September 26, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week July 29 – Aug 4

Lots of healthy conversation this week! Let’s see what we got:

Please have a BIG BOWL of this Tavis, A HUGE BOWL Comment of the Week

Like a cold sore that won’t go away, that’s Tavis. Poverty is the new slavery? Really Tavis?

Nathkatun7, Sunday Afternoon Thread 

I am just sick of the people who use term slavey to apply to any situation that admittedly is oppressive. Of all the people, Tavis Smiley should know better not to diminish the horrific situation that our ancestors went through. Yes poverty is oppressive, but are poor people being sold and bred like cattle? Does the law treat poor people as property totally under the control of heir slave property owners who can abuse them at will, including arbitrary separation of families and raping female slaves. I could go on and on. It’s pure intellectual laziness for people to keep invoking the term slavery without regard to the the people who endured real slavery.

And The Slaves That Built The White House Gots To Be Doing The Wobble Comment of the Week

So the first black President is a descendant of the first recorded American slave?

Worldwatcher7, Monday Open Thread

If this is true, then since Nov. 2008 Mr. Punch has been up in heaven doing the dougie and shouting, “How you like me now?”

The Romneypalooza Tour Was Quite The Success Comments of the Week

What a trip! Mitt offends the Brits by questioning their readiness to host the Olympics, panders to Zionists by calling the Palestinians culturally inferior, lands in Poland where he’s met with “Go home” and his deputy press secretary has a meltdown and is now “taking a rest” – oh and that damn horse still didn’t win…but now the right wingers want to tell us “it doesn’t matter anyway!” HA!

Daltex82, Tuesday Open Thread

It matters! I swear their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

One of the Rethuglican’s main knocks on then Sen. Obama in 2008 was his lack of Foreign Policy experience. “He lacked experience and would not be able to represent America on a International stage” they said and then he went overseas….well we all know how successful that trip was! They were hoping for the same with the Robot, didn’t turnout so well huh boys!

LOL, yep this trip was suppose to show how “Presidential” Robotney could be on an International stage instead it only solidified his “dipstick” persona, couldn’t have happened to a more deserving soul.

rikyrah, Monday Open Thread

Mitt’s trip to Israel and what he said actually matters.

Him being a fool in England has no context on POLICY MATTERS.

But, when a candidate for President of the United States,

stands up and calls JERUSALEM the capital of Israel

and, has an advisor that says, ‘It’s ok if Israel pre-emptively strikes IRAN’

that’s POLICY. and, it’s serious.

Folks better wake up to the fact that Willard wants to send young men and women BACK into War on the ground -WITH IRAN.

GN, Monday Open Thread

Divisive and hateful. Reading about his take on his and Ann’s success (which downplays the significant boost which he obtained from his father’s immense wealth), I’m not surprised to read that he racistly believes that disadvantaged groups simply are culturally inferior. That was the ENTIRE basis of Jim Crow and biblical justifications for chattel slavery. He unfortunately represents a not-insignificant portion of this country, to our shame. I’m so tired of seeing disadvantaged groups lectured at, shamed, and recipients of tired canards about “culture” when the beginning, middle, and end of the matter is OPPRESSION.

And I Bet Some Of Your Best Friends Are Black Too Comment of the Week

Dear Jonathan Chait and Dave Weigel (no you didn’t help), Please STFU – Sincerely, POU

conlakappa, Monday Afternoon Thread

When all you “know” about black people is comprised of a frothy brew of watching The Wire, Oz, and looking up stuff on Urban Dictionary, you will face serious challenges relating. But no doubt they consider their negrology cards stamped and valid. And they are not unfamiliar with the term “don’t leave a brother hanging!” Problem is, that was probably learned hearing Tina Fey saying it on 30 Rock.

Yep, Deep Down You Know That Was Really Stupid Eh Mitt Comment of the Week

Who ok’d this?

JojoRaze, Wednesday Open Thread

Like Rikyrah has said repeatedly, “Nobody cares about Mittens except that the check clears.” The comments on the YouTube vid alone recognize that this ad is dumb. When I checked the ad 80 likes and 88 dislikes.

He’s trying to Swift-Bain PBO but it’s a ridiculous argument. Losing one or two dealerships when 3000 dealerships and the whole supply chain and American auto industry was going to go down if not for PBO’s intervention is not the same as Bain deliberately collapsing firms for their profit. PBO rescued a drowning man while Bain led people to drown.

We’re Still Invisible (until someone needs to be blamed) Comment of the Week

Bob Costas thinks there is an “imaginary barrier” in the world of sports, specifically gymnastics – or so he commentated, when speaking on Gabby Douglas’ historic win. So its all in our heads?

itgurl_29, Thursday Evening Thread

For too many white folks, racism really is just imaginary. If they can’t see it, it simply doesn’t exist. People of color are expected to “prove it”.

Fuck Bob Costas. My brother was a gymnast and I can remember going to many a meet and our entire family being stared at like we had no business being there. I can remember people not clapping for my brother after his routines. I’m talking about this stuff happening in the 80s and early 90s. Gymnastics is very, very white and very very cliquish.

Bob Costas can suck it. He’s an old hater. Gabby’s 16 and winning gold medals and all he does with his life is talk shit about people who have achieved things he never has and never will. I bet he was never even an athlete.

And the Gold Medal For Fool Goes to the USA’s DL Hughley Comments of the Week

Make that the Gold, Silver and Bronze as well. SMH.

Please go to this link, and read the responses. Far too many good ones to try and paste them all here.

Tweets of the Week!

Lizz Winstead@lizzwinstead

I think Jenna Jamison made a movie called Caymen My Ass


John Fugelsang@JohnFugelsang

“When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”- Jenna Jameson, who’s given out way more jobs than Mitt Romney.


There is Progressive car insurance, but not Conservative car insurance. Think about it.


Vigilant Conqueror@vcthree

RT @MightyOCD: I love how the Olympics has united all the people of the world…. in their hatred of Bob Costas. #STFUBobby


Matt Browner Hamlin@mbrownerhamlin

What if Harry Reid’s source is Rafalca?



Do I need an ID to vote even if I’m a corporation?


K. Costanza@professorkck

MT“@pollbuster: Ann Romney: “I’m thrilled to death by my horse’s performance.” Rafalca currently13th out of 24.”//Translation: he’s glue.


Bearded Stoner@beardedstoner

NBC’s retroactive Olympic coverage shows they’re in the tank for Romney.


Billy Bob@sherifffruitfly

dear mitt: don’t worry – in 3.5 short months, the pain will all be over. well, except for the rest-of-your-life-laughing-at-you part that is


scary lawyerguy@scarylawyerguy

Forget the 3 A.M. phone call – #romneyshambles confirms that Mitt is not prepared for the 3 P.M. call.



According to @NBCDelayed, Mitt Romney will leave Bain Capital in 2020.


Danielle Blake@DCPlod

Dear America: in the future if you want your candidates vetted, just send them to London.



William K. Wolfrum@Wolfrum

Breaking: Mitt Romney announces he is “seriously considering” Margaret Thatcher as his VP pick. #ThatShouldFixThingsForNow

  • rikyrah

    as always, good choices.

    and, for those of us not in Twitterland..thank you so much

  • conlakappa

    Aw, thanks to you all from the bottom of my black-dialected heart! White people acting like they even have a platform to explain or define black people is one of my peet peeves. So many PhDs in negrology since this President assumed office, so little expertise.