September 23, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week July 1 – July 7

Another great week of comments! Keep spittin the fiyah Obots!

You’ve Got Yourselves One Helluva Big Ole Loser Comment of the Week

isonprize, Sunday Open Thread

Re-thugs are throwing the kitchen sink. They are trying ERRRR- thing!! Re-thugs KNOW they have a loser. They know it.

Plus, they STAY getting it wrong. “online survey this spring by the Harvard Institute of Politics” Uh yeah, how many 18 – 24 yr old do YOU know that answer on-line political polls? Yeah, I thought so….

In every election, EVERY ELECTION, there are people who don’t vote. In every age group, every ethnicity, for whatever reason, they don’t vote.

NYT, You found a 19 yr old political science major who didn’t know if he was registered to vote? A political science major who says ‘politics is pointless.’ Really??? No, you just found a stupid 19yr old.

Whatever… New York Times, whatever.

The Melodrama From EmoProgs Really Must End Comment of the Week

Ebogan63, Monday Open Thread

“And why don’t PLs seem to understand that single payer is feasible on a state by state basis?”

Cuz it’s alot easier to chant ‘public option’ ‘bully pulpit’ and ‘destroy capitalism’ than to organize for single payer on a state basis, which is what I have stated all along that this is the way to get it done. Also, the ACA allows states to come up with solutions and get waivers(as was the case with VT, which has used this to get to single payer) If these clowns would spend a few minutes
reading what is in ACA than screaming about single fucking payer and the public option, they would realize its a pretty progressive piece of legislation.

No Prevent Defense Boo, All 52 On You Comment of the Week

Admiral Komack, Tuesday Open Thread

Since the MSM likes to talk about the election being a horse race, I’d like to use a different metaphor: the Obama campaign is going for a WIN, not a tie, and no “prevent” defense.

They are going to stuff the ball down Willard’s throat…and then dance in the end zone.

Kennymack1971, Thursday Afternoon Thread

Sorry Willard, you’re not up against libertarian cranks, dumb shit governors and idiots yelling 9-9-9 every five minutes anymore…this is the big leagues…you’re going up against the professionals now. And they are not playing with your ass at all. It only gets worse for you from here.

JojoRaze, Thursday Afternoon Thread

As Rikyrah said, “Nobody in the Prudential Building is playing with you Mittens.” You said your business experience makes you qualified to be POTUS. Now the media is getting into how you conduct your business affairs and you mad? We and PBO are supposed to take your word for it? He really thought a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama who got his political chops sharpened in 1980s Chicago and managed to get himself elected POTUS was really gonna let Mittens run roughshod over him?

And two, Strickland’s message is on-point. He summarized the issue with Mitt’s offshore accounts in less than 30 seconds. They should run what he said in an ad in battleground states.

Three: Mittens is in a bind of his own making on this. If he would have just released 10 years of tax returns as his Daddy did, who was a pioneer in tax disclosures for presidential candidates, this issue would have been blunted already. Now, he’s in “How long have you been beating your wife?” territory. If he tries to slam PBO’s discussion of the offshore accounts he has to show PBO is a liar by releasing more information, which will demonstrate that PBO wasn’t lying which will reinforce PBO’s narrative. If he doesn’t release more information, people will keep on wondering what he’s hiding, especially when his campaign slogan is “Believe In America.” I want PBO to call Warren Buffett as a surrogate on this to talk about the fact that he doesn’t have any Swiss Bank accounts and he’s still worth billions because you can be a billionaire by keeping your money in America.

And So It Begins Comment of the Week

MonieTalks, Tuesday Open Thread

If only we had a healthcare ribbon to slap on the back of every car….”I support healthcare for my fellow Americans.”

So the new summer propaganda campaign is underway…..the healthcare tax is the new dirty word. And ironically,the Iraq War pushers, like Dan Senor, are all over the teevee pushing the meme that Democrats would be foolish to campaign on the law…so he’s parading as a Democratic consultant..gtfoh.

Just 8 years ago, you could not even bring up the cold WMD trail (with fabricated war lies to boot) without being called a traitor. If you wanted an Iraq war exit, you were speaking against US troops…who tragically were dying by the hundreds each month. Ain’t that funny…troops dying over a hastened war effort was “freedom”……giving more AMERICANS access to healthcare is socialism and the “end of good ol’ American way of life.”

Bush lied… American troops and Iraqis died.
GOP claims PBO lied, but he’s trying to SAVE lies.
Meanwhile GOP congresscritters get those same benefits they rail against from day one…ask that broke ass, child support owing Joe Walsh is his freedom being trampled on with that govt healthcare plan. I really can’t stand those hypocrites!

No Italian Truffles? Cheap Cookies? Comment of the Week

Woody45, Thursday Open Thread

Mitt would let non-English speaking illegal immigrants live free of charge in one of his houses for the summer with complete access to his Cayman Island expense account before he would ever associate with the Republican base.

The crack about the doughnuts, the mocking of the restaurant owner after his staff trashed her place (he wouldn’t even meet with her!!). Romney is going to use these rubes for all their worth and if he ever became President the only time they’d see him is on television.

Go on. Keep voting against your own best interest and then act surprised when your candidate shows open contempt for you.

Just Because You Close Your Eyes, It Doesn’t Mean It Goes Away And It Doesn’t Mean I’ll Close Mine Comment of the Week

QOakaJP, Thursday Afternoon Thread

Morning folks. Getting ready for work, but I had to comment about the Chris Rock dustup. Forget it’s about Chris Rock for a minute, because as we know,this happens to black people/minorities every day. Getting verbally abused for noticing and questioning the irony of certain cultural/national traditions. (White) America in short: “why you bringin’ up old stuff?”

