November 21, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week Aug 12 – Aug 18

Another great week of engaging comments! No way I could possibly acknowledge them all, just too many!

#RomneyShambles Isn’t A Good Foreign Policy Plan Comment of the Week

Monietalks, Sunday Open Thread

Oh, Repubs just getting started with the twisting and turning

Apparently Tim Pawlenty actually said this today: 

Don’t assume that Gov. Romney doesn’t have foreign policy and international experience. My goodness, he spent his entire career in global business arrangements, transactions, traveling and understanding different countries, cultures, geographies and the like so he gets these issues very well and probably better than the president. 

So draft dodging Vietnam while doing “missionary work” in France, using off-shore accounts to dodge American taxes, and making deals to ship former American jobs overseas in the name of Bain Capital vulture capitalism is foreign policy experience?!

No wonder Romney shined like Rafalca over in London.

But I’s Tired – Me Sleepy Comment of the Week

AxelFoley, Monday Open Thread

Seriously. How is this idiot tired after just coming back from a vacation two weeks or so ago? It ain’t like he’s running a country and campaigning at the same time like PBO. Hell, Willard holds NO office, so all he has is time on his hands. Even in ’08, then candidate Obama had to uphold his Senatorial duties as he campaigned.

This Is Not A Show Of Strength Comment of the Week

Itgurl_29, Monday Afternoon Thread

He’s a jerk. Why is it that POTUS is the only person who knows how to handle hecklers. Because he’s a true alpha male, that’s why. He doesn’t need to shout them down like Bill Clinton and he doesn’t have to have them removed like George Bush. He quiets the crowd, let’s them say what they gotta say, thanks them, and then gets on with his speech. He knows he doesn’t have to shut them up because he’s confident in his own beliefs and ability to sway the crowd.

Ryan is a little punk. He insults them and then has them removed. That’s cowardly. And after a while, it’s going to get old. Today, he said to one of the female protestors that she must be from Iowa because Wisconsin girls know how to act. What kind of sexist nonsense. Implying that Iowa women aren’t real ladies and that Wisconsin women know their place.

This guy is WORSE than Palin. I don’t remember her attracting hecklers this early.

U Don’t Know Hip-Hop Comment of the Week

John McWhorter believes hip-hop is the same as “white-power rock”? Really?

creolechild, Monday Evening Thread

Originally, hip-hop began as a form of expression (or you could say political activism) which drew attention to the social inequities under which communities of color have been forced to co-exist alongside institutionalized racism in education, employment, housing, police brutality, double standards, white supremacy and entitlement. This genre has long since been co-opted by the music industry which has turned it into something that is now unrecognizable (depending on who you listen to.) Notice that artists who spit positive and empowering lyrics can’t seem to get those lucrative contracts and for the most part never obtain the recognition they have earned and deserve. Why is that? BTW, research shows that young, white males comprise the largest demographic of those who buy hip-hop music. 

When young white males are stopped and frisked in cities like NY and elsewhere at the same level as blacks and Latinos, they’re more than welcome to starting spitting lyrics about white power. 

When more young white males are incarcerated at disproportionate levels for possessing weed and match the percentage rates of blacks and Latinos, they’re more than welcome to start singing about “fighting the powers that be.” 

When every young white male who wears a hoodie is labeled “a thug” and is shot and killed because they’ re considered dangerous in America, they’re more than welcome to start feeling like they’re oppressed and have a target on their backs and I’ll sing along with them. Hell, I might even buy their CD! 

When police officers start brutalizing and causing the needless deaths of hundreds of young white men every year without being charged for a crime, I’d be more than willing to march for them too! 

But until then these white supremacists can go _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AND the author of this article and the black scholar can join them!

Its About Yo Mama and Mine, This Thing Personal Comment of the Week

Rhoda, Wednesday Open Thread

Yesterday, I was driving home and had NPR on and they were talking to some Florida seniors. The majority of them are Democrats and one lady said as soon as she heard Paul Ryan was on the ticket she went “HELL NO” because they know and undersand what Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security means to their lives. The FL papers have been TELLING THE TRUTH clearly; which is why the Romney campaign is panicked. 

But what killed me, were the Republican seniors. These were rich seniors and they KNOW Ryan is ending Medicare and they don’t care. 

Bellito even has a prediction: “The Romney-Ryan team is going to be called the dynamic duo, the new look of America, because that’s what we need,” Bellito says.

That Republican judge in PA, this senior lady in FL, and the many in the tea party want one thing a white man in the oval office. They want to see black people back in their place and to quote Donna Brazille “I’m not going back.” 

That is what this election is about for me. I’m a progressive. I believe in an America were we take care of each other and take care of the least among us and those that have should pay a little more. I believe in a good education being free. I believe in the New Deal and the New New Deal. 

