November 21, 2017

POU Comments Of The Week

For the week Sept 16 – Sept 22

We commenting……Gangnam Style

If you’re like me and didn’t know what the heck “gangnam style” was, don’t feel bad. LOL, I seriously had no clue about this Korean rapper who apparently is making a mint off of a dance that I swear was done 20 years ago called “The Pony”.   But hey, what is old is new again and in trying to salvage his campaign, don’t be shocked if Mitt enters the debates full Gangnam Style!

Cuz You’re a LOSER Comments of the Week

So GOP Activists wanna know why their guy is losing?

Daltex82, Monday Open Thread

why isn’t he winning?

Because he is a lying, arrogant, flip-flopping, no core having, sneaky, job outsourcing, tax evading, emotionless, race baiting, draft dodging, warmongering, pandering, thoughtless, entitled, did I say lying candidate. People see him for the say anything do anything opportunist that he is.

Plus as rikyrah said below “he is going up against the best political team in generations” and no one is playing with him. True leadership is needed and these folks really thought that all Shmitt needed to do was show up being all white and rich and the Presidency was in the bag, shame on them for selling a good number of the American people short.

rikyrah, Monday Open Thread

why isn’t he winning?

these clowns are hilarious.

they didn’t notice that Willard didn’t win the GOP Nomination by pushing WHY HE would be a good candidate. He won because he was up against amateurs and grifters, and he drowned them in money.

these idiots, going up against the best political team in a generation, actually bought into the bullshyt that they’ve been feeding the rubes since 2008.

the facts are, the only basis Willard had for running for President is what he was a rich White man.

once the Prudential Building dismantled that..

Willard didn’t have a plan B.

They never had a Plan B.

stupid muthafuckas.

keep on asking that delusional shyt until November 6, 2012.

NOBODY is playing with you mofos.

GreenLadyHere, Monday Open Thread

GN- – -LOL — – – -STR8 ***fist bump*** :>)

– — -☻ a LIAR- – —
– — ☻ a RACIST
– — -☻ –OUT-OF-TOUCH – -with regular people
– – -☻- FLIP-FLOPS
—–☻- Has the BANE of da –BAIN!![CAUSED people 2 LOSE JOBS!!]
– – -☻-Was 47th in the nation in JOB- -{NON}CREATION- -as GOV.
– – –☻- -DOESN’T have the SUPPORT of MANY in his POTTY!
– -☻ FAILED- – -VOUCHER-[DOESN’T] CARE- – -proposal
– – -☻CAIN’T draw a significant CROWD 2 his RALLIES

– — ☻- – -Has – -missy RAFALCA- -sorry. LOL

AxelFoley, Tuesday POU Link Review

Right? That shit kills me. “This election was Romney’s to lose.”

The fuck?

Nah, muhfucka, when you go up against the Champ, you gotta knock the Champ out. RMoney ain’t even landed a solid jab on PBO, while PBO been pepperin’ RMoney’s grill with right jabs (since he’s a Southpaw) setting him up for the left cross that’ll be coming on Nov. 6.

Will They Get The Message? Eh, Probably Not Comments of the Week

Well, Mitt revealed what we black and brown folks knew all along. Look around “white working class”…guess who’s in that 47 percent?

TyrenM, Monday Afternoon Thread

He finally told poor white trash and Bougie folk (you know who you are. You make $150K and thinking you’re doing something) – He just told YOU YOU AINT SHIT! He already told all Black and Brown people we don’t count. Now he’s told White people who aren’t millionaires they don’t count either. To all you who fit in above categories, how does it feel?

Town, Wednesday Afternoon Thread

I think Romney thought it was self evident he was talking about the blacks, but he messed up by saying “47%.” Because people know that black people are NOT 47% of the population, and the black/Hispanic population combined doesn’t add up to 47% so just by the math Romney was including white people too, and that’s why they mad, because Romney said the same “free stuff” spiel after the NAACP and everyone assumed he was just talking about black people and that was ok, you see.

It’s NOT ok now that he’s including white people in the mix. Pants on the ground, GOP looking like a fool with their pants on the ground.

Tafr, Friday Open Thread

They do not see themselves as the 47% because they are white. There is class warfare going on in this country but some folks are too ignorant and bigoted to get it. This why I hate when Rendell talks about the white working class and Obama. Rendell and the media give these people cover for their racism. They make it seem as if it is fine and dandy that they feel a certain way about people of color; because after all they are the working class. I cannot remember ever hearing a pundit say the phrase black working class.

Rendell and his ilk do these people no favor by giving their racism the green light. I think they do it on purpose to help keep these people down and ignorant. The book what’s the matter with Kansas explains this madness better than I ever could.

