November 21, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week Sept 8 thru Sept 15

We took a little break, but we’re back to recognizing the best of the best comments on the nets!

Fast Eddie Still Mad? Comment of the Week

Woody45, Monday Open Thread

He’s mad because he’s on the outside looking in. If PBO had named him Undersecretary to the 3rd floor water cooler he would have accepted before PBO finished the sentence and become one of the best advocates Team Obama had.

Rendell is like Smiley, West, Lannie Davis, Carville and the rest of them. A PBO victory denied them their seat at the table and they can’t get over it.

In lieu of that I think they figured on getting plenty of juicy leaks from those Clintonites who had gone to work for the President like Rahm on how terrible things were going. That dog didn’t hunt either given this is the most transparent, disciplined, competent and remarkably leak free White House I’ve seen in my lifetime. They mad about too.

David Gregory Is A Slut For Republicans Comment of the Week

Admiral Komack, Monday Open Thread

David Gregory is a slut for Republicans

My President can READ Comment of the Week

The Dark Sith emerged from his lair to growl that President Obama doesn’t attend all of his national security briefings…really DICK?

Jojoraze, Tuesday Open Thread

So basically, the white guy was in the room all the time to get the briefings read to him and still didn’t get that 9/11 was coming; and the black guy gets his briefings, reads them for himself, and, if necessary, gets more clarification from the NSA, CIA, military about the issues in the briefings, and the black guy is the one unserious about national security?

HA HA!!!

All this is about is the fact Cheney is mad that the uppity negro got Bin Laden while every year it is being exposed that Bush-Cheney knew about the 9/11 threat, but because it didn’t fit into their Iraq frame, ignored the warning signs.

PBO snatched the Repubs’ “tough on national security” cred from them and they are mad. He ended Iraq, got Bin Laden, and did Libya without getting any American killed and has shepherded, without getting Americans killed or bogged down in an unnecessary war, the Arab Spring. Americans see those results and are now giving PBO and Democrats more trust on national security. I’d be mad too if my guy didn’t know how to read his daily briefings or read a map and attack the wrong country!

Also, I’m loving that the military brass are seriously defending PBO. McRaven basically said he was so impressed by how PBO does military and national security issues. He said you would have thought he (PBO) had been in the military 30 years. He asks questions and is always asking for more information. He just doesn’t sit there and take their word for it–he asks for receipts. Meanwhile, the current Repub nominee couldn’t even go to England without exposing the UK’s national security secrets–meeting with the MI 6 (their CIA leader).

Smirking Asshole Comments of the Week

Jojoraze, Thursday POU Link Review

Um, dear RWNM, when your nominee is looking like the cat who ate the canary when four Americans just died in the Middle East cause he thought it was a good time to prod at the Negro in the WH, the media doesn’t have to make your guy look bad. He built that!

Like any good relationship therapist will tell you. When stuff keeps happening to you, the only constant is you. Mittens won’t show his tax returns, can’t formulate a coherent policy on anything, made a fool of himself overseas, lies all the time about the incumbent in the WH and is politicizing incidents in the Middle East without knowing the facts. The only commonality is Mittens. Fix him and everything will go right.

GN, Friday Afternoon Thread

Sorry for continuing to rant, but Romney just fails on every level as a politician and potentially as a human being. I honestly now think that Romney is worse than Sarah Palin. He’s a malicious little shithead who used the fact that he has a direct line into the media to tell lies about a US embassy which was in a bona fide crisis at the time. Those lies inserted chaos and completely threw off both the WH and media (domestic and international). It wasn’t until media closely following the story were able to piece together the timeline that Romney’s lies about the embassy “apologizing to attackers” for “American values” were unraveled. As far as I’m concerned, as bad as the outcry has been, Romney has been treated with kid gloves. His actions were wholly disqualifying. He and his runningmate are pure assholes and liars.

Dannie22, Wednesday Evening Thread

If anyone ever wants to know why I’m working so hard to get PBO re-elected, look no further than the past 24 hours. Romney cannot win. He must not win. He is evil. He does not care about this country or the people in it. That is evident.