Let’s face it: America doesn’t understand or like karma. I don’t mean you-did-wrong-and-will-now-be-struck-down-by-lightening karma, I mean the natural recognition that ‘initial actions produce consequences that are played out over time’ karma. The karma of this nation, regardless of the progress that continues to be made with race relations- no matter how many Black people make it big in the media- regardless of having a black president of direct African descent- is rooted in the systemic enslavement, persecution, and in some case, destruction of other people (you think the Natives just decided to up and leave their own land, and that people on another continent willingly dropped their lives and freedoms to make way for the mighty Europeans and their grand ideas about manifest destiny?)

But as time moves away from that part of history, America tries desperately to sweep it away as something irrelevant to the present, since “slavery is over.” They don’t want to look at the past because they don’t want to take responsibility for the hard work and self-reflection that will be necessary to balance the energy of the nation so that all citizens would actually get an equal shot at American greatness, whatever they want to define that as. Just like a person with a history of illness in the body has to diagnose the illness and look at the possible causes before he or she can heal and STAY healthy, America has to confront and internalize its own violent and oppressive history before we can “stop talking about the past” and its effects on people today.

Then again, a lot of Americans *don’t want that*. They’re much happier living a guilt free, easy-to-explain life of privilege, content with token minorities in the spotlight to reaffirm their idea that hundreds of years of “bad” things can be cancelled out by a few decades of “good” things given to a select few Black folk. Sorry, karma doesn’t work that way. And it’s not about blaming the present generation for atrocities of the past. It’s about acknowledging that past and moving forward in a way that doesn’t continue to hurt and wear down this nation’s “body.”

Oh I Do Declare! The Dangerous Nigra Is After Us! Comment of the Week

GOVCHRIS1988, Thursday Open Thread

I find it funny. Seriously, she thought that the President was not supposed to talk about her stiff ass corporate off shoring husband. When you send out your wife to complain that the other campaign is kicking your husbands ass up and down the street, you KNOW he’s fucking up.

I remember when Michelle Obama in 2008 was asked whether or not those attacks hurt her, and she straight up said this is what politics is. It is a messy process and Barack Obama was ready to roll with the punches. In that message, Michelle stood up for her husband way better, because she telegraphed to the world that her husband was strongly ready for this and he was able to take everything they had and thats why he’s President and she First Lady. Looking at Ann, she KNOWS her husband is jacked up, thats why she is in a defensive coddling stance. I love it, because we know that campaign is not going good at the moment.

Tweets of the Week!

John Conner@MotorCityLib

Memo to White working class people: Mitt Romney and his wealthy donor class hates your guts.


Billy Bob@sherifffruitfly

the shamelessly idiotic media has outsourced the concept of TRUTH to outfits like politifact. media’s only role is he-said-she-said TMZ shit


E. Mo Black@EmoNegro1

Watch my forum “Black People Where They At Cuz of Obama” on Cable Access channel 1195, at 4am next Wednesday.


E. Mo Black@EmoNegro1

Hol’ Up. Hol’ Up. Why can’t Obama push through the BLACK AGENDA through an executive order? #idontknowwhatblackagendaisbuthecoudhookusup2



I’m too informed to vote Republican.


Bearded Stoner@beardedstoner

I continue to be amazed that John Boehner’s immediate focus on vaginas last year didn’t turn the economy around.


William K. Wolfrum@Wolfrum

How dare Chris Rock express things from the point of view of a Black man. Politico should fire him.


Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport

When Tea Partyers say, “I want my country back,” ask if they can identify it on a map.


The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge

US auto sales hit highest level in 5 years in latest sign Obama’s plan to destroy America may be failing


Kate Hussein Obama@rollingingraves

Ann Romney wants Mitt’s VP select to have “same personality type”. Cardboard it is, then.


William K. Wolfrum@Wolfrum

If you gave two monkeys 15 minutes with a typewriter, they’d eventually draft the Texas GOP Platform.


Shoq Value@Shoq

So excited. Just months away from another disappointing @NYJets season. At least Jesus is with them now.


Shoq Value@Shoq

So excited. Just months away from another disappointing @NYJets season. At least Jesus is with them now.


Jesse Taylor@jesseltaylor

Watching Breitbart writers threaten John Roberts is like watching drunks threaten the wall they just ran into.







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    Bravo bravo for this week’s comments.

    and, always, thanks for the tweets.

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    Congrats to everyone, loved QOakaJP comment.

  • GN

    I absolutely love this feature. And whomever runs that emonegro twitter account has earned a permanent residence in the bad lounge, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars lmao:

    E. Mo Black ‏@EmoNegro1

    Watch my forum “Black People Where They At Cuz of Obama” on Cable Access channel 1195, at 4am next Wednesday.

    /OMFG, heaving

    • Ebogan63

      Seconded, LOL @ E. Mo. Black.

    • isonprize

      EMOnegro is a SCREAM.

  • Worldwatcher7

    Woody45’s comment about Romney is so real we should throw money at it. And you’ve placed it with the perfect picture; it could be titled “the effete snob.”

    Put the words and picture together in a greeting card and mail it to every middle class, working class, and po White person in this country.

  • isonprize

    . . .lil curtsy. . . Thanks, y’all.

    And “All 52 on you” is the bomb gif. I just KEEP watching it. DAMN.

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    Great, great comments of the week. People should know by now, you don’t mess with POU. POU brings it every time, every day. Keep hittin ’em, y’all !

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