September 23, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week Aug 3 – Aug 9

Caption the Pic:

PBO: Did…….*laughing*….did…oh God……*laughing* ….did you hear who he picked?

Biden: *snicker*……..dis gone be so guuuuuuuuuud

The comments were great as usual this week but there were so many that believe me, this is but a sample! But as you know, POU got the best commenters on the nets!

Stop Frontin’ You Aint Sayin Nuthin Comment of the Week

Town, Sunday Open Thread

It’s so sad when I see black critics talk about “oh, if that was me, i woulda jumped down off that podium and whooped his white ass!!!”

This is from it_girl and yesterday’s comments re: DL vs. Obama

Most black people hollering “I woudda done ___” against a white perpetrator wouldn’t do shit. They will whoop and holla around black people but never anyone white. Trust.

Look at the Congressional Black Caucus. They scream and holla that if a white person did what Obama “did” they’d be screaming and holllering. Fool, white people have been doing WORSE than what Obama “did” and they ain’t open up their mouths:

They ain’t UNLEASH when that man got up in the SOTU screaming YOU LIE!

They ain’t UNLEASH when Mitch McConnell said the only thing the GOP was going to do was ensure Obama was a one term president.

They ain’t UNLEASH when GOP governors across the country slashed gov’t jobs, which affected black people A LOT.

They ain’t UNLEASH when Chump Trump was running around demanding birth certificates & college records.

They ain’t UNLEASH on Michele Bachmann for claiming black children were better off in slavery than under Obama today.

They ain’t UNLEASH on Rick Santorum saying he’s tired of “hardworking taxpayers” giving their money to blah people.

They ain’t UNLEASH on Newt Gingrich saying black kids had no work ethic because they have no role models in the black community, so in order to teach black kids how to work he proposes making THEM (and not the white kids) be janitors in the schools.

They ain’t UNLEASH on Mitt Romney campaign for claiming that Obama isn’t American and doesn’t understand Anglo Saxon values like Romney does.

Naw, they ain’t say jack to none of this but quick to run to the WHITE MAN’S MIC to scream on Obama.

Where were they when Bush was ignoring the black people in Katrina? Ain’t had nothing to say until Kanye opened his mouth.

Where were they when Clinton was throwing black people in jail? They ain’t had nothing to say then and they won’t have anythign to say now.

Never listen to a black person who claims they woudda done XYZ if a white person did ABC b/c they are the FIRST person to lick the azzcrack of the white man and asking him how it feels and can they do more to please him.

DL Huguely has the same mentality as the black women shading Gabby Douglas for having nappy hair. Bitch, black people have nappy hair. Pull down your underpants and look at the hair down there…it’s NAPPY. You ain’t got no yakki down there! But Gabby’s “nappy hair” isn’t the reason they are shading here, they are shading her because she’s a black girl who is not where she is supposed to be! If she was getting pregnant out of wedlock or hanging in the streets they would have NO PROBLEM with her nappy hair.

The nappy hair argument and the You a Secret White Boy argument have the same purpose…to let Gabrielle & Barack know they are stills niggas like us and need to start acting like it instead of going places where they’re not supposed to be. SMH

*drops mic, slams the door*

Chicago Caught Mitt, Gutted Him Like A Fish, Sauteed Him and Served His Ass On A Pretty Plate Like They G Garvin Comment of the Week

Rikyrah, Sunday Afternoon Thread

I love this. I really do.

Nobody made Mittens do the overseas thing. He did that all on his own. Nobody made him make a fool of himself overseas and show that he’s an amateur playing the role…he did that himself.

I love this tax issue for so many reasons, but the top two reasons are:
1. It’s simple as shyt to message
2. It’s easy to walk around the MSM

They know damn well that if Candidate Barack Obama had refused to release his tax returns, they would have raised holy hell day after day. They’re covering for Willard, and the obviousness of it is becoming glaring.

But, the simplicity of the message:


is something that they can’t cover up.

The wickedness of irony here cannot be lost on anyone – and the Dems were bringing up the irony on every Sunday Show..

Willard’s not even man enough TO MATCH HIS OWN DAMN FATHER.

That’s just an added bonus for the Prudential Building – being able to beat over the head a man with Daddy Issues – HIS OWN FATHER AS THE CLUB. It’s just too delicious for words.

Willard’s been running for President officially for five fucking years, and not one person who is voting for him can tell you three reasons about what Willard stands for…cause he doesn’t stand for shyt.

He made it through the GOP Primaries because he was running against grifters and amateurs and he buried them in money.

Well now, he’s going up against the team that disposed of the Clinton Machine and got a Black Man elected President of the United States, and I’ll say it again:

NOBODY at the Prudential Building is playing with Willard.

While the village was whining, the Prudential Building was going about the business of destroying THE REASON Willard said he was qualified to be President of the United States.

They gutted that, but good…..

and now, he has NOTHING else.

The joke that he thinks he can bring up being Governor of Massachusetts – good luck with that Willard.

