November 21, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week!

For the week March 11 – March 17

Thank you POU Fam for all of your contributions to making this site so FAB! Your comments and observations and links have helped to make us a must-stop read for so many! SMOOCHES!

And now on to the best comments from a very busy week!

And That’s Why Yo Azz Lost Comment of the Week

Woody45, Monday Open Thread

How can a guy who in all his years in Congress never actually passed anything meaningful or substantial be such a progressive hero?

Oh that’s right. Kucinich is the personification of what the PL loves most dearly.

Spectacular failure.

Just Ignore the Weekly Freak Out Sessions Of The PL Comment of the Week

Woody45, Monday Open Thread

About two weeks ago it was the freak out before they knew the President’s decision on contraception. Then it was the Rasmussen poll, then it was Gallup poll,this week it’s ABC/Washington Post.

Then the panic over the job numbers, then what the soldier did in Afghanistan, then it was what Netanyahu may or may not do.

And keep in mind this has all been within a three week period. Wait until Mittens gets the traditional post convention bounce.

Then it turns to what Morning Joe said and what Chris Matthews did not say and what David Gregory thought about saying or what some washed up entertainer tweeted and on and on it goes. Telling them to calm down is pointless.

To this crowd The President has to keep proving himself day in and day out. Forget the fact that he has answered the challenge and exceeded expectations each and every time. Forget that he does not get caught up in the day to day fluctuations and has advised us not to do the same. Nope. Any news manufactured or real is a reason to freak out.

If you can’t stand the heat turn on TCM.

And Now You Regret It? Comment of the Week

So Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace and various pundits are regretting the very idea of Sarah Palin. Now they want to assure us all how horrified they are of her utter ignorance too. However, don’t get brand new. Some of us recognized that dixiecrat strategy right from the beginning.

aleth, Tuesday Evening Thread

She did not ruin America, she exposed what already exists in America. She exposed the underbelly on America which was shamed into silence. She is a representative of an ignorant demographic that has always existed. She is the president of the know-nothings party ala 1854 nativism. She is just a face to the gross bigotry and ignorance in the country. The only way to deal with the underbelly is to expose it to sunlight and disinfect it. The members of congress are the same folks from the 1854 election where 70 members belonged to the know-nothing party.

This Hypocritical Bitch Right Chea Comments of the Week

In Wednesday’s Open Thread,  Alexander2 uncovered this silly heifer’s 2012 ratf*cking strategy. She is who we thought she was.


Shorter Arianna: Im carrying on the tradition of my late protege Breitbart. Lies, more lies and lots of cutting amd editing


Skank ass fraud.

The only reason why this heffa ever decided to switch politically, after rolling for years with the fake ass conservative posse, is because in her governorship run, she knew men would ignore her ass and the only way to make inroads with women in a state like California would be to pretend like she was a middle of the round, so-called liberal leaning “Democrat.”

Instead she is a slave driving, only paid $700 in federal taxes and $0 in states in the 2000s (and still likely today) ratfucking chameleon who is doing the bidding of her no-labels, America Elects brethren…..and you know the heffa already has gotten paid for her “work.”


She’s a 100% ratf*cker who cashed in to the tune of nine figures from the volunteer efforts of relatively powerless liberal bloggers and is about to reward them for their troubles by using the space which they built to propagandize for the Republicans. How and why people like Van Jones find this woman tolerable or her efforts worthy of support is a great mystery to me. I can’t understand how the left can still provide content for that place, particularly those who say that they are resentful of the 1%–can’t get more oligarch-like than Huffington and her abusive business model which yielded her hundreds of millions of dollars from other people’s free labor.

First A Blank Stare, Then I Curse You Out Comments of the Week

Elon James White ‏ @elonjames
Well the question becomes “is this racist?” Prejudiced? Yes. Ignorant? Yes. Bigoted? Yes. But should “racist” be the title we put on that?

