October 23, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week July 15 – July 21

Yes…YOU PEOPLE! You people have been lighting up the comments all week!

I Got Your Apology, Its On The Bottom Of My Shoe, Bend Over And I Will Show It To You Comments Of the Week

Mittens camp been running around hollering for an “apology”. LMAO! Umm, no partna, you ain’t getting nada, zilch, zero. And ya mad cuz that tone-deaf singing was the perfect track for an ad featuring your lying ways? TOUGH.

MonieTalks, Sunday Open Thread

That ad…

Think about this.

PBO, in this ad, pretty much says, you Rethugs have been questioning my patriotism ever since 2008 with flag pin foolishness.They claim he went on an apology tour. They even misconstrued the FLOTUS’s word and said she wasn’t proud of her country. Romney even said PBO, the constitutional lawyer, does not understand America.

And so Mitt makes “Believe in America” his slogan, specifically for the GOPTEA to salivate.

And yet in this ad, foreign tax havens and outsourcing nations are featured one after the other, with Mitt’s horrible singing in the background. Does Mitt Romney really believe in America? That is what this ad asks.

Mofos wanted a fight over patriotism…they got it.

PBO ain’t gray out for nothing…he has worked hard as hell these past years shuffling the massive shitpile he was left, with the GOPTEA bring more crap…..oh he ain’t letting off yall lying ass mofos AT ALL.

GN, Sunday Open Thread

PBO is simply telling the truth and cutting through the bullshit. Slapping a flag pin on the lapel while housing money away from US tax consequences, tying yellow ribbons around trees while cheerleading wars which send our people (and people in other countries) into hell for no reason. Talking junk about “family values” while not giving even half a damn about cutting health and food benefits for children off, injecting shame into poverty and calling people leeches. I don’t blame President Obama for choosing to use a moment of Mitten’s shameless pandering to just cut through all of it and have a reality check. PBO is an excellent leader who should command way more respect and trust than he currently gets.

JojoRaze, Sunday Afternoon Thread

PBO changed the game after those Vanity Fair and Boston Globe articles came out. Howie Kurtz this morning had on Jennifer Rubin, the Repub editorialist from WaPo, and she was whining like Keith Sweat talmbout the Obama campaign keeps leaking stories to the papers and its not fair. I was *dead* that this Bush water-carrier was complaining about govt collusion with the press. Also, the “Firms” ad is genius in so many ways. PBO just told Mitt, “I’m not gonna hide like a little punk behind my SuperPAC and attack you, I will call you out of your name to your face. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

The Repub party heads need to really sit down and reflect. They knew this was Romney’s Achilles Heel and instead of allowing Gingrich and Perry to ask Romney for some receipts to neutralize this when Team Obama got a hold of him, they just let him waltz to the nomination. When they get beat, they have no one to blame but themselves.

TresL, Sunday Afternoon Thread

I saw that too and was gobsmacked when Kurtz said that PBO had never suffered this kind of relentlessly negative press. And he’s supposed to be the person who critically observes media coverage? Somehow he missed flag pins, Rev. Wright, “the whitey tape,” clinging to guns and religion, educated in a madrassa/secret muslim, the birthers and so on and so on.

Kurtz was clearly trying to appease CNN’s new right-wing audience with that nonsense. Clarence Page seemed incredulous at the statement and was able to interject the Rev. Wright coverage to which Kurtz said, something like ,”oh yeah” but acted as though that was the only time PBO had received comparable negative coverage. And Rubin kept trying to blame everything on the Obama campaign. Hello Jennifer, this is the campaign and politics ain’t beanbag as John McCain has been known to say. If it’s too hot, you and Mitt both should get out the kitchen because this is only July and it’s bound to get hotter.

I don’t know how these so-called media people look themselves in the mirror everyday.

Tafr, Sunday Afternoon Thread

President Obama has been disrespected every which way you can think of. His faith has been questioned, his patriotism hell even his birth place. His wife and children have been attacked all the while the man has seen fit to keep it moving and not once ask for an apology. Mitt Romney is a pitiful little man, the republican establishment must be embarassed as hell to have him as their candidate.

You know it is not like we are asking Mitt to apologize for the rampant racism of the Mormon church. It is not like we are asking Mitt about pologamy. All we are asking is that he do what every candidate before him has done and show his damn tax records. This man is behaving as if he is being personally attacked; you know like President Obama has been since day one.

I am so proud of the Obama campaign for sticking to their guns. Damn right you tell Mittens to show us his papers or shut the hell up. There is no crying in baseball Mittens.

Don’t Let Up, Beat Him To Sleep Comment of the Week

Aquagranny911, Sunday Afternoon Thread

Kiddos, I’m really thinking that the Mittster is just about done so bring out the forks!

Not that we should be complacent & stop working for OFA or stop any of our efforts to protect voting rights in our states. But I really think we should also be playing the long game like our PBO.