I’m thrilled that they are
1. Not playing with him
2. Not paying the MSM any mind
3. Telling the rest of the Democrats – get on board or get left the fuck behind


Eat Some Man Ups And Shut Up Comment of the Week

So Mittens and the Media all whining because the punches really hurt coming from Chicago. These same lowdown snakes hollering “where’s the hope and change?!?” Well this it muthasuckas…hope is the left hook and change is the right. Now man up and take your beatdown.

Kennymack1971, Monday Afternoon Thread

I knew they’d try this tack eventually “what about the tone?” “Obama said he’d change the tone!” anything to make this go away for Willard. The media wasn’t concerned about the tone of birther allegations, racist insults towards both the President and First Lady or blatant obstructionism from the GOP but now they’re upset about Sen. Harry Reid going H.A.M on Willard about releasing his tax returns. The media is looking more and more pathetic by the minute trying to play defense here.

Monietalks, Wednesday Open Thread

Watching Morning Joke…they are truly in mourning. They are astounded that Romney is so disliked and Independents are put off by him. And this is occurring, despite that the media has twisted and turned, covered for Romney while he treats them like the Help…fact-checking sites are losing credibility going the extra mile to debunk the indefensible.

They are waxing on about the partisan spirit…really? Where were you all as Republican filibuster abuse has been at an all time high…..judgeships are more vacant than ever, Republicans have lost all decorum…requested for investigations of their fellow colleagues tthrough modern day McCarthyism…called Democrats “communists”….the highest ranking GOP the Senate unabashedly said their number one political priority is to make the President a one-termer. The GOP does not even support positions they once championed. 

What is so sweet about Romney is that everything they threw out at PBO is coming back to bite them in the ass.

–He’s aloof…..Romney.
–He’s uppity…..Romney, through and through. He can’t even eat cookies on the campaign trial graciously without being offensive.
–Questioned about his faith….Romney won’t even talk about his.
–He’s too Ivy League, not main street enough…..Romney has TWO degress from Harvard.
–Who is Barack Obama..he’s secretive..where did he come from…….Romney has gone out of his way to conceal his past, paper trial. –He can’t even meet an obligation his father did…he did not perserve an iota of his 4 YEAR term as governor of Mass. What is Mitt Romney hiding?
–Obamacare is evil, a takeover….Romneycare is the BLUEPRINT.
–Obama wants to use our taxpayer money and spend it recklessly…..Romney once boasted “The money is in Washington and I know how to get it.
–PBO is being too negative…yet everyone agreed that in the GOP primary, it was money and a plethora of negative ad that pushed Romney to the forefront.
–PBO sat in a racist church….Romney was a BISHOP in one.

Jojoraze, Friday Afternoon Thread

I saw this mess on Talking Points Memo and I was fit to bust. He’s basically saying “Ouch Obama, that hurts.”

Miranda, the campaign workers in the Prudential Building are on the floor right now laughing like maniacs wondering when the presidential campaign turned into a Monty Python/Benny Hill skit. They are turning around looking at each other saying “He said not to talk about Bain or his taxes and talk about issues?” and then start rolling on the floor laughing again until they get hiccups or an asthma attack. 

I have never heard PBO whine or whinge about the complete and utter disrespect he has received by the Republican Party. He kept his head to the wheel and kept it moving because he knows haters are gonna hate. Willard, manor born on third base, is tripping about Vanity Fair articles exposing his company’s chicanery, which he said was his calling card, in AUGUST?? What a punk!

Yeah We Reviewed The Tape, No Violation, STFU And Again…MAN UP

They still crying over that Priorities USA “Understands” ad? Oh well, they’ll get over it.

Tafr, Wednesday Evening Thread

ABC news is not even trying to hide their bull shit. Mittens bold faced lied to ABC news when he said he would get back to them about those tax returns. Mittens knew damn well that he was never going to bet back to ABC and I believe ABC knew that as well. When asked about it Mittens basically told them to kiss his ass. Now any network, any journalist, worth a damn would of took that bold face lie as an insult and went full in on Mittens. 

Whenever I see these type of crap from the networks I get all warm and fuzzy inside. When they pull this crap you know that the Obama team scored another home run. This ad is a killer for Mittens.

ABC news and Mittens will never get an apology from the Obama camp. They can bitch all they want but the Obama campaign is not playing games with Mittens. 

Mittens wants to continue to lie about the president then he better learn to take the truth about himself deal with it. No amount of crying from the networks is going to make the Obama campaign stop telling the truth about Mittens. We all know there is nothing misleading about this ad but hey let them continue to talk about it. Losing your health insurance, due to a job loss, is a tragedy that many Americans can identify with. The more they talk about this ad, the more attention it gets, which leads to people thinking what if? Congratulations to the Obama campaign! 

Isonprize, Wednesday Evening Thread

Plus, he speaks of his wife’s empathy. Many, many women keep their issues quiet so as not to upset the household budget. He knows that she didn’t mention what she was probably going thru because she knew what their finances were. She probably convinced herself “oh, it’s nothing. Just stress or women’s problems. After all, I’m no spring chicken.”

