October 20, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week


For the week July 8 – July 14

What a WEEK!

Keep bringing it Obots. This election season is picking up more steam than the summer heatwave. But that’s ok, keep bringing the fiyah, we got plenty of cold drinks and popsicles in the bad lounge!

Our Tests Prove……………..ITS YOURS Comment of the Week

JojoRaze, Sunday Afternoon Thread

“He gave birth to this baby up in Massachusetts, and now he doesn’t recognize it, and can’t pick out any strains in the hereditary chain there that look like anything he did in Massachusetts.”

This is so hilarious! Durbin makes it sound as if R-Money is a baby daddy who doesn’t want to claim his child. And PBO is taking him on Maury to get him to take the DNA test and Maury is saying “You ARE the father!”

They Still Crying Comments of the Week

Why are they still here? The Sunday Afternoon Thread lit into these clowns.


These two coons…

They stay mad because PBO has made them obsolete. Instead of black leaders who talk a good game, we got a real black leader–check that, a leader who happens to be black–who gets things done. Like I’ve said before, PBO done threw a monkey wrench in they hustle.


Karl Rove said that it would only take a few percentage points of black voters turning away from PBO to defeat him. And like clockwork, the sole patrol and professional left flood us with propaganda to that same effect. These people aint shit, and there’s nothing really complicated or hard to figure out re: their underlying disdain for black folks including the black President.

Tavis can go fuck himself along with Arianna, Markos, and the rest of these assholes. They don’t care if Mitt is elected because it doesn’t hurt them. Thus they are free to purity troll and otherwise act the fool. Buyer beware.


Well said GN! Most of us see through these characters. In the end, the only people who embrace and promote them are the Arianna Huffingtons and the Ed Shultz’. President Obama had to fight the relentless vile haters from the Republican party and the holier than thou haters from the purity progressives. For these two jokers to join in piling on, while pretending to be for black folks, simply takes the cake.

The vast majority of black people are not stupid. Most of us understand the political dynamics President Obama had to operate with. Most of us also understand the hustle being played on us by Tavis Smiley and the good doctor, Cornel West. As much as they claim to love Black folks, they are both beholden to, and are serving, white dominated institutions. The last time I checked, neither Princeton nor PBS had as their primary goal the advancement of the nebulous West/Smiley Black Agenda.

I hope Smiley and West don’t think that Black people are so stupid to believe that if Willard “Mitt” Romney is elected President he will implement the Smiley/West Black Agenda.

*Que Bonnie Raitt* Comment of the Week

JojoRaze, Monday Open Thread

They are acting like Mitt needs this advice. Mittens knows exactly what is wrong with his campaign. He admitted he isn’t as likeable as PBO. There are no puff pieces about R-Money’s family because they are wealthy and Mormon, two things Mittens doesn’t want to talk about.

How can he make people not despise him for his wealth, which he got from firing people? He sure hasn’t said or done anything to dispel the notion that he made his money from firing people. How can he not make people freak out about his religion which most people know nothing about and what they do know makes them nervous? Mittens knows how PBO has been slandered for being a Muslim even though the president isn’t so he can’t talk about something so integral to his life as his religion because it still freaks people out.

They could talk about Ann Romney being a cancer and multiple sclerosis survivor, but that would delve into having health care available to all Americans and he can’t run on that since the GOP has repudiated that notion; and no one cares about Miss Ann’s illness if it isn’t in the context of them getting affordable health care.

The media better get used to Mittens’ Montgomery Burns schtick and move on. Mittens has.

Kill This Pollyanna “There Is Good In Everything” BS Comment of the Week

Tweet from Melissa Harris-Perry on Monday:

I have been working hard to strike balance. Firmly believe in presenting multiple points of view w/o *endorsing* all sides.

Woody45, Monday Open Thread

How do you strike a balance between lying and not lying? Is she saying that in her pursuit of getting multiple points of view it’s not her job to point out facts?

She makes a farce out of her own argument. There’s no deep meaningful debate if you take the truth off the table. Her job isn’t to try to avoid the appearance of endorsing all sides it’s to use the facts to push and shape the discussion.

If her guest want to spout nonsense that’s fine. Not calling them out because you want to get their perspective is flat out negligence. This ain’t study hall.

Help Or GET THE HELL OUT THE WAY Comment of the Week

Town, Monday Afternoon Thread

“pointing to liberal discomfort with the idea of Super PACs”

We don’t have time for candy ass purity liberals who will be just fine if there’s a President Romney. This purity nonsense is why liberals stay losing.