He tweeted that, in reference to this:

JojoRaze, Thursday Evening Thread

I can’t believe Elon is questioning whether a bumper sticker which says “Don’t Re-Nig” is racist or not. *facepalm*

Re-Nig is not a political statement, it’s a racial statement.

POLITICAL: Obama, $4 trillion (debt) man; NOBAMA; KEEP THE CHANGE; 1/21/2013-The End of an E(rror)
RACISM: A village in Kenya is missing its idiot or Re-Nig; Obama is enslaving me.

The reason why white people think saying racist is so bad is because they think racism is like terminal cancer, once you have it, it can’t be fixed so you can’t just call everything racism hence the heming and hawing about not calling things racism to diminish its gravity.

Racism isn’t cancer, it’s an attitude that can be changed and reformed, but requires the person doing it to change. When I and most black people say racist, what we mean is that you don’t care about me as a person or an American citizen and you need to look into yourself and change that because the social contract requires all races to respect each other for the Constitution to work.

We talk above each other because our definitions and solutions to racism is different.

MonieTalks, Friday Open Thread

How the hell does “renege” become “re-nig” without it being a purposeful racist connotation of the word?

There is no debate.

After the Breitbart worship of some of these so-called political operatives and “cultural” mouthpieces, coupled with MHP and now Elon, I wish a mutha would claim some more shit about the President ain’t bold, he hasn’t lived up to expectations, etc…meanwhile they are parroting those same rehearsed PL lines, while doubting and running from the real truth.


Tafr, Saturday Open Thread

Good evening GN. I can tell this is tragedy has touched you as it has many of us. This is the time for black folks to ban together and demand justice.

I am so glad this story has gained the media coverage. You have to wonder, how many black men have been killed and the media ignored it? When I was ten years old my cousin was killed. The police claimed it was a suicide but our family knew better. He was missing for weeks before my sister and I found him, hanging from a tree, in the backwoods of my grandparent’s property. I will spare you the gory details. I will say that his hands were bound behind his back. I will never forget the way his mother screamed and cried when she heard the news. Her cries will stay with me for the rest of my life. It has been well over twenty years with no closure for his mother.

I am not telling my experience for me. It is not about me. It is about the covered up murders of our young men and women. Black folks cannot let this incident go. There are people out there more than willing to hunt our children down and kill them. If this child’s murder goes without justice, it gives cover to the racist to do it again and again. God help us if this is the type of world we are expected to raise our children in.

Tweets of the Week!


BREAKING: Mitt Romney flipflops, decides he’s already the President.


25th Century Girl@25thcenturygirl

oh Voldemort ….why won’t you save the #gop?



BAD NEWS: The new Mitt Romney won’t have 4G.


Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport

POLL: Majority of Republicans Believe a Muslim is ‘A Type of Black Person’



Do u think these guys like vaginal probes because they never get near a vagina, so, they’re just living vicariously thru doctors?



Has anyone asked David Vitter how he feels about paying for a prostitute’s birth control?


Dahlia Lithwick@Dahlialithwick

@LOLGOP also when saying words “birth control” one must spit and shout “poo poo” and do brief ickydance in place



Arizona GOP considers legislation codifying their “Bros before hoes” policy.


DC Debbie@DCdebbie

“I had 99 sponsors, and a ‘slut’ cost all of ’em” #RushLimbaughRap


Elon James White@elonjames

 “@lizzwinstead: Newt is staying in the race to lose to the guy who will lose to Obama. That is Olympian level self-hatred.”


Zerlina Maxwell@ZerlinaMaxwell

How many symposiums is Tavis going to be allowed to host before we realize it’s a racket? I’m just asking.


Andrew Sullivan@sullydish

Pope isn’t gay; he just wears Prada slippers, has a stud personal assistant, and just commissioned his own cologne!


Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport

Romney is blinking the lights on and off and putting away the food and Gingrich still won’t leave.



NEWSFLASH: Puerto Ricans agree to speak in English when Tea Partiers learn to spell in English. #p2 RT



Breaking: AZ requires women to inform employers if they are enjoying sex with their husbands. Fireable offense.