We also need to be putting as much time & energy as we can into our local elections especially for Reps, Senators & legislatures. These seats matter & we want Dem butts in them. If you are in a red or purple district, pick your best Dem & work for them. We are pragmatists so we get Dems elected first & then get them on board for PBO if they are not fully committed.

Trust me when I say that when you tell one of these people: “I worked for your ass so you better pay attention” they mostly do. We can all do this & we need those Dems in Congress.

I know I am probably preaching to the choir here but it worries me that the goatfiggers are leaving Mitty out to dry while they plot & plan to steal Congress so they can keep burying all of us.

Just my two pesos….

The Back To The Future Excuse Comment of the Week

creolechild, Sunday Afternoon Thread

Soooooo, if Mitt “retired retroactively” then shouldn’t he be expected to return the money he was paid for the three years that Bain forgot to stop payment on his salary because he was no longer there even though he traveled back to MA on occasion to attend business meetings and provide that ole Midas touch coupled with personal attention and “free” consulting to companies such as Lifelike while signing off on legal documents which indicated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was in fact CEO, primary shareholder and big dog still in charge.

Guess someone forgot to tell him that he was “retired retroactively,” huh?

Further and further down the rabbit hole they go.~

The Media Still Sucks Comments of the Week

So Candy Crowley wants to play the false equivalency game with David Axelrod huh?

majii, Sunday Afternoon Thread

Crowley is a lying RW *itch. She was attempting to draw a false equivalency, and I’m glad Ax cut her off at the knees. Probably the reason she asked about offshore accounts is that she has one. I was raised to put my money where my mouth is. Romney says one thing but does something entirely different and has the gall to feel that no one should challenge him on his lies. Romney wants us to think that his slogan ‘Believe in America’ is a true reflection of what he believes, but those offshore accounts show that his money flows out of the U.S. to foreign countries so that he can avoid paying his fair share of taxes. I’ll believe he believes in America when he brings all of his money back to this country and when he releases 10 years worth of tax returns.

nathkatun7, Thursday Afternoon Thread

Ever since February 2009, I came to the conclusion that, for the most part, the vast majority of people in the media — especially broadcast media — were going to be hostile to President Obama. This was based on the way the media treated the President at the time when the country was going through such a catastrophic economic melt down. I had stopped watching cable news during the war on Iraq because all cable networks were cheering the war. I resumed watching intermittently, mainly MSNBC, during the 2008 elections. But I quickly noticed that the same media that had given George W. Bush a pass on everything, were all of a sudden questioning everything President Obama did.

I am absolutely convinced that the vast majority of the mainstream media want to see President Obama defeated. That includes the so called fact checkers Although now and then they may challenge Mitt Romney, for the most part his repeated lies about President Obama are never examined or challenged. Bottom line: I have no faith in the MSM.

I think all of us who support the President have to come to terms with that reality. Our task then is how to go around, or over, the MSM to communicate with people who will be voting in three months. I don’t know about any body else but I no longer consider the MSM as a source of objective news. That’s not to say that there are no individual journalists who still try to report objectively. But those are rare and endangered species in the current atmosphere of MSM.

As My Uncle Walter Would Say “Will steal the stank off shit” Comment of the Week

jds09, Wednesday Evening Thread

The clip of Romney at the town hall is a classic example of white male privilege run amok. As a black women working in a white setting, I’ve watched POC put an idea on the table, it’s ignored then 10 minutes later some white guy picks it up and repeats the idea like its his. Every white person in the room gasps ” Great idea Bob!” Mitt’s behavior is like nails on a chalkboard.

Keep On Mitt and Michelle will have to pull Barack off you like Ralphie’s Mom had to stop him from pulverizing the bully Comment of the Week

Town, Monday Open Thread

Romney releases an ad of Obama singing, after Obama released an ad of Romney singing because Obama was singing.

Romney’s Achilles’ heel is that he doesn’t like to be laughed at, mocked or thought a fool and right now Obama sauntered down White House collanade laughing, mocking and making a fool of him.

He gets very flustered when he’s not in complete control of the situation. We saw that in the Republican debates

The Real Life Gordon Gekko Comment of the Week


JojoRaze, Monday Evening Thread

RMoney is a fail on this. The reason why Mitt has always rubbed me the wrong way is that he was born rich; his Dad was head of a car company and had integrity. He didn’t take any loopholes in his taxes and headed a company that made something and hired people. Yes, politics did his Daddy dirty, but instead of keeping his father’s integrity R-Money decided to go into leverage buyouts, which is strategic destruction of the middle class to profit himself.

Even the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Vanderbilts “cleaned up” their money by donating it to the public in libraries, schools etc. Mitt pioneered outsourcing. It’s not like he was from a poor immigrant family and was the first to go to college so he had to make money right away and ended up in leveraged buyouts. There’s a number of people in leveraged buyout and the financial industry who got into it that way. He chose this career as an already rich guy when he could have done good with his family’s money. So his “sympathy” for waiters and waitresses rings so hollow. When no one was looking when he was at Bain, he could care less.

