October 23, 2017

POU Health Thread: The OBOT Work-Out

The Zimmerman trial, SCOTUS ruling Section 5 as unconstitutional, A common thief being treated as a folk hero amongst emoprogs, states rushing to disenfranchise minority voters, Paula Deen being defended by black people as if running a modern day plantation is somehow a debatable acceptance. 

It is not easy and we have posted before the many medical articles and research showing how racism and discrimination affect the physical, emotional and mental health of African-americans. IT. IS. REAL.

So today, we’ve comprised the OBOT work-out. Watch this slideshow of the top moments of the Obama Candidacy and Presidency 5 times in a row. You’re guaranteed to burn smile calories, increase your emotional well-being and completely free yourself of ANY fucks or damns you may still be giving!

You have to provide your own soundtrack as you get your work-out on! And drink lots of your absolute favorite drink!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now please give us your favorite moments if you don’t see them here! There were so many and I’m sure we missed quite a few! So do share!