This ad, sadly, wins on so many levels. And people know damn well that she would have gone to the doc if she had that insurance card.

His emotion, really his anger, is right below the surface. His calm, but sad demeanor emphasizes the seriousness of the situation.

I’m sorry for his loss, but glad that he decided to use his loss to benefit the USA.

And Bill Burton? Whew, that brotha will be working from now til he takes his last breath!!!
On a serious tip, I hope he has security. For real. 

Rhoda, Wednesday Evening Thread

I just want to comment on this post by Mark Halperin.

The MSM is going all in to try to keep this ad off the air for one reason and one reason only: there is no way any woman or man with an ounce of sense would vote for this man seeing this ad. They try to say he’s not responsible for her death; no one said he was. This ad said one thing simply and clearly: that when this man lost his job his life and his family lost their health care and their pensions and they were lost. Okay, so apparently she had some insurance but she still didn’t feel able to see anyone about this issue because they had bills to pay and she was likely carrying a larger part of the load at the time. So, when they get it check it’s too late. It’s years later. But this man KNOWS he used to have great benefits and his wife used to have access to great care; that stopped for one reason a vulture capitalist named Mitt Romney. 

These people are talking decades later for one reason; Mitt Romney destroyed their life. That’s the truth. That’s not a lie. And that’s the voice they are fighting to silence with all their might. Because that truth DEFINES this election in a fundamental way. 

It won’t work. The people don’t respect the press. They will hear that man’s voice and respect him and his pain. And it will make a difference.

No one is going after Rove & Co. and the pure lies they are airing; but Bill Burton is making a mark on a shoe string and they are damn sure coming after the brother with everything.

Good luck. He’s a black man. He’s triple checked the facts and made accurate ads. And he’s not done fighting back.

We’re 90 days out and NO ONE on team Obama is going to let corporations buy this election; no one is playing with Mitt Romney and the Right. They better stop whining and come correct.

I personally can not wait for the debates. The lies and mendacity will be exposed for the world to see with no filter; I just wonder if they dare put out those response meters. They didn’t during the Republican debates and they did in ’08; I think they’re worried about not being able to spin if they do it.

Too Bad For Your Plans But She’s America’s Sweetheart Comment of the Week

Itgurl, Wednesday Open Thread

Nothing overshadows the All-Around gold medal. That’s the crown jewel and everyone knows it. An event gold and bronze does not top that. 

They are truly starched and pressed that a black girl beat out their little white princesses. So now all of a sudden, the all-around is chopped liver? I love how they will tear down their own institutions to keep them from acknowledging when people of color beat them at their own game. Sort of like how the all started trashing the Ivy League school when Sonia Sotomayor was nominated to SCOTUS. They were all lamenting that we needed more graduates from good, wholesome, down home state schools on the Supreme Court.

Gabby won what she wasn’t supposed to win, what they’ve always cherished, and now they wanna trash it and build up a far lesser medal just to put a black girl down.

They are and always will be predictable.

Don’t Hate My Skills Comment of the Week

TresL, Saturday Evening Thread

While most successful people and even not so successful people might attribute some of their good fortune to luck, I don’t like it when journalists and pundits attribute PBO’s success to luck. What he has accomplished was by no means easy. Look at the senate. There are no black senators right now. We have one black governor. It is virtually impossible for black people to win elections statewide let alone nation wide and it’s not like we’ve ever had a black president before or even expected to have one at this time. PBO is a highly, intelligent, confident, skilled and gifted politician. I forget who said it but, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

The so-called “smart” Republicans knew that no matter what shape the economy was in PBO would be a formidable candidate PERIOD and what self-respecting, entitled white guy wants to join McCain in the “We lost to the black guy” club. Only the loons, buffoons and the completely oblivious chose to seek the Republican nomination to run against PBO so it’s not his luck it’s his political prowess that kept his would-be challengers on the sidelines and allowed only the deluded and foolish to pursue this fool’s errand.

Tweets of the Week!


@MittRomney, I hold a grudge…



Boy, Rafalca sure is bitter about her Olympic loss. Oh wait, that’s Ann Coulter. #nevermind



Yo @mittromney, I gotta dap you cus you not only gave cars to people on welfare, but you paid the insurance too. Oprah didn’t even do that.


GOP Unplugged@GOPunplugged

Romney was considering a dark horse candidate for VP. But Rafalca didn’t do well in the Olympics.


Simon Maloy@SimonMaloy

“I shit bigger’n Paul Ryan.” — Joe Biden, probably


Kal Penn@kalpenn

This is awful. I was hoping it would be Jindal so I could play him in the HBO movie


kimberly s kuehl@unicornpinata

Grandma’s are overrated.#RomneyRyan20never



Politifact gives Marvin Gaye a “Pants on Fire.” “NO EVIDENCE he actually heard it through the grapevine.”


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