“One of the party’s most prominent donors underscored how the Clintons were far more attentive to him than Obama, whom he is backing.”

Obama doesn’t have time to suck your dick, he’s trying to win an election. Either help him or get out of the way instead of crying about how Obama didn’t stroke you in the Lincoln Bedroom.

On The Bright Side, With ACA, You Can Get Fixed Right Up! Comments of the Week

creolechild, Monday Afternoon Thread

Stick and jab Bay-Bee! Feint…throw the gloves up, change direction, then pivot and hit ’em HARD with an uppercut that knocks them off balance.

Hey, GOP, how ya like the “community organizer” now! It seems like it was only yesterday when you were so confident that his “inexperience” would be his undoing. Arrogant much? Remember “That One” who you laughed at and mocked to no end? Not so funny anymore, as he unleashes a ground game that is second to none is it? From where we’re sitting, looks like y’all bout to get KO’d.

But don’t worry the highest court in the land has ruled that ObamaCares is indeed constitutional–and here to stay–so as your corner provides smelling salts (and we rub salt into your wounds)…do not despair. Look at this way…at least you’re covered and can get the medical attention that you’ll need when he’s finished with you!

AxelFoley, Thursday Afternoon Thread

Yup, it’s a whole new ballgame for Mittens. It’s one thing to take out that weak ass lineup during the Rethuglican primaries, but it’s another to try to put on your big boy drawls and take on the Champ.

PBO took down the Clinton machine and McCain (did you know he was a POW?) and the whole GOP in ’08. Willard ain’t got shit PBO ain’t seen before.

Why Are We Even Sitting Through This? Comments of the Week

Seriously, the paying convention participants should not have been subject to sitting as props for Romney’s bitchassness. They need to demand the NAACP leadership WISE UP.  POUers knew this from the get-go (as my Mama would say). Comments from the Live Chat Thread on Wednesday:


Ok finally heard Willard’s speech and…*Kanye Shrug*. This speech, as has been pointed out here well in advance was not for the NAACP or African Americans at all. This sppech was for the MSM and the Negro media lawn jockeys who will try to sell this as some great moment for Willard. Trouble is they’re about to find out that Blacks are not nearly as feebleminded as they like to think we are. Black folks know who is behind those voter supression laws, what party’s governors and state legislatures have been going after public workers whose numbers includes lots of Blacks and what party has embraced birthers and racists. So Tara Wall and her friends like Sophia Nelson and Roland Martin can spin all they want but we ain’t falling for the okey doke…the stakes are too high.


I keep reading that media is saying Bozo was “brave” for going in front of 500 black people. If he was so brave, why did he need 200 backups? And, what’s so brave about going in front of 500 “savages” as his camp really sees us, anyway? He was well protected, coached, and supported by black folk who Harriet would have shot had she the chance. Nothing there, folks. He’s white. NAACP doesn’t exist without white folk. Now the real test would be for him to stand in front of a group like Avenging the Ancestors, here in Philly. Or visit an HBCU with that shit he talks. This move was expected, and I myself don’t see a win for him. His base will suckle on it, but PBO’s been dealing with these racist MF’s for years, and still dares to counter them. If anything, it will motivate us to the polls. My local black talk radio is expanding the dialogue on voter suppression with righteous indignation. Folks are pissed and we’d best stay pissed. In a way, all this attack on black folk ironically is moving people out of their collective funk about what PBO hasn’t done for black folk, and those people are remembering how our ancestors fought for our rights. As a reverend at the convention said yesterday on Rev Al’s show…..”2008 was historic, 2012 is personal…”.


Thank you!! Too many of these Negros in the media and these bourgie organizations LIVE for white approval. They LIVE for it. That’s why to this day they still LOOOOOVE Massa Clinton and will call President Barack Obama everything but a child of God. I’m sick of seeing these tweets from black msm pundits demanding we give Romney “credit” for going to the NAACP. Credit for what, MFer?! The NAACP is the oldest American civil rights organizations. Why in the hell should he get credit for going to speak to his fellow Americans? Because their asses don’t fully feel they are truly American and so in their minds, they need Massa Mitt to validate their freakin’ American-ness. These people are crazy and they hate themselves. The idea that they truly think Mitt is doing something special and courageous by talking to a group of bourgie black people at a bourgie NAACP convention is just truly sad to me.