He Is Who We Thought He Was Comment of the Week

GN, Thursday Open Thread

Mitt Romney’s remarks make perfect sense if one starts with the premise that he is a spoiled person who has had everything handed to him and who feels entitled to the WH. What does a spoiled person do to someone or something which stands in the way of what the brat is demanding “gimme now”? He throws a tantrum, calls them names.

Mitt Romney was not merely discussing his disdain for households with no federal income tax liability in a run of the mill, unhinged, fact-free, far right, RWNJ rant. No, those remarks started as an attack on President Obama’s base of support, the 47% of voters who he knows will not hand him the White House under ANY circumstances, no matter how much he says he wants it and no matter that Miss Ann has ordered that it’s “our turn.” Thus the 47% are beneath contempt to Mitt Romney and deserve to be savaged and called leeches and scoundrels.

I’d argue that the far right has grown to loathe most of the country; I think that Mitt Romney hates anyone who doesn’t give him what he wants, when he wants it, in accordance with the lifestyle (of being handed things) to which he’s grown accustomed.

Take Your Own Advice Comment of the Week

Admiral_Komack, Monday Afternoon Thread

“Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin’s Wife Thinks the GOP is Raping Him by Abandoning Him”

-Then tell him to lie back and enjoy it.

We Know You Want It To Be Luck, But Its Not Comments of the Week

QOakaJP, Tuesday POU Link Review

When it comes to politics and the media, the mainstream consensus- or the meme, like you say- still seems to be that Barack Obama is just really “lucky.” Not a supremely skilled politician, or a very smart maneuverer, but a “lucky” guy who somehow snuck in to every bit of success he has ever had. They have to believe that- their egos and/or sense of privilege demand it. So each and every time his opponents are reduced to ash before election day, they’re left wondering what went wrong.

‘Why is the other campaign so dysfunctional? Why can’t we shake Obama in the same way? Why are they losing to THAT one?? Celebrity? Voter fraud? Voodoo?’

Of course, the easiest answer is that most candidates are simply not as smart and qualified as ‘popular wisdom ‘ leads people to assume. It takes a special competitor to be able to constantly out-wit and out-pace the competition to the point that they knock themSELVES out. They either haven’t learned that yet, or they’re still in denial.

GOVCHRIS1988, Tuesday POU Link Review

This election will be the reality check for many people. They will have to concede at some point that the black man sitting in the White House is just smarter, better, and more adept then they could ever be. The old ways are dying off and the new ways have come into play now. Like Nina Simone said, Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new hour. And I’m feeling good.

Tweets of the Week!

Think Gooder @StillJohnCA  New names for Mitt Romney and his lovely wife Ann….. #MoneyBooBoo and #MoneyBooHoo… “This is hard. Stop it!”

Andy Borowitz@BorowitzReport  BREAKING: Romney in Final Push to Alienate Remaining Voters

Lizz Winstead@lizzwinstead  IS MITT ROMNEY EVEN REAL?

LOLGOP@LOLGOP  Fun Fact: Joe Biden is the only American Vice President in eleven years who hasn’t shot a friend in a face.

pourmecoffee@pourmecoffee  Still time for Romney to bring in Rick Ross as campaigm manager and just own it. Roll up in Maybachs and flash money rolls. Landslide.

John Conner@MotorCityLib  Getting late, good night, sleep tight and don’t let Michelle Malkin bite.

Chris Dalzell@ChrisDalzell1  Scott Brown: “Warren is clearly not an Indian. I don’t see any feathers or war paint.” #DUH

DC Debbie@DCdebbie  Confucius say: man who refuses to release tax returns should not complain about people who pay no taxes. #47percent

Daniel Mintz@danielmintz  If it was legitimately #debunked, the Internet has ways of shutting it down.

NickBaumann@NickBaumann BILL AYERS RUNS SNOPES. RT @JoshuaGreen: Won’t accept that Romney tape has been #debunked until I read about it on Snopes

David Roberts@drgrist  “I stand by what I said in the video, which is debunked.”

LOLGOP@LOLGOP  Mitt’s leaked video is making him super famous and he didn’t even need Ray-J.

Jesse Taylor@jesseltaylor  Mitt Romney’s campaign is like watching the Buffalo Bills lose all four Super Bowls at once.

Chris Rock@chrisrockoz  Much like Kim Kardashian, Mitt Romney will be remembered for one terrible video #RomneyEncore

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        Psy admits that the point of the dance is to “dress classy and dance cheesy.”

        I’m surprised this song and dance is so popular.

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