September 24, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week June 24 – June 30

Speak! Your voice can change the world!

50 Shades of Black from the NABJ, GOP Bitchassness and finally the Supremes…quite a week, and POUers had plenty to say – so on to the comments!

What Kind of Even More Perverted Paper Bag Test Is This? Comments Of The Week

The original paper bag test was bad enough, but here comes the NABJ with its on version. Questioning Valerie Jarrett on the President’s “blackness”…what kind of bs is that?

aleth, Tuesday Open Thread

You know what? He is black,” Jarrett said. “He’s the black president. He doesn’t hide it. How can you hide being black?”

She added that “he is who he is” and doesn’t feel constrained

That is it in a nutshell. Alot of these so called journalist live based on stereotypes of what it means to be black. They define themselves based on their illusions of what blackness means. They are not comfortable in their own skin so they project their insecurities to Obama.

Likewise, alot of these white male and female pundits. They project their insecurities and lack of intellectual abilities to the President.

Stop trying to fit him to your narrow box. He is a free black man with no inferiority complex.

Worldwatcher7, Tuesday Open Thread

This. I agree one thousand percent. This is why some people keep trying to subject PBO to endless “tests of Blackness.” It’s also why Toure’s post-Blackness scam keeps working. Too many Black folks don’t understand that being comfortable with Blackness simply involves identifying with Black people and being comfortable with yourself. That means there is no contradiction between being authentically you, whatever that is, and being Black. There is no such thing as post-Black.

This is one of the things I love about POU. It is a pro-PBO, pro-Black site that showcases the diversity of our experience. The brilliant brother featured today is Black, last week’s poets are Black, the pool aces previously featured were Black, and PBO and FLOTUS are Black.

Some members of the Black press need to stop worrying so much about PBO’s Blackness and cover stories that affect our community honestly, thoroughly and uncompromisingly. That will be super-Black.

NegroSitchoazzdownsumwhere, Yeah YOU! Comments of the Week

Really Roland? President Obama should give a speech and that will *poof* make it all better huh?

itgurl_29, Tuesday Afternoon Thread

Sorry, but no to Roland and anyone else calling on the President to make some speech, as if that’s going to make the children stop killing each other. First and foremost, where in the hell are their mothers and fathers. Secondly, where in the hell is the NAACP, the Urban League, 100 Black Men, the various black greek organizations, etc.

Why in the hell is it up to the President of the United States to get people to keep the children in their own damn community in check? Roland Martin is a member of all kind of bougie organizations that don’t do jack but throw parties and give scholarships to their own children. What is he doing about the mess that’s going down in Chicago. Because from what I hear, Barack Obama spent the better part of his young adulthood in Chicago trying to prevent exactly what’s going on today.

Alma98, Tuesday Afternoon Thread

He’s president of the united states not the president of Chicago.
So Roland can go play in traffic with his titty back ass.

You Just Keep Setting Yourself Up For Failure Williard..LOL Comment of the Week

Mitt, who told you that trying to get the Washington Post to retract a front page story on you would work? Who?

Rhoda, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

The thing that gets me: SHOW don’t tell. They coulda just BURIED WashPo by showing this supposed reams of data and evidence that they went into this meeting with; but they didn’t. They have NOTHING.

There is a reason why McCain didn’t choose Romney as his VP; and it has to do with that infamous oppo book on him he had as well as the years of tax data. A lot of powerful people sat out this election (Jeb, Chris Christie, dude in IN, and hell even our man in LA Bobby Jindal) and other than Newt at the end no one really threw a punch at Romney.

Meanwhile, Team Obama has been preparing for this man for two years. They have chapter and verse on him and they started to show it by those three stories that came out last weekend. Today, Team Romney tried to push back so that other stories wouldn’t get as good a placement but no one turns away a free meal. And team Obama is gift wrapping the oppo and handing it off to the papers they like, when they want and there isn’t a damn thing Mitt Romney can do about it.

A glass jaw is a problem money can’t solve.

YOU. SUCK. AT. NEWS. Comment of the Week

You’ll neva live it down CNN….NEVA

MonieTalks, Thursday Afternoon Thread

yep. It is so unreal. They are so sad because they FAILED after building an entire campaign against Obamacare, reiterating at every turn that PBO used up all his capital and the American people still don’t like this bad law (according to who, btw?)

