the President to the Black Folk with paychecks. Grow up already.

The only damn Agenda we need is to get our KIDS to take Education fucking serious. Education is at least a way out– education that leads to ownership. The only BLACK AGENDA needed is to focus on this generation and empowering them.

Obama has been focusing on Black agenda before it was good for this asshats.. you know HE was the only one standing with the farmers seeking their settlement from discrimination.

Stay critiquing while accomplishing nada.

Alethbagger done.. But I swear one of my dissappointment has been to see some of these males just fall.

Tweets of the Week!


Saying Mitt Romney is only comfortable going on FOX News is now punishable by 30 days in jail watching every episode of “The 700 Club”



I can’t wait for the end of the movie when Glenn Beck finds out he’s been dead the whole time.



Just drop the BS, GOP, and demand Eric Holder’s birth certificate.



GOProud endorses Romney based on promise that they will be the last gays to be incinerated when the purge comes.


Maxine Baptiste@brownsugar7878

Mitt Romney was 47th in the country in job creation. His horse was 3rd in Dressage. Vote for the horse, it has a better record. #Obama2012


Bearded Stoner@beardedstoner

We distort. You comply. #FoxNewsIn4Words


Scott Finley@TheScottFinley

Just put Assange and Greenwald on a deserted island and let the battle of the narcissistic bitches commence.


Peter Flom@peterflom

#RomneyCampaignSlogans Got mine, up yours


Issa IsA Asshole@DouglasCP

I’ll Get Your Social Security and Your Little Medicaid Too #RomneyCampaignSlogans



Just in time for Juneteenth, the Shackle Sneaker for the Sell-Out Coon with EVERYTHING. Now you can be IGNORANT of your history – in STYLE.


Barracks O’Bama@P0TUS

BREAKING: Mittens’ shit stinks. #OnePercentNews








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