But most of all, I’m a black woman. And I see the fight as being first and foremost against progress for people of color; that is what is animating the right. Because by EVERY MEASURE Americans are better off now than they were in the economic collapse. Any WHITE democratic President would be getting MASSIVE props having enacted the domestic agenda President Obama did in his first term and then having also gotten Bin Laden. I mean, it’s just clear as day. 

Meanwhile, the faux-outrage from the right over Vice-President Biden’s remarks is sick. And that Willie Geist could say there is a double standard in how we are covering the Biden gaffe and that Ryan would have been forced to quit the race; BULLSHIT. I saw how you covered the tea party. That was plain as day racist as fuck all; and all I head were these were Americans angry about the role of government. 

No, those were white men and woman angry that a black family is in the White House.

This election is personal for me; because Barack Obama and his family represent me and the right has made it clear they want to destroy not just THEM but the rights and power and the place of all colored people in America. That is why Mitt Romney is on track to lose the Latino vote by a higher percentage than any Republican in history; if you’re colored you know the deal. These people are looking to go back to Jim Crow and the real loony tunes among them want to see all colored people on the plantations. And no, that’s not hyperbole. That’s simple observation.

The Pic Says It All Comment of the Week

GOVCHRIS1988, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

Remember in 2008 with the “Lipstick on a Pig flack where the media tried to insinuate that he was talking about Sarah Palin instead of using a phrase that had been used by McCain? The “chains” remark is the exact same thing. Then, you have the Obama campaign calling Mitt Romney “unhinged” the same way that they called John McCain “erratic” in 2008. This campaign is starting to feel like déjà vu all over again. 

Mitt Romney is someone who for the sixty five years that he has lived on this earth, has been a product of privilege. Every job he had was a secured job where he would lose nothing if the job failed. He was born with a silver spoon full of the best caviar in his mouth. He has never known a challenge to be hard for him so now he is in a situation where he thought he would assuredly vanquish President Obama. 

I mean, come on. Why you wouldn’t believe that if you were Mitt Romney. Citizens United raining money down for superpac ads. The Republican Legislatures and Governors passing voter laws aimed at tamping down Obama voters. The insane belief that people would think that things were worse off than they were at 11:59 A.M. January 20, 2009. That people wouldn’t hold Republicans accountable for anything that has happened prior to the President getting inaugurated or anything that happened since. The belief that people would just forget the eight years of Bush/Cheney Republican dogma and how they could just skate by without telling us what they would do differently or better than that team. The odious belief that nothing in his past would come back to bite him and that it was all about the incumbent and nothing else. His shortcomings could be overcome and the political gifts and prowess of Barack Obama and Joe Biden would be deemed ineffectual. That the media would shield him as best they could and that the Democratic campaign would be so demoralized that they wouldn’t even fight. I think that he believed all of that. Hell, I know he believed all of that. He and his team of yes men thought that all of this would be enough. The deck is stacked for him, and yet he’s still losing. 

Mitt Romney and in full scale, the Republican party keep falling in this trap because they keep underestimating President Barack Obama and his team. This campaign for me has gone way smoother than in 2008, because I trust President Obama fully now. I really know him now. In 2008, I was excited and hopeful yet doubtful that this country would grow up enough to elect him. Now, I know they would and we see it every day in those bustling crowds of people, cheering four more years and smiling joyfully. I know it, and Mitt Romney knows it, which is why he is acting in such an exorbitantly unhinged manor. 

He is in a fight which he cannot buy love, trust, or admiration. There is no story he could tell which would captivate the people like the Obama/Biden story. They tried to throw out Ryan to offset the deficiency, but with learning that he has been on the Government payroll longer than President Obama and that he is no Jack Kennedy on the speaking or looks scale (no matter what our sex deprived borderline closeted media says) it has not even produced an uptick in the polls. THIS. HAS. HIM. PANICKED. The one job he has wanted for so long, since his father failed in even garnering the nomination in 1968, is starting to fall out of reach for him. He thought that John McCain failed to do what he should have done and that he would do the opposite and yet, it’s not working. He sees those internal polls and those electoral polls and he is losing his nerve. That’s why you are seeing those untrained interviews now. He knows he is sinking and he doesn’t know what to do.

Miss Ann Comments of the Week

Kennymack1971, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

Remember when the pundits swore Ann Romney was Mitt’s secret weapon? Looks like they got that wrong too lol.

Town, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

Can you imagine Michelle Obama leaning forward in her chair to tell a reporter what she was and was not going to do?

Can you imagine Michelle Obama waving her hand in the air and pointing at the reporter?

Can you imagine Michelle Obama shifting and sliding all over the chair as she’s pressed by the reporter?

Can you imagine Michelle Obama sneering at the reporter as she told her again what she was not going to do?

Yeah, I can’t either.