I Remember Four Years Ago Comment of the Week

Those are the headlines from four years ago this month…I remember them, don’t you?

Monietalks, Saturday Afternoon Thread

Four years ago, Lehman Bros. filed for bankruptcy on this day..Wall Street was in a spiral, Congress was scrambling, John McCain wanted to suspend his campaign l and on October 3, Congress was voting for TARP.

Now 4 years later, Wall Street has rebounded, progress has been made against extreme obstructionism and gridlock and Eric Cantor and nem are preparing for ANOTHER recess after retuning recently from their summer one.

If this country is on such a wrong track as the GOP says, why are they vacationing yet again. You must not vacation if you think the house is burning down.

The American people should be pissed about the GOP and their lies.

Membership Has Its Privileges Comment of the Week

AxelFoley, Saturday Afternoon Thread

And the media never called this sneaky bastard out for destroying those hard drives.

Only in America could someone like RMoney hide so much shit and NOT be called to it. Oh, but four years ago, they vetted the fuck outta then candidate Obama.

Rezko, Wright, Ayers, God, gays, guns, birth certificate, school records, etc. But Mittens gets a pass. Destroying hard drives, refusing to release tax returns, having money in multiple overseas accounts but talking about “believing in America”, outsourcing jobs to other countries, not running on his record as governor, etc.

They’d never let PBO get away with all the shit they’ve let Willard get away with.

WE FIGHT! WE FIGHT! WE FIGHT! Comment of the Week

Isonprize, Monday Evening Thread

Hey my POU fam.

I’ll be missing in action on POU for the next 8 weeks. But it’s for a GREAT reason!!

I’m now an official Field Organizer for Organizing for America, President Obama’s grassroots campaign.


I’ll post when I can, but I can’t post officially as a campaign employee, so if I have time, you’ll still see me as ISONPRIZE!! We are pushing hard toward Election Day.

So, I know y’all will be keepin’ up the BEST COMMENTARY IN THE WORLD
Keep the party going, but volunteer with the campaign where you can. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!! Knock on some doors, or make calls (you can even make calls from home) help with data entry. Connect with your local field office. “Cuz even if you don’t want to do those things, there is ALWAYS something to be done for the campaign, Democrats and President Obama!!

Wish me luck, ya’ll, PragObots

PEACE, I’m going in!!

Tweets of the Week!

Erik N.@DandyErik The dial tone in Mexico is more exotic than this bean dip. #Romneystrength

Adam Weinstein@AdamWeinstein You remember Samson, strongman from the Bible? Downsized, bitches. #Romneystrength

John Aravosis@aravosis We have our answer to the infamous “3am call” question. Romney would begin bombing at 2am.

LOLGOP@LOLGOP Republicans are in the middle of a romantic comedy in which they know they ended up with the wrong guy.

Tim@SupermanHotMale The Obama Doctrine… Honesty.

The Daily Edge@TheDailyEdge Romney: “I stand by my earlier comments, whatever they were. Unless Sarah Palin has put something different on Facebook”

Jason Karsh@jkarsh Update: Sarah Palin said something again yesterday on Fox, it still made no difference to anyone.

Pirate Wench@PirateWench I hate @MSNBC‘s show “Three Dems and a Cupp”.

Paul Lander@paul_lander First, Clint Eastwood and now Pat Robertson is endorsing Romney. Looks like Mitt has same target audience as CBS. #Obama2012

Amarlie@marabout40 Dear Pat Robertson, go into the light. Don’t be afraid of the light. The light is your friend.

Larry Madill@larrymadill “Hey guys great news I just got promoted to al Qaeda’s second in command! Beer is on me tonight.” #saidbynooneever

pourmecoffee@pourmecoffee Romney can’t seem to cover his pre-existing positions.

  • rikyrah

    the graphic is hilarious.

    the comments are absolutely fabulous.

    and, of course, I love the tweets

  • JojoRaze

    Thanks for the recognition again! I’m so proud of IsonPrize! And I love the tweets! I got to give it to PL general John Aravosis, though. He’s right that Mitt would bomb at 2 am instead of waiting for the 3 am call. The man has no business near a dog, much less nuclear codes.

  • jds09

    Great choices!