I know I say it so many times, but my Grandmother warned me that folks would lose their minds when the PBO was elected. And she lived in Jim Crow era rural Virginia, so she knows how contemptuous folks can be. She felt that people of all stripes would somehow or another ridicule, criticize and demonize this man because so much of America has an internal, subconscious problem withe someone like him as the head of this nation.

That is why recent research shows it was a CONCERTED effort for the media to discuss Obamacare in the context of partisan political fighting and viewpoints as opposed to discussing the POLICY of the legislation..

But I expect NOTHING from the same media who once covered the woes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on nightly news segments while America was lied into war and troops were dying by the thousands.

Today’s bungled headlines just revisited their ineptness.

Take Your Grumpy Ass On Then Comment of the Week

As expected, here come some sole patroller gotta rain on the parade of the ACA ruling this week. Eddie Glaude Jr (check the twitter timeline) – can’t be happy – just can’t be.

GN, Thursday Afternoon Thread

lmao, gotta love how he slipped the new pavlovian word “drones” in there (did he have gg on the phone when he was writing this?).

…I say this only to dampen just a bit the excitement…

Yes, for his entire presidency thus far, the sole patrol’s entire playbook is to dampen and sour the excitement of historical times, hoping to convince people that anything short of utopia is failure when it comes to this POTUS. There’s nothing progressive about that whatsoever.

Sole patrol delivers sour lectures teaching us the notion of limitations and the merits of obsessively viewing ourselves and judging ourselves from the vantage point of those who aren’t entirely convinced of our humanity.

PBO delivers hope, change, self-possession, and moves from that abstract delivery into tangible items such as the healthcare reform which benefits millions of people.

You do the math.

Excuse Me, Imma Let U Finish But Yo Azz Didnt Do Shit Comment of the Week

Oh Hell No…… Van Jones did not take to twitter to thank HIMSELF for Congress passing the bill to not double student loan rates on Friday…just no that mofo did NOT…..he did??

annvic, Friday Afternoon Thread

Lmao, this mofo right here! Van Jones is that dude on your job that when you have to work on something together he contributes nothing, misses most of the meetings, and when he does show up questions you on every decision you make, then when it’s done he’s the first one in line talking about “Yeah, I knew we could do it!”.

Sounds So Soulful Don’t U Agree? Swaggin Out In the Oval Office Comment of the Week

Admiral_Komack, Thursday Evening Thread

Eric Holder: “Gee, Barack, I guess Congress has spoken.”
Barack: “Yeah, Eric, I guess the Attorney General has to uphold that contempt citation.”



Eric: “Sheeett!”

Barack: “Golly!”

You’re Offended? Comment of the Week

Oh, the poor dears at the RNC are upset at the vulgar language coming from the Dems! Their innocent delicate ears!

MsKitty, Friday Afternoon Thread

Oh, for fuck’s sake

Tweets of the Week!


You have to admire Justice Roberts for upholding the “Once you go black…” provision of the Affordable Care Act. Takes balls.



Here’s what I learned yesterday, Scalia, Alito and Thomas aren’t that good at hazing.



Bob Cesca@bobcesca_go

Sorry, Jane Hamsher.


Brian Beutler@brianbeutler

Sad to be reminded of that dark day when terrorists hijacked US planes and scattered insurance cards across the country



Damn…damn….DAAAAMMMNNN YOU, Barack Obama, you socialist muthafucka”



BREAKING: GOP decides to appeal SCOTUS decision to a higher court: the 12 Apostles #theydlosethatonetoo


Mark Munro@markmunro

And what happened then? Well, in the White House they say that Chief Justice Roberts’ small heart grew three sizes that day. #ACA #fb



Justice Scalia spotted at Safeway buying four cartons of ice cream and renting “Atlas Shrugged” from Redbox.



Love the way Obama enters and exits on that long, red carpet. Will have to get one for my hallway so I can look cool too.


Alexander Yarde@thatalexyarde

@dvnix SURRENDER OBAMA-Written over White House by Scalia on his Broomstick


Jamison Foser@jamisonfoser

In related news, John Roberts has an immediate opening for a food taster.


William K. Wolfrum@Wolfrum

I expect Obama to win in a blowout in November as millions of Conservatives will be unable to find “Not Obama” on the ballot.


Crispest Attics@rodimusprime

I keep getting phone calls from fax machines. SkyNet is putting out feelers. Watch your back people.



Patrick Gaspard@patrickgaspard

it’s constitutional. Bitches.


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