And yeah, the NAACP got had and played by Shitt and the repugs. But that’s what happens when you the only way you can get your life is if a white man pat’s you on the head.


You hit it on the head!!!

Why in the hell should he get credit for going to speak to his fellow Americans?

This is what happens when one does not fully see themselves as an equal and still carries around an inferiority complex. They are always in awe whenever an asshole shows up in this case Romney.

See when President Obama showed up to the GOP retreat, he was comfortable in his skin, he really believes he belongs. Same thing with Michelle Obama, they truly see themselves as American as apple pie with no need to overcompensate. Talk about them or not, they keep it moving. Hanging with any of these folks in the legislative branch or whatnot, does not complete them. Unlike Clinton.

The one barrier some in our community need to get over is the white gaze and the need to always define themselves based on what the white gaze thinks. Just be. Be free.

You raise such an important point. .. why give credit? Did the Latino community say we give credit? They kept it moving, like he ain’t for us so keep it moving..

We are as American as apple pie and deserve that respect. Your showing up does nothing. He did not denounce tea party bigotry, mormon bigotry, voter suppression, apologize for eradicating the affirmative action office in Nassachusetts, layoffs, the gop gridlock.. so credit for what?

A white guy showing up to a civil rights event? Is that all it takes?

Really? That’s it…

The double standard is amazing… Obama must drop through hoops to get approval or just recognition from these black punditry class while Mr. Romey just gets credit for showing up? What does that say to young kids?


I’m glad the audience booed Romney’s ass. Someone had to hold him accountable because the NAACP leadership sure as hell did not. He should never have been allowed to get up on that stage and talk down to that audience like that. Ben Jealous’s stupid stuttering ass allowed that mess and the more I think about it the more it pisses me off.

Mitt Romney has cosigned the racist voter ID laws that they’re trying enact around the country. He’s even joked about it. And yet the NAACP let this bastard, who is counting on the disenfranchisement of black and brown people to secure a win, get up on their stage and speak to their audience. Speak down to their audience.

They should NOT have invited him and they should have put out a nice long statement citing his support of black-latino voter disenfranchisement laws as the primary reason.

The NAACP sucks.

Think We Were Over-exaggerating? Comment of the Week

See. It was exactly what we said it was.

JojoRaze, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

It’s worse even in context. Shorter Romney: All you niggers who love Obamacare are taking away the property of good hardworking white folk to get your healthcare.

Again, this just treats black people as loafers, not American citizens and tax payers. People have to die of preventable diseases like diabetes, high-blood pressure, etc, so Romney and ’em can have show horses and the best Picasso because to do otherwise would deprive rich people of their liberty. I mean, this is some Southern strategy remix, with a dose of “I’ve got mine screw you.” He can’t even articulate it well, but the formula is there. Our roads, bridges, education and other infrastructure–the only way we are going to remain a super power–have to be sacrificed on the altar of rich people’s greed.

I really dislike these people, I really do. I don’t know how PBO and FLOTUS do not tell these people off.

Yep, We All Know Comment of the Week

Joe told it and got fired. Some in the media and wannabees-in-da-media folks may pretend, but we just can’t. We know this game and gonna call it out.

MonieTalks, Tuesday Open Thread

Tell it!

Mitt Romney is playing to the innate racial politics that so many on both the right AND the left do.

A few weeks ago, The Other 98% (left-leaning, but they do have their purity perch as well) posted a link to Bill Moyers saying how devastating it is for people like his grandson these days…it is America no more.

Lester Holt narrated a segment about a week ago, with all white people lamenting about the economy, their need for food stamps…etc.

HBO is now airing weekly documentaries called Hard Times: Lost on Long Island

Look at the trailer…..I know we at POU already see what the deal is..

I have been seeing this theme played over and over…this economic downturn is killing (white) America privilege hoist, and subconsciously the Black president is presiding over it, while the rest of us is invisible.

As a Black person, we always have a different view because early on, we HAVE to have it….we want to know why there are different standards

My mom used to tell me…for the most part, Blacks folks (and other POC) often have immeasurable strength when it comes to poverty, and living with little means. You learn early on how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. My grandmother’s house, in which my mom was raised has less bedrooms than mine’s and she had double the children to raise…but the family never lost sleep trying to put themselves in further debt to purchase a bigger home..they made due with the room they had, take immaculate care of it and my grandma still lives in “the house” today.