Maybe On November 7th You Can Sing “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” Comments of the Week

Oops. So you mad that BMG and Al Green let PBO turn his riff into a ring tone but gave you the hand? LMAO, ask one of those A-list musicians in the GOP camp to help you out! Oh…….wait *giggle*

GN, Tuesday Open Thread

People talked about this in a thread yesterday, but I found it utterly delightful that Al Green/BMI refused to allow Romney to use Let’s Stay Together in an anti-PBO ad while having no issue whatsoever with all of the youtube videos which contain PBO’s rendition in a positive light. People up in arms about the “double standard” have little understanding of an artist’s rights to choose how her or his work may be utilized. It’s why each election season, Dems seem to have access to an unlimited array of songs to play at rallies, etc., while the GOP stays hitting the news because this artist or that artist does not want their song associated with Republican politicians.

Many thanks to Al Green for reinforcing how many people have PBO’s back in every imaginable capacity

MsKitty, Tuesday Open Thread

From what I can gather the GOP music roster pretty much comes down to Ted Nugent, Lee Greenwood, Wayne Newton, Pat Boone, and Kid Rock. Such an embarrassment of riches.

How Dare You Pickaninnies Talk Back Comment of the Week

dannie22, Friday Open Thread

Yea, well how DARE you negroes have the audacity to ask Missy Ann about her finances!! Do the Rmoneys ask you how many welfare checks you get? Or how many Cadillacs you drive? No!! But Robin Roberts had the nerve to question, repeatedly i might add, Missy Ann’s money. Now you negroes know you have gone too far!!! You negroes need to be told!! What difference does it make how much taxes the Rmoneys paid? You’ll never see it? Not in your hood! You think the Rmoneys spent all that time and energy, hiding their money so you could get at it? I dont think so. So next time negroes, remember your place in life! Thats right, “you people” better learn where you stand and quick!!

Pole Dancing for Jesus Comment of the Week

So not making that up. Anywho, Suzy Welch, the current wife of Jack Welch, had the audacity to come all offended because folks weren’t having her “othering” of President Obama. With a past like this, shouldn’t she just be real quiet like, FOREVER? nooooo, gotta get mad and claim “Jesus” when she gets called out.

dannie22, Saturday Evening Thread

Suzy was killing me acting like she found Jesus. She found Jesus when she pulled her panties up.

Read the chirpstory of the pushback and Suzy trying to defend herself here.

Tweets of the Week!

(a tribute to Mitt and his fake followers LOL)


Muslims are terrorists. Blacks of any faith are thugs but White men are just misunderstood mental patients when violence occurs? Please.



George W. Bush to skip the Republican National Convention, reserves the right to haunt Mitt Romney’s dreams.


Chico Delainky@ChicoDelainky

Hey @michellemalkin, When Ann Romney said “#YouPeople,” she means you too, since you’re skin color is two shades to dark to join her group.


Ruthanng Fubbles@liberalandold

Where is the “freedom” to sit in a movie theater or a school and know you’re safe? I want *that* freedom. #iblametheNRA


The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge

BREAKING: Michele Bachmann’s seat on House Intelligence Committee to be officially renamed the “Dunce’s Chair”



“Corporations are people, my friend. Not ‘people’ like #YouPeople, but rich & without preexisting conditions” –Romney


Alec Mapa@AlecMapa

Ann Romney said “You People” to a black news woman on GMA? Isn’t this the part of the movie where Oprah has to drive her home?


Alden Schofield@aldenm3

Maybe that was what Scott Brown meant when he said he talks with King’s and Queen’s. Mitt and Ann Romney! #youpeople


Peter Flom@peterflom

Barack married Michelle. Mitt married Ann. Some things make sense.


Lizz Winstead@lizzwinstead

Maybe The CEO of Bain from 1999-2002 is now in charge of food service for Delta…


Organic Democrat@organicdemocrat

#BainOlympics Your dad runs 25 miles. You run last mile and a half and #retroactively claim marathon Gold.


Gabe Ortíz@TUSK81

You gotta understand why @MittRomney is so mad at Obama. He’s never had a Black man talk back to him like that. #retroactively #tcot #caring


Bearded Stoner@beardedstoner

Mitt Romney doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to because free market private sector.


Ian B.@iboudreau

The Running of the Poors #BainOlympics



BE FAIR, PEOPLE: It’s not like you could defend what you did at Bain.


The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge

JOB POSTING: Bain Capital seeks CEO to work #retroactively from 1999-2002. Attractive salary, plus “Caymanian” IRA, lots of “free stuff”



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        Pole-dancing, pole-riding, flat-backing, surely these things have been elevated to Olympic levels with folks like Suzy practicing them and thinking that we will eventually forget. Um, no. Didn’t work for Ms. Moneybags McCain, won’t work for the two-bit version, Suzy Welch. I’ll never forget reading about the previous Mrs. Welch [since that seems to be Suzy’s title of preference] asking her if she could be neutral on the subject she was banging at the time.

        ::settles down next to you::

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