Monietalks, Friday Open Thread

First off,

Fraser Robinson, father of our beloved First Lady, lived with MS for the majority of his life (diagnosed at only 20 years old). He raised and supported his family in a one income house, until his children entered high school. He worked in a BOILER ROOM at a purification center. I am sure that was not the most pleasant work conditions. And all while doing this, he was likely paying a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney. And let me guess, there were no nannies, housekeepers, etc at the Robinson household. Mr. Robinson began to limp when his health deteriorated, but kept pushing on. He used CRUTCHES just to make it work everyday for the better part of his life…..equine therapy was not an option, but providing for his family was a necessity. 

And yet Anne Romney is talking about a flare-up as she sits on the edge of her chair, indignant and waving her fingers in an interview claiming they are “transparent”. 

child, please.

Hypocrites R Us – The GOP Motto Comments of the Week

GN, Friday Open Thread

To name but one disgusting incident courtesy of these wingnuts in the age of Obama: the far right wing turned a lying child molester who gunned down a screaming child in cold blood into a cause celebre, scouring that child’s twitter and myspace, belittling the teen and insinuating that he caused his own death by wearing and hoodie, and donating thousands of dollars to the murderer–all to the horror of that kid’s poor parents and brother. 

That these same fucking people have the utter sheer nerve to turn around and tell black people that we need to be horrified because Biden warned that the GOP’s extremist deregulatory agenda will put us back in chains??????????????????????? 

And the media, which played along with the “Zimmerman as choir boy” horror show wants to co-sign that shit? 

They can all go play in traffic. Every last one of them. Horrible people, and thank you to the WH for not playing the fake civility game with people so gotdayumed racist that they made up an entire conspiracy theory about the President’s faith and birth. 

To any right winger and/or media infotainer who issued apologia for George Zimmerman while wringing hands over Biden: FUCK YOU. Just go fuck yourselves. And black journalists, please grow a pair and stop carrying water for people who don’t give a damn about us. 

/whew, rant off–I’ve been laughing about JoeChainz but the hypocrisy and cynical use of race to disadvantage black people inherent in the “outrage” against Biden really does piss me off.

GOVCHRIS1988, Friday Open Thread

We have heard ever since 2007 that Barack Obama is not an American Citizen, is from Kenya, Is from Indonesia, Is Foreign, Doesn’t believe in America, doesn’t see America like everyone else, palls around with terrorists, palls around with radicals, Jeremiah Wright, is too young, is too inexperienced, is elitist, is a fairytale, is a double agent, is a crack addict, is a cocaine addict, smokes philly blunts religiously, is a Manchurian candidate, is a spy, is a communist, is a socialist, is a Nazi, is a Black Panther, is a Klansman (seriously”…“) is a murderer, is a rapist, is a thug, is a racist, is anti-white, is anti-black, is anti-Latino, is anti-Women, is anti-Gay, is too pro Women, is too pro-Gay, is Gay, is too Black, isn’t black enough, is in over his head, is Machiavellian, wants to destroy America, wants to keep America too much the same, is a fraud, is too nice, is too mean, is too Pro-Israeli, is too Anti-Israeli, is too Pro Palestine, is too Anti-Palestine…….

I’m probably missing some, but a complete composite list would take up the whole damn forum. The truth is, the Republicans have ALWAYS held contradictory positions on Barack Obama, and people expect them to stick to ONE MESSAGE?! They have used all of this, yet have failed to bring down his likeability. So, I’m not even worried about the Romney camp and Republicans tearing the man down. They haven’t succeeded YET!

Tweets of the Week!

S. Douglas@blackmagpie69

Give Us Your Poor. No, Seriously, Give Them to Us. We’re Gonna Sell Them on eBay. #RomneyRyanSlogans


Snark Knoller@SnarkKnoller

Obama also tied with Gov Romney in latest poll with NH independents, 52-40 (within margin of error) …


Jesse Taylor@jesseltaylor

Eddie Munster Got Swole: The Paul Ryan Story


Loren Heal@lheal

First, they came for the Vice President, but I said nothing because I was not the Vice President. #FreeJoeBiden


Amy Haberland@realitygal

I’m kind of wondering about the intelligence level of Mitt’s cohorts at Bain Capital #whiteboard



Desperate millionaire wimp running for president with a sad-eyed velvet painting for his Veep says what?


Ruben R. Diaz@RMartian

Romney spelled backwards is Yenmor which in a language I just invented means, “Greedy, disconnected, douche-bag, dick”


Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport

Sarah Palin didn’t read. Paul Ryan reads Ayn Rand. This round goes to Palin.


Quite Lowbrow@droogie6655321

Conservative sites: “Biden used a racial code word. Trust us, we know ALL of them.”


Billy Bob@sherifffruitfly

it’s almost like mitt thinks that if a white guy is TWICE as mad at Obama, his vote counts double.