My mom and I would also watch shows like 48 Hours..and interestingly enough there also was an abundance of shows about White people killing their own family members, or setting up murders, for insurance money or over money disputes. And I remember her specifically say one time “you know, I hate to generalize, but as much as people malign Black people about murders over drug crimes, etc….you hardly ever see us killing one another over being afraid of losing wealth in a divorce, a business deal or killing our families over a hefty insurance check.” The pursuit of money is different for them. She said being in a country where our entire existence has been from being kept as chattel to later being pushed away from success and kept in our place by laws and discrimination, we don’t put wealth above people. It has simply not been that important…..our community and familial ties is what kept us faithful and hopeful.

It is just so interesting that in the 1980s, when imo, the modern greedy and money obsessed culture was resurrected…and the yuppy culture was broadly popularized and embraced,especially in the media. Hell it was the 1980s when Mitt Romney and Bain posed in the infamous money photo. Yet hip hop’s earliest pioneers like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were speaking about poverty, income inequality:

My son said: “Daddy I don’t wonna go to school
Cause the teacher’s a jerk!”, he must think I’m a fool
And all the kids smoke reefer, I think it’d be cheaper
If I just got a job, learned to be a street sweeper
I’ll dance to the beat, shuffle my feet
Wear a shirt and tie and run with the creeps
Cause it’s all about money, ain’t a damn thing funny
You got to have a con in this land of milk and honey

They kept the struggle of POC invisible then, and they are doing the same now.

And I may be getting cynical as I get older, but watching white folk crying because they made $250,000 one year and then had to go to a food pantry the next….

they can go where Velma Hart went.

That “C” is NOT for Credibility Comment of the Week

CNN’s top political stories for Thursday:

Obama taking black vote for granted?
Black conservatives open up
Mapping out the Black vote
Biden talks voting rights at NAACP
Biden touts Obama successes
Obama explains ‘mistake of my first term’
Another D.C. mayor dogged by scandal

itgurl_29, Thursday Evening Thread

I’ll translate:

Nicca “President” Taking Niccas for Granted?
Good Niccas Unleash on Nicca “President”
Tracking the Nicca “vote”
Nicca-lover Riling Up Niccas at NAACP
Nicca-lover Making Excuses for Nicca “President”
Nicca “President” Explains Why He Can’t Handle a White Man’s Job
Another Nicca “Mayor” of Niccaville Dogged by Nicca Behavior.

Fox News Lite, indeed.

Ain’t Nuthin But A G-Thang Comment of the Week

eclecticbrotha, Friday Evening Thread

They are scurred, ma.

Even Mitt’s own party is starting to pressure him into releasing his returns. The poor Black Republicans like Nia Malika can’t help but show up on TV with creased foreheads and bustdown bedhead because they ain’t slept well since the first day that Uppity Socialist Kenyan Negro in the Oval Office who shot bin Laden in the face went and dared upset Massa Thurston Romney III. Now, the Romney camp’s got an entire weekend ahead of looking over their shoulder waiting for President Obama to throw his next haymaker straight to the fat part of Mitt’s shiny animatronic dome. They’re too outclassed to know what to expect next, but we all know its comin’.

So just chill….until the next episode.

Tweets Of The Week!


Hey Romney, when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging, so what does he do? Grabs a shovel : D #Bain



Peace out, Freestuffians.



How @barackobama doesn’t have a Primal Scream Therapy room where his days are spent yelling at our fucktacular reality, I’ll never know.


Ari Melber@AriMelber

It’s always awkward when they notice your resume has the wrong dates during your job interview. #Bain



Shorter Romney campaign: Our lying about Bain is a felony? Obama is black. This already means he’s a felon to at least 40% of you.


Simon Maloy@SimonMaloy

Mitt strains to ‘splain as Bain reign remains a campaign stain. #NailedIt


Think Gooder @StillJohnCA

NEWSFLASH: Every time they say “job creators” a baby kitten drowns itself in a vat of crude oil. #savethekittens


Shoq Value@Shoq

ObamaCare causes cancer in rats. #MittRomneyLies #p2


Bearded Stoner@beardedstoner

Mitt Romney hates people who get something for nothing. I find that kind of self-loathing sad.



House GOP also votes to ban John Roberts from any prom after-parties.


rob delaney@robdelaney

Deeply concerned that every single black person without exception will vote for Romney after his NAACP speech today.


K. Costanza@professorkck

Are “nails ladies” the new New Black Panthers?


Barracks O’Bama@P0TUS

Romney’s veepstakes will go to the poor bastard who doesn’t take a step back.



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